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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 11, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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backlash following the deadly police shooting last week -- more on the lawsuit expected to be filed today -- good morning -- it's friday, december 11 and i'm alex savidge in for pam cook -- >> how is my seat? >> warm and comfortable. >> good. >> i'm brian florez -- let's get your morning started. >> we are talking about rain again. >> a wild night -- thunderstorms and hail and it is cold. >> yes. >> still plenty to go -- it and missed today -- off and on rain and temperatures -- it drops into the 40s and it will stay there are while -- the highs in the 50s. 20 of cold air coming in from
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upstream -- lines of thunderstorms went through -- that was the mainline -- it is pushing off toward the valley and down south -- we would take a closer look at a second. some of the rain might turn into snow up north that this is a hit and miss deal from oakland and east bay back to hercules and richmond and san francisco and daly city -- and some of the hills -- it can pack some pretty good tale and brief downpours -- from san bruno to hills burrell to know granata -- and morgan hill to gilroy and the santa cruz mounds -- temperatures in the 40s -- yesterday we had 60s due to the south went and the cold air is driving southward. mostly cloudy with off and on rain -- thunderstorms possible. >> the present times -- not as windy as yesterday -- >> 50s in the temperatures for
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everybody. >> i think we will be busy -- not like yesterday but -- >> stick, it's already busy -- there's a problem on highway 24. >> near central lafayette is a car that flipped over. it looks like maybe the vehicle went off the road. we have a picture here -- 24 westbound near lafayette you can see this -- light traffic so it's not causing a traffic jam but it's there and you will see a lane blocked. as you come up on it moved to the left and go slow -- it is wet -- much colder as steve mentioned. >> the bay bridge toll plaza -- the traffic will be light coming into separate cisco -- the rest of the east bay and the peninsula looks good -- 4:02 -- let's go back to the desk. >> a cute -- we are getting a video of the storm last night -- viewers reported thunder and
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lightning that woke them up at around 2 am is a system moved through. >> this system brought hail to some parts of the area including hayward and oakland. we had torrential rain -- the storm system apparently is not done yet. >> steve was talking about that. more wet weather is expected throughout the weekend. >> despite the delays that the rain caused on the roadways -- deborah tells us many people are enjoying these storms. >> after so much time without rain, it almost seems like a novelty. too many people, a gift. >> we should be grateful for whatever mother nature brings us. >> as shoppers try to dodge downpours and wet christmas
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trees -- >> they were soaking up the moisture. >> i love it -- >> the wind to keep knocking over the trees. >> now it is normal but a moment ago it was ridiculous -- very windy. >> storm front brought everything -- storms, lightning, hail. making for a sloppy commute a good soaking for parched earth. >> i heard everything break -- everything snapped -- we had no power. >> it kicked off with strong wind gusts -- strong enough to topple trees like this one question a parked car and taking down the power lines. it was all clear by evening. >> it was the teacher totter effect. >> the tree in the center of town was left leaning precariously at a 450 angle. >> what you going to do? you have to deal with whatever falls. whatever falls next to you. you are lucky if it doesn't fall on you.
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>> the umbrellas are up in the ponchos are ready -- these brief bouts of winter scene about right because they haven't caused too many problems. >> we have a little bit of sunshine and is not too cold -- there has been a week with cold and warm. we will see. >> a lot of variety. >> yes, exciting. >> i love the rain. i think we needed -- we had a drought -- it's great. be prepared. >> if you had to to the ceramic -- sierra this weekend to -- chains are required on interstate interstate 80 and highway 50. >> look at the conditions in truckee -- heavy snow has been falling. the winds are high on the passes. forecasters say 2 feet of snow is expected above 6000 feet and snow will fall through the weekend. make sure you are prepared.
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>> if you plan to go skiing, you are in good company -- many resorts are reporting several inches of fresh powder to make the conditions ideal. the high winds did shut down some lives yesterday. they are expected to reopen today -- the traffic is expected to be backed up heading to tahoe this weekend to -- allow extra time to get to your destination. a reminder -- you can get up-to- the-minute forecast information with the ktvu weather app -- it offers life and future radar and mornings for your location including the sierra. it's free for phones and tablets -- just search for the app store at ktvu in the pacific northwest a single lane of interstate 5 has reopened after it was buried by a landslide. thousands were stranded four hours yesterday but the closer of the main highway to connect rushing 10 in oregon.
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despite warnings some people continued to venture out onto flooded roads. >> maybe they don't think the water is that dean -- i wouldn't do it and i have a four-wheel-drive the cup. >> mudslides are possible with more rain expected to the weekend. >> a medical helicopter crashed on its way to a hospital in bakersfield killing all 4 on board. >> the air ambulance picked up a critically ill patient in porterville and it was heading to the hospital when it went down about have we in the flight. >> is unclear what caused the crash but there was heavy fog and rain. this weather prevented the rescue crews from reaching the crash site for about one hour. >> a crash late last night claimed the lives of two people -- it happened on kirk avenue in the san jose area around 10:30 p.m. >> chp said a sedan slammed
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into a toyota pickup. the 2 men in the sedan were killed. others were injured. >> this blocked the road for nearly 4 hours. >> happening today -- emily members of a man shot and killed by police will announce a federal lawsuit against the city. relatives have hired local civil right's attorney john burris to handle the case. >> at a news conference he plans to present a new information and a cell phone video of the shooting. police said they had no choice but to shoot woods who was a suspect in a stabbing. officers say he ignore the orders to drop the knife. >> the fbi has joined the investigation into the discovery of a suspicious white powder in an envelope mailed to the council on american islamic relations in santa clara -- worker at the offices opened the envelope yesterday -- also
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on the envelope was the word infidel. a dozen were in were evacuated and three people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. there is no word yet on what it was. >> it's not clear if this is in reaction to last week's mass killing in san bernardino but if so, people involved with cair said it would be misguided. >> people did something crazy in san bernardino and you are blaming 1.8 billion people that share in the face. >> the washington dc office cair of also received an envelope yesterday -- there was no hazard -- with both of these incidents on the same day police are looking in to a possible link. >> 4:09 -- the fbi is focusing the investigation on a lake -- a dive team is searching the water of succumb be lake after
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reports that the shooters came here after opening fire at an office building and before they were killed by police. there have been reports that the divers may be looking for a hard drive missing from a computer found at their home. >> we are searching this leg today -- we had a lead that indicated the subject came to this area. we have now put a dive team into the lake -- a logical part of covering the lead. >> funerals for some of the victims of the shooting started this week -- family and friends of you that velasco gathered to -- she was an environmental health specialist for san bernardino county. >> a gun store in that alumina is seeing a surge in sales wallowing the paris attacks and the san bernardino terror attacks. >> the owners at the store -- they say it's the busiest in 10 years. a hot seller is similar to the
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rifle used in san bernardino. the shop owner showed us a stack of forms to demonstrate the recent spike in sales. >> this would be a normal week. a decent amount of sales. >> this is the current stack. >> each of these could represent multiple purchases? >> this search is reflected nationwide -- state records show that more than 30,000 guns were sold in six days after the san bernardino shooting. that's about a 50% increase over the same time last year. >> gun buyers say they are purchasing weapons for two reasons -- section and concerns about stricter laws in the future. >> is 4:11 -- turning a downtown san jose underpass into a piece of art -- the new
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project which is scheduled to debut tonight. >> also a 10-year-old gets the opportunity of a lifetime -- coming up -- how he ended up on stage with u 2 with their concert in paris. >> morning -- the east bay commute -- traffic will be affected by a crash -- a little bit of rain on the lands -- traffic is light but watch for it as you drive through. >> thunderstorms and hail and brief heavy rain -- it is getting colder as well -- there's one over lafayette right now. >> take a look -- coming up. >>
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welcome back -- 4:14 -- republican leaders are trying to come up with a strategy to stop donald trump and this could lead to a dramatic floor fight at the republican convention next summer -- this also raises the odds that trump could run as an independent. >> according to the washington post this meeting happened at the washington restaurant -- some of these are leaders the thinking trump nomination would be a disaster. >> what some republicans are talking about doing what absolutely up and we come to expect from political conventions. what they envision would be the kind of rally coronation that they have become but a desperate floor fight to prevent donald trump from winning the republican nomination. >> it is a serious signal that
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the establishment is terrified of him being at the head of the ticket and they want to stop it. >> many republicans think trump despite his relatively broad appeal is a dangerous candidate. he doesn't espouse conservative ideals. his plan to stop muslims of the border may be the final straw and something that republicans may not lose the white house if he became the gop nominee. >> it will make it difficult for republicans to maintain control of the senate. it's going to make it tough for republicans in blue and purple states to hold onto governorships. if this comes down to a brokered convention it would put a spotlight on the delegates themselves. they generally play a ceremonial role. >> the risk for the gop is that trump will run as an independent -- something he has threatened to do and that he would stealing of republican votes to act as a spoiler,
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ending -- handing the election to a democrat. >> here's the problem -- the republicans can't win with trump is the nominee and they can't win without from -- trump supporters. >> the good news for the republicans is that this convention would get all kinds of attention. on the other hand it would show a party in disarray. >> in washington, fox news. >> the time is 4:17 -- let's get a look at traffic this morning -- sal is keeping an eye on things. >> westbound 24 near the central lafayette exit -- is still there -- it is been there since about 3:30 -- i want to show you the traffic -- it's going by without any real problem, but it's blocking one of the right lanes -- an suv flipped over several times and landed back on its wheels. people were taken to the hospital -- they are trying to -- there may be more injured there. still in the emergency scene -- it looks like one car may have
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gone off the road. again, this will be here for a bit -- it's nice and early -- we don't have any major traffic delays. >> moving along -- the bay bridge toll plaza -- traffic is light -- hitting into san francisco -- in san jose northbound to 80 looks good as you drive-through -- southbound 101 is clearing crash. 4:18 -- let's go to stephen the weather center. >> thanks, sal -- we had a pretty good report at two in the morning -- lot of hail and lightning. right now there is shower activity out there and some is pretty intense -- this is from teresa holbrook -- an amazing storm -- loud and long thunder and hail and lightning. there were good reports of hill -- the system is still rotating in and cold and unstable -- you can get some thunderstorms -- it is one of those west weather forecast -- the line that went through is pushed off -- it's a
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little more green than that -- areas of the north look like they are turning to snow. around the east bay from walnut creek -- it went through lafayette back over to oakland and clayton and black hawk. we still have those. from walnut creek back over to lobby at the was a good sell -- on the peninsula san mateo and belmont and redwood city and it just went through san bruno and hillsboro -- right around gilroy back into the mounds as well. 40s and the temperatures -- very cool -- berkeley has 43. 42, 41 in calistoga -- low 40s. even the bay had 45. 28 in truckee -- 43 in ukiah -- the cool air work this way in -- the storm warning continues in the sierra -- of travel today. there are impulses that have to rotate through. mostly cloudy -- showers off and on and rain.
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chilly with possible thunderstorms -- if one of the storms comes over you it can get breezy with windy conditions for a brief period of time. >> below normal temperatures -- we will get a break tonight into saturday and the next system sunday. that will carry into monday and tuesday into friday next week does look a little more quiet. >> noticeably cooler than this time yesterday. >> we all wake up at the same time -- my thermometer went from 50-44 with the rain. that's a big drop it. >> yes. >> the storm systems keep rolling through. >> with stuff -- we need it. >> thank you. >> a livermore boy that the chance of a lifetime. back in may jacob garcia was called upon stage in san jose -- and last month they had a concert and the fans brought voted to bring back kids like jacob it to do it again in
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paris -- u 2 flew the family to paris on november 13. >> little did we know what would take place that day. >> after an 11 hour flight the family had to come home. u 2 made good on their promise and flew them back last week and that is where jacob garcia led the super fans as they joined to the ban on stage again. >> an incredible experience. >> listen up -- if you plan to fly anytime soon -- leave your hover board at home -- we will explain why -- airlines are banning this from flights. >>
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welcome back -- it's 4:24 -- one of the hottest gifts this holiday season but now three airlines say to check the horror board before you board -- delta and united and american will not allow hoverboards on flights. the airline says it is a safety concern because the devices batteries. federal rules limit the types of batteries allowed on planes because of the risk of combustion. >> later today we will hear from the family of the african- american victim has prompted
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protests -- police video was released -- look on mcdonald was shot 16 times by jason van [ null ] who is charged with first-degree murder -- protesters accuse the police of covering up the shooting -- today mcdonald's emily lyons to thank the public for pushing for reforms. >> there could be stranded sea lion pups in the coming weeks according to scientists with the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. >> from january through may they collected more than 3000 the lyons that of washed ashore along california's coast. the mammal center in sausalito treated a record number of malnourished felines and they expect an equal number of strandings this winter based on the low weight of the sea lion pups. >> researchers studied the pups in september and october found them to be the lowest average weight in 40 years of testing.
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the warming pacific ocean has led to changes in the distribution of fish species that the sea lions depend upon. >> it has been a busy week for yahoo ceo meyer -- one week after announcing plans she gave birth to twins. >> meyer and the girls are doing well. she and her husband also have a three-year-old son. after the birth of her son -- just as bad -- she plans to take a limited amount of time away from her job. >> a nanny was pistol whipped in laurinda -- orinda. >> coming up. >> rain and wind knocked down the street -- we will hear from the people living the apartment coming up. >> still some crashes out there due to the weather --
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highway 24 westbound to -- has you drive up on central lafayette they are clearing a crash on the right-hand side. we will tell you will little bit more about this. >> mother nature put on a show at 2 am -- not done yet -- there will be more rain. it's cool out there. >>
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welcome back -- friday december -- i'm brian flores and i'm alex savidge in 4 pm cook. >> the sound of rain and thunder and lightning -- it was coming down last night -- people were posting pictures of the lightning that lit up the sky -- in sierra chain requirements are in effect for highway 50 and interstate 80 -- checking in with steve paulson
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to see how long this system will stick around. >> that was a pretty good show -- in the sierra it will keep snowing. >> we have the system coming by -- is a colder system and you can get brief heavy rain, thunder, lightning and tail. we are not done yet -- it is still on the way. eric green is excited -- everything is in capitals -- i love the sound of the thunder and lightning. >> yes -- they hail around port richmond was exciting. >> in some areas we are getting a mix of snow in mendocino county. the system that went by -- danville pushing south -- black hawk and dublin and the area along walnut creek -- there is some missing data here. >> we had lafayette and the peninsula and redwood city and the dumbarton bridge


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