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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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moppings on 2 starts now. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> friday morning, october 16th. mud wherever. if you are planning to had had to southern california, you need to listen up. the major artery between northern and southern california which is interstate 5 through the grapevine. well, it's closed. >> that is a big, big problem. did storm tracks people in their cars. people were trammed in -- trapped in their homes as well. the rain has stopped but now a clean-up is underway. >> i haven't seen a storm like this come through in 30 years. >> parts of southern california are trying to dry out after being swamped by torrential rain. interstate five near los
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angeles. five foot deep in the northbound lanes. officials say they were forced to shut down portions of the major highway. where >> i believe the rain came in and it rained for approximately a half hour or so and left the cernage. we're cleaning it all up. >> mud slows causing traffic to come to a standstill. drivers trapped in their car until crews can cover the road. >> trapped in the middle of the road. not much you can do. >> been here now for almost an hour and a half. >> and you have to be patient. it was four feet deep in mud. sit in and be patient. it's kind of laugh it off in >> a number of drivers climbing to the roof to wait out the flooding. some had to be rescued by first responders. >> several cars are stuck. we are trying to dig some out with shovels and
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whatnot to get them off the road. hopefully we can get a bulldozer to help clear away the mud. >> it could take up a day to clear the mud. there are no reports of death or serious injuries from the storm. fox news. >> huge mess. >> just incredible. and i grew up down there. >> it's probably a sign of what's to come. >> and probably a microcosm. >> it is it because of all the wildfires. the water can't soak in. it is only october, and really el nino rains usually don't kick in until december or january. they have been getting it down there since san diego and july. l. a. was in august and september. nothing of that. thankfully. it was the low that has been around the west coast for two weeks. untieable why. a trend of -- friend of mine had some rain a week ago
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saturday. there's still a little scattered activity. there's a little bit of it coming up. most of this is -- >> south bay again. santa clara valley. the low is still churning. pretty hefty downpours. and southern sierra and central sierra. further north, probably just cloud cover. a system is going to bump that out. this is going to give us a big cool-down on the weekend. maybe a little round of round. eightys now. temperatures coming down. sixtys and 7 0ás m. >> and same to you, sir. here we are. 4:03 on a friday. we are looking at traffic that is off to a
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pretty good start. let's go outside and fake a look at the commute. traffic does look good at the toll plaza. no may job problems getting into san francisco. looking at the san mateo bridge. a nice-looking drive to the highway. it continues to look good to the bay shore freeway. no problems on 2808 in san jose. downtown san jose. things probably won't stay that way. at least for now u. it is light. 4:04. let's go back to the desk. the east bayou tillty district has a list of highest water users and the oakland as billy bean as one of the top offenders. bean used nearly 6000 gallons per day. the average east bay mud company uses at least 250 gallons a day. bean fells the mercury news he has tried to reduce the water use but has a large landscapek yard. the top water user was george kirkland. also a retired oil executive. he used more than 12,000 gallons of water per day.
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second on the list, mark pine, a venture capitalist who lives in alamo. east bay mud charges people an execkive -- excessive use penalty for using 1000 gallons of water per day. new water restrictions go in affect in veneia. today through march of next year, people in venetia can only use sprinklers one day per week either saturday or sunday before 8:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. now, if you are planning to take an uber car this weekend, you may have to wait a little bit longer than usual for your ride. that is because some uber drivers are going on strike. the group is demanding that uber increase its rates and add a tip option to the app. want to raise minimum fairs and cancellation. 5:00 p.m. today. 1200 drivers plan to participate across the country including drivers here in the bay area. 4:05. police and the district's
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attorney's office. in downtown san francisco. a worner at a construction site alerted officers about a man tossing glass bottles on to the street. when the sergeant tried to take the suspect into custody, he grabbed if officer's gun forcing another office tore shoot him. >> if sergeant on the ground yelled to his partner. he's getting my gun. he's getting my gun. he's got my gun. shoot him. >> while i was eating my sandwich, i heard pop pop. it was hard to determine with where there was gunshots. by that time, the officers. >> and the suspect name has not been released. he was in his 20s and was shot twice. last night, a small group of demonstrators. they do not trust the officer trust the officer's version. the specific time and location has not been released. and police report a
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terrifying confrontation at a waterfront walking trail. a woman was with her cousin on tuesday at the bay point rocking trail along soon jose bay i. the 27- year-old suspect struck up a conversation with the woman but became angry when she started to leave. she says he asked her for sex and when she refused, he grabbed her hair and tried to pull her into some bushes. the cousin stepped in, the suspect took out a knife and threatened them as well. they were able to escape. police could not find the suspect but arrested him later that night when a cousin spotted him at a nearby convenience store. >> very scary. 4:07 is the time right now. big surprise for shoppers in target. i am like this is not happening. no one is going to believe this. >> coming up in 20 minutes, the disturbing message that popped up on a south bay store's intercom and the reason this is not the first time it's happen police department. >> the fact that i am scared now to send my kids to preschool. >> and a strong push for
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stricter gun regulations. the new proposal by lieutenant governor. how the nra is responding. >> on the east shore freeway. on 80 westbound, there's not a lot of traffic going on now. hopefully it will stay this way. we'll also take a look at the bay bridge when we come back. >> the low is still churning. a lot in southern california. and still trying to get a little bit of rain. the thread in your forecast.
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210. there are signs that vice president joe biden could, in fact, enter the democratic race. live in washington with all the campaign trail drama. doug, good morning. >> and whatever people may think about donald trump. the guy knows marketing. he knows he has some bargaining power ling into this next debate. >> and donald trump and fellow gop candidate ben carson. one and two are flexing this muscle isn'ting this joint letter saying they'll boycott this next debate if it goes longer than two hours and excludes opening and closing statements. >> now they want to make this an extra hour. i think it's unfair to the viewers because it's too much. it's too much to watch. they are doing it
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because they want to make more money. >> live from quick in loans arena in cleveland, ohio. >> the gop >> the first one in cleveland pulled 23 million viewers. the next one, 23 million. those are unheard of numbers from ply mary. much of them to him. networks. and they didn't make money. they just lost money. now they are making a foreign. i wonder why. >> meantime, in the -- joe biden has baited too long. the associated press reporting that one of his closest advisers just sent an e-mail to the vp's former staffers telling them with a sense of urgency, if he decides to run, we will node each and every one of you yesterday. as for biden, he deflected questions about the race while he was waiting to meet with the president of south korea. >> is there still an opening for you in the race, sir? >> i'm here h.
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>> and you talked to it about it later. and when does later come too late to the vice president. the states are going to start having a filing deadly to be placed on a ballot. >> that is the question indeed. well, back here lieutenant governor gavin newsome. and the voters in november 20616. and his proposal at the scene of a mass shooting not san francisco that happened 20 years ago. >> it is here that carol kingsly lost herren husband who was shot to death with any other people. even after 22 years, the pain remains. >> you never ever move that sorrow and the law of the person you love. >> hey, everybody. >> it was in front of this
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address that lieutenant governor. announce plans from a sweeping measure. >> the fact that i am scared now to send my kids to preschool. more preschool kids are being shot and police officers in the line of duty. the fact that i have to worry about who is sitting behind me in a movie neater. concerns ammunition. it will require mandatory background checks for people buying bum ets. >> why is it that we have background checks for guns, but not for ammunition? it makes no sense. >> the cartridges appear. >>reporter: in high bridge arms, san francisco's loan gun star. >> and due background checks. only one. i am telling you criminals don't care. they don't have the same concerns that you or i have or violence. >>reporter: new? 's measure would also require residents to surrender any large capacity
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magazine and for convicted felons to turn in their guns. as expected, the national rifle association issued a statement criticizing the to proposal that says in part, quote, the ballot initiative does nothing but prohibit access to the most detective -- defective methods for self-defense with no measurable positive effect on stopping crime or improving public safety. he expects the nra to fight the initiative. >> they want to come after us, bring it on. >> to qualify, new? will first have to gather about 365 signatures of registered california voters. he says that effort would begin very soon. time now is 4:15. and it is friday. that means sal's traffic jams will be coming in shortly. i don't know yet. maybe the bus. i thought it was sal's traffic jam.
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it is a collective effort. it's not just me. it's everyone here in the newsroom. the boss -- we have to have a boss because if not, the employees would just run amuck. we see traffic jams for the whole first segment of the 7:00 hour. all right. good morning, everybody. and you can't leave the asylum to the inmates. and this is a look at highway 4 coming up. traffic looking pretty good. highway 24. la fayette, not a bad commute. and we are off to a god start. fridays, we do sometimes get a break. we are hoping obviously for that to today. and we don't make weather look look a factor in the day's commute. >> steve. eighty. >> santa clara valley.
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that's probably about it. but the system. what a powerhouse low that started off. rather inokay pows -- inokayous but did give us a thunderstorm a week ago saturday. for parts of solano and contra costa. i didn't do much other places. went all the way down to southern california, gave them some rain. arizona, some record rain. too soon over into mexico. lot of reports of hail and backtrack over baha. picked up some moisture, and then started sending in some of these bands, and occasionally some of these produced some hefty rain foals, i'll say. if you get three inches of rain in the half however, you're going to have problems. that is what happened in southern california yesterday. there are some flash flood warnings that are out for southern california. and in the desert, the southern sear i can't. central sear i can't. we had a little bit of rain. not a lot. i know a pretty good lightening show down around
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holster. and it's a couple of 100s. still sun rotating up on the northern edge of it. gilroy. east bay. and livermore could be in the mix. five or 101 south. you may encounter that. a lot of this not reaching the ground. over to santa cruise. santa cruise mountains. the big bulk of it is still the south. central california. modesto. f 40s on the temperature.s there's also a low clouds. and the system is moving but cloud cover continues to stream up from land over to us. coming up from the south and rotating back over. it's moving because it's getting pushed along by this front which will ramp up the fog and maybe not only drizzle, but a little light rain tomorrow. clouds, sun.
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a few showers probably more to the south. eight 0ás. sixtys and 70s, but temperatures are coming down. that is the theme here for a while. i in did put drizzle. it will be very fall-like as we head towards sunday. much cooler pattern. it looks quiet. yes, i agree. >> i think we're kind of done with that. >> it was very nice and gray yesterday. it was a little humid, but it felt really nice, and to not have that petitioning sun in the afternoon. >> it looks cool. finally something other than just fog. well, french train hero spencer stone has been released from a hospital one week after he was stabbed during a street fight in midtown sacramento. the 23-year-old airmen was all smiles as he left uc davis medical center. stone was stabbed last wednesday during a fight outside a sacramento bar. at the time, he was already recooperating from injuries to his head, neck, and hand after he
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tackled a gunman in france. a fund-raiser was also held for stone where members of the midtown business association raised the final part of a $6000. >> ed the bar to help capture the man who attacked him. 4:20. adding more international flight originals to the bay area. up next, add frankfurther germany to the places you can apply for. there's one internationality now remaining on the wish list by silicon value low ceo.
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a honeymoon. on her way home, she ended up delivering a baby after a fellow passenger went into labor midflight. try to hold in that sneeze. i don't have that sneeze button. dr. angel coo says she has not had very much experience with deliveries, but with the help of some flight attendants, she brought a healthy baby into the world. the air china flight from taiwan to los angeles was diverted toes aalaska where the mother and baby were transported to the hospital. >> san jose international airport to frankfurther germany started.
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the leadership group put together that 200 ceos were key. the group lobbied airlines trying to convince them to fly out of san jose. they have crossed four of the five off the list. tokyo, beijing, london, and now frankfurther. four and a half years of courtship. we finally landed a date with an airplane. coming up on april 29th where such an amazing character. >> well, the one remaining international destination on the ceo's wishlist. south cree y. the silicon valley leadership group says they are currently in discussions with several airlines about that. tonight, the very last u.s. airways flight will fly from san francisco to philadelphia starting tomorrow. u.s. airways will be completely absorbed by american airlines two years after the airlines merged. the merger makes american the world's largest airline. this will be a ceremonial event
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before the red eye flight takes off at 9:55 p.m. the end of u.s. airways means as of midnight, all former rules will be coded as american airlines flight and a website will be shut down. it will take some time to repaint all the u.s. planes. lamar odom as dire straits. the 35-year-old former remains in a las vegas hospital. and odom is on life support and not getting any better. even if he comes out of the coma, he has virtual no chance of leading a normal life. the kardashian family has flown in specialists. and bobby kristina brown who died in july after being found unresponsive in a bathtub in january. odom did not lose oxygen to his brain.
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the warriors are heading to california. head coach steve curr is expected to go with hem. he is on an indefinite leave on campus. and the assistant coach has been serving as interim head coach. he does not know how much he will be involved in practice for game. it is a good sign that he's making the trip. an adult version of a popular children's toy is on sale on ebay. take a look at this car. it's built to remember a car. in england. it does come with airbags. and you can go up to 70 miles per hour. the other ones are pedaled by feet. a little more than 21,000 pounds with 31,000. >> less funny. the kid's version.
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>> it was the shopping experience that left many people. the x-rated surprise at a south bay target store that shoppers just couldn't get away from. >> and i have never seen a storm like this come through here in over 30 years. >> this incredible video. mud slides. the extensive damage left behind from a major storm. some light rain. this friday forecast. we'll see what's in store for the weekend too.
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forced the closure. just incredible down there. >> really incredible damage. good morning to you. these mud slides have caused a major traffic issue. if you are heading to southern california, keep that in mind. i-5 remains closed this morning through the grapevine, and it's all the result of a major downpour at northern l. a. county yesterday. in is in the lake hughs area. this storm caused flash flooding. it sent rivers of water, mud, and rocks rushing across i-5. that mud slow, as you can see, trapped hundreds of people in their cars and their homes as well. it was up to five feet deep in certain spots. there were a number of people stranded. drivers were stranded. they climbed on to the roofs of their cars and waited to be rescued. other drivers were stuck in the back-up that resulted after officials were forced to shut down the highway. >> stuck in the middle of nowhere. we had to get home. not much we can do except just wait. >> sitting here now for almost


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