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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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a sergeant's gun. john sasaki is live near the scene where the chief talked about the call that started it all. >> reporter: officers were just driving here south on 8th, and when they passed over market, they were flagged down by someone reporting a crime. 8th and market is a busy san francisco intersection at any time of day. but especially at lunchtime. so there were lots of people out when this shooting happened around noon. >> i was eat my sandwich, i hear pop, pop! and it was hard to determine where there was gunshots with construction over there. so when i heard that, it got my attention. and by that time, the officers were just coming out of everywhere. >> reporter: it was an officer- involved shooting that happened as two senior sergeants tried to arrest a man. >> one of the sergeants began to apply handcuffs on the suspect. a violent struggle ensued. kind of scary. >> reporter: he says the man gained the upper hand in the fight. >> the suspect got on top of
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the sergeant attempting the arrest. the other sergeant moved around, started to pull the suspect off the sergeant. the sergeant on the ground yelled to his partner, "he's getting my gun, he's got my gun, shoot him." >> reporter: police confirmed the second sergeant fired two shots killing the suspect. it started when officers received a report that someone was trying to vandalize a construction site. >> the worker complained that a suspect was throwing bottles and broken glass could have damaged the tires at the construction site. >> reporter: the suspect's body was taken away by the medical examiner while the two sergeants were taken to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. >> one of the officers has pretty good facial injury. the other officer has -- looks like his knee possibly is ripped, and he has other facial injuries. >> reporter: the deceased suspect is described as a latino man in his late 20s.
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they have no idea why he did what he did. >> and police say the suspect tried to get the officer's gun. do we know if this suspect was armed with anything else? >> reporter: there is no indication of that at this point. >> thank you. some very blunt talk today from lieutenant governor gavin newsom about gun control. he's pushing to bring a sweeping gun control measures before california voters on the november 2016 ballot. he says he doesn't want to be scared to take his kids to preschool. newsom is also essentially daring the nra to come after him. >> reporter: it was here inside 101 california street that carol kingsley lost her husband jack burman, shot to death with five other people in a bloody rampage. the pain is still there 22 years later. >> you never ever lose that
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sorrow and the loss of the person you love. >> reporter: it was in front of this infamous address that gavin newsom, flanked by gun control advocates announced plans for a sweeping measure for california's 2016 ballot. >> the fact they am scared now to send my kids to preschool, more preschool kids are being shot than police officers in the line of duty, the fact that i have to worry about who's sitting behind me in a movie theater? >> reporter: the most controversial piece of the proposal concerns ammunition. it would require mandatory background checks on people buying bullets. >> background checks for guns but not background checks for ammunition? it makes no sense! >> reporter: at san francisco's lone gun store, which is about to close down, the owners say the proposal won't make the streets any safer. >> register ammo and do
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background checks all you want, criminals don't care. >> reporter: newsom's measure would require residents to surrender large capacity magazines and for convicted felons to turn in their guns. the nra issued a statement criticizing the proposal that says "the ballot initiative does nothing but prohibit access for the most effective methods for self defense." >> reporter: newsom expects the nra to fight the initiative. >> they want to come after us, bring it on. >> reporter: to qualify for the ballot, newsom will have to gather about 365,000 signatures of registered voters. san jose police have a suspected driver in a deadly hit and run crash that happened earlier this week. officials say this man turned
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himself in last night hours after police located the white ford pickup truck they believe that he was driving when he struck a pedestrian. the unidentified pedestrian was killed as he walked along north white road at 7:00 am tuesday. police quickly released a photo of the possible suspect. one of the biggest pac-12 games of the season is being played tonight at stanford stadium. stanford is no. 15 in the country, playing 18th ranked ucla. it's still strange getting used to college football games on thursday night. >> reporter: no question about it! the campus is buzzing. the anticipation has been building for weeks because neither stanford nor ucla has played a game since october
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3rd. and the fans are making the most of it. out in force. the midweek game represents an adjustment for the student body in the midst of midterms as well as the student athletes themselves whose routine has been disrupted. >> it's definitely different just with the class schedules, and we now have to communicate with our teachers in that regard, telling them we might be missing a class. >> it's going to be a packed house. i told everyone they can take off from midterms this week. so they're all going to be there. [ laughter ] >> it's not ideal. educating young people. but you make adjustments. and the good teams and the good players, and the good people in business know how to adjust. and not lose anything on either side but still get all of our schoolwork done and play a
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great football game. >> reporter: the stanford players are well versed in balancing athletics and academics. and tonight their force will be 100% on football. it's going to be a packed house. they're expecting a near sell- out. we'll have more on the actual game coming up in the next hour in sports. >> you cover all the games, and we can see those tailgaters. how does a thursday night game compare to a saturday night game in terms of atmosphere, and how many people are out there before the game? >> reporter: not as many as as early as normal, but there were some diehards out here setting up some elinebackererate barbecues and tv screens. once we get toward 6:00, i knowledge you're going to see wall to wall people and cars. >> sounds like a good game.
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>> let's find out about the forecast for those headed to the game tonight. >> still a chance of a shower or two moving into the bay area. you encounter some drops today? >> no, but it looked like it was going to rain. >> still some clouds out there, and the possibility of a shower or two in the palo alto region. lots of cloud cover, winds not too much of a factor, around 10 miles an hour. ucla visiting from southern california. they have all the active weather right now. rain and thunderstorms showing up. thunderstorms toward santa barbara county. all the lightning strikes here, moving out up to the north approaching bakersfield. so we still have some unsettled weather, pretty active weather toward southern california. and this is all rotating toward
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the bay area. so here's a closer look at our radar. lots of clouds still paying us a visit. we're going to hold onto mostly cloudy skies. the bulk of the shower average right now focused in the northern half of the region. we'll hole onto that chan for the evening hours. a few changes for friday, and tracking another system that may impact your weekend. more on that coming up. a federal judge today ruled against a delay in the trial of raymond trial. prosecutors say he arranged for the killing of a gang leader in 2006. a grand jury indictment on that allegation is expected at any time. but the judge said adding that charge to the upcoming corruption trial would add a delay and he isn't willing to do that.
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that trial is set to begin on november 2nd. one of the men who stopped a terrorist attack in france was released from uc davis medical center today. he had been at the hospital since earlier this month when he was stabbed several times during a fight outside a bar in sacramento. stone suffered wounds to his upper body that were considered life-threatening before he underwent hours of surgery. his mother said today that her family has been overwhelmed by the show of support for her son. it has been eight years in the making, finally there's a patent and trademark office in san jose. while that may not sound so remarkable, why the unveiling is making history in the south bay. >> and developing news out of southern california. car after car swallowed by massive mudslides. homes affected as well.
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>> reporter: a little construction mistake may have caused a huge problem here in union city that'll days and days to fix.
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>> reporter: the crew has just now gotten some food after working all day long. and they've got all night to go. if you look to the left, you're going to see a huge hole that
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they have now dug out, and they put anticave-in barers. this is just police officer of something that is very important. no matter where they are to keep water mains from breaking. >> reporter: what began yesterday as a small depression and sinkhole in the road that slowly filled with water is now a 25-by-25 foot 10-foot deep gaping hole cutting off alvarado boulevard between fairranch and new haven. >> our crews were onsite. they worked overnight. we were able to restore service using a temporary fix of >> reporter: so far no one can say for sure exactly what happened. >> the water main break occurred as a result of the sinkhole. the sinkhole, we do not know what the cause is. so the only way for us to determine the cause of the sink hole is to dig deeper at this
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point into the ground. >> reporter: that means the owner of the lower sewer pipeline will dig down at least another 5 feet. >> they will dig down a little deeper to where their sewage pipes are. and that will help us to move closer to determining the cause of this sinkhole. >> reporter: when you have really large water pipes like these and they break, all that high-pressure water starts turning the dirt into mud and that creates a void. that'll cause the roadway to collapse upon it, creating a sinkhole. this is a perfect excavating machine. >> our main priority right now is securing permanent water service for our customers, and we expect that later this evening of >> reporter: logic dictates only three things can explain this. one, the water main sprung a leak and caused the sinkhole. two, the sewer line sprung a leak and caused the sinkhole. three, when the sewer agency
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installed the sewer line, improper exacting of the earth caused the ground underneath the pipe to subside, causing the pipe to bend and break. >> once repairs in place, we'll move forward. >> reporter: with all this soft, sandy soil, you can bet this repair is going to take several days. tuesday or wednesday of next week perhaps at the earliest. >> tom, thank you. things were shaking again in san ramon for a second straight day. two small earthquakes stretched just 10 minutes apart this morning. according to the usga, the first registered at 3.4. the second was a 2.6 quake. there have been more than 30 small quakes over the last couple of days, all of them centered near the crowe canyon country club and 680. the san ramon shaking
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happened on the same day that millions of people up and down the state took part in the great california shakeout! the annual large-scale earthquake drill. >> you gotta have a plan. block, cover, hold. >> this was just one of many events that took place today. it was also drop, cover, and hold for school children. breaking news right now from southern california. check out these pictures. severe thunderstorms triggered flash floods and large mudslides this afternoon. these were taken from the area near lake elizabeth and lake hughes in the northeastern part
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of l.a. county. you can see dozens of cars got caught up in the mud. people had to be rescued. the slide swept around several homes piling up several feet of mud next to the walls. it also damaged part of an aqua duct. a flash flood warning is in effect until 6:40 tonight. and this area has been burned so there's not a lot of vegetation to stop the mud flow. portions of the grapevine on interstate 5 are closed as a result of the flooding and the mud on the freeway. >> the chp now stay saying that the northbound lanes could be closed for as long as 24 hours because of this storm. it's incredible! the cars and trucks look like little toys! >> i was looking at one observation site north of santa clarita. they picked up over 2 inches of rain in the past three hours.
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they're still picking up more extreme rainfall right now. this is all developing after 1:00 this afternoon. all the flow moving in from the south. right now here's a closer look at the radar. you can see what's been happening over parts of l.a. county, approaching parts of bakersfield as well. lightning strikes and extreme downpours. here's a closer look at the heavy rainfall right now, closer to tehachapi, approaching bakersfield, interstate 5. and moving into the mountains here. there is one observation site around santa clarita reporting over 2 inches of rainfall just within the past three hours. so heavy rainfall still a big factor. you get the heating and the topography that enhances the storm development. it's heading up to the north. so we have some problems around bakersfield, heavy downpours.
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in terms of the storm reports, you can see these icons representing reports of flash flooding. quartz hill, flash flooding. we'll have more reports in the next few hours. reports of 1-inch hail at the 452. in the bay area we're picking up some clouds out even. and even -- clouds out there. and even some scattered showers. we'll hold onto that chance through tonight. coverage on the radar toward the golden gate. the western portions of san francisco. up in the north bay as well, novattedo, still some objection -- novato, still some action up here. current numbers still pretty warm. livermore, 78, concord 81. san jose, lower 70s. and san francisco checking in at 62 degrees. we still have the clouds in place across most of the bay area. but a little bit of sunshine out there as well. forecast headlines for tonight, mostly cloudy sky, still that chance of a shower. tomorrow morning, lots of low
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clouds and fog out there. skies partly cloudy. and another system moves in on a saturday. but the shower chances, really the forecast models backing off on those chances as we head into the weekend. the showers we have in the bay area for today, that's on the move for tomorrow. with that, skies becoming partly cloudy. 60s, 70s, and 80s. and then another weak system basically falls apart over northern california saturday. and with that, we're going to cool things off and bring in a chance of a shower favoring the north bay. here we go with the fog tomorrow morning. maybe some drizzle out there. skies becoming partly cloudy, and into saturday, a system just falling apart up to our north. we bring in that chance of a shower, extreme for the extreme -- especially for the extreme portions of the north bay. temperatures tomorrow, 60s, 70s, and 80s. don't get too excited about the rain cloud on saturday. but it's still a chance.
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partly cloudy sunday and warmer next week. >> that situation in southern california, isn't that what we're worried about? if this el niño happens and we get tons of rain, that you'll have the flash flooding? >> exactly. >> we haven't had rain in so long. >> and that's a big heads up especially for lake county. where the fire was. >> yeah. >> we get these extreme rainfall rates, that's what's happening down there, that's the focus. and that could be somewhat of a concern for us. >> the butte fire. thank you. coming up, a man calls 911 because his wife is giving birth on a couch. >> her head's coming. there she is. >> you'll see more of these 911 tapes as the operator walked the dad through the birth. >> and a student election controversy to tell you about at a bay area middle school. the results are in but they're not being made public. and the principal says it's
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because the results weren't diverse enough. >> and an arsenal of illegal weapons sold to an undercover agent in california.
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carly fiorina answered questions today at a high school in iowa. the former hewlett-packard ceo talked about why she is running for president and why she believe the iranian nuclear
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deal is not good for america. she also discussed drug addiction and treatment and education. she says more government spending is not the answer. >> the quality of our education in this country continues to deteriorate. >> the latest poll is showing fiorina tied for 6th at 5%. donald trump still heading the field with 24%. today president obama announced a major change in the u.s. role in afghanistan. thousands of troops will remain and are not going to be withdrawn as he planned. >> reporter: it wasn't a year ago that president obama declared the war in afghanistan over. >> we'll continue to bring them home and reduce our forces further down to an embassy presence by the end of next
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year. >> reporter: but a promise to have all u.s. troops out of afghanistan by the end of his presidency will now have to be broken. >> first i decided to maintain our current posture of 9,800 troops in afghanistan through most of next year. >> reporter: after that the president plans to keep 5,500 service members in the country instead of a normal embassy presence of roughly 1,000 troops. it's a decision president obama calls one of the most solemn he has had to make. a necessary one given the resurgence of al-qaeda and the growth of isis in the region. >> we're adjusting our presence based on conditions on the ground to give the united states and our allies the capabilities of a sustained and robust counter terrorism platform, denying a safehaiven for terrorists -- safehaven for terrorists and extremist organizations of >> reporter: secretary carter says the afghan military has made gains but it is still not as strong as it needs to be.
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critics fear the move is not enough. the chairman of the house armed services committee says while the plan avoids a disaster, it is not a plan for success. a new patent office in silicon valley. >> pornography piped through the sound system at this san jose target. why it may be more than an isolated incident. >> and has lamauer odom's condition -- lamar odom's condition gotten worse? today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8.
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good news for anyone in silicon valley working on the next big thing. the first ever u.s. patent office on the west coast officially opened today in san jose. >> reporter: eight years in the making, it's a historic day for san jose. a new u.s. paltent and trademark office is unveiled at san jose city hall. >> this is earth-shattering for the united states and for silicon valley innovation. >> reporter: why all the excitement for a federal office? for the last 225 years, entrepreneurs would have to fly to alexandria, virginia, to
5:32 pm
meet face-to-face with top patents giving exclusive rights for inventions. >> that's a lot of time and pressure for a young entrepreneur. now they're here. >> reporter: the $18 million office helps level the playing field. while most people would think it's a no-brainer to have an office in san jose, wasn't easy. one of the criteria, cost of living for the 80 patent examiners and 20 judges. in the end along with detroit and denver, san jose was chosen for several reasons. >> abundance of technical talent. the abundance of ino have a seaters applying. >> reporter: the system currently has a backlog of hundreds of thousands of applications. >> more than anything i continuing really helps to brand our downtown as a tech center. >> reporter: san jose mayor says 100 jobs will be created inside the building. many more downtown. >> wean the engineers. to be -- we know the engineers
5:33 pm
want to be near the office. law firms and noofbtors want to be -- innovators want to be close by. >> reporter: tomorrow this office will be put to good use as hundreds of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and innovators will be gathering here to learn more about the patent process. the fbi and local law enforcement announced the results of their latest human sex trafficking operation. >> there was a record number of johns taken into custody in the bay area. this is called operation cross- country, an annual bust targeting human traffickers who exploit underaged children for sex. during last week's operation, six underaged victims were recovered, seven pimps, and 52 johns were arrested in the bay area. >> across the country, 149 underaged victims were rescued, including three transgender minors and 153 pimps were taken
5:34 pm
into custody. in some cases, investigators say they would monitor internet traffic and converge on a local motel to make the arrest. authorities would provide resources to those victims. >> it is critically important for us to have those resources available as soon as that victim is separated, away from the trafficker. so there is something on the other side of enslavement. >> in the future, alameda county plans to post photos of johns who are arrested on the website, similar to the site maintained by the oakland police department. and henry lee is here now, and you've been following this case. so tell us what makes this so unique. >> what is unique is that as we approach super bowl 50 in february, these kinds of major sporting events draw unfortunately lots of this kind of illicit sexual activity. there is a human trafficking incentive that will be in line at that time to make sure this
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problem doesn't happen. >> how big a problem this is? and we talked about how some of these kids were minors. how young? >> the youngest was 14. we see kids as you young as ten, 12. especially in oakland. a lot of these kids come from broken homes and the foster system. they've previously been sexually abused and just get victimized over and over again. >> and we're seeing this operation is getting more and more successful. >> they have cracked down on a number of internet sites that cater to this kind of activity. we're getting well versed in attacking the problem from online services. to figure out who's trying to connect with who. they look at text messages, they look at ads. and then they converge.
5:36 pm
they >> publicly shaming the johns, does that have impact? >> one would hope. but it keeps occurring. prostitution is an age-old crime. >> when we're talking about internet versus street walkers, is the internet a much bigger source for finding people for sex as opposed to just cruising the internet boulevard? >> right. you'll see that people are just picking up illegal dates from the comfort of their own home and going to the location, not knowing or not caring that the police are in the next door. >> so these six who were found, where do they go now? separated from their johns and pimps. where do they take them? >> they provide resources, make sure they're okay, reunite
5:37 pm
them with families if at all possible, and give them the social services they may need to pick themselves up again. and these are not prostate tudes. these are victims. >> it's just -- mind boggling. thank you. lamar odom's condition has deteriorated. he was hospitalized in las vegas after he was found unconscious on a brothel. he had used cocaine and what's called hershel viagra. he is still legally married to chloe khloe kardashian. we talked to harvey levin about what he's learned. >> he has four organs failing, and many other medical problems, including a heart problem, and having had these multiple strokes which created some problem in terms of damage with his brain. they don't know the extent of that. >> levin says that tmz was
5:38 pm
told that odom spent $75,000 at the brothel between his arrival on saturday and his medical emergency on tuesday. breaking news that we're following right now. as soon as we get the picture of the golden gate bridge, we're hoping to bring you pictures of a car fire that is really impacting traffic in the northbound direction of the golden gate bridge. and we understand that a gray or tan toyota was seen with flames coming out from the bottom of that vehicle. we're told that all of the occupants are out of the vehicle. but this is causing major traffic tie-ups on the golden gate bridge. all lanes right now are stopped as crews are on the bridge there. you're looking now at live pictures of the golden gate where fire crews are extinguishing this car fire. we're told again that lanes are stopped on the golden gate as crews try to deal with this. we're told that everyone inside this vehicle managed to get
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out. no word on what caused this fire. live pictures of crews battling this car fire, 5:30 on a thursday. >> these other northbound lanes too, which is the commute direction. >> exactly. crews working hard. farther is looking into who has been -- target is looking into who has been accessing its store sound system and blaring profanity- laced audio for shoppers to hear. there have been at least three similar incidents of porn piped into the speakers at stores all around california, including a target in san jose. >> reporter: the first incident dates back to early april. in each case the audio has been extremely graphic and extremely difficult for store employees to turn off.
5:40 pm
at this san jose target off saratoga avenue, it was quite the shock for shoppers. >> i'm, like, this is not happening! no one is going to believe this. >> what is going on at target right now? >> reporter: over the sound system, the music replaced by moaning, and what appeared to be x-rated audio. jimmy young's first reaction was to record it. her second was to cover the ears of her 3-year-old twin. >> everyone is just like oh, my god! and everyone just froze. like no one knew what to do! do i leave? i have groceries! i have my kids! like, i need diapers, that's why i'm here! >> reporter: this appears to be the latest in a string of similar incidents. on april 3rd, our employee was there as the sounds of sex were piped through the system in a coleman target. on september 19th, the tulare target was hit.
5:41 pm
>> of all things to go viral, why does it have to be this! >> reporter: and while she recorded just 30 seconds, she says the incident lasted more than 15 minutes as store employees tried unsuccessfully to turn the sound system off. >> people were grabbing them by their arms and yelling at them, and they're like i'm so sorry, we're trying everything we can. we can't figure out how to turn it off but we're trying. >> reporter: target says they are investigating, and they're taking this matter very seriously. she doesn't blame the store. >> i feel really awful for the company. it's just an awkward situation. >> reporter: in the san luis incident, the store was actually evacuated. here in san jose, we noticed nothing is being broadcast on the sound system today. >> when i was asked at target
5:42 pm
that graphic audio went for seven minute, not 15. and that was long enough. and it didn't sound to me that it was a recording. the woman mentioned target specifically and was taunting employees with her location saying i'm in electronics and things like that. so did this target say if they think this is being done actually at stores themselves or if someone outside is hacking into the system? >> reporter: target is being very tight-lipped about how this is happening since it is an ongoing investigation. we did mention your incident to the manager so he knew about the specifics of that. this appeared to be a recording on a loop, and there was a rap music interlude before it cycled back to the porn audio. >> it was shocking when i was there. sad to see it continues to happen. folsom lake at its lowest
5:43 pm
level in almost 25 years. and here's the thing, officials are saying it could get even worse. >> baby on the way! but there's not enough time to get to the hospital. how dad remained calm with the help of a 911 dispatcher.
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fox reporter michael shingleton has a story of how the dad, mom, and an operator all worked together to dlfrt baby. and what's great is the reaction. >> reporter: maya's life likely started much differently than yours. she was born on her grandmother's couch by the hands of her dad, andy, while he was on the phone with 911. christie was on the other end. >> a male on the phone said his wife was pregnant. and it sounded like she was about to have a baby or start the process of >> reporter: that's an understatement! the process was in full motion. christie gave andy detailed instructions. unexpectedly, mom's water broke. >> all of a sudden, it's a huge deal. >> you got to lay down. lay down. >> reporter: as christie tracked the ambulance and gathered as much information as she could, andy remained calm. >> don't try to prevent this.
5:47 pm
do not try to prevent the birth. >> reporter: moments later, christie listened as the contractions got much closer together. dad was still on the phone alert. >> that's her head. her head is coming. >> the head is present something >> there she is. >> reporter: with one more push. >> i got my baby in my hands! [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> reporter: little maya was born. >> i just delivered my baby! >> that is so awesome, sir! you did awesome. >> thank you, ma'am. >> congratulations. >> reporter: october 13th, her birthday, also a night shift on a tuesday christie will never forget. >> i was more excited for him that he got to deliver his own child. it was pretty awesome. >> that was such a great story. hearing his reaction. >> i know. >> but he was so calm!
5:48 pm
reassuring his wife, and just hang on. and she says remain calm, you codo this. >> in a situation like that, you have no choice. it's your baby, and you just have to do what you have to do. and he did a great job. a restaurant chain going to a no-tip system. the owner says it will help business. what does it mean for customers? >> and look at these pictures of folsom lake, the worst it's been in 20 years. >> and tracking clouds and showers in the bay area. coming up, an update on the thunderstorms in southern california.
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the water levels at folsom lake are at their lowest level in 20 years in. some spots, you couldn't even see the water today. it's 17% of capacity as the drought conditions continue and water levels keep on dropping. even so, earlier this month, the bureau installed a barge systemo water can be pumped out -- system so water can be pumped out if they go below the normal level of the intake valves. and tracking some extreme rainfall on the other half of the state toward southern
5:52 pm
california. flash flooding in parts of northeastern l.a. county. here's a closer look at the radar. some extreme rates, just north of santa clarita. a significant downpour. moving over the grapevine, approaching bakerce field at last night. for us in the bay area, a little activity on the radar. clouds out there, and a few popup showers. we're going to hold onto that chance through tonight. there's even a slight chance of a thunderstorm as well. you can see all the clouds out there, paying us a visit through the 5:00 hour. 81 degrees, san jose 74, san francisco 62 degrees. el niño update today: a strong el niño is in place and should exert a strong influence on our weather this winter. the best
5:53 pm
probability of picking up above average rainfall will be for the southern tier of the country, and that does include california approaching the bay area. the highest area will be from southern california. increased odds for us. encouraging news, no guarantees, but still encouraging. a few sprinkles to report over the past 24 hours. watsonville at.06. our live camera, some high clouds and dense fog showing up in this picture right now. that fog will be increasing in coverage overnight tonight. extreme rainfall, one part of picture for southern california. tomorrow that system moves out. skies partly cloudy. and another weak cold front moves into the noergz northern
5:54 pm
portions of the -- northern portions of the state. lots of fog tomorrow morning. skies partly cloudy. and this system basically falls apart over the northern parts of the state saturday. a slight chance of a shower. temperatures for tomorrow, lots of 80s toward antioch and brentwood. san francisco 68. half moon bay 67. here's a look ahead. your 5-day, slight chance of a shower this saturday. partly cloudy on sunday. and we'll warm up the numbers for day 5 on tuesday. 6:00 we'll take another look at southern california. they have extreme rainfall rates. amazing how things quickly develop between 12:00, 1:00. >> 3 inch was rain in hours? >> about 2.5 in three hours. the entrepreneur behind the wildly popular restaurant, shake shack. he is taking tips off the menu at all of his restaurants.
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things are changing at restaurants around the country. many owners are taking tips off the menu. at least two restaurants in san francisco include tips and taxes. >> reporter: danny myer is taking tips off the table.
5:58 pm
instead he plans to raise menu prices to pay servers more. he says tipping has been a roadblock in the effort to attract top talent. in a letter to customers he wrote "the total cost you pay to dine with us won't differ much from what you pay now. but for our teams, the change will be significant." behind the scenes, employees who are less visible to customers, dishwashers and line cooks will also benefit from the change. critics say customers deserve the right to reward attentive service or withhold that reward if they're not happy. still supporters of the change say this may also please customers who don't like the hassle of figuring out a tip at end of a meal, or international visitors who are unfamiliar with the custom. >> there have been a lot of lawsuits against restaurant owners. class action lawsuits by people claiming to be underpaid because if a person works over 40 hours, they need to not only
5:59 pm
get minimum wage salary, but they need to be paid overtime. and there are a lot of class action lawsuits from people, waiters, and other staff. and i think that's hurt many restaurants. >> reporter: danny myer will roll out this new policy in his restaurant over the next year. the popular shake shack will not be affected by the change. a mudslide and flooding shuts down i-5 which connects northern and southern california. and the grapevine will be closed for the next 10-15 hours. people have been trapped in their vehicles. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm heather holmes in for julie. these are dramatic pictures indeed. rain triggered mudslides all across parts of northeastern l.a. county.
6:00 pm
>> mudslides also surrounded homes, piling up several feet behind one. the mud also damaged part of an aqueduct, and flash flood warnings are in effect into the evening for north l.a. county. we want to show you some of the pictures posted on social media. they really give you a sense of how about the mudslides are. look at this picture of a car filled with mud. another picture, car filled with mud. another looks to be floating down that river of mud. there's hail down there. here is and of the traffic along i- 5. just a monster jam. they've closed i-5. and the problem with that is that


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