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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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we know that the two knew each other. in fact that the suspect had lived at this hour before. and to kick it out in july and their entire neighborhoods and in complete shock. >> it is abuela, seen walking her grandchildren to school every day, identifying the 53- year-old as the woman found shot and killed inside her home after being held hostage by this man. >> it's a shock. and that it will be a nice presence to us to figure out how something like that would happen. it is horrible. >> reporter: the suspect is down. and the signal is down. >> that it happened just after two on monday afternoon. after reporting a man with a handgun forcing the woman inside.
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>> that officer would return fire and the veteran officer was now on paid leave. that they would only say at least one shot was fired towards the man. >> we have not seen that guy since he left, at least i haven't. >> reporter: this man identifying himself would rent a room in that house and was kicked out in july. the death still sinking in. >> she has two grandkids who are with their mothers right now. >> i believe about 12 and 2. >> at least one neighbor said that he witnessed an intense fight between the two last week. >> you can have domestic
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arguments many times, or stop it, but this is extreme. >> reporter: well the 12-year veteran officer is also injured by gunfire. he was treated at the hospital for a minor flash wound and back at home recovering in good condition. ktvu fox 2 news. the republican candidates for president are back in the midwest tonight for their latest debate. >> this is the smallest group yet. ross palombo is in milwaukee to break down what he has heard before. good evening, ross. >> reporter: good evening frank and julie, the debate that you're talking about is just wrapping up now after an hour of questions. very few attacks on stage.
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now these four candidates took to the stage about an hour ago as we had mike huckabee, bobby gin d rick santorum and chris christie. chris christie and mike huckabee stand out. bobby jindal had a few moments on stage. the topic was the economy, of course, as they would talk about everything from their welfare and trade, as he did attack them once and he would attack them some four times over their poor economy in new jersey. and chris christie, they would choose to focus on hill hill. >> okay, that's wrapping up ahead of the main debate that will take place in an hour here as you can see in milwaukee as they are gathering here just down their streets, so many as they needed to extend that barricade at one point as you could hear them above us.
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if we would come down to the left, we want to showout police, they are on scene very heavy frank and julie and that so far no incidents, other than the loud screams. a few protesters getting inside. the big debate is wrapping up right now. >> let's talk about their second debate and that main debate. how crucial is tonight's debate? could it be a make or break night for them? >> most people think that it will be his moment, frank, the first three debate, plagued by three performances and that is where we would see them, shying away and then for him in that very last debate, he'd try to go on the attack, managed to turn that around though, getting the dramatic coaching
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advice, staying in our hotel. >> tonight's format is different as the fox business news has established their new criteria for this prime time event. how is it expected to benefit them tonight? >> reporter: there were so many people complaining after the cnbc debate. complaining about the questions and they were complaining about the length of time that they would have to respond to tonight's debate to give them a minute and 30 seconds to respond, the most time we have seen so far, we're talking about their tax plans, unemployment as they want enough time to explain themselves. even a minute and 30 is not a lot of time to explain, but at least it will be a little more
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time for them to lay it out to give us those answers. >> that was my next question, ross, are you looking for those answers tonight, or a lot of personal attacks? >> the debate had many answers and for these candidates tonight to move beyond the personal attacks that have gotten them so high in the polls as we know that he has been on the attack most recently, attacking ben carson and marco rubio. that the trip for them tonight, that it will be willing to maintain that energy and their interest, that this is his arena as we will be talking about the finance and their economy, all things that they claim to be clinging to, as we'll show you what they will do.
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>> fox business, that they had be streaming the debate for free and even if you don't have a cable subscription and of course that we'll have live team coverage for you coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. >> two people are dead tonight, it was a small business jet, both were killed. another witness said, "i heard a big bang and my couch shook twice." the faa says that the plane was flying high from dayton and crashed as it was approaching the local airport there in ac ron, no one was hurt. because of all the snow that they have gotten up there, video from their web cam. up from today. and they are going to open up on thursday, and that is a
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month earlier than planned along with their north star that is also earlier than planned where it will be the first time in ten years, all the way to the top of the mountain. >> yes, before thanksgiving. so good to see you. let's go over to bill martin in the weather center. >> they would go through and bring in that rain as we talked about it yesterday, setting us up for that frost advisory in the valley and parts of san jose where it will be cold tonight. a that you would suspect that and even parts of richmond. just because you are not
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covered, doesn't mean that you won't be cold. all the people were living outdoors. it will be a cold night, very cold so these numbers, very chilly in the morning hours i'll talk about that and when i come up, the next brush of rain in the five-day forecast. a san francisco woman went to court today to plead not guilty to dui charges in connection with the crash that seriously injured two boys, as they were struck in their district. tara moriarty was in court today where she spoke with the woman's defense lawyer and their attorney for the victims. >> she walked with her head down and her family by her
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side, entering a not guilty plea to those charges. this has been an exceptionally emotional experience for kristin. she's always been involved with the children, so she is taking this extremely hard as you can imagine. >> reporter: the victims two 12- year-old boys. andrich hit them on buchanan street last wednesday morning as the two were on their way to school both suffering brain injuries and broken bones. >> reporter: she must wear an alcohol monitoring device. the two had complete the work before class started. >> and they know that it will be for them to get done early.
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the tragedy happened. >> reporter: they have a serious brain injury as they would say their recovery will take some time and the families are overwhelmed. >> all of the unknowns would exist. >> reporter: the intersection where the accident would happen has no stop sign as the crosswalk has faded and cars will continue to speed. >> this intersection was a trap. >> reporter: they should have put in that stop sign and that it was recon figured. a project that will be underway. and that it was negligent on the city's part. and a live picture from sky fox as you can see it is dark out there with the people gathered that will appear to be listening to the speakers. that they were held across
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demanding an increase for their minimum wage to $15 an hour in oakland where the members of their black lives matter have joined them tonight, as they will not tolerate being treated as second class citizens. they are saying that they will not support this movement that they will not get their votes. also early this morning, they would protest at the mcdonald's on 24th and mission streets in san francisco. the workers are asking for six paid sick days. several bay area cities are rise the minimum had wage. david campos says that people need higher pay because earning the current wage isn't working. >> the point here is that, you know, people need a living wage to be able to live not just by san francisco, but other parts of the state. >> reporter: the movement is being called the fight for 15. a push is on to get it on the ballot next november. that they will be pushing to
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hike up the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, but that has been stalled. they say that right now four out of ten employees in the u.s., they earn less than $15 an hour and 96% of those are fast food workers. lining up and parking, instead of picking up their passengers in san jose. the protest today at the last major airport in california gets ready to add their ride sharing services. also one of the most technologically advanced stadium. levi stadium got even more techie. changing the stadium and other big systems that would walk through their security. plus, they have died recently from counterfeits. what is being called an overdose epidemic and talk to a woman from the east bay that knows firsthand about their pain of the overdose.
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and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit one of the men that recently died. they report that they arrested the 22-year-old last week. when they searched his home, they found cocaine, guns, marijuana plants at the butane hash oil lab. late last month, two men died after taking what they thought was zanex. it contains fentanyl. the drug abuse is taking a deadly toll around the country. ktvu john sasaki joins us live whose son died from the overdose, saying that it is an
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issue that will touch just about everyone. >> they tell me that it is not just one age group or economic level or one race, but it is affecting every segment of the society. among their duties, richmond police sergeant kept seizing the contents of their medication drop off. >> it is a gold mine. >> reporter: he would just empty it as they would just come in. and what they were talking about that will be laced. each one of these boxes on the street would easily fetch 200 to -- $200 to $300. >> the contraband that they would want to consume. >> that's what happens when they would die from it. and they know too well of the pitfall investigation. >> i could go back there in a heartbeat to show you all the feelings that they thought that night and it was awful. >> reporter: in 2009 he was a student at their university. that their son died of an
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overdose by combining the drug. >> he was just a kind person with a great sense of humor. a great hover and that is what i love so much about him. >> reporter: he is now dedicated to convincing people, especially young people to not confuse the drugs in his name. >> people are waiting for him with all the potential in the world and just gone in a heartbeat. his death was avoidable. and any of these overdoses that we're seeing across the country are avoidable. >> reporter: that killed two men in santa cruz and sickened one other in san francisco just echos what rivero and san francisco say about prescription heads in general. >> absolutely you could die from this and it does not take much. >> in joseph rivera's case, he was convicted last month of three counts of second-degree murder for his death and the deaths of two other patients who died from overdoses. >> that is sad. john, thank you. the 49ers were testing a new kind of bag screening
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system that scans quickly and privately. it's a system designed by palo alto. called the entry experience solution. they would swipe their tickets, they open their door and put their bags inside. if the machine doesn't find that item, they will turn green and retrieve the other side with another swipe of their tickets. >> if you did bring something to the stadium that you shouldn't be bringing in or a life or bond or alcohol, and that anything of that nature, that the system, they will lock their doors and turn purple and the guard will pick it up to see what will go back in to step aside. >> they were using the system right now for their non-game day function and they will continue to evaluate it for six months. it's not clear if they will be used for super bowl 50 next february. it's amazing what it has come to now to do something like that to go in to a game or an event. i mean, at levi stadium they will come up to be here like that. >> clear it up around the bay
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area and it is still chilly outside. >> are we going to get more rain later on this week? >> it was breezy out there too as you would look at the live camera and again that it will be from san francisco. at this time of the night in miami and you'll see it as we'll point it out to you. just great air quality. it is cool and crisp when they point out overnight lows will get down there with frost advisories, not for these areas or the berkeley oakland area, but for over the hill and over in livermore valley. out in the santa rosa county and frost advisories in the morning hours. just a quick glance. a pretty benign pattern in texas and for the most part, travel tomorrow that should be pretty doable with a little rain up in seattle and for us clear along the coast. so if you are going out to ocean beach to watch the sunset or if it has happened actually that you'll be out there with a jacket and it is breezy as they will be blowing a little bit up in the 50s. but overnight tonight they'll get down with the frost advisory. that it is really going to have an impact as you can see it
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around here in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. you don't get those frosty conditions. but up here in the inland valleys down south towards ,000,000,000lroy and morgan hill you'll get the frosty conditions. here is how it breaks down. tomorrow with a high pressure that will sit with us through thursday and from time to time -- through thursday and friday. mid-60s with a cold morning. that's the weather headline, cold morning. that'll be the weather headline. the forecast, there is no fog. this is the model know, showingout temperatures, the clouds around. forecast highs for tomorrow, greens are 60s. the mid-60s and maybe some upper 60s, but you will be searching for those. again, in fairfield 64, 63 in brentwood. the warmish temperatures tomorrow will be places of redwood and the city and around the bay because it is a little warmer bay side. 64 in san jose. 64 in fremont. then in the five-day forecast, checks out like this with the patchy frost on wednesday morning and tomorrow morning
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and their frost advisory. then on thursday, that you'll probably see the other frost advisory there with another cold start as you would go in to friday it warms up just a little bit during the day with the big story that will be on sunday night in to monday when we would have another chance, very similar to what happened this week and what happened last week son sunday night and that kind of rain event to create the monday morning wet commute with more snow in the mountains with our fingers crossed for that. in the meantime we have four days there that will run dry and cold mornings, okay? it has been. yes, the temperatures would sweat like that. >> it feels like december outside. >> yes, it came fast. >> it really did. two weeks ago it was 80 degrees. >> i know, i like it. >> all right, thank you, bill. it's a nice story. it is a special connection in the cancer side. >> they would tell you what they want. glenn though that their ages are quite different, their fight against a rare cancer is the same. it's a touching effort by a young woman on her 20th birthday to help a little girl.
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new developments on the case of the two elderly people missing. continuing coverage on developing news. hundreds of people protesting in the east bay to raise the minimum wage. more live coverage coming up at 6:00.
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a young woman from the east bay who is fighting cancer is also raising a touching battle on a young girl who has the
5:26 pm
same disease. >> they have more on their unique friendship. >> reporter: here in their hallway recently, the 18-month- old was working on her brewing. she is also fighting on a rare form of cancer. >> like she'll tell you what she wants. >> reporter: they got to know that little girl while hospitalized on the same unit receiving the treatment on the same type of leukemia in remission and stays in touch with her little friend. >> on halloween we were painting their nails orange and white and she was like i want them to be orange that it was so cute. >> reporter: but they want to do more than just play with her. today on the 20th birthday here in their campus where she is a biology major. they would organize that bone marrow donor drive, which she was not well enough to attend. she says that she was fortunate that they were a match and able to donate their bone marrow, but they are still in need of one.
5:27 pm
and finding a bone marrow match will be really hard. right now their odds is one out of 500. >> reporter: a lot of people would register it myself. as a freshman on uc davis and received a call to match and donate for someone. >> reporter: their friend is organized. >> we know that we're doing good in helping her, showing her how much they would care. it is where they could buy a special bracelet with the money going to her family who must travel. >> and they are yellow. then they have that charm on them. >> strength is what they have plenty of. coming up here a little girl's heart was broken when her puppy was stolen. how a good samaritan used social media to track down the dog and return it to the family. >> he went straight through their stop sign after clipping the girl's car. i guess they realized they were
5:28 pm
on the wrong side of the street as they were trying to get over and then they went straight through the house. >> she watched this suv smash through a wall of the san leandro home ending up on top of the woman inside. what the driver is accused of doing right before the crash. >> they may soon allow the ride sharing companies to pick up their passengers there. we are watching the meeting where they could be approved for their pickups, also the backlash from their traditional taxi drivers.
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they are meeting today to decide on new rules to allow their ride sharing companies to pick up the passengers at their airport. tom vacar attended that city council meeting, telling us that they don't like the new rules and they are now protesting. >> today just like yesterday there were no cabs. but unlike yesterday, they say that their shuttles, windows, buses, they were more than enough to handle passengers. and today they spread their stripes city wide. about 100 cab drivers would rally in front of their city hall. and demanding that they would suggest uber, lift, and other ride sharing companies to the semiregulations they must follow. >> and to give that appearance. because that they are giving the subject for their station.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: hundreds of new rules will have monthly random inspections and audits, plus the verification of their fingerprints, plus their background check on one percent of the drivers every month. they say only 100% of their checks right now will do. >> that you'll have to look for their public city and the children that have been there tonight. >> reporter: the owner and operator of their airports. >> we were very committed to ensuring the good level of playing field. and so that they will not be given that unfair advantage. >> reporter: a coalition to promote their technology issue with lawmakers, the government agencies and the public. >> the key is the way to respond to the competition is to improve. to innovate and not to go to the government to try to get them to slow down your competition. >> reporter: the ceo of the powerful leadership group. >> we also want to make sure that we don't allow the
5:33 pm
monopoly to dictate what our choices are as consumers. >> the cause is two-fold. number one they will be protected by the laws, allowing them to abuse their customers. and second that it will be a chance to move forward, meaning to disrupt the status quo. >> the power is back on in san francisco tonight. and that power pole as they would lose their service. it happened at 9:30 on the 20th. and the witnesses say that it will break. and that they will get a power poll and slam in. and it will be the customers, ending up losing their customers. and that they would have it for the shooting death.
5:34 pm
and that it will happen shortly before 7:00 this morning as they would respond to reports of a shooting on the street near their road. the victim was found inside that car. the officers say that he was shot multiple times and appeared to have driven about a block and then died. no arrests have been made. >> a woman is in critical condition tonight after a speeding suv slammed right in to her home in san leandro. it ran right through the wall and actually landed on her as she was sleeping. ktvu alex savage on the criminal charges that the driver may face. >> reporter: the out of control suv ended up all the way inside that home in san leandro. pinning the 25-year-old woman who had been in her bed sleeping as they took their county firefighters quite some time to pull that woman out from under their suv and taken to the hospital in critical condition. and that they were alert on their way there and a witness to the crash that did not want
5:35 pm
to show her faith says that the suv was growing close to 100 miles per hour before it veered off the road. >> he went straight through the stop sign after he clipped the car. i guess he realized he was on the wrong side of the street. >> and this crash happened around 10:30 last night. and police say that the suv was speeding down their street from that direction and from that driver who lost control and jumped up on to the curb. plowed right in to the garage of the home, which had been converted in to the bedroom. >> reporter: authorities say three dogs in the bedroom with the woman, they were also hurt. and that they will be taken to the vet hospital to be checked out that they are not sure if the driver of the suv was under that influence, but they are certain that they were going way too fast. >> you can see the vehicle in to the home that far in to it
5:36 pm
and that they really lead me to believe that they were traveling at a high rate of speed. >> reporter: the driver of the suv was also hurt in that crash and unclear how serious that their injuries were. that they say that the 20-year- old from san leandro will likely face wreckless driving charges. and the impact here, they would cause their serious structural damage to the home and the family of six who lives here, well they would have to find another place to stay for the time being. alex savage ktvu fox 2 news. a little boy in southern california is being called a hero tonight and after he learned of a lesson on the school field trip. the 5-year-old nathaniel was taught how to stop, drop, and roll at a fire station in san leandro. days later he put that in to action when the fire started in his home. he was asleep and so he would drop and then crawl in to their room to get her out of the house. >> they saved their lives for sure. they were found asleep. >> you're a hero.
5:37 pm
>> i'm starting to save people. >> is that you? >> yeah. >> and the nice thing about that than y he remembers everything that he learns. he's a real smart kid and he really pays attention. >> the fire crews say that the space heater may have started that fire. nathaniel was ho in order yesterday by -- was honored yesterday by firefighters with a special ceremony. >> a big salute there. she lost her best friend stolen from her own front yard. thanks to a good samaritan, a california woman has her dog back. a bay area school is hosting a special program. students learn about those who have served our country and the veterans tell us they learned something as well.
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a homicide investigation is underway in southern california after three bodies were discovered inside that burned out suv. they found that bodies on monday after the firefighters in the city of orange put out the fire. and police say that the gmc uc -- yukon went up over the curb and came to rest at the driveway of the home. investigators are looking in to witness reports of the man seen running from the burning suv as they say that they did not live at that house and that the suv is not registered to anyone in orange county.
5:41 pm
the coroner is cruising dental records to try to identify the victim. dozens of restaurants for chipotle will be closed because of concerns of e. coli. it was traced to 11 restaurants in washington and oregon and then tested for the bacteria to come back negative. and that each restaurant was cleaned and restocked and that our employees, they were checked for e. coli. a little girl has been reunited with the puppy, after tracking down the help of social media. they posted a photo on facebook asking for anyone with any information on their whereabouts. the dog was stolen from the crate in their front yard. they saw the facebook post and then they saw a dog that would look like them listed for sale on craigslist, so you met with the seller as they bought that dog for $40. turns out that it was ziggy
5:42 pm
giving the dog back to their owner. >> because we always, you know, see the kids that need seats. >> they bought it from a homeless person and didn't know it was stolen. a happy ending thanks to the kindness of one that decided to help. the important message that the school is trying to teach those students about veterans day. >> and how most people would welcome their rain. but the wet weather that will highlight the problem in one neighborhood. we'll hear from neighbors that would say they would date back years. excitement tracking that frost advisory for tonight. and probably for tomorrow night as well. a warm up and then some rain in their forecast. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken.
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the man that had efforts to build the memorial in washington, d.c. says that it is a time to set your wallets. but in order to do that, they say that it was requiring the action from congress to overturn their commemorative work fast that stipulates work could not begin on the memorial until ten years after the war has ended. and they believe that the law is out of touch with their conflicts, which don't have clear cut endings as they would point to the soldier that was wounded in the rescue mission
5:46 pm
last month in iraq. expected to sign a $607 billion defense bill, keeping the person at the bay open. and that they would approve that measure by a 91-3 vote today after overwhelmingly passing their the -- passing the legislation last week. the president, they want to close guantanamo, but if he vetoes that defense bill, they would have the two-thirds majority needed to override it. they would also ban their prison detainees at their guantanamo to the state. other provisions include a 1.3 pay raise and new retirements for the troops. they authorize that u.s. to give you lethal assistance to forces in the ukraine that are fighting their rebels to the cia to give them $715 million in aid to iraqi forces that are fighting isis. some veterans in the north bay have an early veterans day
5:47 pm
chance. >> they tell us that the students, they were taught the meaning behind the holiday. and that they would learn something as well. >> one by one each of the students at their school would collect their flag to dozens of veterans. they are represented all branches of service from world war ii to iraq and afghanistan. a tradition that would start here more than 20 years ago, with just a handful. that we want it to be where our kids would understand why we honor veterans. >> reporter: they would recant their struggles in america. and how to reverse it as it will be survived.
5:48 pm
that they also learned firsthand from veterans. >> obvious -- i was just a little older than you were. to fight in the country that i have never heard about. and people that i did not know. >> reporter: and they learned how to restore hope to older generations. >> the patriotism is dying, but you look around here and it's not. >> reporter: but the kind of welcome that some would say they never got to experience. >> when i came back from overseas that it was not like what it was today. it was a little worse and that is why i don't like to speak about it, but that we are now doing better, treating them better than what they would be like. >> as a veteran i would look back at a lot of people that
5:49 pm
are not here with us. >> reporter: and the sacrifice is shared by their families. >> and that they would have a chance to allow them a little more. >> reporter: some veterans would learn something too. it will be 100. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is just the beginning that tomorrow afternoon, dozens of jeeps and tanks and hundreds of veterans will march through the streets downtown area in one of the veterans day parade. it starts at 1:00. >> i'm sure that we will be there as today is the 240th birthday of the u.s. marines. so happy birthday to them as well. any time i see something like this, i feel compelled to say thank you for their service. >> because you and i have sort
5:50 pm
of dodged that. we didn't have the draft, almost. but i remember them coming back and as that man said, yeah, that they were spit on and people did not appreciate them unless they would do it now. >> yes, you might see it. and that you would see those guys and you think of all the things that they have done for us so you could do this with a great story and a great night that it will be cool. frost advisory in effect for the bay bridge and their tower and just a beautiful night. there is no fog along the coast that you can see that with clear skies. beautiful sunset out in the avenues out flip monday tonight with a few clouds to the north that these clouds, they are pretty much bringing in a few showers to the vancouver area. they want to move down, but not until the end of the week sunday and monday when things could change around a bit for us. it is 56, cold tonight and this
5:51 pm
morning and cold tomorrow morning too. >> they stay up until tomorrow morning and you'll see frost in their inland valleys, even though that we don't have that in your neighborhood that you'll see that and then we'll repeat this pattern that i have eluded to it as they want to drop in come sunday night and sunday afternoon and monday. one just backed off for the potential for rain late sunday morning, but they will bring snow to the mountains and showers as they could have that for your monday morning commute. we'll track that for you on your computer models as they would get through friday, saturday, sunday morning and then sunday afternoon. and then in to monday afternoon as you'll see them clip on by. hopefully they would produce even more that it is not a great pinpoint side this far out for the next couple of days to battle it down to get more
5:52 pm
rain out of that. 64 in fairfield tomorrow. these are the forecast highs for your wednesday. and then in that five-day area bay weekend in view just like that. you know it is great, julie, because all my coaches growing up, they were all, you know, one or two vets, and all the football coaches or the baseball coaches that you would probably let them come over here to have that back in their days, it is amazing what they did. >> yes, they are just like wow as we would show up. >> there is so much here from hiroshima. >> they get to learn the real meaning of the holiday. not just a day off from school. >> yes, to see the veterans and talk to them and see them. >> and see how happy they were. >> they love getting out of school, but you'll see them. it's a great story, thanks, bill. navy base take their complaints to the city of san
5:53 pm
francisco. they're angry after sending the sewage in to the roadways. >> tonight at 6:00 continuing coverage on this developing news that we have been following in the east bay as hundreds of people would protest to raise their minimum wage. plus, a new plan to deal with the drought, what they have to do with the acres in the delta coming up at 6:00. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks
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stockton police are investigating a shooting that sent them filled. shots were fired about 7:30 last night. some of the bullets shattered the restaurant's windows, and as you could imagine they would trigger the panic inside. and that it will be the gunfire that broke out. and because of their birthday that was ruined. >> reporter: the woman driving by was cut by glass and no one else was hurt. the officers say that they would have no motive or suspect descriptions, hoping that someone inside saw something and will come forward with information. well most of the bay area, they would welcome the rain that we got this week and people living in one san francisco neighborhood, they would say that the storm highlighted that ongoing problem with flooding. they tell us that they say that
5:57 pm
the storms, they are forcing the raw sewage up on the streets and in to their homes. >> reporter: on a sunny day the new mission is an ideal neighborhood. but look closely as you can see the clues about their common side shared by residence along their street and that storms like the one that swept through the bay area on monday would flood that combined storm drain system and they could send their untreated waste out on to the streets. >> now, they will be dealing with it and their raw sewage in their homes. >> reporter: the neighbors say it is an ongoing problem dating back to years. they're angry about their meeting that would ask for a solution, not sandbags. >> as they would continue to get bigger and bigger that it will be flushed and more showers and more pressure on their system. that there are simple solutions to it, tricks that they have not done it. >> reporter: that they would acknowledge their issue, saying that they had be working with the neighbors. they have the most robust in
5:58 pm
the city and they suffer from their geography of the city. >> it's a city that is causing all the water to rush down the hill to the area. >> reporter: the issue faced by the nitras they highlight a concern for those sucking the debris and asking neighbors to adopt that drain in need throughout their city in anticipation of their rain. >> they could be moving some of the debris to let them flow >> the general manager has agreed to put that issue on their neighborhood that date has not been set. united for a cause.
5:59 pm
right now, hundreds of people gather in the east bay with a message to raise the minimum wage. it is all part of the nationwide protest being called the fight for 15. good evening i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. that developing news is happening in oakland. they are holding signs, banners. he is down there with the protesters. have things been peaceful so far? >> frank, it has been very peaceful for a short moment of time in city hall. and staying a little healthy for them coming back outside, there are still hundreds of people here bussed in and waiting for them to go to the other location. i'm being told that it is all about their fight for the national day of action. >> we're out here trying to raise their minimum wage.
6:00 pm
>> we want to see everyone to be able to get food on the table for their families that i want to make sure that they would have those benefits that they are able to do this. >> that's what it is all about, they need to make more money to make ends meet. they made a statement to raise the minimum wage to $15. that they are underpaid and on a live wage. that they they won't have to live for minimum wage. to have that wage by the year 2020. and they also want to guarantee that every worker would also receive at least six personal days a year. some cities like oakland, they have raised their minimum wage and that it is just the beginning. in doing so they would help everyone else in the long run. >> reporter: at least $15 an hour to go up from there as inflation se


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