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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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officers in the next and upper torso. the officer was rushed to san francisco general in stable condition tonight. >> this type of incident just really shocks us. these officers, the officers and law enforcement go out and put themselves in harm's way and it's a tough job. >> officers track down that suspect and recovered a knife at a neighbor wells fargo bank and faces charges on a peace officer and attempted murder. it happened on the essex street on ramp to interstate 80 a mile from superbowl city. to get the new developments from ktvu henry lee. he joins us live from the scene. what can you tell us. >> the good news, word that officer is out of surgery and in stable condition. you can see the traffic flowing right here at the excess onramp to the bridge. a man this morning that may have a connection to a homeless
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encampment not too far from where i am standing attached an officer and stabbed him in the next. two officers stopped to talk this man seen walking in the roadway. without warning the man attacked one of the officers and ran away. the injured officer's partner started to run after the suspect and realized that the other officer was hurt and gave him aid. witnesses gave police a description of the suspect and officers caught up with him at a wells fargo parking lot several blocks away. police recovered a knife there. this case is spotlighting the homeless encampment underneath the bridge where the police officer was stabbed. i went to the camp this afternoon and no one wanted to talk. nearby merchants tell me that homeless people in the area have not really caused any trouble and that the stabbing came as a surprise. you can see some transients begging for change near the on
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ramp and we talked to a couple down on their luck not too far away and here is what the man had to. >> when we first arrived. people were from the homeless perspective, everybody got along and tried to do things and they clicked off and became gangs. it is sad. i don't like to see police, you me or anyone harmed. it is wrong. >> police will be determined whether the suspect whose name has not been released have a connection to the bridge. we don't have a name of the officer but he is out of surgery and in stable condition. back to you in the studio. >> and that's good news about the officer expected to recover. henry, thank you. a police cruiser and a pickup truck could collided in oakland injuring the drivers. the officers were assisting someone else when the collision occurred. it happened at international boulevard and 51st avenue. the officer suffered minor
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injuries and the truck driver complained of pain. they are both taken to the hospital. the crews hit the front of a business and no one was hurt there. san jose police arrested 26- year-old itsy marieo accused of ramming a campbell police car and injuring an officer and stealing the vehicle. police say she was with two men and a stolen car on saturday when the incident occurred. an officer tried to stop her and she dragged him with her with the car. that officer is now recovering. now to superbowl 50 where less than five days away from the kickoff. take a look at the nfl's official count down clock as the seconds tick away to sunday's big game. >> at levi stadium officials announced that the field is looking good and crews are on schedule to be ready for superbowl sunday. they said the overnight rain did slow down the work a bit. painting and cabling and construction still need to be done. >> and in san francisco the
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superbowl festivities are well under way. this is a live picture here at moscone center inbetween moscone center and bayna gardens. you can see the field that they have set up. thousands are showing up for the nfl experience on that street and inside moscone center which is packed with different things to do. >> we have team coverage. christina rendon is at the nfl experience but we begin with john suzuki in san francisco at superbowl city. john. >> reporter: yes. security is tight here. everyone is going for metal detectors and police seemingly everywhere. >> football fans are flocking to superbowl city in downtown san francisco. >> my money is on panthers. >> cam newton. >> i like cam. cam and company, they are good guys. >> and you are pulling for cam. >> i'm hoping for a good game. >> coming here despite the fact
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that this is a target for people looking to harm others but police say four days in and they have seen few problems. >> we have a pretty good police presence here. we are sending a message that this is safe and secure event and we want people to enjoy themselves and the city. >> due in part to the amount of security in place. police are everywhere including officers and tactical gear carrying assault weapons. >> it is different for us seeing the police and stuff like that. our kids think it is amazing. >> the broncos fans from denver are thrilled to be here. >> we are not used to the crazy crowd. we are used to small town atmosphere but it is awesome. >> they are not selling their tickets and they could make cash. >> the tickets are getting $3000. >> stub hub officials showed us 15 tickets and said on the retail market worth $50,000 or
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more. the company expects to sell tickets at $6000 each. >> the entire transaction is big. we inspect every single ticket and look at the security features both known and unknown and make sure they are legitimate. >> and there's armored car leaving the stub hub headquarters this evening and perhaps millions of dollars of tickets headed to undisclosed location for storage until this week. live in san francisco, i'm john suzuki, fox 2 now. not far from superbowl city is the nfl experience where football fans can test their skills first hand. cristina rendon is there live with some of the things you can do. christina. >> reporter: at 5:00 i tried to pass the ball. i was kind of okay. i think i will try to point and kick. i have never done this before. this is going to be funny. but real quick before we do that. again i want to go through
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everything they have. anybody can do. a field goal kick. a hail mary pass, punt and here is an extra points kick. i will move over to the ten, i think and i was talking to ryan and he was giving me pointers about going back and taking two steps back. and two steps over. okay. again don't hold your breath. okay. >> so close. i think i will try it. i will try it closer. >> okay. and we will have ryan try. >> it how far away are you now? >> it is about five feet. here we go. >> all of that accuracy. the thing is. it is hard to get lift. that's the hardest thing.
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>> no pressure live tv. >> i can't get the lift. >> you know how ryan said the volume made it the last time? >> and he is holding the kick and the camera. >> okay. like a go procamera on him right now. >> i can tell he is counting the steps backwards. there he goes. >> impressive. >> did he get it? >> scored. he got it. >> right through the middle. >> that's what he did. >> holding the camera. >> making the passes and making the kicks and making me look bad. >> he has an "a" for effort. >> you put yourself out there and it is fun. >> that's why people are encouraged to come down there. weren't you telling us that the evening is the best time to go down there to try out the different things? >> yes. come in the evening maybe 7 or 8:00 when the crowds kind of go away because right now the lines are about 30 minutes to an hour long. it is not too bad.
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it is better than the weekend when it opened up on saturday. let me tell you it was packed with people. this is not so bad. i want to mention tonight aaron andrews, a fox sports commentator will host a lady's night at the nfl shop. it is a good way to get in the game and talk about fashion and football at the same time. >> christina where you are, are you on the street or are you actually inside moscone center right now? >> i'm inside moscone center. this is one entire conference center that was transformed. outside they have the other drills but they have the drills inside, too. the entire thing is interesting theme park. that is what they said. i'm inside and there is more outside and so much more to do and see. we will hopefully give you guys another look at everything. >> when you pay $35 for adults and 25 for kids, does that cover everything inside? >> except for food and
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beverage. they have a small food court but that covers your entrance and the activities and the drills, they are free once you pay that ticket. >> you can spend all day there once you get in. christina great job. >> tonight we know who's going to be singing the national anthem at superbowl 50. the nfl said it will be the woman right there, lady gaga. you will recall that she won a golden globe for best entrance in a mini series and she has been nominated for academy award hand out next month and academy award winner marlee matelin performing in sign language. you can download the app for all of the local superbowl events. >> we have an update to the breaking news we told you about at the top of tonight's newscast. police say that missing little boy out of san ramon eric snyder has been found in
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pleasantton. good news. he has been found. >> also up next the san francisco 49ers not in the big game but they are still doing big things. how players are teaming up with the special olympics to teach the fundamentals of football. also ahead. yahoo cutting hundreds of jobs. the latest team to turn the company around. how wall street is responding. and i'm tracking the showers that will be in the forecast for that afternoon
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commute tomorrow. democratic iowa caucuses being close in history and the winner was declared. hillary clinton narrowly won over bernie sanders.
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here are the final numbers. clinton received 49 .9% and sanders a fraction less 49.6 and martin o'malley dropped out. ted cruz with 27.6% of the vote. donald trump got 24.3 and senator marco rubio 23.1 and rand paul was 5th with four-and- a-half percent and the others in single digits. >> god bless this great state. >> ted cruz wrote his victory to the granite state where the first primary is scheduled a week from today. the other candidates hit the ground running. donald trump and marco rubio and the rest of the pack. the democrats, bernie sanders and hillary clinton said they were more than pleased with the results from iowa. sanders has been leading in the polls in new hampshire where he
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is well-known coming from neighboring vermont. >> yahoo is laying off 1700 workers, 15% of the work force. yahoo has not said where the cuts will take place but it is all part of mariesa meyer's plan to reorganize the company after the company reported a $14.4 billion loss. >> and there is considerations to settle nonstrategic assets to generate one billion dollars in cash. yahoo's stock closed lower, 29 dollars a share and they fell more in after hours trading. the state senate introduced three bills aimed at fix can the growing california teacher shortage. one would forgive loans for teachers at a disadvantaged school. the other focused on recruiting and mentoring teachers. there is a 75% drop in teacher programs in the last 15 years and now some school districts
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are offering signing bonuses to teaching candidates up to $10,000. >> the san francisco 49ers may not be in the superbowl but taking part in all of the excitement and today they teamed up with the special olympics to teach the fundamentals of football. new at six. ktvu noel worker is live at valley high school in san jose and noel there must be pretty excited athletes out there. >> there are julie. this is part of the nfl superbowl week activities. there are some former 49ers stars here but the real stars of the show are those special olympics athletes. >> athletes got the profootball treatment as they entered the field here at valley christian school in san jose. there are 50 special olympics athletes here and learning football from the professionals. that's going to come in handy because this year is the first year that northern california
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special olympics will include flag football among the sports. the 49ers foundation and football camp for the stars helped to put this on with the special olympics. athletes are being guided through drills with former 49ers like lynn stubblefeel and dennis brown. >> yeah, i'm looking forward to getting with the athletes and hopefully show them some pointers and get them through some of the skills. >> it is like a dream come true. because i always wanted to work out with the 49ers. some day i want to work in the office of the san francisco 49ers. that is my dream. >> have you a good arm. i saw you throw the football. >> pretty good arm, yeah. >> i have a son with down syndrome and sharing the game of football with here because out here in this environment is awesome. >> and so they are getting ready for a scrimmage game here. they will be here. still for a little bit or a
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little while more tonight. you heard the 49ers free -- brett hall talking about his son. his son spend his life going to profootball games and watching his brothers play sports and cheering them and tonight he gets to feel like he is the star. julie. >> that's all about reese. that's a great story. and good for all of those kids out there. noel, thanks. >> lots of smiles. >> i bet. thank you, noel. a lot of nice stories. >> it gets you right here. nice to see and nice that we can have those on because people love to see that positive good feeling stories. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin and it looks like all things shaping up just fine. >> looking good as we head towards the weekend. it warms up more. today we have showers and tomorrow afternoon showers that show up light and then it
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starts to warm up as frank alludes to for superbowl week. and we will see temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s this week and that would be pretty good for february. right? here is the system. very active pacific, this next system has its main focus in northern california and southern oregon. we will see plenty of cloud cover and sprinkles show up late in the day tomorrow. we could see drizzle tonight. but it is basically a nonevent except it could have an impact easily on your afternoon commute. low clouds and fog on the commute and temperatures 49 in santa rosa and 46 in napa and 44 in fairfield, about where they were last night. cloudy moist and cool. it will feel cooler with humidity like that. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow partly cloudy and san francisco's forecast. noontime, the sun comes out and all good. and this is when the system
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slides through. just weak system. rolls through the bay and might hit that afternoon commute with a pop. we will be watching that. accumulations light. a tenth of an inch and similar to today except the north counties. here is the system and that is where it stays north by 6:00 it rolls through and the computer model does that and it leaves cloud cover for thursday morning and maybe some -- that's not a wet morning commute but a damp morning commute and there is the thursday afternoon. here comes friday, system stays north and we start to warm up as the winds become offshore which is a lot of what we had the last four years. >> a ton of offshore winds last year and dry conditions in the year before that. we will see them as we head in the weekend which would allow temperatures to warm up nicely in the upper 60s and some low 70s. there is the five-day forecast and a little wet and perhaps tomorrow afternoon. >> low 70s. >> who would have thought.
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>> if it goes right. >> thank you. >> well the superbowl hype in full swing as football fans gear up for the big game. kyle kaepernick has made noise that he no longer wants to be the quarterback for the 49ers. mark is up next with sports.
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the younger generation here, they don't know these guys. >> fill us in. >> kyle kaepernick making noise. remember which chip kelley was introduced as a new coach not a glowing report for kyle kaepernick he was lukewarm and cb s has the word from him that he wants out with the 49ers and would like to resume his career back east with the new york jets specifically. kyle kaepernick thought he had a problem with the bay area
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media wait until the new york media gets a hold of him. media day part 2 with the nfl and we will talk about the movie the blind side with sandra bullock and michael orr and offensive line man with the panthers and his first year with carolina and he talked today about the decision to sign with the panthers and none other than cam newton. and none other than his decision to do it. >> you tell somebody you need them. and to get something done. it was a special moment knowing it is cam newton. and that's what i'm thinking. it is cam newton. needs me and made my decision a lot easier to come to carolina. >> the superbowl talk takes a lot to push the warriors to the back pages but, yeah, they have a game tomorrow night and will meet the president on thursday.
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practice today in new york. that's chris mullins, st. john's university where he is now the head coach and the warriors practice at that facility on the practice of st. john's. chris mullins talked about it with the real deal practicing with him today. >> it is a treat to have the warriors here. just the level of excellence and nice for my players to see. and a lot of things i have been preaching to them. on how to play the game and how to approach the game and how to be up selfish and be a good teammate and the warriors are the epitome of that and great to have them and for me coming full circle from going to school here and spending my professional life with the warriors and kind of bringing them together is surreal. all right. chris mullins, good to see warriors in action. >> thank you. following breaking news involving a denver bronco major
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in town for the superbowl. sources confer to ktvu questioned with a prostitution sting. he was not arrested but his brother and prostitute were cited. we will working to learn more and we will see you at 11:00 tonight. good night.
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