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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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learn more at . unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> vice president joe biden says the window has closed and he will not run for president of the united states. good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. with president obama by his side, the vice president today ended the intense speculation about whether he would dive into the race for the white house. vice president joe biden spoke about the inspiration he received from his late son, beau, who died of brain cancer in may. the vice president says his family is emotionally ready for
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a run but he said that the long process of grieving had closed window on a, quote, realistic campaign for pres. >> while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. vice president biden would have entered the race at a severe disadvantage in money and organizing against hillary clinton. she has been in the race for months. hillary clinton tweeted that biden, quote, is a good friend and great man. she added, today and always inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. california's lieutenant governor gavin newsom tweeted thank you to the vice president. we have much more reaction on the vice president's decision online as well as in the next
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news cast, the four. let's move to the developmentes the shigella restaurant linked to a flaunt san jose. adam smith received an update and is live with that now. >>reporter: at one point a dozen people were hospitalized after eating at mari is of course co's san juan restaurant. a number of suspected cases is up to 93, 24 of them confirmed shigella appeared we're expecting the number of suspected cases to go up given that this is highly contagious and we're hearing about secondary cases. now, earlier today, talking to reporters, the health department says while they're hearing about more cases, the good news is, patients rushed to the intensive care unit have been released or their condition has improved. it isn't clear how many are still in the hospital. as you may recall, dozens of people reported having symptoms
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like fever, abdomen pain and diarrhea after eating at mariscos san juan restaurant number three. the restaurant is still closed. how this outbreak got started is still under investigation. >> if you look at other shigella outbreaks that have occurred is that an ill food handler, and you basically don't wash your hands after going to the bathroom or properly or completely, and then when you prepare food, that is ready to eat, the bacteria gets transfered from the food handler's hands to the. >> and is that why the health department is testing specimen minutes from some of the employees to see how this all began and i mentioned, secondary cases, well, that means infected patients who ate at the restaurant are now passing it on to other people, family members perhaps, that didn't even eat at the restaurant. again, the way to prevent this is vigorous hand washing highly important and if you suspect if you have shigella, contact your
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doctor and better yet, don't go to work. >> thank you. i'm sure we'll be hearing more from you this afternoon. an el pueblo food summer is back open after closing because of rodent problems. there is a signposted in the grocery store. it was shut down for a day for the same issues last month. san jose police are investigating the death of a pedestrian on a busy road. he was crossing the monterey road at 5:5:00 a.m. and was hit by a gray ford focus. victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. his name has not been released. the driver of the focus stped and cooperated with -- stopped and cooperated with investigators. firefighters are at a sunnyville strip mall seriously damaged by fire at 5:00 a.m. at fair oaks commercial summer on evelyn avenue. flames spread through the attic,
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a barbershop suffered not damage. it is a total loss and a grocery store and limitsor store may have smoke damage as well. a fire investigator was also at the scene. there was another fire there last week behind the center which may have been intentionally set. investigators are looking into whether the fires are connected. >> based on straight proximity, we'll look into everything and make sure that we dot out all of the details to determine if this determines to be suspicious then we have some information from the previous one we can look . >> the stores hadn't opened when the fires started no injuries have been reported. part of a busy road in union city is back open. one week after a giant sinkhole opened in the city. after 7:00, cars were able to use one of the westbound lanes. crews spent the past week filling the sinkhole and repaving the road. eventually it grew to 35 by 40 feet wide and 10 feet deep.
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the road was shut down for repair work outside of alvarado middle school. dropping off their children has been a challenge this past week. >> normally there is traffic around here and now there is more traffic. but i'm glad they're getting it fixed and nobody got hurt. >> 1 westbound lane will remain closed as crews continue to repair a damaged sewer line. they're trying to figure out what caused the ground to give way. oakland police are warning people about a sexual assault that happened last week near international boulevard. a woman told police she was walking down 82nd avenue at 2:00 last thursday when she was approached from behind. a man pulled her to the ground and sexually assaulted her before running away. the man is described as an african-american man with a mustache and beard in his 20's, 5'10 and weighing 200 pounds. they're working with the victim in regard to a possible sketch. there is a warning going out today in east bay about a return of shoulder surfing. thieves struck the bank of
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america on east 14th street a number of times going back to may and as recently as last month. undercover police arrested 33-year-old blade kitrell of oakland. thieves watch a user and pick up on the pass code. if the customer fully fails to close out the banking session, the thieves can jump in and take advantage of that. >> your card back in your wallet. that thief jumps over and reengages your account, reopen and continue trance yakss after. that. >> san leandro police are encouraging them to hide their pass code, fully log out of the account and be weary if someone seems to be how faring nearby. an mural an artist was working on when he was shot and killed is finally complete. it is located under the 580 freeway overpass between 35th
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and 36th street. 27-year-old antonio ramos was working on the mural when he was shot. police released this surveillance image of a person of interest in this killing. a 5-year-old boy who went missing yesterday has now been found safe. we received a photo of brett being reunited with his dad. brett went missing about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. when he walked away with the family dog near his home northwest of willis. he was found at about 8:30 this morning and get this, the marin county sheriff's office says when they found brett, the dog was protecting the little boy and keeping searchers at bay. doctors say they're concerned about the new breast cancer guidelines from the american cancer society. they say women should get screened later in life and less often. the finings coming come after research shows women can produce false positive results that can lead to unnecessary follow up tests. the american cancer society says women should start getting mammograms at age 45 instead of
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40 and they should switch to every other year once they turn 55. some doctors disagree. they say testing should be done annually beginning at age 40. >> the overwhelming number of special societies that have looked at exact same data continue to converge on the fact that women of regular risk, of normal risk should begin screaming at age 40. >> the american cancer society says the guidelines may not suit everyone and that every woman should talk to the doctor to determine what is best for them. an art installment is sparking controversy in san francisco's north beach neighbor hoochltd you'll see the display in the window of a soon to be open store. stacks of cans are advertising pairot meet for -- parrot meat for sale. he created the display as a way to do something interesting before a store opened and did not expect this much attention or reaction from people.
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some people call it a distasteful joke about the neighborhood's parrot population. a window for half moon bay mavericks big wave surf competition is about to open. it is sunny and warm outside but there is a change brewing for the weekend. our steve paulson is here to give us the details. . >> it is the day marty mcfly and doc brown travelled here. what was just delivered to michael j fox. this is the dawn of an old day.
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. now to a developing story. a marine jet went down today north east of london. the base was placed out of the mirimar station in san diego. the pilot was the only person on the plane. there is an emotional scene overnight in new york city. police officers gathered outside a hospital and saluted an ambulance that took away the body of a fellow police officer. 33-year-old randolph holder was gunned down while chasing a
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suspect. holder and his partner responded to a fight between rival gangs. he is the republicans next choice for speaker of the house. paul ryan says he needs a slew of demands met before he would ever take that job. >> wisconsin congressman and 2012 vice president candidate may pursue the house speaker ship. he made it clear to fellow republicans, it is not a job he ever wanted or sought out. >> i consider to do this with reluck tans. -- reluctance. i mean that in the most personal ways. we have children in the formative foundational years of their lives. having enough time for family is is a priority for ryan and is one of a slew of demands the 45-year-old is making. for example, he wants the republican party united behind him before the speaker ship vote. he also says the house rules should be changed so it takes more than a simple majority to
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vote out the house speaker. >> we need to update the house rules but we need to do this as a team. and it needs to include fixes that ensure we don't experience constant leadership challenges in crisis. >> a leadership challenge is why the speaker ship is open now. a small but vocal group of conservative republicans mounted a challenge to current speaker john boehner who resigned rather than put up a fight against them. those 30 to 40 conserveives who call themselves the house freedom crosswalkus are backing daniel webster from florida, the only person actually running for the job. ryan has given republicans until this friday to let him know where they stand. john boehner announced a final house speaker for next week. joel waldman, fox news. the water agency that supplies livermore and dublin is set to vote on a rate hike. they're expected to increase
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water rates once a year for the next three years the district is also considering an additional temporary surcharge because it sold less water than expected as people cut back due to the drought. the predicted el nino winter is bringing hopes for big waves for the mavericks surf contest. it opens up november 1st and if the monster waves happen, they need to be ready. so today the coast guard, half moon bay master and other agencies took part in water rescue drills. they played the role of surfers in distress to give them realistic experience to sharpen the skill aa. >> just making sure that we are all on the same page knowing what they'll be doing, knowing what i'll be doing to keep us all safe and try to save lives. >> the crews practiced transferring patients from jet skis to boats for transport to the hospital. the surf contest provides an important opportunity to work together to improve their response to any emergency on the water and steve paulson is here. i couldn't think of a prettier
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day to be out on the water. >> today, no kidding, this morning, it was very, very foggy but now the sun is out. fog is inching back towards the coast. yet inland there are still 70s 80s, low 80s. a north 's breeze continues so the fog is held in check. temperatures look like they top out a little east breeze. you can see the flag heading towards the city not going towards east bay and allison ryan tweeted me, hi steve, can you predict the weather for the 28th? hoping for to be cool. no, i can't. maybe some rain, maybe some rain next week. there are hints on. that fog near the coast. sunny and warm away windy, east bay hills to mount diablo and some locations getting a north, north east. it will be cooler over the weekend as we said, maybe rain next weekend. fog came down the coast, up the coast. try taking to work its way on the coast. it has on parts of the san
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mateo. it is a sign of things to come as this system works its way towards us. it will ram app up the fog before -- ramp up the fog tomorrow. 61 to 64 from bodega bay to monterey. 70s for some, i'm about ready to give up on livermore, they're the warmest but they have a north east breeze. concord a northerly breeze. most locations are in the 70s. if you get an eastern north breeze it is on the mild to warm side. some areas near the coast dealing with the fog close by or in the 60s. north at one, north east, that will do it. west soak land, south of napa, south of santa rose dwlachlt is a cooler direction for -- rose dwlachlt is a cooler direction for them. they were down to 23 this morning. cooler weather is on tap. it will weaken considy. saturday we cloud tup. low and high clouds. look what happens sunday
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morning. maybe rain for the north bay. again it looks weak but it might linger into the early afternoon hours so we'll update this as we head towards thursday and friday. a possibility to the north of rain and maybe wednesday of next week, hurricane ola moving away from the hawaiian islands will get caught up in the jet stream and possibly pay a visit next week. too far out to say for sure. we'll see it might split and go south or north. until that time, we'll keep a-an eye on things. 60s, 70s' 80s, still above average. bay side, inland locations but today it is rather toasty for some. not for all, but for most. it is sunny and mild to warm a. temperatures above average here. we continue that theme for at least today. tomorrow should start to settle in to a cooler pattern. it will carry that right into the weekend but again, maybe rain north on sunday. >> let's bring it. >> let's bring it. i agree with. that we need it, for crying out loud. >> talk to you early tomorrow morning. >> very early.
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>> 4:00 it is. you know what day it is today, don'? >> we're heading towards hill valley, california, on wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> 2015! >> that is the day! today is the day. that is the day they travelled back to. many people are fascinated by which technologies predicted in the movies are coming true. shoes that lace themselves may be a reality. this is what they look like in the movie. nike promised they were working on an automatic shoe lace and check this out. within the past hour, michael j fox tweeted this letter and drawing from nike. it says we're proud to turn fiction into fact. in addition to sending fox his own personal pair of self lacing nike shoes, they plan to create more pairs next year in support of the michael j fox foundation with the goal of raising money for parkinson's research.
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the movie was the inspiration for a start up to develop a real world hover board. it uses magnetics to float an inch above the ground over metal surfaces. they eventually hope to use the technology for bigger things including buildings that float and are less likely to be damaged in an earthquake. fans might remember this scene in back to the future two. marty mcfly seize the hol on of course gram congratulating the cubs for winning the world series. they're on the brink of elimination in the national league championship after losing to the new york mets last night, the team will meet for game four tonight at wrigley field. exciting news for bay areas. the new mitch lynn guy is out. the -- michelin guide is out.
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. breaking news in hayward. police are searching for a missing boy with autism. this is a picture of 8-year-old zachary white. he was last seen at stone bray school at hayward boulevard at 10:30 this morning. at time he was wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants. there is no indication of foul play but still, anyone with information about zachary white's where abouts is urged to call the police. let's look at the big board here ahead of the close of the
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new york stock exchange. the dow is flat. essential playflat. it looks like it won't make a gain or a loss. hundreds of pink slips going out to employees at espn. they sent a memo to the staff about the layoff. it says it will cut 300 jobs 4% of espn's global work force. it hasn't said yet which departments or shows will be affected. analysts say the layoffs are a reaction to changes in cable tv and the growing number of paying viewers unsubscribing to espn. apple is expanding in san jose. apple agreed to lease a large building under construction on orchard parkway not far from highway 101. the building is big enough for 3,000 employees. it is also next to empty land where two more office buildings can be built. they have several real estate pars yells in san jose and -- parcels in san jose. a restaurant that reopened earlier this year after a
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devastating fire can add another star to the portfolio. the michelin guide is giving manresa the three star rating for 2016. something they've been aiming for for years. the fire destroyed the kitchen of the restaurant back in july of last year. it reopened on january 1st of this year after months of repairs and remodelling. there are 5, 3 star restaurants here in the bay area they are manresa, benu, and saison in san francisco as well as the french laundry and the restaurant at meadow wood. you heard the predictions that this winter could be packed with el nino driven storms. today on the 4's, ski experts tell you what they're doing to prepare and why they expect to see snow in the sierra. that story and more on the four on two. thanks so much for making ktvu your choice for news today. always here for you on follow us on twitter and
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facebook. see you back here for the four. have a great one! captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: bo harper from "biggest loser" thinks that oprah's yo i don't go makes her an awesome weight watchers spokesperson. >> she yo yod a lot when she had her tv show, her talk show but now has remained kind of the same for a long time. >> now she's just walking the dog. van: snoop dogg is opening up a market that you never thought you would see a rapper sort of embrace. police. dapping it up. like it appreciate it, handshaking. >> they still arrested


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