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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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in the air. >> julie, i'm sorry. >> old habits die hard. it is great to have you back as you're right, the attack on the plane on their way to san francisco. >> yeah, tonight new details from people who were on the southwest airlines flight when a man attacked a woman. >> we've got two passengers that are in a physical altercation. and they need to turn it back around. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the fbi is now investigating that midair attack. it happened just minutes after that southwest plane took off from los angeles bound for sfo. a passenger was detained and then released. ktvu tara moriarty spoke to a bay area dj who happened to be on that flight. >> hey, the flight attendant just called. evidently we've got two passengers that are in a physical altercation. so we need to get turned around. >> reporter: bay area dj mark
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curry was a passenger on board flight 2010 bound for sfo. he says he was asleep and woke up to a commotion. >> everybody screaming. it was pandemonium. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: it was a woman who claimed when she moved her seat back that it enraged the woman who tried to choke her and hit her on the head. >> they got up and asked me would you restrain this guy and i was like yeah, you know, i told them before 30,000 feet thatly beat you down. >> reporter: he said no one wanted to talk to the man because they were afraid of agitating him. >> he didn't seem like the kind of guy to do that. i think he shocked his own self. >> reporter: the plane was sent back to lax where the man was escorted off, the woman refusing to press charges. now southwest issued a statement saying, "the captain declared an emergency, landed uneventfully, reaching the gate where law enforcement officers met the flight. after switching aircrafts, the remaining 136 san francisco-
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bound passengers arrived about five hours after their scheduled arrival." >> so people when you're on the plane, tell the person behind you i'm going to pull the seat back, okay? >> reporter: the fbi is now investigating. at sfo, tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. authorities in ireland are investigating the sudden death of a 24-year-old man on an air lungus flight to dublin as the man began shaking before charging out of his seat, then ran to the back of the plane. he bit a man trying to restrain that man and ended up on the floor having what appear today be a seizure. the plane made an emergency landing in ireland, but that man died on the plane. police arrested -- san leandro police arrested a man who slashed the tires to more than a dozen cars. residence at 143rd avenue called police after they saw a man slashing tires early yesterday morning. when officers arrived, they found at least 16 vehicles had one or more of their tires slashed. >> and i mean, mad.
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because i'm planning on going to see my grandchildren next month. that put a dent in my pocket. >> reporter: police say that this afternoon detectives arrested a 35-year-old man in hayward. his name not released yet. it's believed that he has families that live in that apartment complex. the suspect was then booked on suspicion of vandalism. faculty members at all 23 cal state campuses began taking a strike authorization vote today as they picketed at csu. confrontation between the faculty and cal state university have been stalled over pay raises. the faculty association is asking for a 5% hike. cal state is offering 2%. the two sides are now in medication and after the agreement is reached, that there will be no vote. and and that it will not be until january. >> and in court today, that it will be determined.
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>> that it will be played. >> the former middle school science teacher, that the court in handcuffs. and on the first day of the preliminary hearing that they did not speak. it will be 87 counts. >> and it will be horrifying to see the sad things happen to the young kids. and that they will be describing the coercion for the sexual acts with quinto inside the attacks. he organized about two years ago. the boy said in the interview, "i let them because i didn't want him to get mad at me. he would say don't tell your parents or the other campers. >> he'd molest them in the other night.
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if and when he would have them in a place where they would be vulnerable enough to be molested by him. >> he's the teacher in richmond. authorities say he organized camp epic and got parents permission to take anywhere from two to 20 students on trips. this went on between 2012 and 2014 when he was arrested. >> mr. quitno did a good job convincing the families that the leadership that they would gain through going through the boy scout-like camp epic program would facilitate these kids to be good young adults. >> reporter: authorities say that he also once took students to a motel in vallejo instead of camping. his attorney would not comment on the case, saying only that kinto has pleaded not guilty. if held for trial and convicted that he could go to prison for the arrest of the life. ktvu fox 2 news. >> they would try to kidnap
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them yesterday afternoon. and that it was possible for the tinted windows. that they are providing the extra patrols for their nearby schools. and to identify thomas as they would say they responded to the domestic disturbance when they arrived they found that victim that was shot. the sheriff deputies arrested the 71-year-old from washington state. and in connection with that shooting. according to the victims facebook profile that she would work for their county times for 27 years before retiring in 2006. and it was 24 years ago that one of the country's worse
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fires, they burned through the oakland berkeley hills, killing 25 people, injuring 150 more, and destroyed more than 3,000 homes and apartments. keba arnold is here now. keba, today we heard from the mayor of oakland turning out that her family was one of those that lost theirs today. >> reporter: yes, one of the victims there that started back on october 19. and that is when it started. but the next day they would reignite to help spread that fire quickly. again, today the oakland mayor, they would share her own experience with their fire. she commemorated that tragic anniversary at the gateway to their preparedness center, nearly oakland fire to the tunnel. and at her side were the fire chiefs for oakland and their east bay park district as they would say she was at law school when they broke out and received that devastating phone call from her father. and that the family home burned to the ground. the only thing left is the pile of ashes and the charged past.
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>> to see that entire neighborhood and their entire community of the people who you would know and love and all live together. that it is recognizable for the water refrigerators, which is just it that it really felt like something out of the science fiction be movie. >> and they said that the hardest part was the year after the fire and as the family would work to replace everything that they have lost. and the mayor and the fire officials would speak about their prevention measures taken since then. including their fire breaks and that clearing of dry brush. that everyone needs to pitch in to replace their fire danger, including homeowners that will need to clear their dry brush and also keep their properties clear of the fire hazards in any way possible, frank. >> yeah, i remember walking
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through that area after their fire that i have never seen anything like that and exactly what they would talk about. thank you, keba. the racketeering trial of raymond shrimp boy chow is being pushed back. the jury selection in chow's case was suppose to begin tomorrow. and that it has been put off until november 2 or 3. chow is accused of racketeering and money laundering while in charge f a china town fraternal -- charge of a china town fraternal organization. that trial might be tried separately if they decide to seek that death penalty as they want that decision by november 2. a broken fire hydrant caused quite a mess in san francisco today. it happened this afternoon on stevenson street near eckers street right in front of yung tsing. fire crews tried to cap it, but no word on what caused that hydrant to break. a group of about a dozen california lawmakers left for
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australia today. they want to learn how that country dealt with a severe drought as australia went through the 12-year drought between 1997 and 2009. democratic state president of los angeles says that the state can learn how to adapt to what could be more frequent extreme weather due to climate changes. the group is made up of 11 people from both parties. two more quakes have rattled san ramon at the same time in the past hour and they are larger than most of the earlier ones. at 4:21 this afternoon two quakes both registering 3.5, they hit two locations, but not far away from each other and also both in san ramon. they started last tuesday and earlier today that there were at least eight others above their magnitude. several others were in that one range. swarms like that are not unusual in the area. supebowl 50 is just months away. the field at levi stadium is still having some issues.
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the latest incident that have people saying there is turf trouble. heartbreak on the south university campus over the sudden death of a student. for the week ahead, a drier pattern. also increased fire risks. a look at what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up.
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all right, so 49ers fans were about ready to give up as they would pull out a big win over the ravens yesterday. >> with the big rival coming up on thursday night that it could
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be a turning point for them. mark ibanez is here with more on this. >> more importantly it's great to have you back, that's the turning point. >> so glad to be back that it could be two months to look forward and not looking back. >> glad to have you back as they will be looking healthier yesterday afternoon down at levi and their first win in a while and breaking that four- game losing streak. but it will be a little bit on their move. it will be 65 yards to see them go down in a heat like this to seem to be bothered by their left foot. at this point they would stay in their game with nine carries for seven yards. they would know it's a foot injury, but nobody has been able to put that finger on exactly what that problem is, but they say that they should be ready for seattle come thursday. >> and they would put too much pressure on them. and you know to cut that, it is too much weight on them.
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>> their foot is sore. i don't want to put a medical label on it, but anyway that they have that soreness in there. i guess it's a bruise. and, you know, that he's got that as they are working through that win as we are just managing it. you know, with the pounding in practice. >> there you go. his foot is sore. what are we going to tell you? [ laughter ] >> it is true though that they cannot exactly put that diagnosis on it, but it is sore. >> i'm no football expert, but the thing that i would notice about it, that he would look so hesitant in their first couple of games. and short passes that they would get their confidence and that hi was right on the money with -- and he was right on the money. >> they were looking the last couple of games. against the giants, right on
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the money, playing more like himself and that people, they need to stop to realize that he threw for more than 300 yards in a super bowl. so you know that the guy, he has that talent and i think that a lot of his problem is mental in getting that confidence back as he would sure look to have it that it will be a huge test. >> i know, he didn't look like he was second guessing himself yesterday. >> yes, when it gets in your head that it will be too much. >> sports as you would know is mental. thank you. >> got it. the nfl is coming to the theater in oakland next week to discuss their possible move as they would announce to discuss the hearings in oakland and san diego as a part of the process on that possible franchise relocation talking about the raiders and their future. the meeting will allow fans and the other community members to ask questions, to give their opinions directly to their nfl and the owners of the rams, they would have plans to move to the new stadium in engelwood as the raiders and chargers expressed interest in building
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a joint stadium in carson. heavy rains yesterday that caused some concerns in that area and recently burned by the large wildfire as they would burn more than 8,000 acres in solano and napa county as they were issued yesterday in that burn scar of the rag fire. and heavy rains, they could cause their dangerous flooding in areas recently burned by their wildfires. search crews, they are using dogs to try to find a 67-year- old man believed to have been swept away by that massive mud slide last week. this comes as crews, they would continue to try to remove their cars stuck in all that mud and debris on highway 58 east of the area. their crews are using heavy equipment to halt their dirt away. about 200 vehicles, including three dozen tractor trailers were caught in that mud slide. >> and so unusual for that to happen down there while up here really wild weather. another beautiful day. some of the cloud cover burning
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away. but let's go back over to rosemary for a look at what's happening. >> the unsettled weather. getting hit pretty hard with the flood advisories today. julie, welcome back. >> thanks, rosemary, great to be back. let's take a look at what's going on outside our doors with the mild weather here at home a few scattered showers over their south bay this morning and over their weekend with hit or miss showers. that was really about it. just trace amounts reported here and there and in southern california still getting hammered this afternoon. 76 in san francisco. 79 in oakland. low 70s in oakland. these temperatures are right about where they should be for this time of the year. we'll warm it up for the rest of the week. first the set up. the radar is not picking up going on over southern california, but i have been
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watching the tweets. they are dealing with flood advisories. the flow that will actually develop through the evening hours. that's in place right now. partly cloudy skies. a little bit of moisture that you can see. again they move in starting tonight and in to tomorrow. picking it for you this afternoon a few scattered showers, sinking all the way down to the edge of sonoma county. maybe a little bit of a drizzle that it should be it. as we get in to your evening hours, they would like to develop along the coastline. now watch how they would just push out towards their south because of the northerly winds expected to move in tonight and by tomorrow morning, temperatures will be warming
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up. expected along the coast and the bay and inland areas in to the mid-80s. five to ten degrees above their average getting outside. and 55 in livermore with the dry weather in place. the upper 70s, 79 morgan hill, one more stop, we've got 77 in san mateo and 75 in san francisco with mostly clear skies with a lot of sunshine, dry weather in their forecast through that business week and beyond. and the bay area weekend, notice they don't change a whole lot. >> yes, it sure is. >> thank you. it's been so long as we were worried, wondering what was happening. >> you really appreciate when you feel good to not take it
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for granted. like doing the simple things, it is nice to be back and thank you to so many people, whether they would have facebook or social media, phone calls, wishing you well that meant so much over the past two months to get all that, that we got rid of the sweatpants in the t- shirt to put that on for the first time. that feels kind of good. thank you. >> and you're about 95%? >> yes, still healing with a lot of things going on, but no more pain. that don't rush it or hurry around because you know that you will get back to their usual stuff. just come to take it low. it is just great to have you back. >> thank you, good to be back. a man shot and killed by police in their busy market street. today they talk to a big audience about the new
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investigations. stealing art for that home. >> with so much time tuberous see how they were able to steal thousands from this san francisco house.
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hi, welcome to my beautiful story. >> i love it. >> and a new tally for last month's stampede, now stands at more than 2,100 more than triple the number.
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the new figure would come from some of the 180 individual countries that will be identifying their bodies, trying to find out what will be happening for them still missing. the stampede was the deadliest in their history of the annual pilgrimage. today calling for their israeli palestinian leaders to take their urgent action to end that recent wave of the violence in that region as yesterday, the security guard, they would shoot the migrant after thinking that he had carried out a deadly bus shooting station. they then attacked that migrant who later died, following several weeks in both israel and the territories. >> do i need to live in a world where i'm afraid to leave home to go to my college studies to work or go shopping? he's expected to the palestinian president. in the coming days.
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picture -- pitcher barry zito pitched his final game last month against his former teammate. both played for the giants and the a's. he won that cy young in oakland of 2002, signing the massive contract with their giants. and their years, they were filled with some highs and a lot of deep lows. but he made major contributions in their world series run. that he will be retired before and then tried to come back this past season as he would write that he's walking away from their game at peace. it's been a difficult day hear at san jose state as students, they want to adapt to one of their own. how they are remembering him coming up. cutting off thousands of customers from their water supply. the pipeline being placed to
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avoid the widespread barrier. a lot of ways to describe what happened. the latest complaint that will play host to the super bowl in over three months.
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this is what happened to the kicker as they attempted
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that field goal yesterday. sending them to the ground as you know there's been a lot of questions about that condition of the field there. but it is actually much improved. >> well, they say that the field is holding up their signs, performing as they should as they say that they received no complaints. in person they would talk of the sink hole or pothole. he added that it is no excuse though that they will not be filing a complaint with the
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league. but they said that they will be very satisfied with the view. >> yeah, i mean, that was great for us. >> reporter: but it has not always been the case that they have acknowledged their problems in the past, replacing that five times over a little more than a year. at one point they even halted their practice over their safety concerns. but the most recent replacement before their game. >> i felt pretty good about it yesterday, i didn't sleep at all in any instances to remember. >> and it is being great for us to feel very nicely any time you would go there. they could get on there to see it themselves. >> they were 140 plays on the field yesterday and that the most highly trafficked areas,
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they would show you where that they do not indicate that problem and so they would say that it is otherwise. >> i have heard about it ever since they opened up. that it looks pretty good from where we were standing that they were closed off. >> a portion of the field covered with the tarp that there are no plans to replace that now, just a treat to normal wear and tear. >> if they continue to be an issue that it will be that turf. >> reporter: and of course that they will get replaced. at least one more time this season before their super bowl that they will take over and bring in their own field. frank? >> thank you. >> reporter: that killed a 27- year-old man in san francisco last week. police held a town hall meeting to have a conversation with their community about that
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deadly shooting. it happened last thursday on eighth street in their mid- market neighborhood. they say that two officers would approach them for throwing glass bottles in to the street. when they couldn't stop, they tried to arrest them, but they would take their gun. >> and once he got that gun out, they were literally struggling with the barrel facing the sergeant. and for however long that it was until their partner, that they caught that. >> reporter: that if they had not shot him that the other officer would have been shot or killed, benitez died at the scene. they had been staying at motels in san francisco going through tough times, but doesn't appear that benitez was under the influence or suffering from a diminished capacity. a new car pool lane set to open on interstate 880 this morning is now set to open tomorrow morning instead. along the three-mile stretch of southbound interstate 880 in
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san leandro. cal tran expects to on the part lane at 5:00 tomorrow morning. nearly a quarter of a million cars travel on the freeway every day and transportation officials, they say that the new hov lane will help ease their commute in that busy corridor and they could save about five minutes of the drive time. students in san jose state are mourning the death of the water polo player and the team is swimming laps at their school aquatic center when they found that 24-year-old student unconscious. that they join us now with what happened and how the team is remembering them. >> well, it has been an extremely somber day at san jose state, especially at the aquatic center as they would swirl to what exactly caused ryan harryman's death. that he was set to graduate this spring and just 24. >> it is very surreal and that i have been in shock for the past couple of days. >> reporter: at san jose state's aquatic center over the sudden death of the 24-year-old
5:35 pm
ryan harryman that he has been friends with harryman since they graduated from the high school in cupertino visiting them for closure. >> i could hear their laughter, a very happy kid and very loving and very easy going. >> and last tuesday night that he became unconscious during practice with their water polo club team and a university spokeswoman that said that the native was under water for a minute when his teammate, they noticed him on the bottom of the pool and pulled him out. over the weekend, that his family took them off life support. >> and we have interviewed numerous witnesses with no evidence to suggest that he fell and hit his head on the pool deck or that he dove in, which are injuries. >> it is unclear what caused their death if any pre-existing medical conditions played a role that they had taken to social media for the team's facebook page and his teammates signed a ball and said that
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they will be competing in his memory. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: besides water polo, harryman was also known for making people laugh with rap music video on youtube, tribute videos are now popping up from followers who never met him, but were inspired by him. as for abdula, he never understood how precious life is until his friend's death. >> hold on to your loved ones because in the blink of an eye, they could be gone. >> reporter: and the coroner is still investigating the cause of death. san jose state is offering counseling for students and staff as long as it's necessary. live at san jose state i'm allison smith ktvu fox 2 news. sick kids end up spending more time than they want to at hospitals. >> i did my pulminary test. i had to come here to get my lungs better. >> a program that helps families during long hospital
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stays and the fundraiser to keep it going. keeping aim at bogus reviews. why product resues on amazon may not be as beneficial as thought. >> expected to be a hot selling holiday gift. why anyone that buys a drone may have to take another step for safety.
5:38 pm
5:39 pm is taking aim at individuals that write fake
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product reviews. the online retailer filed a lawsuit against contract writers who get paid for posting glowing reviews. many have never bought the products or even used them, paid as little as $5 for a fake review. amazon is suing for an unspecified amount of damages and forcing them to stop posting the phony reviews. in april amazon sued several websites that offer to produce positive reviews. if you own a drone you may soon be compiled with a new registration system. those that operate drones are aware of all the safety rules to make it possible to identify those that will break those rules. we have more from washington. >> reporter: the obama administration is cracking down on drones. the transportation secretary is announcing the creation of the task force. to come up with their recommendations for the federal user registry. >> talking about driver's license cars -- dryless cars, committed as an agency to
5:41 pm
recognizing the potential of the innovations, while establishing the ground rules to ensure that they will be safe. >> reporter: they'll be required just as they already must do and that they will be forming, after their wildfire operations. >> and some have come too close to airplanes, and airports. even at their open and their tennis opener. that the unmanned aircraft is flying in that densely populated area, crashing inside their stadium during their match. >> reporter: they will include representatives as well as unmanned aviation industries, which could be exempted, including making sure they would abide by them. >> reporter: and if they break their rules, clearly there
5:42 pm
could be consequences, fox hopes that they could have some rules. >> and one of the first apple computers is being auctioned off and they could bring in as much as $800,000. two years ago the apple one computer sold for $387,000. their auction says that this one is being offered now and that the one being offered now, including that rare manual that they issued it when they were sold in 1976. and it was the creation of steve wasniak and steve jobs as the business closes in 10 days. most of the am one computers no longer exist. wall street posted small gains today. s&p 500 added a fraction. san ramon based chevron had some of the biggest declines as the oil prices fell. >> it is a program that will play a big role in making lives easier for their sick family and children and during their long hospital stays.
5:43 pm
coming up next, how san francisco is pitching in to help raise money by dancing. surviving the big earthquake means being prepared. today, we got that exclusive look at experiment with a very high-tech pipeline that is being put across their bay areas most seismically active areas. sunny and warmer weather for the days ahead, increasing fire danger for the area and a look at their numbers to show you what you can expect coming up.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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the patients at children's hospital of oakland are getting help this week from young professionals of san francisco. the adults are holding their first annual fundraising dance party for the hospital that it is happening this saturday. >> and as john sasaki reports that one of the leaders would have a very personal lifelong experience with their hospital. >> reporter: this cute kid with the bravery of batman is martinez of oakland. >> i did my pulminary test. >> reporter: the 10-year-old has spent more time here because of his cystic fibrosis. >> sometimes it feels a little bit weird. because when i look out the window, i see myself outside and stuff. >> reporter: a part of living here for weeks is easier, called child life. the program that would help make patients and their families more comfortable. the appropriate play to patients.
5:47 pm
so similar to what they might provide. on this day there is a pre- halloween party. it is just a great day for everybody. >> they have a need for funding to their staffing. some young professionals are having a fundraising dance party of their own. >> and there is fundraising goals for everyone that wants to go. >> he is a leader of their dance party effort after spending much of their life in oakland with their sister amanda. >> reporter: and she had heart disease. she was born with defective heart. and she was two days old, admitted to oakland. and that they think that she wasn't going to survive. >> reporter: amanda seacrest now doing well with a perspective on this patient. she wants to work as a specialist later on in life.
5:48 pm
they provide relaxation. >> it is set from 7:00 to midnight on saturday october 24 at the san francisco children's creativity museum. young marco likes that idea. >> organizers are hoping that people would sign up and donate to this worthy cause. in oakland john sasaki ktvu fox 2 news. >> they could never have too much support. >> they sure can't. let's get a check on the weather right now. and once again with that seasonal day that you were talking about earlier, a little bit warmer as they would head through the middle of the week, mild, nie enjoyable, 60s and 70s by tomorrow in the mid to upper 80s, perhaps eventually 5 to 10 degrees above what we should get for this time of the year. partly cloudy skies, 64 degrees, half moon bay with the
5:49 pm
60s in and around that bay area. 69 in oakland as you would go inland, warmer, but still very pleasant at 77 in santa rosa and concord and the lower 70s in livermore to start out their day with a few scattered showers over portions of the south bay partly cloudy, still waiting for them to move east completely, moving out behind it with their warm weather moving in and where you were 24 hours ago, up slightly from yesterday. and in and around that bay area, very similar to what they had temperature wise. now, a look at their cloud cover, partly to mostly cloudy over portions of the north bay and the east bay along the coastline. that we do have rain moving over northern california and not expected to see any here to continue to push off to the east here and that they will give you a good idea of what will be going on out here for them and if you looked very closely, you can see how they
5:50 pm
would remain right over california. eventually they will turn northerly. when they do, they will dry us out and temperatures will be on the increase as well. outside our doors at this hour with a westerly northeasterly breeze in place. as you move through tomorrow morning, that you'll notice that switch that is now coming in from the north and areas of oakland and half moon bay to about 20 miles per hour. that they will stick with us, at least through wednesday and that it means that it will be an increase in their fire danger in place and over portions of the north bay, no advisory with the national weather service, issuing one again and that the humidity levels, they will like to be decent now, continuing to be that warmer one, all the way in to their weekend, the temperatures are above average for this time of the year.
5:51 pm
stepping outside, mostly clear skies, the low to mid to upper 60s for their forecast in san francisco and santa rosa and fremont with plenty of sunshine for them in the mid to upper 80s for their forecast, the lower 80s for them in oakland and san francisco and mid-80s for their inland cities, right along antioch and places of brentwood and livermore and 79 in san jose with their extended forecast, warmer, drier, north to northeasterly breezes, a concern when it will come to this time of the year and that they will not change a whole lot for your weekend. >> is there any rain, that it might be seven to ten days out. that we would have some time it looks like. a little bit of time to enjoy that weather as it would last. >> thanks, rosemary. >> sure. it is more expensive, but
5:52 pm
the difference between having water and running dry, being put in the hills for some of their most active fault zones. more about that deadly crash in santa cruz as they would drive right off their wharf. what they just released about that crash. >> and investigating the stolen gun that they would have questions now about how they would store that gun.
5:53 pm
i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy.
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together, we're building a better california.
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an update on the former recovery of lamar odom. his condition is improving that he's getting stronger in his recovery, but no word on when he might be released from that hospital there in las vegas. authorities are hoping that they will help figure out what caused him to collapse last tuesday at a brothel in nevada. that authorities have already said that he had been using cocaine and an herbal sexual stimulant. experimenting with the new water pipe in the event of the major earthquake that could help them from breaking up the system like the napa quake did in napa. granted exclusive active on the site, even though that it would look like any other replacement that it will be anything, but. >> reporter: this great pipe is made up of the very special
5:56 pm
high-tech japanese iron in their hills, east bay mud is installing 1,800 feet to test if this is the material that should be put in their most seismic active areas. >> we're installing it here because it is an active landslide zone as well as the street is where that fault crosses, so it is an opportunity for us to test the earthquake-proof pipe in an area that will see a lot of ground movement. >> reporter: costing as much as four times standard water main pipe, preventing a lot of damage when they would hit throughout their hills and the mountains within that district. >> and we also have to deal with their landslides associated with that creek and liquid zones with the earthquakes as well. so there is a target area that we need to be able to use and that material and like this and that they could help us to have the earthquake resiliency. when that event hits. >> reporter: here is a smaller version of the technology and the iron that they would use is
5:57 pm
virtually impossible to puncture or to break. but we are talking earthquakes. that's where this technology will come in and it is an internal flex system. because it works this way, it doesn't break. >> there is no question that investment is needed to ensure that we have a reliable water system. the question is how much. >> reporter: in a related seismic project in the open hills, east bay mud recently replaced several enormous transition pipelines built in the 1920s to bring water in from the sierras. the earthquake on the hayward fault would have destroyed the old pipe, cutting off 800,000 customers. >> and it would act almost like the aorta for the district where we need to get in there and replace critical pipelines to know that they will withstand the earthquake. >> reporter: with both super critical, they would complete that east bay mud to replace the replacements, ten miles a year to 40 miles to avoid that
5:58 pm
widespread failures, but they would experience that last year. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. a man squatting in a multimillion dollar guest house arrested after police say he was caught trying to steal art on that property. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a squatter stealing hundreds of thousands dollars worth of art -- hundreds of thousands dollars worth of art that it may have happened over a span of weeks or even months. henry lee in the newsroom now with more on the story. henry? >> reporter: frank, san francisco police held a news conference releasing new information that the suspect is a squatter from arizona who was living in a four-bedroom guest home adjacent to the nine- mansion bedroom. they recovered nine out of the 11 contemporary paintings stolen where you can see them right here. now facing ten counts of burglary for allegedly stashing
5:59 pm
the art in to a u-haul van and trying to sell the artwork on social media and to have that pawnshop. that the crime scene is not really what you would expect the vacant home on the multi- million dollar property. >> and the estate at the corner of washington and maple street is listed on the registry of historic places. it is the chateau in france for sale for $17 million. on sunday it was a crime scene. the loot stolen art. the real estate agent was on the property when he says that he found this man 39-year-old jeremiah carer inside that guest home. the ajury present told the suspect to leave and he -- the agent told the suspect to leave and he did, but not empty handed. all told that police say he stole 11 art pieces worth about $300,000. taylor had been living on the property for a couple of months with no power or water and police say that he helped himself to paintings still on the wall as well as other things like a stove and a
6:00 pm
stereo. >> so far we think that it is 11 paintings based on what the real estate agent has been able to tell us. we have one for sure recovered and we are following a bunch of investigative leave for the others and the remaining paintings. >> the property has been vacant for years as neighbors complained about skate borders and other quality of life issues there, but no one knew that the suspect had been living inside that four-bedroom guest house, much less stealing art. >> i had no idea how somebody wouldn't be noticed. i mean we're in here all the time. and so yeah, no, i'm shocked. >> reporter: paul sack who lives next door saw the police going in to the home to to -- to make the arrest. >> it sounds like a good idea. why go to a good neighborhood. >> i saw the police go in there and arrest them and i saw the broker standing here. they said well, i hope they will be rid of them soon. >> reporter: even with most of the stolen art recovered that they happened to determine who owns their paintings and responsibl


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