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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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scratching my head. >> reporter: the deputy's move raising questions for a retired judge, the chair of the blue ribbon commission, evaluating jail operations. she says common sense would have directed them to immediately look into the situation. >> the last thing you do is send someone away. your job in law enforcement is to serve and protect. and that was not, if indeed this is all true, that was not serving and protecting anyone. >> reporter: this after three deputies were arrested for beat beating a man to death in august. >> do we know anything at all about a possible motive? where these two boyfriend and girlfriend or was she an ex? >> reporter: yeah, she was an ex-girlfriend.
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friends tell us that they were dating for quite sometime. and she had just recently broken up with him. and we know that court documents revealed in november -- i'm sorry, sometime ago in nevada, he had a previous relationship, and he has been arrested for domestic violence there. >> thank you. three young drifters accused of two homicides returned to the marin county courthouse today. they are charged with killing a hiker in marin and a canadian tourist in golden gate park. all three are scheduled to return to court on november 19th to be arraigned. the judge cleared up the question of a possible order saying there will be none. police in san leandro warning people to be on alert after two similar armed robberies. both after parents returned home from dropping their
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children off at a local high school. a father came face-to-face with three men wearing masks in his backyard. the other incident happened on october 8th. the descriptions of the robbers are similar in both cases. it's also unlikely the robbers followed the parents home from school. instead, they think the robbers targeted the victims ahead of time. a 15-year-old boy accused of killing an 8-year-old girl in santa cruz appeared in court as prosecutors get ready to try him as an adult. friends of the young victim rallied outside the hearing. >> reporter: before the doors to the courthouse open, they were there, family and friends of maddie middleton carrying signs. >> the face of an angel. we meant to make sure that she is represented here. >> reporter: represented as the 15-year-old accused of kidnapping, sexually assaulting, and murdering her appeared in court to have a
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preliminary hearing date set. he'll be tried as an adult. the extensive discovery and forensic evidence to process, the next court date will be several months off. >> besides gathering the police reports, we are gathering local school records, medical records, interviewing witnesses at the tannery and throughout the county in efforts to the extent possible get the backstory. >> reporter: though he's only 15, prosecutors say they'll be handling this case just like they would any adult. >> in terms of presenting a case and looking at evidence, figuring out what the evidence means and where to go with it, it is really the same. >> reporter: some of maddie's loved ones didn't go inside the courthouse at all. they say they didn't come to see adrian gonzalez. >> i don't care about him. i have no thing either way.ible in our justice system. and i believe the truth will be uncovered through that process.
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>> reporter: maddie's family and friends will be out front before each court appearance. the hearing is set for february 29th. ann rubin, ktvu. the search on in london for an international currency trader with ties to the bay area. the family of josh sanchez maldonado hasn't heard from him since october 21st. he told his family he was going to london for a job interview. but there are no details about the kind of job or if he made it to the interview. his father says it was his first time traveling alone. work on a sewer line in union city will go on indefinitely according to the city's sanitary workers. the sewer line broke when a large sinkhole opened up earlier this month.
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one lane in each direction reopened last week. they are still working in that area. crews backfilled the hole to stabilize the pavement and reopen the road to traffic. now crews have to pump out groundwater to figure out the extent of all the damage. scary moments at an airport in florida today after a zet caught fire as it was preparing to take off. witnesses captured these pictures of the plane engulfed in flames on a tarmac at fort lauderdale international airport. it was carrying 101 passengers and crew when the left engine ignited. all on board evacuated using emergency shieds. at least 15 of them were injured. >> the injuries themselves seem to be minor. most of our patients are walking wounds and they'll be discharged today. we're going to take it as we go. > reportedly fuel was leaking from the plane before it caught
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fire. the dynamic airways flight was headed to vennez wela. the airplane was shut down for three hours. ezuela. the airplane was shut down for three hours. three hours. noel walk seroutside where that meeting will be starting tonight. >> reporter: we have a few people here. take a look. got some of the diehard fan, especially who have been showing up in the last half hour or so. this will be the third public hearing like this. tonight it is oakland's turn. all three teams are potentially moving to the los angeles area. the raiders are looking to move south with the chargers at a proposed shared stadium in the city of carson. that land is already purchased.
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mark davis closed the land deal in may. but that does not mean this move is a done deal. fanning are geerthing to show support for the raiders in oakland and keep them here. >> i will say it's knocking on the door. we're definitely being handed our hat at this point. but i would love to seat raiders stay here. let's get it together and stay here in oakland. >> i will always be an oakland raider fan. to plea they will always be the oakland raiders. wherever they are. even if they relocate to l.a.. but that's not happening! they're going to stay right here.
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>> reporter: this meeting starts soon, will go till 10:00 tonight. i spoke with council member larry reed and is he told me there was a meeting about a quarter to 4:00 between the mayor, mark davis team owner and the nfl. >> the there have been several of these meetings. do you know what happens next? >> reporter: these are not the decision makers, they are here to hear the public comment. in the past two meetings, they've occasionally asked for answers from the fans or commented on things the fans had to say. but they will take what is said here back to the team owner. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: so this is just to hear what these people have to say. >> we'll be there to monitor it.
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what we're learning about the origin of the shigella outbreak. >> a major issue affecting employers in the bay area. a truck driver shortage. >> the new list of heavy water users in the east bay is out and we talk to one of them.
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a new list of the biggest water wasters in the bay area. it includes 1100 names. the top waster according to east bay mud is an entrepreneur from skri srilanka. he is using more than 9,000
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gallons a day. two men in the construction industry round out the top-3. this is the second list released by the agency. the first included billy beane among others. john joins us live now from more. >> reporter: 60 customers made that heavy list. one of them is a former san francisco state warrior. >> we had this whole property of >> reporter: center for the warriors for 12 years. he's known for his unique perspective among pro athletes. >> it's important that everybody take this drought seriously. there's a lot of people who don't have the water they need to operate on a given day. >> reporter: he doesn't want
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to be on this list of heavy water users but his home uses almost 3,000 gallons a day. >> for me, i'm disappointed that we have not been able to figure out what are causing some of the significant water issues on our property. >> reporter: he pointed out all the areas where he's made changes to save water. >> half an acre of the property we stopped watering. we tried to clear out the foliage, making it look pretty but not necessarily green. and we've tried to really cut back. and this is one of the main areas that we water. but we went from five days a week to two. >> reporter: to make the list, the customer has to use at least 1,000 gallons a day. there are 1,100 residents on that list. one uses 9,600 a day. >> we're not by ourselves. we're responsible to our community. >> reporter: the president of the rand hill country club told me the two clubhouses use just
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7,000 gallons per day. with penalty, his water bill is $2200 per cycle. >> this is an unusual situation. and all of us have to do a little bit more than normal to try to help the next person. >> reporter: he's convinced he has a major leak in his irrigation system and he's going to do what he can to find and cap it. >> how does east bay mud be fair when they compare someone with a half acre versus someone who lives on five achers? >> reporter: that's a very good question. they had to set the threshold somewhere. so it's at 1,000 gallons. and the majority of people in this part of bait area, they use -- bay area, they use only a few hundred gallons a day. >> thanks very much.
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how do you compare apples to apples? >> some people have orchards. but we all have to be careful with water. even though we have this el niño setting up. we should always be conserving water. all need to come together and use less water. outside we've got a nice looking evening. always surprises me how much. see the bay bridge, the suspension span and the new span, it basically takes a right angle there. i always picture it going straight across. the jet stream is going north but that changes into the bay area sunday. saturday night into southbound. so we could see some showers -- into sunday. we could see some showers on
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the weekend. beautiful sunset tonight throughout the bay area. slightly warmer today than yesterday. we have had a couple wet halloweens. so a nice looking halloween which is great news. still be very careful, it'll be dark but it won't be wet. this high pressure sets up, gives us a would beautiful -- a beautiful day today. and into saturday, a few more clouds. and by saturday night sunday, look who shows up. some cool showers by monday. not a big event. here we are saturday at 6:00. there we are sunday at 6:00. and then right there, there's your monday morning. 86 in
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brentwood tomorrow. 80 in san jose. and the 5-day forecast is like this. 86 on friday, saturday looks good, 82. and cooler and showery next weekend. so we talked about this earlier in the year, how if you have a green lawn and you're next to a bunch of people with brown letter, it's like a scarlet letter, this water thing. if your lawn is green -- >> down the street from me, there's a guy who has that, and is he put up a sign that said i'm using reclaimed water. so please understand that. [ laughter ] >> a disclaimer. >> yeah. >> i only water my lawn once or twice a week, but it's brown as heck. but if it was green, i think i'd just let it go brown anyway. >> didn't you try spray painting it? >> did. it looks pretty good.
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an exclusive involving a police officer who pulled a gun on a man, caught on video. tonight for the first time, we're hearing from the man who took this video. >> and concerns about a halloween display at a bay area home. the one particular declaration and the complaint that it's going too far. >> and the new effort to get voters to regulate short-term rentals in san francisco. age. my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family? i may as well move out. well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay. and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory. i'll take dinner in my room, with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage.
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the man behind that viral video of a man confronted by an officer with a gun is speaking out. >> it is the first time he's spoken publicly about what was going on in those moments and gave his story exclusively to circumstance tvu. >> it took this man three months to speak to us. now he explains why he was afraid for his life. you remember the video. an rohnert park confront this is man on his way and pulls out a gun. he walks us through exactly what happened step by step. 2 investigates has obtained a copy of the officer's version of event, and you will see and hear how the man's version differs from what is in the police description. and you'll hear why he is and is still afraid for his life.
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>> does he drop the gun after you empty your pockets? >> never. >> so you see him -- >> put the two hands and do this with it. >> what did you think? >> end of story. >> you thought you were going to get killed? >> yes. they don't shoot for -- never seen an officer shoot to wound. >> the police have concluded their investigation, now saying that the officer acted "reasonably." you can watch his version on camera and see if you agree. >> what about the fact they said the officer was acting reasonably? have they explained why? >> i just got off the no one with a spokesperson and is they will not comment further. they say those comments are all
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they can release and they're refusing to release the entire investigation, which was conducted by an outside agency. they will not release it because state law forbids them from doing so because it's a personnel record. >> as far as the police are concerned, this is investigation over from their proifb? >> from -- from their point of view? >> it does appear to be over. but it may not be over. republican congressman paul ryan became the 54th speaker of the house this morning. san francisco congresswoman and democratic leader nancy pelosi presented him with the gavel. a month ago john boehner announced he was risigning. and a battle followed among republicans to select the next speaker. then ryan agreed to run. >> let's be frank. the house is broken. we're not solving problems.
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we're adding to them. and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> ryan said he'll change the way the house does business. instead of legislation coming from the speaker's ochsz, he plans to have -- office, he plans to have committees and members draft bills. a lot of people think marco rubio and ted cruz did the best at the presidential debate last night in boulder. one of the moments getting the most attention was when jeb bush challenged marco rubio. >> the senate, is it like a french workweek? you get three days where you have to show up? can you campaign or just resign and let someone else take the job. >> rubio brushed off bush's attack as a political ploy. many candidates were critical of the moderators and the questions they posed.
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mike huckabee said the moderators lost control and let the candidates take over. . the next debate is set to take place on november toenth. high schoolers involved in a fight captured on video. o. >> lots of trucks, but not nearly enough truckers. >> and officials releasing new information about a recent outbreak of shigella.
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new details about the shigella outbreak that started at a restaurant in downtown san jose. the number of cases stands at 190. and we may never know the source of that outbreak. the final lab results tonight. >> reporter: call it a positive update from the negative experience of a shigella outbreak in san jose. >> i'm glad to say that the outbreaker appears to be winding down. >> reporter: the final results are in from all food handlers at mariscos. everyone tested negative for shigella except for one person. that food handler likely contracted the disease as a
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result of the outbreak and was not the cause of it! how did it start? dr. george hahn says we may never know. >> it's likely we will never be able to pinpoint the exact cause or the source of the back tear yachl >> reporter: that's common for the majority of public health problems of shigella. >> we know it came from the restaurant on these two days of >> reporter: most likely an infected employee didn't wash their hand, contaminated the food, and tested negative after not contracting the disease. the same goes for 22 people who contracted the disease and work with the public. for now the restaurant remains closed. san francisco is teaming up with a major cosmetics company in an effort to eliminate hiv and aids in the
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city. an outreach program they're called getting to zero. that refers to zero new infections by 2020 and 0 aids deaths. mack says the approach to stopping aids is not so different than selling lipstick. >> we spent a lifetime in the cosmetic company thinking why people walk into our store and walk out. and you've all done the sakt same thing. how do we keep them in treatment in the protective store? >> there were a record low number of hiv diagnoses, 303. at the peak of the epidepic, the number -- epidemic, the number was 2,300. a 13-year-old girl shot in the head over the weekend while watching a movie at her
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grandmother's house in sacramento. gang member who allegedly shot her made his first court appearance. police arrested mart ers in tuesday. she charged with attempted murder with a gang enhancement. the family never met him. >> he was just looking around for his family for his support. nobody should support him for what he's done to a little innocent baby girl. he looked just like the devil. >> the 8th grader is now on life support at uc davis medical center. a lot of truck driver jobs are going untaken even though they paid $50,000 and up, and some companies are offering signing bonus es. >> reporter: congestion at the
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port has always been a problem. and now a new kind of congestion really threatens holiday shopping and shipping. charley founded his trucking company when eisenhower was president. >> i've been in the business 57 years. this is the worst time i've ever had to find drivers. >> reporter: right now the american trucking association projects maenz 50,000 driver -- as many as 50,000 driver jobs will be unfulfilled by the end of this year. career building has 160 pages of open trucker positions, tens of thousands of jobs with many if not most offering signing bonuses. drivers must pass batteries of written and driving tests and regular physicals. the average truck sernow aged 47. many older drivers are retiring. it's almost impossible to find replacements as cargo volumes skyrocket. >> the young kids are more interested in these interest businesses, and this doesn't
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seem to appeal to them. >> we've done all of those different types of online things where you search resumes. we have gone through hiring agencies and temp agencies. >> reporter: some of the nation's most overworked and underpaid truck drivers work at the nation's ports. many are leaving for jobs with trucking companies, and many are leaving the business all together. >> we've done everything possible to try and keep drivers. they're just fed up. >> reporter: bill of ab trucking at the port has one truck that serves as a constant reminder. >> we can't get drivers. the truck has been parked for about four months. >> reporter: charley has hired several former port drivers who were sick of the congestion, long line, and is poor treatment. >> we provide all the benefit, keep up with the wage that everybody else is paying. >> reporter: and won't give it to anyone who fails or refuses a mandatory drug test. >> there's no option for anybody who's tested pass for
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alcohol, drugs, marijuana or whatever. a dui or anything. >> reporter: and that's why all of this is making the trucking industry so interested in robotic trucks, and they're being tested on the roads as we speak. we're getting a look inside a bay area museum paying tribute to the day of the dead. >> and speaking out about cyber security. >> and denise brown the center of the late nicole brown simpson hoping to help women affected by domestic violence.
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administrators are meeting with parents and the community following a violent incident in which a student threw the principal to the floor of the cafeteria. the fight has sparked national attention. >> reporter: the fight shows the principal getting body- slammed to the ground after trying to break up a flight among students. it's not the first time. two students were suspended but not excelled for assault or battery on officials.
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that's the most recent data available. in monday's lunch room brawl, three students were sent to juvenile hall, charged with battery on student staffers causing injury, and making threats toward other students. 34 were suspended and two excelled from the elk grove school district for assault. and in sacramento 235 were suspended or excelled for the same offense. a growing problem for those involved in security. >> when i started in 1974, assaults on school employees were unheard of. >> reporter: 36 years for the sacramento city school district, 24 as chief of police. >> when i retired in 2010, it was all too common place. students were assaulting school administrators, students were assaulting teachers, even parents were getting into the mix. >> reporter: curtailing violence on school campuses is the focus of tonight's parents' forum at florham high school. >> this is designed to let
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parents know what's going on and how we're moving forward. >> that was mike lowery reporting. figures show in 2014, there were 2,600 reported assaults on california school campuses. this month marks the 20th anniversary of the not guilty verdict in the oj simpson murder trial. the sister of the woman he's accused of killing was here to give a talk at an event held by the group, for community overcoming relationship abuse. >> when somebody actually comes forward and they say i need your help, believe them. because it takes a lot for them to come forward and to ask for help. >> today's event helped raise money for services including housing, emergency housing,
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support groups, and legal services for people who are trying to leave abusive relationships. the head of the nsa is talking publicly about cyber security. and the comments come as the federal appeals court takes action on the government's data collection. >> reporter: an a recent house visit by china's president, where he and mr. obama signed an agreement, the world's two largest economies agreed not to steal corporate data for economic benefit, the director of the nsa is reaching out to private sector u.s. cyber security experts telling them the nsa is eager to build partnerships with them torque make it easier for the private sector to work with the government. >> if you want me to defend your network, i need to be inside your network. >> reporter: also weighing in on the collection of americans' personal information, saying the collection of private personnelidate is not part of the ncircumstance a's mig. >> i am not interested in the flow of personal identifiable
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information in the cyber security system. it slows us down. >> reporter: the same day a federal appeals court rejected an aclu request to stop the government's collection of private phone records. it comes after a more limited phone collection method's set to go into effect in late november. the aclu disagrees with the court's decision emphasizing the government still needs to rein in other overreaching ncircumstance a spying programs. a big announcement from china. that country is abolishing its controversial one child policy it will allow married do you means to have two children. that policy was introduced in 1979 to slow down population growth. but now the population is aging. the announcement is also coming amid a push for economic growth
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two groups coming together to help those sleeping on the streets of san francisco. the new items intended to help the homeless bathe more often and get a good night's sleep. >> and see how oakland's museum of california is observing day of the dead. >> tracking your halloween forecast.
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the day of the dead is heavily observed in mexico and latino cultures. it is about remembrance of loved one who is have passed on. there's a new bay area exhibit observing all the cultures that observe. >> reporter: for more than two decade, the oakland museum of california has created an exhibit for the day of the dead. >> at the core of the tradition is building altars or making offerings. and offerings can take lots of different forms of >> reporter: day de los muertos is about connecting with the people we've lost. >> it's drawing the spirits home, and the candles are meant to light the way. >> reporter: this year they will recognize the mexican and latino roots but they are welcoming other cultures. >> there are local artists, for many of them this is the first time they've shown at the museum of california.
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so there's a human impulse to remember and really bring forth the memories of the people that can't be here with us. and culturally, throughout time, different people have made these spectacular traditions that are all around that impulse. >> reporter: the exhibit includes filipino, hawaiian, japanese, chinese, and african communities, and gives artists a chance to showcase how those cultures view death, memory, and healing. >> the grand daughter of beloved artist, this is a portrait of her. the artist had about three months to mike site-specific installations, which is a little crazy. so can you imagine the amount of time and love it took lil tow create this. she learned the folds from her grandmother. and ruth learn today from her mom. these are music boxes.
5:47 pm
and i just think -- there's two boxes, and they're meant to represent one in honor of her father, one in honor of her grandfather. and her grandfather was german- american. and her father was from el salvador. the one thing that bound them together was corn. >> reporter: it is a chance to learn about culture and why we do what we do, especially at this time of the year. >> most kids dress up and don't even understand why they're dressing up. for halloween, the reason we dress kids is because we want to trick the spirits that are coming because they're considered to be bad spirits. and where's for days of the dead, it's more about inviting the good spirits to come home, the good spirits you want to come and spend time with us because we miss them. >> reporter: no matter the celebration, rituals and remembrances are also a reminder that diversity can bind us all. >> it's the one moment that we can really embrace that we're all human and here together and
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interconnected. and these are different expressions to celebrate that and remember that. time to get a check of our weather. bill in the weather center, what's happening? >> i love fall! >> it's beautiful. >> it really is. >> it's just perfect. the leaves are changing. >> the cal game. >> going? >> absolutely. >> weather is going to be good. and a few clouds, but so nice. fall, no better time in the bay area. winter is nice, summer is nice. i love the fall. the golden gate bridge, south tower. and you can see there's no fog out there. nice day. surfs up a little bit. not high but it's big. it'll be coming down a little the next couple of days. outside our window, we got mostly clear skies. so it's going to be clear for the sunset, out in the richmond district, in the avenues.
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temperatures currently at 79 in fairfield. not bad, right? 76 in napa, 73 in san rafael. temperatures running 8 degrees warmer than they were last night in napa. temperatures today were warmer. this is the story, it hangs on. and as it does it sets us up with a day tomorrow like today and is saturday a lot like tomorrow. you know what i mean. today, friday, and saturday very similar. this low pressure system changes everything on sunday. clouds move in, partly cloudy. saturday is going to be a nice looking day for the kids. things change saturday into sunday. here we are saturday evening. not bad. sunday evening. monday morning. so sunday night into sunday
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morning, a chance for some showers. it doesn't look like a big deal. but it's something. and every time we get a little drop of rain, we're not doing a lot of fire stuff which is great. so the rain, as little as it is, the shorter day, the cooler night, it's all helping. looks like a chance for some sprinkles on sunday afternoon, evening, and into monday morning. not a big deal. but anything helps that fire danger. and there's more encouraging signs down the road as we go into october and november. sneerler that their week, it seemed like we might get some substantial rain. >> it did. and the models pulled back on it. there's a chance they could beef it up again. but right now they're going to add a little bit of rain, not much. >> enjoy the fall weather. 157 million americans are
5:51 pm
expected to take part in halloween this year. it's become one of the most hallowed holidays, not just for us but for retailers too. [ screaming ] >> reporter: americans love to dress up. get scared. eat candy and spend money! >> about 64% of americans plan to celebrate halloween. it's actually become one of the most beloved holidays of the year. >> reporter: shoppers will drop nearly $7 billion to celebrate this year, according to the national retail federation. >> the majority of people will buy canned e. 94% of americans will buy candy. but the majority of their budget will go toward costumes. >> reporter: from garish to ghoulish. this year's tab is forecast to reach $2.5 billion. pop culture influencing shopping habits.
5:52 pm
superhero, and animated superstars are sure to be spotted. >> spiderman, batman, ninja turtles, for girl, some great superhero costumes and frozen isn't going away! >> reporter: frozen is definitely not thawing. elsa costumes are their no. 1 seller. her sister anna comes in at no. 3. and what's the point in getting all dressed up if you don't fill the bucket? predicted candy sales will surge beyond $2 billion. chocolate may be the holy grail, but we sure do cherish our candy corn. nearly nine billion individual pieces will be produced this year. [ screaming ] >> reporter: for adrenaline junkie, it is the most wonderful time of year. >> this is in one day.
5:53 pm
we celebrate halloween for a month! >> there's nothing more exciting than the rush of being scared. [ screaming ] >> reporter: theme parks exercising their license to thrill. universal steweds in london spend -- studios in orlando spending months to terrorize tourists. >> more than a year or two to gather the artists and directors and must be artists to put together a massive halloween event. >> reporter: the haunted house association says there are more than two,000 attractions coast to coast. 2,000 attractions coast to coast. happened today to some of san francisco's homeless that had them feeling like themselves for the first time in a long time. >> and concerns about a
5:54 pm
halloween display. >> shocked they mentioned that was something people were thinking. >> what the homeowner changed about one decoration.
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teaming up to help the homeless in san francisco.
5:57 pm
the new partnership offering a solution. >> reporter: sleeping on the streets of san francisco can get cold and dirty. >> we come from a philosophy that we call radical hospitality. >> reporter: she runs two retired transportation buses converted into showers on wheels for the homeless. >> we hook up to a fire hydrant so we have a meter and pay for our water of >> reporter: people are given toiletries, privacy, and a 15- minute hot shower. >> we call the people we serve our guests. wean their names. we learn their stories of >> reporter: including a 94- year-old woman evicted from her apartment. a man with an mba from stanford who fell on hard times. >> one person goes in, and a different person comes out. >> reporter: it was in that spirit of giving scott smalling decided to pitch in. >> it's a strategically built bed for homeless in the united states but also for humanitarian, overseas disaster
5:58 pm
relief. >> reporter: using his expertise in the foam and bedding business, he created a bed for those who don't have one. >> weight and size. to be able to move them around the world acceptably and efficient leechl >> reporter: he is donating 25 weds today as part of a pilot program. they cost less than $90 to make. >> their bodies are under conditions that our bodies are not under. so we want to make sure they're getting that sleep. >> reporter: smalling hopes to partner with the city so every homeless person can get a good night's rest. and with sandoval helping to make sure everyone is clean, they make a big impact. >> they reconnect with their dignity. they feel like themselves for the first time in a long time. one final plea to try to keep the team from leaving oakland. >> this is our home.
5:59 pm
we are loyal. >> and it's possible this could be their last chance to keep the raiders from moving south to a new stadium. >> it is a big night for the raiders and their fans but there's no game. in an hour, nfl executives will have a town hall meeting, discussing plans to move the team out of the oakland coliseum and down to the los angeles area. >> reporter: this meeting starts at 7:00. they have been here much longer than we have. it's a bit of a party-like atmosphere out here. but the reason they are here is serious. this is the third of three town hall meetings the nfl is holding this week for cities whose teams could potentially relocate. the raiders and chargers have already bought the land for a proposed site in the city of
6:00 pm
carson near los angeles. it would be a shared place for the team. the owner of the radars wants to stay in oakland but there is not a deal on the table that keeps the team here. councilman larry reed said there are three players, the city of oakland, the county of alameda, and the raiders. >> i think there is a deal that could be made. but in this case it takes three to dance. and the city is working hard. >> they're not all on the same page? >> there's an easy way to get on the same page, and hopefully we'll get there. >> we've been fans all our lives, and we're going to still be fans. we belong right here. this is our home. we are loyal to our team, we expect loyalty from them. >> reporter: the group save


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