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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the way down into marin county. now, again, it was just the backside of that low right there. and it fizzleed out. still, it made it. so both parts of the bay. all parts of the bay got a little bit of precip yesterday. at least most. fortys, 50s, and 6 0ás on the temperatures. there are some cool readings. and there are some very mild readings. alamo, 51678960s. >> and a northerly breeze behind that. high pressure noses in at the surface, and aloft, and that means sunshine. a little breezy at times. probably more of the higher elevations. slightly warmer. cool for some. not for all. seven 0ás and 80s. all right. 4:30. how are things here? i hope getting better from overnight. >>reporter: pretty good. there's nothing going on, so i can ask you that forecast looks pretty simple. sunny, breezy, warm, 60s to 80s. >> you got it. traffic is pretty simple too. there's not a lot going on at this
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hour. hopefully it will stay that way. we're hoping. let's go out and take a look at what we have. there we go. we're going to move it to the eastshore freeway, and you can see traffic here is going to be okay. as you drive from the bridge to the mcarthur maize. no major problems right
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. falling fence sparked a car fire. luckily a man inside that car was able to escape after any serious injury. and another driver was injured by broken windshield. no one else was seriously hurt. and a total of eight cars were damaged by in. and the work this morning is figuring out how in happened. and i talked to the engineer. he says that's still a question. and they're trying to figure out what they'll be working on throughout the week and later today. for now, their plan, their focus is just getting this ramp reopened in time for the morning commute between 5:00 and 6:00 this morning, and again, the plan is to not immediately replace that
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chain link innocence but to have this crash cushion for the cars and the chain link fence is for a pedestrian. that is not going to be replaced until at least tomorrow. >> and thank you for that up bought date. another quake has hit in the san ramon area. 2.2 quake at 2:05. it's part of the swarm of quakes that hit about a week ago. size moll gists reported more than 200. one of the largest was a 3.6 at 4:21 yesterday afternoon. >> in the past, we have not seen these lead to, willer earthquakes. most likely, these earthquakes will continue on and gradually decrease. >> scientists say swarms are normal in the area. they are along the pleasantton falls. east bay mud is trying to figure -- make sure large earthquakes will not cut off
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the flow of water. crews are now installing a new type of pipe in the berkeley hills made of high-tech japanese iron. it's more dense than standard water mains. the pipexs almost four times as much as urge in the material. it alleges could prevent a lot more damage when a major quake hits. this morning, we have hear -- are hearing from one of the passengers on that southwest airlines flight that had to turn around after a man attacked a woman on the plane. >> everybody is screaming. it was pandemonium. didn't know what was going on. >> and the area dj mark curries. and choke her after she reclaimed her feat. curry says people were afraid you could confront if man, but flight attendants asked them to step in. >> flight attendants got up, and they ask me would you restrain this guy. i was telling him like i said before. 30,000 feet, i will beat you down. >> the plane was sent back to
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lax where the man was et cetera courted off the plane by police and questioned. the woman decided not to press charges. the rest of the passengers were put on another plane and arrived at sfo after a five-hour delay. >> well, san leandro police arrested the man they say was responsible for slashing the tires on cars parked at an apartment complex. >> 35-year-old brandon thompson of hayward was taken into custody yesterday afternoon. people living at the parkside nones apartments on 143rd avenue. police early sunday morning to report a man slashing tires. police say at least 16 cars had one or more tires damaged. thompson is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. police are still trying to figure out a motive. thompson has family living in the apartment complex. berkeley police are stepping up patrols after a man tried to grab three young girls. those latest incidents happened sunday night at about 6:00 near college avenue and westward.
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police say a man yelled at three girls and told them to get into his van. he drove away when the girls started screaming. the same thing happened twice about a month ago in the same area with a man matching a similar description. >> you have to be free. if you can't be free in your own home, you have to -- can't be free anywhere. >> parents are taking it seriously and talking to their kids about what to do if something happens. it underscores how vulnerable our kids are. >> police describe the man as latino in late 20s to early 30s with dark hair and a scruffy face. and dark green or blue older mini van. a 38-year-old man is under arrest accused of stabbing his own parents. police responded to reports of a family disturbance yesterday afternoon. when they arrived, they found a man and a woman suffering from stab wounds. officers arrested the couple's
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son. they say he was uncooperative and had to be subdued. the incident also prompted police to lock down nearby vargas elementary school. >> and i am glad to know -- violence in sunnyvale. >> and lived at home. and two other adult siblings were at the home at the time of the attack. >> in stable condition. >> and we are learning more about the san jose student. >> on the school's water polo club team. the sunnyvale native was found unconscious. and at the aquatic center last week. his family took him off life support over the weekend. >> and i have been in shock for the past
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couple of days. hold on to your loved ones. in the blink of an eye, they could be gone. >> friends say harryman was also known for making people laugh with lap music videos on yu john -- youtube. tributes are popping up from people who had never met him. >> and the university is offering counseling for students and staff. and the man is facing several burglary charges. he stole expensive art while squatting in a mansion. thirty-nine-year-old kaylor was found living not a four bedroom guest house at the mansion. and police say taylor took 11 works of art. living on the property for a couple of months. no one motived. >> -- noticed. >> and how he got him. i have no idea. >> and police say they have uncovered
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nine pieces of art. they are working on leaves to the others. taylor used an alleged uhall van. a part of san jose known for desirable schools and neighborhoods is now dealing with a growing homeless issue. an area where the homeless have been living and butcher park. eighty people attended a meeting to talk about the problem hosted by city council member. >> and and they want to find a place to park. >> and community centers and libraries are closeed. where else are we supposed to go? >> i have no problem with that raising concern. i completely agree with them. the situation is not one we should be accommodating. and officials say there are more than 4000 homeless people living in san jose. in addition to building affordable housing early next year, the city hopes to launch a parking
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program with about 30 spots for people to park and stay in nary vehicle. time now 4:41. hundreds of faculty will be standing outside the college in san francisco. in just 20 minutes, the strong message they're trying to send to a college. >> helping the kids here in the bay area. up next, the new program that helps young parents and nary families during long hospital stays, and the upcoming fund-raiser to keep it going. >> good morning. ruff traffic is moving along pretty well on the bridge in san francisco. the bay bridge. no problems there. and we'll tell you more about the bridge commute. >> we have some clouds to the north. some fog going down the coast. and sunny and warmer day. we'll have the numbers coming up.
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children's hospital in oakland are getting some help from some young professionals in san francisco. >> that's right. the adults are holdling holdling their first annual fund-raising dance party this weekend. it sounds like a lot of fun. as ktvu reports one of the leaders of the effort has a very personal lifelong experience with the hospital. >> this compute kid is marco martinez of oakland. >> i did my pulmonary test, and i failed it, so i had to come here so my lungs could get better. >>reporter: the ten-year-old has spent more time than he would like at children's hospital in oakland because of his cystic fibrosis. >> sometimes it feels a little weird. when i look out the window, i wish myself outside. outside. >>reporter: what makes living here easier is a program called childlife. it helps make patiences and -- patients and families more comfortable. >> we provide therapeutic
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information to patients. so similar to what a social worker might provide. >>reporter: on this day, there was a prehalloween party. >> our staff had helped the kids put on costumes. >> childlife has the need for funding from everything from occasional party to everyday staffing. some young san francisco professionals are having a fund- raiser dance -- fund-raising dance party of their own. >> in is fund-raising goals for everyone who wants to go. >> seacrest is a leader of the dance party effort after spending much of her life at children's hospital oakland with her sister, amanda. >> she had heart disease. she was born with a defective heart, and she was three days old, and she was admitted into children's oakland. they didn't think she was going to survive. >>reporter: amanda sea crest who is doing well after a heart and liver transplant may have a perspective like this 17- year-old
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cerebral palsey patient. she wants to work as a child life specialist later in life. >> i think child life provides a lot of coping strategies and provides a lot of support and the difficulties that come with being in the hospital. and they also provide techniques of relaxation. >>reporter: it's called the bay area dance mar non, and set from 7:00 until midnight on saturday, october 24th at the san francisco children's creativity museum. young more ma coe liked the idea. organizers are hoping people sign up and donate to in worthy cause. in oakland, ktvu fox 2 news. >> definitely a worthy cause. yes. absolutely. a fun way to help them. 4:47 is the time. we want to check in with sal for a little look at traffic. >> yeah, you know, and it's actually doing very well right now, guys. there's not a lot going on. hopefully it will stay this way for at least a little while. let's go out and take a look at cameras we have lined up. you can see traffic is move ago long well in almost
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every picture. i'll tell you highway 24 looks good from walnut creek to oakland and on the oakland side as well. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, there are more people showing up. everyone seems to be driving through without delay u. san jose. northbound 101. 280 and 35. everyone is doing well. no problems on 880 heading south. 4:48. let's go to steve. >> all right, thank you. we do have mostly clear skies. there are some clouds to the north. fog hugging the coast. there are breezy conditions for some in the higher elevations. not so much at the surface. it will be sunny for most. for all. and little warm. some 80s. not upper 8 0ás. low to mid. and 70s around the bay. breezy at times. it's a quiet pattern. we had a little bit of rain yesterday. that was it for the week probably. going right down the coast, there's a northerly breeze that will take care of most. already clear for most. water temperatures are warm. sixty-one. sixty-two. to 64 from bodega bay to.
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forty-eight. fifty-six p. berkeley. fifty-five oakland. a little cool for some. there is a breeze. that's holding some temperatures up. more towards the south. morgan hill at 54. saratoga. cooler there. not much of a breeze. to the north, just a bit. a low forming. that has flown p. breezy conditions. the higher elevations more so than the surface. sunshine. cool lows for some. not for all. a little warmer. eightys to the interior. upper 70s. eightys. sixtys and 70s. we're not getting a rueing north or northeast breeze. mainly northwest. fifteen to 25. in the hills. sunny, breezy. nice. mild. really kind of quiet.
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it is 4:49. where is steve jobs buried. that is the question many apple fans are trying to answer. coming up in 20 minutes, the search that includes a south bay cemetery. >> and he helps build a style casino. and one of the owners of the casino matrix is walking away. up next, the dispute leading his departure.
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bell comb back to mornings on 2. one of the owners is selling his half of the business. i want to show you video. this is when he was showing off the 50 million collar dollar casino when it opened back in 2012. he tells the mercury news that a costly divorce is what spurred his decision to sell. he has also been at odds with his business partners who recently testified against him in a case in which the owners were accused of hiding profits. well, with sign-up season just a couple away, a long-awaited upgrades to the government's health insurance website are being delayed. according to the obama administration, the delay has to do with a new doctor look-up tool for there's another problem with a feature that would allow consumers to find out if if a particular health plan covers their prescriptioner description drug. the center for medicare and medicaid is not committed to a specific date. when the online improvements will begin to watch. only saying that it will
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happen soon. the city of sanoma has postponed plans to tighten smoking laws. the press democrat reports the council discovered that the current regulations dating back 20 years were approved by voters. any extension of the rules will also have to go on the ballot. the city had wanted to ban smoking in parks and multiunit residences. and if you own a recreational drone, you are one step closer to having to tell the government. this comes as close call between drones and planes are incrossing. the faa aunderstand nod yesterday it will require recreational drone users to register their aircraft. a government task force will be responsible for creating guidelines. the faa hopes to have up and coming before the end of the holiday season. about 74,000 drones are expected to be sold. >> we're going to require operators of drones to register tar their aircraft just like commercial drone operators do currently. registration gives operators the opportunity to
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learn the airspace rules before they fly and enjoy their devices safely u. >>reporter: the faa says pilots report seeing drones near planes or airports nearly 100 times a month. that is up from a few sightings a month last year. a family's memoir of raising a transgender child is hitting the best seller list. becoming nicole is out today. it tells the story of a couple from portland, maine who adopted identical twin boys. now, one of the children insisted he was a girl from the time he was a toddler. the family made headlines for suing their school district over bathroom access for their child who is now known as nicole. the state supreme court ruled transgender children can use the restroom they prefer. well, lamar odom is continuing his recovery at a los angeles hospital. tmz says the medical helicopter flew the former nba star out of las vegas yesterday. his estranged wife
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khloe kardashian was by his side. he was hospitalized one week ago after being found unconscious in a brothel. had e had been on life support since friday. his condition is improving. tmz also says he may have some permanant damage. there are new concerns about the field at levi stadium. the turf gave way when justin tucker kicked and slipped right there. the 49ers say the turf has actually held up quite well this time around. although it's been replaced about five times in a little more than a year. there are no plans to replace the turf now, but stadium officials say it will get replaced at least one more time before the end of the season. the nfl will bring its own team to replace the field before the superbowl next february. coming up on our 5:00 hour, nearly a dozen people are in the hospital this morning after getting sick while eating at a restaurant in the south bay. the warning this morning from the health department. and crews in southern california are still cleaning up following last week's mud slide. but now a new threat is on the way today. how crews are preparing
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for the worst. good morning. we're looking at the mcarthur maze. and traffic is moving along pretty welcoming up to the maze and getting around the were cooer if you are going to the bay bridge. a little bit of rain yesterday in the morning. to the evening, we look towards the north bay. it looks all quiet today. we'll talk about a little warmer temperatures coming up. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. i'm pam cook. >> i'm bryan florez in for dave clark. let's get our tuesday started. wealther and traffic. steve is here. the weather pattern is going to be quiet. a pretty quiet pattern. you can see a little northerly wind. higher elevations at 15 to 25 miles
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per hour. and overall, it looks pretty quiet as we talked about. it will be warmer today. fortys, east, and 60s on the temperatures. they are all over the place. there is a little spin in the atmosphere that gave some rain in the north bay. high pressure. breezy at times. a little warmer. cool lows for some. not for all. fortys, east will gave way to 70s and 8 0ás. and 5:00 in the morning. and trying to figure out where those fire trucks are going. i was going to say. there's a different story now. >> we have ways to figure that out. it's called a scanner. that's right, greeks. i have scanners here at my desk. you're welcome. let's go out and take a look at the commute. traffic is going well. if you are traveling at the bay bridge toll plaza, there are no major problems. traffic continues to move along very nicely. if you are driving


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