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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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only from xfinity. . fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> i'm chris at that in for gasia. chow has been charged with murder in connection with the federal racketeering case. he master-minded a man of a chinese fraternal group. it was a racketeering enterprise. he's accused of soliciting another murder of a street gang. he's pleaded not guilty of the murder charge as well as racketeering charges and money laundering. and the state senator has been arrested. in the east bay, the drive
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to work was a nightmare for many people on what was a light friday morning commute. taking a look overhead, this is sky fox showing where a fiery crash hit the big rig. at one point both directions of interstate 680 were shut town from the i-40 interchange. six hours later, traffic is still barely returning to normal. the chp expects to fully reopen the northbound lane which has been shut down any minute now. this major wreck happened just before 6:00 this morning. the driver of a big rig was headed north on 680, here in 60 pounds of it gravel. he lost control and skidded on top of the center divide. the crash also sent chunks of concrete trying into the southbound lanes causing as many as ten accidents on the opposite side of the freeway.
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amazing there were only minor injuries reported in all of it. >> the injuries that were on the southbound side were also a complaint, and that was two to three injuries as well. >> the northbound lanes were closed for about three hours while crews cleaned up the streets. the surfaces were clogged with people trying to get around the mess. after that crash, another big rig burst into flames on another bay area highway. look hat these photos, the truck caught fire after hitting several vehicles. it was in the westbound direction near the west wilson avenue off-ramp. no injuries were reported it was carrying a load of hay and it caught fire. chp issued a sigalert and advised commuters to detour from that area. massive fires are wreaking havoc on southern california.
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they're working to open the interstate near the grapevine. it may not reopen until 5:00. alex savage has more of the damage caused by these storms and the maple cleanup effort still under way. >> heavy equipment was called in overnight to clear mud rocks and debris from the lanes of i- 5, it was late yesterday when heavy rain pummeled this area triggering flash floods and dangerous mudslides and swept away cars and left hundreds stranded. several drivers weighedded through rushing waters or stood on their roofs wait togging be rescued. >> it started coming, it just happened quick. >> next thing you know boulders are coming down the mountain, you can't see, it was just really crazy.
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>> tooled many cars are buried in thick mud up to five feet deep in some spots. this is the scene on highway 58 and it 200 cars are trapped, and traffic was brought to a standstill and some big rigs were seen turning around on the highway. after the roads are cleared here geologist have to come in and inspect the hillsides along i-5 to make sure they're stable before the highway can reopen. anyone driving from the bay area to southern california today should use highway 101 as an alternate. alex savage fox 2 news ktvu. ad in watch is in effect there and other parts of southern california. more rain and thunderstorms are a possibility. the thunderstorms will bring heavy rain and severe weather. giving you a look, here's
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what's happening out there. you can see the activity on the eastern edge of l.a. right now. we'll see a little bit of rain in the grapevine area. a few scattered showers here a moment ago, you can see at the moment still dry. there still is that flash flood watch, the possibility of a thunderstorm popping up in the area, definitely a possibility in the afternoon with the intense rain and slow moving storm, that can trigger more sliding and flash flooding. we'll have the latest at 4:00. >> thank you. heads up if you plan to use uber. some drivers are starting to strike starting tonight. the drivers are taking extreme measures to try to halt the ride sharing service throughout the weekend. >> that strike is set to get under way at 5:00 striking uber drivers hoping to bring it to a halt. uber don't expect any strike
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will have an impact on uber riders. they're saying to raise rates 50% and call for a tipping option in the app. they're calling them to raise minimum fares and cancellation fees. organizers are urging drivers who are participating to create fake rider accounts and to not show up on that ride to restrict the number of rides they can get this weekend. they warn that getting around could be tough. >> i take it frequently, it will make it tough to get around and, obviously, for others that travel further distances for me, it's like within downtown, still, it's going to, it's going to definitely like delay. >> uber released a statement about that strike this morning, we welcome feedback from driver
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partners, drivers say they value flexibility and choose to be their own boss, it fits around their life and works for them. though don't expect the striking workers will affect the availability of rides. they don't expect surge increases in connection with that strike. it will run this evening through 10:00 sunday evening. ktvu fox news. a deadly police shooting in downtown san francisco has the district attorney's office investigating. a worker at a construction site alerted officers around noontime about a man tossing glass bottles on to the street. when he tried to take the suspect into custody he grabbed the officer's gun forcing another sergeant to shoot. >> the sergeant on the ground yelled to his partner, he's getting my gun, he's getting my gun, he's got my gun, shot him. >> and while i was eating my santa witch, i heard pop pop,
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it was hard to determine if it was gunshots or not because there's construction over there. the officers were coming from everywhere. >> he was in his 20s and a lot of protestors protested the police shooting. they don't trust the officers and what happened. they've tense activity -- tentatively scheduled the town hall on monday. it seems like the oakland a's vice president pily bean is not good at water conservation, they've released the list of the highest water uses, he is the top offenders, he uses 6,000 gallons at home, the average, my customer uses 250 gallons. the list means over 1100 homeowners were violators, they were followed $2 over their
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limit. one unit is 740 gallons. >> the person with the highest who went over 929 units, that person saw a penalty of more than $1800. >> the water wasters on the list are only from the period of one third of this year's billing cycle. the list could be 3 times longer than the end of this year. a list was released under the state public workers. the top water user is george kirkland, he uses 12,579, and mark pine and billy diana is third on that list. firefighters who need a helping hand. they're giving the oakland firefighters, rand acts --
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random act of kindness, they're going to help families with immediate needs, they kicked in 30,000 this morning to get the ball rolling to help families who were displaced from the fires. rosy heard how middletown high school had to delay the homecoming dance because of the fire. she put out a call for deses, hoping to collect 100, she has raised 200 dresses, shoes and purses and makeup from people as far as people in connecticut. >> we don't want people to worry about what they don't have, and we want to give them a night to remember. >> students can shop at a popup store on campus. organizers say there will be gift cards for students who can find what they want in those donations. the dance at the high school is november 8th. after the break, the latest
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on the condition of the former nba star lamar odom. plus one of the top aides testify in front of the committee, as another theyens to sit out the presidential debate. -- threatens to sit out the debate.
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. now, to breaking news,
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they're investigating an unconfirmed threat at oakland high school. it police are seeing a report of a student who overheard a threat on school campus. the school is on lockdown and a perimeter is set up while police investigate. the condition of former nba star lamar odom appears to be improving according to m tv sports. they remain on -- according to it. mz his heart function is much better. they say it's so important that a critical organ is responding. doctors believe that the movements are involuntary. another one of hillary clinton's top advisors testified in the committee brought a sore spot of her campaign into the spotlight.
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this is when the two republican candidates dictate the terms of the debate. >> she was asked very little about the scandal of her campaign. those questions will take center stage. her top confidant and aide reported at the house to testify behind closed doors for several hours on the event surrounding the attacks on the facilities in benghazi, libya. >> and clinton herself will be on the hot seat next thursday. some are wondering if this bad publicity could be a factor in joe biden's thinking when it comes to launching his campaign. >> there's no calculation which has to do with her and when might it happen, blah, blah, blah. >> i think it's going to be does he want to have regrets. >> two candidates on the republican side were
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threatening to sit out the debate claiming the host network wanted to change the format on what they had agreed to. cnbc planned for a two-hour program which included commercial breaks but tried to change that to have two hours of debate time from commercial breaks. >> you want the viewers to be tuned and the viewers to be energetic, it gets long winded. >> trump is tweeting the cnbc reversed that decision. he tells fox they have no comment. a quick update, cnbc is telling the candidates it will limit the republican candidate to two hours and will allow opening and closing statements from the candidate. that debate is scheduled for october 28th. >> reporter: in union city, teachers must get with more traffic problems today as crews
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continue to repair a large sinkhole. it's at alvero boulevard near the main entrance of that middle school. officials say a road collapsed when a water main burst. we showed you that video last night. the sinkhole is now 25 feet by 25 feet and ten feet deep. crews say they hope to have the hole filled and the road fixed by tuesday afternoon. in the meantime people are asked to avoid the area. the u.s. government's climate prediction is that winter will be hitting hard in california and they predict above average rainfall because of warm weather conditions that creates el nino. one el nino winter will not reverse four years of drought. outside our doors at this hour, we have sunny skies and a
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mild afternoon in store. we had scattered showers through the area, we'll show you what's left when we get the satellite and radar. there's a little bit of a haze out there. air quality good to moderate, it's cooler than what we were this hour. as we get into the weekend, the cooling weekend will continue. 64 in san francisco, upper 60s in oakland, livermore 76 in san jose. we have scattered showers that move through the area, this is south of livermore, we have a few sprinkles reported here. this continues to push out. this is in the same area that southern california is dealing with. we have this in here. this is going to push to the east as we get through today. we'll be dry for the rest of the day. we have another system dropping out of the gulf of alaska that will bring us rain as we get into saturday.
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saturday we could wake up with a few scattered showers and we do be unsealed as we get into this afternoon. here's a look at futurecast models. we have rain here and we have rain that continues through southern california. look for us, we're mainly dry, as we get into saturday morning, there's that front that begins to move ashore. it will be partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. we'll have a possibility of a few lingering showers until noontime. 5:00 in the afternoon, still mostly cloudy, not a lot falling over the bay area, scattered showers all the way to 8:00, i see a little moisture being picked up right in here. so, a slight chance of scattered showers for saturday and the bigger story is the cooler area coming our way. 74 in richmond, as we head to the east bay, 78 for san
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leandro and 84 in antioch, and mid-80s for morgan hill. 79 for redwood city 69 in san francisco, up 60s in the forecast for daily city half moon bay, your bay area weekend always in view, light chance of showers on saturday sunday looks dry, it looks breezy, once we get into monday and tuesday, the models want to warm it back up. the heat is not over just yet, we have a cooldown coming down. >> we need that rain. >> we do. >> thank you rosemary. >> you're welcome. they're using a new process at the port to prepare for the next earthquake. they're looking at the seawall how it would take a major earthquake, it's something that stretches from fisherman's work
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to at&t park. they're spending money and expected expect -- expect it to be done next year. there will be dancing in the streets for the festival coming up. and there's more in your week
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sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off. what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done. are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at . back to breaking news out of the south pay where san jose police are investigating an
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unconfirmed threat, police received a report of a student who overheard a threat on school campus on 11:15, we have a crew on the way, we know that will the school has been placed on lockdown, police are investigating, no one is allowed in or out of the school at this time. we have more information and we'll bring it to you and on the website. stocks are higher as they poor over the news. the dow is up, and it's a good sign as the new york stock exchanges finishes out it day. we have a peek at some of the events going on at this time. >> reporter: you can check out champion pumpkins, enjoy the tastiest pumpkin pie. there can be four stages of
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live entertainment and the great pumpkin parade. it runs both days from 9 to 5, the parade is on saturday at noon. the last day of the season will fill the mission district from 11 to 4. the finale will include live music and dancing, children's art, craft and wellness activity. it's pet friendly and it will take place on a wednesday. if dancing in the streets sounds fun, the eat and brew block party is in place. you'll find live music and dancing, and an outside beer garden in addition to food and berkeley is taking part, and you can try out new games. the block part is on sunday noon to 6 and it's free. the treasure island music festival returns this year. it includes the national dead mouse and war on drugs and many
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more. look on our website for more details about getting tickets and other details. lake chalet will be making handmade german pretzels and live german music. some of the best golfers in the world are in napa this weekend for the p.g.a. the ravens are at home and the sharks play away. that's the weekend watch. here's a good story, the toronto zoo is celebrating the birth of twin giant pandas. they're doing well in the first few critical days. they don't know the sex or paternity of the cubs. the mother is doing just fine. these are the first pan at that cubs born on canadian soil. today we'll speak to crime expert henry lowe about the
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case and look at the evidence that prosecutors have against the former gang member. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, we're here for you on ktvu you can follow us on twitter and facebook, have a great weekend.
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>> today on tmz -- >> master p. thinks kobe bryant is on a guilt trip. >> you're my friend. if you care about me that much why didn't you get him into training camp? >> meaning he went to las vegas to see lamar odom. meaning he believes lamar was black bald from the nba because of his association with the kardashians. >> he also says in the video this whole situation should serve as a warning to james harden. >> oh, my. >> kate hudson. there is something different about her. i think it has to do with nick jonas. this is not typical of kate hudson biting her thumb. >> when that happens though when you have a little


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