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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. we begin this noontime with the closure of the fort lauderdale hollywood international airport in florida after this passenger jet caught fire there. a witness saw gas leaking before the plane caught fire. it was taxing before its flight to caracas venezuela. most of the injuries do not appear to be serious. a 15-year-old accused of killing maddy middleton is in
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court. and the little girl's family and friends rallied there. they stood outside of the courthouse holding her photo to keep her memory alive. her body was found in a recycling bin. she had been tied up, raped and strangled. a neighbor had been charge with the crime. he sat emotionless in court. >> besides gathering all the police reports, we are gathering local school records, medical records, interviewing witnesses at the tannery. and throughout the county in efforts to the extent possible get the back story. >> reporter: the preliminary hearing for gonzalez is set for february 29th. three young drifters suspected of killing a canadian tourist at golden gate park
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appeared in court. the defendants face first degree murder charges but they did not enter a plea. at today's hearing, olligood was appointed an attorney and the judge announced there will be no gag order in the case. the arraignment for the three have been continued until november 19. the deputy at san jose's main jail is under investigation after turning away a man who wanted to surrender. janine dela vega reports, that man ended up being the suspect in a murder early they are week. >> reporter: it sounds crazy, why would he turn away a murder suspect. the sheriff's department says when the man initially walked into the sheriff's office he never said he was responsible for a murder but he did say he wanted to turn himself in and knew the location of where a body was. the man that we're talking about is hugo castro on monday he went to the county jail and told a support assistant he wanted to turn himself in. the civilian employee checked and didn't find any warrants for castro. castro asked to speak to a
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deputy and even handed a note over stating he knew where the body was. that's when the deputy told castro he needed to go to the san jose police department and tell them about it. so he left. he was true to his word and castro walked to the police department. but because the deputy did not keep him in custody, the sheriff's department released a statement. castro is now being held in the jail where he originally tried to surrendered. with the information he gave police, police found the body of alexandra. he admitted to officer that is he strangled and stabbed her. the jail debutty who let castro go has been reassigned. -- deputy who let castro go has
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now been reassigned. several other deputies are also being investigated for alleged wrong doing. janine dela vega. the sheriff is warning the county budget for his department is causing deputies to leave and forcing him to make service cuts. there's 221 sonoma sheriff deputies and in a department staffed for 250. staffing is expected to get worse as deputies going to retirement and leaving for higher paying positions. >> never happened in the history of this department. we never lost a deputy to santa rosa police. we already have one there, one starts in two weeks and eight more in background. >> reporter: the sheriff issued a statement on facebook saying quote the low take home pay cost by the cost of medical benefits is not reasonable to potential candidates for open
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positions. a hayward teacher accused of molesting a student has been acquitted. mia comings was released from jail tuesday after jurors found her not guilty. she was arrested back in 2013 after a 13-year-old male student said she had abused him for a three year period. she worked as an assistant. the jury did not find the boy credible. police are warning parents who drive their children to arroyo high school to be extra careful act their surroundings. this comes after two families were robbed at gunpoint after returning home from that school. >> reporter: as students shuffle in from arroyo high, san leandro police issued a warning for their parents, twice this month, armed robbers have targeted two arroyo high school dads. >> everyone just co coincidentally they live blocks
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from each other. and in both cases they were robbed when they returned from dropping audiotape their children from school. >> reporter: the latest robbery happened on tuesday morning at 8:00 when the man came back from dropping off his daughter. he walked into his backyard and came face to face with three arms and masked men. they took his wallet but ran off when they saw another family member calling police. both robberies happened in the same neighborhood and after they had dropped off their kids at arroyo high. >> what we're trying to find out is if the suspects are conducting surveillance at the school. >> reporter: school officials
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said they did not tell parents but parents say they will be more attentive. >> it is a concern. more for the kids. also for the parents who are not real aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: the two victims live just a few blocks away from each other at san leandro. police say in the latest robbery, the men took off in a vehicle similar to this. there's about three or four of them working together. they all wear dark hoodies and masks covering their faces. anyone who thinks they may have seen the man should give police a call. allie rasmus. the house of representatives has a new speaker. paul ryan was voted to take over if speakership this
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morning. ryan was nominated yesterday by house republicans. they recolluded him to the postafter his first attempt to replace john boehner broke down. ryan wasting little time is calling on his colleagues to get back to the business of representing the american people. >> let's be frank, the house is broken. we're not solving problems, we're adding to them. and i'm not interested in laying blame. we're not settling scores, we're wiping the slate clean. >> former house speaker john boehner announced his resignation last month. he delivered his farewell speech this morning. john roberts has a recap of what happened and reaction from political analysts. >> reporter: this one of the headline moments in wednesday night's gop presidential debate. >> the senate what is it like a
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french workweek. you get three days where you have to show up? you can campaign or just resign and let someone else take the job. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush on the attack challenging rubio. rubio then pushing off bush's approach. >> if somebody wants to change their campaign, it's not going to change our campaign. >> reporter: there's plenty of criticism of the questions posed by the moderators. >> it was kind of a crazy set of moderators with not the best questions in the world. but all in all, once again it was an opportunity for americans to take a look at me. >> reporter: the moderators, just lost control of the debate and they let the candidates take it over. it was a disaster that way. >> reporter: right after the debate. donald trump quick to weigh in on rival dr. ben carson.
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>> i think he's a great guy. and i think jeb bush and marco rubio were going at each other. but ben is a terrific guy. he's over here, ben, you're a terrific guy. >> reporter: you can see the next gop presidential debate november 10 on the fox business network. married couples will now be allowed to have two children in china. the announcement is good news for both couples and businesses who sell good like diapers and formula. the one child policy was first introduced in 1980 to slow down china's population explosion. the change is expected to be gradual. pleading to keep the raiders in oakland. the meeting with nfl officials that's expected to bring out hundreds of raider fans. also, warm and breezy
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across the bay today. meteorologist mark tamayo is here and he's tracking a chance of rain for the weekend. plus why a proposal to fix san francisco's housing crisis is now raising concern in the city's sunset district.
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tonight raider fans will get a chance to tell the nfl why the oakland raiders should
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stay in oakland. ktvu fox 2's alex sadvige considers how to move the raiders out of oakland. >> reporter: this is something that's required that's part of the league's relocation guidelines. the nfl says this is an important opportunity for fans to weigh in on the future of the raiders. some fans however, they suspect this is a mere formality. more than anything else. however you can expect emotions will be running high at the fairmont theater when the meeting gets going at 7:00. nfl representatives will be there fielding questions and concerns from fans who are concerned about the team making a move to los angeles. there's a lot of talk about the raiders and san diego chargers possibly sharing a new stadium yet to be built in carson.
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just outside of l. a. fans of course are hoping it's not a done deal yet. and they are hoping the nfl and raiders owners listen to their concerns at tonight's meeting. >> i like the team to stay because they do really good. and i think oakland really does deserve it. but it's the nfl and i can't say what's going to happen. i'm hoping they stay though. >> certainly the raiders and nfl have not exhausted all options for staying at oakland. the site is the best site in the country. we have a great fan base. >> fans want to see the silver and black play in a new stadium here in oakland. but the mayor doesn't want public money spent to build such a facility. mayor libby schaaf will be on hand for tonight's town hall meeting and she will be letting fans know where negotiations stand between the city and team owners. that town hall meeting starts at 7:00 at the paramount theater. by the way, registration is closed now for the event.
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if you don't already have a pass to get inside you will have to watch it streaming online at the nfl's website. we'll send it back to you. >> san jose police chief larry esquivel is said to become the new police chief in the city of tracy. esquivel had already planned to retire. esquivel had been in the running for the top job at tucson but has withdrawn his name. the lake county sheriff's office released this dash cam video of what two deputies saw as they drove between valley lake. at one point flames blocked their path and that forced them to turn around. the valley fire burned 76,000 acres last month. four people were killed and four firefighters were injured. more than 1,200 homes were
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destroyed. residents in san francisco's sunset district will have an opportunity to voice their concern over a proposed plan to increase building height limits. it's all part of san francisco's mayor ed lee to encourage developers to concentrate on more middle income housing. developers will be able to add a third level in case one unit is affordable. and an extra three levels if all levels are affordable. >> you put all these people in one specific area, they have cars, how do they park down there? how do they get out of there? >> i hope it would help make a dent. it's hard because we don't want to take away the beauty of the city and what makes this city special. you don't want a whole bunch of city high rises.
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but if there's certain areas they can do it that won't affect anything that will help. >> tonight's meeting is being held at the ortega library at 6:30. testing is about to begin on new b.a.r.t. cars with some crucial changes. b.a.r.t. says it will make it easier for people to get on and off and avoid crowding at doors. the doors will now also open instead of disappearing into the walls like they do now. chilly start to the day. we warmed up nicely mark. >> nice recovery out there. lots of sunshine and really talking about 80s over the next few days then another cooling change -- cooler change showing up in the horizon. you can see the clear skies here looking out toward mount diablo. the bay area we had a few
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showers yet. but do we have it cleared out nicely this afternoon. that translates on the satellite as well. here's a closer look at the satellite and you will see basically we're in the clear. a few high clouds approaching the north coast. up toward cape mendecino that's about it for your thursday. thursday afternoon. current numbers out there, santa rosa 71. livermore checking in 73. san francisco 66 and mountain view 70s. also a bit of a breeze. winds around 10 to 12-miles-an- hour. some calm reports as well. sfo winds out of the west at 15 and san jose wind out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. warm and breezy for today. it's going to be a sunny friday. into the weekend saturday will be the best day. but then look what happens this sunday. definitely more clouds, cooler temperatures and more sunshine as well. we talked about sunshine throughout the entire area for tuesday afternoon. high pressure is in charge for our weather. it's going to stick around for friday and saturday. i think tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week as the storm track is pushed up to our
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north. with that lots of 70s and 80s. a pattern like that could increase the fire danger especially this time of year. extended forecast though. look what happens on a sunday. more clouds and we could be tracking shower chances sunday and especially sunday night into monday morning. so it could be wet around here across the bay area first thing monday morning. definitely more clouds and cooler temperatures a significant drop off in those numbers later in the period. you will see that coming up on the five day forecast. temperatures for this afternoon, lots of 70s out there. warmest locations around 80 degrees. san jose 76, morgan hill in the upper 70s. half-moon bay around 68 degrees. already looking out toward halloween. seems every year there's a rain threat but that will not be the case. mostly cloudy skies for saturday evening. for trick or treaters on the warm side. lots of sunshine and warm temperatures for friday.
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and then saturday more sunshine for all the trick or treaters. bringing those shower chances for sunday and into monday. the shower chance will actually follow halloween that's good news guys. >> good, i remember last year halloween it was the giant's big victory parade for the world series and it was drizzly that day. >> we eventually had a pretty good system in the morning. i remember that day. last week it looks pretty good out there. especially for saturday evening, early evening hours will be pretty warm walking around. >> thank you, mark. see you on the four. the president of ireland is expected to meet with governor jerry brown as he wraps up his visit to the area. yesterday he helped plant two trees to honor the ireland students killed in a balcony collapse. >> an enormous -- they were numbed. the loss of life and the serious injuries on young men
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and women at the cusp of their life. it's a tragedy that has moved us all very deeply. >> berkeley's mayor says the city is doing everything it can to ensure something similar doesn't happen again. there's now a measure that requires that an inspector be on-site as the balcony is being built to make sure it's installed correctly. still ahead. the diversity of oakland displayed in a cook book. what two teens plan to do with a book to give back to schools and libraries. >> that popular app snap chat introduces a new feature. babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years
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has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity.
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taking a look back at the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. no genie in this bottle. stocks trading in the red all sessions so far but the good news is the losses are very minimal at this point. dow nasdaq and s & p all losing less than one fraction of one percentage point. williams is selling what they call healthy paint -- sherwin williams is selling what they call healthy paint for killing almost all bacteria. things like staph, e-coli and mrsa. the patented product can be used at hospitals, schools, lockers, hotels and cruise ships. snap chat is releasing a new feature that allows people to speed up or slow down their video. this will allow you to slow
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down or speed up your video and they can even rewind. snap chat also released technology that makes it compatible with 6s and 6s plus iphones. two teens have written a cook book of 20 different cultures from almost every oakland neighborhood. the book is called flavors of oakland. the young authors are hoping to raise money to give a copy of the book to every school in oakland. they're not the same as kids coloring books, these are coloring books meant specifically for adults and they're really growing in popularity. they are fun but experts say they are also beneficial to your health. we'll explain why and tell you how coloring can help you today
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on the 4:00 at 2. and we hope to see you on facebook and twitter as well. have a good one.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> you have got to hand it to future. >> blac chyna's saying it's ok future has sex with other people. >> she now believes that it's ok that she put future's name on her hand when he is saying, i'm single. >> so what? maybe that is how she displays a notch on her belt, like i hit that. >> she would be pretty much covered head to toe. >> madonna had a big concert at the forum last night. katy perry got up on stage and calls her mom right to her face. >> i love you, mom! harvey: do you think madonna knew she was going to say that? what it was like hi, mom! and bitch. [laughter] >> we got tyson beckford out at l.a.x. the xam ra guy talks about his beef with


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