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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 16, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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big rig crash on interstate 680 in walnut creek. the delays it's creating right now and the alternate routes you need to know about. >> storm system led to flash flooding and mud slides in southern california. incredible video of the damage that has shut down interstate 5. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. welcome back if you have been with us. i'm pam cook in for gasia. >> i'm dave clark. we have a major traffic story. >> i'm surprised no one was more seriously injured. what happened was a truck driving on northbound 680 somehow lost control and took out a big section of the median and there was debris that hit cars on the southbound direction and now all northbound lanes on 680 are blocked. we have new video of the scene. this is video we have of the
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fire because a big rig caught fire on 680 northbound. and also we have someone who drove through the area for us and took video. there is the guardrail. a big chunk of it is taken out. i want to show you the picture we have of the traffic backup. if we can two to that. this is 680. it's a little bit slow. i would say that is an under statement. but at least some cars are getting through one lane at a time. there is nobody getting through on northbound 680. you can see the freeway is empty. they are just not getting through on northbound 680. again avoid the 680 interchange. 680 is back all the way to concord. 242 is backed up. you can get on 680 to 24 if you are wondering, but you'll be in a bunch of slow traffic. you can go this way to the caldecott tunnel. there is a report of another big rig fire. this one came in with all lanes stopped on highway 37 near
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wilson. near the mayor island bridge. the fire department is on the way and all lanes are blocked there with a reported truck on fire. this is not happening the way we wanted it to. this commute is terrible. let's go to steve with today's weather. you know there is rain around san ramon and los altos. we do have our system. it is rotating in. it looks like a little low is forming off of monterey. kind of secondary low as the main one starts to move in toward the sierra nevada and also up to nevada but that is giving us some rain. it's not done yet. this same low has been around for two weeks. there is your light rain around san ramon. maybe livermore as well. there is some coming off the altamont pass. had reports of hit and miss around fremont. had a pretty good report around los altos. you can see that from mountain view and los altos.
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50s and 60s on your temps. they are cooler here because the system is moving in. there is also a little bit of a breeze but wrapping back around. you can see a little circulation taking place but another system is on the way. this one coming in from the usual direction. mostly cloudy, a few showers in the morning. possibility of a thundershower. a little cooler an these temps. 60s and 70s and 80s. now send it back to pam and dave. we are closely watching the incredible damage in southern california caused by major flooding there and mud slides. among the damage tons of mud covering the grapevine on interstate 5. this is the main road between northern and southern california as you know. still shut down at this hour. the chp hopes to possibly reopen it later today. at one point as much as five inches of rain fell in an hour. in an area about a hour north of l.a. was hit the hardest.
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>> boulders are coming down the mountain and we can't see. it was just really crazy. >> the chp says as much as five feet of mud, can you imagine this? covered parts of the interstate 5. showers and rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. we'll have a live report from southern california. that is coming up at 7:30. with predictions of a record setting el nino in the months ahead, bay area cities are beginning to plan for the winter. the palo alto weekly reports peninsula cities have begun to roll out their emergency plans. they include clearing the creek of debris to allow water to flow into the bay. and adding retaining walls. some forecasters predict there could be more rain than in
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1998. that is when the storm forced thousands to evacuate. local agencies have created a website giving people who live in flood prone areas a two hour flood warning. there is pinpointing the most vulnerable areas along the creek. two men held a family at gunpoint during a home invasion. it happened wednesday night in the home of 200 block of -- 200 block of zip bar way.
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police are looking into the deadly shooting downtown. a man tossing glass bottles into the street. when a sergeant tried to take the suspect into custody, his grabbed the officer's gun forcing another sergeant to shoot. >> the sergeant on the ground yelled to his partner he's getting my gun. he's getting my gun. he's got my gun. shoot him. >> while i was eating my sandwich i heard pop, pop. it was hard to determine if it was a gunshot because they were doing construction over here. >> the suspects name has not been released. he was in his 20s. he was shot twice last night. a small group of demonstrators protested the latest police shooting. they say they don't trust the officers version of what happened. the specific time and location has not been released. time is 7:06. uber drivers plan to go on
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strike today over what they say is a need for better pay and also options for tips. ktvu fox 2 christien kafton you're in san francisco now top tell us will more about what the drivers are commanding and how people -- are demanding and how people in the bay area are responding. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with an uber spokesperson just about 5-10 minutes ago. they are not expecting this weekends plan strike time pact service. they say there are fluxuations that lead top surge pricing. but they don't believe a shortage of driver limb pact users. let's go to video and show you that some uber drivers around the country including here in san francisco are planning ongoing on strike. the group is demanding the company raise rates by 60% nationwide. they are also calling for a tipping option in the app. they are calling on the company to raise minimum fairs and cancellation fees. the strike set to get under way at 5:00 this evening.
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just as the weekend rush starts to pick up. that strike scheduled to run through sunday evening 10:00 p.m.. organizers are urging drivers who are participating to create fake rider accounts and request uber rides then not show up for that ride and cancel to further restrict the number of rides uber can provide this weekend. i talked to some ride share veterans that say a strike on uber could force some riders to consider other options. >> there is a little bit of -- all they know is uber. once they are forced to find out different alternatives, they will hear from other people that there are different options and then it will put uber in a tighter spot. >> reporter: there is an organized online effort to get drivers to participate in this weekends strike. now we just received a statement from an uber spokesperson as well. that statement reads in part we always welcome feedback from driver partners. each week tens of thousands of
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drivers across the u.s. began using the uber app to make money on their own time. drivers say they valuable the flexibility and the chance to be their own boss and choose uber over other options because it fits their life and works for them. again this proposed uber strike set to start 5:00 p.m. this evening and run through 10:00 sunday evening. at this point no exact idea on how it could impact uber riders here in town. uber is telling me they do not believe any strike will impact people whom use the app. >> thank you. christien kafton in san francisco. netflix is releasing its first feature film today. now the the movie is called beast of no nation. it's based on the book with the same title. tells a story of a young boy forced to join a group of soldiers in west africa.
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the movie will be shown on netflix and also in movie theaters. it is now 7:10. there were some shocking moments for shoppers at target. >> i'm like this not happening. no one is going to believe this. >> coming up in 20 minutes a sex tape played over the loud speaker and we are learning this is not the first time it's happened. >> plus the oakland a's is moan for having one of the smallest payrolls in baseball and their executive vice president is running up a big water bill. >> we are still following this big crash on 680 walnut creek. we have a lot of slow traffic here and one side of the freeway is completely shut down.
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you don't see any cars getting through. we'll tell you what happened coming up. >> a couple reports of light rain out there. also around fremont and san ramon. we'll show what is in store for the rest of the friday and the weekend. welcome to the hotel san francisco. ♪ livin' it up at the hotel san francisco ♪ tourists can check in any time they like, because we're being forced to leave. illegal airbnb hotels are evicting thousands of san franciscans from their homes and causing rents to skyrocket. prop f will crack down on illegal airbnb hotels and hold corporations accountable with common-sense rules. vote yes on f before we all get checked out of san francisco. open!
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welcome back. time is 7:13. we are getting word some u.s. military analysts did know a hospital destroyed by a u.s. gun ship was a medical facility. now a source says intelligent officers say the hospital in northern afghanistan was being used by a pakistani operative to coordinate taliban activity and may have had heavy weapons inside. it's not clear if the commanders who actually opened fire on that facility almost two weeks ago knew that it was a hospital.
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we told you at least 22 people were killed including three children. now the organization doctors without borders says there was no taliban there. they call the bombing a war crime. police in malaysia have arrested a suspected computer hacker who gave personal information about u.s. service members to the islamic state terror group. authorities say the 20-year-old from costive hacked several servers to get that information. the fire allegedly was set by dozens of palestinians. tensions are still very high there in the west bank after weeks of violence that killed both israelis and palestinians.
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the u.n. security council plans to meet and talk about that situation later today. tonight the very last u.s. airways flight will fly from san francisco to philadelphia. starting tomorrow u.s. airways will be completely absorbed by american airlines two years after the airlines merged. >> the merger makes american airline the biggest airline. there will be a ceremonial event at sfo tonight until the red eye flight takes off at 9:59 p.m.. as of midnight all u.s. airways will be coded now as american airlines flights and the u.s. airways website it will be shut down. but obviously it will take some time to repaint all of the u.s. airways planes. score another one for san jose. lufthansa airlines says it will begin flights from mineta airport to frankfort. they put together a list of five international destinations
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that 200 ceo's said would be key to their ability to do business globally. the group lobbied the airline. trying to convince them to fly out of san jose and they have crossed four of the five off the list. tokyo, beijing, london, and now frankfort. >> after 4.5 years of court ship, we have finally landed a date with an airplane coming up on april 29th with such an amazing carrier like lufthansa. >> the one remaining destination on the ceo's wish list is seoul, south korea. they are currently in discussions with several airlines about that. time is 7:16. it seems the oakland a's executive billy bean isn't saving water really good. the east bay municipal utility district showed a list of its higher water users. billy bean is one of the top
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offenders using 6,000 gallons a bay. billy bean told the mercury news he's tried to cut back on his water use but he has a big landscaped yard. george kirkland was at the top of the list. the list says he used more than 12,000 gallons of water a day. number two on the list mark pine a venture capitalist who lives in alamo. east bay mud charges them an excessive water use fee. it doesn't sound it will get any better on 680. >> we have video of the scene. remember i told you the big rig involved on 680 in walnut creek near south main was traveling northbound on 680 heading up to
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the walnut creek interchange and took out a big section of guardrail on northbound 680 here. there is the guardrail taken out. right there. you can see it. and the traffic is going to be effected now. we freeze framed it to show you how much of the guardrail was taken out. some of that guardrail ended up hitting some cars out in traffic. we do have a live picture now of the scene. there is the rug. you can see the truck on the road getting up to northbound 680. it looks like it is badly damaged and it's really amazing no one was seriously injured according to chp in this wreck. i'm not sure how that happened with this truck being so badly damaged. the traffic in the area by the way on 680 northbound is not getting through. southbound 680 is driving by. look at northbound 680 on the left, it's not getting through. i also want to mention not on my maps but i want to mention
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highway 37 near wilson and the mayor island bridge. it's closed because of another big rig fire. we can also look at the bay bridge toll plaza just to show you some other traffic around the bay. the toll plaza is kind of normal. backed up for a 10-15 minute delay. so please give yourself extra time. 7:19 let's go top steve. >> sal, thank you. look at this. we have breaks in the clouds and we have rain. it will be a spectacular sunrise at least on this picture here. how about that? we do have a little bit of rain here out toward brentwood, san ramon, also around fremont. it looks like palo alto, los altos. raining pretty good in los altos at 6:55. it looks like that has now since moved up toward highway 35 and 39. a secondary lull looks to be forming right back toward monterey peninsula. the parallel is to the south
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and east. let's talk about a strong el nino because it looks like that is what we were in store for this year. going back and looking at the last two strong el ninos in san francisco. just san francisco alone here. 1982, 83 the wettest month of that rain season with march. 47.14. what is normal 23.65. the comments were we need double the rain to get out of four years of drought. double, double. we'll see if history repeats itself. toward san ramon we've had a little bit of rain. and hayward. this is robin, a lovely rain falling in san ramon. it looks like it's about done. some around newark and fremont. with the rain that was in los
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altos it looks like highway 35, highway 9 west of saratoga. 50s and 60s on your temps. we'll have morning showers. this low will get bumped out of the picture pretty soon. the heavier activity is toward las vegas and central and southern sierra but you can see the circulation right there. the leading edge of our next system is kicking out. give us a little more rain on saturday. but a much cooler pattern as we go into the weekend. a mix of sun and clouds. early morning rain here. 60s and 70s and 80s on some of the these temps. they are continuing their slide down. they will go way down as they go into the weekend. temperatures dropping off the table.
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donald trump and ben carson threatening to boycott the next gop debate. up next the demands they are making.
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all right dave clark a little funky music there. i didn't -- i actually found out who went to the facebook page and got the request. thank you rossy lee for requesting one -- every friday. send us a request. just #ktvu on twit aeroand facebook and instagram. even if it's bad traffic out there, we will try to put a smile on your face. >> and that means something especially on a morning like this the republican presidential front runners appear to go b getting some of their way when it comes to the next republican debate. donald trump tweeted this morning that the host of the next debate cnbc they have agreed the debate will not last any longer than two hours.
7:26 am
they also want to have opening and closing statements like the democrats have in their debate. there is no word if cnbc has agreed to that as well. at a republican banquet they said republicans can rally around donald trump but some others are not so sure. >> if he is the nominee of the party i plan on supporting him. if he is president of the united states i will work hard to make him a success. >> the next republican debate is set for october 28th. they may not need so many podiums that time.
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this is called the rage room. just let it out. you get a hammer or a baseball bat. people are really encouraged to destroy whatever they want in that rage room. the customers pay $40 for 30 minutes of just letting it all come out. you just have to wear a helmet. otherwise anything goes. the room is also proving to be eco friendly as well. everything in that room was taken for free from online recycling sites. incredible. time is 7:27. we are still watching that big sink hole problem in union city at a very busy intersection. we'll tell you why the workers out there won't be able to fix it or repair it until next week. >> a bizarre situation unfolded in target this week as customers listened to porn as they shopped.
7:28 am
we're live until san jose at the store -- we're live in san jose at the store where it happened. >> we still have that situation in walnut creek on 680 northbound where the truck took out part of the center divide. there it is. they have to fix this until they can let traffic through. >> some rain out there but there is also breaks in the clouds. another beautiful sunrise. we'll show you where some of the rain is and what is in store for the weekend.
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welcome back. we are following breaking news this morning if you are just joining us. here's a live picture. there was a big rig crash on 680 in walnut creek. >> you have the rolling roadblock. this is where the big rig crashed through the median. it is a major mess in this area. and we just learned of another bay area freeway shut down from another big rig crash and fire. you vehicle everything we are -- you are seeing everything we are seeing. drivers in the area commute in the area. this is not good this morning. >> this is just a complete mess. sal will have that just a
7:32 am
second. it's friday, october 16th i'm pam cook in for gasia today. >> and i'm dave clark. let's go right to sal. you have all the breaking news about our commute. >> all right and what you showed there really said it all. 680 dave and pam is a mess. northbound 680 this truck got in a crash. took out a large chunk of this center divide. northbound 680 traffic is not getting through. brian, you are standing right there. there is a huge chunk of that guardrail that has been taken out. >> reporter: yeah. i'm literally standing on the fast lane of northbound 680. it's a hard closure right now. caltrans crews they have to fix the center divide before they open up the center lanes. this will take some time. last time we heard from chp at least a couple hours but that is not a sure thing. you can see traffic moving slowly on the southbound side
7:33 am
of 680. traffic being diverted on to north main street so just a traffic mess this morning. the details of it from what we understand what you've been talking about sal this big rig was traveling on the northbound side of 680 just before roughly around 5:00, 6:00 this morning. it lost control. the chp says the tire came flat and the driver lost control. hit the center divide and then went all the way to the right shoulder. when the driver hit the center divide, chunks of concrete hit several cars on the southbound side. there were some minor injuries to drivers. six or seven cars were effected from this. we heard from officer john francis from the chp earlier talking about that. but they are making slow progress. i mentioned slow is the operative word here. slow is pretty much the word on the traffic this morning. at least on the southbound side. traffic pretty much a standstill on the northbound side of 680.
7:34 am
it will take some time at least a couple hours before this scene is completely clear. we will stay on top of it. >> thank you brian. that is brian flores who is right there on the scene. we also want to show you pictures of the traffic. we have the regular shot of 680 that we have from one of the tower cams. southbound 680 is going to be slow. southbound 680 is not going to get through. as you can see, there is no more traffic coming from the walnut creek interchange on southbound 680 and northbound is not getting through. i want to talk about another problem. this would be in the northeast bay. it shut down because of a truck fire there in both directions. his truck was carrying hay so it's not hazardous material but they have to put this out before they let traffic through and it's a big mess on highway 37. we've also had a lot of slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. we also had people try to get to it. there was a crash west 80 near
7:35 am
carlson who is gone but traffic is slow on the 80 freeway. alternate routes i can't recommend that many because people are already on them. today would be a good day if you can do it to work from home. i know you can. i know not everybody can but if you can, you might as well do that. sal, will they put in a temporary barrier or will they fix that? >> i haven't confirmed this but usually what happens is they put a k-rail. one of the portable ones in there. and then they fix it later. because they have to remold that concrete there. they are not going to do that now. they will put a k-rail on each side. >> thank you, sir. we do have some rain but there is some breaks in the clouds. partly to mostly cloudy morning. thanks for all the reports on the rain. i love it. we're getting a little bit, not a lot. and it's associated with this low that has been meandering around here for 14 days here.
7:36 am
and some of the cloud cover there are breaks in there. we do have rain. living the dream. that is what this person on twitter. living the dream. it's raining and beautiful niles canyon in fremont. probably ended by now but most has been light. we've had a couple reports here. looks like a little secondary low is forming off the parent low. a little circulation. leeing us a little enhanced. we have some near pleasanton. not much but we had reports of rainbows out toward livermore as well. that makes sense with rain in the area. also around east palo alto. right over the dumbarton bridge it looks like there has been rain in palo alto. stanford getting light rain. also up toward highway 9. bear creek road highway 35 as well there have been reports as well. light drizzle, rain around sunnyvale and mountain view. 50s and 60s on your temps year. a little cooler as we go into today and the weekend. the low is on the way out
7:37 am
because there is a little system on the way in. no doubt some drizzle but maybe even light rain on saturday. mix of clouds and sun. a few showers. 80s through the interior. 60s and 70s. temperatures are heading down. all right throw it over to dave now. >> all right steve, thank you. time is 7:37. we just received an update from caltrans on the closure of the grapevine interstate 5 closure because of a massive mud slide. cal tran says geologists will be checking the hillsides at daylight to figure out when that road can be safely reopened. it has been a mess. crews have been removing tons of mud to cover the road because of a huge mud slide. our reporter gigi is joining us live until northern california county. gigi this is incredible. what is it like?
7:38 am
>> reporter: you are very familiar with the antelope havely. the flash floods moved through here. take a look at the muddy mess they left behind. we can only imagine the horror of this driver in this hon call element when this -- in this honda element when this rainwater brought down the hillside. you can see the mud in there. this was yesterday. they tell us that one minute they were driving down the two lane highway here in lake elizabeth when the skies were clear and next minute the flash flood warnings went off. we are talking about hail, funnel clouds, thunderstorms. it was an amazing scene out here weather wise. people were trapped on their rooftops. l.a. county firefighters, our sheriffs, our california highway patrol officers they have worked all night long rescuing people. at one point we had six people and six dogs trapped on a
7:39 am
rooftop that had to be helped down. this highway is reduced to one lane. here we have a problem of fires as you do in northern california. this area was hit hard with a fire last year and the foilage has not grown back so basically it's all mud and the mud came down. there you see the california highway patrol. they are escorting people back and forth from their homes. only allow resident -- only allowing residents into the area. the concern now is we have a flash flood watch coming in this afternoon. they are very concerned about that. firefighters already predeploying and staging in preparation for that. quite a scene, quite a mess. no word on when a lot of these roads will reopen again. and again we are waiting for more flash floods this afternoon. >> thank you for the update. an embarrassing situation for target this week as graphic
7:40 am
x-rated audio blared over the store speakers and this is just the latest of similar incidents in target stores here this california. janine de la vega is joining us from the store where it happened in san jose. we have heard from some parents. what is target saying? >> reporter: at manager at this store is apologizing to customers. target says that it is taking this matter seriously and is investigating. in all the incidents it's been difficult for employees to shut off the audio that is very explicit and sounds like porn. >> what is going on at target right now? >> reporter: customers heard audio that sounded like sex at the target in west gate mall. many shoppers froze unsure what to do and tried to shield their children from the moaning and the graphic noises. customers who recorded the audio says it lasted for 15 minutes.
7:41 am
she says she doesn't blame the store but wishes that employees could have stopped it sooner. >> there was a manager that was telling all of this employees find and pick up and hang up every phone in this store. i think that is how we are going to get it to shut off. and people were gram of cocaine them by their arms and yelling add them and they are like i'm so sorry. we're trying everything we can. we can't figure out how to turn it off but we are trying. >> reporter: it's not the first time this has happened at target. in april am ktvu employee was at a store in cull ma when she heard x-rated audio being played. and then in accept the dew lair roadway together was hit. the video has gone viral on facebook. it has been shared 6,000 times.
7:42 am
says she's been getting it she contacted from all sorts of media outlets. even from not just here in the u.s. but overseas. >> i bet. not surprising because this could be actually turns into a hacking like a big hacking case. it will be interesting to see how this was actually sent into the stores. >> yeah. and at this point we just don't know. because target is staying tight lipped about this. >> i'm sure they are investigating. thank you janine. oakland a's billy bean in the spotlight. find out the reason he stopped a list here in the bay area that is coming up in 30 minutes. but first. >> carrying on the work of a beloved nurse. the bay area organization that is helping change lives. >> we are looking at a commute that is not good. most of 680 as they fix the guardrail here after a big truck crash on 680 near south
7:43 am
main. northbound and southbound effected. we'll tell you more of what is going on here coming up. >> interesting morning. we have a few rain showers. not a big deal but there have been a few that have wet the streets up. we also have another system on the way here.
7:44 am
today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me.
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which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep. the latest on the condition of former nba star l'amour odom is -- lamar odom is dire straits. he is still in a las vegas hospital. tmz says lamar odom is on life support and he is not getting
7:46 am
any better. doctors say his chances of survival are 50/50 but even if he does come out of his coma, he has virtually no chance of leading a normal life. his situation is being compared remember to bobby christina brown whitney houston's daughter who died in july after being found unresponsive in january. lamar odom did not lose oxygen in his brain for the amount of time bobby christina did. we have an update on that situation in union city. students and teachers are still dealing with traffic problems by that huge sink hole. it formed on wednesday near the main entrance of the middle school. classes are scheduled to begin in the next hour and the city has expanded the block aid around the sink hole to insure
7:47 am
public safety. we took this video of work crews at the site. they had to widen the sink hole to first repair a broken under ground water main that was damaged by falling asphalt. crews widened sink hole from 25 feet out to 50 feet. they hope to fix the problem but not until next tuesday. but they say it could take longer than that. speaking of problems. sal has the latest all over the problems on 680. you are talk together chp too. >> i want to put up the live picture of the damage guardrail. i want to bring in chp officer john franzen. you may be standing very close to where this is going on. this is a picture that we have of the guardrail repair on 680 at south is main. how long do you think it will take for them to get all of this debris up as we are seeing here and put a new center divide up? >> good morning, sal. hopefully they all just do a
7:48 am
quick patch for the time being and that won't take too long. it would be nice to have the freeway up and running again with all lanes open in about an hour or so. it just depends on circumstances. it looks like we have all the northbound lanes closed. however we have opened up the number three, four, and five lanes of southbound 680. >> i have another picture and i know you can't see it. i have a picture from one of our tower cameras. i see the traffic coming from 680 down to 680 if you will at the walnut creek interchange is not getting through. i see cars eastbound getting through but there is no traffic coming through from basically 680 concord. is there a hard closure up the road somewhere? >> that i don't know. like i said this is causing massive gridlock throughout the
7:49 am
surrounding areas. as vehicles try to take alternate routes and as traffic just continues to back up further and further. so this will be massive gridlock. for probably another hour. our hope is to be able to open up the freeway as soon as possible but we just need to make it safe first. >> great. thank you so much for your help. just to expand on what he said it's causing slow traffic. traffic is not getting through right here somehow on to the ramp to highway 24 heading south. i think they are being taken off the freeway. eastbound 24 is getting through but the bottom line is the whole area you need to avoid because it is going to be that way for awhile. quickly let's go to other things. i want to go and take a look at we have a lineup here. i want to take a look at what the toll plaza is doing here.
7:50 am
it is backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a ten minute delay here. and in san jose it's been nice and quiet. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic is moving along relatively well. thank goodness because we couldn't have a lot. the one last thing i want to mention highway 37 near the mayor island bridge they are cleaning up a truck fire there and traffic is very slow. all right let's go to steve now and take a deep breath and see what the weather will be like. >> sal can i get from orinda to walnut creek? >> you can. if you are driving from oakland to orinda, you can. we've had a few light showers. brief moderate rain but a lot more clouds than anything else. there is your friday. a low has been around the west coast. came back and spent torrential rain in southern california and
7:51 am
light rain here. this is megan lisa it has started raining here. thank you, megan. out toward pleasanton and dublin and san ramon. it looks like things are calming down. around menlo park and stanford and palo alto. east palo alto. some reports of light rain. and in the santa cruz mountains getting some reports. kind of remote again. highway 9, highway 35. 50s and 60s on your temps. they are cooling down. the low is moving. but as it does the heaviest activity is to the east of us as that low ejects out. still in southern california in the mix although it's moving pretty quick. i would think it moves into the southern sierra. it looks like a low is forming back here. this will drop in from the north and settle in over the weekend. i think there will be lots of drizzle here and light rain over the weekend but also
7:52 am
noticeably cooler. clouds and sun a few showers. 80s through the interior for some. temperatures are on their way down. 60s and 70s for others and again with scattered light showers. possibility of an isolated thundershower but more likely we will start to look to the west here. the next system will give us light rain and much cooler temps. >> all right. >> thank you, steve. 7:52 is the time right now. coming up in 25 minutes, two front runners threaten to boycott the next republican debate. the demands they made and how the debate host appears to be backing down at least on some of those demands. s. how do you become a superstar? with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. visit and get started today.
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7:55 am
spirit in the sky. we got a huge response when steve and i were talking about it. we got e-mails, we got tweets, some lady said it made her whole week. i didn't realize this song was so important to people. this was requested by chuck and a bunch of other people. so sometimes songs just hit the cords. >> yes, it does. >> it sticks in your head. >> friday traffic jams. you can hit us up on social
7:56 am
media. just #ktvu and thank you for playing. we had a huge discussion on social media about this. >> we have a lot of musicians here in the bay area. a wonderful organization started right here in the bay area. honored a beloved nurse known around the world by teaching others to carry on her work. and it is work that is saving lives in many ways. >> reporter: meg styles and her brother mike started the gretta foundation. named after her mother. >> our mission is to put more nurses and mid wives on the ground where it's needed the most. and that is in africa. >> reporter: they do that through scholarships for people in africa to train to become nurses and mid wives. she says the program helps change lives. not just for the patients but for the new nurses as well. >> people that we choose for scholarships are often aids,
7:57 am
orphans, or convict survivors. >> reporter: the shortage is real. the nurses in africa see an average of 70 patients a day. and the hospital experience is like nothing we see here in the united states. >> at one end of the maternity ward we hear a woman scream. sorry. and the nurse comes rushing out with her dead baby in her hands and walks through the hallway past all of these other women that are in labor laying on the floor waiting for that nurse to come back and tend to them. >> reporter: and this shortage in africa touches people around the world. >> these nursing shortages is the missing link to global health initiatives. everything you are hearing about fighting ebola is severely compromised because they don't have the most precious resource on the ground. nurses and mid wives. >> so hard to imagine that situation. ktvu is one of the sponsors of an event coming up. you can help raise money for
7:58 am
the gretta foundation. i will be there to mc the event. it's october 24th. proceeds almost help pay for scholarships to train more nurses, more mid wives in africa. we have more information about this on our website just check our web links section. a giant storm really slammed southern california. we're going to show you the damage and all the work and the efforts to try to clean it up. ♪ i can show you the world
7:59 am
♪ shining, shimmering, splendid ♪ ♪ tell me, princess, now when did ♪
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8:01 am
we are live in walnut creek where it's a mess on the 680 corridor. >> we got back in our cars and after that we started sliding. it was just quick. it happened quick. >> unbelievable. cars stuck in tons of mud and debris. you will see the damage from flash flooding in southern california. good morning. it's friday, it's october 16th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook in for gasia this morning. we continue to follow that firey crash. it is a mess on 680. let's go right over to sal with the latest on that. >> all right. big rig this morning at about 5:00 or so. it did hit the guardrail northbound 680 approaching the south main exit. it took out a large chunk of guardrail. our reporter brian flores son the scene. this is video first of all of the fire.
8:02 am
at one point the truck was on fire and all traffic was stopped. this is from a viewer that went by the scene and saw it all. it was happening. there is the big piece of guardrail that was there. now we do just look to see if brian is ready here. yes we want to go right to brian. brian, i see them behind you. are they going to put up a temporary barrier? >> reporter: that is exactly right. they will be putting up this rail as a temporary fixer to this center median that got heavily damaged from this big rig accident earlier this morning. caltrans crews have been here shortly after it happened but boy, what else can we say? just a huge mess on 680 this morning through the walnut creek area. you can see the caltrans crews working to fix this rail. a big rig carrying gravel was traveling in the northbound lanes when it hit the center
8:03 am
divide. six or seven cars were effected. but then the big rig caught on fire and contra costa fire crews had to come in and extinguish that fire. it took them 20-30 minutes. one of the issue this told me, they had no water source from this freeway. they had to pull out 300 feet of hose on down to the street below which is north main and bring it up to the freeway. we are told there are minor injuries. but boy what a mess this morning. it continues on at least as we take it back out here live you can see the southbound lanes are moving okay through here. again this is just past the south of e.g. gnash owe valley. but the northbound lanes if we can pan around from that direction you can see from over here. we talk about i don't know if it's deemed hard closure but it looks like it. northbound lanes are being diverted on to north main street right thousand. so imagine from six lanes going
8:04 am
on to one single lane on north main it is just going to be a mess out this morning, sal. the alternate routes i can't really tell you because many are using those alter gnat routes like pleasant hill road. chp it will take another hour or so before that scene is cleared and they remove the big rig. by the way we should take a look at big rig right foul. we have another view of this. they brought in a heavy tow truck into the scene so they are working on clearing that scene this morning. that is the major concern right now. but boy what a mess in terms of 680 this morning. it seems it happened almost every friday. at least talking to some of the twitter followers that i talked to. just a mess out here this morning. >> it sure is a mess. thank you, brian. and brian is standing at ground zero where that guardrail repair is. if we can bring up a picture of the that truck again.
8:05 am
i want to show viewers how badly damaged that truck. it really is terrible here. they have to get this truck out of there. that truck is badly damaged. carrying sand and just completely blown out here. so you can see it will take awhile and there is a guy taking a picture of it. probably just for caltrans records. or maybe for his twitter page. let's move along to the maps. southbound 680 you can see traffic is is backed up on 242 all the way up to highway 4. 680 is very slow. i would not recommend you using 680. if you are driving on 24 if you want to get to walnut creek from marin da, you can do that. eastbound 24 looks good. they have cleared that big rig fire on highway 37 near mayor island. but there is some earlier slow traffic from there. and if you are driving around the bay area, the rest of the commute seems okay. 8:05 let's go back to the desk.
8:06 am
>> we will continue to bring you the very latest on what is happening out there. make sure you come to ktvu and to get all the updates for what is a very unusual friday morning. 8:06 is the time. also tough the video we're watching in southern california. what were you going to say? >> a loss in all of this it's a decent weather morning. we've had rain around. >> yes. >> rainbows all over the place. >> while they are sitting there stuck in traffic. >> if they are stuck in traffic in livermore they probably got a pretty good show from mother nature. thank you for all the reports. i'm trying to get back to you as fast as i can. michelle alvarez double rainbow. not the ice cream. double rainbow in livermore. i had a couple reports. also in pleasanton i heard that. dublin.
8:07 am
i'm sure it's the same cell going through. and speaking of, this right there. there is not much left. and brian who is very good when the weather turns to rain. a nice steady rain over beautiful portola valley. speaking of that. there it is. had reports in menlo park. palo alto. mountain view. sunnyvale and that is the sell over power tell low valley. the system is still rotating in. there is still some activity that is developing out in the valley that could rotate back in to the east bay or south bay so there is plenty there. watch how the circulation comes around. goes over wood side, portola valley and back toward santa cruz mountains and monterey. there in lies the circulation.
8:08 am
50s and 60s on your temps. you can see our system is still moving but it's -- we're around on the edge of it. as long as that is there we have possibility thundershowers or light rain showers. this system is looking better over time. more on that coming up. clouds and sun a few showers. 80s for a few but a lot more 60s and 70s. back to dave i do believe. >> all right steve, thank you. we're still closely watching that incredible damage in southern california caused by major flooding and mud slides. still a developing story. forecasters predict more rain, more thunderstorms tomorrow. look at the damage right now. yesterday's storm dropped as much as five inches of rain in an hour. north of l.a.. l.a. county fire department also reported dozens of people were trapped in their cars. stuck in fast moving mud slides.
8:09 am
>> boulders are coming down the mountain and we can't see. it was just really crazy. >> that mud slide forced the shut down of the grapevine on interstate 5. i still can't get over this picture here. a geologist reviewing the mud slide will check it out and see when it will reopen. as much as five feet of mud covered that freeway. make sure you stay right here with us on mornings on 2. we will bring you another live report coming up at 8:30. meantime at 8:09. some uber drivers here in the bay area they plan to bring the ride share service to a halt on roads this weekend. they say they want uber to improve their rates and offer a better tipping option. ktvu fox 2 christien kafton is live this morning in san francisco. tell us how this could effect drivers and what it will mean. >> reporter: we are here at
8:10 am
uber headquarters in san francisco and the striking uber drivers set to get that strike under way at 5:00 this evening. they are again hoping to bring uber service grinding to a halt. we tooked to uber this morning. they don't believe it will have a big imact on users. the striking drivers are demanding the company raise rates by 60% nationwide. they are also calling far tipping option on the app. they are calling for the company to raise minimum fairs and cancellation fees. the strike again set to get under way at 5:00 this evening just as the weekend rush picks up and scheduled to run through sunday. organizers are urging drivers who are participating to create fake rider accounts to request
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. at least some u.s. military analysts did know that a hospital destroyed by u.s. gun ship was a medical facility. source says the intelligence officer believed the hospital in northern afghanistan was being used bay pakistani operative to coordinate taliban activity and may havehoused heavy weapons. may have housed heavies. but it's unclear if they knew it was a hospital. at least 22 people were killed including three children. doctors without borders say there is was no taliban present and calls the bombing a war crime. so far the pentagon has not issued a comment. also this morning in the middle east a fire at the religious site believed to have contained the tomb of joseph in the west banks. this is video of the aftermath in the city offend list. the fire was set by dozens of palestinians. tensions remain high after
8:16 am
weeks of violence that killed both israelis and palestinians. the security council plans to discuss the matter later today. the two leading republican presidential candidates are pushing for changes for the next republican debate. in fact donald trump tweeted this morning that cnbc the host of the next debate has agreed that the debate will not last longer than two hours. trump and dr. ben carson made that demand. they also want to have opening and closing statements. we don't know if cnbc has agreed to that as well. at a republican banquet in san mateo, southern california congressman darrell isis said republicans can rally around donald trump if he wins the nomination. but some others don't agree. >> if he is the nominee of the party, i tend on supporting him. if he is president of the united states, i will work hard to make him a success. >> i psychologically refuse to
8:17 am
engage in the acknowledge. >> they may not need as many podiums this time. time now is 8:17. unfortunately not friday light. there are a few problems out there. now something new in the city. >> yeah you're going to have to follow me on this. the first problem we've been following is northbound 680. the big rig crash at south main coming from danville heading up to walnut creek. there is a big problem in your way. that is northbound 680 we are panning to. this truck we see here hit the center divider and careened over to the right shoulder and caught fire. it's a miracle the driver was not killed. it just looks really bad here. that truck will have to be towed away. they are not going to have to
8:18 am
tow a lot of it. they will put it up on a flat bed. it will be a long time. and 680 will be shut down. southbound 680 they are already letting traffic through on 680 south and they have a couple lanes closed but traffic is getting through. i still would not advise you to go. it is backed up all the way up into martinez. you heard me right. what is going on here? this is what is going on. so let's talk about highway 37. it is a truck that caught fire there as well. separate incident. they are still cleaning that up. highway 37 is a good mess. the trains have to stop and buses are taking down to church and de pose -- debose so you can make the rest of the trip.
8:19 am
take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light. we are not seeing traffic here. i think a lot of people are stuck elsewhere. if you are going to san francisco, this might be your opportunity. at 8:19. steve. >> sal. >> i have talked enough. now it's your turn. >> you could do a half hour show my friend. >> i know. but i don't think my vocal cords would make it. i understand. rainbows out there until livermore. rainbow and precipitation over livermore. that is the cell right there. we still have some rain. and anthony out in beautiful menlo park. woke up to the sound of rain on my window. thank you anthony. speaking of there is that cell
8:20 am
that went by. it looks like it's starting to move off toward the west. santa cruz mountains had light rain. and back toward the monterey peninsula. there is some out in the valley that could rotate easily in. i think livermore south. we will mention that. still for the morning hours or early afternoon until that low gets far enough east. 50s and 60s on the temps. they will be slow enough to warm up today. still activity in the valley that rotates in there. you can get a good look at that low. but it is beginning to move because it has a kicker. that will cool us down. give us clouds. no doubt drizzle but also light rain over the weekend. 70s and 80s now. temperature trend is down.
8:21 am
not up anymore. so look for a cooler pattern as we head into the weekend. >> it's going to be cooler for everybody. >> you know who we haven't heard from awhile. bubba the tortoise. >> i heard from bubba earlier this week. he said it was too hot. >> all right. thank you for cooling it down. i've been worried about bubba. time is 8:21. the east bay municipal utility district released who is using the most water. billy beane is among the top offenders. he used 6,000 gallons of water a day according to east bay mud. the average customer uses less than 250-gallons a day. the beane told the mercury news he's tried to cut back on his water use but he has a big landscaped yard at his home in danville. the top water user was george
8:22 am
kirkland also of danville. a retired oil executive using more than 12,000 gallons of water a day. number two on the list mark pine a venture capitalize who lives in alamo. east bay mud charges people an excessive use penalty if they use more than 1,000 gallons of water per day. it's 8:22. coming up in 25 minutes, still fighting for his life. we have an update on lamar odom's condition and the grim prognosis from doctors. >> and ups raising prices. up next how much it will go up and when the increase takes effect. that is when mornings on 2 comes back. ♪ some neighbors are energy saving superstars. how do you become a superstar? with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. in just under 5 minutes you can see how you
8:23 am
use energy and get quick and easy tips on how to keep your monthly bill down and your energy savings up. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today.
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8:25 am
i like that version. >> nikki smith said she wanted to hear this song because it would make her happy. and basically these songs are what would make you happy. she happens to commute on interstate 880. friday traffic jams. the key is you send me a song and #ktvu and we'll play it. this is taylor swift with
8:26 am
kendrick lamar. >> pam cook was lip syncing. >> you've got to get this version. i do like this version but i have one big taylor swift fan living in my home. new this morning ups guest what, they are raising rates for ground, air and freight by about 5%. they are hoping to boost their revenue. ups says the freight rates will go upstarting october 26th. the price hikes for ground, air and international shipping. they take effect december 28th. now ups says it makes -- it needs those price hikes to cover rising labor and equipment costs and they also want to be compensated fairly for the service they get. new credit card chip technology is leading financial problems to companies that charge prescription base fees. the new technology is partly to blame for slow resubscriber
8:27 am
growth. that is because customers are not updating their accounts after getting their new card and that could lead to prescriptions being canceled. netflix expects to continue as more new chip cards are sent out. we are still following the developing news in walnut creek. it's been a rough commute. a firey big rig crash. sal has all the details. >> target faces an embarrassing situation this week as graphic x-rated audio played in one of its stores. you'll hear from a customer who was there and what target has to say. >> and right now we are looking at some other commutes other than that 680 crash. the bay bridge look at this. it looks like another planet. traffic is light getting into san francisco.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause.
8:30 am
your health. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. friday, october 16th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook in for gasia today. we are following just a horrendous traffic problem. not just one. there are a few. but mostly that firey crash on 680. >> that is right. it happened early this morning. really for the entire commute. northbound 680 in walnut creek has been effected by a truck that took out the guardrail and then went all across all the lanes of the freeway and up on the side rail. brian flores is there on the scene. and brian, some of this damage it looks pretty severe. >> reporter: it is pretty bad out here, sal. good morning to you. i'm standing right in the middle of the northbound 680. between north plain street and
8:31 am
highway 24 connector. but as you can see crews are still working to remove that big rig that got into a major accident this morning. we'll talk about that in a moment. we can all see caltrans crews trying to do patch work on this guardrail that was also damaged. southbound lanes moving across the scene. chp opened the lanes. as we go to video this morning, the driver of the big rig carrying two loads of gravel lost control. it appears a tire blew out but the driver again lost control, slammed into the center divide and eventually coming to rest on the other side near the right shoulder. the truck did catch on fire. crews from contra costa fire responded. took them about 20-30 minutes to put it out. but the other thing is when the truck hit the divide, large chunks of concrete went over on the southbound lanes. we understand several cars were
8:32 am
effected. there were minor injuries. 6-7 cars were effected but luckily nobody was killed. as we take you back out here live. this is is from our photographer sid who is a little bit north of here. he is closer toward that truck that was damaged. you can see several of the chp crews out there this morning. they brought in a large tow truck to move this out of the way. we are hearing again we are hearing from chp it's not really confirmed in terms of the time when this could open. it could be closer to noontime from what we are hearing on when the northbound lanes are going to be reopening. but boy what a mess out here this morning. and traffic in both directions. traffic by the way in the northbound direction on 680 is being diverted on to north main street. so it is going from six lanes to basically one lane and then if you want to get on this highway 24 that way or head north on 680, you can continue on that way. but boy what a mess this morning on your friday morning. >> yeah brian. one of the things we have
8:33 am
noticed is a lot of people have been trying to use side roads. that is not a good idea. it's not exactly an original idea. you are right there and people are not getting through. that traffic is on city streets right now. >> reporter: yeah. i had a twitter follower say that she's already near stone valley road near danville and it's already backed up there. when we came in there was traffic also from pleasant hill road trying to get on to highway 24. so it was just traffic everywhere on the side streets as well. >> that is brian flores live in walnut creek. northbound 680 at south main. just on the way up. northbound 680 at south main. let's take a look at some of the pictures here. i want to take a look at 680 southbound heading down to the south main area. and you can see how slow it indeed is coming in from concord. this is effecting the entire region here and as brian said, it will also confirm with
8:34 am
caltrans they will not be reopening southbound 680 until noon. let's go to the toll plaza. it looks like another world here it's nice and light getting into san francisco. we had very few problems in the south bay. take a look at 280 in san jose. this commute hasn't been bad for a friday. at 8:34 let's go to steve with the weekend weather. steve. i'm here. >> you're there. >> we do have mostly cloudy skies. there has been off and on light rain. occasionally bursts of moderate. most of it has been to the east bay and peninsula. finally getting some rain in la honda. matt, i can't remember the name of your two horses and the avatar. [ laughter ] he sends me good ones. speaking of that rain menlo park, mountain view, sunnyvale.
8:35 am
but briefly had some come rotating back around. also around fremont. we've had some in brentwood, pleasanton, livermore. rainbow pictures from livermore. thank you, thank you, thank you. that was the cell. that was the other one. it looks like things are about done. rotating around. there is a little low around santa cruz and monterey. i think it's within the main parent low. things are looking pretty interesting here. i think they can pop up any second here and the possibility of a thundershower and a brief heavy rain. 60nd on your temps -- 60s on your temps. it's cooling off here. the low is moving but not before it says i'm not done yet. we are rounding third and heading for home. we have instability to the south and north bay. i haven't forgotten you in the north bay. this system will impact you. i think we will get some rain out of that. more to the north and south. there will be drizzle and much, much cooler temperatures. cool to mild to warm but not as humid as yesterday.
8:36 am
80s on these temps. 60s and 70s for others. back to dave and pam. time is 8:35. in union city students and teachers are still dealing with traffic problems caused by that big sink hole out there. it formed around noontime wednesday at alvarado boulevard between new haven street and fair ranch road. right near the main entrance of alvarado middle school. parents were told for traffic delays out there that went to drop off their kids at school because of all the congestion. we're now told they have to widen the sink hole in order to repair a broken under ground water main damaged by fallen asphalt. the crews widened the sink hole from 25 feet up to 50 feet wide. they're hoping to fix the problem problems by next tuesday but it could possibly take longer. scary story in san rafael.
8:37 am
police report alter fewing -- report a terrifying situation be investigators say a man struck up a conversation with the woman but became angry when she started to leave. she says he asked her for sex and when he refused he grabbed her hair and tried to pull her into bushes. when the cousin stepped in the suspect took out a knife and threatened them. they were able to escape. police arrested him later that night when the cousins spotted him at a nearby convenience store. a man is facing felony charges after turning himself in to san jose police. this in connection with a deadly hit and run crash earlier this week that we reported. police say 29-year-old pedro cortez surrendered last wednesday night after officers located the white ford pickup involved in the collision. the victim was a man in his 60s.
8:38 am
he was killed on tuesday at 7:00 in the morning while he was walking along north white road. the coroner tells us they have identified him but they are not releasing his name until they have notified his family. target trying to find out who is getting into its sound systems and blaring profanity laced audio to shoppers in the stores. it happened several times now at target stores in california. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is in a target store in san jose where the most recent episode left shoppers pretty shocked. >> reporter: the customer we spoke to was shopping here at the target on west gate mall when she suddennedly started hearing audio that was sexually explicit and very descriptive. it was coming through the speakers. everyone stopped in their tracks. employing were running around apologizing because they couldn't figure out how to turn it off. customers listened to moaning and x-rated audio at this
8:39 am
target. this incident was recorded by customer gina young who says it lasted for 15 minutes before employees finally turned it off. this appears to be the late test a string of similar incidents. in april a ktvu employee was there when the sounds of sex were broadcast in a colema target. and last month the tulare target was hit. the same thing happened on wednesday. young says her first instinct was to record it because she didn't people would believe her. >> i didn't know what to do. i couldn't even move and so was everybody else. and there is one woman who was so upset she threw things on the ground and covered her ears and stormed out. i'm like oh my gosh. >> reporter: young says the audio sounded like a recording
8:40 am
that was looped but the ktvu employee whom heard pornographic audio at the other bay area target says it didn't sound like a recording. the person was taunting employees saying i'm in electronics. target is pretty tight lipped on the issue but says it's taking the matter seriously and investigating. no word on how the culprits are accessing the sound system. reporting from san jose janine de la vega ktvu fox 2 news. >> now the woman who recorded that video says she is getting requests for interviews from all over the world. the video show shot and posted on facebook it has been shared more than 600,000 times. time is 8:40. coming up in ten minutes the latest on l'amour odom the northbound -- on lamar odom the nba star clinging to life. >> up next one new halloween costume causing controversy. what the creators really meant
8:41 am
to do. >> we still have a lot of traffic trouble out there. there is a problem in livermore on eastbound 580. there is a problem on 680 in walnut creek and there is slow traffic in many other commutes. >> for once we have something going on here. a lot of low clouds and fog making a pretty good push on the coast but there has been shower activity and we are not done yet. ♪ i can show you the world
8:42 am
♪ shining, shimmering, splendid ♪ ♪ tell me, princess, now when did ♪ ♪ you last let your heart decide ♪ ♪ a whole new world welcome to aulani, travel and leisure winner for top family hotel in the us. for special offers, visit or call your travel agent.
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8:44 am
this song requested by kanisha. i just got paid. i like this song. remember this song back in the day? [ laughter ] so if you want to hear a song, we still have about an hour and a half of mornings on 2 to go. just hit me up on my social media and #ktvu. the theme is songs that make you happy. pretty wide range there. let's go back to you guys. >> you even have steve's head bouncing on that one. engineers with the port of san francisco using a new process now to prepare the
8:45 am
city's waterfront for the next big earthquake. for the first time engineers are examining how the seawall would withstand a major quake. they are taking into account a possible sea level rise. the port is spending $425,000 for the study. it should be finished by early next year. guess what the ground still shaking in the san ramon valley this morning. we checked with the usgs there was a 2.1 magnitude quake about 4:30 this morning. there have been more than 60 small quakes recorded there in the past four days. the biggest one was yesterday. a magnitude 3.4. the area of the quake is near crow canyon country club. experts don't know why this warm is happening only that it's more likely to happen in places that have a complex
8:46 am
fault pattern. time 18: -- time is 8:45. officials in nevada are taking action against those bidding sports sites. participants on the sites pay to pick players competing in games and depending on those players performances they can win cash prizes. but there has been a growing backlash against the site after it was revealed employees were playing on competing sites. possibly with some insider information. former l.a. lakers star lamar odom still on life support in las vegas. doctors say she hasn't shown any im-- he hasn't shown any improvements. the the kardashian family has flown in specialists. they are talk together doctors there about the best thing to do now. his situation is being compared
8:47 am
to that of bobbi christina brown. whitney houston's daughter who died after being found unresponsive in a bathtub. time is 8:47. new this morning workers trying to prepare a broken water main in palo alto. this is at hill view avenue at hanover street. the intersection is closed while the crews are working out there. the city says the streets may be blocked off for most of the day. we don't know yet how many homes in the area may have lost their water right now because of that broken water main. time is 8:47 let's get back to traffic and sal, you have so much to talk about. >> all right. and we do have a look at this crash 680 dave. 680 at walnut creek. it's been going on since early this morning. i believe we have chp officer
8:48 am
john on the phone. no. i guess we don't have him. this a look at the video here. live pictures of them fixing the center divide. they are fixing it on the spot. southbound 680 is open. northbound 680 will not be open until about noon. that is what is going on here. traffic is moving on relatively slowly. we have other things top get to. let's move along quickly here. i want to show you traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is light. i think a lot of people are stuck in the far east bay. we have a sig alert eastbound 580. we had a truck crash there. we also have slow traffic going the other way. westbound. this is a big area for a lot of slow traffic. this has just been a terrible
8:49 am
friday commute. but the weather is not terrible. steve. >> no, it's not. we actually have something to talk about. we do. we've had light rain, a little moderate rain. there is still some out in the valley. christopher said every time you say rainbow, i get my camera and run outside to get pics. look at this back up from patterson heading back up toward altamont pass. maybe tracy splitting the difference there. not yet. still rotating back in and some of that may move right back over toward livermore and drop back toward fremont, san jose. so we are close. the low is beginning to move.
8:50 am
some of that moisture did make it over the peninsula, back toward the monterey peninsula. you can see the circulation right there. it looks like it's going to pack its bags and head off to the east. 50s and 60s on your temps. they will be cooler. the fog has really banked up there for most. but there is still a little available moisture. a mix of sun and clouds in the morning. that is the circulation around the low. there is a lot of fog out there. i think it was lyla that said steve i'm in half-moon bay. there is a little offshore breeze. so there is fog all around them. but that low has had a lot to do with that. this system will cool us down and give us a lot of clouds and drizzle and light rain over the weekend. lots going on here the next couple of days. clouds, sun a few showers. maybe a thundershower or two. 80s through the interior. 60s and 70s. we peaked out on tuesday with those 90s to 100 degrees.
8:51 am
clouds, cooler. off and on light rain and into the weekend and a cool pattern as we go into sunday and monday. time is 8:50. we have developing news in southern california. the grapevine on interstate 5 which was shut down by a huge mud slide may reopen soon. caltrans just posted this photo of the grapevine. you can see the road is a lot clearer then it was over night when tons of mud covered that road. now the grapevine as you know is the main road between northern and southern california. caltrans says the southbound lanes are clearing but there is still a lot, a lot of work to do. we have no word on when this road will really reopen but we do have our reporter give dwi joining us. >> reporter: good morning, dave, good morning, everyone.
8:52 am
take a look at the bad commute that folks had here. this was a mini cooper. we say was because we are certain it will go straight to the salvage yard after it got caught in flash floods driver and all. you can see a womans flip-flop next to the door. the car filled with mud up to the drivers seat. flash floods moving into the area yesterday. drivers telling us that one moment the skies were blue as they are now. the sun was shining and all of a sudden they opened up and gap to rain. we are talking about golf ball size hail, thunder, lightning and all of a sudden the mountain came down. this is an area that was hit hard by fires last year. not a lot of foilage to hold that mud back and it came down covering the two lane highway. trapping drivers in the car. i can tell it's been a very long night for first responders out here in southern california. we are talking about firefighters, police officers, the california highway patrol. they spent all night long
8:53 am
rescuing people and animals. at one point we had six people with six dogs on a rooftop waiting to be rescued as flood waters engulfed their homes. it's been a very bad morning and flood watches and flood warnings are in effect. will be in effect this afternoon here in southern california. so already firefighters have begun to stage first responders and ambulances and everyone getting ready and asking folks in southern california to do their part. also be on high alert and stay out of these danger areas. all of these folks were warned this could happen. yet they took these back roads and you see what happened. a lot of lives were in danger. luckily no one was hurt where the cars are trapped. we are hearing about a possible fatality. a little north toward you in kern county. a senior citizen got stuck in mud and debris and trapped there. first responders are checking that out but it's not looking good. we are awaiting confirmation on that. that is the latest. we are live in lake hughes.
8:54 am
back to you. >> thank you. it is friday. we're heading into the weekend. up next the latest flux in your weekend box office when mornings on 2 continues.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. if you are looking for a good movie this weekends several new movies are opening at the theaters. tom hanks and stephen spielberg bringing intense movie to the screen. now if you want a scary movie, giermo is in the gothic romance
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movie crimson peak. she falls for a mysterious stranger and moves with him and his sister to their eerie mountain top mansion. if you want something more pg there is goose bumps featuring jack black as rl stein. this tale follows stein's daughter and friends. as the hunt for mexico's most wanted drug lord continues, it may get a little harder to spot him this halloween. i'll tell you why. the mask of the drug lord has become a top selling item at costume shops in mexico. the costume was created bay small company in mexico. that small factory has produced more than 2600 elle chap pro masks. this month. the designer says the idea started as a joke.
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it comes with a prison costume complete with a pick ax. what is next for the company? donald trump. coming up in two minutes mornings on 2 the 9 and we're of course following this traffic situation in the east bay and also down in southern california. we'll be right back. babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years
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major traffic problems in the east bay. we are live on the scene where northbound 680 in walnut creek is shut down. >> plus a special guest from specialized bikes. we're talking live to the person who was using two wheels to create more opportunity for students with adhd. >> and it's october fest in walnut creek. steve paulson will be checking out what you can expect at this weekend's german theme celebration. >> and welcome to


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