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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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after something goes wrong. >> five people are dead and a bay area woman suffers major injuries near yosemite. good evening, i'm ken pritchett. >> i'm heather holmes. rushing to the park after the paraglider rushed to the side of the hill. as well as a witness as it sounds like this paraglider was very, very lucky. >> reporter: she was. she did have some serious injuries to her ankle, hips, back as well as cuts to her
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face that she was conscious and breathing. all of this happened just beyond the bridge line behind me at a place where birds, hang gliders, paragliders all fly free. >> reporter: it should have been a perfect day to take flight at the county park. blue skies, light wind. but where the wind sock marks that 600-foot launch that something went wrong for a 27- year-old paraglider shortly after she launched. >> for whatever reason think hard and right and slam back to the middle side. >> reporter: about 100 feet in the air when she hit trouble. >> the winds would switch and mother nature threw that curve ball. >> reporter: robert booth says he saw the tail end of the accident, which he called a fluke. >> the paraglider basically popped up in to the sky so the pilot was launched prematurely and not prepared for be the situation. >> he slammed just above the ridge. the emergency crews from the
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county fire and parks were all responding. a helicopter ready to hoist the victim if needed, but rescuers were able to hike her out to the awaited medevac helicopter, flown with serious injuries. >> and so it could have been far worse. >> and because of how magical it is. >> and those that fly here, they will tell you that they take the risk because the rewards are worth it. >> and they wondered what it would be like. >> and so the park ranger supervisor that you told me, they would respond to half a dozen hang gliders every year.
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they have a p2 rating. certainly glad that this outcome was a happier one. thank you so much, noelle. the station road near the yosemite park claimed the lives of five people injuring two others. investigators say that the 22- year-old man crashed head on with an unidentified female driver. that woman along with three passengers died at the scene. a fourth passenger a 58-year- old woman from saratoga was flown to modesto with major injuries. the driver of the other vehicle also died from the scene. his female passenger also suffered serious injuries. officials are looking in to whether or not drugs and alcohol played a role in the accident. killed by a suspected drunk driver this weekend. an officer had been dispatched to that area. reports of an unruly restaurant
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-- identifying the suspect driving recklessly in a pickup truck. near the shopping center. and now they say that they failed to field to the officer, when they slammed right in to that minivan killing the the female driver. suffering major injuries as the chp is investigating. a 13-year-old girl is from the hospital tonight after being hit by the gunshot fired outside her home. it happened last night as the girl sat on her grandmother's couch. reporter rita williams has more. >> reporter: since 1973 they proudly called west sacramento home. and that the neighborhood is so quiet that she always feels safe strolling around with her grandson, even hearing church bells. but saturday night, she and her neighbors were caught off
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guard. >> like pop, pop, pop about 46. i mean the sirens. >> reporter: around 8:50 p.m. someone shot in to this home at solano street. multiple bullet holes remain on the side of the duplex. one of them hit a 13-year-old girl. investigators say that the teen was sitting on the couch with the grandmother when a bullet hit her head. the victim's friends says she's a great student, always staying out of trouble. and the brother and the victim told me off camera that the only two people who live here are his grandmother and 13-year- old little sister who he has no idea why anybody would shoot at the home. >> it's scary, scary for the family. >> reporter: allen francisco lives just across the street as he was jolted by the stream of gunshots. >> it's interesting because i didn't hear any screech or car or anything like that. >> reporter: west sacramento police, they are working off
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the limited information and the drive by or the walk by. and that will be next month. and that things have not really changed. >> apparently listed in critical condition. >> and the man is suspected of the deadly shooting. and they sat outside their home. and staying at the scene of the crime. >> to release the photo is the
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18-year-old on the ground as police say that it is the second suspect to try to identify them. brown is suspected of shooting the car with two people inside. and the man was inside in his 20s injured, undergoing surgery. investigators are waiting to talk to him about the possible motive. and in the meantime brown, was armed and dangerous, immediately killed. the man with the highway patrol officers stepped in, patrol i along highway 4. and spinning tires the north of the highway, 17 people would issue the citations and 17 vehicles were impounded. to minimize traffic problems, the officers had to escort drivers through the scene as they would exit off highway 4. it is looking like los angeles to san francisco high- speed rail project will likely
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miss their 2022 deadline and go over it, $68 billion. the los angeles times is reporting that the state officials underestimated the project's challenges. in particular boring 36 miles of tunnels north of los angeles. the high-speed rail authorities behind schedule on their land acquisition, financing, and permit approvals. the star wars character r2d2 provided a special escort for those coming from japan. an image of r2d2 was painted on the nose and the dreamliner that landed in san jose. the airline made a deal with the walt disney company to use it on three others. and the force awakens will be released in theaters on december 18th. as they say that they would help solve that of the airport. >> and that it will be very
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popular and very strong, reliable poor performance. >> that they would have their star wars decorations on the plane. the six films are available for their in-flight viewing as they will be showing viewers from their destinations over the next six weeks with the average cost to $2.24. now, on track right now to be $1 cheaper than what they were this time last year according to the new survey that was released today. that they say though that the drop in their pump prices might come to an end to remain in current levels. now, the average for a gallon of regular is $2.80 in both oakland and san jose at $2.92. coming up, the developments of their homecoming parade
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crash. and plus their record rain. see how the remanence of hurricane patricia are causing massive floods. preparing their abortion for slavery and the latest controversial comments by their presidential hopeful ben carson. just a few clouds are moving across the bay area today with partly cloudy conditions. coming up, the monday forecast that we're still talking about that may produce a few rain drops later this week. we'll have the five-day forecast after the break.
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they have more now on which area saw the worst of it. >> the heavy rain is expected
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to continue to fall in texas as the remanence of hurricane patricia combined with a powerful storm passed by. flooding their roads and homes. they started realizing that they were in deep waters. >> and it will be by the small water. >> and it will be issuing the voluntary evacuation order. after the prediction of the area that could get eight to 12 inches of rain. >> this will be a tropical storm.
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>> and if they are happy they would leave. highways and more warnings ahead over the next 24 hours, asking people to try to remain patient. and that happened at the end of the route when they ran through the barricades right in to the crowd. the 25-year-old was arrested at the scene. first court appearance scheduled for tomorrow. >> i see them flying towards people. and that i would witness their impact with that motorcycle. and with that air.
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and you can see them flying. >> in the meantime that there will be five people in that condition as they are listed in fair and stable conditions. treated and released. >> the former surgeon would like to see roe verses wade with no return. i would listen. >> saying it is more about control and healthcare, all to
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the government. against general motors at midnight. that they have threatened, that they will walk off the jobs, one of the big issues is the classification of the workers, paying them since 2007. and it will be much less. the detour car maker says they would remain committed to reaching the agreement good for both sides. >> and they defended the plan to install their video surveillance. and the plan is to refuse those claims that they will be encroaching on the side that they fear they would be used to spy on and arrest people. as they report that the announcement came amid the violence in the region. the u.s. secretary of state said that israel and jordan have reached agreement on several measures, aimed at
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stopping or at least defusing the ongoing violence in israel in the west bank. and violence that will continue today. >> that they would stab two people in separate incidents getting away. and for the security forces, the teenager who will be on with the knife. today, the prime minister would emphasize the status quo that would not change. as they said both israel and jordan have agreed to set up 24 hours of the surveillance camera at the temple mound to
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essentially prove israel, they are in the trying to take it over. they say around-the-clock surveillance will tighten security. that they criticized that idea today. they called it a trap. and that they said israel just wants the cameras to track and arrest palestinians. jordan meanwhile remains custodian of the most compound and for the foreign minister calling it the latest measure a step in the right direction. hundreds came together in washington, d.c. to visit the various war memorials around the capital. many of the visitors with world war ii vets, agreeing that it was music from the era and they dressed up in 1940s styles
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clothes. they were called memories from the battlefield. also talked about the the sacrifice and how the war they fought changed the course of history. >> we have a great country. and we want to do everything that we can to keep it the way it is today. we have the freedom and that is what i think of the most. that is a message for our young people today. to remember everyone laid down in their life. >> and now some of the veterans were flown to washington and also free by the non-profit group honor flights. >> they deserve every amount they get. and tomorrow is a nice day out there, things will be changing pretty soon. >> i might have to change the forecast a little bit. and a little bit, to always
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tweet things, yeah with a chance of some rain. but as far as our rainfall here, a lot of cloud, but not much in the way with the showers out there. and all that to the rainfall moving in to texas and in to louisiana and especially for today and take a look at those numbers. really they are adding up, over six to seven to eight inches of the rainfall over eight inches of rain, still picking up the rainfall right now. heavy rainfall and the excessive rainfall rates, closer to new orleans and at last check that rainfall, gradually shifting out to the east. back here across the west coast in the bay area with a few high clouds, the weak system move across the region earlier today. right now we have some fog trying to regroup just offshore. so the current numbers, they are showing you some 70s out towards fairfield, concord, livermore at 72.
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and santa rosa at 72. the live camera is looking towards the san francisco bay out there in the distance, partly cloudy skies, areas of fog tomorrow to be mild and warm and then on wednesday, i still called it a chance for some rain. and that latest forecast model is backing off under their chances and the accumulations. we'll get to that in a bit, but don't forget with quite a few days out for saturday, halloween partly cloudy skies, dry as we can tell you that and the temperatures, they are actually mild by the 5:00 numbers, still in the 60s and the 70s. as you would expect, cooling off the threat for the evening hours. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning, starting out monday morning in the 40s and the 50s and the last week of october. so here is the system that moved across the bay area today, still watching their hurricane, as they would try to make it up with the front offshore and that key factor by wednesday. now for tomorrow, skies, becoming partly sunny at 60s and 70s, and the 80s. most areas are warmer as they are being pushed up to the north. tuesday, thickening clouds on
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wednesday and a chance for some rain, but that the key concern right now, it will be this system, that it could split with some of the energy heading to the north and the south and not leaving much for the bay area. and we'll keep an eye on that. tomorrow morning some low clouds and fog out there, pulling back near that shoreline with a lot of clouds for your tuesday. look what happens with the wednesday, some rain, some energy heads north and to the south and kind of missing us, but the forecast models, they have been all over the place, even the past day and hopefully that they would change that and bump up the rain coverage in that area. forecast highs for tomorrow, 70s, the warmest location approaching the 80s. san jose to 78 degrees, sunnyvale 76 and with the forecast high of 70. look ahead at your five-day forecast, increasing clouds on tuesday. we will still go optimistic with the chance of rain on wednesday and warm things back up for friday and saturday and that they will look dry as we'll show you for their halloween forecast. >> hopefully for everything to line up perfectly for their system to produce the rain for us. right now, that it is just
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moving north and south to miss us. but they could change. >> yeah. >> i will be the first to tell you. >> all right. >> we look forward to that, thank you, mark. coming up, hearing from the warriors as they will get ready to tip off. >> the oakland raiders, they will come on the rivals and their chargers. sports is next. ♪ i can show you the world ♪ shining, shimmering, splendid ♪ ♪ tell me, princess, now when did ♪ ♪ you last let your heart decide ♪ ♪ a whole new world
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joining us now and how about those raiders? >> i will tell you what, the important game for the raiders today, hard for them to imagine that they could be doing anything better. on the bye week to prepare for the san diego chargers. things went poorly for the chargers. by malcolm smith. and the game for the score. the raiders scored the first seven times, early in the second quarter. maybe 17-3. and watch them do the rest. it is a 52-yard play.
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and it will be good for the touchdown with the chargers, doing some scoring for the raiders. even the record at 33-27 win, oakland all alone in second place in that division. and the waiting is almost over. and about to begin the season at home on tuesday. and they will have a different look, the head coach, until further notice. and he will be wearing the mask to protect his broken nose. they won't be able to pick up back in june. to make adjustments in the game and to come out and compete.
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100% new confidence. there you go. >> and the end game tonight, mourning the loss of the veterans coach. the team president, the coach, and part owner of the minnesota timberwolves. and he has revealed in june that he was treated for lymphoma, dying today at the age of 60. so yes. >> see you tonight at 11:00. >> thank you for watching tonight. facebook, twitter, the beautiful sunsets on out there. we'll see you at 10:00. >> good night.
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