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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i see a puddle right there. you get the idea of what this morning a little bit of rain looks like. disappointing but there's predictions of a historic el nino. homeowners getting ready for the winter time. a billing contractor says business is up 100% over this time last year. >> four years of drought made homeowners complacent, now people are patching roofs. the contractors say they have waiting lists of two months. >> be careful if you're heading to the beach. national weather service issued a high surf advisory for the central coast. a flood advisory for l.a. a beach hazard statement from 5:00 this morning through tomorrow. that means large breaking waves in shallow water could lead to
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back and neck injuries. the swells could reach nine the 12 feet. >> you can download the weather app to get the latest on the rain and the weather where you live. the best thing is to go to steve paulson. >> there's a little bit of rain to the north. for most nothing. >> we were saying. >> it was and much there. maybe we'll get more this morning. we need it. right now things are quiet. free montz, -- fremont. there was a piece of energy that went through, that was last night. there's rain toward ukiah, over to lake county, bodega bay. a lot is not reaching. some is. that zipped by san jose and now
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it's just cloudy skies, there could be light rain. we're just about done with the system. 50s and 60s on the temps, rain pushing off toward the east and san jose, if something else new develops, there's a piece of energy but that will reenforce toward the men deseano coast -- mendicino coast. 5:02. any reports of anything on the commute here? >> no nothing when it comes to wet roads. traffic is moving well. we'll look at the commutes and you can see it's a nice looking drive around the bay area. san francisco, northbound 101. that looks good if you're going that far. the bay bridge toll plaza is light. a couple cars in the cash lane lining up. if you're driving around the
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bay area. the traffic is looking good. went up to the north bay, just to see if we have accidents or stalls here. nothing in novato, it looks good to the gate great -- gate quiet gold inquiet ridge. michael higgens in is in the u.s. as part of a goodwill tour. he will thank the first responder who's responded to the balkany collapse in june. he will plant trees to honor the six victims. the trees that were chosen were selected because they are native to ireland and california. police arrested a high school student accused of giving pills to fellow students. seven students became ill after
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taking the pills. a 17-year-old was arrested and booked into juvenile hall. the new report card for u.s. schools and it's not pretty. live in san jose, the over all grades for california schools is worse than the national average. >> good morning, there was no wig improvement. a lot of scores are stagnant. california scored near the bottom when it came to reading and math. the test is the national assess. of educational progress. it's the only standard diced test given in the u.s. the average results for california students in math and reading remained the same. california scores were 5 to 8 points lower than the national average among public school
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students. the performance between black, latino and white students remain just as wide in math it narrowed 10 points. this is the first year in which scores nationwide cropped. they come at a time when schools are going through changes like the common core standard. things may get interesting at oakland school board meeting. angry parents, teachers and special needs students will speak out. they will be putting disabled students in main school
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classes. they are teaching that a teacher that speak out against the plan that was fired and rehired. this afternoon, oakland mayor holes a open house and deliver a state of the city address. this will be the first state of the city address. the audience will be invited to join discussions about the mayors top four priorities. it will be at small groups at city hall. the mayors speech will begin at 5:45 p.m. over the next 10 years the mission district will see a decline in the number of latinos, middle income households and families with kids. the report was requested
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showing why people should support prop session i calling for a moratorium on housing. if the current demographics continues the numbers will decline. there will be a significant decline in households earning under $100,000 a year and increase in more than $150,000. the number with children will drop. what the city needs is more housing not less. it was a big night at oracle arena. the warriors got their championship rings and opened the new season with a victory. the reigning league mvp steph curry was ridiculous. he had 24 points in if a the --
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the 1st quarter. the warriors beat the pelicans 111 to 95. it was ridiculous, the warriors have a couple days off before they play the rockets in houston on friday. sell out crowd cheered at the championship banner. the players led by steph picked up their championship rings. there's high expectations for the warriors to win the championship again. >> it's going to be tougher for us. we'll have to dig deeper, play harder. >> we have the offense, we have the defense, we're champions. >> we're going to win no matter what. >> now here's a better look at the warriors championship ring, take a second look. >> got enough diamonds for you. harrison barnes posts this
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picture and wrote felt good to be back at oracle. can't fine the words to describe this. the warriors added to the reputation for being on the cutting edge of technology. last night was the first live professional sports game shown in virtual reality. the nba and turner sports partnered with a technology company wearing special headgear fans felt they were at the courtside. from basketball to baseball. the royals beat the mets in game one of the world series. it started with a bang. escobar hit a home run on the first pitch of the game. there was confusion in the
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outfield. it was the first inside-the- park home run in the world series since 1929. there was a delay because of electronics failure. to the 14th. escobar scored the winning run. the royals take game one 5-4. game two is tonight in kansas city. you can see it here starting at 4:30. the republicans debate tonight. we'll get to a live report from washington. a preview of the debate. a high school principal gets slammed to the ground by a student and it's caught on video. what led up to this and the arrests that followed. good morning, we're looking at a commute where traffic looks good coming up to the mcarthur maze. we'll tell you about the bay bridge toll plaza i'm a lot of cloud cover and a little bit of
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rain. we'll see if there's more on the way for the rest of the morning commute. this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for.
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. your time is 5:13. the family of a missing man washed overbay are hoping he's alive. one man died when the fishing
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boat capsized. he's from roseville. he lives -- leaves a wife and four children. another man swam to shore. he was found holding on the rock. he said they all started swimming. >> they had their jackets on and they tried to grab and hole on to the life vests. >> the search crews spent the day yesterday looking for another man. we don't know if the searchers are going back out today. he's a long distance runner and good swimmer. they believe he may have survived. in south carolina a deputy could learn if forcefully arresting a teenage student could cost him his badge. deputy is seen knocking over the girl and dragging her out of the class. the principal is disturbed by
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the action. >> our district and school have zero-tolerance for what occurred. >> the justice department has launched a civil rights investigation. the teacher called the deputy after the student refused to leave the class. three sacramento high school students were arrested after a brawl that injured three school officials including the principal. it was caught on video. the principal was trying to break up a fight when a student picked him up and slammed him to the ground. the principal got back up and continued efforts to break up the fight. two of the students were arrested on charges of battery. the third student is accused of making threats. the principal and two other school officials had minor injuries and the students were not hurt. the founder of oracle is
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building a high school campus next to his company's headquarters, design tech high school is a public high school, it's been open for a year in burlingame, it's going to move to redwood shores when the campus next to or kale -- oracle is completed. the university of southern california is feeling more force, more power from the force, that is george lucas. lucas is donating another $10 million to usc. it will provide support to african-american and latino students at the film school. the first awards will be given to students for the upcoming school year. he's donated more than $175 million to his alma mater. time is 5:16. we can check in with sal. we were expecting rain, maybe
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affect the commute. it hasn't. >> i came with that expectations, thinking i may have to work hard. so far not bad. >> good for the drivers. >> we'll see what we have now. let's start with the bay bridge toll plaza, because we're going time to look at it now. there's going to be a difference. there's a little bit of a backup in the cash lanes, for the most part it looks good. 5:30 is usually when we see a bigger back up. 880 north and southbound looks good. you can see traffic is moving very well. if you look at the east bay commute, we're off to a nice start. there's stop-and-go traffic on highway 4 westbound through antioch. that's not unusual. 5:17. let's go to steve in the weather center. so far the commute is okay.
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>> yes, sir. now back to you steve. >> we have a little bit of rain, santa rosa light rain. there was some around san jose, loss altos, not much. we'll show you rain totals in a second. there's our system. it has to punch through. it's not punching hard. we had a band go through, 1 to the north, 1 to the south. how about rainfall, up in behind seeno county, the -- mendicino county. after that it tails off. york villgiving a huge shout out. other cloudy morning. sunny, breezy and warmer
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thursday, friday, saturday. it will be breezy, maybe windy. santa rosa says light rain. there goes -- zipped by, that system is gone. it gave rain to willow glen. wish we had more to work with. there's enough to keep light rain in the forecast. 50s, 60s on the temps. we're running 1 to 7 degrees warmer. 59 danville, any rain left? not much. a little bit in the east foothills. that's about it. a lot of cloud cover, light rain. some breaks in the clouds, it will be cooler, light rain in
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the forecast. 60s and 70s on the temps. temperature near the water or close to average. those inland are near the slightly below. 80s through the interiors. keep an eye on that. sunday it will be colder early next week. >> some people will wake up. wet here, wet there. for most, 95% is okay. >> what are you going to do. >> we're working on it. >> no downpour. not umbrella weather. >> still ahead, a forensic team going back to a heavily wooded area. new clues, they hope to find. big changes for the escape from alka straz -- alka trace triathlon.
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. the earthquake activity in san ramon continues with eight small quakes since midnight. there's been 400 quacks in the -- quakes in the past two weeks. in general people we talked with are going with their lives as normal. veterinarians are getting calls from people wanting to know
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what to do about their spooked pets. >> some are pacing, panting, not able to get comfortable. some are digging under cores trying to escape. some are hiding going into stroke places to hide. >> i've never seen this many in a row. >> the usqs said the shaking is likely the calaveras fault letting off tension and it will continue for several more weeks. there's a controversy over the entry fee for the next escape from alka straz -- alka trace try athlon. organize nice irsay the fee will jump to $750 for the race. img says increasing demand to
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take part and safety concerns forced the fee hike. but the magazine says some of the athletes are calling the higher price an example of american greed. some of the athletes that earned a spot are choosing not the a -- to take part. researchers are working on new technology on dream for stroke patients and spinal cord injury. the new technology is a chip, a small computer. it can be implanted in the brain. it used natural signals to communicate with the rest of the body. >> we bypassed the damaged area, and the person has the ability to use their arms or legs. >> incredible. the researchers hope to have
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the first clinical trials in the next four years. one group disabled veterans. here's a fashion show that has a sweet tooth, a dozen models in paris wearing dresses made out of chocolate. the chocolate fashion show features up-and-coming designers paired with choke lat ears -- chocolatiers. celebrities modeled the tasty threads. a bird stolen from a bay area wildlife center. we'll tell you the efforts underway to find majerle and he's at risk. >> we have a dry morning in the north bay. some rain may be coming. some scattered showers in certain parts of the bay area.
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. good morning, it's a brand new day the middle of the week. >> good morning, i'm in for pam cook. >> we get to talk about weather. some of you may wake up and see the wet stuff.
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others will not. most won't. >> not the big main event. >> not yet. we're putting the order in. we have a system here, a lot of cloud cover. someer to lake county. a lot of cloud cover, could be light rain this morning. for most, where is it. some is slicing through, take a closer look. congressa says -- greta says it's raining. that's what's going through. i'll bet you're done in the next 10 minutes. this is slicing into northern parts of the county. these are just cells going through. we'll get some for the morning but that's about it's. 50s, 60s on the temps.
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a few hit and miss showers, cloudy morning, sun in the afternoon. light rain in the north and south, 60s and 70s. he's on duty, alex savage. >> no rain. >> still dry in petaluma. maybe after this we'll head north and see what we can find. been dry in downtown petaluma, there's parts of the bay area getting a few tattered showers and that could mean slick conditions on the roadway. it's important to keep that in mind. take it slow. that's the advice from the chp. we got a soaking in the south bay, some parts of the bay area could see rain. a taste potentially of what we could see a strong el nino headed our way to the bay area.
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those predictions of powerful rain storms prompted homeowners to take care of their leaky roofs. the work they have put off. contractors are in high demand. we understand a local company told us the business is up 100% compared to this time last year. other contractors say they have waiting lists two months long to get work done. four years of drought conditions means people haven't had to worry for some time. projects from the noaa suggest the bay area has a 5050 shot of increased rainfall at some point this year. we have a chance of wet weather or some people have a chance of wet weather. some people seeing sprinkles this morning. bertha in mind you could see --
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bear that in mind you could see wet conditions. and now we'll check in with sal. we need the rain, when you don't have a lot of rain it's good news for commuters. >> it is. you're right. when it rains as you know, it gets much slower, if we can hole off until after the commute, the perfect rain if it happened overnight or the middle of the day for the commute. let's look at what we have. not a lot going on. this is a look at the mcarthur maze, the traffic looks good. and this morning's commute is not bad at the toll plaza. the meters lights come on around 5:30. we have a crash northbound 880 in the vicinity of high street. there's a little bit of a backup here. i didn't call for this.
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if we can pull up the camera, you can see that traffic will be starting to back up northbound as you approach high street, northbound at high. can see it, the brake lights, there it is. you can see that. unfortunately this is an early accident we'll have to keep an eye on it for you. normally not a slowdown here. let's go back to the desk. police in san jose look for three men wanted for shooting a homeowner who caught them breaking into his home. these are still pictures of two of the suspect. sure of the -- surveillance video shows the men. they walk out of the home with a bag. the homeowner came home, fought with one of the men, was shot in the shoulder, his injury is
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not life-threatening, anyone with information is asked to call police. a santa clara sheriff office is searching for more human remains where a skull was found. investigators brought dogs to look for more remains. they folk used on -- focused on excluded areas. -- excluded areas. they say that many of the searchers were follow fear a -- volunteers. >> cutting away the followage to allow more searching.
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>> the coroners office is trying to identify the skull. >> caltrans crews will be back at a freeway overpass working on replacing a fencing and railing that collapsed and crashed down the thereafter below. 460 feet of metal railing and fencing fell from the 23rd avenue overpass to interstate 880. two people were hurt when the debris hit 10 vehicles. last night the crews were tearing down what's left of the old railing. caltrans said it was inspected and deemed to be safe. it was inspected again after the collapse on monday. >> as a result of the inspection that was done on october 20th. the recommendation was to remove the railing and replace it with concrete barriers. caltrans has not said what caused the collapse. witnesses say it was leans for
5:37 am
weeks. and there were signs of corrosion. with the third debate as the polls go through changes. ben carson is on the up swing and donald trump may be playing defense. doug is joining us live in washington. >> good morning, we kind of look at the shifting landscape heading into the debate tonight. this is the most recent national poll that's out showing that ben carson is number 1, donald trump is number 2. they are win the margin of error. for donald trump this is the first time he's seen himself in second place. >> how much fight does carson have in him. enough to climb to the top of a
5:38 am
national poll. building his lead. he did something last night. he took voters to task. >> in most polls i'm number 1. until iowa, i said every poll, and then iowa -- what are you doing to me. >> we're not halfway through the series of republican debates. with the first contest three months away there's a time crunch and for the campaign of jeb bush a money crunch. marco rubio may be his prime target. bush's campaigning inner went off on rubio. >> it stands in stark contrast to others including rubio, short on accomplishment, we need someone who's a proven record of fixing things. >> i'm focused on a serious campaign. this is a choice for our country. what nation we'll be in the
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21st century. >> carly fiorina debate fueled a rise in the polls. she's since faded. this debate is supposed to focus on the economy, but these things can be free pour -- for alls as well. a $1,000 reward is offered in the case of a missing crow. the crow lives at the wildlife center of silicon valley. he responds when you say hi. he has orange bands on his leg. some broke into the center and took marley, he doesn't know how to find his own food. san francisco last remaining gun store is closing after 63 years in business. the general manager says he doesn't want to deal with the
5:40 am
latest regulations. that regulation requires all transactions be videotaped and gun stores report all ammunition sales to police. >> to take it and send it to the police department when the customers have not done anything wrong doesn't sit well with me. >> if the last gun store in san francisco wants to close so be it. i rather have a preschool, senior center or coffee shop in the neighborhood. >> the legislation is in response the recent mass shootings and gun violence in general. a third lawsuit against a restaurant that's linked to an outbreak of shigella. most of the cases are in santa clara county. other cases have been reported in santa cruz, san mateo.
5:41 am
al media -- alameda and marin county. the test results from the employees are expected some time this week. that restaurant remains closed. time is 5:41. coming up. a strong support for a future bay area ballot measure. the tax increase and fees some would be willing to pay to improve transit. a come meeting over minimum wage took an ugly turn. you'll see the kiss eruptions that led to arrest. the traffic on highway 24 looks good heading up through the tunnel. we'll tell you more about the rest of the east bay commute when we come back. rain toward the russian river area and lake county. can we get more and is this a dud.
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. an arson investigator is considering filing a lawsuit against the fire department. he was demoted from the acting head of the arson unit because he connected -- the move was part of an ordinary realignment of the arson unit. family friends and law enforcement will say good-bye to a police officer killed in the line of duty. a funeral for randolph holder in queens. the veteran was killed on october 20th after being shot in the head in east harlem. he and his partner were chasing
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a man with a gun. a man was arrested in connection with a deadly shooting in livermore and a shooting in sacramento. john bunch was arrested in alameda county by sacramento police. the police are searching for jason brown in connection with both of the killings. in livermore brown and bunch are accused of shooting into a car last saturday. the driver was killed, the passenger was seriously wounded. brown is wanted in connection with a shooting in fresno last month. if you illegally dump trash in san jose you will face high fines. the city council approved fines of 10,000-dollar for dumping trash. that's higher than the fines originally suggested. favor says the city will make it easier to report illegal
5:46 am
dump sites start an education campaign in two of the areas with the most dumping. today is the last day for cal state faculty members to vote on a strike. 25,000 professors, librarians, coaches and counselors on the camuss. executives are offering a 2% pay raise, the members want a 5% pay raise. the faculty held a march demonstrating their demands. contract talks between cal state and the faculty are scheduled to continue. even if they approve a strike there's not one scheduled as yet. sacramento city council approved a minimum wage but not before it was interrupted. >> you can hear the phrase let her go.
5:47 am
two women were arrested and council members left their seats. one woman attempted to hit a police officer. once the meeting calmed down people voiced their been. >> -- opinion. >> please vote no, it's not enough. >> we felt we had to do something. whatever it was, was a first good step. >> they voted to raise the minimum wage to 12:50 an hour by the year 2020. let's get you moving. most of the roads are still dry. a couple sprinkles but most roads are dry. >> that's right. we're going look at the south bay, there could be wet roads there. 880, which is dry, but we have slow traffic that's disappeared. they got the accident out of the way, that's good news. it was near high street.
5:48 am
high street and 29th, but now it looks like things are back to normal. bay bridge toll plaza is whacked up for 8 to 10 minute delay. metering lights are on. >> i'm not sure if that's wet or not. doesn't look like it's affecting traffic. again, we're just not seeing a lot so far when it comes to the wet weather. and that means that steve and i will have an easier until that happens. >> that's connect. there's rain to the north. >> around sent rosa. so 101. up in middletown and concernville, that -- kernville, that's about done. mountain view, las altos and san jose. that's done. to the north there's a little
5:49 am
bit. how about rainfall amounts. in coalville, .20. mountain hamilton. .12. i think you get the idea. to the north or higher elevations. mountain view .04. middletown had rain. it's with kuhn. -- done. in between santa rosa, down to roanoke park a cell. there's a few pockets. maybe to glenallen. it won't last long. but it's there. rain on the north coast. crescent city and eureka. weaverville getting rain. for us, there's breaks in the clouds, but it's under mostly
5:50 am
cloudy skies. what with to the south 61 san jose, 61 for gilroy, 60 santa cruz. 50s for others. there's not much of a breeze. hardly any. 57 ukiah to -- a lot of cloud cover and hit and miss showers in the morning. cloudy to mostly cloudy morning. it will be cooler 60s and 70s on the temps. i expect these to bottom out today and warm up tomorrow. that will give us a strong north wind and warmer temps. halloween looks great. monday looks cold and windy. >> that's good did weather will be nice on halloween.
5:51 am
just in time for s. >> -- halloween. >> my son wanted to be a construction worker. i got him a costume. >> he said i need a construction cone. >> my husband will be the construction cone. >> very well. >> a construction cone. that's a family thing. >> we're looking forward to halloween. >> you won't have problems with the weather. banning the sale of -- to minors. >> first you might notice more teal than orange this halloween. a new trend protecting kid who's have dangerous food allergies.
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. this. >> a pig day a -- big day for spacecraft. that moon is covered with ice. below that is an ocean. cassini could fly close enough to find out if it could support life. president obama welcomes prince harry to the white house. he's in the u.s. to promote a
5:55 am
sporting event in orlando. the competition features wounded service members. prince harry will tour a uso center. you know this saturday is halloween, safety groups, reminding cults and kids to be careful in the streets: adults and kids to be careful in the streets. kids in costumes make it hard to see, combined with walking in the dark and combined with adult party goers on the roads. you have a dangerous situation. the chp is reminding adults the designate a driver before they go to a halloween event with drinks. in san francisco there's no official party in the castro district this year. for most kids halloween is a chance to go home with a wag full of count -- bag full of
5:56 am
candy. for jackson he's allergic to karr a products. last year he almost died when he had a protein bar. there's a teal pumpkin project. families use teal to indicate they are passing out treats kids with food allergies can have. we have a teal pumpkin, they will know this is a good house to go to. >> some families over fruit including oranges or bananas, others giveaway treats that have nothing to do with food. glee sticks, toys. families can register their house on a map. you can see that map on and look for the web links tab. >> i learned with it this
5:57 am
morning too. coming up, the president of ireland will honor the berkeley balkany collapse victims. the significance of the trees that will be planted. >> changes in the san francisco mission district. thousands of latinos will move out over the next 10 years. we're looks at a commute where traffic is moving well. if you're driving on the quiet gate -- golden great bridge heading south. where's the system. we'll look at the wednesday forecast.
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5:59 am
. we're waiting for rain, it's dry in the north bay, we're seeing scattered showers in part of the bay area. the warriors celebrate before and after the season opener. highlights from the win, a big night for steph curry as
6:00 am
mornings on two continues. good morning, it's not 7:00 yet. i'm in for pam cook, it's 6:00 on a gorgeous wednesday. >> let's check weather and traffic. steve says don't worry about the weather today. >> cloudy. we were discussing, you were we're yesterday. >> el dorado kitchen. >> it was a great afternoon. >> you're right. a lot of cloud cover. >> san jose had some. lassal toes. not much. -- los altos.


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