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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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creating those big waves today are also responsible for danger along the coastline. welcome to the show. >> surfers grab your boards, the competition window is open but despite the big surf it was not given the greenlight. >> and rubin joins us live from pillar point with more on what is happening. >> reporter: one surfer called it a whole war zone out there but the waves are big and dangerous. injuring at least two mac people. one that was injured was on a boat but the other was a professional surfer. i think you can see him on the way but that took them down. he appears to have some sort of shoulder injury. by some accounts the waves at mavericks were 50 feet on the face, the kind of waves that attracted servers -- surfers as far away as hawaii and brazil.
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they say you have to be selective because the waves are so tricky misjudging one could ruin your whole season. >> it was big. it was a ton of wind and this well didn't, very clean and groomed. it makes it a lot tougher. there were guys that wanted it and they were sitting deep and trying to go on the biggest ones. that takes some guts today.>> reporter: we spoke to the assistant harbormaster who says that you should leave these waivers to the pros. for the rest of us they are best viewed from a safe distance. >> you have to have the skill . you have to know what you're doing. >> reporter: i think you have to know what you're doing and know when to let a wave a past. they said these were lumpy and bumpy so some of these really were, especially treacherous even for the professionals. you have to know which ones to
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take as well as which ones are okay. let's go to a check of the weather. what did you think of the conditions? >> it looked like some fairly clean conditions with the wind picking up in the afternoon to create some top. this swell has been advertised for a few days, a huge swell and as a result the high surf warning is in place. whenever you hear of a swell like this in a surfer once to drive the coast, bill martin did that. he is a surfer. i saw his tweet from pacifica. what did you see?>> reporter: i got a call this one from the news director who said let's get you out to the coast. normally i would curl up in bed and say i don't want to go to bed early but today i drove down the coast and went straight to sharp's park. to see how big the waves are.
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i have been around a long time. we are talking, i was here in 82 surfing. that was a big el niño. i was here in 97 and 98 surfing. here we are in 2016, the third big large el niño and we are seeing surf, i thought waves today as big as i have seen in a long time. we have had bigger days but the size, the immensity of the waves and the amount of power, not the ocean today, you don't see that everyday. the wind -- the waves were breaking easily 50 feet at the tip. back caused a lot of waves around pacifica. they had to close the road at sharps park. you can see that is how it works. the way the point sets up. when i climbed out to the bluff and talk to some of the guys surfing they said it is big. the problem is it is stormy and bumpy. what you have is a swell with a
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lots of west in it. when you have a swell coming from not the northwest but due west that means this well is hitting the beach at mavericks point or pillar point almost perpendicular. that makes a wave very dangerous. that makes it throw up and close out, it closes out the channel. we had injuries at mavericks today. very dangerous. one of the biggest contest they have ever had out here. one of the biggest contest was a southwesterly swell like we see here. i talked to a couple guys and they were all saying i am happy to be out, i love feeling the power of the ocean but very, very dangerous day. swell peaked about noon today. probably 20 feet at about 16 second intervals. the swell is still beefy. it's continues to drop as we headed to tomorrow. the contest, they were never going to throw it, they knew the tide was too big. >> we served together and whenever the waves get 10 or 12
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feet we get a little spooked. can you imagine going on 30 or 50 foot waves? >> reporter: now. i cannot. some of the guys i grew up surfing with and i talked to them and i saw a doctor, he is 63, mark is 63 and he was on his way paddling out about a mile and half out of the break. i am in good shape and he goes do you want to go? i said no. i don't want to go. it is a whole different animal with these guys expect we like to look from the distance. beautiful images today. we will have another update later in the newscast. as far as the high surf warning, that expired but it is high -- downgraded to a high surf advisory. still very sizable surf. here is four point and the break is about half a mile offshore.
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that is where mavericks, we took this picture earlier today from the chopper, the aerial shots and you can see all of the energy bill was talking about approaching the coast line. at mavericks you get a reef that enhances the wave and as a result the wave gets amplified so you get waves on the order of 20, 30 or 40 feet. right now they are still at 15 to 20 feet. we have been talking a lot about mavericks if you are anywhere near the immediate coastline be extra careful because the waves are out there from north to south. usually 10 to 20 feet. very dangerous out there. amazing pictures, mavericks all day long. we will see more of those coming up later. make sure to download our weather app to get the latest forecast and live radar wherever you are. you will find it in the apple or google app stores . today police and several bay area cities once the public's help identifying an armed robbery suspect.
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a man with a gun robbed a 7- eleven convenience store on north a 7-eleven convenience store on n. pacific dr. a 7- eleven convenience store on n. pacific dr. allie says he is suspected in holdups on both sides of the bay. >> reporter: the other cities where this robber may have struck, san leandro and as far away as redwood city perky meso be connected to a robbery at the gas station that happened in town about a week ago. the latest robbery happened at the 7-eleven on north n. pacific dr. in walnut creek. a man wearing a mask walked into this store, pulled a handgun on the clerk and ran away with an undisclosed amount of cash. no one was hurt. walnut creek police k-9 tracked the man's sense but could not find him. police think because of the description of the robber he may be the same man behind another armed robbery that happened at a gas station on ygnacio valley road last week. i had a chance to speak with a detective from walnut creek
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police on this case and he said one thing investigators will do is come back to the convenience store to check out the surveillance video. there are surveillance cameras in the store and that is one of the pieces of evidence they will go through later today. reporting from walnut creek. governor. jerry brown today unveiled his new budget proposal , the record $170 billion spending plan calls for significant increases with funding for education, healthcare and state infrastructure. it also includes the new $1.1 billion tax on health insurers to replace a tax expiring this year.>> every program you will him about in the next nine months will be good. it will help people. we also want to look at what is the capacity of the state and what is the willingness of
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taxpayers to pay more? >> governor brown went on to say the tax revenues allow the state to boost spending on programs but he also warned of the boom and bust cycle. critics of the governor's budget plan say it is just more of the same and nothing is actually getting done. >> we are still not seeing an emphasis on repairing the budget. we have a budget that has been a $10 billion a year and i'm trying to figure out why this governor is asking us to save just raise gas taxes when he has not fixed caltrans. another strap does another step in evoking international reaction in north korea. talks are underway with us officials to bolster another military presence in the area. >> reporter: intelligence agencies around the world are hard at work, trying to
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determine if yesterday's nuclear test in north korea really was a hydrogen bomb. the political fallout is already being felt for china, north korea's strongest ally is calling for a resumption of denuclearization talks to begin as soon as time -- as soon as possible.>> long-term peace and stability is in line with the interest of all sites. it is the common response ability and requires joint effort from all sides. it takes two mac to tango. >> reporter: in south korea their growing calls for a strong response to the test. the military has resumed propaganda broadcasts with the north considers an act of war. the government has started talks which could bolster the us military presence in the area. including the deployment of nuclear subs in warplanes to the korean peninsula. many south korean officials see the test as a political maneuver, designed to bolster the role of the north korean leader. >> the nuclear test for the purpose of showing off an accomplishment. >> reporter: the obama
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administration is urging a strong and unified response from arial powers fixing the test is a provocation they cannot go unpunished.>> we will work closely together to determine the steps we can take in order to address our increasing concerns about that nuclear test. >> reporter: leaders from both parties say there is strong support for a north korea sanctions bill and it could be ready for a boat as soon as next week. even if he won the canadian foreign ted cruz legally become president? that is the question donald trump keeps asking as the attacks escalate on the campaign trail head of the first ballots cast in iowa. right now if other outraged by the patdown of his 10-year- old daughter at the airport, he puts this online, she was pulled aside at their tsa agents
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found the girl carrying a juice box in her carry-on bag. the video sparked a lot of debate of whether the agents search was appropriate. tell us what you think on our facebook page. we will take another look later in the show and share some of those comments. a live look outside of the commute. in oakland by the coliseum, the warriors don't have again tonight and they are on the road tomorrow. and portland southbound traffic on 880 is very sluggish. northbound not too bad. we will be right back. even tempur-pedic mattress sets getat low clearance prices!c, save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train!
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25 days to go before the
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iowa caucuses and as voters prepare to cast first ballots in the 2016 presidential race the candidates are ramping up their attacks. joel waldman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: they have been buddies on the campaign trail for months but now donald trump is calling out canadian born ted cruz. the billionaire real estate developer suggesting, just like he did with president obama, the cruise himself may not be eligible to be president even though his mother was a us citizen. cruz is urging head of trenton iowa and dismissed the controversy as a silly sideshow. >> as a legal matter the question is quite straightforward and settled. the child of a us citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. >> reporter: jeb bush is making trump is. again. the former florida governor dismissing the billionaire's campaign promises as preposterous, especially the wall on the southern border. >> the idea of the donald trump what they were going to
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build a wall and mexico is going to pay for it. just let that settle in a little bit. i will let you network for a while. >> reporter: the democrats are taking no chances as bill clinton campaigns for his wife. the clinton camp is nervous they may be outspent by opponent bernie sanders, something hillary clinton ignored during a stop of her own in los angeles. >> i disagree with the republican front-runner, mr. trump. you see, i think america is great because generations of hard-working americans have made us great. >> reporter: first it was built now chelsea clinton will hit the campaign trail for her mom getting next week. this is a rockslide near yosemite national park that is blocking a section of the road, highway 140. it happened just
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before 6:00 this way. there is no word on when that roadway will reopen. park rangers and road crews are on the scene assessing the damage to the road and the hillside. mark is joining me now. one of my favorite times of the year. something that makes me very happy. i noticed the hills start to turn green. get the sense that this is fantastic. >> the recent rainfall is changing things up in the bay area. it is beneficial for us and it is nice to have the brakes. today we had a few showers but for the most part today could be considered a break with a few clouds in the distance for the rental numbers have been adding up. then loman had over 6 inches of rain in the santa cruz
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mountains. santa rosa 4 inches >> san francisco nearly 2.5. redwood city, concorde and a san jose all over an inch for significant rainfall over the past few days. for today summary and showers and some snow showers in southern california and a little bit of a disturbance. the one responsible for yesterday's storm is producing rain showers along the north coast around eureka. with its presence will hold off the chance of a shower in the bay area forecast tonight but maybe even a slight chance for tomorrow morning. another system to talk about developing offshore. current numbers, mimicking the 50s, santa rosa 53. oakland 54. walnut creek reporting 50 at last check. first thing tomorrow morning off to a cold start. 30s and 40s. mostly cloudy skies. santa rosa 37 park san francisco 48. fremont 43. tomorrow in san francisco our sky cast showing a lot of clouds and mostly cloudy skies.
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50. into the afternoon hours a mixture of sun and clouds. a chance of a shower developing throughout the day. i think the best chance would be for the evening hours after 6:00 as showers develop in advance of the next system offshore. inactive storm pattern in the pacific. we have traced the upper-level wind. next storm friday night and early saturday morning and possibly another one, a new one, monday that you will see the rain and clouds in the forecast. the possibility of a shower in the short term. tomorrow more clouds and rain early saturday morning. maybe lingering showers when you wake up saturday as well. our model is showing this, 7 am with a lot of clouds and some dense fog in the valley locations. a chance of a pop-up showers throughout the day. the main action offshore but into the evening we could be talking about redeveloping in the north bay. this is friday at 10:00 and spreading south early saturday
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morning when you wake up we could be tracking some scattered showers because chances begin to back off into saturday afternoon by 3:00. by sunday through the chance of a shower in advance about -- another system for the stretch continues. into monday there is our next system moving onshore. temperatures tomorrow with a lot of 50s for the highs in the afternoon. santa cruz 54. san jose 56. here is a look ahead. ringing a chance of showers, especially friday evening and lingering showers saturday morning up until about sunrise. a chance for later in the day. sunday maybe a light shower, nothing too major and rainfall could be coming by monday. tuesday a break in the action. partly cloudy skies. this is neat how it is all connected. you have been hearing a lot about mavericks. all of these storms are all generating those large waves. it is the largest car show
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in northern california and it opens today. i am still waiting for my 64 6421 window vw bus. still to come, a peek inside the silicon valley auto show. we will be right back.
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chine halted trading once again today. investors were quickly selling off stock after the nation moved to be on devalue its currency
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against the us dollar. it is not surprising that is spooked investors in the united states. the dow jones was down nearly 400 points. the nasdaq lost 3% but analysts say that index is now in corrections territory. the silicon valley auto show opens today . it is northern california's largest auto show. >> reporter: we are here at the silicon valley international auto show. if you are looking for a new car or you want to go in and dream of getting a new car this is the place for this is the weekend. going on from now until sunday. sean is here -- what is new this year? >> with cars the one thing that is happening right now is technology, technology, technology.
4:25 pm
if you look around you will have hundreds of cars with all of the latest in safety, technology, there is a lot. >> reporter: i just heard this was a record-breaking year for car consumers and people that sell cars. talk about that. what is coming? >> 2015 was a big year for the car business for auto industry sold 17.5 million new cars last year. the biggest in history. a big deal. clearly, technology, low gas prices, strong economy, strong incentives. >> reporter: what are the consumer trends people are looking for? i have three kids, another guy could be looking for a sports car but are we looking for the same things? are we looking for performance, gas mileage considering gas
4:26 pm
prices are so low? what are you seeing? >> we are seeing a lot of everything across the board. you are seeing a lot of electric vehicles still selling despite low gas prices. and then we are seeing a lot of truck sales in big suvs are billy back driving. a lot of people are focused on safety, design and technology. >> reporter: is there anything different from the previous years? how much does it cost to get in? >> it is still reasonable. family priced at $11 per ticket for it is a great place to come and hang out. bring the kids in the family and come around and kick the tires and just hang out. you have jeep and subaru, gmc, florida, it is all here. >> reporter: thank you so much. i have actually done the same thing. you can see all of the cars that are here, we are in the sue bird section but you see gmc, chevy, ford, toyota. i have taken the family here plenty of times what. the silicon valley international
4:27 pm
auto show has been going on for more than 100 years. starting today at 10:00 until sunday. come on out and checking out. back to you. >> did any of those cars catch your eye? >> they are nice to look at but to own and drive i don't know. my mom was going to the car shows. >> it is being held at the mchenry convention center through sunday. to check out the vehicles tickets are going to cost $11. the contest isn't happening yet. that did not stop the bay area best surfers who had to make -- who had to hit the waves that maverick.>> we will check in with our meteorologist bill martin . as paris marked one day since the charlie hebdo terror attacks a new threat. now we're
4:28 pm
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it is the big story, the big waves along the coast today. the waves are expected to peak possibly over 30 feet thick that has attracted dozens of servers to maverick off the san mateo county coastline. >> bill martin is life to the mavericks surf spot. i thought you were going to charge out there.
4:31 pm
i'm not a surfer but i thought for sure you would do it. >> reporter: you did not think that. ammann.>> i did. >> reporter: you guys know this guy, jeff clark. >> a legend. >> how are you guys doing today? i tried to get him to go. >> it wasn't happening.>> bill wasn't having any part of that at all. >> reporter: i wasn't having any part of it. you went out, right? >> yes i did. >> reporter: quit trying to go over to football. we are your dose out here because of the giant waves today. some are calling it 50 puts just 50 puts on the faces. >> most were in the 30 to 40 foot range. all of the different storms that put this swell together
4:32 pm
showed up. it was fragmented, out of control, giant sections here and there. it was really dangerous out there today. >> reporter: i checked the bullies and around noon it was 20 feet, 16 seconds. that seems like when it peaked. it looks like it is coming down. >> 20 at 16 turns into 40 foot waves. now this well is breaking down and we will see what we get tomorrow.>> reporter: we were driving down the coast through sharp park by the pure and it is vibrating, water up over the road. big surf. one of the things i noticed when i got further south was how much west was in that swell. how maverick really had that look and how dangerous it was. one guy got hurt. a couple of guys got her today. one surfing and one bulging out. >> later this morning garrett mcnamara came from hawaii and
4:33 pm
he took off on a wave and got aired out and free fell and landed but i think he separated his right shoulder. and had to be taken away to the hospital. another guy got hurt on turkey dislocated both shoulders. think about the boat. they are going out of their way to, he is going of the wave and the wave goes behind him and the boat free falls like 10 feet expect probably free fell more like 20 feet. it is a 42 foot boat and the guy was in the front of the boat and he free fell off the back. it took them out. >> reporter: when i was out looking at it today it was gnarly. you are one of the first guys to surf this wave. you are known for this waiver. this el niño what you think? 98, 82, big surf. feels like
4:34 pm
we're on the same track. >> yeah. the jet stream, we have a lot of power out there. the storms are stacked up all the way across the pacific right now. like this last week with these storms and this -- you cannot foretell what this is going to do. we are trying to find the actual perfect storm for a contest in all of this storm of el niño. >> reporter: there is a lot that goes on. the idea that you have to have the right tide, writes well and right weather. it all has to come together. you will know a week or so out if it is looking good. it is not just -- -- just going to be we are having it today. >> we are setting everything up so the base is set. we have 48 hours. 48 hours. we really cannot tell, it is too unstable. >> reporter: thanks for coming out today. if you ever surf or have ever served you know who jeff clark is. we are down here at his maverick surf shop. we used to swear -- we used to surf together back in the day
4:35 pm
but he swears he doesn't remember me. do you have here in the back? [ laughing ] >> no i didn't. >> reporter: i'm kidding. we'll you will -- we will see you at 5:00 and we will talk more about el niño and the big surf expect i never knew the story about the name mavericks. is it really named after a dog?>> it is named after a dog. in the summer's, in the early 60s and i surfed inside the rocks. they called that mavericks but when i started surfing outside the rocks the guy who had the dog came and said i guess mavericks has changed. where usurped is the new mavericks. we used to call it rises cold. >> that is where we used to surf. >> we used to call it bills. [ laughing ] >> thank you both.
4:36 pm
today marks the one-year anniversary of the charlie hebdo terrorist attacks, adding to the tension in paris a knife wielding man was shot and killed by authorities as he attempted to enter a police station in northern paris or the violence has become too familiar in paris. greg explains how france is now fighting back. >> reporter: a paris police station targeted. officers shooting and killing a man armed with a knife and wires coming from his clothing. his suicide belt later determined to be a fake. in the incident happened shortly before the french president address law enforcement officials in another part of the city. >> probably not in decades has your mission been more necessary, more demanding because terrorism is not done burdening our country. >> reporter: the assault reported as pierce marks one year since the charlie hebdo terrorist attack. a side reading
4:37 pm
i am charlie is one of the items left in the plaza. >> i came here to see all of the messages again, all of the solidarity. i came here to not forget, to not forget people who were killed for nothing. >> reporter: france hit by a string of recent terror attacks and extremists killing five others in the wake of the charlie hebdo siege, and isis militants killing 130 in paris last november. the french president says the government is working to keep it citizens safe but warns the threat remains high. >> inside prince we are tackling it by hunting down terrorists at this network, drying up sources of financing and blocking propaganda. >> reporter: france is also taking aim at terrorism abroad for participating in the us-led coalition to defeat isis in iraq and syria. in three minutes the president will hold a town hall meeting on gun-control. the president will speak at george mason university in fairfax virginia to discuss gun
4:38 pm
violence and his executive order signed this week. he believes loopholes exist in federal gun laws. ahead of the time hall the vice president told a local television station in south carolina it is all about being rational. >> does anybody in south carolina think someone who purchased a gun, said they were going to use it to try to kill the president had to miss -- dismissed on the grounds that she is insane? it doesn't make any sense. whether you love the second amendment, hate the second amendment, whether you have a fourth-grade education or a phd, it doesn't make any sense when a person to be able to buy a gun. >> the president's executive order expense background checks and broadens the definition of a gun dealer to include sales on the internet and at gun shows. the proposals include new etf and fbi staffing to run as background checks and increased
4:39 pm
mental health treatment. mass flooding and landslides during a strong el niño winter. how californians are getting ready with a key piece of information, preparation and flood insurance. it has been a weather pattern resembling el niño all week long. today a bit of a break. some breaks in clouds over san francisco bay. coming up will break down the timing of our next system and how it will impact the upcoming weekend. here is another life look outside on 680 as you make your way towards pleasanton. it looks like we're going the speed limit. we will be right back.
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4:42 pm
californians appear concerned about el niño and the predictions we could face, the same level of flooding we saw during the late 90s . as a result our people are signing up for flood insurance . the latest numbers released by puma show more than 20,000 people purchased flood insurance policies in september and october and november. that is a 12% increase at a first for california. joining us from fema is tosha, the regional -- excuse me, deputy regional administrator. what you think about those numbers?>> i think it is testament to fema and the media and the state all getting the
4:43 pm
information out there about how important it is to have flood insurance with this el niño.>> i was talking to play. coworkers earlier and something that surprised me was the price of a flood insurance. i was always deterred because it is just another policy and another $120 a month. i don't need it. i'm going to roll the dice. that is not necessarily the case. >> flood insurance rates are based on your risk for the high risk people already have flood insurance mandated by their lender. in the low risk areas the price could be as low as $150 a year. >> reporter: what you tell people who are in a flood level prone area and roll the dice and to say i am not going to be the insurance, i will just let fema picked up the tab. they will come to the rescue when i am in trouble. >> unfortunately, that is not how it works. i recommend getting flood insurance . in the control is
4:44 pm
in your hand. you don't have to wait for a federal disaster declaration. every time you have a flood or may not be a federal disaster declaration. with flood insurance you can submit your own claim and have your policy in your hand. >> you have been here for months in this position. you walk into an el niño. what has like the light over the last four months for you? what are you doing to peer the region for these storms because back since i got here we created the el niño task force. we have all of the community involved with us planning and making sure the word gets out and making sure people have an understanding of the risk people have been going to flood to understand their risk. they have been purchasing flood insurance and making sure we really have a plan . you must have a plan. there could be an earthquake and flooding. we need people to be prepared and make sure you have a kid to
4:45 pm
any communications plan. >> what is the plan of the flood? we have a family plan for an earthquake but not one for a flood we don't experience it that often. what are your recommendations because back think about what flooding does. flooding can cut off transportation networks. your house may not be flooded but your blood ways might be flooded. make sure you have something to sustain at home. water, medication, food for pets, etc. it is not just flooding of your home that you could lose power. all kinds of impact to make sure people are ready and understand what to do.>> one last point. you can emphasize this, someone at home may be watching. they might say i am going to investigate and figure out the best policy for flood insurance. most of them don't take effect immediately. it takes a few weeks to get up and running. >> that is correct. it takes about bloody -- 30 days for the flood insurance policy to go into effect..>>
4:46 pm
the fema deputy director. thank you for coming in. in the weather center, like those warnings when you hear the rain, it is a lot of water.>> a lot of water and wind. >> we want the impossible order . we want a lot of rain but not too much. >> right to expect the brakes are huge. thankfully we have had a break today with some breaks in the cloud and a little sunshine. you said you had to bust out the sunglasses. >> i did. once i got through the tunnel i was at where did the sun come from?>> you can see the bay bridge with a little top on the water but the storm clouds, the significant rain has moved out but we still have a few showers to the north of the bay area. we'll hold onto that chance for
4:47 pm
a shower throughout tonight. and then we are tracking another system heading into friday. on satellite right now it has been very active across the state. even towards southern california with a lot of storm damage. still tracking showers to the north. i think this is the area responsible for a few showers are us tonight asked some of this energy drips in. there is a chance we not completely done with rain yet. right now doppler shows a few lingering doubts. temperatures on the cool side but mainly in the 50s . livermore right now 51. santa rosa 53. san francisco 52. san jose 54. the recent storms have had a big impact already on the reservoir levels. you can see release from the dams. these numbers are up over 11 feet since early december. basically a month. it is having a dramatic rise. look at these storage levels, 51% is the average storage for
4:48 pm
this day. we still have a long way to go. this is going to be a long journey to catch up in northern california. temperatures overnights more morning will be in the 30s to the 46 santa rosa 37. san jose 42. mostly cloudy skies for good chance of a sprinkle or light shower with so much moisture in the air. 6 am san jose friday morning, partly cloudy skies. temperatures will be in the lower 40s. into the afternoon hours a few clouds. increasing clouds and some mixture of sun and clouds by five and a 6:00. the clouds will thicken. i think throughout friday evening a chance of picking up a few scattered rain showers in advance of our next system moving in. you can see the numbers going up, no major rainfall totals expected but over the next four days eureka over an inch of rain. san francisco over half an inch. more rainfall for southern california. here is the active weather pattern. the next storm friday night . another one monday. a new storm developing for next week. the short-term has a chance of a few scattered showers for tonight. tomorrow definitely more clouds
4:49 pm
. the chance of showers by late friday afternoon. a better bet friday evening and saturday morning. here is a forecast model showing clouds friday at 2 pm in for the evening hours bringing in rain showers . saturday morning and possibly more breaks in action for saturday afternoon. somewhat of a break saturday afternoon into sunday morning. in sunday afternoon we contract somewhere showers. temperatures tomorrow afternoon with a lot of 50s. not too big change in the temperature department. the rain and clouds have been the big story. here is a look at the five day forecast. the chance of a shower later in the day on friday into saturday might. a slight chance into sunday. rain likely into monday of next week. the forecast model is keeping it pretty busy. we will check in with frank and talk about a record amount of money. >> reporter: the governor
4:50 pm
unveiled his budget proposal today . this one pretty much everyone will be interested in. the governor once drivers to pay a highway user fee. we will look at how much that would costume and what specifically that money would be used for. a super bowl controversy as force. >> kind of. the super bowl is about a month away. tonight there is an unusual debate over these super bowl badges. most apartments in the bay area are allowing firefighters and police officers to wear them. not in san francisco. we'll tell you why the police chief and the fire chief are saying no. >> will see you at 5:00. thank you.
4:51 pm
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this is a video that has gained national attention. >> and outraged california father recorded his 10-year-old daughter during a nearly two- minute patdown by a tsa agent. this is in the state of north carolina. >> his name is kevin payne. you posted this video of his daughter being patted down last week at raleigh-durham international airport after tsa agents discovered she had a juice box that had mistakenly been left in her carry-on bag. >> during the video posted on youtube he wrote text with descriptions of what the agent was doing to illustrate what he called a quote aggressive patdown. his daughter said she was scared but try to keep it together.>> i was very scared, i had no idea what was going on. i was confused. i felt like screaming and running out of there. the thing is, she patted me down for two minutes. there should have been more
4:54 pm
steps prior to the patdown. >> after the patdown the father and daughter were held at the security checkpoint for about one hour. what tsa officials say was to mitigate the concerns of the father and to discuss screening procedures expect so payne has said he is a big proponent of security but said there should be a difference between how the tsa is a screening as adults and also how they are screening the children. >> i reached out to congressman scott peters office and they returned my calls and offered to help me find my complaint. >> the tsa website says screening procedures for children 12 and under have been modified in recent years in order to reduce the likelihood of pat downs. however, the modifications have not been the practice altogether. >> we posted a story on facebook and it appears the majority of the comments left seem to agree that safety is priority.
4:55 pm
in fact, many people feel the agents, the tsa agent, acted appropriately. >> here is one comment. [anchor reading quoted material displayed on screen.]. >> lorenzo suggested instead of videotaping it he should have been there talking to her, telling her it happens to everyone and they are trying to protect her. he made it a big deal. i have seen women patted down for underwire rise. relax. now he has exposed his child to public ridicule who is wrong? >> i agree with that one. why is he recording this? a few people agreed with the father's outrage. alex wrote i would be furious to propelling to the patdown is uncalled for. >> when i fight with my dogs i have to take them out when i
4:56 pm
fly with my dogs i have to take them out of their carry-on pouch and then the walk-through with them and they do a little white down and check for residue and i move on. >> as a father i understand having your child being patted down. i would need to have that happen, but it is the rules. >> it is the world we live in now post-9/11. >> once they were out and now they are back in. eggs once thought to be too high in cholesterol are now given the new light by federal health officials. the new guidelines on how to eat right, when we return.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
there's good news for egg lovers. the u.s. government's latest dietary guidelines now include them as part of a healthy diet. >> the federal government released its updated recommendations which now limit the amount of sugar. officials say we should limit sugar intake to 10% of total calories. >> other big changes include limits on cholesterol. they've been removed. officials now say there's no recommended amount of cholesterol a person should excuse me daily. the guidelines do, however, recommend people eat as little cholesterol as possible. coffee in moderation is now okay, eggs as well. overall, healthy eating pattern guidelines emphasize the adoption of a good pattern that fits a person's lifestyle rather than recommending specific amounts of foods. >> so the guidelines are
5:00 pm
updated every five years so they can reflect the latest in scientific evidence. julie, a big surf day along the san mateo coast. >> mike, keba, a picture perfect day. >> a great day for surfers. huge waves making for near perfect but also dangerous conditions. good afternoon. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. big wave surfers grabbed their boards hitting the same spot off pillar point. the competition window is open but despite today's big surf it wasn't given the green light. ktvu's ann rubin is at the surf spot now. >> reporter: people traveled from brazil and hawaii to surf here today so even professionals called these conditions scary. at least one was injured, taking a big wave this morning. >>


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