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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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to follow barack obama as president. good morning, our top story developing news from san jose. part of sand clara street downtown closed off after a crash killed three teenagers there. jeanine has been on the scene, she will have more on what police are saying about the crash and what may have led up to this. you're looking at live pictures as they try to clear that scene. >> they will be out there for a long time. it is since it's a gettal accident they will be out there for a while. thank you for joining us west morning october 14th. let's talk about weather and traffic. elaine in san ramon said you're talking about the earthquake we're having. >> i am. that's all a part. >> 2.9 was the biggest.
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>> it was all night. 3:00 a.m. there was another one. >> i have other things to talk about. high clouds from the south. fog is out there, it's trying. the delta breeze has shown up,is not strong. still going to be warm, not as bad as yesterday. the fog is trying. a little bit to the golden gate and disappears. when the fog comes back, 78, higher clouds comes in, maybe a few showers later today into tonight and tomorrow. 60s on many of the temps, a few 50s but more 60s, the breeze went from 16 to 5, it just collapsed. tried but it didn't make it. it will pick up by the weekend
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as this system comes in. that will cool us down. today muggy, tropical, warm to hot. a few showers possible. 70s, 80s and a few near 90 for one more day. we're seeing a lot of slow traffic, this is the peak of the commute, you will see slow traffic everywhere. there's a crowd at the toll plaza, once you make on it the span it's okay. if you're driving to the san mateo bridge, not a big delay, slow traffic on 92. and westbound 580, we have slow traffic there, we had an accident at greenville road and accident at 680. the crashes have been slowing traffic down. a lot of people aren't getting through. 680 heading south, it's light, a lot of people are not getting through. we're heading to the south bay
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for the latest on a deadly street race. three teenagers were killed on santa clara street. jeanine is live at the scene. >> in the last 20 minutes police opened up westbound traffic on santa clara street. the police have cleared the scene. you see the two work trucks, they were fixing a light pole which was mowed down by one of the cars involved in the crash. when police arrived to the scene at 11:00 last night they found a honda with four victims. of people said that the honda was racing a acura. the other car sped away. it's unknown if it hit the honda. a teenage boy and girl died at the scene, a third boy died at the hospital. the other is in critical
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condition with life-threatening injuries. the speed limit is 25 miles an hour, it may have been going 55 miles an hour. but police don't know that until they analyze everything at the office. they don't have much information on the other car. the police would like to talk to the driver of the other car that witnesses say was involved in a street race here. >> hopefully they will hear from that driver soon. we are monitoring a swarm of earthquake in contra costa county. the most recent hit 45 minutes ago. the usqs said there was a 2.6.
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the largest was 2.9. a 2.6 at three this morning. they are small quakes. no reports of d-backs or injury -- damages or injuries. three transients are due to be in court to face charges of murder. >> alex savage is in san rafael with the details of the case against the three suspects. >> disturbing crimes the say the least. in a few hours the three people charged with the two separate killings in san francisco and marin county will appear in court here in marin county where they will be tried for both of the crimes. they are set to face the judge at 9:00 this morning. authorities have described the defendants as drifters. they were captured in portland, oregon and brought to the bay
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area. lampley, alligood and an gold. the trio used a stolen handgun to shoot and kill audrey kerry. they gunned down steven carter. prosecutor accused the defendants of lying in wait to kill carter and steal his car. lampley was the trigger man in both of the killings but the other two defendants are just as responsible for the crimes. all three are eligible for the death penalty, that's a decision the district attorney has not made. >> and at the same time yesterday friends of steven carter came together for a vigil held to the trail near
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fairfax where he was killed. there's a memorial at that trail head to honor the husband and yoga instructor. there was a memorial in fran where -- san francisco where people came together to honor audrey carry. all three of the defendants will be tried for both crimes here in marin county and again, they are set to go before a judge be hear the charges, a long list of charges at 9:00 this morning. an oakland man set halloween costumes on fire in an wall mart store. police say surveillance video shows the man leaking a bottle of charcoal lighter fluid
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around the store. then the fire started and the store had to be evacuated. no one was hurt. the 40-year-old suspect was arrested and taken to a hospital to be checked out. >> the city suspended the law raising the age of spoking to 21. the city's code enforcement officer took notices to tobacco retailers on monday informing them they could sell to anyone at least 18. san francisco raised the purchase age and that law goes into effect january 1. the county received a warning from the tobacco organization. time is 6:08. is today the day in san francisco that the long time bay area restaurant will be forced to close. coming up, the report of the
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looming eviction at sinbads on san francisco waterfront. first, grading the democratic presidential hopefuls in their first debate. we'll go live to washington to see how each candidate performs. >> we're looking at a commute that's getting bussey -- busy. >> we're trying to bring the gap between cooler temps and unseasonably too warm. we have a decent forecast for some. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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. good morning, time is 6:11. the democratic presidential candidates had their first debate last night. who may get a boost in the polls. a lot of people looked at hillary clinton as the leader going in, maybe the leader coming out. >> mrs. clinton did exceptionally well. she won the expectations debate. people were nervous about her campaign. after last night she hit it out of the park. she was thoughtful, poised, very kind of outward in her passion and i think she did exceptionally well. >> what was your impression of senator sanders, how do you think he did. will he get a bump in the
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polls. >> he's the soul of the democratic party. if you close your eyes while he was depicting the problems with america and how the overcome them, you probably shook your head and agreed with him. there's too much power and concentration in the country. too much power in wall street and the banks, he will do well in the midwest and places where the economy is not growing. >> how the debate was not as entertaining as the republican debate. that may be a good thing they got to heart of issues people care about. >> tragically the three other candidates, jim webb, senator from virginia, link chafee former governor of rhode island. didn't do well, didn't use their personalities or issues, kind of for that break through moment, it's a battle between senator sanders and mrs.
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clinton. >> what do you say about the person who was not there, vice president biden deciding if he will get in the race. do you think hillary clinton performance will affect that decision? >> i do. i think it makes it harder for him to convince democrats he needs to enter the race and be the savior of the democratic party. people were talking to him because they were nervous about the e-mail scandal the fbi investigation the things swirling around her. after last night they will be inclined to say they did a great job. talked about being the first woman president, i think it makes it harder for him to enter the race. >> speaking of the e-mails. the interesting exchange between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, the american public tired of hearing about the e-mail.
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did he hand her a victory. >> he did and he didn't. i think senator sanders wants to focus on the vision he has for america, and get off what he thinks is a secondary issue. mrs. clinton benefits by him saying that. it was the quote of the night, with the republican it's going to continue to be a big issue not only in washington but around the country. >> does sound like people are tired of it. a big cheer. >> it was an activist group, if you're a democrat you want to move on to the issues. >> thank you for joining us from washington this morning. >> thank you for having me. 6:15, the democrats held watch parties throughout the bay area to keep an eye on the debate. in laugh yet 300 people met at the library to watch the debate. backers of hillary clinton came
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with buttons and shirts. cerny sanders had -- bernie sander has people there as did martin o'malley. >> democrats want to see who's the best, and what are the best ideas. >> it was a chance to hear and see what the lesser known candidates had to offer. the next debate is scheduled for november 14th and that will be in iowa. for more go to and that story is on the front page. let's get you moving this morning, sal, you're watching the toll plaza, you can take care of our folks. >> yes i can. it's crowded out there. but there's no crashes on the bridge and no delays at the toll plaza, it is crowded. this is typical as you get up
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to the bridge. we are looking at a crash on highway 13 in the oakland hills, southbound 13, a car hit a deer and the deer died but the person driving the car was injured and there's a back up southbound 13 near park. show you the continue that kosta commute -- contra costa, westbound i-80 did recovering after a crash. in san jose north bound 280 on to right the traffic is getting slow to the west valley. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> i went to the mailbox yesterday it was 99 degrees. does he not hear me. i lost you there steve. is my mic working. >> your mic works. >> went out to the mail box and it was 99 degrees. for july that's about right,
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wait a minute, it's october. >> the only thing that saves us is the days are shorter. >> all right. we have a little bit of a different twist today. higher clouds are coming up. there's fog out there. it will be cooler, coast and bay and inland. well above normal. this is from john atkinson. urn seekationaly warm apocalypse. it will come howling back tomorrow. san francisco, couple people say i like this weather. i understand that, if you are by the coast this is nice. 65 warm degrees, 78 after yesterday's 87. clouds on the move, the dew point, the amount of moisture
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is 68. water temps are warm. the overnight lows are amazingly warm. a lot of the cloud cover lifting northward. mostly cloudy to south bay. san jose 65, 65 fairfield. livermore 68. 62 san rafael. these are really warm. antioch and pittsburgh upper 50s. alamo with 59. lafayette at 64. north wind santa rosa. we had a breeze at 16 last hour now it's five. at least it's west. 34 in truckee. 53 ukiah, 71 in bar a santa barbara. it was 77 in burbank. 76 at long beach. that was their low.
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the warm ocean temps. this will be the source of our cool down, it will inch closer by friday and sweep over the week end. sun and clouds, more sun to the north. warm to hot. so 70s for some. maybe a few upper 60s by the coast. 80s and 90s inland. a day where temperature, a lot is cloud cover dependent. it will be humid. a few temperature cooling down tomorrow in a big way. more so over the weekend. >> good news. we'll look forward to that. >> you guys can turn off the air-conditioning, we don't have it. luckily we can open the windows. there was a breeze. >> we'll send it in your direction. an etiquette demander for bus rider you have to see the posters. a campaign urging people to
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mind their manners. >> former nba starla marred on -- lamar odom fighting for his life. where he was found. how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j.maxx. better brands, at prices that help you maxx life!
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. welcome back to the
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mornings on two. former nba player lamar odom in the hospital in las vegas after he was found unconscious in a brothel in nevada. odom is fighting for his life. the 35-year-old is the ex- husband of khloe kardashian. she's flown to las vegas to be by his side. authorities say odom was at the love ranch south in a town 60 miles south of las vegas when he was found unresponsive. he was partying for days. several warriors and other nba players have been tweeting support for lamar and his health. toyota announcing a plan to stop selling almost all conventional gasoline cars by the year 2050. toyota hopes to sell only negligent -- engine efficient
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cars by then. they expect to have sole 15 million hybrid cars by the year 2020. a bay area hospital is offering a new way to detect breast cancer. this new 3-d someone at walnut creek takes 15 images. doctors can detect small cancers that would have been missed. >> the studies have shown this it "will detect cancer up to 41% more because it is so specific. >> these machines cost about half a million dollars each but john muir is working to raise money. as part of breast cancer awareness month ktvu is sponsoring 2 walks. making straights san francisco is october 24th. making strides silicon valley
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is october 31. this is one of the stories that makes you smile. students from san leandro mice came together to help a class made that has cancer. you can see the students formed the letter n for this group photo the latest show of suspect for naomi lopez. she has lou keep -- leukemia. students started raising money. they presented her sister with checks totaling $9,000. her family hopes naomi will go to school next year to get her diploma. fixing problems on the eastern span of the bay bridge. how cal transplants to protect 400 anchor rods that are said to be at risk. a deadly crash in downtown
6:27 am
san jose overnight killed three teenagers, what police think they were doing when the accident happened. looking at the east bay commute, traffic is going to be busy on how 24 westbound. i got something on twitter saying 24 eastbound. i don't see anything. we'll get to the bottom of it. it looks like a cool pattern by the weekend.
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. west october 14th, i'm dave clark. i'm pam cook. steve has good news for all of us. >> getting better news. >> you're hearing from
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everybody. >> people are cranky. some people near the coast like it, most do not. we have a lot of high clouds coming from the south. i was at the bus station. the city yesterday was 87, 87. not a record, not a record, we had a couple records yesterday. san jose tied at 93. laura hernandez, went out the lodi yesterday, hotter than a firecracker. breaking news, it gets hot in lodi, it was hot everywhere yesterday. clouds coming from the south, they continue the increase. the window of a possibility of cloudy to mostly cloudy but a few showers. 60s on most of the temps. the low northeast. best opportunity for shower north bay probably not. this system will sweep in for a
6:31 am
cool down, close on friday and showers possible. south bay patchy fog. 60s, 70s 80s around the bay. you know, it's funny, someone said highway 24 there's a problem, we have a camera right there. there was a problem on 24 eastbound, we looked at the camera, we'll look at that in a moment. let's go out of order because steve led into me with highway 24. i want to show you the traffic on westbound 24 is suspiciously slow getting past the bart station. it's slower than normal. there could be something going on. chp has not officially reported something yet. eastbound 24 looks good. let's take a look at the next item, which at this point i'm
6:32 am
just, westbound 580 is a mess. over the turned vehicle at greenville road. people are stuck and i would say in bad mood. out to the bay bridge toll plaza we go and that's backed up. let's go back to -- we're going to developing news in san jose, what appears to be a street race on santa clara took a tragic turn. jeanine joins us live with new information. >> police are telling us that one of the cars involved in the crash was stolen out of san jose, it was a honda and it's been towed. we were told by police as the driver lost control and hit a light pole where you see that barricade and hit a tree.
6:33 am
police were called before 11:00 to santa clara street near 22nd. a honda and a dark colored acura were racing westbound. the honda crashed, the acura sped away, a teenage girl and boy in the car died at the scene. the other boys were rushed to the hopped where one died. the surviving victim has life- threatening injuries. the evidence may lead them to the other car. how fast they were traveling and was this a street race. it's unknown if hole was -- alcohol was involved. police have cleared the scene and opened up the road in both directions to traffic. as far as the victim's identities they won't be released until their families are notified. time is 6:33, san jose police are trying to track done
6:34 am
a suspected hit and run driver who hit and killed a man. we told you about this yesterday morning. it happened on white road. the driver plowed into the man, he was walking on white road. police released this photo of the possible suspect, it's from a bakery. workers say he came in, bought coffee and bread before the crash. >> the bottom line is this, he ran over someone and fled the scene. he should have stayed there be called for help no the driver was in a full-sized ford pickup truck, tributed windows, black rims and a loud exhaust. construction equipment in the back. police are investigating the circumstances surrounding crashes involving four transit agencies yesterday. bart, cal train, and the santa
6:35 am
cara transportation authority. a train hit and killed a person in san jose. investigators are trying to determine why the person was on the track. the crash caused vta to use a bus. >> a station was closed for hours as paramedics rush to the scene. it caused delays in the bart system. and there were accidents yesterday involving amtrak and cal train. a train heading to sacramento hit a car in santa clara, no one was seriously injured but res than 10 minutes later a computer train hit a car. 500 people had to board another train. >> there's a revelation about one of the three correctional officer accused in the beating death of an inmate. they appeared in court
6:36 am
yesterday and were met by hecklers. >> faris, and rodriquez are charged in the killing of michaelel a -- michael tyree. rodriquez is linked on the internet charges about whether someone can die if punched in the arm pit. the internet searches were conducted after tyree's death. the attorney for the victim's family talked outside of the courthouse. >> my clients are still heartbroken and sad and every day miss their brother. >> all three of the deputies are free on bail. the judge ordered the men to stay away from the county jail and inmates. they are scheduled to enter pleas next month. ifing convicted they face a possibility of life in prison. it could be the end for a
6:37 am
long time san francisco restaurant. brian flores in front of sinbads. >> good morning. the door is opened at sinbads about 40 years ago, because the port plans to expand the ferry terminal. the port plans to come in and shut down the restaurant later this morning. a spokesperson for the port of san francisco tells the chronicle that the sheriff department will officially evict the restaurant at 11:30 this morning by changing the locks. the restaurant's owners had been ordered to vacate in march. the port plans to take action on the internet the owners of the restaurant are responding to customers as if the restaurant is operating after people comments on yelp regarding their experience the owners responded. the port plans to expand the
6:38 am
ferry terminal. adding more gates. weather protected areas for people standing in line for the ferry and building a teenaging area golf evacuees. we take it back out here live, one of the positives of since wads was the view of the city and the bay. but they tell the chronicle the closure is not going to happen. they wouldn't elaborate on what that means. it's should be interesting. >> a lot of people goism the agency that over sees the eastern span of the bay bridge will spend millions more to check the troubled anchor rods. the 400 rods are a part of the seismic safety system and some were exposed to salt water. they will spend $2.8 million for more study of the rods.
6:39 am
they say the previous testing shows they would be safe in an earthquake. >> 406 out of 407 rods passed when full seismic loads. >> as for the bridges main cable, officials asked engineers to suggest what would be done. one recommendation is pump air along the length of the cable but that could cost 10 to 20 million. uber drivers will get a text when there's an amber alert in their region. it was developed and rolled out across the country today. the amber alert will be sent to the app that the company's driver use. that will add more eyes on the streets, watching out for a a child that's reported missing. uber has 20,000 driver partners in the bay area alone.
6:40 am
you have to see this, the golden gate transit is reminding righters to mind their manners. they use humor. reminding you that the transit system is not a restaurant. and to avoid public personal grooming because your beauty secrets don't belong on the with us. there's a reminder not every passenger enjoying your taste in music. this campaign using humor is based on the complaints they hear most off from riders. that makes sense. >> it does. don't do those things while your driving. we may have trouble getting an uber car this weekend. why some drivers are going on strike and what they are demanding that lyft has. everybody is talking about
6:41 am
the chicago cubs. the first baseball team to advance to a league championship series this postseason. how their victory made history. good morning, we're looking at the morning commute, it's getting busy. you can see highway 24 is 95 on the way. you may be moving slow because it's been so hot. today will be warm and muggy but a change in the forecast.
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. welcome back to mornings on two. the obama administration says iran conducted a missile test. tehran announced that it successfully tested a precision- guided ballistic missile on sunday. the white house will raise the issue with the un. this is the first missile test since iran reached a nuclear deal. >> the missile tests did violate the u.n. security missile agreement. >> the nuclear agreement required iran to not take part in any activities related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons. tehran said none of the missiles are designed for that purpose. new help for firefighters
6:45 am
in marin county thanks to smoke detection cameras -- marin is a lot of open space. the first responders have cameras that can detect smoke in places humans can't readily see. >> you need to know as soon as possible when there's a fire. the sooner we get resources the 91er we can get it out. >> it's been 20 years since the vision fire scorched 12,000- acres, this summer dozens of wildfires caused death and destruction, some were triggered by downed fire lines. pg&e has spent $2 million installing 28 cameras it's time to check in with gasia.
6:46 am
>> we'll talk about new concerns with people in the area of the valley fire. we're talking about ash. we'll tell you how ash is affecting water quality in and around that devastated area. this is not how brats dolls come from the factory. the message behind the stunning makeover one artist gave the dolls. i'll see you in a few for mornings on two. the cubs are going the national league championship series. >> he got him. a strikeout. the cubs win. the cubs beat the cardinals 6-4 in game four of the division series. first time in the 100 year history of wrigley field the cubs clinched there. they will play the winner of the dodgers-mets series. >> exciting baseball.
6:47 am
time is 6:46. let's see what sal is seeing in your commute. a lot of people on the road around the toll plaza. >> we're seeing a lot of people and i want time to look at the toll plaza to see the movement. you can look at this picture, you can see cars, if you see the movement in the middle lanes, kind of creeping along. that's good. sometimes i look and things are not moving at all and that's bad. this is a normal commute of 20 to 25 minutes before you make it on the span. 880 north and southbound is not bad. 580 finally near the altamont pass they got rid of the crash at greenville, we have slow traffic. 580 has improved. 680 is slow from stone ridge south. steve, you put out a tweet that said that the fog at the golden
6:48 am
gate bridge disappeared in an hour. >> you saw it. >> we talked about it. now it's gone. >> it was there for an hour. >> then poof it was gone. >> it will be back. clouds on the move coming up from a low that's been meandering all over the west coast for two weeks, possibility of shower activity, san jose south, that would be later today, tonight and tomorrow. it's the warm temperature that everyone has been talking about. enough with the indian summer, bring on the el nino. be careful what you wish for nicole. el nino is alive and well. . >> i've been pushing. nobody is listening. it will by the weekend. fog is out there.
6:49 am
the key word is out there. make it to the golden gate and left. the amount of moisture in southern california the low in the 70s. the water temps are very warm. 62 bodega bay. 65 balmy degrees. just really warm. a few 50s and a lot of 60s. the higher clouds are holding up the warm temperature from yesterday. morgan hills 61. santa cruz is 62. a couple people say i've never needed air-conditioning and now i do. you're not alone. san jose state is 67. west at five. continue cord west at three. not much. sfo west at five. as i tweeted out. celebrate small victories. we'll take any west win we can get.
6:50 am
look at the lows, 71, 73, 75. those are the lows. they've been setting record high minimums. clouds on the move. they will continue to move from this low which is being ejected off. a cooler system off the way. starts with a cool down and carries into the weekend. today a tropical feel, more clouds to the south, 80s, 70s, 60s and 70s by the coast. tonight, tomorrow i expect the fog to come in. the cloud cover from southern california will give the south bay a mostly cloudy day, maybe a few snappiers into thursday and cooler as -- showers . the next time you pack for a trip, there's one thing leave at home. and the device the faa says could be a potential fire hazard. keeping police and the
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. welcome back, a security supervisor in redwood city is facing charges of sexual assault.
6:54 am
gary schall was arrested -- chow was arrested. he posted an online ad for a modeling job. a woman responded and he told her she had to pass a medical exam. he posed as a doctor and sexually assaulted the victim? a utility room in the parking garage. he tried to do the same thing to an 18-year-old woman on the same day, but she became suspicious and left and called the police. a judge has ordered a sexually violent predator to be released to various motels. frazier smith will be transient status. he was convicted of assault with intent to commit rape. two years ago the court ordered him released but he will be met with resistance. he will likely move from motel
6:55 am
to motel every four or five days through the state's conditional release program. he is set to be released on or before the 30th. 100 black men told a committee of the oakland city council, screenings could help prevent fraction between the police and the community, right now all playoff have to pass a psych logical test before they are hired but no other tests are required after that. >> the compounding of issues this is my 20th scene i've been to for whatever critical event. >> we would push at least ask at a minimum for the officers to voluntary come forward and do it. >> oakland police are offering police officer a new resource, to determine is creating a one
6:56 am
stop wellness center. they can get help for mental, physical or financial advice. nancy pelosi will be in san francisco to call attention to a federally funded project to rehabilitate public housing. pelosi and ed lee will tour the apartments. they are the site of a program that transfers control of public housing units to private developer who's receive tax breaks and subsidies for rehabs the units and keeping the rent low. last night was the warriors first game in oracle arena since june. the warriors got off to a good start but the nuggets won. harrison barns is considering day to day after suffering a
6:57 am
knee sprain. they have another preseason game tomorrow against the rockets. some warriors will be on the golf course, curry and iguodala will be part of the pro-am. the pro-am part of the open a open. rory mcilroy will be part of the professionals. we like silverado. >> they need to invite us to play. we'll tell you about the part of the bay area that got a wake-up call in the form of several earthquakes this morning. halloween costumes on fire in san leandro is caught on cell phone video. the arrest police made and what the suspect did before starting the fire.
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we are live and learning about the car from the students crash. more ahead on mornings on to. it is wednesday, october 14. >> good morning, i am dave clark. steve has been busy since he walked in. that is true, and we have beautiful sunrise, and these higher clouds are coming up from southern california where it has been


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