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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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to open up. there were prediction that's the north bay could receive a quarter inch of rain. we're waiting for it. al exsavage is live along the roadways. no rain yet, it's very dry. some rain could be coming this morning that could make for slick conditions on the roadways. there was a little bit of rain in the south bay overnight. some parts could see scattered showers throughout the morning commute. a taste of what could be a strong el nino that may be headed our way, we hope so, the predictions of powerful rain storms in northern california, they have prompted homeowners to take care of their leaky roofs or roofs that may leak.
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contractors are in high demand. we followed with a crew yesterday. businesses is up 100% compared to this time last year. contractors have waiting lists that are two months long. many homeowners have put off the repairs during the four year drought. >> it's been very dry. it's scary. >> people are concerned with the weather, it's going to damage their home. >> of course water agencies like east bay mud, any rain is welcome what matters is snow in the sierra. projections from the noah -- noaa suggests a 5050 chance of rainfall this year.
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later this morning we may get scattered showers. steve will have more on when, where, how much may come down during the morning commute. it's good to keep in mind that the roads could be wet. >> bring a jacket but you may not need it. >> your hair is saved. >> the hair is safe for now. that being said, the storm had potential but didn't pan out. >> potential is a french word meaning you didn't do squat. we have our system moving, there's light rain to the north and san jose, willow glen had measurable amounts. somebody got something out of the system. there's still part of the system that has to swing through. it's a lot of cloud cover, light rain to the north, around
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cloverdale, if you're getting rain in lake county, it's raining in eureka. someone is getting some. i know they had measurable overnight. our system is about done. we're almost on the backside of it. 50s and 60s on the temps. still pockets of hit and miss shower activity. you can see the breaks in the holes in the clouds. this will be our best opportunity. a cloudy morning, a few light snappers and brief rains -- showers -- 4:33. except for the san jose area we're already. >> -- all right. it looks dry. the traffic is moving nicely. we'll start at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's a nice looking drive.
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no major problems coming into the city. 880, that traffic is moving nicely on 880 north and southbound. if you're driving in the south bay, it could be left, the roadways are doing well when it comes to traffic. let's go back to the desk. say -- a san jose police have released pictures of two of three men wanted for home burglary. the burglars shot the homeowner. these are pictures of two of the three suspects and the car they drove off in. videos of the home shows a suspect ringing the door bell. when no one answers he goes to the backyard and the garage. they wake out of the home with the bag. the homeowner fought with the man and shot in the shoulder. anyone with information is asked to call police.
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search crews in the santa cruz area returned to the mountain where a human skull was found. they combed through a wooded hillside. locals call it rattlesnake curve. they focus on excluded areas near lexington reservoir. a hiker found a human skull. the sheriff office declined to say what prompted the new search. many of the searchers were volunteers. >> when they said they found a skull, did someone distribute the parts throughout. >> the sheriff office did not reveal what if anything they found. caltrans crews will be back
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at a freeway overpass to replace the railing. 460 feet of fences fell from the 23rd avenue overpass on 880 below. two people were hurt. last night crews were demolishing what's left of the old railing. it was inexpected a few weeks ago and deemed safe. >> as a result of the inspection on october 20th it was to remove the railing from both bridges and replace it with continue crete barriers. >> cal strains has not said what caused it to give way, but witnesses say it was leaning for weeks. there's a report that the head of the arson investigation
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unit has been reassigned. he was demoted because he connected the shortage of investors -- investigators to backlog. the move was part of an ordinary realignment. a man has been arrested in connection with a deadly shooting in livermore and sacramento. john bunch was arrested by police in alameda county. police are searching for jason brown in connection with both kills. brown and bunch are accused of firing into a car last saturday. the driver was killed and the passenger seriously wounded. brown is wanted in connection with a shooting in fresno. a $1,000 reward in the case of a missing crow. majerle lived at the wildlife
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center. someone broke into the center and took majerle saturday morning. he's at risk because he doesn't know how to find his own food. a third lawsuit against the san jose restaurant linked to an outbreak of she gala -- she gela. most of the cases are in santa clara. but others are in other counties. the lawsuits allege neg jens. -- negligence. discharging patients from a hospital and gave them bus
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tickets to san francisco. 24 people were sent here and most needed medical attention. the settlement includes a $400,000 payment to san francisco. the last remaining gun store is closing. he doesn't want to deal with the regulation passed by the board of supervisors. requiring transactions be videotaped and report all ammunition sales. >> send that down to the police department when the customers have not done anything wrong. >> if the last gun store in san francisco wants to close as a result of my legislation so be it. i rather have a preschool, coffee shop than a gun store. >> the supervisor says the legislation is in response to mass shooting and gun violence
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in general. walgreens plans to buy rite aid for more than $17 billion. that will combine the second and third largest pharmacy chains for 13,000 stores. the rite aid name will change overtime. some say walgreens may have a tough time getting the deal approved. people will have fewer options to pick up recycled water in the tri city area. there's a smaller station that will shut down after operations on friday. the dublin district said demand is decreasing as temperature drop. this water station offers free recycled water to everyone. making the grade when it comes to test scores.
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where california stands in student progress in reading and has -- math. good morning, we're looking at the commute, so far so good, if you're driving on the bridge getting into san francisco it's a nice looking drive. a lot of cloud cover, a little rain, we get any more here? we're trying, we'll see what's in store for the rest of the day.
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. is sacramento city council approved a minimum wage increase, but not before it was
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interrupted. you could hear people chanting at the meeting. two women were arrested and council members left their seats. a woman attempted to hit a police officer. once the meeting calmed down others voiced their opinions. >> please vote no on this pro opposal. it's not enough. >> we felt we had to do something. >> city leaders voted to raise the minimum wage to 12.50 an our by 2020. >> fines for $10,000 for people dumping trash on city or private property. that is higher than the fines originalry suggested. the paper says the city will make it easier to report illegal dump sites and will start a campaign in the areas
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with the biggest problem. today is the last day to vote on a strike. there's 25,000 professors, coaches and comers on 23 campuses. executives are offering a 2% pay raise but members want a 5% pay raise. contract talks between cal state and the faculty union will continue, even if faculty members approve a strike 1 is not scheduled. kids have a unique learning experience that could inspire them to be surgeons. >> i see good future surgeons here. doctors and operating room staffers from st. fran sis hospital -- francis hospital demonstrate the operating system.
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>> we're so delighted we're able to give this experience to our students, they can imagine themselves as health professionals. >> students from the fourth to the 7th grade attended the event. the time is 4:46, we're going to check in with sal over in the traffic center. it's early, the roads look good. >> it's good, we don't have a lot going on, which is great. traffic looks good. let's look at the pictures, you can see it's iniops looking drive around the east bay. no need to run out of the house. have a cup of coffee and hang out. we're looking at the east bay and the south bay, and the freeways are looking nice, it's nice and early. in the santa clara valley, 101,
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reporting at the speed limit. thank you, a little bit of rain to the north, in between not much. does not look promising. not much showing up on radar to the west. laura hernandez said light rain in fremont. should i get flood insurance. not today. martinez 59, mostly cloudy, calm and zippo. as in the lighter? maybe next week. maybe monday. that looks more cold and winnie. light rain to the north. looks like cloverdale. san jose, there was a little
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bit, things have ended. there was a couple .01. some of the higher elevations had a little bit. there's hardly anyone reporting rain. 60s on the temps. we'll have cloud cover in the morning. afternoon sun. novato 51. 60 bodega bay. mostly cautions 1 to 6 degrees warmer. 45 in truckee, that's warm for them. 61 in monterey. we're getting rain in crescent city. around san jose had light rain but it's gone. cloudy skies, a lot of breaks, a lot of tattered holes. we could squeeze out a little bit. focuses aing north and south. 60s and 70s on the temps.
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these are near average to below. we'll continue that today. start a warmup. it turns breezy. we'll get a north wind that will warm us up. it looks like a cooler pattern starts sunday. >> my lawn was disappointed there wasn't much rain. >> yes i would agree with that. >> you know the kids will be excited to see the weather looks good on halloween. >> no worries there. a shocking video showing a sheriff deputy dragging a student out of her desk in a south carolina school. the decision that could come today regarding that deputy's future. >> you may notice more teal than orange. the trend that's protecting kids with dangerous food allergies.
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. family friends and law enforcement officers will say good-bye to a new york police officer killed in the line of duty. a funeral for randolph holier in queens. the five year veteran was killed after being shot in the head in east harlem. he and his partner were chasing
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a man with a gun. the pentagon is warning americans to expect more fighting. ash carter testified yesterday and he says that the u.s. will not hold back from supporting partners. the u.s. will carry out missions whether by airstrikes or action on the ground. the u.s. has carried out special operations raids in syria. an american service membered died during an operation in iraq against isis. >> the corps is helping determine if there's a threat left by military. the old base on the island is one of 10,000 plots identified for clean up and
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restoration. the department of defense will determine if officials need to find and remove artillery from the site. a 97-year-old woman who's curious about high-tech and love what's the future could hole got her wish. she lives in a nursing home. one of her wishes was to visit google mountain view campus. she got a virtual reality tour. what does it mean to search the internet. >> i'm intrigued with the things the changes i've seen in my life. it's a learning experience for me today. i started out in a two room schoolhouse in montana. >> she's almost 100-year-old,
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she looked good. she got a ride in google's driverless car. she remembers when computers became commonplace. saturday is halloween. be extra careful on the streets. children are four times more likely to be hit by a car on halloween. children in costumes can make it harder to see combined with walking in the dark and adult party goers on the road. designate a driver before heading out to a halloween event. san francisco leaders are reminding people there's no official party in the castro district. halloween is a chance to go home with a bag of candy but it can be a nightmare. he's allergic to dairy pro directs. now there's a teal pumpkin.
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using teal holiday decorations to indicate they have things that are dairy free. >> some families offer fruit, others gave away treats that have nothing to do with food. families can signal they are part of the program by registering their home on a map. i have never heard of that, but i may have to get stickers. the warriors celebrated before getting down to the business of winning another championship. the special ceremony ahead of the season opener. >> and a special tribute to the people killed in the berkeley balcony collapse. what ireland's president will
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do in the bay area today. we're looking at the east bay commute on interstate 680. a little bit of rain to the north. ukiah reported some rain. what about the rest of the morning. so far just cloudy. .
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. we've been hearing about it all week. >> , . welcome back, it's wednesday october 28 we were hoping for rain, and while there were a couple sprinkles overnight. steve says we shouldn't count on much. and despite, yeah, do you see this. >> got a little bit. >> the pavement looks wet. that's san jose. >> live pictures of san jose.
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i see a puddle right there. you get the idea of what this morning a little bit of rain looks like. disappointing but there's predictions of a historic el nino. homeowners getting ready for the winter time. a billing contractor says business is up 100% over this time last year. >> four years of drought made homeowners complacent, now people are patching roofs. the contractors say they have waiting lists of two months. >> be careful if you're heading to the beach. national weather service issued a high surf advisory for the central coast. a flood advisory for l.a. a beach hazard statement from 5:00 this morning through tomorrow. that means large breaking waves in shallow water could lead to


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