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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: the couple among the latest to file lawsuits against the mariscos restaurant owner for health and medical expenses as investigators investigator the source of the outbreak. whether it was infected food or an employee who didn't wash their hands. >> for them to tell me this type of infection only happens in a third world country, it really tells me they were not using the basics at that restaurant. >> as of today, the number of cases of illness associated with the restaurant stands at 110. >> reporter: of those suspected cases 92 are from santa clara county. 18 from alameda, san mateo, and santa cruz. 24 are confirmed to be shigella. >> this is not respiratory spread. this not something that you catch on the street. this is by direct contact with
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another person or eating food or beverages prepared by an ill person of >> reporter: that's why officials are urging the importance of washing hands to prevent the illness's rapid spread given it's highly contagious. chavez says it's the worst he ever felt for a long period of time. >> that place should not be open. weave going there for years. but if you're not going to be responsible for your employees, you don't deserve to be open. >> reporter: the county health department won't get the results back from the employees they tested who work leader on friday or saturday. and the restaurant is still closed. some students at pinole valley high school took a controlled substance at school and had to be treated. seven students were involved. five were taken to the
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hospital. two others taken home by their parents. it happened at lunchtime. >> teachers and staff noticed about seven students who were acting in a way that gave them concern. and notified the health officials and law enforcement. >> officials have confirmed the students were under the influence of xanax. covered california set to launch a new ad campaign to get more people signed up for health coverage. the $29 million campaign will start early next month. it will include television, radio, and digital advertisement. they target low-income and middle class families. the goal is to reach the hundreds of thousands of californian who is still haven't signed up for coverage. more than two million people have bought insurance from covered california since it opened. an additional two million enrolled in medi-cal. the health exchange is
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targeting 750,000 californian who is are uninsured but qualify. open enrollment is set to begin november 1st. hillary clinton is still answering questions on the benghazi attack that killed four americans. republicans began questioning her this morning trying to show that clinton did not do her job. >> as i said repeatedly throughout the day, no one ever recommended closing the post in benghazi. >> but you had two ambassadors that made several requests, and here's basically what happened to their requests. they were torn up. >> at one point, clinton fired back at republicaning saying she agonized more than any of the members of the panel following the deaths. republican congressman paul ryan announced today he is
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officially running for the speaker of the house and is expected to win next week's election handily. ryan refused to run unless there was unified support among republicans behind him. today he said "i believe we are ready to move forward." >> ryan stepped in after kevin mccarthy abruptly were you from the race. a bay area family says they are still in shock. their son was a fighter pilot and was killed when his fa-18 crashed in england. rob roth spoke to his parents today. >> reporter: a family grief- stricken but extremely proud. the family of u.s. marine fighter pilot taj sareen. >> when you think of him, the only word that comes to you is joy, happiness. >> we're still in shock. >> reporter: major taj sareen
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spent six months on missions in the persian gulf fighting isis. the 34-year-old from hillsboro was on his way back to the united states when something went wrong with his plane. withins say sareen steered his jet away from a populated neighborhood about 70 miles from london waiting until bailing out until just before his jet crashed into a rural field. he did not survive. his family is not surprised by his hero imp. >> he talked more about the others than about himself. he was the greatest -- every child is very special to their parents. but i think he was really beyond that. he was the best among the best. >> reporter: his father says he had spoken with his son just two hours before the crash. they made plans to meet in san diego. >> his last words were dad, see you in two days. and two hours later, he had an
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accident. we had big plans on his arrival. those two days are never going to come back. >> reporter: taj knew his family worried for his safety. >> i worried, yes. he would always say, remember this is what i chose and i love it. >> reporter: the sareen's describe their son's outgoing personality. that he was a people person and he loved adventure. >> i think he saw top gun too many times. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and he had lofty goals for his postmilitary life. >> he wanted to run for governor and then for the presidency. >> reporter: sareen graduated from castro valley high school and the university of san francisco. >> it's a great loss to not edge us, i think to a lot of people. >> reporter: the family says sareen loved flying and being a marine. they were recently charged with two bay area murders, now
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people who live in the hate ash -- say two of those people were involved in a scuffle last summer >> they come in hordes. buts loads. and they park their buses by the park, sleep in the park, or the doorways on haigh street, and it's tiring. >> there is an increased police presence in the haigh as a result of the arrest. the old bay bridge is coming down. and we're getting a closer look at plans to implode the old eastern span. in less than three week, what's
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left of that huge underwater pier that held up the span will be imploded on itself below the floor of the bay. >> reporter: before implosions, safety, and environmental crews take over, something even they will not be able to fully view. >> it's a massive structure. but the implosion itself of the pier will be totally underwater. there will be nothing to see. >> reporter: chp will be on the bridge and on the water. the bike path will be closed. for a few minutes before and after the implosion, bay bridge traffic will be stopped at the toll gate westbound, and at the tunnel eastbound. >> this is an active demolition site. we want to encourage the public
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to stay away. >> reporter: a huge piece of steel and concrete topped by a wooden work deck. the entire implosion will last only about six seconds. the gray steel and concrete will sink to the bottom. the wood will continue to float on top. these are so called debris mats. in reality, heavy steel curtains made of steel cables. from this caltrans animation, you can see they'll be placed around the underwater pier shortly before the implosion, crews will turn on compressors which will turn on bubbles from the base, which will lessen the shock of the implosion on sealife. the implosion will in seconds remove the equivalent of a 5- story underwater building instead of months of mechanical pounding and dismantling. time, tides, and bay silt will
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eventually cover the debris. despite the use of explosives, the permitting agencies see this as the least harmful to aquatic life in the bay. caltrans says it'll have a live feed that you can watch online right here on ktvu. a man comes home and catches burglars in the act. >> i started just leg kicking the crap out of him. >> how this man was able to fight off his intruders despite being shot. >> and a solar debate in california. the fight that could end the incentive to go green. >> and the bay area in the clear for today. a few changes for friday. we could be tracking a few high clouds. and next week, get ready! talking about rainfall!
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signs of violence inside a home in the south bay after the homeowner was shot during a burglary. but he didn't give up without a fight. >> i was asking him why are you here, and he started walking in the house, i just grabbed him. >> he knew what to do because he spent five years training in muy thai: >> it happened today in san jose shortly after noon. more on what the homeowner says happened. >> reporter: this is the scene on the 300 block of green park way in san jose. the kitchen windows shattered, the house ransacked, the floor covered in blood. 29-year-old albert came home at midday interrupting a burglary in progress. >> why are you here? and he started walking in the
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house i just grabbed him. and his buddy ran out and pointed his hand at me like he had a gun. and i just shoved his buddy and said get the hell out of my house. and the big guy ran out, but the little guy decided he wanted to fight with me. for the first five years might have adult life i was a professional muy thai fighter, so i just started kicking the crap out of him, and he fell down in front of the car over here, and his buddy got out and shot me. >> reporter: he was able to call 911 himself. the burglars left behind a purse filled with jewelry and a safe they left in the hallway. authorities say they fled in a blue honda accord. >> the investigation is ongoing. >> reporter: neighbors report a rash of break-ins in this neighborhood in recent months. residents say it's the violence that scares them. >> it's something that they can take, okay. but as long as you don't get hurt! now they carrying the weapon! they're carrying guns.
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>> reporter: the family has lived here for nearly 30 years. they planned to remodel and stay. now they're not so sure. >> right now, i don't know what to do. what my next step is. >> reporter: albert is in good spirits and not too much pain. they have no leads on the suspects. mark zuckerberg and his wife are about to spend millions of dollars on a special school for disadvantaged kids on the peninsula. they announced plans today to open the primary school next august with classes for infants, toddler, and preschoolers. it'll be expanded each year to include another grade level up to the 8th grade. when it's fully built, it'll serve about 700 students. it will also be linked to health services for students and their entire families. facebook is expanding search results to include real- time news by media organizations and facebook
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posts. users will see the most popular post first followed by posts from trusted news sources, people in your network, popular links and quotes and then strangers. one possible drawback, old posts that seem longgone and now private could end up getting new exposure. proposed changes in the way californians are compensated for excess electricity produced by their rooftop solar panels. dozens gathered today for a protest. people who have panels can sell leftover energy they gather back to the utility company. but the puc is considering paying less for additional energy spent to the grid. and critics worry such a change would make panels less affordable for people. >> it would kill off much of the market of solar in california and would put at risk all the investment that we made in developing solar that goes to the benefit of all
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californians. >> pg&e says it is 100% committed to solar energy. and the pushgz arbitration c says it's getting a lot of feedback from 60 different groups. >> still on track for possibly some rainfall for next week. as far as temperatures from today, we just had a few scattered high clouds out there. and these numbers just down a little bit from yesterday. still very nice numbers. 80s toward livermore and concord. san jose in the 70s. san francisco in the lower 70s as well. as you can see in the satellite, we had some fog this morning near pars of the
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shoreline. that northerly wind pushing the fog in this direction. and as a result we have the clearing skies. and just a few high clouds approaching parts of the north bay. and that's about it for thursday. current numbers update forward 6:00. still some 80s toward livermore and concord. santa rosa in the upper 70s. 77 in san francisco, downtown, 69. the bay bridge not too much of a wind out there. winds around 5-10 miles an hour. so the winds are up basically to the hills. throughout the north bay hills and the east bay hills. tomorrow partly sunny skies. weekend more clouds and cooling off into sunday. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning will be in the 40s for the north bay. so bundle up there. lots of 50s for the rest of the bay area. partly cloudy skies and patchy fog. won't be complete sunshine out there. a few high clouds moving into the region. here's what's happening offshore. a weak flow off the pacific for
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tomorrow. send in clouds for friday, into saturday morning. 60s, 70s, and 80s. and then into sunday, this weak cold front basically falls apart across southern california california. tracking showers to our north from eureka. there is a chance of a few sprinkles primarily in the north bay on sunday. our forecast model showing thank you, high clouds moving into the pacific for tomorrow, once again to saturday morning. by sunday yooufl see that projected rain line up to our north. and we could have a few sprinkles, maybe a light shower in parts of the north bay, sonoma county. tomorrow partly sunny, fairfield at 80, oakland in the 70s. san francisco some
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patchy fog in the mortgage. 69, and right near the median coastline. mainly in the mid to upper 60s. here's a look ahead, your 5-day forecast. scattered high clouds for saturday morning. and i think we'll scale back on the clouds by saturday afternoon. more clouds into sunday. monday looks pretty nice. and we'll thicken up the clouds and possibly some rain chances talking about wednesday of next week. so we have a few days. >> i don't even know where my umbrella is. >> going to have to look for it. it's been a long time! >> we had some sporadic showers earlier in the month. but nothing in terms of organized rainfall. and that could be the case possibly next week. and it seems like i have the umbrella, i lose, it i buy another one. >> they're all laying around somewhere. [ laughter ] a piece of the san francisco fire department's history is on display tonight. it's a 160-year-old roderick
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unveiled in front of city hall this morning. the first fire engine built in san francisco. it was designed to be pumped by 40 people in 1855. >> the history of san francisco is written in the ashes of the fires that have burned it down. >> it will be on display this saturday at the san francisco fire department museum on bush and presidio from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. a lot different from today's. [ laughter ] coming up, the dodgers make a big move in the clubhouse. and the oakland radars are back in action. we'll have continuing coverage of today's testimony that could change the race for the white house.
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hillary clinton's long day on capitol hill is just wrapped up about 20 minutes ago, she answered many questions on the 2012 terror attack in benghazi. also a first for one of the most popular bike races in california. how the bay area's biggest city is being left out.
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a big football game in santa claira. the 49ers taking on the seahawks tonight. you can see the pregame traffic in these pictures. the game started at 5:30
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>> 10-0. but it's early. [ laughter ] let's talk raiders. they have had their bye week. and they will be back at it down in san diego against the chargers coming up. trying to get back to winning. derrick car of course at quarterback. the raiders lost their previous game against the broncos at oakland. just prior to their little break here. and it was carr throwing a very hurtful, if that's the right word, interception return for a touchdown that pretty much seal today right there. carr talked today about how he's enjoying the break. but what he's been doing to stay close to the game. >> when you get time off, you can't go 100% without football. you got to at least watch the games, keep your mind in it,
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calling plays, or when you get back out here, it's like your tongue is tied. so you just want to really stay in it. the physical part is what you take off. mentally you got to stay locked in to be ready to make the last push. a little baseball, taking the day off. the cubs were eliminated by the mets yesterday. kansas city will try and take care of business against toronto. and the dodgers making news. don mat ilg, his reign is over. you see him getting into it with kershaw there. and today the dodgers president talked about why the change. >> just kind of crystallized that this is something that potentially made a lot of sense. and so we took a couple days to think about it.
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>> doesn't look like he's old enough for a paper route. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. >> we're getting older. [ laughter ] >> have a great evening!
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