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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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going on which is just the way we like it, steve. we are going to start off and be nice and light out there. that is what we are doing with the bay brim toll plaza. it has been a very nice commute. the traffic continues to move along very nicely all the way across into san francisco. there are no major problems there. as a matter of fact, we have a nice-looking commute there, and also a nice-looking commute on the lower deck. this is a look at the san mateo bridge, and that commute looks very nice with no major issues. if you are driving on 280 in san jose. traffic through the middle of san jose. it looks good all the way out to highway 17. at 4:30, let's go to the desk. and dozens are dead after a massive 7.5 earthquake that was centered during afghanistan and felt across much of south ash -- asia. the latest information coming in from that region. alex, good morning. it is felt across afghanistan, pakistan, and india.
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the damage widespread here. and according to officials in pakistan, they have just announced that at least 29 people are dead in that country. and the overall death toll could be close to 50 and of course likely go up. >> and this was a 7.5 manage any tuesday quake centered in northern afghanistan. the epicenter about 130 miles deep. and of course in the major cities. people evacuated office buildings as the shaking cut power in some spots. and also in the province which is in afghanistan, we understand at least 12 students at a girl's school were killed during a stampede as they tried to escape a shaking building. in pakistan, many people in homes or buildings collapsed in troops or the military. nearing 50 people to cross again. afghanistan, pakistan. in indian.
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obviously, you have -- you are trying to assess the damage. you can only guess is going to go up throughout the morning. >> all right, alex. thank you -- the three drifters accused in a killing in a backpacker in san francisco are due back in court this morning. will be assigned lawyers. the third suspect morrison already has an attorney. the three are also expected to be aryaned -- arraigned on murder charges. and accusing him of shooting and killing n. golden gate park and 67-year-old in steve carter in fairfax earlier this month. and court documents. five people were killed when an suv registered around san jose. and the driver and three passengers in the suv died at the scene on highway # 20 saturday night. now, another passenger, a 50-year-old woman from saratoga suffered major injuries.
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the driver of the other vehicle, a 22-year-old man also died at the scene. his passenger sent to the hospital. officials are looking into weather drugs or alcohol played a role. a 13-year-old girl from life support this morning after being struck in the head in a bullet fired outside of her house. someone fired five shots into the home on saturday night as the girl sat on her grandmother's couch just watching tv. family members have identified the 13-year-old as valadez in river justice of the peace bank so in west sacramento. the family is pleading for someone to come forward with information. >> you can remain anonymous. i don't care. we need to find out who did this to my niece. thirteen years old. an old lady lives here, and a 13-year-old. why? i don't understand. investigators have spoken to residents in the area, but have little information to go on. they are not sure whether the shooter was on foot or in a car.
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it is not clear why this house was targeted. >> a man was shooting. police responded to a call of shots fired on a home in glade drove just before 1:00 yesterday morning. and officers found a # #-year-old man had been shot in the backyard. he died at the scene. and no arrests have been made. and a raid in fairfield. police performed a probation search on saturday night. two guns. half a pound of method, an ounce of marijuana, and a large amount of cash. a 17-year-old was arrested on weapons and drug charges along with a probation out there. a 25-year-old man was also arrested in a search. and according to the san francisco chronicle, new documents reveal more tiny cracks throughout the new eastern span. experts interviewed by the chronicle say the crash between the rods could fail overtime. a
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cal tran engineer does not think the microcracking is an issue. the agency could do further testing of the rods. today, san francisco assume visier along with people who live and work will call for an investigation of a series of gas line breaks connected to a construction project. and five natural gas leaks. crews are working to replace water and suer lines. and supervisor along with several neighborhoods. people, business. a hearing of a board of supervisors to investigate. >> and the owner o f a 1978 ferrari has good insurance. and burst into flames. contra costa times reports as the owner is gassing up. and everyone ran away from the
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flames. and the model 380-m like the one used on the tv show, magnum pi is badly burned. morello road was shut down more than an hour, but no one was hurt. the chp broke up an illegal side show. officers on patrol near madeo yesterday morning spotted several cars spinning their tires and doing donuts in a parking lot near franklin canyon road. seventeen cars were impounded, and the drivers were cited. there will be a groundpeaking on the new facility at the ucsf antioch children's hospital in oakland. it will be the second outpatient center in the hospital. you may remember last week, an 80-year- old house was moved from the site to make room for the project. governor jerry brown will be at today's groundbreaking. construction is the first step in a ten-year expansion project. rebuilding and modern size the hospital to improve. apple will report
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imparterly after the closeing bell on wall street. industry analysts now expect the numbers to be better than forecast. record sales when apple began offering new line of iphones. and investigators are watching closely to sales hold up. with apple music. >> apple is checking out of traffic. the iphone 6s. apple is now using sports that is of course, for your steph curry hoping to show how the phones are different. until recently, apple relied autopsy technology to be fascinating enough by itself. and the most recent ads you celebrities help demonstrate will make the newest devices different from everything else and probably convince you to turn in your apple phone you
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just bought last year. >> are you trying to -- time now 4:37. a bridge linning oakland and alameda will close for nine hours a day for the next month. coming up at 5:00, the traffic problems it can cause on the roads and on the road. >> and up next, the, approximateetaluma pumpkin patch has been very busy. and the learning experience has come on with picking up the perfect purpose kin. we're looking at the north bay commute. and does look good coming to the golden gate bridge. a little bit of fog along that spin. >> a little bit of fog for some. and we're waiting for the system along. we'll see if it makes you for wednesday.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. clean-up efforts after hurricane patricia. slammed the region. left thousands of homes destroyed as well as widespread flueding. it could have been worse. experpetrators say it was broken up by the country's high mountains which limited its power. president obama has offered aide to mexico if needed. also this morning, texas is now starting to dry out, but that is after days of storms and flooding in the parts of that state. and roads have reopened in austin and flooded bayous around houston. they have row reseeded. in soon tan own -- san antonio. officials say a man was washed out of the waterway. he was found by a passerby. and he was taken to hospital. has died. and saunders has tried to
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rebuild. and as team president, part owner and head coach. and he was diagnosed with hodgekins limb foe ma last june. and doctors called it treatable and incurable. and this was his second stint with minnesota. he also -- saunders survived by his wife and four children. he was 60 years old. the you nighted auto workers and general motors have reached a tentative new contract. the deal avoided the strike at least for now u. the local union leaders will meet in detroit on wednesday. if they approved the contract, it will be passed along to abseptember or reject. neither side is revealing details of the agreement except to say it that it is ifer four years. earlier this month, the union and chrysler agreed on a new contract that included a pay hike for senior workers to $30 an hour. toyota has reclaimed its title as world's top auto maker.
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7.5 million vehicles between the start of the year last month. that pushed it ahead of vw which had will listen the big -- been the biggest auto maker during the summer. all car makers have seen sales slide because of stopped global economy especially in china and russia. vw is unlikely to catch up at this point because of last month. you probably remember, it was forced to stop semiing its diesel models after it was caught cheating on emissions tests. it is that time of the yore where people are heading to bay area pumpkin patches. there's one in the north bay that gets hundreds of visitors each day. as ktvu ken wayne shows us they leave that patch with more than just a few pumpkins. >> in the pumpkin patch on spring hill rod outside of petaluma has plenty of pumpkins. also had has a western village for picture-taking. large boxes of corn for kids to play in, and a lot of an ma'ams to visit. the kids, no doubt, are having a good time out here. the secret is they are actually
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learning something about their food and where it comes from. >> children that arrive on a daily basis that look at the cows and wonder if they are horses. hundreds of children come here every day. many bussed from schools in san francisco, oakland, and beyond. >> there's a lot of kids that typically only see concrete, pavement. >> this tolerant cow is giving kids a chance to learn where their milk, cheese, and ice cream comes from. >> it feels sort of funny just because you're sort of squeezing something that is really mushy. >> you have to grab it with your whole fingers and squeeze it. >> so, do you have new appreciation for cows now? >> yeah. but i'm lactose intolerant. >> some experience the first tractor tried of their life roll past pumpkin fields to another crop. >> how do you feel right there? >> it's kind of fun for plea
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to watch the children. some come out and say we have to get dirty. bigging in the. digging in the sandy soil for their own food to take home. >> we had one little girl that told me this is not a potato. a potato looks like a box. we have to tell how the powdered potatoes that go into the box. >> you have thee potatoes? what are you going to do with this em? >> that was a dumb question. >> the hope the children will. >> i think it's important that it starts early and it may lead to somebody owning their farm one day. >> do you think you are a city girl or country girl. >> country. >> there you go. you went to that one; didn't you? >> that is one of my favorites. we love that. you get to milk the cow. >> peter's pumpkin patch is
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open every day. >> both of our pumpkin hatches have those really cool corn colonel. >> and it's amazing. i love it. >> i went to a similar place this weekend.? awe similar place that semis orange things. >> semis those orange things. >> did you get some pumpkins? >> we got some pumpkins and some pictures. >> there you go. >> good morning, everybody. one more cup of coffee for me. grab that cup of coffee for the road. so far, with e do have traffic that is getting busier, but nothing major. a nice-looking drive approaching the bay bridge. no major problems. if you are driving the san mateo bridge, it should be a nice drive over to highway 10 #. with e are looking at the santa clara valley. 01. 280. and 85 are all doing very well.
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so is highway 17. what about today's weather? >> i might as well go home. >> how are you do going to do this? >> i saw all the tech guys. if i am not responding to you, that's why. >> you have your phone. that's in the car. although i can't see your tweets, i just can't respond to them because i can't log in. you set these things up two or three years ago and forget the password. that's the problem. we'll figure it out. a friend of the show. a sarcastic friend of the show. a big area. there are some areas where there are pockets of fog. sunny, mild to warm. there is our system. it looks weaker and weaker with time. we'll tackle this tuesday. olaf really not
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getting entrained. it's going to hang back. that is a big dish. if it did, that would be -- we would have a better opportunity for rain. atz it stands, aim not sold on it right now. today, i am sold. sixty-two. sixty-four h. 63. by running very mild. fortys for some. san jose checking in. mostly mid 50s. east bay, upper 50s. pittsburg, low 50s. forty-nine with 27. fifty-six sacramento. there goes our system. we'll get some increasing clouds tomorrow. today, it's all about some patchy morning fog. thick fog for some. mostly sunny. nice to mild to some. temperatures p. seventys. a little bit above average. what's new? that's been the theme for a long, long time. i'll go with cloudy skies. light rain wednesday. i am not really sold on it. looks good going into halloween then. increasing
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clouds sunday. maybe early. maybe once we get to november, we'll have something to talk about. >> just get us through hal lope wean and trick or treating. >> you got it. >> does it feel weird not tweeting on facebook? >> oh, you're lost. >> we have a lot of information. people do give you weather information. you're able to read it. >> i can see it on the computer, but i can't access it. does that make sense? >> got you. >> hopefully, we'll be back tomorrow with that. >> i hope so. or sooner. >> thank you, steve. 4:49 is the time. new jersey governor chris christie was kicked off an amtrack car. coming up in 20 minutes, what he was doing that caused passengers to complain. and actress amy schumer teaming up with a relative to promote gun control. up next, the changes they're pushing for. hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi.
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honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together.
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raided by us forces have now been reduced to a pile of rubble. the defense department released this have you had owe yesterday showing an air strike on a prison in northern iraq. it happened on thursday. i. had u.s. sergeant was killed. twenty of them were membered. police in north carolina aring looing for a gunman who shout and injured a student at north carolina central university. it happened last night at 11:00. the school sent out an alert to students and put the
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campus on a lock-down for 30 minutes. police say the victim's injuries are not life- threatening. chuck schumer pushing for toucher gun show laws and getting help from amy schumer. he teamed up with the actress to talk about their proposal. they want to expand background tracks and end loopholes that allow people to buy guns online and gun shows. in july during a showing of train wreck, a man opened fire killing two people and injuring nine others. >> we acknowledge that there's a right in the second amendment to bear arms. it exists. we accept it. no amendment is absolute. >> 60 votes are needed to pass the bill. so far, schumer says he has the support of at least 40 other senators. uc davis police are searching for three men accused of sexually assaulting a uc davis student. police say the victim is in her early 20s. she met the three suspects thursday night at a restaurant. investigators say the men took the woman to davis community park where all three suspects
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sexually assaulted her. >> they have an open mind about where they come from. it could be somebody local from day voice. it could be somebody that drove here from our downtown. we have some people from all over the area. >> two of the suspects are described as white males in their 20s. another is friar described as a mixed race man in late 20s to early 30s with short hair and a bored. the president of ireland is in the bay area this week as part of his tour of the west coast. now, today, president michael hug begins will give a private speech to u.c. berkeley students on global hunger. on wednesday, he plans to honor the six people killed in that banal conny collapse back in join. five of those people were students from ireland. president hug begins. and that balcony collapse. later in the week, he will travel to silicon value low to tour google's headquarters. hundreds of veterans came
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together. many of the visitors were world war ii veterans. and they were greeted with music from the era. in 19 host style clothes. well into the 90s now. how the war they fought. >> and we have a great country. and we want to coeverything we can to keep it. and the worship this plays. we have the freedom that people died for. and that is what i think of most. that is what i take as a message for our young people today. remember, everyone has layed down our life. >> i agree e. 100%. >> some of the veterans were flown to washington for free by the nonprofit group honor flights. >> and daredevil robbie caer.
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and the 30-yard rent to ramp jump on saturday night. and the scene at the spa resort casino barbecue festival. and he celebrated months of sobriety with this motorbike jump. his last stunt was four years ago. one of his most famous jumps was of course, jumping the grand canyon. >> why would you do that? really cool. >> to get on tv, i guess. >> ment cooing up in our 5:00 hour. piles of trash abandoned on the streets. illegal dumping becoming aa huge problem in san jose. what the city will consider doing. a hazardous material scare. what was thrown in the store that caused the evaing weigh. good morning. we're looking at the east bay commute. and right now, it looks pretty good. a little bit of slowing here at the toll plaza of the bay bridge, waive and give it up that is about it.
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so far, you can get a nice commute throughout most of the east bay. except for some thick fog out there. and it's forming fast. and also inland. it's going to be a nice day, but changes brewing for tuesday and wednesday. we'll see if it brings any rain.
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you. a grass fire that grew to two alarms. >> the conference brings an extra 16,000 city to the people. the look at the road closures not just for cars, waive and give it up also for cyclists and pedestrians. >> in is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morn. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. and welcome back. >> good to be back. >> it is monday, october 26th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. good to be back. good to talk about our wealther and traffic. and steve paulsen has everything working. >> welcome back, mr. clark. >> good to be back? you ready, you rested? >> oh, yeah. >> we do have a pretty quiet pattern. there is a lot of fog. we do see that burning off. the fog seems to be forming pretty quick for some. that's methodist hospital just on the coast. also inland, and a few high clouds
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this morning. overall, lots of sunshine. our system is out here. it's not really training the remains of hurricane olaf. there enlies probably more clouds than any rain forecast. it does look mostly clear for halloween. i think saturday will be just fine. early next weeknight be different. i think this was american air 88. but fog at sfo forming fast, and i'm not surprised we're getting reports of that. the rainfall, we could sure ute it. we're not getting any yet. we'll see what cakes in for november. there are some early signs that maybe the pattern might change then. until then, we'll have sunshine. this system is lifting. thes going to weaken considerably. overall, look for temperatures today. fortys to 50s to start off with, and we'll end up with pretty much 7 0ás or very low 80s. and mostly sunny. and once that lifts, that will be all right. and hazy sunshine. fiftys, 70s, and 80s. >> we don't have much. we do have a limb bit of slowing, steve. we have bay bridge


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