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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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showing the terror group claiming responsibility and the new threat that could be here in the united states. "mornings on 2" starts now. thank you for waking up with us. "mornings on 2." it is tuesday, november 17. i'm pam cook. >> let's get your tuesday started with weather and traffic. boy, bundle up when you go outside. >> it's cold again. holding some of these temps up. a few locations are near 50. others in the mid-30s. if you have no breeze, that temperature is taking a good plunge. livermore 37, napa airport 38, temperatures get a breeze out towards brentwood. 50 is a big difference here. breeze equals much milder temps. also a little bit of dew points up a little bit. take you live to the north. it will be with us, breezy today, not as windy as yesterday. northwest, out of the south, west, southwest, a lot stronger
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yesterday. look at the water temps. 54 bodega bay. 56 half moon bay. it's a cold morning out there. sunny and breezy, patchy fog might show up here, warmer in the afternoon, a lot of mid- 60s, upper 60s towards santa rosa. sal, how are you, sir? track doing well, steve. we are at the traffic, doing well this morning. going to start off with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks very nice as you driving to san francisco. no major problems coming into the city. a very nice commute this morning on interstate 880 as you drive north and southbound past the coliseum. it continues to do very well. nimitz freeway from union city down to fremont, it is a nice drive. dumbarton bridge off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. new this morning, secretary of state john kerry met with french president francois hollande in paris. the two men shook hands outside
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the palace there. the carry says the cooperation between the two countries could not be any higher. friday's terror attacks were an assault on civilization and common decency. >> we have to step up our efforts to hit them at the core. where they are planning these things. >> carry also announced the french president plans to apply to washington next week and meet with president obama to discuss further cooperation on fighting terrorism and dealing with the crisis in syria. a chilling new isis video shows the group taking credit for the paris attacks and promises that washington, dc will be next. that has a city already known for high security even more on edge. doug luzader live in washington with the latest there. hey, doug. >> reporter: good morning. we've known for some time that washington offers pretty enticing targets for terrorists, but this latest threat from isis has dc and
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federal officials taking security to a new level here. with paris still grieving and police agencies in france and belgium on the hunt for those who helped plan and carry out the attacks, now there's a new threat from isis. a video that's specifically citing rome and washington, dc has future targets. capitol police responded calling that building an appealing target and promising more security. throughout the city, beefed up patrols from both city and federal law enforcement. >> there is practice cooperation among our police department and the federal agencies. and i can tell you without hesitation i'm pleased with that level of cooperation. >> reporter: federal intelligence agencies look at the paris attacks and all of the planning involved in carrying them out and feared that future attacks may already be in the works. >> i would anticipate this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline.
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>> slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values. >> reporter: president obama defending his plans to allow thousands of refugees to come to the united states. at least one of the attackers in paris may have come with a wave of syrians into europe. now the governor's of more than a dozen states have made it clear they will not fully cooperate with that plan unless the federal government can properly vet the syrians. >> i instructed my agencies to cease and desist that cooperation until we receive absolute oceans that individuals they are seeking to place in indiana represented no threat to our people. >> reporter: as far as the threat to washington, is concerned, officials are quick to say that they know of nothing specific being planned, but even that general threat was enough to have themtaking some action. back to you guys. >> still very concerning. thank you. as doug mentioned, the paris attacks are complement -- complicating president obama's
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pledge to accept 10,000 refugees, concerned terrorists might slip in. the list of states opposing is growing. we reported 23 states on last night's 10 news. that number is now up to 27. those states colored in grey here on this map. the united states and united nations, that is, estimates 4 million syrians have fled their homes since a civil war broke out in march of 2011. but the refugee issue is under even more scrutiny now since at least one of the paris attackers may have slipped into europe through the recent flood of migrants. california is one state that has accepted syrian refugees with 218 arriving in the state this year. governor jerry brown said quote, i intend to work closely with the president so that he can both uphold america's traditional role as a place of asylum but also ensure that anyone seeking refuge in america is fully vetted in a sophisticated and utterly
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reliable way. vice president joe biden progressed the refugee issue while at a clean technology conference yesterday in los angeles. he says the only way militants can win is if americans close the borders and allow terrorists to dictate their lives. >> nothing isis can do can threaten to bring down a government, can threaten to fundamentally alter the way we live, it can be what it is. acts of terror to try to get us to do that voluntarily. >> senator dianne feinstein agrees with both the vice president and governor brown. she says california should not be one of those states that turns its back on refugees. right now there is a sleep- in underway on the steps of berkeley's old city hall. protesters are upset about proposals they say would hurt the homeless. tonight the berkeley city council will vote on a plan that would ban personal items taking up more than two square feet of space on sidewalks and in plazas. it would also make it illegal
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for a shopping cart to be on a given street for more than an hour between 7:00 in the morning and 10:00 at night. supporters of the proposed restrictions say the homeless often block sidewalks and business districts. >> the complaints from merchants and from people who say, i'm not going downtown, i'm not going to the theater, i'm not going to the restaurant, because it just doesn't feel safe. >> i stay with friends if i can. if i can't, it's so humiliating. i can't even talk about it. >> the protesters say they will stay where they are until tonight's city council meeting ends. stanford students are holding a protest against university investments in the fossil fuel industry. more than 50 students are camping in the stanford quad as part of their demonstration. earlier they watched a documentary on climate change. one of them sent out these photos. the students say they will camp out until stanford completely divests its financial holdings from the fossil fuel industry.
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last year stanford stopped investing in coal companies after a similar campaign. police in dublin are now searching for two young women suspected of robbing a bank. it happened shortly before noon yesterday at the bank of america on dublin boulevard. according to police, the women entered the bank and handed a teller a note demanding money. the note stated the suspects know the teller and that they had accomplices that were at the bank worker's home. the teller gave them cash and they took off. police say the women may have left the bank in this early 2000s light-colored gmc yukon you are seeing on your screen. the car was apparently driven by a man. anyone with information is asked to call police. we have new information in last week's tour bus crash in san francisco's union square. sources close to the investigation tell us here at ktvu news that faulty brakes
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are to blame. there's also new surveillance video that shows the city sightseeing bus speeding down post street when it hit a cyclist. pedestrians and several cars before smashing into a walkway there. now city leaders are working to change state law to allow tighter controls on tour buses. >> i have huge concerns about these large and heavy vehicles moving through our most congested neighborhoods. >> california public utilities commission says the bus involved in friday's crash does not appear to match the vehicle the cpuc has on file nor did city sightseeing notify the commission the bus was added to its operations, which is required. we have a statement from city sightseeing saying in part the company inspects its vehicles every 45 days or less, that the bus involved was last inspected last month, and that it is registered with the dmv. san francisco supervisor jane kim is hoping to get more answers about a plan to remove overhead muni wires for super bowl l. according to the
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examiner, the host committee wants clear overhead wires near the super bowl village alongside justin herman plaza. this could disrupt bus lines and the historic light rail line. many people are complaining about the plan and even started an online petition against it. supervisor kim tells the paper that she doesn't have a lot of information about the proposal but she plans to call for a hearing on the issue at today's board of supervisors meeting. also, you may notice more police and helicopters around levi's stadium. that's because the fbi and other law enforcement agencies will undergo security training for super bowl l which will include how to deal with bombs. the event is expected to last five hours starting at 11:00 this morning. the biggest traffic and noise is expected at about 1:00 this afternoon. the event is not open to the public or the media. also the san jose city council will consider easing regulations for taxis. it follows a two day strike last week. taxi drivers were
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upset the city got rid of a fingerprinting requirement for rideshare companies operating out of mineta san jose airport. today's vote is meant to level the playing field between the taxi industry and rideshare companies. some of the ideas include issuing temporary permits for taxi drivers while they go through background checks. simplifying the way taxis are inspected and lowering the fees for rights booked through mobile apps. taking a stand against sideshows in oakland. >> the city of oakland will not tolerate sideshow activities. >> coming up in 20 minutes, how the city of oakland plans to crack down on this illegal activity following several sideshows over the weekend. first, new information about the russian airliner that crashed in egypt last month. ♪
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new this morning, it was a bomb that brought down a russian passenger plane killing all 224 people in both -- on
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board. ahead of russian security service told vladimir putin that a homemade explosive device went off on board which caused that plan to break up in error. islamic state group has claimed responsibility saying the attack was retaliation for russia's air campaign against isis targets in syria. today president putin vowed to intensify the russian air campaign syria so that quote, the criminals realize that retribution is inevitable. and russia's security service announced $50 million reward for information on those responsible for bringing that plane down. a strong earthquake off the coast of greece today, damaging several buildings. the epicenter of that magnitude 6.5 quake was just off the island in the ionian sea. a woman was killed when her house collapsed. after being struck by a falling rock, the earthquake also damaged a main road on the island. at home, san francisco police and prosecutors are now investigating the videotape
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beating of a man in a san francisco alley by sheriff deputies. the video shows the deputies of striking the man repeatedly with their batons. 28-year-old stanislav petrus is at san francisco general recovering from lacerations to his head. last thursday, about 1:30 a.m. the deputies approached petrov sitting in a stolen car, in a motel parking lot in san leandro. sheriff's department says petrov rand one of the deputies ' patrol cars. >> knocking deputy to the ground during that process. then it led to a high-speed, 38th minute chase, down the freeways in san leandro and oakland through the city streets of oakland. over the bay bridge into the streets of san francisco. >> there's no way to justify the beating that took place at the hands of police. there's no way. >> alameda county public defender brendon woods who is representing petrov is calling for an independent
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investigation. the deputies have been paid on paid administrative leave and -- on paid administrative leave. 4:16 a.m. is the time. time to check in with sal for an early look at traffic. hopefully the big problems. there's a lot of construction still out there. >> sure is. you see it on the way to work. >> absolutely. this morning we've had some of that, pam. we've had nothing major when it comes to accidents, which is nice, but you'll see road work. usually picked up by 5:00. but we'll see about that. we go on the air so early, that it used to be that it would come to work and the road work was gone, but now we come to work so early that it's still out there. not a big delay right now. as we take a look at of the commutes, 237 does look good into the valley. some places are breezy. others are not. but it's not a big problem for drivers and 880 northbound and
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southbound looks okay as you drive on the nimitz freeway through this area. you can see all the traffic is doing well. 4:17. let's go to steve now. clear skies, big difference in temps, 30s, 40s, 50s. enough of a breeze to hold temps up. sfo 52, livermore 37, napa 38, fairfield down 10 from yesterday. brentwood at 50. so it will continue to cool off here, 30s for walnut creek, danville, there was 40s to 50s, antioch and brentwood, holding up some of those temps. water temps amazingly cold now, the coldest we've seen in a long time. they'll continue to be on the cold side. 12 up in truckee, 38 ukiah, light rain up towards crescent city, and also eureka, otherwise looks pretty clear. the system continues to plow it up in the pacific northwest. just the southern edge of that clip in humboldt county.
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a few high clouds but the dry air wings out. a powerhouse low coming across. the sid lowe that we had now producing some really severe weather. from top to bottom, that will be a major player, probably travel delays. sunny, breezy, patchy fog, a little moisture in the air, afternoon highs are inching up each day here. mid-60s did push a few higher, but pretty close again, coast, bay, and inland. not much change here. cold morning, sunny, nice, good into the weekend. changes next week. looks like rain for thanksgiving. >> oh. >> around tuesday. >> all right. we'll take it. i made sure to bundle up extra. >> yesterday was cold. >> very cold. still cold. yes. happening today, a court hearing for the man charged with kidnapping and killing a morgan hill teenager. angeline garcia torres is set to stand trial next year. his dna was found on lamarr's
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belonged is but her body has never been found. last month the new search for her body was prompted after a dog walker found a human skull in a rugged area of los gatos. the coroner has not released an identity for those remains but law enforcement sources tell ktvu it does not appear to be lamarr. two of the three 49ers fans accused of attacking a rival fans are scheduled to be back in court later today. felix and want areas will be charged with assaulting a minnesota vikings fan after the first game of the regular season back in september. eric martinez has been charged with felony assault. cell phone video as you see there shows the victim was hit in the head several times by people in 49ers jerseys. the cell phone video was used to identify the suspects. now 4:20. if you haven't seen this incredibly cute video, there's a san francisco river otter, the video is going viral. this otter giving its trainer a
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lot of attitude when it comes to waking up.
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welcome back. the time is 4:23. a powerful winter storm blanketed the rocky mountains overnight. people in denver are preparing for what's expected to be a very dicey morning commute. more than 200 flights have been canceled in denver because of this storm. forecasters say 6-10 inches of snow could fall in denver before the storm pushes east into kansas later today. if you've got a flight to the midwest later today, you are being urged to check status before heading to the airport. the national weather service has officially confirmed the severe weather that hit a small town in stanislaus county was a category one tornado. the category one has winds of up to 112 miles an hour. it can overturned mobile homes and push cars off the road. 21 homes were damaged in the town of denair southeast of modesto. a number of trees and fences came crashing down. but no injuries reported. crews at ephesus -- crews at sfo are working around-the- clock the clock to put finishing touches on three new
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boarding areas in terminal three which serves united. when finished, they will have 250 charger plugs and workstations for passengers. there will be a dozen new dining and retail options including some local companies. >> in business since 1978. we've been in the airport for 14 years. very successful here. >> the remodel and upgrades are all part of the second phase of an ongoing quarter billion dollar project. next year pet owners who fly delta won't be able to check their pets as baggage. according to the atlanta journal-constitution this moves comes after that has been criticized for having more pet deaths than any other airline. it reports pets can still travel with their owner in the passenger cabin but not in business class. the new rule takes effect on march 1. exemptions will be made for military members with active transfer orders or service and emotional support animals. part has released new pictures of its fleet of the future. barta says the new train cars will be quieter, cooler, and
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more comfortable. they also say the cars will be easier to use because the routes will be color-coded like the bart system map. next stop information will be announced and shown on digital screens. the new car should arrive in hayward next month but it is not scheduled to be actually put into service until december of next year. oxford dictionaries word of the year is not even a word. it is an emoji. it's officially called the face with tears of joy emoji. i get that a lot from pam cook when she texts me. >> [laughter] >> the press partnered with mobile technology business swift key to attract emoji usage. it says the face with tears of joy was the most used emoji around the world this year. it made up 17% of all emoji's used. i can't believe people actually track that stuff. >> it's kind of interesting. i'm always confused when people send laughing and crying. argues? are you laughing? did i offend you? >> [laughter] >> i don't know.
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emoji's are sometimes hard to read. for the bay area to arizona, it's a most official, what needs to be done today to finalize richmond police chief chris magnus and his move to tucson.
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♪towin' in a winter wonderland enjoy holiday magic at both parks during disneyland resort's diamond celebration. ♪ towin' in a winter wonderland...weee hoooooo! ♪ welcome back to "mornings on 2." it is tuesday november 17.
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i'm brian florez. >> pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve. cold-weather going to continue? >> yes. that afternoon temps are warming up a little. next week changes. this week looks pretty quiet. coldest day on the high temps was yesterday. there's enough of a breeze keeping things stirred up a little bit. so some locations 30s, others near 50. 51 in the city, 54 half-moon bay, 52 sfo, brentwood, san ramon 39, napa 38, there are big differences here. low 50s, antioch, brentwood, walnut creek, alamo, danville, i'm sure there will be others. water temps continues to go down. 54 to -- bodega bay. half-moon bay 56. coldest we've seen in a long time. 30s up in ukiah. 14 up in truckee. rain continues on the north. really impressive system. it will be another sunny day. cold morning, sunny, breezy, not as windy as yesterday. may be patchy fog.


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