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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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straight to the voters. >> the president makes a major policy change in afghanistan. the impact on u.s. forces. police shot and killed a man this afternoon seconds after police say he grabbed another sergeant's firearm. >> jonathan joins us live from the scene. and the chief calling this a dangerous situation for the sergeants involved. >> reporter: they did. the man's body was on the ground about where that truck is across the street. please did wrap up this investigation on the scene about half an hour ago. this started around noon. two police sergeants were driving south on 8th, they just crossed market when someone flagged them down.
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that individual told a sergeant that a man had been throwing bottles at his construction site. sergeants got out of the car and tried to arrest the man. >> the suspect got on top of the sergeant attempting the arrest. the other sergeant moved around, started to pull the suspect off the sergeant. the sergeant on the ground yelled to his partner "he's getting my gun, he's got my gun, shoot him." >> and i hear pop, pop! it was hard to determine where there was gunshots. because there was construction over there. when i heard that, it got my attention, and by that time, the officers were just coming out of everywhere. >> reporter: the second sergeant fired two shots killing the suspect. both officers are in stable condition after suffering facial injuries and a knee injury. the deceased suspect is
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described as a latino man in his late 20s. and it is not clear at this point what set him off in this situation. >> john, do we know where this person was hit? if you have one officer on top, it seems like it would be tight quarters! very dangerous! >> reporter: extremely dangerous. the sergeant is on the ground, the man is on top of him, the other sergeant opens fire. so it is unclear at this point as to where that individual was shot or if he was hit more than one time. >> still no body cameras on any of the officers, right? >> reporter: that is something they're still working on in the city. they have been for quite a while. at some point, it's certainly a good bet they will have that. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom unveiled a ballot
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initiative that includes some of the toughest gun control proposals in the nation. he made the announcement outside the 101 california building where eight people were shot july 1st, 1993. that mass shooting sparked federal restrictions on assault weapons. his initiative is sponsored by the law center to prevent gun violence, and it comes in the wake of a high-profile mass killing and three bay area shootings involving stolen guns. >> the initiative would make five changes to state law, eliminate the stockpiles of large capacity magazines that are now banned. owners would have to sell them to a licensed dealer. it would require background checks on ammunition purchases at the point of sale, the first for any state, and it would require the reporting of lost and stolen guns. >> it would require felons to hand over their weapons and require notification when someone is added to the database of those prohibited from buying a gun. right now that system is voluntary in california.
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>> newsom is returning for governor in 2018. if he gets the required signatures, this initiative would go before voters on the november 2016 ballot. >> reporter: why not now? how many more days can we read about another mass shooting? we have had more this year than there are calendar days so far this year. we have had 48 school shootings in the last 12 month, 150 since the newtown tragedy. at what point do you say enough is enough? and to the extent that legislative processes take -- it takes time, and some of the provisions advanced in this initiative, we've seen them shut down even here in california. that's why we want to go directly to the voters were >> reporter: what do you think the key point of this is? >> no other state has done ammunition background checks. if you're doing it for guns, why wouldn't you do it for
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ammunition? and you can buy ammunition anywhere! we believe we should only sell it at licensed dealers. we also have very aggressive efforts to address the magazines. you have huge somewhat zeens out there that are illegal -- huge magazines out there that are illegal to manufacture and sell but are still possessed. hundreds of thousands of them that are out there. the large clips that were popularized tragically in newtown and aurora and tucson. we want these off the streets. >> the nra -- >> i don't like the nra, and i could care less what they think about me. they don't represent the best interests of this country and families. bring it on. i have zero respect for their leadership. i have a lot of respect for their members. and their members have not been well served by their leadership. any law-abiding citizen is not impacted by this what's.
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there's just a simple -- what's. there's just a simple process. to the extent you have a felony in your background and you're possessing of a gun, current law says you can't have that gun of we're going to make it easier to relinquish that gun. to the extent we have data that's not being shared with the federal government, we want that to be more easily shared. i don't know why the nra would be so upset, but they're upset by anything that doesn't increase the number of guns on the street. which is insanity beyond words. i don't even know how to describe or couch the absurdity of their arguments. >> you initiated same-sex marriage, became the figurehead there. are you looking to be the figurehead of gun control? >> i'm not looking to be anything. we were doing gun control measures when i was mayor of san francisco. and when i was mayor -- what i wasn't when i was mayor was a parent. and every parent gets it. i have a 6-year-old and a 4- year-old and a 2-year-old, and i'm learning that more preschool kids are shot than
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police officers in the line of duty. am i supposed to be scared to death when my preschooler goes next door to a neighbor? do i have to call and say do you have guns? can you make sure they're locked up? so i'm doing this as a parent. >> he also said that the newtown victims were the same age as his children and it really hit him hard there. and you heard him say he doesn't care about what the nra says. here is the nra's response today. equality his ballot initiative does nothing but prohibit access to the most effective methods for self-defense with no measurable positive effect on stopping crime or improving public safety." >> the statement goes on to read ""california illustrates the true gun control agenda which is the ultimate confiscation and banning of firearms." >> what happens next? the initiative must be
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submitted to the attorney general's office for an official title and ballot summary. that is sent to the secretary of state, and the backers of proposal who begin the signature-gathering process. >> after those signatures are verified by the county, the lieutenant gfsh hopes to get this -- lieutenant governor hopes to get this on the 2016 ballot. a human trafficking sting and the rescue of half a dozen bay area teenagers forced into prostitution. authorities announced the result of operation cross- country. 52 johns, seven denies, and six victims under the age of 18 just in the bay area. one 16-year-old who disappeared a month ago turn turned up in oakland. victims will get help to stabilize their lives, including crisis intervention and basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention.
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>> it's critically important for us to have those resources available as soon as that victim is separated away from the trafficker. so that there is something on the other side of their enslavement from the trafficker. >> authorities say operation cross-country recovered a total of 149 victims and 153 pimps in several states. the youngest victim was 12 years old. alameda county authorities say in the future, they plan to post photos online of johns who are arrested locally. >> > in union city, the cause of a large sinkhole still a mystery today. crews have been repairing a sagging portion of alvarado boulevard. it's blocking the entrance to alvarado middle school. so parents had to drive in the back of the campus to drop off the kids today. the road started to buckle yesterday around noon. by evening, an underground waterpipe sprung a leak.
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>> we're still trying to figure out what exactly happened. we didn't have water when it collapsed. it wasn't a water main break at the time. >> this project is indefinite for now. and we don't have an update as to how long it will take. so parents are encouraged to rely on the school district for that continued messaging. and we thank you for their patience. >> pg&e also shut off underground gas lines as crews work on those repairs. people are being asked to avoid the area. president obama makes an about-face -- afghanistan announcing u.s. troops will remain there longer. >> lots of clouds over the bay area right now, and still a few showers showing up on radar. coming up, we'll break down the timing of another system. >> and good news, that's julie
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hasn'ter, coming back to the anchor desk, set to return on monday. she has been battling abdominal problems for the past couple of months. she is feeling much better, and this is a photo that she shared on facebook. >> and here is a look at the 280/880 split in san jose. a little sluggish there. ucla is in town. this is the dawn of an old day.
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spencer stone is resting at home in the sacramento area after being released today. the 23-year-old u.s. airforce airman has been hospitalized since october 8th following a stabbing incident at a sacramento bar. stone suffered wounds to his chest that were considered life- threatening before he underwent hours of surgery. his mother said today her family has been overwhelmed by the show of support. american troops will stay in afghanistan for now. that is the announcement from president obama today in what is a major change in policy. >> reporter: it wasn't even a
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year ago that president obama declared the war in afghanistan over. >> we'll continue to bring them home and reduce our forces further down to an embassy presence by the end of next year. >> reporter: a campaign promise to have all u.s. troops out of afghanistan by the end of his presidency will now have to be broken. today he announced a major shift in policy. >> first i decided to maintain our current posture of 9,800 troops in afghanistan through most of next year. >> reporter: after that, the president plans to keep 5,500 service members in the country instead of going down to an embassy presence of roughly 1,000 troops. it's a decision he calls one of the most solemn he's had to make, given the resurgence of al-qaeda and isis in the region. >> we're adjusting our presence to give the united states and our allies the ability to sustain a robust counter terrorism platform, denying a safehaven for terrorists and extremist organizations.
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this will keep americans safer back home. >> secretary carter says the afghan military has made gains but it is still not as strong as it needs to be. u.s. troops will therefore continue to focus on training the afghans and counter terrorism efforts. critics of the plan fear the move is not enough. the chairman of the house armed services committee says while the plan avoids a disaster, it is certainly not a plan for success. playing football in the bay area. ucla in town taking on stanford. stanford fans, ucla fan, should they bring a jacket? i did feel a drop or two in oakland. >> they're going to be just fine. there's there's a chance of a shower. so if you want to be ultrasafe -- >> got it. >> lots of clouds moving through the bay area, and even a few with showers showing up,
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moving in from this direction from the east and the west. rotating around an air of low pressure. so we have the clouds, and at least the possibility of a few light sprinkles, showers showing up. all very light, but you can see focused stuff in parts of the north bay and solano, napa county as well. you might encounter a few drops in the short-term for tonight. current numbers out there, still pretty warm toward walnut creek and livermore. san francisco 64, santa rosa 83 degrees. some rainfall to report. most of the accumulating rainfall has been from santa cruz county to the south. a few hundredths of an inch to scotts valley. more clouds for tonight. some fog first thing tomorrow
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morning. skies becoming partly cloudy, and there's a chance of a shower on saturday. but this forecast model and the system is weakening quite a bit. the model is backing off for the chances in the bay area. clouds and a few puff of showers from this guy, this area of pressure. this will move out of town for friday. with that, fog, skies partly cloudy, temperatures from the 60s, 70s, warmest locations will be approaching the mid- 80s. this weekend, definitely cooler out there. the system moves in. the main impact, the main dynamic, organized activity will be to the north of the bay area. clouds and a chance of a shower up in the north bay. but in terms of significant rainfall, really not showing up just yet. here's our forecast model showing you some of the fog from the morning. then the clouds mix out a bit. so partly cloudy for the afternoon hours. then into saturday, more clouds, and there's a little bit of action up here.
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not impressive. so there could be enough moisture out there that we could have a few showers in the bay area. that'll be for saturday then basically by late saturday into saturday night, we scale back on the clouds. that'll set the stage for a partly cloudy sunday. temperatures for tomorrow afternoon, warmest locations, pretty comfortable for concord, antioch, brentwood, the 80s. san francisco 68 degrees. more neighborhoods you'll find some more 70s for fremont, san jose, and 80s for livermore, morgan hill, and gilroy. santa cruz, 75 degrees. here's a look ahead at your 5- day. and temperatures do cool off into saturday. baby rain clouds. partly cloudy skies sunday into monday. and going to gradually warm up those numbers into next week. back up into the 70s and mid to upper 80s by tuesday. >> talk about not getting excited on the way in. i don't know if i could call them sprinkles! >> the technical term, not
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officially, but splitsels. >> that's what it was! and then it went away. >> we'll be talking about that el niño, and maybe we'll get some real storms in the bay area. some say they're an easy and convenient way to treat things like headaches and fevers. eye new survey says americans are taking over the counter drugs seriously and they should. >> and government forecasters give their latest assessment on el niño. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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>> there will be no cost of living adjustment for million was americans who rely on social security. the federal government says its measure of inflation is being dragged down by low gas prices and inflation is used to determine the cost of living adjustment for social security recipients. it's only the third time in 40 years that the benefits have remained flat, and all three times happened in recent years since 2009. >> talking about 70 million people. that's 1/5 of the nation's population. that includes almost 60 million social security recipients and a few million retirees, disabled veterans and folks who get disability benefits for the poor. >> advocates for seniors say the recipients don't drive as much as younger people but use
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medical care more and costs have gone up so they argue a cost of living adjustment is needed. in 2009 when there was no increase, congress passed a law to give every social security recipient $250. americans may be overall competent in their understanding of over the counter medicines. one third of americans say it's acceptable to just skim the label. pam cook spoke to an emergency room doctor about the real risks of being too casual about those over the counter medications. >> reporter: eight out of ten of us take over the counter medications every year. doctors say we can be lazy about labels or overconfident about those drugs, and that can be dangerous. >> just because it's not a prescription doesn't mean you shouldn't treat it with the same caution. like all medicines, in addition to their benefits, if taken inappropriately, can differently have risks of >> reporter: one risk is overdosing. and it's one of the most common
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things in the emergency room. people take more than the recommended single dose or more than the cumulative 24 hour dose. and people often ignore the importance of checking the active ingredient. >> one way people inadvertently take too much is because they're taking two separate medications with the same ingredient. >> reporter: a new survey shows 40% of people see the label as suggestions rather than guidelines that we need to follow. that can lead to taking something that's not right for you. >> we don't want people to think that o, c's are interchangeable one for the other. it's very personal. your pain and your symptoms are personal, and the treatments for them are personal. >> if you're on other medications, ask your pharmacist. for years columbia was the focus of america's war on
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drugs, specifically cocaine. now another nation has become the world's largest producer of this drug, and its government is the focus of criticism for its leniency with drug cartels. >> and new models about the threat of el niño, eland storms.
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the epicenter of the global market for cocaine has a new home. peru is the now the world's largest producer of the drug. and a new investigation finds the south american nation's government does little to slow the flow of cocaine. >> the united states is still the top consumer of cocaine. columbia used to be the hub of the drug's trade until 2014 when peru apparently took the lead. >> now that country is coming under the microscope for how it's handling it. >> reporter: it happens several times a day in the peruvian jungle. small single-engine planes drop onto runways carrying bundles of cash. traffickers load the craft up with kilos of cocaine worth millions of dollars. narcotics police only videotape the scene as they are too
4:30 pm
outgunned to act and at no way to follow the plane back to bolivia. while government officials insist they are doing what they can, the country has overtaken columbia as the world's no. 1 producer of the drug. peru has hasn't convicted a major trafficker in ten years. some say corruption in the military means traffickers operate with seeming impunity. even some police are expected of corruption. but it is the military that controls the region. [ speaking foreign language ] >> there are officers who ask to go to the crime, and it's not to overcome drug trafficking. >> you cannot found a policy on drug trafficking in this country. and this is really a problem. so i am pessimistic about it. i think in the near future i
4:31 pm
will see a major presence of the drug cartels here. >> reporter: resources to combat drug traffickers are limited. police officers don't have their own planes or helicopters. when police do intervene by blowing up runway, it makes little difference. there are hundreds more in the region. occasionally police confront smugglers and drugs and planes are seized but too often the increasing illegal trade is unchecked. >> this is a question on the peruvian and bolivian coordination of the police sections and enforcement strategies. and also a question of how to control the peruvian airplanes. >> reporter: former military leaders say it's not enough, and until those in cahoots with the cartels are rooted out and resources are committed. peru doesn't stand a chance
4:32 pm
against traffickers. >> if you asked me, i would say we already fulfill 99.ninety-nine% of our requirements. >> reporter: outgunned and outmanned, peruvian drug police can do nothing more than watch as tons of cocaine leaves their country. >> that was an associated press investigation there. a 2010 assessment by the united nations office of drug asks crime reported that 16 to 17 million people used cocaine worldwide and it's estimated that 6.2 million people use the drug in the u.s. >> and the drug trade is a common problem and should be a shared responsibility, they said. that requires international cooperation, enforcement, and policies to tackle supply and demand. >> since that assessment, many
4:33 pm
credit a concerted effort with reducing the production and distribution from that country. but now it seems like peru is filling that gap. forecasters updated their models for the winter today and the predictions for el niño conditions. a couple drops today but nothing like el niño. >> break it down. >> looks like we're showing up for a show or concert, but we've showed up early and waiting for it to begin. [ laughter ] >> the impact of el niño, you have to wait to december or even as late as january. in picture was snapped october 1st. and you can see the bright white, the equatorial pacific, and that's the temperatures we call el niño.
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and a strong el niño is in place and should exert its strong influence over our weather this winter. >> the percentage is getting higher. >> exactly. and it's still a probability forecast. so there is still an element of doubt. so we have to work with -- if you think of making a bet or something hike that, that's how they're shaping up with the forecast graphic. we talk about how does this influence the jet stream in the bay area or the pacific? that warm water at the equator, and that's released some heat and energy. this is a typical pattern shooting that toward california. especially where that arrow is pointed toward southern california. so this graphic they issued today, this was their official winter outlook. and you'll notice the southern states, that's the highest
4:35 pm
chance. and this is not 100%. the highest chance is out toward florida. greater than a 70% chance. and for california, a greater than 50% chance. that point extending up toward monterey bay. >> when i see that, i think this shows some improvement likely in central and southern california by the end of january. but not enough for drought removal. >> right. and you don't want too much water at one time. that's when you get the mudslides and flooding. this right now doesn't indicate the highest chance will be toward central and southern california. >> so the warm water releases heat. does that mean when we get these storms, we're going to have warm storms? i'm hoping we have cold storms because the more snow you get in the sierra and the
4:36 pm
reservoirs fill. >> i interviewed a climatologist last week and asked the same question. that is the biggest wildcard. typically with an el niño, you have lower than average levels. but they're expecting above normal temperatures here in the state. so there is the chance we could have snow levels above the average. and of course that would not trans-- that would translate to a great snowpack. but there's a very strong el niño developing that will impact our weather. as far as the details, every reporter was asking a specific question about where they live. tahoe, sacramento, southern california. they can't get that detail. but they can give probabilities right now. and right now if you were to place a bet on higher than normal rainfall, that would be a pretty good bet. >> at least gives us an idea of what's to come. >> thanks mark. gaming and grades, it can
4:37 pm
be a damaging combination. but they had a different takeaway away about social media. the pros and cons for students in this digital age. >> a surprise delivery guided by a father and a 911 operator. >> and a quick peek out there, interstate 80, another slow commute on this thursday.
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a former olympic athlete has one legal victory. the parole board approved his request to move to house arrest. he has been in prison since his sentencing one year ago. a judge order him to serve five years for a culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend. he maintains he mistook her for an intruder. he will be transferred from jail to his home on tuesday. he'll continue therapy sessions and has been barred from having a gun. he is known as blade runner. he became the first double leg amputee to win an olympic gold medal in running. you've heard the warnings about too much screen time for children. a new study is drawing a line
4:41 pm
between different kinds of screen time. the national children's bureau in the uk studied close to 1,000 children, and they found that of students who played video games, at least twice a day, 41% obtained good grades in their exams. of those that rarely played, 77% received good grades and 81% of children who used social media every day got the same great grades. >> social media didn't have any impact. i think that's more because it may be part and parcel of every child's life. >> the study found no link between use of social media and exam performance. joining us now is megan maronetwork i. >> thanks for having me on. >> i'm not quite sold on this.
4:42 pm
i'm 50/50. the study claims that video games take more time, they're more immersive, so children playing longer, deeper into the night, not getting enough sleep. so they're tired when they get to class. you agree or no? >> i don't agree. i'm with you. i think this is one of those cases where you can take a study and use it to prove whatever you want it to prove. [ laughter ] >> i think it's more of a correlation rather than a causation. if you look at the kids that are drawn to playing video game, those are the same kids that aren't necessarily drawn to the way we do school. they're more hand-eye learners rather than books, sit in a chair all day. when i looked at this, i thought the kids that are drawn to playing video games are probably going to get bad grades anyway. what we can take away from this
4:43 pm
is how do we use video games more in the classroom? >> and i can see how video games and parents could argue that you could attribute bad grades to. this but at the same time i've got nieces and nephews in high school and college. and sometimes i wake up in the morning and i see some of their tweets and social media at 3:00 am, 4:00 am. so they're doing the same thing. they're all pretty good students, but there can be some cases where these social media -- they are up into the early morning hours as well. >> right. and there certainly have been studies that have said it causes more anxiety, sleep disorders. kids are keeping phones in their rooms and waking up in the middle of the night to respond to a tweet or instagram post. and i definitely think that's the case. this particular study didn't draw the correlation between grades and social media. but i think this is in ireland, it was a small study, and it wasn't grades in general. it was one test that they used there. and i think the problems with
4:44 pm
social media are different than grades. i think what we're losing isn't necessarily grades, it's our health, the sleep. >> so you're talking about hidden dangers. digging deeper. >> yeah! just what we're losing not interacting face-to-face. i think getting back to gaming, limits on gaming are great. i love video games, but i think there's definitely a limit. i wouldn't say unfetterred access is going to make them have great grades. but limits with social media are also great. and not necessarily time limits. but place limits i think are good, like no social media, no devices at the dinner table. everybody's rules are different. but when you're hanging out with your friends, do you need to both be on snapchat? [ laughter ] >> did you say you would support some type of video games in the classroom? >> yeah!
4:45 pm
well, minecraft is a good example. they just joined with an organization called teachers gaming. and there are so many ways that teachers can use minecraft in the classroom with science, with history. of course teaching kids how to code, teaching them math. there's just tons of curricula. >> i don't know about video games in a classroom. it's nice to go into the lab and do a science experiment hands on. >> of course. but screens are in the classroom in so many more districts. they're having one to one ipad. and screens are there to stay. >> they are. >> so i think -- and i'm not talking about grand theft auto in the classroom. but there's one they love, and it's been approved by nasa, it lets kids build spaceships, and it uses physics and science. it's a great game. so i definitely think there's a lot of room for video games. >> my 5-year-old likes memory
4:46 pm
match. i feel that's educational. >> yeah! there's tons of educational apps. >> thanks for hanging out. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. it's one of those kid days with the clouds out there, and you start to feel those drops. s. when you feel them or see them, are more coming? >> you encountered a few today, right? >> just about ten. [ laughter ] >> i couldn't find a drop for me. so you can see right now, kind of nice out there. clouds and the sunshine. >> beautiful shot! >> a neat skrie across the bay area. on the satellite and the radar, some clouds moving into the bay area, and there's still a chance of a scattered shower for tonight. and it's happening right now, just moving off the coast of san francisco, and also up in the north bay as well. closer from vallejo, parts of
4:47 pm
101. the border of sonoma and napa county. this is all light stuff but still enough to wet the roadways and trigger the windshield wipers as well. even with the clouds, still mild out there and warm. san francisco at 63. wind speeds, nothing too major. but a breeze toward oakland. 16 miles an hour, and more reports for you, sfo winds out of the west at 17, san jose 16 miles an hour. football at stanford, mostly cloudy sky, temperatures in the mid-60s. still a chance of a shower in the short-term. definitely some clouds out there. skies becoming partly cloudy for your friday. then another system moves in, coming in from the north on
4:48 pm
saturday. definitely more clouds, cooler temperatures, and a chance of a light shower up in the north bay. for tomorrow morning, showing you all the clouds out there. areas of fog. 7:00 am friday, and then it's the afternoon hours, a sun/cloud mix. the green contour, the 60s. warmest locations inland, 80s by tomorrow afternoon. reason for the showers for today, an area of low pressure around for the past couple of weeks. it'll be moving out for tomorrow. so with that, skies becoming partly cloudy. 60s, 70s, and 80s. then the front moves in from the north on saturday. definitely some clouds and a chance of a shower. not a lot of organization with this. we might be able to put a few showers in other forecast for saturday. still a slight chance for right now. our forecast model for friday. the main action up to our north, definitely close enough to warrant a shower chance, especially into the first half
4:49 pm
of saturday. temperatures for tomorrow, mainly in the 80s inland out toward concord, antioch and brentwood. san francisco 68. san jose 79. santa cruz mid-70s, 75 degrees. your 5-day forecast, there's a chance of a shower into saturday, skies partly cloudy for sunday and monday. if you want another warming trend, remember the hot temperatures on monday and tuesday, just amazing. but the weather pattern kind of shifting around. we could be warming things back up for tuesday of next week. maybe we'll keep an eye on that shower chance for saturday. >> we need it. thank you. let's check in with frank live in the newsroom for news at 5:00. >> it happened around lunchtime, just about a block and a half from twitter headquarters on market street in san francisco. a man police trying to take into custody turned violent,
4:50 pm
got on top of one of the officers and took his gun. the chief says that officer told his partner "shoot him." and the suspect was shot and killed. we'll hear more from the chief and witnesses coming up. >> also follow something news out of l.a. county. >> breaking news from southern california: pictures of a massive mudslide. that has swallowed up several cars and homes. one person on the scene said it's devastating. that's the only word you can use to describe it. we'll show you more of these pictures and talk about how this happened. >> it was his daughter's big day, and this father surprised her with a very, very special walk down the aisle.
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4:53 pm
a surprise delivery in florida when dad delivers his own baby girl on grandma's couch. luckily he had the help of a 911 operator. >> i got my baby in my hands! >> i just delivered my baby! >> that is so awesome! >> you did awesome. >> thank you, ma'am. >> congratulations. >> what about mom! [ laughter ] >> you can sense a little cheer in his voice there. the florida couple tried to make it to the hospital. they couldn't make it, obviously. the operator guided dad as they waited for an ambulance. maya wasn't due until friday but she was delivered safe and
4:54 pm
sound tuesday night. >> i don't have any kids. can you imagine that? >> we got turned away from the hospital, saying no, not ready. and then five hours later -- >> gosh. >> good thing we hung out. ralph duquette wanted to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. but his battle with leukemia left him in a wheelchair. >> on her wedding day, this past saturday, ralph surprised her. he got out of his chooel chair and walked -- wheelchair and walked her down the aisle. >> and he actually danced with her at the reception. he has endured extensive chemotherapy, survived a combo and is going blind in one eye. he worked with physical
4:55 pm
therapists over the summer to build the strength to do this. >> never forget that. so special. coming up, tense talks between the white house and moscow as both countries continue strategic air strikes against the islamic state.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
the u.s. and russia are
4:58 pm
fighting terrorism in syria. but the u.s. is not convinced that russia has isis in its sights. >> the u.s. led coalition announced 25 air strikes in syria and iraq yesterday while moscow claims it hit 32 isis targets in syria at the same time. russia announced a new hotline with israel to avoid an accidental clash. russia says the u.s. has refused to host the delegation or even send one to russia to discuss strategy against isis. the u.s. believes russia is launching air strikes on rebels trying to overthrow the syrian president. >> the majority of their strikes have been taken in parts of the country where there are few if any ice isil forces. >> they saythe syrian
4:59 pm
government considers any antiregime rebels as terrorists. russia and the u.s. are flying combat missions in the same airspace for the first time since world war ii. >> a very dangerous situation in one pocket of situation for a couple officers today. learning more about a police shooting today in the mid-market area of san francisco about a block and a half from twitter headquarters. and it all took just moments. >> multiple shots fired. >> there was a struggle, shots were fired, and a suspect was killed. police are telling us what led up to the shooting. that altercation happened around noon today at 8th and market. the police chief says that officers had no choice but to
5:00 pm
open fire when the man grabbed a sergeant's gun. john sasaki is live near the scene where the chief talked about the call that started it all. >> reporter: officers were just driving here south on 8th, and when they passed over market, they were flagged down by someone reporting a crime. 8th and market is a busy san francisco intersection at any time of day. but especially at lunchtime. so there were lots of people out when this shooting happened around noon. >> i was eat my sandwich, i hear pop, pop! and it was hard to determine where there was gunshots with construction over there. so when i heard that, it got my attention. and by that time, the officers were just coming out of everywhere. >> reporter: it was an officer- involved shooting that happened as two senior sergeants tried to arrest a man. >> one of the sergeants began to apply handcuffs on the suspect. a violent struggle ensued. kind of scary. >> reporter: he says the man gained the upper hand in the fight.


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