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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve. cold-weather going to continue? >> yes. that afternoon temps are warming up a little. next week changes. this week looks pretty quiet. coldest day on the high temps was yesterday. there's enough of a breeze keeping things stirred up a little bit. so some locations 30s, others near 50. 51 in the city, 54 half-moon bay, 52 sfo, brentwood, san ramon 39, napa 38, there are big differences here. low 50s, antioch, brentwood, walnut creek, alamo, danville, i'm sure there will be others. water temps continues to go down. 54 to -- bodega bay. half-moon bay 56. coldest we've seen in a long time. 30s up in ukiah. 14 up in truckee. rain continues on the north. really impressive system. it will be another sunny day. cold morning, sunny, breezy, not as windy as yesterday. may be patchy fog. a
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slight warm-up in the afternoon temps. a lot of mid-60s here, all right. sal, what do you have for us? >> we don't have a lot, steve. we are looking at a commute that looks pretty good. let's go outside and take a look at what we have. traffic continues to look good on the golden gate bridge heading south to the toll plaza. also looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. it has been a very nice drive. if you're driving on some other parts of the bay, like the san mateo or dumbarton bridge, off to a decent start here as you drive across the bay. 4:31. back to the desk. we continue to follow this morning scrubbing investigation into the paris terror attacks. french media is reporting police launched 128 raids across the country. there are photos posted online of officers recovering a car that may be linked to friday's attacks.
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international manhunt is underway for the 27-year-old radical who has identified as the mastermind behind the attack. france is getting several charges of security aid and assistance from allied countries after asking the european union for help. the president also appealed to the international community to deal with the broader terror threat. >> >> translator: the need to destroy islam is -- islamic state is an issue that faces the whole of the international community. i have asked a security council to hold a meeting as quickly as possible to adopt a resolution to mark this goal shared by all. >> isis has released a one minute video threatening to strike washington. french media reported that the dna of six attackers were found in a rented hotel room in a city southeast of paris. the suicide bomber stayed there two days before the attack and left behind hypodermic needles. the french soccer team will
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play today for the first time since the bombings which occurred in the middle of friday's match against germany. add will face off against england at london's wembley stadium. it will be lit up in red, white and blue to honor the french flag. >> i'm sure all the players have felt the last few days, deeply, they will give everything they can to make france proud and likewise, we are all representing them. >> british police are taking the highly unusual position to deploy armed patrols at the stadium. the match will be attended by both british prime minister david cameron and fronds william. president obama says it's wrong to equate the paris attacks to islam. during an international summit yesterday in turkey, he reiterated a promise to accept 10,000 refugees from syria. some republicans including presidential candidate jeb bush says the u.s. should only allow syrians who are christians due to fears the u.s. may unknowingly allow in muslim
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militants. the president calls it shameful and un-american to impose such religious tests. the muslim community in the bay area is concerned about a backlash locally from the terror attacks in paris. worshipers at the fremont islamic society of the east bay tell ktvu's john sasaki that their faith preaches peace, nonviolence. >> having an ordinary meal. and you blow them up. it's heinous. it's barbaric. >> islamist groups the same around the u.s. have been vandalized and parents keeping their children at home because they fear the kids would be bullied or attacked. some counterterrorism experts say the paris attackers may have used encrypted cell phone apps to plan the paris attacks. at the g-20 summit in turkey, the president said the u.s. has no intelligence ahead of the paris attacks that would have given a clue an attack was imminent. some experts say that suggests
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the terrorists were using self- destructing apps or other means of communication, perhaps even through private messaging and video games. >> it's certainly possible to have applications that communicate with applications that no government agency can get into. that's certainly a possible thing to do. whether or not that actually happened in this case, i think the answer is nobody knows. >> the paris attacks are really 19 the debate whether law enforcement should have so- called backdoor access to encrypted or private messages. some argue that would allow government too much excess and encroach on privacy rights. it was a bittersweet ceremony for one of the three sacramento area men who helped stop a terror attack on a high- speed train to paris over the summer. the rancho cordova city council held a special ceremony for anthony sadler, at its meeting last night. he and his parents were awarded the keys to the city. but instead of celebrating, the family shifted its focus to the lives lost in the paris attacks on friday. >> saddens me it happened so
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soon after what we did over the summer. but i know people of france, stay strong, they'll get through it. our thoughts and prayers are with them. >> sadler and two of his friends are credited with taking down a gunman on a paris bound train in august. investigators now suggest the mastermind behind the latest massacre was also linked to the plan to attack that train. sadler says he is forever tied to paris and still receives updates from his friends there. there's a protest underway at the old berkeley city hall. homeless and their advocates are demonstrating against a plan they say would make their lives even harder. ktvu fox 2 reporter allie rasmus live in berkeley says the plan comes up for city council vote tonight. hey, alley. >> reporter: that sleep-in, what ever you want to call it is happening in front of the front steps of the old city hall in berkeley. you can see some of the tents out there as well as some of the candles that the protesters
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and people taking part in this have decorated front steps with. they also have signs in protest up on the front what that. tonight the city council will vote on new laws but the law would bring personal items taking up more than two square to -- two square feet of the twin towers of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. the berkeley chamber of commerce is one of the main supporters of this plan. they say businesses and restaurants have complained for years that the homeless block sidewalks and driveway customers. >> complaints from merchants and from people who say, i'm not going downtown. i'm not going to the theater. i'm not going to the restaurant. because it just doesn't feel safe. >> i stay with friends if i can. if i can't, it's so humiliating, i can't really talk about it. >> the protesters say they plan to camp out here in their tents until tonight city council
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meeting is over. >> reporter: it could be a crowded meeting. set to start at 7:00. some of the opponents of this plan plan to have a rally an hour before at 6:00 in the front steps. city council tried to pass a similar law back in june. it ended up not passing. in fact according to many written accounts, the council members were booed out of the chambers. by some of the protesters and some of the people who attended the meeting back in june. you'll recall three years ago, berkeley voters rejected a sit lie law that would have banned people from sleeping on the sidewalks. back to you. >> definitely a hot button issue in the city of berkeley. the board of supervisors is due to talk about possibly changing its policy on undocumented immigrants. this comes after juan francisco lopez-sanchez who had had been deported five times is accused of shooting and killing kate on the icon san francisco's waterfront in july. sent clara county has twice
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rejected proposals to increase cooperation with federal immigration authorities. now the district attorney supports notifying ice about undocumented immigrants who have committed violent felonies. richmond police chief is expected to be formally approved to leave the department -- to lead the department in tucson arizona. the chronicle reports tucson city council will officially accept him as the city new police chief. magnus led the richmond police department for a decade and is credited with big reductions in crime last year. richmond reported just 11 homicides homicides. that's the lowest number in years. oakland police are investigating a double shooting that killed one person and left another person with serious injuries. it happened at around 6:30 p.m. last night on the 1900 block of 62 avenue near greenleaf elementary school. police say a man and woman were inside a car when they were shot. both were taken to the hospital where the man died. the woman remains in critical
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condition. so far, there are no suspects in this case. sideshow activity in oakland last weekend is bringing new calls for change in how police can respond. hundreds of cars gathered for a sideshow early this -- sunday morning. there were several events on streets and freeways later in the day. mayor libby schaaf says police and c.h.p. are doing what they can to restrict shy -- sideshow activity. city leaders could make changes. >> looking at whether or not we can identify some new methods and tools for not just enforcing but deterring this type of activity going forward. sunday night, oakland city councilmember noel keio told ktvu he has a stricter crackdown in mind. he says he wants to change the law so some cars involved in sideshows can be confiscated by police for first offense. right now police must wait until there's a second offense before
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they can seize a vehicle. councilwoman ann campbell, washington, has already supported that type of response. faculty and students at san francisco state will hold a noontime rally today. instructors, librarians and coaches are demanding the system give them a 5% pay hike. the state school system is offering a 2% pay increase. last month the faculty union approved going on strike but classes will continue on schedule for now. today's rally will be held at the same time that the cal state trustees are meeting in long beach. it would make san francisco the second major city to do it. coming up in 20 minutes, the reasonyou may soon have to be at least 21 to buy a pack of cigarettes. first, nasa is reaching new ground on mars. [door knocking]
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there will be a lot of ground for curiosity to cover. mars dunes are expected to be as white as a football field. two lawmakers will host a public meeting next month to address the delay in the start of the crab season. both commercial and recreational seasons are now on
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hold after a dangerous toxin was found in crabs. state senator mike mcguire and assemblyman jim would say they will have a panel of experts at the meeting to discuss the current status of the crab season and the of the delay. the meeting is set for december 3 in santa rosa. an altar in san francisco has gone viral for a video showing him ignoring his trainers calls to wake up. now his trainer is speaking out. >> larry, it's time to wake up. >> leave me alone. >> little rider lives at san francisco's aquarium of the day. we spoke to his trainer yesterday. she says while experts don't like to put human characteristics on animals, he is going through his daughter purity. -- otter purberty. >> don't we all? >> he's very vocal.
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if he doesn't like something, he will tell you all about it. >> experts say even though otters are incredibly cute, they also have some of the strongest jaws in the wild. if you come across one, it's best for you to watch from a safe distance. >> they might not be -- i probably wouldn't do that. when i first saw that video yesterday, that was my first thought. that was like my teenage daughter when i go into a room. >> [laughter] >> we can always relate to the person, who doesn't want to wake up, in this case, the otter. that happened to me this morning. >> did that happen to you this morning? >> maybe even worse. >> you growled a bit? >> at least i growled to myself. [laughter] we don't have a lot going on, which is good. this is nice. early commute, traffic on highway 24 as you drive from walnut creek to
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oakland. off to a good start. if you are driving on the approach to the san mateo bridge, looks very nice. the commute continues to be good out to highway 101. this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza, still light coming into san francisco. so it's pretty good on tuesday so far. hopefully stays nice and quiet. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. clear out there, there might be hand of fog around but enough of a breeze still there to hold temps up. for others, in the 30s, a few 40s, even some in the 50s. a big difference in temps. not that far away for some. quiet and warmer, sunny and breezy, a quiet week. near 70 as we head towards thursday and friday. next week looking cold and maybe wet. depends on the placement of the low. the west looks like it's going to be under the influence of low pressure. questions over land or open water. that makes a huge difference on
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the end result which would be a rainy and snowy pattern. cameron whiteside says, when shall we expect another hint of rain in santa rosa? i'd say next tuesday. 37 livermore, 50 at brentwood, 52 san francisco, half moon bay 54, 38 napa, 39 san ramon. a big difference on these temps. 40s again for some, 30s for others, boulder creek in there, but the breeze again holding things up a little bit. northwest sfo at 10, heyward northeast at five, south at san jose, that's enough to keep things stirred up in the hemisphere. 54 bodega bay, buoy 55, half moon bay 56, temps continue to go down. light rain up in arcata, crescent city 12 up in truckee. 45 down in monterey. look at this plume. getting pummeled up in the pacific northwest. nonstop there. some of that drifts out towards extreme northern california with light rain. a few high clouds that filter through by the time they arrived here. they wash out or go offshore but some high clouds to the
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north, blizzard conditions right now at dia in denver. so there will be travel delays there. look at that boom, thunderstorm activity, this will be a whopper going across the country. cold morning, sunny and breezy, patchy fog and high clouds, a little warmer in the afternoon. a lot of upper 50s and low 60s yesterday. today more mid-60s. that trend continues. mornings are cool but the afternoon highs warm up to near 70. all the way into friday, looks like we'll start to back off a little bit as we head towards the weekend. all eyes on next week. huge cattle week. >> i was just thinking that when you said rain coming in. a lot of people drive. a good friend of ours is going to be driving. a lot of people fly. >> correct. >> we'll be checking in often. >> i'm liking this ring every week. it's nice. >> we need a little bit more. it's good but not a lot. still running below normal for much of the locations except for san jose on mountain view. santa rosa is about 50%.
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>> it's nice to see some of my plans coming back. >> yes. and the hills are turning a little green. >> i did notice that. >> thanks. >> good eye, my friend. >> thank you. 4:49. the floor at oracle arena will have a different look when the warriors host the raptors tonight. the team's logo at center court has been replaced with the classic the city logo. it is for hardwood classics night. the warriors will also wear their throwback city jerseys tonight and for seven other games this season. yesterday the warriors, their wives and other team employees plan -- helped put together holiday care packages. organizers say the team has been involved for several years with this and their help is much appreciated. >> operation care and comfort is an all volunteer organization that i started in my garage back in 2003. putting care packages together. to date, we've packed and shipped over 1 million pounds
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of care packages to troops overseas. >> the majority of the care packages go to regions where american military personnel are in combat. or on humanitarian missions. giants legend willie mays will receive the nation's highest civilian honor. the president will present willie mays with presidential medal of freedom next week. recipients are honored for significant contributions to the security or national interest of the united states. to world peace or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors. congratulations to willie mays. >> amazing. 4:51. a new face for an injured first responders. up next, the groundbreaking procedure in new york city being called the most extensive face transplant to date.
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welcome back, everybody. thanks to a generous donation, ucsf will be starting to work to address the growing burden of alzheimer's disease and dementia. ucsf is getting a $177 million grant from billionaire philanthropist charles feeney. the grant will allow ucsf in partnership with trinity college to train the 600 new bring health experts over the next 15 years. ucsf says it will create a
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program involving people in a variety of fields from all over the world to help combat alzheimer's disease and dementia. a brand-new start for a first responder who was badly injured in a fire 14 years ago. 41-year-old patrick hardison went through a grueling 26 hour face transplant surgery. it involves more than 100 medical professionals part in simultaneous procedures. doctors had to replace most of the skin on hardison's skull. spanning from the front of his neck to the far back of his head. doctors say it was the most extensive procedure of its kind ever done. >> the fact we were able to perform this and the patient was able to come out of the operating room safely is a very important, historic event. >> partisan is still undergoing rehabilitation therapy. he will need to take antirejection medication for the rest of his life. he's now working as you seek to rebuild his strength and also learn how to speak and eat
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using his new lips. >> incredible. >> incredible. charlie sheen confirmed this morning that he is hiv- positive. the 50-year-old says he was diagnosed about four years ago. sheen says he's been receiving treatment and the virus is now undetectable in his system. he has previously acknowledged extensive drug use and hiring prostitutes. this week retailer macy's will unveil its big christmas window display. the theme surrounds the peanuts characters. this is video from the artist making charlie brown and the peanuts gang, they will use hundreds of pounds of snow and glazer as well as 3-d printers for the displays. the charlie brown characters will go into each window of macy's flagship store in new york. they will also be displayed at the macy's in san francisco's union square. >> many people come in to see it. over 15,000 people walk by these windows per hour. so we feel that it's our duty and honor to create these windows for the masses.
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>> you have the approval of pam cook. >> i'm very happy. >> the story has been -- the store has been doing the displays since the 19th century. >> i love putting on the coat and gloves and walking around the stores and the windows. they have the pets up for adoption too. >> yes they do. coming up next, could slow down public transit -- transit around the super bowl, the equipment that could be removed that has many people upset. more states want to close their doors to syrian refugees in the wake of the paris terror attacks.
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authorities on the hunt this morning for all of the terrorists behind the deadly attacks in paris on friday. we'll have the latest on this investigation and also tell you how the u.s. and friends are joining forces to prevent future attacks. we are live in the south bay where leaders are going to be discussing whether they should be making changes to the sanctuary city policy. the controversial topic, we'll have a live report coming up. good morning. welcome back to tuesday morning, november 17, a cold morning. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather
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and traffic. steve paulson, is it called? >> no. it's hot out there. turn the ac on, would you? >> [laughter] >> not as cold as a some areas. there's some that aren't bad. others are called. 30s, 40s, and 50s. the breeze makes a huge difference. santa rosa 39, 40 fairfield. they had a rather strong north of the breeze. brentwood 50, west 37, now 40 at 39 for san ramon. still waiting on some of these others. we'll see more 30s finally, petaluma in there, others in the 40s. including windsor at 45, bodega bay 49, northerly breeze holding comes up, north atlanta, that would with, northwest at oakland airport. debris still in place, cloud cover to the north, high clouds will filter through but it will be sunny and nice, getting hammered up there in the pacific northwest with the rain and snow. cold, mostly sunny, breezy, patchy fog possible. a little warmer on the


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