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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  October 18, 2015 7:00am-8:31am PDT

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>> after a new attack from jeb bush. >> and the developments around it. this morning, you're taking a live look at that little house that is in oakland that is on the move making its way to a new location. we're going to watch it all morning long and where it's headed. >> the seven-day journey down the california coast starts this morning. how a 500-mile bike ride is changing the lives of military veterans.
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good morning, look at that shot this morning. there is the bay bridge on this gray sunday morning and this is a gorgeous look outside. >> and so beautiful. >> and absolutely. we'll take it. it's sunday, october 18th. i'm claudine wong. >> >> new fall you from the from the drought and we saw the mud slidings near los angeles. the same problem is hitting parts of the sierra foothills. caltrans racing to clear the roadway after a downpour yesterday triggered flash flood warning. rock, mud, and other debris covered sections of highway 26. >> and all the brush and underbrush is gone and there is nothing there to stop the mud from flowing and it's going to flow. >> these areas went from wildfires to flash plaid. and mud slides are for people
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living near the hills. >> and rosemary o roscoe joins us with a look at thatir. -- area. halfways to tahoe, what they can expect the rest of the day. >> and thunderstorms are in the forecast and there is a slight chance but there, no advisories in place and at least not at the moment and we'll look at the satellite radar in just a moment and there is a beautiful start here. at least from this shot and sun and clouds out there and some drizzle. a possibility this morning as we do begin to see the clouds clear out of the way and we have a warmup in the extended forecast. and this is a look at the storm tracker 2 and we talked about the rain. you can see over areas of the sierra. and we have rain even a bit of snow mix there at the higher elevations and slipping over to tahoe and what is going on here. mainly dry at the moment. mainly dry and thunderstorms will remain in this area. meanwhile, we come back and
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look the the cloud cover here. you can see a few areas of moisture beginning to move in as well and we have that system that remains. anchored off of california and that is going to slide through and eventually, we'll see partly cloudy skies for the afternoon and we'll dry out this morning, maybe a few sprinkles. some springs yesterday and not a lot but a few areas reporting white rain. 62 degrees right now. sixty in san francisco and 49 in santa rosa and 51 in napa and with that clearing in the overnight hours, most of us are cooler this morning and by 9 degrees and 5 in santa rosa. five, concord and livermore and san jose. and quite mild. and there is a warm-up coming up. and police in sacramento released skipes of the two men wanted in connection with the stabbing of stone. men are described as asian or filipino. they were wearing white shirts and blue jeans on the night of
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the attack. witnesses said they left the scene in a dark-colored vehicle. and stone was stabbed during a prefight and ended up a week in the hospital. they did -- the stabbing took place on october 8th and that is the video there and this is outside of the area in downtown sacramento. and the chp is investigating a deadly head-on crash that happened at 7:00 last night just east of tampa's -- [ indiscernible ] one person was killed and it's not clear what led up to the crash. juniper serro is closed awhile and now reopened and this is a white cadillac pulled. the crews pulled two men from the water after their car went off of the santa cruz wharf. they were taken to the hospital and investigators are trying to figure out what caused the driver to go off of the work. and also new this morning,
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happening right now in oakland, a home is compared to -- the uphouse and being moved. >> and let's go outside and look at that right now. there is 52nd street and -- in year way and that is near the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station. and it's being loaded and that is kind of a -- and and -- [ indiscernible ] police have it shut down in that area and that is only going a blog away. and that is pretty complicated, actually, and that is very interesting. >> and this is a background now. it's sad that -- and iseral other buildings, including the ucsf children's hospital while it was going up around it. much like the house seen in that pixar film up. >> and the balloons from that movie? very, very cute. >> and after the last person living in that home died, the hospital did try to put the house up for sale. they were trying to give it away for a bargain price of
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$20,000 thinking it would be demolished. the couple stepped in and said we don't want to scare it down. >> and let's go live to oakland and where you have seen that house and -- because of safety reasons and having under the crack and following for this. >> and honest. and for it and -- [ indiscernible ] looks like they were. you're going to pan over and show us where it was? >> and looks like that. we'll check in and we have -- and new information for you and we'll keep updating for you. >> and starting tomorrow, vehicle lanes, oaklandso san leandro will be open. the three-mile stretch is between haguenberger road and
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maria boulevard. nearly a quarter of a million cars travelled and construction of san francisco's bike lane starts tomorrow. it's designed to help stop drivers from veering into the bike lane and improve for cyclists. you can -- on a two-block stretch of market street and construction is expected to take a month. and heads up. a service -- to know if you take the golden gate ferry to and from san francisco. the crews are looking to retrofit and replace boarding ramp cylinders this weekend, expects to cause delays. the work started friday morning and is scheduled to be completed by tomorrow morning at 5:00. and also developing this morning, we have been watching this. the race for the republican nominations. >> donald trump is leading in the polls and don't expect him to hold back in i one-on-one interview with chris wallace, the gop front runner talked about the economy and areas where he would immediately touch if -- cut if he were
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elected president. >> would you be willing to shut down the government in order to defund planned parenthood or push the mother of policies in. >> i don't want to say that. i want to show unpredictable. you have to and can't go around and say that. planned parenthood should be defunded. you look at what is going on with that. that is terrible and other things should be defunded and other things should be touched. >> and we are going to hear more from donald trump in the next half hour. >> and here's leading the polls. the main target of other presidential candidates on the republican side and he's in a twitter war with jeb bush. the question is foreign policy experiencing, quote, trump's absurd comments that raises questions on whether he possesses the judgement to be president. >> and -- and a link to this new attack ad. >> what do you want to talk to
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-- [ indiscernible ] right no? >> i watch the show shows. i see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows -- . >> you said publicly he watched cable news and that is one of the ways he bones up on our national security. >> jeb bush added jokes that trump is, quote, not a deep thinker and criticized him for proclaim about arizona senator john mccain is not a war hero because trump does not want war heros -- and this is a little bit -- this is the first time jeb bush flat out attacked him. >> and that looks like it will start and i know that some will pop out after the interview and analysts said, okay, we didn't give enough credit for making it this far and thought he would be a -- gone and now they're realizing that -- [ indiscernible ] still strong
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and -- . >> yeah. people are starting to take it more legitimately and chris walsh saying he now believes that trump might make it. we'll see. >> we'll see. >> still a long road before election day. >> very long. >> a year. and am ins of dollars improving mental health treatment at the santa clara county jail. what can is happening that would clear the way and changes to follow. >> and hundreds of vets are starting a 500-mile ride through california. the teamwork and innovation that is changing lives. >> and happening today, the last day of a bay area -- the annual half moon bay art and pumpkin festival from 9 this were nothing -- this morning until 5:00 p.m. in half moon bay. >> and the pumpkin, too, if you go out there. >> absolutely [ laughter ]
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. >> i can't get enough on this sunday morning and giving you a live look there and that beautiful start to the day. >> right. >> and that is aplast from the past. >> and get a point for that one and we have clearing skies for the afternoon and partly cloudy is probably the better explanation for the afternoon. and temperatures on the mild side. you have a warm-up in the future and i will have a look at the numbers for today and the extended forecast coming up. and along with the much needed rain, el nino may bring rare and highly venomous sea snakes to california. the yellow-bellied sea snake was spotted twice in ventura county, the first time in 30 years and it thrives in warm tropical waters but the rising ocean temperatures mean causing them to wash up on the
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california shoreline. the environmental group is asking anyone to take a photo from a distance and send it to them so they can confirm the snake. >> take a picture from very, very far away. >> very far. and the cleanup continues in southern california from the mudslides. the highway and roadways became completely flattened by mud and search-and-rescue crews are trying to didding that area out and that message for survivors, hoping they don't mind -- and everyone is -- [ indiscernible ] >> we have no idea and hope we don't. >> and on ur concern is a motorcyclist perhaps smaller vehicles, trucks and no problems. california drought is being
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blamed for this massive mud slide and it would have helped hold the hillsides together and that is all gone as a result. and there is only a small chance of rain in the weekend and sunshine earlier this week and we talked about this and this four-year drought every year and -- okay, we have the drought is any worry about the wild cards and this year, it feels like -- horrible. >> and for many years now, there is nothing left on the ground. it's dry and -- . >> right. >> and that, the mudslides. >> absolutely. >> and at least you have the vegetation, takes days and days of heavy rain and then that downpour. when you don't have that vegetation and intense rain, it triggers -- >> yes. >> and the area outside of the doors into the morning and afternoon, a few sprinkles and less in the forecast for today
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and that is going to be about it and giving you a live look here over downtown oakland and good morning to you. we had clearing in the overnight hours and because of that, temperatures are cooler for many and loot start with the radar and where we're looking at the clouds going through and some drizzle in the coast line and the nowhere sections of the bay area and a better chance of showers into the morning and afternoon and has to do with that iss in here and that is the low that will be moving through and that is pushing into the area and we'll have that possibility of partly cloudy skies and some drizzle and light showers and that will be about it. 56 degrees at walnut croak and 62 in oakland and novato. and look at santa rosa. the cool spot this were
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morning. 49 outside. along the peninsula, 55 in redwood city and the south bay, 58 in san jose. the east bay, a few more numbers here. 51 outside of your door and alamosa, upper 50s in danville and 60 in pittsburgh and 57 in antioch. into the morning hours, partly to mostly cloudy skies and we're partly to mostly cloudy and some moisture that won't go away altogether and mainly dry like we were yesterday and over the sierra and with that possibility of showers and thunderstorms over the mountains and afternoon highs for today, a mild one. and 70s, petaluma; 72 for napa and upper 60s to low 70s in areas like oakland, danville and into the south bay, 71 and saratoga and low 70s for areas
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like palo alto,idwood city and in pacifica for you and 60s in the forecast for half moon bay and extended forecast, again, who have a warm-up that will be back in place into monday, tuesday, and wednesday, mid- to why per 80s in the forecast and around the bay. seventys along that area. >> and not as dreary. >> no. >> and it will be nice. >> i like that. honest. >> and open. the house is -- >> oh, i am ready for the warm- up. you said it's going to be good in. >> if you like it partly cloudy and mid. >> and thank you. >> sure. and it's a 500-mile bike ride from palo alto to l.a. and taking part in it. >> and this morning they're
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going to lead there and they're leaving from the v.a. to begin something called the ride for recovery and let's go to alley to tell us how they're preparing for this big, vent this morning. >> reporter: we're starting off in sunnyvale and they pent the night, wrapping up breakfast and they are fine tuning and last-minute tuneups on the 500- mile bike ride and once they leave here, they will have a caravan of this trailer and we'll turn the camera around to the other side. you can see where they're loading up the suitcases and luggage. they're going to be on the road for seven days and these u- hauls will be carrying their luggage behind them. the goal of the event is to
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help military veterans recover from their physical is any psychological wounds. earlier this week, i had a chance to talk with one and he said this changed his life, this event. >> every morning, the helmet on and out of the door where he looks like a pro on a racing bike and that took him a long time to get here. when he woke up in the hospital 10 years ago, he was not sure he will walk again. >> and i was pleady vacked from there to germany. >> reporter: he's a u.s. army veteran. >> the u.s. army, 27th infantry brigade. >> reporter: in 2005 baghdad, he was on the gunner attack of this humvee when a suicide bomber drove by. >> and that is it. >> i a traumatic injury and broken spinal chord left him with no feeling from the waist down. he had to learn to walk all over again. >> and the chair and radar. >> reporter: seven years and several surgeries later, he was able to walk again with the
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brace. the psychological scars had not healed. >> and i don't remember the blast. >> reporter: a physical therapist told him about a program called ride to recovery, a 500-mile bike ride. why it takes them from palo alto to l.a. and it runs in modified bikes for anyone to take part, no matter the disability and at first, he had his doubts. >> and i kind of got my own and said i am not good enough and i can't do that with my legs. >> he trained hard and proved himself wrong. >> and -- helped me tremendously. and i got off of all of my pain medication and all the anger and frustration i had from my dream, i just -- and i get on my bike and i come home and i feel like i am human again.
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>> reporter: after doing the race last year in a recompany bapt bike, he set a new goal for himself in 2016, graduate to a regular bike. >> and i saw a buddy. he had both prosthetics and he rode up and i said if he can do it, i can do it. >> reporter: they're not only riding a up right bicycle he's a designated leader. he will help other vettians needing a bush on using a push bar like this to get them over steep inclines. >> my goal this year is -- year is to push recompany bapts over big sur and i have been practicing all year and i am really looking forward to helping. >> and the way people helped you last year? >> i am looking to pay it forward. >> later on, we'll follow the other veterans and volunteers here in the caravan to the palo
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alto va where the ride will kick off. >> and what am amazing ride. wonderful for them. >> and great work. thank you so much. >> thank you. and if you would like to donate go to our website at we have a place for you to get all of your information. and coming up, big changes could be on the way for drone users. a new regulation being considered and when they would take affect. >> and happening today, the nike women's half marathon in san francisco. what a great event that is. 25,000 people participating in this year's event. the race kicks off at 6:30 this morning. just a little under an hour in and they left to union square and they will end at the marina gates.
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. all new this morning, a shooting at a zombie theme festival in florida killed one person and injured four others. it happened at zombiecon in downtown fort myers. the festival draws more than 20,000 people dressed up as zombies and it's not clear what led up to the shooting. the police are still searching for the gunman. and to hawaii where sharks attacked two men while swimming. they were between 50 and 100 yards off of the area. and one man has serious leg injuries and transported to a hospital in serious condition this morning. the other was not hurt and this
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is the sixth shark attack this year. and this westbound, attacks in israelis and palestinians and in the latest incident -- [ indiscernible ] illegally entered and a clash with palestinians and that is the same one with palestinians. one was injured. five were taken in for questioning. meanwhile, there were attempted stabbings and deadly shootings between the west bank city of hebron and jerusalem. the police shot and skilled-- killed a 16-year-old palestinian teen and they said they tried to stab and kill soldiers. -- the world has been looking the other way about what is causing the violence. >> and there is no push back by the international community and don't say, hey, you need to condemn the attacks against the israelis. you haven't condemned one. >> john kerry -- and not to
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epcite violence. the palestinian leader reportedly saying -- [ indiscernible ] coming up, we have breaking news into the newsroom. a small quake. more on that after the break. >> and we'll talk about the memorial service happening in sacramento this weekend. honoring those who gave their life while serving communities. more on that and the sacrifices they made. >> and happening today, a treasure island music festival, featuring two days of live music and other entertainment. it starts at noon.
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. welcome back, we have breaking news for you and a 3.4 earthquake in the mother bay. we're going to rosemariy to explain what is happening. not a huge one, right in. >> and the usgs is asking folks if you felt it, let them know. a magnitude 3.4 and that is
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fairly slow. you can see it less than a mile and a valueo -- shallow one there, north-northwest of the geyser, 49 miles northeast of hillsborough and in that area, legalig were of -- let us know. >> it was not your imagination, right? >> and it was a 3.4 and no reports of damage. >> right. >> and a bigger one and folks in that area. >> and they always call. >> right. >> and was that really an earthquake? >> yes, it was. >> and we'll keep our eye on that this morning. jeb bush is taking aim at donald trump. he said he has little confidence in trump's ability to lead and 18, appropriately handle america hey nuclear weapons, hook fun at trump about his now -- knowledge of world affairs. >> and we?
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in sacramento, you can see on your screen, the two men wanted in connection with the savviness french-trained hero and 50 men stabbed stone in a straight outside of the bar and that is from 10 days ago. he was in the hospital -- he is in the hospital recovering. >> and today, it's moving day for the oakland house at the center of an expansion project. this is on 52nd street and near the mcarthur house station. it's one block away after a couple stepped in to relocate the house at their expense. okay. >> and i mean -- >> yeah. >> and this is from earlier. we have it throughout there and watching things as that house moves. it didn't go far and it's at the destination. they had to move it slowly. you can only imagine the logistics into pulls that house out of there and -- .
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>> y yeah. no balloons and because of safety concerns. >> and i am like come on. it's so cute. >> and all right. let's get a check on the weather for that and out and about this weekend. >> and drier. >> it's going to be nice and some drizzle in some areas this morning. partly cloudy skies and a beautiful start to the day. mild weather for today and a warm-up our way. what about that? beautiful there and pointing. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. into your afternoon, still tracking a little bit of moisture this morning and i will show you that in sat ride and late regard -- radar and this is from up above. the clouds rolling through and the clearing in the overnight hours. with the clearing came cooler weather and that is a chillier start this morning. you can see a few bits of moisture continuing to migrate into the bay area and that has to do with the low remaining off of the coast and you can
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see that right in there and that is going to continue pushing into the east. in the meanwhile, it will bring us that wraparound moisture. and in the sierra, a possibility of thunder and some showers. if you local pharmacistes -- closely, that shade of pink and white is rain and snow and exciting. giving you a view closer to home, again, partly cloudy skies, temperatures, 56 degrees at walnut creek; 51, napa; 62, sfo and along the peninsula, upper 50s into san jose and 58 for you and some cooler spots, 49 degrees in santa rosa and still in the air for you. into the afternoon, partly cloudy skies, temperatures on the mild side and the heat-up coming our way into the upper 80s and i will show you when in the extended forecast coming up. and on tuesday, santa clara county is expected to give the
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green light to spend severallent million. the county will improve a two- year, $7.5 million deal to hire 7 additional people. in recent years, the county had as few as two full-time psychiatrists on staff to handle 1500 inmates. you will remember three correctional deputies are charged with beating an inmate to death who had a history of mental illness. and firefighters across the state are in virginia e. this weekend to recognize those who died in the line of duty. and the california firefighters memorial added 16 units. five were in the bay area. and a ceremony includey a procreation, flag presentation and i blast. many firefighters honored died from job-related illnesses but there is talk here. >> there is the onecland fire and you're breathing a lot of toxins there and don't have the apparatus that the city and county fires have.
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>> and the california firefighters memorial -- and located at the state capital. a mother who lost three loved ones in the san bruno pipeline explosion is turning tragedy into hope and in 2010, that blast killed eight people, and three from one family. two bullets lost the husband and mom. he plans to -- planned to go to cullen airy school and the mom is carrying on his legacy by hosting a fund raiser to sunday deserving young people to cooking school. >> and he did have a passion. i give others with the same passion a chance to achieve their culinary dream. >> and that is a wonderful outcome. last night's, vents raised $30,000, enough to spend three people to cooking school. and uber drivers are extended to end the three-day strike. they turned off their apps as
7:37 am
fart of a protest and a fifth option on the app is what they're demanding and higher fails, montht is others. mercy voters will work on whether to pay the strike. the union the at least a 5% raise for all members. the university is offer%. and others -- [ indiscernible ] workers are all on 23 campuses. uncle sam taking aim tomorrow and the transportation department and faa will announce the registration system. only the owners of commercial drones have to -- drones have to register and the new regulations, expected to debut around thanksgiving, apply to everyone and including those flying drones as a hobby. and this comes after several dangerous incidents near the white house at the u.s. open tennis tournament and flying too close to l.a. police helicopter. and tomorrow's the last day you can register to vote for
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the november 3rd election. san francisco is holding registration draws today in richmond. you can also register online. go to the top of and click on the link to find them. donald trump is going on the offensive in case missed it earlier this were nothing. he did a sitdown introduce on fox 2 sunday. >> and -- fox news sunday. >> they asked him a range of questions including about the economy and he took a swipe at his own party when discussing raising the nation's debt limit. >> i would use that. i don't want to say. i want to be unpredictable. we need unpredictability. everything is predictable. i would be strong on the death limit and asking for a very big pound of flesh if i was the republican. the problem with the republicans, they have two sides. the smaller side is strong and the other side is agreeing. you can't do that. >> and he said if he wins the nomination and facings -- faces
7:39 am
off with the democratic front- runner hillary clinton, he would raise her record as the -- [ indiscernible ] he called her the worst secretary of state. and some have been criticize -- trump has been criticized for attacking republicans and didn't show a lot of remorse in that interview. >> and in fact, he said that it's the other way around and that he's the target of others and takes mr. issue in the drop in the polls because of that. >> i am running against a lot of people and that i come out and attack me viciously. very viciously. perry, i thought he was a nice guy and a friend of mine. he was very nice and boom, i hit him hard. i hit rand paul very hard and look what happened to him. a handle -- i am a counterpunch. if you look at what they say about me, it's terrible. gindal, he is a lightweight and
7:40 am
hit me. i don't know this man. >> the next republican -- republican presidential debate is wednesday night at the university of colorado and at least 3% in the prime time and the rest is in that secondary debate. >> and fox business network and the wall street journal will sponsor a gop debate&on november 15th and november 14th at the university and des moines i have i have. vice president joe biden travelled to new york city to receive a award. the human rights award was presented to the vice president. and this event comes at a time when there is that intense speculation over whether or not he is going to enter the race for the democratic presidential nomination. he's going to take his time -- [ indiscernible ] >> and greek philosophy molded the thoughts of our founders and provided the bases to this
7:41 am
government. millions upon millions of immigrants broad street culture and greek values to american chores. driving our economy, mainly enriching when -- enriching what it means to be an american. >> it's presented annually to a person -- [ indiscernible ] and from of all. democratic presidential hopeful hillator clinton will take center stage away from the campaign trail this coming thursday. the committee will have its chance to ask her about benghazi. clinton said that the committee became a partisan arm of the republican national committee about a focus on trying to drive her incomes down. >> we have a task and we're going to complete it when i present that. i am confident the american people will say this is a professionally conducted investigation. >> clinton's campaign is fighting a wave of momentum
7:42 am
following her strong debate performance and it would make a falloff and that would make it more peeling for joe biden to enter the rice. that is parts of the information. coming up in 20 minutes, we'll tell you about that mud that came rushing down after heavy rains. >> and the valley fire scorched everything they had. woke what one woman did to lend a helping mand. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms.
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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. >> good morning to you.
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happy sunday. a little bit -- to get us startd this morning. partly cloudy skies over san francisco and a beautiful shot there. a little bit of moisture on the lens and this look [ indiscernible ] into the afternoon and who have a warm- up coming our way. i will have a look at the sunday forecast and the week ahead coming up. all right, thank you. 7:45 and we're getting a first hand look from the teenagers who got a big -- [ indiscernible ] in the bay area and -- stood up at middleton high school on saturday and check out the pictures. many of them last their hopes in the fire last night and with those -- [ indiscernible ] and they looked at -- and this is thanks to women who started the effort. the event is going to be held again next saturday at the
7:46 am
homecoming dance on november 8th. and -- [ indiscernible ] help and -- . >> yeah. >> and love the smile on their faces. >> and what a great moment. this ma i have a moment from all of it and -- . >> yes. >> and [ indiscernible ] >> okay. the it's a 500-mile bicycle ride from palo alto tola and more than 200 military -- to l.a. and more than 200 military vets are taking part in it. >> and they're starting at the v.a. in palo alto, called the ride to recover and here's more on they preparing this morning. i know you're in sunnyvale and they have a start there and ready to go. right? >> that's right and there is a hub event happening here.
7:47 am
they have their uniforms on and bicycles ready. and last-minute fine tuning of the bicycles here. this is the giant trailer you see here and this is a portable bike stop and this is where they do that bike. they need a secure place to store all of the equipment. some are expensive is any that i have been modified so that any veteran despite their visibility can take part and that i have recompany bent bikes out here and hand cycles they're going to be using. and they going to be right -- in the bike with them out here. this is all run by an organization called ride to recovery. and supplying the veterans, military veterans recovering from the physical and psychological wounds and we're talking to the veterans earlier this week and this is really incredibly beg your pardon
7:48 am
official for them. the training for this and they have -- the life. earlier this weekend and this is womof the ride leaders and this challenge happening here today and how he is -- how he no longer has to take any pain medication or -- and we have a gentleman who is very excited and taking have of everyone and that is as they go along here. you can see them loading into the pickup truck here and some of their equipment and on to the other end, there is a caravan of a couple of other vans that are going to secure all of the luggage and seven days as you can imagine, they have a lot of stuff they're carrying with them. as they go up and down the california coast from palo alto to l.a., we have a lot of -- they have a lot of equipment to take with them. getting ready and packing up for this morning. back to you. >> and -- [ indiscernible ]
7:49 am
this is a tough ride they going on. >> and that is -- discuss dis. >> from palo alto to southern california, they're going along highway 1, taking them over big sur, a 1300-mile incline, 1300- foot incline, should say and that is definitely called a united healthcare ride to recovery challenge and that is a challenge for people taking part in this. and should mention that it's not just here in californiaing they have the right to recovery across the country and more than a dozen around and that started here with the palo alto va back in 2008 and there is a strong local connection here. >> and if anyone is up for the challenge, that is -- great event. thank you so much.
7:50 am
>> a little bit. go to the website. >> let's turn to the weather this morning. >> and that looks pretty good. partly cloudy skies and clouds, patchy drizzle and that is not a bad start to the day and into the afternoon and -- if the workweek ahead. right now, san francisco is giving you a view there. the final sunday treat of the season going on and we have a half marathon going on this morning. san francisco is starting at 63 and partly to mostly cloudy skies and again, patchy drizzle is possible and santa rosa, 49. the cooler spot this morning and most of us in the 50s and 60s and livermore, 61; san jose, 51 degrees and this is a look at storm tracker 2 and it
7:51 am
has to deal with the system that remains right here off of the coast of california and you see how that circulation is counted erclockwise and continuing to pump that in and not a lot. partly cloudy, mainly dry and some drizzle. that is about it. we have thunderstorms, a possibility in -- possibility in the sierra and some rain and snow mix there in areas that look like -- near yosemite and a possibility for the mountains. for us, we're going to leave a slight chance to be partly cloudy. the winds picking up in the end of the afternoon and breezy along the coast and inside the bay. outside of that, the temperatures are going to be mild and partly cloudy. into monday, the temperatures decline and tuesday warmer and wednesday, looks like one of the warmest days. if you're going out to see the niners play, a nice day in the stands. partly cloudy skies and 15 miles an hour and afternoon highs around the bay, starting
7:52 am
to the north. we have 71 for today and 72 in napa. the east bay, 60s along the east bayshoreline and low 70s to danville. and 73 for the afternoon and morgan hill, 72 and 72 for saratoga and into the day. a nice one in palo alto and 70 for san mateo and 66 in san francisco; 65, half moon bay and that pumpkin fest continues and the extended forecast there and with the pumpkins, we have temperatures on decline tomorrow. warmer in the communities and we won't stop. the pack in the middle 80s and low 80s around the bay. looks good. >> and not bad.
7:53 am
fall weather. ia, you know. right. >> and -- wanted that rain. >> all right. [ indiscernible ] >> i got it. it was not the ending that anyone expected. we're talking about the game but it was touchdown early. we'll tell you why and -- when that can outdo us. >> and happening today, rosemariy -- the last sunday streak of the year and from 11:00 this morning until 4:00 tonight. the mission district will be par free for people to walk and do other activities. valencia street from 24th -- will be
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
. >> later, we have a -- [ indiscernible ] san diego next sunday. the niners never avenge their loss to the ravens in super bowl xlvii. yeah, and -- they hope -- much different than the ones swearing off -- squaring off in the big game 2 1/2 years ago and only five players games is any kickoff is the at 1:45. and this is what we have. ready for it? following us -- and you have the pregame show at 9 and followed by the cardinals and the steelers at 10 and yes, why it's sunday. >> and fans who bought tickets
7:57 am
between the words and the lakers will get -- how many of the 14,000 fans booed when the rest stopped the game in the third quarter. the reasonup playable conditions on the court. hosting a hockey game recently and there was moisture on the court. by the way, the final score of this exhibition game, lakers, 85; warriors, 70. >> and new developments on the attack on the -- training heros. we'll tell you how police have a better idea now and the stabbing. >> and the cards rise off the santa cruz wharf. the rescue from the water coming up.
7:58 am
mi'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. this morning, donald trump speaking out about almost everything. this after a new attack from jeb bush. >> and it did survive years of development. take a live look this morning. the little house and you can see it there on the left side of your screen. it found a new home. it won't say where it was, and now it has a spot. we'll tell you where it went and how it got there. mornings on two starts now. all right, and we continue here on mornings on 2. and thanks for waking up with us on sunday, october 18th. >> i'm claudia wong. >> and i'm ross polumbo and let's get a quick check on the weather. topping the news this morning, more fallout from those years of -- and we saw the massive mud slides last week near los angeles. the same problem is hitting
8:01 am
parts of the foothills and caltrans clearing the roadway after a downpour triggered flash flood warnings. rock, mud, and other debris covering sections of highway 26. >> and all of the brush and underbrush is gone and there is noing there to stop them from flowing. it's going to flow. >> and they don't have to worry about the wildfires and flash floods, the rainy season coming. and mud slides are for people here and there are a few areas that you talk about. the sierras and the valley fire. this is the cannening fire area. >> and -- . >> and wherever they are and we have had many of them over the large areas of land. >> right. >> we're worried about it. >> and all of the best station everywhere. and -- . >> sure. >> and with or without the burned car areas and with an iabilitypo -- a possibility around the bay area and a lot of rain. we're hoping for that, but on the other hand, could be a curse. we'll have to wait and see how
8:02 am
that goes. right now, we do have some rain in the forecast and that they're looking at thunderstorms for the afternoon as well and storm tracker 2, we begin and look here. the center of the storm is going to continue to move across california and continue to bring us a bit of unsettled weather and as it moves through. and we have some drizzle and some sprinkles in the bay area today and let's go to the sierra first and thunderstorms south of tahoe. tahoe is mainly dry. into this area, the areas are south of tahoe where we're seeing some ofstra fly and that is in the area east of lodi. the linden area near highway 26, where we had that yesterday. and we were mainly dry. .001 of an inch in areas like santa rosa and sprinkles at
8:03 am
times. and we're partly cloudy. and you can see moisture continuing to move over the bay area and partly cloudy for today. perhaps some drizzle and not a lot. temperatures on the mild side and starting out in the 50s and 60s this morning. 56, wall flut creek; 63, oakland; 63, san francisco. upper 50s, half moon bay. the north bay is camer -- cooler this morning. 52, napa and santa rosa, clearing in the overnight hours and that helps them bottom out. we have 8 degrees cooler in napa than 24 hours ago and by 3 in santa rosa, which is a difference. earlier, down by 9 and fairfield, 6 degrees cooler this morning and into the afternoon, a lot of 60s and 70s, into the upper 80s. i will show you when in the extended forecast coming up. and police in sacramento released the two men wanted in connection with the stabbing of -- [ indiscernible ] spencer stone. the men are described as asian
8:04 am
or filipino and -- on the scene now. they were wearing white shirts and blue james on the night they were attacked. witnessed they left in a dark- colored toyota camry. stone was stabbed during a street fight. you can see him here at the hospital and looking good after spending a week there. the police obtained this surveillance video of the stabbing and you see them there. it took place on october 8th and this is outside of the bar in the area. all in downtown sacramento. and the chp this morning involving a deadly head-on crash. it happened at 7:00 last night east of tampa's -- and investigators said one person was killed. right now, it's not clear whatted well up to the crash and it was closed while the crash was investigated and has since reopened and look at this. a white cadillac pulled out of the santa cruz wharf last night. two men were pulled from the water after the car went off of the what was.
8:05 am
they were taken to the hospital and -- off of the wharf. and investigators are trying to figure out what cause said that driver to go into the water. and this morning and happening now -- this oakland home. >> and that is right. usually compared to pixar's up. and a live look now that home on 52nd street and that was near martin luther king jr.way by the mcarthur park station and now, a block away and -- . >> that is surrounded by trees there and looks like it's settling in and it was not a long movement and if you ever watched the move -- a complicated move. you're wondering why why it had to go, there is a background on the home. the lot it's been sitting on for decades with several buildings around it and ucsf and goinga under it, if you look at it -- and that is why, i mean that is what happened.
8:06 am
>> yeah. >> and with that comparison and look at it there and that needed to go. [ laughter ] >> and after the last person living in their home died there, the hospital tried putting the house up for sale and nearly giving it away and a couple of steps in, willing to move that house at their expense. >> adorable, isn't it? >> and so cute. and that is what happened. >> and that is where it is now in the hospital. and they wanted to tie up the lains and going there and calling it the uphouse and that had to go under the b.a.r.t. tracks and so they thought, you know what? maybe not a good idea like this and we'll put the balloons on it later. >> and that works outside -- worked out. >> and looks like they have to figure why it out. >> and that is probably the easy part at this point. >> and -- starting tomorrow, high
8:07 am
occupancy vehicle lane from oakland to san leandro will be open and that is a three-mile stretch of interstate 880 between the road and marina boulevard and that can get jammed up in there and newer nearly a quarter of a million cars travel on that road every day. and a service advisory you need to know about and to and from san francisco. the crews are working to retrofit and replace boarding ramp cylinders this weekend. the work started friday morning and is scheduled to be completed by tomorrow morning at 5:00. and also developing this morning, we want to talk about the race for the republican presidential nomination. a lot of talk back and forth. >> and donald trump being requested issues about the economy and bankruptcy and whether trump could be calm during a crisis.
8:08 am
>> are you a little -- . >> no, i am only thin skinned when someone says bad things that are false. for instance, if you hit me about something that is true. >> all right. >> and the bankruptcy, i can use that as a tool. i never filed for bankruptcy. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] >> four am ties i used it -- . >> no, i know, but the way tests phrased. i can see the eyes. >> he is ahead in the poles -- polls with dr. ben carson in second place. >> and he has become the main target of others. and right now, he's in the twitter war with former florida governor jeb bush who questions his foreign policy experience. is any there is something here, raising questions on whether me possesses the judgement to do -- he possesses the judgement to make decisions. >> and the national security is a reality tv show and then there was a link to this new
8:09 am
attack ad. take a look. >> what are you -- [ indiscernible ] right now? >> well, i watch the show and i see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows. >> you said publicly that you watch cable news and that is one way he bones up on our national guard. >> and -- our national security. >> and through that ad, jeb bush's people joke around and -- criticizing trump for proclaiming that arizona snappers mccain is no the a war hero because he doesn't want work heros to -- who were captured. >> and he is responding to -- [ indiscernible ] >> what i am most honored mr. about is every person that went after me cluing jeb bush, down, bomb, every person has gone way down and i am honored by that and that is what the country
8:10 am
freeds. they need a leader that when the country gets lit, we're going to come out on top and not keep going down. we're going down. our country is going down. >> and we should point out that response was -- and i think this is back and forth and not to that ad he's responding to. >> but other fights they have had over -- >> and there are a lot of fighting over the bush brothers and how jeb bush is defending him and that was the response to that and we'll see what happens when they square off again. >> and the increase -- next presidential debate is wednesday night in boulder at the university of colorado. >> and the next democratic debate and that is on the 49th at the university in des moines, iowa and there is a lot ahead politically. >> and this is just the beginning. now the gloves are coming off a little bit when it comes to the republicans in denver. >> and i think, you know, they're watching -- and say they not watching the polls but
8:11 am
they are. >> oh, yeah. >> and some leverage in there as we get closer. >> i. and coming up, trying to ease tensions. john kerry will meet with the leaders of israel and palestine this week. >> and coming up, how those meetings will address recent deadly attacks in the west bank. . >> getting ready for a seven- day journey down the california coast. how a 500-mile bike ride is changing the lives of military veterans. >> and this morning, partly cloudy skies, unsettled weather lingering around for your sunday and i will have what you can expect for the neighborhood coming up.
8:12 am
8:13 am
. hundreds of military vets are about to embark on a 500- mile bike ride on the bay area to southern california. >> and what a remarkable story. they're leading the palo alto va and there is a long ride all the way down the coast to los angeles and it's all called the ride to recovery and we want to go to ktvu's ali -- who is in sunnyvale and they have been busy there all morning long and getting ready for this event. >> reporter: hi, they -- in sunnyvale and they look like they're lady to go and in bike -- they're all ready to go and
8:14 am
on their bakes -- bikes, getting ready to go and this is what they're about to embark on and ride to recovery is a non- profit organization. the goal of the event is to give military veterans an outlet for them to physically train to help with their injuries physical and psychological. i have one of the founders with me and you started this here in palo alto in 2007, with i handful of people. how rewarding is it? >> it's an amazing thing what happened since i first came here in 2007 and the numbers impacted, you know, 10,000 veterans over the eight years and boy, turned the life around with something simple like riding a bike. >> and there are challenges of ride to recovery across the country now and it's grown. >> yes, we do fixed rides like -- six rides like this a year
8:15 am
and do programs and have programs around the country where vets are riding every day. >> and your everything -- organization, no veteran is turned away despite their visibility and you work to modify the bike for everyone to take part. >> absolutely. doesn't matter whether they're post 9/11, go will war 1, vietnam -- we have the world war 2 and tuskegee airmen and doesn't matter to us for firefighters and police officers injured in the line of duty. the programs unique. >> and we have seen some here and hand cycles. how far have you gone to adjust and modified bicycles to accommodate veterans taking part? >> we first started in 2007 when we got approached by a amputee. he wanted to ride a regular upright bike and all of the professionals we talked to said it was impossible for him to do
8:16 am
that and he's done challenges with us and rides all of the time. and we have triple amputees, double amputees, paraplegics, quadriplegics and doesn't matter. they ride and ride they ride together. >> and thank you so much for talking to us and thank you for the work you do with the organization. >> thank you very much. >> and the ride kicks off at the aloe alto va and that is where it began eight years ago and they will start the ride about 10:00 and we'll follow them later on this morning. >> thank you, ali. >> what's great event. thank you so much. and to donate to this event, go to our website at and we have a section where you can see our page on our web links page e. and after storms brought in severe flooding and mudslides to the los angeles area and highways and roadways were
8:17 am
flattened and they're trying to gig the -- deg the area out and making sure that nothing or no one is under that and -- on your screen and this is low- tech methods where they dig and tap hoping they don't find anything or anyone. california -- [ indiscernible ] being blamed for that mudslide and that is gone as a result of the historic drive and won't to go to rose eye maror. there is a small chance of rain in our area when we talk about -- and -- . >> right. >> and we have the slides yesterday in the sierra foothills and thunderstorms, a possibility there and southern california will begin to dry out and in that system that is bringing us some weather and moving into the east. let's look at what is happening outside of the doors this morning. partly cloudy i 62, and some drizzle -- cloudy skies, some
8:18 am
drizzle at times and didn't see a lot here and up in the foothills and over portions the sierra, an inch of rain.ed -- reported, including some of the spots and into highway 76 and east of lodi. a bit of a sliding going on and caltransyesterday. and you can see we have some going on and look at where we have rain. and thunderstorms firing off over the mammoth lakes area. and that shade of pink and white and indicating snow for the higher elevation and exo e. to see there and we have the calm weather in our area and just that little bit of moisture continuing to pull through and that has to do with the system and no the -- to the north of us and that is moving through the course of the afternoon and by tomorrow, drying out and warming up and this is that system in here and
8:19 am
notice how it slides across and why it's going to continue the moisture in our area and into sunday night we're dry with the cloudy skies and there is a possibility that we will have drizzle. fifty degrees in napa; 53, san francisco and 63, livermore and heyward and 64, san jose and afternoon highs, partly cloudy skies, 60s at the coast and 66 in sauce lighta. inland, warmer there and 72 for napa and petaluma, 72 santa rosa and partly cloudy skies and a slight chance for a few showers. and into the east bay, 68 in san leandro and 74 in brentwood and into the south bay and sarah don't go away a low 70s for santa clara and san jose
8:20 am
for the 49ers game out there and this afternoon, nice and partly cloudy, mild to warm and 71, redwood city and 66 this afternoon and half moon bay for the pumpkin fest and there is that warm-up coming our way as early as tomorrow and into the system, mid- to upper 80s in the forecast by wednesday and into thursday, and with that dry warm pattern into the second half of october. >> that looks good. >> and a great night. and in the buyiary. and the weddings and plans? >> in the transition where we flip flop. >> the rain in november and october. >> sure. >> and happens around halloween. >> absolutely. >> and thank you.
8:21 am
>> sure [ indiscernible ] former 49er head coach doesn't like the way his game ended. the last-minute play that changed everything up. >> and the unexpected visitor that could be coming in with this year's -- as you know.
8:22 am
. all new information coming in. the hunt for escaped mexican drug lord joaquin el chappo guzman.
8:23 am
they came close to capturing him and believe he was staying at a ranch in the sierra madre mountains. investigators tracked him to that area but guzman was able to escape. and he may have been injured in the process, though and broke out of a mexican prison, you will remember, back in july after looking into an underground tunnel. it was in a shower stall. >> and this morning, we learned u.s. secretary of state john kerry is going to meet with the leaders of israel and palestine this week. and how this meeting comes on the heels of back-to-back attacks between israelis and palestinians and some deadly. the latest incident, and this is according to the israeli military and side -- today and that is the one that was set on fire by palestinians and one was injured and few up taken in for questioning. there were attempted stacks in the west bank -- stabbings in
8:24 am
the west bank area and -- he pull theed a knife and tried to stab. and up kill sam is taking aim tomorrow and transportation department and the faa will announce the registration system for all. right now, only the owners have to register their aircraft. and they're expected to bay due applies to everyone, including those as a hobby. the action comes after several dangerous incidents like drones, the drone crash landing near the white house at the u.s. open tennis tournament and flying too close to an l.a. police helicopter. >> and how do you feel about snakes? the much needed rain. el nino may bring rare and highly venomous snakes to california and they're called yellow bellied sea snakes and that has happened in 30 years.
8:25 am
the sea snakes strife in warm, tropical waters and -- [ indiscernible ] in temperatures and that is bringing them to the area. you can see the yellow belly there and that would scare me a lot. >> and they went to document what is happening and they're asking anyone to use one of the snakes to take a photo and make sure you do it from a distance. they're venomous and send it to them to confirm the sighting. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
8:26 am
8:27 am
. shock and utter disappointment for jim harbah. his dream season at the university of michigan last night on the final play against in itch mitch state. leading 23-21 and 10 seconds to the clock. the punter is -- [ indiscernible ] that snap and
8:28 am
michigan state recovered. look at everyone's face and recovered the fumble and they ran that ball in that game last night for the touchdown [ indiscernible ] and he's the programming schedule this morning on ktvu fox. up next, the mercedes sports bend weekend, the fox pregame show at 9 and followed by the cardinals and steelers. >> all right, looking good out there on sunday. >> yeah. >> and the nice day at the 49er game. >> and thank you rosemary. >> and thank you for joining us on this sudden morning. have a great day. >> have a great day, everybody. >> see you later.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
. they say you are what your record said you are. despite their poor record, the 49ers feel they have something to build on. after the game last sunday in new york with john harbah's baltimore ravens later today. >> and a well-known bay area writer and columnist joins us to talk about a sometimes forgotten 49er era and the quarterback who was probably the most important one in team history. and he's not joe montana. >> and on a biweek, the raiders take time to assess what went right to win what went wrong. three losses. the mercedes-benz sports weekend is next. . how's it going, everybody. i'm mark ibanez.


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