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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  October 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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if you are looking for an uber driver this weekend, they may not be available. and the sinkhole is still a problem. dozen's of swimmers getting a briefing as they compare to go -- prepare to swim from alcatraz to the shore one week after a shark attacks. look how beautiful that is, live look into san francisco from our roof. >> i am struck.
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i am struck by how dark it still is. i was struck by how beautiful that look. we are lucky to live here. >> welcome to mornings on two, i'm claudine walsh. and i am ross palombo. but get over to rosemary for a check on the weather. >> it's hard to tell if it is morning or still night. >> i was going to go running the other morning and i looked out and i was like, no. 10 minutes before the official sunrise and not much sunshine to see. i think we will give you a live view of the a few peaks of the sun on its way. we have clouds overhead and those clouds associated with the system that will bring us scattered showers and bring us cooler weather, and it will remain mostly cloudy for today. let's start with the storm tracker. i do see a few returns and
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cloverdale, but this is just the beginning as we get closer to places like lake berryessa. we want to get into the crs foothills because thunderstorms are firing off in areas like pollock pines, stretching through cameron park and it continues. and, this to be aware of not only for today but for tomorrow, the possibility of thunderstorms. scattered showers in the forecast today, and, there is that front, and it will weaken quite a it. most the cloudy skies, and it has pretty much the sold out.
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2:00in the afternoon, it's not picking up on much moisture but it is there. and it is shifting into the south bay. cooler weather coming our way, and we are looking at temperatures and the extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. beautiful day out there today. especially those participating in the escape from alcatraz. this is a popular race of course. you may be wondering how the recent shark sighting will change the way people see this swim. >> that is a great white.
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>> this is the video, we first showed you earlier this week. it is the only documented case of a great white attack on it the video. and that shark is believed to be a great white. paymack it the sign that san francisco bay is going healthier. sharks tend to follow their food, and seals or sea lions are the staples. mcguire says sick and starving sea lions coming ashore this year no show a need for predators like white sharks. and elite athletes are tearing up. hundreds of swimmers are heading into the water, and right on the heels of that video, kristin captain is live with them with the very latest.
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christian, are they worried out there? determined athletes, not many are worried. we talked to lots of people and heard some murmuring and talking, everyone is of course aware of the incident. we will bring you in just briefly and you can see the swimmers and triathletes getting ready. they are getting a briefing for the 30 fifth running of the dolphin club, escape from alcatraz triathlon. they say this is the original escape from alcatraz event -based of course on the big escape from alcatraz. of course, everyone is worried about the sharks, and concerned about the sharks. these boats will actually be leading the swimmers back to shore. these are the pilot boats and these are the boats they will be following as they swim the mile and half from alcatraz to the shoreline area. they are making their way across the bay and into this
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area. the boats are set to leave about 7:00 to 7:30 a.m. this morning and swimmers are set to jump into the water at around 8:10 a.m. organizers told me there has been lots of awareness about the shark attacks, the shark attack that we have that dramatic video of. if there had been a second incident within one week he probably would have rethought this or figured out exactly what they were doing come but since it was an isolated incident they will go ahead with the event as planned. 60 swimmers making their way from alcatraz to the shore. the organizer told me that they have a waitlist, so there were no cancellations and people were still eager to take part in this. this event though, only open to dolphin club members. so again, only about 60 people who are taking the swim. but lots of awareness about that dramatic shark video, but
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no cancellations and no one is so concerned that they will not go into the water. we will speak with some swimmers and like i have been telling you, it's been the talk of the morning. i told you the pilot boats will be leading the swimmers away from alcatraz to shore. one of the strategic things they said is because of that shark sighting they are going to try to keep the swimmers in a narrow pattern. in other words they don't want any strays, they don't want anyone straying too far out to the side. they know it will string out with some distance between them but they are trying to keep them in a relatively narrow pattern to make sure that everyone is accounted for. they say if anyone starts to stray, the boat pilots call out to those people as quickly as possible. the swimmers are set to start out here as soon as possible and we will bring you live coverage throughout the
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morning. >> and christian, they don't wear wetsuits, they just jump in the water. so that's the other thing. they don't look at seals or sea lions. >> they don't wear wetsuits. many are just wearing swimsuits or just making their way naturally. and that was one of the things that i talked about with the organizer here from the dolphin club. he said that humans are not a sharks natural food source, so they don't really anticipate that the sharks will be coming after anybody. they say sharks of course are looking for seals and sea lions and any attack on a human is incidental so that it might feel pretty safe. we are hoping to put one of the swimmers aside and talk with them for a few minutes about how they feel before getting into the water. we will check in with you in just a little bit. certainly, hearty group to take on that kind of swim.
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thanks, christian. hundreds of elderly patients back in their beds after an emergency evacuation in berlin game. some of the most critical patients were loaded into ambulances but it was a scramble to find enough vehicles and evacuation sites to move all the patients. it happened after a small fire caused power outage. >> we have limited use of power because of the backup generator, so we had out an elevator and limited lighting in the hallwaysthis morning thankfully the power has been restored and all of those patients are okay. in san francisco, a fire tears through a three-story apartment building. the fire happened yesterday on second avenue off of geary boulevard. that is in the city's inner richmond district. a neighbor shot this video of smoke and flames pouring and they heard explosions and went outside to see what happened.
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the fire chief started on the ground floor of the building and quickly moved up to the top floor. two people inside got out safely and went and knocked on their neighbors doors to warn them. >> firefighters face the challenge that these are all at attached buildings. there was a fire on the ground in the rare which quickly ventilated up. the chief said the fire crews did a great job of getting those fires under control, however the door received some damage. crews are working to figure out what happened with the sinkhole. crews had to increase the size from 25 feet to 50 feet to safely get into the whole to make the repairs. there is a number of theories but at this point, everyone, meaning the multiple agencies involved, are still an
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investigation mode. crews hope to have all of their repairs done by next tuesday. it might be harder to order and over car this weekend because some drivers are on strike as part of the nationwide protest. it is going to end tomorrow. the drivers want the company to raise rates by 16% and they want riders to be able to tip. they also want the company to raise minimum fares and cancellation fees. i rely on it all the time. i would be curious to see how people could get around. i would be curious to see how it demands lifts or flywheels were something like that. over drivers are independent contractors so it's hard to tell homage arbors were in the strike. i think they are going to get wendy of feedback this weekend. >> if you can't get a or ride, some other competitors might be
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happy. coming up, the east bay city that is celebrating a new development. and it has been 26 years since the earthquake shook the bay area. a look back at the changes that can be made. and we were there today morning when the champion, crowned with 1969-pound vanilla colored water. this festival starts very soon, around 9:00 a.m. and lasts until 5:00 p.m. it will be today and tomorrow on main street.
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doeight pieces ofily original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good. welcome back. after those dramatic
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mudslides, it will take days to clean all of this up. hundreds of vehicles were left stranded. paymack flash flooding and mud and rocks across the interstate. officials had to shut down the freeway after the mud reached 5 feet deep. all lanes have since reopened, but cleanup efforts are still underway in other areas as crews try to clear the impassable roadways right there. >> more mayhem could be on the way. storms have been forecasted for the area and let us know what you are expecting. >> once again, slow-moving thunderstorms which could definitely cause an issue. giving you a look at the southern california radar, a few speckles falling over the area. but first i want to show you, the system that brought the thunderstorms and the flooding too
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southern california, on thursday, but this to the phoenix area on friday. it is called a haboob. it is a major stand and dust storm. and ross, you lived in the area and you have experience one of these huge walls of sand? >> it's is not all that uncommon. it is literally i wall traveling right toward you and the dust gets 30 your house and in under the doors and everything. it is very erratic. >> it is like fog made of dust particles. not any more dangerous in many ways than the fog is. just more inconvenient because the particles stick around and get into the your cars. i'm worried about it getting in your eyes. >> the system has been kind of a terror. >> and again, as we mentioned
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more to come, we are looking at the flash flood watch in place for southern california where the severe and intense rain could develop once again for the afternoon, and the slow-moving thunderstorm is definitely an issue. we have our own rain to talk about, scattered showerswill continue to slide to the south. maybe some sprinkles here in and around st. helena, so we are just getting started. it will be on and off. light rain for our area are you northern california, the northwest corner of california will see the brunt of this, and the sierra. skewered i'm going to run the next 12 to 24 hours and what we are expecting with this. so you can see some green on my screen, but we are talking just
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the couple 100th of an inch. temperature wise, 50's and 60's. 59 half moon bay, 62 in concord, 54 in santa rosa and as we shift our eyes to the south, we have 61 for san jose. we have low and mid 70s over portions of the bay. as we shift to the east, we have 70s on the east bay. to the south bay, 79 san jose, 76 saratoga. some spotty showers and 74 degrees for redwood city. the extended forecast here, with the bay area weekend always in view. partly to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures will not change a whole lot and that rain doesn't
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change either. it looks like perhaps a summertime warm-up coming back with mid- and upper 80's in the forecast by wednesday. >> looks good. i will take it. poor this was one of the worst natural disasters in bay area history, and today marks 26 years. it is a long time. we remove are those 15 seconds that changed this region for decades to come. for those that lived through it, it's hard to forget the emotions and images. >> i remember just being scared for a long time as we try to figure out what was going on.
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it did spark a tire in them houses that came down -- an entire reaction of houses that came down. >> 120 buildings, the majority of the city right there in the arena. the papers freeway, as is tom collapsed and died accepted all that weight. 42 people were on that cypress freeway. section of the overdraft also found it. the bridge shifted more than half foot and it took more than one month to reopen the bridge. the bridge probably went through the biggest transformation, control fitting
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the whole span. the project took 12 years and was over six and a half billion dollars. but it is a beautiful bridge. and most of partly, it is safer. >> and so much more beautiful. i remember. remember the governor wanted to next up projects, but we finally got it through. >> kind of a big day to remember. time now is 721. we are making rosie is big dayguster is cute too. we've been told she's very sweet and i'm being told, quote a love bug.
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>> wrote rosie has been great with other dogs and would love to have a family with kids. >> she has already had a little bit of training before they come hang out with you she is available at contra costa. and the tradition continues at the cow palace this weekend for the grand national livestock expedition or show and rodeo, where there are 600 pro cowboys look compete and seven rodeo grounds for championship points. we will have more we will have more when news channel to continues. this is the dawn of an old day.
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last night before the us airways plan took its final flight to philadelphia. this was 9:55 p.m. that it took flight. the end of us airways means that all of their former routes will be coded as american airlines flights and their website will completely shut down. that makes america and the world's largest airline. and the us government is backing away from drilling. it is canceling future lease sales off of alaska's north coast and will not extend the current leases. the interior secretary sally jewell says the decision came after royal dutch shell decided to end its search for oil in the north. the lips says it doesn't make any sense to sell more leases. donald trump is coming up on fox news sunday. very special show coming up. the guests will talk about his campaign with host chris wallace. this is trumps first sitdown interview with wallace since
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the newsman, or he did gop debate which started that big fight between donald and fox news, but last weekend, trump tweeted that his appearances on other shows had such huge ratings, it's only fear that he appear on fox news sunday. you can see the show right here at 6:00 tomorrow morning. a bay area teenager was looking to wow his neighbors with a creepy haunted house. what kept that from opening. help is on the way for the dozens of firefighters who are still trying to rebuild. in store for your weekend, cloutier, cover, all details of what you can coming up, after
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today marks the 20 sixth anniversary of the loma. up earthquake. it struck at 5:04 p.m. october 17, 1889, and killed 63 people and injured more than 3700 others. in the years following the disaster, elevated freeways were porn down allowing the
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waterfront in some neighborhoods to reconnect with the city. some bay area huber driver's are strike this weekend as part of an nationwide protests. the drivers want the company to raise its rates by 60%, and they want riders to be able to type. that large sinkhole in union city is still gaping wide open. crews are trying to figure out exactly what caused all of this. crews had to increase the size from 25 feet to 50 feet so they could safely get into the whole to make repairs. they have to have all those repairs done by next tuesday. what a mess. evan 30:00 a.m. lots of messes in different phases but here in the bay area, the sun is impressive. we have beautiful sunrise is. this gives you a view over the east bay where we continue to have mostly cloudy skies as we
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move through your morning and into the afternoon. these clouds again are associated with the system that will bring us some speckles through the afternoon. not much accumulation expected but perhaps enough to get you wet. so if you do have outdoor plants, bring along an umbrella just in case. giving you a look at storm tracker two, some showers have been reported since this morning and areas like coverdale, helzberg, and further inland closer to the sacramento valley. but if we go into the sierra foothills, firing off those thunderstorms over highway 50 and pollock pines, you can see them down into areas like wallace and arnold in the next half-hour or so. then there will work into the sierra. so if you are going into the tahoe or the sierra today, that
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something to be aware of because they will be with the wet active weather tomorrow as well. the system is getting ready to move ashore, over northern california, we do have the better bet of seeing some of that rain all the way down through about mendocino county, here is a look at the future casts model. you can see this up over the sierra and by noontime, we are still mostly cloudy. we are going to have those hit or miss, on and off light showers. 2:00in the afternoon, more clouds, some sprinkles and it clears out after that. we have another round of that will move through and i think tomorrow morning you could actually start off with scattered showers as well. soggy for the weekend, temperatures in the upper 60's, low 60's like livermore and concord, and it could be a cooler afternoon. we will have a look at those afternoon highs coming up in
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just a will bit. the weather is only part of the story this morning and the escape from alcatraz triathlon. >> the big topic is not far from where that shark was seen eating a sea lion. this video, shot last weekend, quickly went viral. arena biologists say this is the only time they have ever documented what they believe is a great white attacking a sea lion inside the golden gate. >> sharks doing tend to follow their food, and with thick sea lions coming in, they show a need for more predators like the great white. so how are the competitors this morning dealing with all of that? >> lots of excitement. if you take it look behind me, this is the all month, the boat
7:34 am
that will be taking the swimmers out to the water near alcatraz. some very excited swimmers and all of them very aware of the incident with the shark this week, but all of them saying they feel pretty confident. no one seems to be too worried and we actually have rick avery here from the dolphin club who is hosting the event. this is the 30 fifth annual escape from alcatraz triathlon, and rick, if we could just talk for a moment. the shark incident is what everyone talked about. you talked earlier and you said if there had been another incident, you might have revisited it but at this time it seems to be safe? >> that is correct. if there was another incident this week, we would rethink it. it was definitely a rare event, so we have definitely been taking a closer look at it. but all systems are go and all of our participants are ready to jump in, and we have lots of
7:35 am
safety precautions in place. the neck and to put it in perspective, we talked about this earlier as well, humans are not a sharks natural food source, so they probably won't go after people. but you are taking precautions like having everyone stay in a narrow stream. >> we think safety in numbers, so the more swimmers and splashing come the sharks hopefully will be afraid of that. >> thank you. you are not swimming today? >> no, just helping director the event. >> but you have swum this? >> i have done it dozens of times. and i've never seen a shark. be mac the boat is set to leave shortly to take the 60 or so swimmers out to the water just
7:36 am
off of alcatraz. the swim is expected to take them about 20 minutes to one half hour. we will be live then as well to bring you the first swimmers coming onshore. we haven't heard from anyone who said they were concerned about the sharks. we did hear people say they were very aware of it and many people said their family or friends have made them aware of it and had shown them the video repeatedly. but no one has ducked out. >> what is interesting about this race, he cause it is the dolphin club of, which has been around forever. they swim in aquatic parks as their training. they do this every day and go out there without wetsuits. this is a tough group of swimmers and it makes sense that they are not scared because they are so familiar with it. >> i have great. everyone i spoke to said they
7:37 am
had open water swim experience in the bay so there are no novices here. there are people who know exactly what they are doing out of the water. and most of them say they understand that this is swimming in the open water. air going into the sharks territory. so far him none of them overly concerned about the possibility of countering a shark. and rick said, they were especially concerned about it. if there had been a second incident, they had be concerned about what they were doing. they are just making sure that everyone stays in a tight pack for the first leg of the triathlon. >> it is funny because no one has talked about the bike and run portion so far. >> that only do they have to swim but run and bike after that. lots of work to do. and a long morning for these folks. >> now to some fox two
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continuing coverage. a san francisco medical examiner has identified a man shot and killed. herbert benitez died of gunshot wound to the upper body after fighting with an officer and grabbing at his weapon. it happened at about noon on thursday. folks have set up a town hall meeting to discuss the incident. many questions around this involved shooting of course. we will sit down with the police chief and bring you more on this in just a little bit. also, raymond shrimp boy child has been indicted on two murderers. he was arraigned for the killing of eight chinatown gang into thousand six. and then in 2013, he was accused of having another
7:39 am
member gunned down. he is already facing if federal trial next month for racketeering and money laundering. happening today, firefighters are holding his or her consecutive to remember those who lost their lives while serving the community. 16 names will be added to the 1300 at our inscribed the california month firefighters memorial. today's service honors five on the bay area. john alice and pete santana all died from occupational cancer. fire engineer william marsh died from an on duty in your resume at the age of 33. jeffrey gregg hunt died in a plane crash last year while idling it fire at yosemite national park. and i don't think i have grasped what i have lost yet. >> andrew welter was one of several people that lost their
7:40 am
home. he had been battling the butte fire when his engine was dispatched back to the valley to try to save an apartment building, where he lived. >> we did everything we could and, we used every technique that we had and we thought that thing. we fought our hearts out on that thing and it just did what it wanted two. i ended up watching my place burned down. the organization out oakland firefighters random acts have teamed up with the fire family foundation to raise money for the firefighters. so far they have donated $30,000. it's about a haunted house being built in the east bay may mean it will not open in time for halloween. the spooky spirits was created two years ago by a young builder, complete with side effects and actors, hundreds of people stream through this
7:41 am
spook house, or they have in the past. people have also donated food and money to the food bank. but the next-door neighbor is now challenging the permit saying the attraction is a nuisance and dramatizes their five -year-old child. >> it will be more than 100 people, six months of construction, and screening and bloody figures. my son get scared and he has already been tested for a sleeping problem. >> the permit appeal cannot be heard until october 48, so even if his family wins them halloween weekend will be all they can salvage for this year. fremont is celebrating its first downtown area. take a look. [ cheering ] as you just saw there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday for the grand opening of the new
7:42 am
capitol avenue. the develop mentalist started more than one year ago with the demolition of a three-story office building. that opened up space to collect capitol revenue for fremont boulevard. five historic towns came together to say form fremont. this is our step to make sure we are building our downtown. the new downtown area has the sculpture of they heart that they debuted as burning man. nearly 300 patients at a bay area care center are recovering this morning. coming up in 20 minutes, what force them out of their beds on friday and where they are now. and good news for lamar odom. the progress he is making days after he was found unresponsive at a nevada brothel when news on to continues.
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sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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welcome back. there are reports that lamar odom is conscious and communicating. the county sheriff said he had and using cocaine, all call and herbal sex stimulants. he apparently said hello to his estranged wife, but harvey levin says he isn't out of the woods just yet. >> is being will wean off of life support. they were able to take them off of the ventilator for a short period of time this afternoon and they put a breathing mask on him, then put him back on the ventilator. they are trying to wean him if they can. tmz reported that his
7:46 am
kidneys were failing but a former coach says he does not need kidney dialysis. good morning to you and happy saturday. as we get into the second part of the morning, scattered showers will develop over portions of the bay. already beginning to see some of those returns over north areas of the north bay. hopefully this is your kind of weather because it will be this kind of weekend. santa rosa, 50 degrees. and evermore, you have 63 outside of your door. so relatively mild start out there. here is the center of the storm right in here and here is the front moving ashore over northern california. we've looked at the tail end of this, and so unfortunately come not much rain coming our way but it could be enough to get us wet. so if you do have activity outdoors, be sure to go to half
7:47 am
moon bay were keep the umbrella handy if you are worried about it. giving you a look at the still shot when we are beginning to see some of this rain, right around lake county, the returns reported here near clear lake and then earlier, had st. helena in this stretching over central area valleys. as we head closer to the sierra in the foothills the thunderstorm is rumbling over pollock pines and stretching into areas like wallace. this will continue as of get into the second part of your morning and afternoon. so if you are going into the sierra, we prepared for that. just some hit or miss showers expected for today. temperatures will be cooler, 60's and 70s in the forecast and we will be partly to mostly cloudy the entire day. here is the future casts model picking it up for you through the hour. notice how the rain didn't really development, but i'll of its cloud cover in place, i'm
7:48 am
sure you will see those late on and off showers continuing. but there we are and as we get into the second half of the afternoon, still mostly cloudy. we will have some clearing over portions of the north bay, still raining and thunderstorms stille possibility over the area. we want to know what is going on for the entire weekend. we have moisture to start the morning, so more of the same as we get into the second part of your weekend. for today under mostly cloudy skies, 75 for nevada, 70 degrees in sausalito. head to the south bay, temperatures in the 70s as well. along the afternoon, mid- 60's at the coast with cloudy skies, and the extended forecast there, temperatures will not be changing ahold lot for the
7:49 am
weekend. we do dry up and warm-up as we get into the upper 80's by wednesday. in francisco is the focal point of many hot topics this week. in studio is police chief greg sir to give us more insight. all right, thanks for coming in. how are you doing this morning? >> good morning. >> it's get to that officer involved shooting that happened on thursday. your officers were responding to a man throwing bottles of the street, there was some sort of scuffle and then this man allegedly tried and does take the gun away from her officer. what happened there? >> they were driving down eighth street and got flagged by ache construction worker. the suspect had been throwing bottles onto eighth street and the glass was creating a hazard and
7:50 am
aiken a construction worker asked them to stop. two very senior officers goes to hand cuffed him, and he turned on the one sergeant and took into the ground, ended up on top of him and begin to chop at his holster. he got his gun out and pointed it, and it he called to his partner, he has my gun, shoot him. and the officer did. he is shaken, to say the least. he thought that was it. he has been ape police officer for over 25 years and it doesn't get any scarier than that. >> unfortunately that twentysomething -year-old was killed? >> tragically, he did not survive the shooting. my homicide folks who do all the officer involved shooting investigations spent a lot of
7:51 am
time with his family to try to figure out why this would happen and the investigation is obviously ongoing. >> this is the fourth officer involved shooting this year. how are we doing when it comes to officer involved shootings? >> it's actually down 50% from where we ended last year, so i think the san francisco police officers, men and women, they show great restraint. and i think very sadly, every once in a while, we were able to resolve it. just never gets more sad. we were -- there is a growing outcry across the country against police because of this. do you think that people are challenging police now which is leading to these attractions?
7:52 am
>> i think i have some of the best caught in the country. they do a rate job of the escalating things, and i don't know why, but in san francisco, we have a million responses are year two calls for service and it is a lot of police work but they do it great job. >> we will follow up with you on that. let's move onto the police headquarters. the warriors just purchase that parcel of land near you, just a few blocks away from you. will that be a problem? >> it is just exploding with construction and development, and what have you, but we are already just across the parking lot from the giants.
7:53 am
and i know that we have altered schedules on day games and figuring it out, and i know that when the warriors go -- most of their activities are on nights and weekends so there should not be too much crossover. it only gets dicey when it moves into the commute hours. the we can figure that out. >> it won't interrupt your response times. >> no. we are glad to see you across the city everywhere. thanks for coming in, we will be right back. please stay with us.
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the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california. the national league championship series starts tonight between the chicago cubs and the mets. they are hoping for return trip.
7:56 am
they took game one and they shut out the favorites five- nothing. the warriors take on the la lakers tonight in the preseason game. the important news is that the head coach is back, rejoining the team. andrew bogue it's got smacked in the face in their game against houston thursday night. right there. broke his nose for the fourth time. steph curry is showing off his sense of humor and his latest commercial. take a look. i will just sit over here. it's all right.
7:57 am
>> my dad. the espn commercial also features his younger brother. >> he has shown -- i don't know who you think you are, get out of my chair. my dad. [laughter] 7:57 a.m. a fire ripped through a san francisco apartment building. what people heard when those flames spread and whether anyone was hurt. plus, 15 years since the earthquake that change the bay area.
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yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good. a small fire causes big problems on daycare center on the peninsula. in a swim from alcatraz just one week after dramatic video of a shark feeding in
8:00 am
those waters. good morning to you. it is october 16th. seventeenth? okay, it is saturday. at least i know who i am. [laughter] >> morning everyone. welcome back. let's get right over to rosemary. >> it finally feels like fall out there this morning. cool and breezy. >> finally getting to where your long boots? >> i have been waiting. >> make sure they are waterproof. we could see some speckles. giving you a look at san jose this morning where we have mostly cloudy conditions around
8:01 am
the bay area, even some sprinkles reported over portions of the north bay. we want to show you the satellite and radar, the thunderstorms are really firing off over the foothills. but here we are. it is a quiet one, relatively mild. 50's and 60's out there. if i squeeze in really close over portions of the north bay, there are some reports of drizzles in and around sonoma county. then we get closer to the central valley. right around winters, but take a look at what is going on here. el dorado hills where we have all those wineries, and about 200 lightning strikes. if you are thinking about going to tahoe for the weekend, there will be active weather there today as well as tomorrow. we will be cloudy and cool, and we just have those isolate it showers meaning just on and off
8:02 am
light stuff going on. the brunt of the system, you can see most of the moisture sticking over portions of northern california, although southern california still with the flash flood watch. here is the look at the future casts model. you can see not a lot going on. a few 100th of an inch expected, perhaps enough to get us wet. we will have the cooldown through your afternoon in just a little bit. it will still be a very nice day out there, although it is very gray as you can see. we are showing this to you because there is an escape from alcatraz race, but, just the little bit. that is a great white.
8:03 am
holy crud. this is the video seen around the world. it is the only documented case of a great white attack on a seal or sea lion inside the golden gate. it shows what appears to be an eight to 10-foot shark attacking that seal or sea lion and the shark is believed to be a great white. experts say sick and starving sea lions am sure this year show the need for more predators like the great white shark. the shark sighting isn't deterring athletes stepping into the water for a swim. the group athletes are on their way. >> it is the escape from alcatraz triathlon. the swimmers are heading into the waters on the heels of those videos that you just saw. christian captain is live with
8:04 am
them with the very latest. it looks like you are not getting in the water were taking any chances. >> it looks like we just lost you, christian. but you look lovely. we will check back in with him. obviously we are having some audio issues. 10 minutes, we will talk about this weekend sharktoberfest. hundreds of elderly patients back in their beds this morning after an emergency evacuation in berlin game. he had to be rushed out of a long-term care facility and some of the most critical patients were loaded into and balances but it was a scramble to find enough vehicles and evacuation sites to move all
8:05 am
the patients. that happened after a small fire caused power outage there. we did have limited to the use of power so we had an elevator to get people down from the second-floor. we did have some limited lighting in the hallway. >> a fire tore through a three- story apartment building and rescuers are trying to figure out how it actually started. it happened on second avenue off of jury boulevard. a neighbor shot this video of the smoke and flames pouring from the building. people there said they heard two loud explosions and went outside to see what happened. the fire chief said it started on the ground floor of that building and quickly moved all the way up to the top floor. two people inside got out safely and they were able to knock on their neighbors doors
8:06 am
to warn them. firefighters were challenged because these are all attached buildings, wood frame construction. there was a fire on the ground in the rear which quickly ventilated upward. significant damage to that building. >> all three floors did sustain significant fire and water damage. that say: union city is still gaping wide open this morning. crews had to increase the size of the sinkhole from 25 feet to 50 feet. so they could safely get in the whole to make the repairs. they hope to have the repairs done by next tuesday. it might be hard to get a ride from uber this weekend because some of the drivers are going on a tree day strike. the drivers are doing it because they want the company to raise rates by 60% and also
8:07 am
want the riders to be able to tip. >> i rely on it all the time. i even came from napa and i took uber. i could see how they could up the demand for other services. >> there is no drivers union so it's hard to tell how many drivers are participating in the strike. they did release statement saying we always welcome feedback from our driver partners. we had a small audio problem but the good news is, it was no shark sighting or shark involved. [laughter] >> we have more on the escape from alcatraz triathlon. >> ross, you just took my excuse. i was going to say that a shark took my microphone. you took my excuse right out of
8:08 am
my mouth. speaking of sharks and the big swim, the 30 fifth annual escape from alcatraz triathlon getting underway. we have a great shot for you to take it look at. that is the all my, ship that took all of the swimmers to alcatraz to start the swim. we are hearing this one should take them about 30 minutes or so to get in. of course, the topic of conversation among all of the athletes this morning was that dramatic shark video. let us show that to you one more time so you can meyer as yourself with it. if you haven't seen it enough already. that shark spotted in the waters just off of alcatraz one week ago today, and many swimmers are saying they are aware of the incident and their family members or friends had shown it to them in advance of today's big swim. this is the first part of the
8:09 am
triathlon. many say they weren't intimidated by the shark. sharks generally go after seals and sea lions and many that we spoke with said they have encountered them in the bay in their open water swimming sprints in the past. they say they are more intimidated by the seals and sea lions than the idea of a shark. they do say it is some incentive to swim a little bit faster than they have in the past. it should take them about 30 minutes or so and one swimmers that she was aware of the shark but it didn't scare her off. >> i think we will all be together and go as fast as we
8:10 am
can. and you can see swimmers getting into the water and starting to make their way into the water. the swim should take them funding minutes or half hour. the swim this just the first part of this incident. so once they are done with the swim through shark invested waters, then they get on it there by ache and run as well. we talked to the 21 man that said out of all the events, even considering that shark spotting last week, he said the run is still the most intimidating part for him. sorry, we are arguing over here and it is very easy to get pulled out by the currents and very easy to get off track when you're swimming with your head down. this one over and around each
8:11 am
other. that is actually a challenge. >> it is a huge challenge but they will be safe. coming up in 10 minutes, we will talk about this weekend's sharktoberfest celebration and get it better understanding about the animal itself. and in california, leaning up after this week's major mudslides. then we will have an update on road closures and show you how crews are continuing to dig through the mass. and mostly cloudy skies, these clouds will stick around. we will see some scattered showers as we had to the afternoon. we will tell you what to expect, coming up. happening all weekend long, treasure island music festival. two days of live music and other entertainment. this year's headliners include dead mouse and the national.
8:12 am
you cannot bring any alcohol to the event, but people are also urged not to bring chairs, that's for strollers.
8:13 am
8:14 am
mother nature's fury continues on after those dramatic mudslides right here in la county. look at that mess out there. officials now say it will take days to clean all of this stuff up. hundreds of cars are stranded. flash flooding sent mud and rocks across interstate. and a main artery had to be shut down because officials said the freeway had mud on it that reached 5-foot deep. since then, all lanes have been reopened, but what a mess that is. it's an absolute working lot
8:15 am
along the freeway. cleanup efforts are still underway in the area and crews are trying to clear impassable roads. >> as they try to make headway through the mud, more mayhem could be on the way. thunderstorms have been forecast from in the area, and it looks like there is some precipitation in here. >> this looks like precipitation. >> of course, it is no laughing matter. but, whether it is a concern in the area. >> under storms are they possibility. slow-moving thunderstorms a problem there and with that we will start with the flash flood watch in southern california expected for today. severe and intense rain and the flow, very slow. slow-moving thunderstorms could definitely cause an issue, and not only for southern
8:16 am
california areas ike los angeles, but it stretches all the way through center for breath and ventura county as well. here is the look at the statewide event going on. we talked about this era foothills, thunderstorms and lightning strikes according to the weather service out of sacramento. here at home, a few returns but most of us are still dry. we received a report from a friend in palo alto saying the clouds are kind of puffy and it is a nice start. but when you get into areas like clay county, then you have portions of the valley. when we get through the morning hours and into the afternoon, you can continue with thunderstorms over the sierra. so it took their will include some active weather. i think some sprinkles definitely in the poor cast for today and as we roll through the afternoon, we remain with
8:17 am
partly cloudy skies. the rain fizzled out and we will have the on and off activity going on. we see the clouds part just a little bit and we could be mostly cloudy through the second half of the afternoon. into the overnight hours, it doesn't really go away. i think we have the possibility tomorrow of light scattered showers and drizzle still with us. that will be the forecast for today, sunday will be soggy and we track what goes on as we get into tomorrow morning. for today, the here and now, excuse in the forecast, 63 in oakland and concorde. and for the afternoon, lots of 70s. 70s for sausalito, 75 for nevada. upper 70s for the warmer locations, 78 in britain. this is a cooldown. stretching along the peninsula,
8:18 am
sunday four in redwood city as well as menlo park. 68 in san francisco and mid 60's for the coast. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend, temperatures will not be changing much as of get through the second part of the weekend but we will be drying it out as we get into monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> looks pretty good. of little water today but better weather on the way. >> enjoy the weekend. >> the big sharktoberfest -- in san francisco. a bay area marine organization is hosting the event. >> joining us now, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you have this sharktoberfest which is something that is great education for people. but in terms of timing, your
8:19 am
timing is pretty spectacular in the sense of the conversation around sharks and especially in the bay is booming right now. >> we love to celebrate sharks every year and we chose october because that's when the activity is greatest. >> i don't know if you have been listening but have the big triathlon happening in the day. is there any danger or concern or do you feel that that was blown out of proportion after the rate white shark sighting last sunday? >> well we do have sharks that occasionally visit the bay. they are not a regular resident here, and they don't normally attack people. it's very rare that you have a white shark attack on a person, it's usually a case of mistaken identity. so i think as long as we have
8:20 am
lots of numbers for people together, it should be safe. >> certainly there is the wow factor when you see video like this and you hear about it, but it is a good educational component and i imagine what your event is all about is teaching people to really understand the realities behind the shark. >> our event is all about teaching appreciation for the white shark, understandings and they are very important part of our food web. they keep everything in balance, they are the top predator. without sharks than the ecosystem becomes off-balance. other populations explode and it is a way of making sure that everything can survive here and we can survive with the sharks. the sharks have been in the greater fairmont office in the san francisco area for ever. we have learned how to live
8:21 am
with them, and to be safe when you are in the water. >> yes, because the sharks were here first. let's talk about the event you are having today. can you tell us about that? you will have shark films and there will be some fun involved. >> it will be a great day at the beach. starting as you are talking about with the weather. we will have live sharks on display, you will be able to touch shark skin which is very unique, and it has little tentacles or find teeth. we will have shark activity is, or will be arts and music, film, making shark masks. he became come in costume if they would like. we will have a costume grade with other brain costumes that people may want to show off. i encourage people to come down here. and it is free.
8:22 am
>> maria brown, superintendent to the national marine sanctuary. >> stay with us. we will be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
those are just some of the sights and sounds from the loma
8:25 am
prieta earthquake. other you lived through the earthquake or watched on tv right there, it is of course hard to shake many of those images. >> that quake sparked a fire in the marina district and we do have some pictures of that because you remember what happened to those buildings. the fires were so difficult to put out in the marina. four people died just in that area including a child who couldn't get out of his family's apartment. he choked on dust. the fire damaged or destroyed 120 buildings. the freeway and west oakland collapsed, if you remember, and in all the quake killed 64
8:26 am
people. >> and that is the upper deck of the bay bridge. it fell right down on the cantilever side of the bay bridge and cars went down with it. the oakland aside shifted more than a foot and took one month to reopen that bridge. all the changes in the past quarter-century, of all of them the bridge went through the biggest transformation, construction took nearly 12 years at cost of six and a half billion dollars. i mean, in the end, at least we have that safe beautiful new span. >> it took a while but we got it. we are ready -- or we should be more ready for the next big one that is coming. 8:26 a.m., and they group of athletes are escaping from alcatraz this morning. less it is being called the viagra for women.
8:27 am
when the little pink pill will be available in pharmacies. outside of our doors this morning we have cloudy skies. some unsettled weather, and i will explain what that means coming up in just a few minute. sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer.
8:28 am
bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv.
8:29 am
good morning everyone. it is saturday october 17. 8:30a.m., i'm ross palombo. >> thanks for waking up with us. if you are just rolling out of bed, check out these mornings. if you don't have to go to work, you can snuggle in your bed and hang out.
8:30 am
what about you? >> i like the sunshine blazing in. >> the bay area is the perfect spot. we have made it to the weekend, earning you a live look over oakland. over the north bay, most the cloudy skies and into the north bay. we are watching just a little bit of rain further north, and to 100th of an inch of rain, i can't believe we received some rain in the overnight hours. so into the central valley we are seeing some light activity. for most of us, we are most the cloudy but mainly dry. we will have some scattered showers rolled through, and i will show you that in just a second. first, you have to get further
8:31 am
north. and then, we have been watching this for little while and also this. quite a night. thunderstorms over the portions of the sierra foothills which is been here for the last hour or two. so much so the flash flood warning has been issued by the national weather service. for us, we remain mostly cloudy and mainly dry. as we get into your noontime, noticed there's not a lot going on, but i guarantee will have some showers fall. we begin to break away with partly cloudy skies. temperature wise in the low 60's right now from half moon bay into oakland. 54 in livermore and to the south bay at 62, san jose. 55 in santa rosa. as of get into the afternoon,
8:32 am
temperatures will be cooling off from yesterday. have a look at what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up in just a little bit. we are following a group of elite athletes as they break out of act alcatraz triathlon. >> now at predator from the ocean, this race is happening not far from where a shark was reported feeding on a sealed or sea lion. take a look. that is a great white, holy crud. >> marine biologists say this is the only time they've ever documented what they believe is a rate white attacking a sealed or sea lion. let's go back out to christian. >> competitors should be coming ashore after the first leg of that one and half mile swim.
8:33 am
>> yes, that is right. but we are in a beautiful seaside setting. we are expecting the first of swimmers to make their way here. we are expecting to see the first of those swimmers any minute now. the best time is about 22 or 23 minutes and we are at about 23 minutes right now. should be seeing somebody pretty soon. those competitors jumped into the water at about 8:10 a.m. and yes, this year, they are breathing sharks. let's show you the video one more time. all of the competitors that we spoke with said that they had seen the video. they said most of them had said that family members or friends had shown it to them to make sure they were aware of it before they did the 30 fifth escape from alcatraz here. we did not find anyone who said
8:34 am
they were too intimidated to participate. and one of the organizers said they didn't have any cancellations and in fact that they had a witness of people looking to participate this year. one man has swim the escape from alcatraz five times, numerous times in the bay. and he said when it came to sharks he wasn't all that worried. >> we usually run into seals in the cold and the shark thing, you just have to put it out of your mind. we might be getting a sneak peek at some of our swimmers making their way and right now. this could be our first swimmers. it's tough to tell because there are lots of folks recreating at swimming out here this morning. but we heard it's pineda who said he wasn't all that concerned about sharks. he's been out there numerous times and seen the sea lions and seals which can almost be
8:35 am
more intimidating because they will bump or push you. swimmers coming in this morning saying they are very excited to participate, and sometimes the run portion of this triathlon, even considering the idea that there are sharks out there, the one portion could be the most difficult part of this triathlon. keep in mind, as they come in now from the swim, we are making a big point about the swimming of this, but these athletes will be arriving here on the shoreline. they will climb through the stairs and then they are going to hop on the bicycle. then after that, take the big run. and it is an active morning for some folks. but again, not one person we spoke with said they were too intimidated to swim because of the recent shark sighting. >> i remember in 2006 there was
8:36 am
a sea lion, and, i remember talking to those swim club swimmers and they were like, it's no big deal. those who love the ocean and respect the ocean, and like me, the fear factor is bigger if you don't swim in the ocean. you can see them swimming here as they get closer. that is this group. it is a smaller group than the other big traffic people. >> these are experienced swimmers, and they are all -- many said that's just part of open water swimming. most said that they really respect the fact that this is
8:37 am
the sharks territory. they understand there could be sharks out there and they understood that a sharks natural food source will be seals and sea lions, not people. many did make jokes that the shark will just take a quick bite and figure out you are not a sealed or sea lion, and spit you out. you hope for minimal injury. but they really did say, you have to respect the sharks territory and they were not scared off. they are the first swimmers coming on in there. thanks so much for that live report. you can tell they are hardy because they are not wearing wetsuits. and herbert bonita has died to gunshot wound to the upper body who fought with the police
8:38 am
sergeant. it happened at about noon on thursday at a and market. police have tentatively scheduled at town hall meeting for next sunday to discuss this with members of the community. the first issue he talked about was it officer involved shooting on market. we have more crisis and intervention trained officers then i think any department in the country. but sadly we were able to resolve it. it just never gets sadder. that suspect was causing it disturbance and threatening the police and the public. also out of san francisco raymond shrimp boy chow has been indicted after he arranged for the killing of the leader of the
8:39 am
china town gang into thousand six, then in 2013 he conspired to have another gang member gunned down. he pleaded not guilty to both charges and is facing a federal trial next month for racketeering and money- laundering. 16 names will be added to the 1300 that are inscribed on the california firefighters memorial. today's service honors five from the bay area. these members all died from occupational cancer and william marshall died from an on duty in your is him at the age of 33. jeffrey gregg hunt died in a plane crash last year while filing the wildfire at yosemite national park. the highly controversial drug to treat low libido in women it's pharmacy shelves today. it is the first fda approved
8:40 am
drug. it is estimated that low sexual desire disorder affects up to one third of the adult women in the country. it is the final weekend for san francisco residents to vote in the november election. they will hold workshops to reach for eligible voters. today. is a registration drive from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and at hilltop park in the bayview from nine until two. people can also register online. just go to and click on the top. san francisco's deyoung museum is celebrating a big anniversary, tenure sensing museum reopened. it is offering free admission to the museum today.
8:41 am
it was totally rebuilt because it was badly damaged by the loma prieta earthquake. they have attracted nearly 15 million visitors. such it wonderful museum. i will probably be out there later today if you want to come and say hi. >> if my schedule was unpacked for the day, i would come. 8:41 a.m. it was meant bring the community together, we will tell you how a makeshift halloween haunted house is causing uproar for one neighbor in the east bay. >> did you unlock that book? don't open it. >> up next, one of the new movies that is sure to bring some nostalgiaand goosebumps, in theaters.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
giving you a live look at the oakland she wary. row row row your boat. is that cool? it is cloudy, and mild. it's very fall like. >> well, maybe you can go out there, the cousin we know claudine is very busy today.
8:45 am
[laughter] 8:44 a.m., and it is a beautiful shot thomas but we have some very serious weather news to come out with. we have a flash flood warning. >> we have been watching for thunderstorms to fire off and now the weather service has issued a flash flood warning including a recent burn area. so we will take a look at that. let me show you what i mean. in the bay area, we get into areas along highway 50 and into the sierra foothills. you can see from pollock pines stretching down into areas like arnold and angels camp. i want to take us in and around this burn area. the king fire burn scar area is where we have the flash flood warning. this is the area that they are worried about enough rainfall and intense rainfall, enough to bring in that warning and that means the possibility of mudflow as well as month lives and flash flooding going on.
8:46 am
this will last until about 11:00 this morning. if you are thinking of heading up that way, you could have some trouble going out there this morning. we have been relatively quiet, some scattered showers in the forecast for today and it will be cooler overall in and around the bay area. not looking at a whole lot of rain but perhaps enough to need an umbrella if you are outdoors, to the half moon bay pub confessed. you will be out of treasure island for the festival going on there. the music fest might ba that idea. a few 100th of an inch expected but not too much. temperatures right now, 62 degrees in hayward, low 60's in fairfield, 63 and half moon bay. mid- 70s in nevada, 70 degrees
8:47 am
and sausalito. low 70s in richmond and we're 70s as we had to the east bay. livermore, 77. 70 a brentwood and into the south bay. 76 morgan hill, and on the peninsula, 70s. 74 in menlo park, 60's for the coast and 60 a san francisco. temperatures remain on the mild side this weekend through sunday. i think tomorrow morning, possibility of some scattered showers. but by monday through tuesday, we see another transition to dry warmer weather, perhaps even in an offshore wind event as we had tuesday into wednesday to explains i temperatures could be back in the 60's and 70s. >> will we look forward to that. [laughter] >> thank you. eight children's book series about island and monsters is coming alive on the extreme. >> that along with steve jobs,
8:48 am
tom hanks and steven spielberg. here is kevin mccarthy with this weeks brand-new movie releases including steve jobs who woke up in new york and la this weekend. next weekend on the 20 third, us will be filmed and written by mr. aaron sorkin. here is the cool thing, not necessarily a biopic like you have seen before. it is prior to the launch of a major product. here is the awesome part about the situation. danny boyle shot 1984 with old skill set seen -- old school 16-millimeter film, and 98 with digital. as the film technology advances, the clear image advances on this green. the movie is brilliant, two
8:49 am
hours of dialogue and it feels like two hours of action. it is the most intense writing have seen on that and definitely an academy award donations. that movie got my 35 out of five this year along with mad max free road and inside out. also this weekend, i'm so excited about goosebumps. i read all the books as a kid. the book has sold over 4 million copies and the cool thing that is that jack black is playing rl stine in the movie. it's very fun, the characters are great. there is a comedic angle to it. not too scary for the younger kids. as a fan of the book, i love to see these characters coming to
8:50 am
life. overall i thought it was a very fun experience and i recommend seeing it in 2 d. i give it a three and half out of five. and, you can read my full review on twitter that kevin mccarthy tv. also starring tom hanks, amy ryan and alan alda. i will have it posted there on friday morning. i'm kevin mccarthy, fox news. >> fremont is celebrating its first downtown area. take it look. [ cheering ] yesterday was the grand opening of the new capitol avenue extension. the develop meant started more than one year ago after the demolition of a three-story office building which opened up space to connect capitol avenue to fremont boulevard. fema never had a downtown. five historic towns came together to form fremont and we have always been lacking
8:51 am
downtown. so this is our step to make sure that we are building our downtown. the new downtown area has sculpture of a heart that debuted in burning man. there's also free parking and biking lanes. complaints about a haunted house being built in the east bay may mean it does not open. 15 -year-old sam dubois built it first. complete with lighting, sound effects and live actors, under the people stranger his spook house and people who show up also donate money for a local food bank. but his next-door neighbor is challenging sam's permit thing the attraction is a since and it traumatize as their five -year-old child. >> if it is going to be more than 100 people, six months of construction, screening and bloody figures. then my son gets scared and he has already been tested for a sleeping problem. >> other people are applauding
8:52 am
sam. even if the family winds, halloween weekend will be all that they can salvage this weekend. >> angelina jolie gracing the newest cover of vogue magazine. how she opens up about her large family and her new movie with brad pitt. and hollowing comes two weeks early. tonight is the alameda zombie crawl. while the grown-ups have all the fun the children will also benefit. >> they look like they are walking dead.
8:53 am
which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
8:54 am
8:55 am
the nba champion warriors face their arch nemesis tonight, the la lakers. we join the team for the trip down south. kurt is not the only warrior, andrew vogue at got smacked in the face. it actually broke his nose, and that is the fourth time that has happened. warriors á-asterisk-star steph curry is making sure his family is lower presented in his latest television commercial. -- well represented.
8:56 am
i will just sit over here, that's all right. >> you when one mvp. >> leave it to the family to keep your head on straight that was steph curry. where is riley? >> that's kind of what you and rosemary do to me out here every day. >> on our secret is out. >> dancers are taking over tea third street line. this weekend is the 12th annual san francisco trolley dances. they will be performing from mission bay to bay view. they will leave every 45 minutes from the bayview boat club. has a dancer, seeing as this has been happening, it is pretty much in iconic event.
8:57 am
all the dance community has either seen it or and part of it, or didn't and it in previous years. h2 or is about 12 hours long. -- 2 hours long. angelina jolie the actress graces the cover and it makes her fifth appearance on the magazine cover. it's the first time in five years that she has been on the cover. she opens up about her family and responsibility as mother of six. that magazine is going to hit stands on october 2020 first. cloudy cool weather, that's what we will have this afternoon if we even see those scattered showers. we will leave the possibility for some drizzle, some
8:58 am
scattered showers for your sunday morning as well. temperatures on the mild side, mid- and upper 70s for inland cities, but we will get back to some drier and warmer weather. >> 20 going on today. you have the sharktoberfest at christie field, free admission at the museum. >> up next, west virginia takes on baylor in the big 12. we will see you tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. have a great day, everyone.
8:59 am
layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that's how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off. what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> winning 11 games and winning our offense two times in a row was considered the second-best offense in america, apparently wasn't enough. what am i going to do? moan and whine? >> that was a year ago. but the baylor bears rntd moaning and whining now, they're beating the brakes off everybody. second ranked team in the nation receiving 13 first place votes behind the ohio state univer


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