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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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good afternoon. i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am mike mibach. we begin in san francisco where the golden state warriors' new arena isn't built yet. but this things go as planned, the warriors will be playing home games in 2019 at the chase center. >> the warriors made the arena's name official this morning. >> the team has agreed with jpmorgan chase on a 20 year naming rights deal. the financial terms of that deal have not yet been disclose heed. some experts say it probably cost chase about $200 million to put its name on that arena. >> the end result is it's going to look a little bit less like
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advertising and a little bit more like a celebratory banner which was the original intent. >> we were actually showing you pictures of another story we are going to talk about happening in super bowl city in a second. back to the basketball arena in the city, there are legal hurdles to get over before that 18,000 seat chase center is built in the mission bay neighborhood. warriors games could be there very soon. let's listen to what was said this morning. >> today we are signaling to the world that we believe this community. we believe in our team. we believe in this entertainment market and we believe in mission bay and in san francisco and in the bay area and this venue. >> now, besides warriors games, the $1 billion arena is expected to host other events, including concerts and conventions. super bowl 50 days away from the opening of super bowl city and the nfl experience. this is a live look at what's
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happening. preparations underway outside the mosconi center. that's where the nfl experience will take place. >> with everything going on security is a top priority in san francisco. on saturday the city will activate its emergency operations center to watch for potential threats. there will be extra uniformed as well as plain-clothed officers on the streets and on public transit. >> we have been planning for this event for three years. there have been people from the city that went back to new york when they hosted the super bowl. there are people that went to arizona when the nfl city was in phoenix and the super bowl itself. >> when super bowl city opens only bags smaller than 18.18 inches will be eye loud in. the chief adds there are no credible threats to the super bowl celebrations. but as always, if you see anything suspicious, say something. a giant verizon sign on a
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building, it won't be coming down but it will have to be significantly changed. >> san francisco banned all new general advertising signs after 2002, but this sign falls under a different category because the super bowl is a temporary civic event. the sign still needs to be changed, but the san francisco city attorney's office says by law the verizon logo can't take up more than 15% of the sign and the sign cannot include any corporate slogans. >> the end result is it's going to look a little bit less like advertising and a little bit more like celebratory banner, which was the original intent. it was an honest miscommunication. >> the city's office is aware of this visa super bowl sign. just a couple blocks way from the embarcadero there. a representative from the office told us they are working with sponsors to make sure all super bowl ads and banners are in
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compliance with the law. "forbes" magazine is saying super bowl 50 could be the most profitable sports event in u.s. history. >> while many events are being held in the city, the south bay is cashing in. >> reporter: when the nfl teams arrive at the airport sunday, their private planes will touchdown at hangar number 7. a practically brand new 60,000 square foot center. >> super excited. it's a huge deal. we are able to add a lot of infrastructure for the airport so that we can host even more people that are coming for the game. >> reporter: already more than 100 reservations booked for private jets a week before the big game. >> a 30-second ad for an ad on the super bowl is going to be $5 million. we are going to have three hours of play in santa clara county. >> reporter: according to him, 4,000 hotel rooms are full and
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he expects the game will easily pump hundreds of millions of dollars to the south bay alone. unlike san francisco. >> we negotiated so that all of our base costs are covered by the host committee. so everything is net benefit for santa clara. >> i think we have had more people this week than we usually have this two months. >> reporter: the trident museum's gridiron glory exhibit has seen foot traffic jump from 50 people on a typical day to 500 people. if features artifacts from the football hall of fame. >> it's just amazing because we are getting calls from all over the world. from australia. hey, we are flying in for the game. >> reporter: within walking distance of levi stadium, the restaurant hired extra workers for a party and a tent in their parking lot. >> that was azmuth smith
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reporting. the mayor says the city could bid the host to super bowl again in just five years. everybody super bowl 50 related, head to next week we are broadcasting during "the 9", at noon and four. there was a police chase from sunnyvale from san jose. police are trying to figure out if it's linked to an overnight home invasion. police confronted a man in his home before midnight. officers say the shot hit the man in the left ear and left with his laptop. then an hour later officers got a report of a car burglary less than a mile away. the people involved matched the description. that set off the chase. police arrested three people on outstanding warrants. a man accused in the murder of his girlfriend's two-year- old son is set to appear in court
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this is afternoon. 2 manuel lopez was -- 22-year-old manuel lopez was arrested on wednesday. the child had been sexually assaulted. lopez faces charges of murder and child molestation. police say there is no information that lopez committed crimes any other children. in southern california the search for three escaped inmates continues, but investigators have arrested five other people. the sheriff's office and the fbi say they are looking at a vietnamese bang connected to two of the inmates. police have arrested five gang members with links to the men who escaped a week ago from orange county. authorities believe the third escapee, a former u.s. marine originally from iran, was the mastermind of the escape. a reward leading to their arrest now stands at $200,000. the leader of the armed anti-government activist occupying an oregon wildlife refuge is asking hisle followers to abandon the site.
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to go hope. following that ask from ammon bundy, three members of the group surrendered to authorities. bundy was arrested tuesday night along with serve others after a traffic stop by the fbi during which one of the militia members was killed. after bundy appeared in federal court yesterday his attorney delivered a message to his followers. >> go home and hug your families. this fight is ours for now in the courts. >> court documents reveal that the armed group had explosives and night-vision goggles and were repaired to fight. a judge refused to allow them to be released on bail out of concern they would return to the refuge. a here is set for tomorrow. some bay area high school students heard about perserverance. this was in hayward this morning. when he was 20 years old, a man was shot in a random street robbery. the bullet went through his lungs and severed his spine. he was paralyzed from the chest
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down. doctors also told him he would never talk again. >> i promised myself if i ever got my voice back i would never take it for granted ever again and started this foundation called life goes on. a non-profit organization to speak out to youth, to mental youth, and to do whatever i can to put that message out there, to keep going on. life isn't over even though circumstances like this can happen to you. >> he says he wants teens to learn about the human toll of gun violence. he shared the positive message on making the most of life no matter the obstacles in your past. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders says he is willing to take part in a debate a week from today but he has conditions. >> hillary clinton and martin o'malley have agreed to take part in a debate set for december 4. and now sanders says he will, too, and he wants three additional debates scheduled. sanders will only participate if those debates are held on
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non-holiday weekdays. >> the current schedule of city council debates has almost all of them on weekends when viewership is lower. on the republican side, despite the controversy over donald trump's boycott of tonight's republican debate, he is leading most polls in iowa. caroline shively reports. >> reporter: donald trump says he is sticking with his boycott of tonight's debate in iowa. instead, he will be two miles down the road holding his own a event. even bob o'reilly couldn't walk him back. >> you are giving giving -- >> i was -- >> i am not walking way. >> reporter: he wanted megyn kelly booted as a moderator saying she treated him unfairly in the first debate in ago when she asked him to explain past remarks about women. senator marco rubio hopes people will focus on the issue. >> donald is not going to come and ted challenged him to a
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mano-a-mano one on one. this is not a game. the future of america is at stake. >> reporter: four days ahead of the caucuses, trump leads most polls in iowa. >> if we see there is a much larger than usual turnout on the republican side in iowa, i think you can put iowa in trump's column pretty safely. >> reporter: ted cruz is a close second in the iowa polls but says there is a more important match-upge the polls show trump loses to hillary and i beat hillary. that's part of the reason why you've got so many democrats echoing donald's attack on me. >> reporter: candidates must do well tonight and monday in the caucuses if they want to stay in this race. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. >> tonight's debate is 6:00 our time on fox news with brett bayer, megyn kelly. >> we will have live reports beginning tonight through monday's caucuses. the world health organization says it's spreading. >> the latest on the zika virus and the action international
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health officials are planning to take. it's been a mild dry week so far, but rain is on the way. meteorologist mark tamayo will be here to tell you when it expect it. and remembering the crew of the space shuttle challenger. that shuttle exploded 30 years ago today.
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three, . four, three, two, one, lift-off. >> today nasa is paying tribute to the lost true of the space shuttle challenger. 30 years ago that shuttle exploded. 73 seconds after take off from kennedy space center in florida. the crew of seven, including teacher kristin mcauliffe, was killed. investigators determined the cause of the accident was a faulty seal on one of the rocket boosters. the memorial ceremony also honored the seven crew members who died on the space shuttle columbia, which fell apardon as it reentered -- apart as it reentered the earth's atmosphere. the zika virus is spreading explosively. there will be an emergency monday. >> the virus that has a reputation for causing birth defects comes from brazil and is transmitted by mosquitoes. laura ingle has the latest. >> reporter: this is very much
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of an evolving situation. the zika virus has developed into an urgent situation. transmitted through infected mosquitoes, the virus is connected to a neurological disorder that causes some babies to be born with abnormally small heads. a condition known as microcephaly. oynss say if a mother is later to be infected, the baker has better odds of not being affected. >> then that's where you may see the microcephaly. >> reporter: as large numbers of cases continue to be reported in the americas, over a dozen confirmed cases in eight states have been reported here in the united states. a number that health officials say is expected to rise. though those testing positive in the u.s. are people who traveled to the infected areas. the cdc says they don't plan on
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issuing a quarantine to those in the u.s., even though the virus can be transmitted if a mosquito transmits it to another person. >> this idea of endemic transmission in the united states is within realm of possibility. >> reporter: there is no vaccine to treat zika. a zika travel alert has been issued for over 20 countries. some airlines are accommodating refunds to those with travel plans. president obama is calling on researchers to step up efforts to fight and prevent the virus from spreading here in the u.s., though a vaccine could be years away. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. an american airlines flight bound for los angeles was forced to return to heathrow airport in london yesterday after some people on board suddenly got sick. the airline says two and a half hours into the flight one
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flight attendant fainted. three other crew members and two passengers complained of light headedness and nausea. no word what caused it. some passengers were concerned something really serious was going on. >> i was fine until they started talking about it and i started thinking, well, maybe i don't feel so good. then i realized i was just getting nervous. once i realized that, i took some deep breath and i was fine. >> after landing, emergency crews inspected the boeing 777 and no hazardous substances were found. the plane is being inspected today by maintenance engineering. the passengers were put on other flights to l.a. if you are looking for a new career and think you have what it takes to buy a bus, ac transit is now hiring. >> reporter: i have my first passenger of the morning. tight turn. >> focus, alex. that's ktvu's alex savidge who hopped behind the wheel of a bus this morning and tried to navigate an obstacle course.
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ac transit is looking to hire 125 bus operators and mechanics over the next three months. the big hiring push will help it expand service later this zear we had a lot of fun on "mornings on 2". there is a serious and useful message here. ac transit wants you to know you don't need any prior experience to be an operator. i do need a clean driving record. to get hired as a mechanic you need four years of experience for that. interested? want to give it a supply head over to let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. darker outside compared to 24 hours ago. >> that's right. lots the of overcast over a good portion of the bay area. tracking significant rainfall up to the north. so get ready. the main focus of this next rain event will be in northern california. parts of the north bay as well. here is our live camera towards the oakland estuary. a solid deck of over cast here and a few showers approaching parts of the bay area. you can't see on live
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stormtracker 2, it's almost like your garden hose pointed up towards the north coast. we could pick up rainfall this part of the state over the next couple of days. a closer look here at the satellite and radar, there you can pick out some of the green showing up. not all of it is reaching the ground yet. some activity could be, a few sprinkles, a few light showers in parts of the north bay. ukiah reports of heavy rainfall there 12:00 observation for that part of the bay area. current numbers. 50s and 60s out there with fremont checking in 57. livermore 58. santa rosa 54 degrees. speaking of santa rosa, mostly cloudy skies right now. we will put this into motion. than by the evening hours going to bring in the chance of some 1 strike rain showers later today. things pick up heading into your friday. rainfall could be heavy at times. this number goes up. this will continue to go up heading into friday afternoon. for today right near the coastline you noticed a bump in
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the swells. high surf advisories begin 4 p.m. this afternoon. waves 15 to 25 feet. with the el nino winter an active storm pattern. storms producing rainfall and big sizable waves out there as well. rain returns friday. a cold system on sunday although it looks like the bulk of the rainfall with that sunday deal could be heading to the south of the bay area. we will have to keep an eye on that. for today more clouds. we will bring in the chaps of some scattered showers up in the north bay through the afternoon hours. you will notice the next few days a significant rainfall up here eureka, ukiah, santa rosa. those amounts taper off for san francisco and san jose. here is our forecast model. the chance of some rain showers for today up in the north bay and then for tomorrow morning that rain line gradually moves to the south through the afternoon hours. notice not as much action in the south bay and then for saturday we are going to hold on to the chance of some morning showers. we will have to keep an eye on sunday showers. the bulk of the activity could be to the south area.
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beautiful in the sierra today. this picture snapped a few minutes ago. winter storm watch tomorrow afternoon through saturday morning. this afternoon lots of upper 50s to the 60s out there. and here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast with that rain cloud on a friday. lingering showers saturday morning. chance after shower for sunday. let's keep an eye on that. partly cloudy skies on monday. maybe another rain chance for tuesday into next week. mike and gasia, looking at the long-range forecast models, we feel the stress of the super bowl in the bay area. i was about to say heavy rainfall. the latest runs backing off on that. in reality, it's a week out. we will have a better idea over the next few days. here we are not even february yet but one little warriors fan already inquiring about valentine's day. >> how steph curry responded to that little fan who asked curry's daughter to be his valentine.
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a look at the big board, u.s. stocks trying for gains on this thursday amid declines in biotech stocks. but oil prices rising. also bay area's own facebook soared on a solid quarterly report. dow right now up about 138. nasdaq and s&p all lighting up the board in green. mattel unveiling a new line of barbie dolls. the barbie website shows the changes and we will show that
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to you now. petit barbies, tall barbies, curvy barbie in the middle. the dolls also feature a greater variety of skin tones and hair color. there are new accessories reflecting her newest career as a game developer. steph curry's daughter reilly has an admirer. maybe dad does not approve. >> you got to check out this little guy with the very big pink sign. he is asking steph curry's three-year-old daughter riley to be his valentine. his request was broadcast on the jumbotron and here is steph's reaction on vine. >> i don't know. >> well, riley's young suter has been identified as 4-year-old lucas nunez. and he is going to have a very great story to tell when he gets older. we'll see if he ever gets the valentine. maybe not this year, but down the road. >> maybe 20 years from now.
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a few hours away from the gop debate. the first one without donald trump. >> today on "the 4" we will go live to des moines, iowa. ross polumbo is there to cover the political action and how tonight's debate could be different for the republican candidates. see you on "the 4". >> sounds good. >> thank you for joining us at noon.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: this is the celebrity version of world war ii. kanye west and wiz khalifa are nuclear at each other. kanye dragged amber rose in. he started with, you let a stripper trap you. this feud has literally gone up kanye's butt. literally. >> rob kardashian is living with blac chyna. >> blac chyna is the one who brought rob back to life and she's winning in a battle with the kardashians, which no one ever does. >> she's the patron saint of all thoughts. [laughter] >> we got gabrielle union at the airport. recently she did an interview in the red carpet and talked about
12:31 pm
stacey dash saying how stacey said we need to get rid of the b.e.t. awards. are you going to go all ronda rousey on her. >> ronda rousey lost though. >> did you see what b.e.t.'s response was? >> what? >> they played a marathon of all of the videos stacey was in, #never forget, on all of the videos. >> that's funny. >> one of the members of 5 days of summer, a member gave him a condom. in light of louis tomlinson having a baby a couple days ago. >> he looked and said thank you. >> no one wants to buy condoms. they're all locked up. which one do you want? magnum? [laughter] announcer: attention, attention, rob kardashian has left the building! and by building, we mean his sister khloe's house! and why? because he's moving on up to blac chyna's house where they
12:32 pm
can screw all day, yeah, he's moving on up to blac chyna's house to chase his diabetes away. >> rob kardashian is living with blac chyna. >> geez! >> he has overnight stayed at her house for four nights already. this is the fifth. >> it's time for all-us to come to terms with the fact we underestimated blac chyna. she's the patron saint of all thoughts. >> hallelujah! seriously, this is a good thing, right? look, blac chyna posted a snapchat of rob working out again and eating healthy! >> hi, dude. >> hi, dude. announcer: hell yeah, he's not losing a foot on her watch. >> she has jumped into this and distracted rob kardashian, brought him back to life. >> god this is like -- oh, no, this is like the room! >> the movie? why? >> he was trapped in the room the entire time and something brought him out of the room. >> and rob is looking around at the sky now. announcer: it's amazing! except for one tiny thing -- his
12:33 pm
family hates him! >> the kardashians are so mad, khloe won't let him move back. >> they don't want the thought of somebody taking their brother and chewing him up and spitting him out. >> shouldn't they be happy he's at the gym again. harvey: not with blac chyna. that's like hitler working out -- >> hathaway? that would be weird. hey, congratulations on getting laid again, rob! >> kanye's like off on wiz khalifa on twitter. it all started over kanye changed his album from the name waves to swish. and there's a rapper, who has a style like that and wiz khalifa tweeted at kanye basically said, give him the pepper. you're stealing it. kanye reacted unbelievably to that. he started with, you let a stripper trap you. so he's bringing in amber rose automatically. harvey: it's so important because kanye dated amber rose
12:34 pm
for several years. >> as we all know, amber rose went on to have a child with wiz khalifa after that. he then says, i know you mad every time you look at your child that they girl got you for 18 years. then he brought in the kid. then he said, i own your child. >> guess what? amber went back and said, kanye, are you mad? i'm not around to play in your [bleep] anymore. fingers in the booty notch. [laughter] >> i will tell you what, wiz better play this one right. >> if you're wiz and she's never done that to you -- >> you think wiz is mad because she would never put it in his -- [laughter] announcer: the nba is still reverberating over blake griffin punching
12:35 pm
punching equipment manager matias testi not once, but twice during a heated argument and breaking his hands. what was the argument about? what did blake go so nuclear? to get answers, we talked to someone who actually plays for the l.a. galaxy! robbie p. in beth hills. >> have you ever seen a teammate or anyone have a problem with the equipment manager? >> no. i felt like hitting a few people in my time but not equipment manager. announcer: well, blake griffin did, and it's bad. >> it's bad because this guy's blake's friend. it's bad because blake is so much bigger than this guy. >> it's not that big of a deal. except for the fact he broke his hand and he's out five weeks. announcer: during a playoff hunt. so why did he do it? >> what could the manager have done that he got under him so much blake griffin risked his career and sponsorships and everything to punch this guy in the face? announcer: wrap his ankles too tight? he and his water bottle give him the wrong side! but you have to admit, you wouldn't want blake mad at you. >> you guys have no concept of how big and strong and
12:36 pm
unbelievable blake griffin -- >> i do. i hung out with him twice. announcer: ooh, dish. >> i went to his birthday party two years ago and he touched my shoulders and it was like the best moment of my life. announcer: it was like a make-a-wish moment, but instead of a sick kid, it was a horny 20-year-old something. so good luck. equipment manager, your face probably hurts. >> ray j and princess love are engaged, right. i think it's going to last, guys. i think it's gonna last. they cut out the booze. put a nice big ring on her finger. >> ray j is popular why? he launched kim kardashian's career. but he's the nicest, sweetest guy about it. >> and he has a huge penis and the world knows it. >> the world has seen his hammer and no one had a bad thing to say about it, no one. >> every part of his game, the entire 20-minute video, is perfect. ray j does everything you want to see him do. so many times you watch a sex tape and you think dude, wiggle it in the camera and ray j did for you!
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>> right, control, respectful, the whole thing. >> he gave the gift to the world. >> he's the man. he's the steven spielberg of sex tape direction. >> that's michael clifford of the band 5 seconds of summer, arriving at l.a.x., amidst a widespread panic that is currently gripping the boy band community all because -- >> louis tomlinson having a baby a couple days ago. announcer: yes, louis tomlinson's baby! wait, he's referring to louis tom lipson -- tomlinson of one direction, who knocked up a check which resulted in his new son and ton of child support he will be paying for the rest of his life. thankfully, a concerned citizen is out on the street protecting other boy banders from this sort tragedy.
12:38 pm
>> stay safe, baby! announcer: she's the condom giver! selflessly preventing boy banders everywhere from unwanted pregnancies. well, she may not need to worry about him. harvey: in a sense, louis took one for the team. >> he died for their sins. announcer: it was out of their misfortune -- maybe he actually loves the kids -- details -- that this warrior came out of the shadows to protect these vulnerable musicians. >> hey, baby! harvey: it registered with him and he said thank you. >> yeah, come in handy. announcer: handy. >> because no one wants to buy condoms. it's awkward. it's weird. they're all locked up. which one do you want? gigantic. announcer: girl, please! >> do they sell extra small condoms? harvey: i don't know! >> derrick? announcer: on behalf of all boy banders' unwanted kids, we thank you oh, lady of the latex. you are doing god's work! good luck, michael. and remember, if you think she's spunky, cover your monkey! >> i love you!
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>> jojo, you remember jojo the singer? ♪ >> remember, she was the cute little girl. times changed. >> she's back. she still looks like a tiny little girl, though. >> jojo, if you had one hour, what would you do? >> she starts out, i would eat a lot of indian food. i would travel as much as i can if i could teleport in an hour. >> indian food. i would have sex for sure. i would have great sex. orgasm a few times. >> not after all of that indian food! no way! load up on indian food, you're not having any sex after it! >> how old is she? >> she's 25. >> i think she's sexy. >> she looks so good. >> i'm with her for the indian food but i'm with her for like zero orgasms. [laughter]
12:40 pm
>> that's what i'm talking about, girl! announcer: coming up -- >> lauren b., a "bachelor" favorite, posed for a photo wearing a ring on that finger. >> this is the same one we got on the beach candidly in her bikini. it's the same one. this thirsty girl is thirsty, thirsty, thirsty. >> plus -- >> we got gabrielle union at the airport. she did an interview and we asked her about stacy dash and about how we need to get rid of the b.e.t. awards. she takes umbrage what stacey dash said. stacey dash who? she's related to damon dash. >> she's related to damon dash. she's related to damon dash. >> she's related to damon dash. they're first cousins.
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announcer: "the bachelor" fav is married or engaged! >> whatever! announcer: ♪ if it's a "bachelor" spoiler, these chicks will be outraged ♪ >> lauren b, "bachelor" favorite, posed for a photo wearing a ring on that finger. >> that finger! oh! announcer: but the show is still airing. is this an epic spoiler that they actually got engaged? harvey: hold on, i think it looks more like a wedding ring. >> either way, batch nation is
12:44 pm
dyeing right now. announcer: terminal! hang in there because there's more. >> we found out the final rose ceremony was filmed two months after the photo was taken. meaning she wouldn't have gotten the ring from ben at that time. announcer: r.i.p., o.m.g.! so whose ring is lauren wearing? >> maybe she was already married and went on the show anyway to be famous. >> don't say that about lauren b! announcer: actually, ben said it -- >> how could somebody not have grabbed up already? announcer: there are so many levels to the show. it's like inception, for cat ladies. >> what if the photo is flipped and it's actually her right hand. announcer: no, that's far too complicated. harvey: maybe she hooked up with ben and they were going to streamline everybody. she was engaged all along. >> before she met him? harvey: you think it was before she met him. that's the twist. announcer: that makes sense. ben's been in on it the whole time. >> or she just wears her ring on that finger sometimes. announcer: or that. so congrats, spoiled white
12:45 pm
chicks drinking wine. you have the life! married to adam levine, behati prinsloo. she was leaving l.a.x. we talked to her about -- >> is it fun or stressful to try for a baby? there's always rumors her and adam levine are trying for a baby right now. >> fun. >> she doesn't answer. >> i think it starts off fun and then i think it gets past where it's not fun. >> you have to get the timing right though. it's a bit of like a job. >> i felt like i did something real wrong. i wish i was like oh, i felt really bad, i did something i shouldn't have. >> thank you.
12:46 pm
>> we got gabrielle union at the airport. >> and she looks pretty good for someone who's in a legit celebrity feud. >> apparently if stacey dash. >> she went after the bet awards, said they need to be stopped and they're totally racist. announcer: and gabby dissed stacey during a recent interview so now she better watch her back. >> stacy dash is behind you. >> yes, i would be afraid. announcer: damn, and there's no tougher union except maybe for the teamsters because those guys don't mess around. anyway, what about the question everyone really wants to know -- >> a little ronda rousey on stacy dash or what? >> ronda rousey lost though. >> i heard that. announcer: boom, double dis. take that, stacey and ronda. >> that's a bad thing to say about ronda rousey. she wasn't involved in this. >> she saying she lost, saying she is not a winner and technically it's true. harvey: she's not a looser. >> she did lose.
12:47 pm
>> but she is winning generally. she lost one fight. >> was babe ruth a winner? >> yes. harvey: and babe ruth struck out plenty. announcer: look at him now. no, look at him at 1925. better. thanks, gabrielle. good luck with the feud. >> so we have the wildest tour this sunday. so we get by the abbey, and one of the guys comes by with cookies and he says, hey, do you want to come off the bus and meet lance from 'n sync? i was like what, of course i do. just me? oh, everybody, come on. harvey: you can't abandon the bus. >> they told the whole bus to come off at the abbey. and liam had says -- >> can you wave to my bus! i love you. i love you so much! are you having a good time today? loving the abbey?
12:48 pm
and he's just laughing and having fun with. i was super stoked. i get backstreet boys, last week, thp week 'n sync and if britney spears comes next, i'm going to go crazy dude. i'm going nuts. >> if you want the trifecta, go to wood ranch and have the guy wait on you. >> oh, right! [laughter] >> master p has a new radio show. his co-host is the typiest stripper every, sassy cassy. harvey: i remember, she's the one on mama june's lap. she's been aroun
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>> "tmz," online and on your phone 24/7. >> in the tradition of prairie home companion, all things considered and this america life comes the next great milestone in radio programming -- yes, suck it, ira glass, it's time for master p and sassy cassy! >> master p has a new radio show and his co-host is the tiniest stripper ever. her name is sassy cassy. she's adorable. announcer: yes, you may remember sassy cassy from her twerking in mama june's lap, which wasn't
12:52 pm
weird at all. >> i remember her. she's been around the block. small block, but -- announcer: anyway, master p seems to have a little thing for his little co-host. >> he looks at sassy cassy and says -- >> once you go black, you never go back. >> once you go small, you never go tall! >> oh! >> oh, that is sassy cassy! announcer: true, but cassie's more than just eye candy. she's now a serious broadcaster. >> i spent a fair amount of time looking up some of her old videos and photos. she's this tall but she can do hand stands straight up and down in her little thong. >> there's no end to what you're into. announcer: good luck, master p and sassy cassy. we expect big things from you. well, you know what we mean! bye! coming up -- >> we got teresa giudice. we asked her, what did you crave
12:53 pm
while you were in prison and she has to name drop one of her three cook books. announcer: you don't know in the cookbook what one she made. that's b.s. >> you have been to shameless for "south of wilshire." you have been to our website?
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
>> we got teresa giudice from "real housewives of new jersey." she got out of prison in december. we asked her -- >> what have you been up to?
12:56 pm
>> working, working. >> anything new coming out though? >> book, february 9. >> february 9, very exciting. >> turning the table. >> what was the first food wanted to have out when you got out? what were you hungry for? >> she has to name drop her book. one of her three cookbooks, "skinny italian." harvey: you don't know in the cookbook what one she made. that's b.s. >> you have shameless plugs for "south of wilshire." shameless plugs. have you been to our website? ♪ "south of wilshire," a different kind of game show ♪ >> we get somebody -- every time i open the website, it goes -- "south of wilshire" is a real thing that's on the air right now in washington and atlanta and philly and l.a. and new york and dallas and phoenix. >> we literally just got an e-mail about "south of wilshire" right now from you put on "south of wilshire" auto play video until the end of time. [laughter] harvey: speaking of time, 5:30
12:57 pm
in los angeles, 5:30 in new york. [laughter] [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution]
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dr. oz: the same way you catch a cold or flu, can you catch a mental illness? why a simple infection could be to blame. then, could man's best friend become our first line of defense in detecting disease? >> they have more receptors in their nose that capture the odors. dr. oz: elizabeth is back to investigate what these animals with superior sense of smell are capable of. some coming up next. e'll save lives today. you ready to get healthy? [cheers]


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