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30th. >> that's the end of october. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. we want to take a look at top stories we're following. investigators still do not know what caused the hazardous materials accident overnight at the western palo ahto. a mysterious odor caused 12 people to be sent to the hospital. the garage and first floor of the hotel were evacuated while investigators tried to pinpoint the source of the odor. a bay area dentist seen here in a promotional is accused of running an illegal marijuana operation in new york city. jerome white owned the mission dental health practice in san francisco. he was arrested wednesday in new york in an undercover sting. prosecutors say he made $100,000 a month in illegal drug sales. we'll have more on this story coming up at 5:00. and antioch police are reporting a drop in crime from last year. the latest crime statistics showed declines in
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both violent and property crimes. burglaries are actually down by 31%. time now is 4:30. the other big story is what will your forecast be? your forecast for your halloween. teacher: is here for that. just fine. no problem. good thing it's not sunday night or monday. halloween. >> yeah. it's a big change. >> then we have rain. and cold. next week is going to be cold. early next week, that's for sure. today, though, it's all about sunshine. once we get going here, but it's going to be a nice day. maybe a little patch. q y fog. again, that doesn't have much of a chance. seventys. eightys. upper 70s to near 80. everything comes together. santa rosa would be one. overall, clear skies. we're waiting on a system. it won't be here until sunday with incrossing clouds. sixty for some. -- 47. fifty-seven. santa rosa 48. palo alto is at 48. the oakland airport is at 49. fifty-eight. fifty-six. boulder creek is at 46. must be eyebrows. and holding scotts valley up
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becauser in running warmer than santa cruz which is at 53. saratoga and cupertino. and the low. but it's getting far enough way that there won't be as much support for a breeze today. we'll keep it in the forecast for at least the hims and maybe a little later today. the wind does crank up for some and higher elevations on the coast. seventy to near 80. mid 80s for some. on this friday, mr. sal castemedo. >> i have a straight leg raising quick story. you know that we all have facebook pages. well, on my facebook page, i posted our sports department has a big thing of steve, steph and curry. it's doing better than anything. just put steph curry on your facebook page and the people will come. q sal, your friday traffic jam. you saw it on twitter. it will be spooky. >> we'll talk about that in a
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moment. as you might be able to tell, there's not a lot of traffic going on. we're going to go quickly through this. and i'm hoping it is going to stay this way. this is a look at 80 westbound as you head out to the mcarthur maze. no major problems. bay bridge toll plaza locks good. not a big delay anywhere as you drive through the area. and traffic looks good on the eastshore freeway. hercules to richmond. when halloween is on a weekday which it won't be this year, it is the busiest traffic afternoon of the year. that is because all the parents want to get home to trick or treat. you don't have that problem this yore or next yore. had 33:00. let's go back to the desk. richmond police have arrested a registered sex offender who is now accused of molesting three teenagers. palm chambers reports the suspect had been running a group home for boys. >> these pictures posted on the facebook page show him in happier days, but now the
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man someone the in the community adore is facing serious charges of sexual assaults on three minors. >> two victims from kennedy high school report that their guardian at their transitional home had sexually assaulted them. >>reporter: police say he is a known sex offender and operates a group home for boys ages 16 to 256789 hoar he is on the megan's law website which sites previous offenses. molest a person appeared to be under 18 yores of age and loud or acts of a child under 14 years of aim. convicted in 2009. >> my name -- i am the founder it provides housing for individuals that are either homeless or have been incarcerated. that video from the entry network website. besides the group home, he runs a -- police are puzzleed at how he managed this. >> he doesn't have the license
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with the state of california. the contra costa county or the city of richmond. we're taking this very seriously. we don't know how he's able to operate. >>reporter: we went to the home listed as 's arrest. fake a look for yourself. less than a 30 second walk is this elementary school. you may wonder how can arrange administered sex offender live in this area. according to police, as long as you are not on supervised parole or violation, you can live anywhere you want as long as police know where you are. >> if you are a registered sex offender, you do have to register once a year on your birthday within five days of your birthday, and that is all you have to do at this point. >>reporter: the school district says he's not afair and impartial crated with jfk. students told me dugar is a fixture and helps out with the basketball team. troubling news for police. >> he is sexually assaulting the same people he is caring for. >> that was paul chambers
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reporting. paul reports that the man is now out on bail. he's been ordered to stay away from the group home and the three alleged victims. richmond police believe there might be more victims. well, a new list of the east bay's biggest water guzzlers is out. among the violaters are bay area ceos and athletes. at the top of east bay's list, the ceo of arc document solutions who uses 9600 gallons of water a day. he lives in diablo. he has a vineyard of his property. east bay mud says he went through 8700 gallons a day, but he claims that he had a major water main break on his property. and third former ceo safeway -- also on the new list is former golden state warrior. his home 3000 gallons a day. to be us on a little tour. he tells us he has a major leak in his irrigation system. he's determined to find it so he can fix it.
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he showed us areas where he's tried to save water. q we have tried to really -- this area is one of the main area that we water. we went down to two days a week. >> san francisco giants pitcher. also made the list. more than a thousand gallons of water a day. violaters also have to pay a fine based on the amount of water they use. the average east bay mud customer uses less than 250 gallons of water per day. starting today, people in east bay will have one less place to fill up those recycled water tanks. the bigger water station at the suer plant in pleasanton the will stay open. the smaller station is going to shut down. demand for recycled water is decreasing as the temperatures drop. this water station is unusual because it offers free recycled water to everyone no matter where you live. >> and next tuesday, san
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francisco voters will determine. and ktvu has more on the heated debate from both sides of proposition f. it's a battle on streets of san francisco where these days in almost every neighborhood they have rooms and entire houses for rent and other home-sharing plattforms. >> i understand the issue of people renting out their place. they may need to get a little extra money. >> proposition f will put the more -- put more restrictions. tennis rights advocates, hotel urge voters to pack. a no on f a d a yes on, if housing advocate debated. >> it's itself mayeder in from 2 to 4000 units have been removed from the energy market. >>reporter: proposition f would limit to
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75 instead of the current 95. it also would ban short term effort. and a 100 photoradius of a short-term rental the right to sue. >> the vast majority of hosts in san francisco are sharing the home in which they live. they are doing it to help make ends mote. to pay their rent or pay their mortgage, and to afford life in san francisco as the cost of living increases. >>reporter: the measure is noded because the current law passed in february is difficult to report. the city should be allowed to work it out. a.s are ever where. and post campaign finance records. more than $8 million come pain against the measure. raised. >> so far, i haven't really looked at it, but i do see a lot of fliers. >> i'm probably like many people in san francisco, my greatest fear is for some reason, i would have to leave my
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apartment. >> on the yes side is senator feinstien. in this election, it would come down to who can get more people to the ballot poxes -- boxes come tuesday u. construction of a bypass on highway 101 in willis. the coyote valley band of indians and the round value low drove accused caltran of restoring archaeological sites that were uncovered during the construction. now, this helped protests. they want the project stop to allow them to check for damage to what they call. happening today, the oakland police department welcomes its newest class of officers. there's a graduation ceremony -- ceremony at 10:00 for the department's 172 basic acadny. -- academy. the police chief says the class reflects the city's diversity. several of the 35 graduates are bilingual. the languages include spanish,
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cantinese and street names. now, the latest on the bay area shigella outbreak. health officials are now admitting they may never know the source of the illness. if outbreak started nearly three weeks ago when people got sick after eating at a mexican seafood restaurant in downtown san jose. santa clara health officials have test results and say all the workers tested negative except one. it's believed that food handler contracted the disease after eating at the restaurant and is not the source. so far, 190 people have gotten sick, and three lawsuits have also been filed. against the restaurant. it's now 4:41. there's a new poll showing american's views on gay marriage. coming up in 20 minutes, what most people node say to -- say nodes to be done. >> a hooded man kin hanging not a bay area front yard. up next, why is this sparking so much concern on social
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media. good morning. we do have a look at the commute in the east bay. there it is. highway 24 h. it locks pretty good coming up into the tunnel between walnut croak and oakland. >> all clear here, and all systems go for what locks like a nice day. temperatures warming up. changes on sunday. we'll have more on that. ocean temperatures came down a tiny bit, but they're still running above average
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. 4:44. a homeowner has -- people raised concerns that the display was racist. the trouble began after this photo appeared on facebook. it showed a man ken in a plaque hood hanging from a gallows. and racism in california. some apparently as depicting a
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lynching of an african american man. and he says that never occurred to him. >> the last thing on my mound was anything racial. i was kind of shocked when they mentioned that something that people were thinking. >> and baldwin says he roved a courtesy call from police telling him about the outcry and he removed the hood from the hangman, and he says he has not heard it. >> trick or treating may come to mind. ifer many couples, it the day to tie the knot. the contra costa county clerk  recorder's office says halloween is one of the busiest kays for weddings. these are pictures from last yore. some couples wear costumes. some don't. but the clerks also get in on the fun by dressing up as well. couples then get the chance to pick what kind of character they want to perform for their ceremony. fred flintstone. that was pretty funny. there is a lot going on from halloween celebrations to parades.
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ktvu has a look. all hallow's eve is upon us. with that, we begin our weekend watch. the 15th annual halloween hoopla is happening in san francisco. enjoy a costume parade, performances, games, live music and clowns. the celebration will be held from 12:00 to 1:30. for the adults, aaa is offering tipsy toe on halloween. a one-way ride of up to ten miles. file 1-800-aaa-health. day of the dead festivities. the day of the dead will take place on saturday from 11:00 to 7:00. on saturday from 11:00 to 5:00. enjoy live entertainment, demonstrations and crafts including sugar skulls. the museum entrance is free. san francisco will host its grand event on monday. less spooky but very be
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ising is. dive into the largest celebration of science with close to a dozen events going on. from biofest, a celebration overmined to science can dance. niners are away and the sharks are on the rod. that is your weekend watch. >> of course, you can find more on all weekend events. go to >> my woke end is filled with kid stuff. a dance tonight. trick or treating tomorrow note. >> i got family coming into town. and trick or treating. >> it's going to be packed. >> we were talking about our favorite candy. what is your favorite candy? >> not even close. >> it's been that way since i was six yores old. >> and and for a whole,
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butterfinger was a competitor. that faded. >> that's an acquired taste. you either like that or you don't. good morning, everybody. the traffic is going to be busy this morning. but, it's not stop and go just yet. as a matter of fact, traffic is moving ong pretty well at the bay bridge toll plaza. we always talk about this. there are a lot of people. this say lock now at the san mateo bridge. traffic locks good heading to the high-rise. looks good to the airport. we are looking at the east shore freeway. it's been such a bad week there. right now, it looks god, so i just wanted to point that out. it does look god sometimes. and right now, is one of those times. 4:48, let's go to steve. >> thank you, we have clear skies. waiting to see if any fog tomorrow. it might if the air mass is pretty dry. otherwise, another cool one for many. not for all, but for many. steve and martinez, 48 as we
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head into halloween. we don't fear the reaper, nor do the wind, the sun or the rain. that sounds like a song. >> nice y. "we don't fear the reaper, nor the wind, the sun and the rain. >> thank you. he is smiling at home right now. >> somebody lifted that needle up. thank you, paul. that is correct. thank you. speaking of martinez, he's known as the ripper. dave shelton. good morning, dave. 49-degrees on my patio. i tried to get a picture of venus and justice of the peacer the. just -- jupiter. just too low on the horizon from here. it's been spectacular. that is true. we have had great opportunities to see the moon, venus, justice of the peacer the -- jupiter. a little bit toward livermore. and 40s, 50s. sixtys. for some, it's very mild.
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fairfield. and s anoma. forty-seven subbass cool. and 51. petaluma. twenty-seven. thirty-eight in reno. and the cold is settling in. the -- more rain, snow. down to phoenix and tucson. and it moves to new mexico. as it does, start seeing a little quieter pattern. not as breezy. still keep some in the forecast. not a big deal. clouds increase on sunday. low and high. then we'll start to roll in overnight sunday into monday. rain, wind, and a much cooler fores. 707s & 80s. how we get average is when we go way with e bow. by monday and tuesday, highs will only be in the 6 0ás. rain sunday, probably afternoon and evening in the north bay, and for everybody by monday. today and halloween look fine. get the novembers and
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scarf out for the first time in years. >> a scary situation from a flight from l. a. to philadelphia. what happened shortly after take-off and where the flight had to make an emergency landing. also next. coming together to help the homeless. the new items spended to help the homeless take a chance to get a shower and get a good night's sleep.
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this morning is recovering after a chase opened with a crash. it happened yesterday afternoon in presentwood. a chp spokesperson says the chase began with when a honda civic sped away from a traffic stop. at one point, investigators say someone threw a sweatshirt out of the car that had two pistols wrapped in it. the chase entered -- ended when the honda entered a one-way street, made a u whyen turn and hit the car, the driver and the passenger were arrested. the injured officer is expected to recover. the family and friends of a young girl killed in santa cruise carried signs of a picture outside a courthouse where her accused killer had a hearing. mattie middle justice of the peaceton was killed last july, and her body was left in a dumpster at the art center where she lived with her mother.
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her neighbor, 15-year-old adrian genesial lass is accused of raping and killing her. he sat expressionless in court yesterday as his lawyers discussed his fate. gonzalas is being tried as an adult and pled not guilty. his next court appearance is set for february due to the large amount of evidence. >> despite -- besides gathering all the police reports, we are gathering local school records, medical records, interviewing witnesses and throughout the county in efforts to the extend possible to get the back story. >> mattie's supporters say they will be out in front of the courthouse every time gonzalas goes to court. about 6000 convicted drug offenders across the country are spending their last few days in federal prison. the bureau of prisons plans to release those prisoners following a decision last year to cut sentences of drug offenders. about 80% of those being released have already moved to halfway houses. the justice department says all of
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them will will be officially released from custody by tuesday. 250 of them will be let go here in california. some legal experts have warned the government that it has done too little to help many of the inmates successfully reintegrate into society. an industry action pert in the betting business is helping the bay area's homeless get a good night's sleep. scott smalling is the founder, and yesterday, he rolled out his invention to those in need in san francisco. the small portable inflatable sleeping pad is designed to withstand the elements of outdoor living. it weighs only two pounds. half donated 25 relief beds to the city as part of pay pilot program. he says he hopes to partner with san francisco, so every homeless person can get a good night's rest. >> wow. that that's nice. coming up on our 5:00 hour, a large amount of marijuana. thousands of dollars in cash, and a dentist. up next, the undercover drug bust focusing on a dentist from san francisco. >> and they're being called
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fakes. up next, the fliers popping up in antioch about fell cats in the city. >> good morning. right now, we are looking at the north bay commute. there it is. the golden gate bridge. right now, traffic looks good as you drive on that span. we'll tell you more about the commute on 101. >> and we have a nice forecast today. we'll carry that right into saturday as well. so no weather worries on the halloween forecast. maybe getting a little spooky on sunday and monday.
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a dozen people sickened at this palo alto hotel as an odor in the garage. a san francisco dentist accused of smuggling thousands of dollars of marijuana. the operation that lead to his arrest in new york city. it's all ahead here on mornings on 2. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. it is friday, october 30th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about our weather and traffic on a friday morning p. steve paulsen ready with the forecast. >> nice. did you enjoy yesterday? >> yes. >> it wasn't bad. >> loved it. yeah, it was nice. >> you won't like monday then,
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maybe. >> no, i'm ready for rain. >> you no, i think we all are. we need it really bad. we'll get it, but maybe not late sunday north bay. but for everyone today into saturday. good to go here. you upper 70s and low to mid 80s. santa rosa. forty-nine nasa -- pa -- napa. palo alto upper 40s. same for santa rosa. the oakland airport was 49. alamo is in the host. danville. a little breeze holding black hawk up. fifty-five in la fayette. a big difference on some of these temperatures. the system is moving out of arizona slowly. it's moving towards new jersey. that is the source


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