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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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. good afternoon. i'm gasia. a 9-year-old boy is in the hospital after being shot while he slept. the round came from the apartment above. a man shot himself in the foot with an rifle and the shot went through the floor. ktvu jannine de la vega reports where it happened. >> police roped of a portion of the apartments. investigators are trying to get a handle on what happened inside a second story unit. there a man who lives there shot his foot and the round travelled through the floor hitting a 9-year-old boy in his bed. >> i have a 7-year-old. >> salviana lives in the apartment complex and is friends
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with the boy's mother. he is stable and is having surgery. police say he was shot in the leg. >> it is devastating because she babysits my daughter and i just can't believe this is happ. >> officers spent the morning collecting evidence and questioning those close to the scene. they're trying to figure out what the neighbor up stairs was doing with the gun before it went off at 5:45. >> we have to see if it was accidental or if there was some reason that the person was firing the weapon. >> investigator s are looking into whether alcohol or drugs played a role. police are hoping to get more answers once they interview the neighbor about what he was doing with the rifle and if he intended to shoot. ktvu, fox two news. now to breaking news out of hayward. that is where an over turned big rig is causing problems on interstate 880. this is live look from sky fox above the area of wentin area
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you can see the truck is on its side. traffic appears to be moving by. that i think is on the main part of the freeway because the on ramp and the off ramp is closed this should be causing problems but it seems like traffic is moving well on 880. do not think about getting off or off of 880. it is closed right now. with the truck on its side it will take awhile for authorities to set it up and get it out of the area. get off the freeway before or after wentin the off and on ramps are closed. we'll bring you updates soon as we get them. an amtrak train struck and killed a person near the antioch amtrak station. these pictures are from the photographer at the scene. the victim's identity hasn't been released. investigators are trying to figure out why the person was on the tracks. it was a wet start to the day in some parts of the bay
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area this is the scene in downtown petaluma. there was enough rain for drivers to turn on their windshield wipers but it lasted for a brief time. rain in the south bay we tracked but the weather seemed lighter than expected. people in the north bay were disappointed with the lack of rain fall and some say it is hard to believe that a strong el nino is headed our way. >> we know that the el nino is supposed to be coming. once again, i'll believe it when i see it. >> according to one report, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says there as much as a 50% increase in precipitation. as for the rain fall totals for today. let's go steve paulson for that. >> not much. i was nervous about it yesterday, there wasn't really any dynamics or jet stream support. it did bring some light rain, north and south. still have fog around. san francisco picked up a trace
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but i'll tell you, there wasn't much of the system. it stretched itself out. there were locations that picked up the amounts. we're almost done. could be a few guys left over but low clouds holding on. rain totals, covelo the leader of the pack. after that it tailed off. berryessa highlands picked up some. there was okay rain from verona park to santa rosa. up in the warm springs. fremont hills and blossom hills.04. what is going on right now? they're going the system. some lapses a minute and a half and two minutes and went through napa county now it is out in solano county. it there isn't much left. brend wood might be getting a little bit but this is really, really light stuff. don't want to forget santa cruz. i didn't see measurable amounts that amounted to too much. the system is moving out and
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drier air is moving in. we'll talk about that. that looks okay for halloween but a huge change early next week. more on that in the weather segment. >> we'll see you in a few. you can get current weather conditions and the forecast for where you live by downloading the ktvu weather app. the president of ireland will honor the lives of six irish students killed in a balcony collapse a few months ago. we have details on the ceremony and who else they plan to honor. >>reporter: a couple of ceremonies are scheduled here in berkeley. we're on kit ridge street in berkeley where the tragedy took place. it has been four months and it remains fresh in the minds of many people. it was back in june when six people were killed and seven injured when the balcony at the library gardens apartments collapsed. most were irish students here in the u.s. a visa exchange program. they will possibly vote on the changes to the housing codes and
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inspections to improve safety and reliability. but reportedly the vote was pushed back until next month as the council wasn't able to get to the item last night. as for irish president michael higgins. he continues his good will tour here in the bay area he visited tesla and google and lectured about global hunger and poverty. he will attend a reception to thank the first responders of the balcony collapse in june and president riggins will join tom baits to plant trees at martin luther king junior civic park to honor the six victims. they were selected for the memorial because they are native to both ireland and california. as we take a look back out here on the 2000-block of kittridge block, he is planning to take a stop in sacramento before heading back to ireland on friday. >> the santa clara county sheriff's office is searching for more remains in an area where a human skull was found
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earlier this month searchers cold a mountain side that is is is known as rattlesnake curve. we have video to show kad yafber dogs and searchers cada -- cadaver dogs and searchers in the area a hiker found a skull 30 feet from the road. the sheriff's office declined to say what prompted this new search and why it took two weeks to return. >> we have to do our due dill against. we were cutting away some foliage in the area to allow the dogs to do more searching. >> when they found a skull, i wondered, did somebody distribute the parts throughout did an animal get to it? >> the sheriff's office did not reveal if anything was found. the coroner's office was trying to identify the skull. police in pinola arrested a high school student accused of giving xanax pills to students. seven became ill. five were hospitalized.
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a 17-year-old student was arrested yesterday and booked at juvenile hall. republican candidates for president are gearing up for tonight's 3rd presidential debate as a realignment is taking shape in the polls. ben carson is on the up swing, donald trump may be playing defense. >>reporter: in tonight's debate, the debate is going to focus on the economy, something donald trump thinks is his strong suit as he takes on ben carson. how much fight does ben carson have in him? he is climbing to the top of the national poll, a building in iowa ahead of donald trump. he took voters to task in iowa. >> in most polls i'm number one. now, nm iowa came along, i said every poll, and then iowa, what hell are you people doing to me? >> we're not even halfway through the whole series of republican debates. but with the first contest now just three months away there, is
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a time crunch and for the one time, juggernaut campaign jeb bush, a money crunch too. marco rubio may be his prime target now. bush's campaign manager went off to rubio comparing resumis. >> i have stark contrast including senator rubio short on accomplishments and the reality is that we need someone who is a proven record of fixing things. >> tonight i'm paying attention to the noise. i'm focussed on a campaign it is a serious campaign and this election is a generational choice for the country on what nation we'll be in the 21st country. >> and then there is carl fear who's -- carly fiorina who rose in the debates but since faded. >> the candidates for the main event for the debate that is
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expected to last twos. in with', doug, fox. they nominated paul ryan become the next speaker. he was the 2012 presidential nominee. he won the nomination on a secret ballot of the 247 republicans. he is expected to be elected by the full house tomorrow. today former house speaker dennis hasstart pleaded guilty to avoid federal banking laws. he admitted to making the illegal bank withdrawals in court in chicago as part of a plea deal. he planned to$3.5 million to cover up allegations sexual misconduct with a student dating to his years as a high school teacher and wrestling coach. he is set to be sentenced february 29th. the plea deal recommends he serve up to six months in scombriez oakland mayor libby shaf will hold an open house in city hall and deliver a state of the city speech. it will be her first since becoming mayor in january. people who listen will be invited to join discussions on the mayor's four top priorities
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in smaller groups at city hall. the mayor's speech is set to start at 5:45. it is a video that sparked a lot of outrage across the country. an officer seen dragging a high school student across the class roochlt we're learning the action just announced against that officer. it was a big night for the golden state warriors as they opened a new season with a win and new championship rings. coming up, the win they claimed after the game over.
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. a south carolina sheriff's deputy has been fired after he was caught on camera forceablely removing a female high school student from her desk and tossing her across the classroom. as jonathan ferry reports, federal investigators are looking into the incident. >>reporter: this cell phone video showing the forceable arrest of a high school student continues to spark outrage. civil rights leader jesse jackson weighing in. >> she is 15 years old. this is a 15-year-old child. nonviolent, no knife, no gun, no tack allege with police. with an abusive exchange. >> the video in the classroom by a student watching as a female class mate who reportedly was on her cell phone, refusing to cooperate with a teacher, is
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forceablely removed by the school's resource officer. senior sheriff's deputy benfields. >> -- ben fields. >> the fact that this child is in a foster home. she is not home with her parents. she is a guardian of the state. the state has more responsibility. >> fields eventually handcuffs the student and removes her from the class and returns to arrest a second female student who had protested the force being used in the initial arrest. now, we're learning, there is another video showing the incident from a different angle. >> school resource was terminated from the rich land county sheriff's office. >> the students attorney says the young woman suffered injuries. >> this was a child brutally cheated and brutally attacked by a cop. >> the fbi and justice department are investigating the arrest. in atlanta, jonathan serrie, fox 6 news. >>. police are released pictures
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of people accused of burglarizing a home and shooting them. this is at the bottom, last week, surveillance video from the home on green parkway shows one suspect ringing the door bell a couple of times, nobody answered so he walks around and goes to the backyard and goes in the garage. a second suspect arrives shortly afterward. they then walk out of the home carrying a big bag. the home owner says he arrive home, fought with one of the suspects and was shot in the shoulder. caltran's crews are continuing to improve fencing after a large portion collapsed onto the traffic below it last week, they were out demolishing the old railing after 650 feet of it fell from the 24th avenue overpass on interstate 880 in oakland. two were hurt and 10 vehicles were struck by the debris. it was inspected a few months ago and was deemed safe at that point. it was inspected again after monday's collapse. >> as a result of the inspection
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done on october 20th, the accommodation was to remove the greating from both bridges and replace it with concrete barrier. >> witnesses say it has been leaning for weeks and there was evidence of corrosion along the bay. the number of people sickened by the outbreak of shigella has increased by two. according to the health department. the number of reported cases is 190. 151 are in santa clara county. the others are in alameda, marin, santa cruz countrys a third lawsuit has been filed against maruscos san juan restaurant. tests results are expected by the e. of the week. always look on the bright side. >> that is true. i'll tell you, sunday night into monday, tuesday, we'll see a huge change around here to a
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first real cold front. this did give us rain. there are low clouds around. hit and miss. we have this morning not a lot of rain. we had more rainbows than rain drops and there were plenty to go around. my new best friend, this is from benetia. one of the many rainbows there. from al media right over the bay. it was -- alameda. right over the bay. it was beautiful. mountain view in there. fremont hills. that is in warm springs. blossom hills. covelo, that is the most i could find. 27/100ths. berryessa highlights. .08. our system is really falling part. it is holding on to low clouds but there are isolated little shoifrs here out towards oakley, brent wood and antioch. i doubt there is much on highway 4 but there could be some around liver more. this looks sparse as well.
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got some light rain reported around haw ward, union city. there is the cell. there are a couple pockets around from santa clara to campbell. might get a brief light shower or two for a minute and a half to two minutes and it disappears. drier air is moving in as the system moves out but it really was a weak system. did not feed off warm ocean temperatures. 63 bodega bay. the ocean temperatures continue to be very warm. 60s for most of the temperatures, a few 70s in here but held in check at a cooler air mass. that held the low aims. breeze is picking up a little bit. i expect that to be stronger, not windy but breezy. overall, we're seeing west. northwest. north, so the trend will be more out of the west northwest. even down to monterey, 63 in arcadia. not bad in crescent city. an inch of rain. somebody in the state got decent rain. not a lot here. we're about done with the
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system. lingering showers are decreasing. low clouds banking up on the clouds. 60s and 70s, we'll see a chilly pattern tonight as we clear it out. still partly cloudy to mostly cloudy in the morning with some sun. halloween looks good. the next couple of dachldz, sunny, breezy, no worries for friday and/or saturday. but then, daylight savings, set your clock back. clocks one hour sunday. sunday night, monday, tuesday it will get cold and windy around here. that is not something we've said in a long time. get ready. >> what a change it will be. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> me too. see you tomorrow morning. a very special night for dub nation as the warriors clinch their first win as reigning chafrmps and receive their -- champs and receive their new rings. the sell out crowd cheered as the banner was unfurled before the game. players receive ad the rings in
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a pregame sar moepy and got down to -- ceremony and got down to business. steph curry was on fire from the start. he scored 24 points over the new orleans pelicans and finished the game with 40 points. final score 111-95. the team had fun with former player and tv analyst charles barkley. you see on the left. clay thompson with a special team made for barkley who eventually put that shirt on. last season barkley was very vocal about his doubts of a jump shooting team like the warriors winning a championship. after the break, prince harry visits with michelle bama. the purpose of the visit and what he plans to do in washington today. are more likely to have a successful future.
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obamathe purpose of the visit and what he plans to do in washington today. . taking a live look at the new york stock exchange. the jones ahead of the close. closing up a half %. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is a long way from manilow park. he is in india talking about his plans to expand internet access. he attended a town hall meeting in new deli. he supports net neutrality. india makes up 1/10th of treatment foster home. first lady michelle obama and jill biden welcomed prince harry to the united states. head watched wounded veterans
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play wheelchair basketball. the prince is here to promote the invictus games, it is inspired by the wounded warriors games. it was held in london and featured wounded services. >> i hope it will remind people everywhere how incredible all service personnel are and how much of a positive contribution to society they make. i'm sure the american public will embrace the invictus games as the british did in 2014. >> the next games will be held in orlando, florida, at disney worldwide world of sports. the five-day event takes place in may. we've seen the video of the school officer dragging a student through the classroom. here there is cell phone video showing a wild fight that ended in arrest. we'll have details for you after one of the students slammed the school's principal to the ground. that is coming up today at four. following the four, the new york mets will look to even up the world series after the
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kansas city royals took game one in extra innings. from an inside the park home run, the tying up the game in the bottom of the 9th. it was an exciting game. it went all the way to the 14th inning and ended up winning on a sacrifice fly. there was a seven-minute delay when the primary and back up generators lost power in the 4th inning. the game was delayed because it meant a loss of replay capability. fox sports is apologizing and says it is working to ensure the remainder of the series is without incident. also, game two, tonight, kansas city, you can see it right here on ktvu fox two with the pregame showing starting immediately after the four. first pitch is at 5:07. thanks for making ktvu your choice for news, we're always here for you. follow us on facebook and twitter. see you back here for the four! captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] announcer: today on "tmz." harvey: third time not a charm for halle berry. she has filed for divorce from olivier martinez. mike: part of what's going on with them. remember, we have that video of him and he slams one of the l.a.x. workers and it's really violent. van: if you look at her, she was appalled by that. harvey: was she appalled when he beat the crap out of gabriel? evan: the president of the united states welcomed the women's world cup to the white house. he didn't mention hope solo. >> interesting that obama had the poster "hope." >> "change" was first term, "hop


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