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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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welcome to the news here at noon. i am alongside mike mibach. >> good afternoon. >> another day in super bowl city. san francisco right outside the window here with happy fans behind us back super bowl city opened at 11:00 and is already party. >> would begin with increased security for transit agencies across the bay area as we inch closer to super bowl 50. our coanchor was just at a news conference here in the city. he joins us from super bowl city with the latest on that news conference.>>reporter: there is a lot of extra security on the trains. you may have noticed if you took part -- bart this morning. there is a lot more people
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joining the increased security. we have even more officers and these officers are coming from all parts of the country to back up sfpd and bart. they are going to be on the platforms. you'll see police dogs. if you thought increased security was here a few weeks ago, now everywhere you look there are police officers but there are also undercover officers, officers you wouldn't know were there because they are just as ordinary civilians in behavior detection officers who are looking for people acting suspiciously. we heard from a federal air marshal just now who told us where they will be patrolling. >> our scope and area of responsibility is all areas of transportation. we will be bart stations, light rail, fairies, airports, all aviation and all modes of transportation.
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>> reporter: one of the things we also found out is these guys who come to the city are very experienced. they've handled a lot of the defense so they go from super bowl to super bowl to handle white house addresses, anything that is really high security. these guys are used to looking for this and they are backing up local officers. we did have a question about protests. they said that's when those officers will continue watching the trains side san francisco police officers can handle anything that's going on in the city. if there is a homeless protest or occupier or anything like that, the officers who are watching the trains were as -- will stay there. they say that's why it's important to have all these officers so every base is covered. let's bring in our guest jason trueview, vice president of super bowl 50 committee.
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tahlequah have gotten to know each other pretty well. here we are in the midst of super bowl week. what's going on today specifically are you still giving away super bowl tickets? >> we are. we have a campaign called play your part encouraging fans to have a sustainable experience so they can go to tomorrow, we will giveaway two super bowl tickets. >> when you log on, what are they doing?>> you log on, pledge to make this super bowl reusable -- sustainable. bring your reusable water bottle, use public transit. >> we talked about here at me bay area, we are used to being clean and green. in the next couple days, i expect a lot of out-of-town fans to attend the actual game and maybe the cities aren't as green as we are. >> we certainly want to showcase that we are very green here. we have a e green gold stadium, leed gold stadium.
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>> what has been the response from the nfl with regards for your preparation? >> the folks i talk to have been super excited to see these fans, their energy, their excitement for the concerts, food, best of the bay. i think the nfl has decided to show off. >> is it strange for you to walk around at nighttime to see this come to life after so much preparation?>> our ceo often says take a moment to breathe and take it in. i had the chance to do that in super bowl city. it was really great. >> it's almost like planning the world's biggest wedding. your talking about seating arrangement, menus, who doesn't like who but still wants to come, there is a lot of stress involved in planning a wedding. i'm imagining it must be tenfold for year. >> there's certainly a lot of stress but also a lot of excitement. it's a chance to show off the amazing city to the world.
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>> has anything happened the past few days that you wish you could have done differently? did you learn anything from what has already happened? >> i think just effect the fans have been so excited to come. just making sure super bowl is sitting -- super bowl city is ready for them. we want to make sure the have a great experience. >> super bowl is in houston next year. what have they been asking you? >> they have and coming to a lot of our events, checking them out. many of them will have to do the same things. they want to know how to show off their region. they want to make sure they put it on the world stage as well. >> let's talk one more time about people wanting to get to the game after the parties here in san francisco. are buses still the way to go? the $55 round-trip ticket? >> the fan express will take you to the game, safely, quickly and back. that's the best way to get
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there. >> you can do that online. visit the super bowl section for more information on that. >> that's my take it down there. >> you are actually going with her friend. >> i am going with a friend. as a fan. i'm not working. >> what a thrill to see you again. let's go back to our studio in jack london square and check in with brian florez. >> reporter: good afternoon to you guys. two students at santa clara university have confirmed cases -- cases of meningitis. university officials held a news conference with the details. maureen naylor was also there. she joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: the press conference just wrapped up in the last hour held here at the public health department office and we learned more about the two students affected -- infected as well as what the diversity and officials are doing to help them. we know two students got sick sunday, both ended up in local hospitals with now confirmed cases of meningitis. we are still waiting to see if they have the steam -- same
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sometimes. officials aren't releasing the gender or how the students knew each other. we do know that they are both undergraduate students said to be doing well and getting treatment. health officials can't say yet if this cluster is contained or if there will be marquesas.>> a cluster of meningococcal infections is a public health concern. that's why we have been working almost around-the-clock for the last 72 hours to put protections in place. >> reporter: these types of clusters are on comment but you have been on college campuses are there is a lot of close contact with a lot of people. 500 students at santa clara university have seen -- been seen at the local health center or at local health centers. the vast majority have been given preventative antibiotics. the school get a newly approved vaccine which prevents the spread of the strain of one of
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the cases. they are going to target the 5400 undergraduate students for santa clara and clinics will begin on thursday at the leavy center. public health says it's common to spread meningitis from sharing who got, cigarettes, kissing. meningococcal disease does spread rapidly and starts to seem like flulike symptoms before becoming more extreme. we will put more information about the symptoms on our website. meanwhile, the school says the school is operating as normal. they don't expect any health risk for the thousands of people expected to come this weekend for a super bowl themed event. they do say they have hired a cleaning company to come on campus just as an extra come -- percussion. >> thank you so much. some businesses in union city are closed after fire damage. it broke up -- broke out this
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morning at a building on union city boulevard. firefighters say there was heavy smoke coming from the back inside of the building when they arrived. the fire eventually spread through the attic space above the four businesses. a neighbor spotted the flames and smoke and then called 911. >> i saw that it was all red with flames and smoke coming out of the business. i ran inside the house, got my phone. >> we do know the fire got up into the attic or started in the attic and fell to the ground floor but it ran from the attic to the end of this building. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is still under investigation. an estimate of the damages not yet known took reports that rick santorum will be the latest republican presidential candidate to suspend his campaign. the former pennsylvania senator is expected to make that announcement on fox news later this afternoon. rand paul announced this morning that he is out of the
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race. he came in fifth in the iowa caucus. analysts say the senator was not able to grow his base of support in the crowded gop field. they also say his views on foreign policy isolated him as many americans expressed growing concern about terrorism around the world. a look at some of the headlines we are following the here at the studios. let's go back to the studio. >> thank you very much. still to come on this noon hour, we talk super bowl xxiv. fans remembering this one. we're not just talking football. we are talking fashion. a statement made during media day 2016. it's cool where we are and super bowl city. taking a look at the golden gate bridge. she is still beautiful. we will check whether in just a moment.
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welcome back. and ice commute on the ferry in today. i'm like yesterday when it was raining, no rain this morning. >> looking at our back window the federal reserve, the pavement is not wet. people here enjoying super bowl city but there is some rain on
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the land for that would go to our meteorologist mark samira. >> reporter: we are here. i am standing on the f market line, the entrance to super bowl city. you can see everyone saying hello. everyone is saying hello to get sal vincetta ford me. where mostly cloudy skies over a good portion of the northern half of the bay area. those clouds will continue to filter in. we are tracking a system that could bring in some showers across parts of the bay area. with that, we do have the chance of some showers here and super bowl city. by now we just have mostly cloudy conditions but we are taking a look at the satellite. we do have some rain showers. here, we take a live look at storm tracker with the rain falling to the north of the bay area. that will move in and as we take a look at the forecast for you later today, later this afternoon into the evening hours, we will have more clouds
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and the possibility of some rain showers. the highest yams for the northern half of the bay area over the north bay, santa rosa, napa but even here in san francisco. bring the umbrella and have it on standby because i think we could have a few sprinkles and just a few scattered showers for early this evening. just keep that in mind. also, i brought out all the weather gear. here's a look at current temperatures as we enter super bowl city. 55.10 right now. how is that for precision? a bit of a chill in the air. bring the sweater or jacket but i will say coming up in our next weather updates, we are going to talk about the weekend forecast. get ready for a big change. we are going to have some balmy temperatures. we will talk about a warmer forecast in a few minutes. just listening to the music. it's great with a festive atmosphere. looks like we're listening to journey in the distance as people make their way into
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super bowl city. everyone is saying hello on this wednesday afternoon. former 49er jerry rice having fun doing this super bowl week. he actually went undercover as a lyft driver. how're you doing? who is your teen? >> my team has been the niners. i was born and raised in san jose. >> i played a little football in high school. >> really? >> nobody seemed to recognize him but when he did finally reveal his identity, he got some very excited results. >> how do you compete with jerry rice? i think it has to be puppies. the competitor uber is bringing puppies to you in san francisco between now and 2:30 pm this afternoon, choose the puppies option on the uber app and a driver may bring a puppy to your location for a 15 minute
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cuddle huddle. the money goes to local shelters and you will be happier for the rest of the day. 49ers have five super bowl championships. joe fonzi now with more, especially what happened during that media day. super bowl xxiv in new orleans. it was the 49ers against the broncos. when they talk about all-star teams, they talk about that team as one of the all-time stars. it's easy to see why if you think about the offense of weapons that team had. i always remember media day. i remember that the 49ers have five guys on that team ever going for their 4th super bowl champion. i remember just those guys on the 49ers going we've been here, we are going to win this
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game. the denver broncos had media day seeing we think we might have a chance to win this game. the way they were showing that assail showed up with ray-ban sunglasses, they were the sunglasses of the time. just about every guy on the roster, it was like it was part of the uniform. they all showed up with their ray-ban son with they start going. the 49ers just showed up like it was a business meeting and just said yeah, we think they are a pretty good team and still to this day, the most lopsided super bowl in history. 55-10 49ers and super bowl xxiv. >> good memories from joe fonzi. , one of my favorite parts of sunday. the commercials. you watch the game for the stuff in between. we are talking with an ad agency executive about what exactly goes into making these ads and if they are really worth it. we've got you covered for all things super bowl at look for the special section.
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welcome back. we're joined now by rich silverstein. creative director of could be silverstein -- good be silverstein. he moved to san francisco but your dad was against it. >> how do you know that? >> i'm supposed to know these things. what's the story about that? >> how can you not stay here?
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it's my home. the bay area's just great. >> you went on an adventure. why did he want to come out west?>> to leave the pans, go west young man. the creative. i didn't know i was creative. i was a designer who fell into advertising. i didn't like it. i thought it was sell out time. i love to sell out now. >> re: surprised how big the super bowl commercials have gotten?>> well, first there was a game and then all of a sudden there became the 1981 spot from apple. >> i remember that from my youth. to this day, and remember that on tv and its revolutionary. coming why this 1984 ad was such a game changer. >> steve jobs was a game changer and this was a scary moment for them. they were bringing out the mac
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and they wanted to go against ibm. they got ridley scott who who -- who has turned out to be an incredible director. no one had ever done an event like this around the super bowl. in fact, as with -- at the last minute they were going to stop it and they ran it anyway. everything has changed. marketing has changed. that was the line in the sand. everything changed. >> so your agency has been involved in a loss. before we get to some of the super bowl commercials for this year, but about got milk?>> my partner wrote it and i said that's the stupidest line i've ever heard. i said that's never going to work. that's stupid. but stupid lines say with you. >> if you don't throughout the stupid lines, while that's your job. >> i like to say it's stupid smart.>> when got milk is
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parodied, when i see it, is that when you know you have reached a certain level i people are imitating your but also copying you? >> in advertising, you try to rip off popular culture and sometimes you make popular culture. in this case, got milk became popular. you tried to do that. it gives much more value to the client and now with the super bowl eyeballs, the millions watching, you better not screw up. >> i think the last was 168 million. >> let's show another teaser. it's a funny one. marmot. that's an actual marmot. you have to until sunday. >> i love that he is looking at
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the marmot. the communication they are having is fun. >> what you think the marmot's human. >> it costs about $5 million for 32nd spot. how much do these ads cost to make? >> i'm not even going to touch that. >> if i'm making a super bowl ad, and mike hoss conscious or is it whatever it takes? >> it's never whatever it takes. you have to be cost-conscious but there were no marmot's hurt in the making of this commercial because it's a cgi. >> said you watch the game for the game or for the commercials? >> oh, for the commercials. in fact, i believe people actually say she -- shhh here's the commercial. >> was the debbie downer commercially bad move? >> i can't even remember that
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one anymore but this is the year. last year was a little serious. it cycles. this year, it's humor. i would i think you can do well if you have an animal that talks in a commercial.>> animals seem to be popular. >> horses, marmots, sheep. >> thank you so much. also, the art director for rolling stone at one point. >> i forgot about that. that was so long ago. >> we are going to keep talking commercials as we leave you with a peek at radio row. so many people out there at the nfl experience.
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welcome back. we are live at super bowl city is we have all week. these next two days are going to change. >> pampered bronco fans coming to town. one of the hot spots is a little place called radio row. scott reiss has been up and down, back and forth all radio row. what have you been finding?>> reporter: hotspot is an appropriate term. for a sportscaster it's like being invited to the cool kids party but it's in a warehouse in last for five days.
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or if you have seen jerry maguire and remember the scene where jerry the agent takes cuba gooding junior to walk the lobby, this is like that tends 100. anybody who is anybody, a litany of stars. radio and tv hosts, some famous, some not but they've all got tables here at radio row interviewing a list of guests. among the more famous folks is long time espn host kelvin --. he has always embraced the experience. >> this field is big, san francisco is big. we back our guests a week and a half in advance picked my we have brett favre and dan marino. you get hall of fame guests one after another. it's the most unique week in
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sports radio. it's a different feel for us. >> i talked to one guy who has been working at radio row for 30 years. back in the day he said there were three stations. that was it. now, it's at least 300 between radio and tv. a lot going on here. we will have much more at 4:00. >> good to hear. all week long, really for weeks and weeks we have been talking about this being the greenest super bowl ever. super bowl 50, a lot of eyes in san francisco and we know the bay area knows how to reduce, reuse, recycle and --. that means those who have a little too much are giving to those who don't have quite enough. here's quality along to show an example. >> reporter: you saw the bins
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feeling and the crowds gathering in the small's -- miles blooming. look closer and you saw those who came to give. >> i brought notebooks and a hula hoop and other people brought like books, sports equipment, across sticks. >> and those who would receive. >> this is going to benefit the teams we work with and also the kids in our case through five program that live in low income apartments. >>reporter: school supplies and sports equipment were gathered for super kids super sharing. it started as a grassroots effort at bay area schools.>> we put the message out in the rest of our staff, community and students cleared out the closets for books and sporting equipment.
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>> reporter: and while football assume a part of the event, even the raiders players who came we'll tell you it was about more than that for them and the community. >> it's a blessing for me. i am and oakland native still be able to play for the home team and come out to an event that is supporting the less fortunate is great. it's humbling. >> i like coming up to the community because i don't want to only be known as a play on the field. i want kids to understand and interact with me off the field and know they genuinely care. >> reporter: this event handlers are also shot -- sending a message. >> i think the theme is a net positive super bowl in leaving a positive legacy. >> a lot of material might go to waste. we are repurchasing it by transferring it from homes and neighborhoods and schools where there is maybe too much stuff and we are transferring it to homes and roads and schools where there is a real shortage. >> reporter: in the end, it
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wasn't just about what was donated. >> i heard one of them say they didn't know that there was also kids that are willing to give up their toys.>> i think it's important because if you have a school with a lot of supplies, you don't understand the feeling of not having the right school supplies. >> reporter: it was about lessons learned off the field. >> we got a lot of people that donated a lot of books, a lot of equipment. is they really came together. >> the expense of giving to students and kids don't necessarily have a they have. >> reporter: lessons that go beyond the game.>> that was claudine wong reporting. let's go back outside. what is this talk about the possibility of an uber driver protest?>> that's right. uber driver's are not happy because huber has cut fares but
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that means drivers are getting paid less so some uber driver's in new york city and san francisco have organized protests in the past. what they are trying to do this week is stage a protest timed with super bowl events but they haven't told us exactly when. that's part of the issue. but when they do do it, it's going to cause prices to search for those who are still driving or it might leave people out in the cold. if you are coming down to super bowl city, still use public transportation. i know a lot of people rely on huber. also, lyft is trying to take advantage of this. they've been saying we have no problem. we are going to be running. i saw a lot of lyft people out here handing out cards and showing people how to use lyft. where there is opportunity, there's a business man or
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businesswoman trying to take advantage. we have people enjoying super bowl city out here today. they are coming out to super bowl city. just know that every day is going to get more crowded. today is more crowded than yesterday. by friday, we are going to reach a fever pitch. just plan your exit strategy in case you want to get out of town. >> we were out at super bowl city earlier and we found this is the last local day because starting tomorrow and friday we will see a lot more broncos and panthers jerseys.>> absolutely. i've seen a lot more people here and i've asked them where they were from. i can always tell. the local say hey, we watch on tv the other people don't know. they are just here but these are a lot of local people.>> sal castaneda in super bowl city.
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brand floras standing by with more news of the day. >> good afternoon once again. a special meeting is set to take place in oakland this afternoon which could help determine where the raiders will play next season. mark davis will be talking with the alameda county authority. they are expected to extend the raiders lisa the coliseum for another year. it's set to expire at the end of the month. if they come to an agreement for the 2016 season, there is still a question where the raiders will play after that. a denver broncos player who grew up in east bay has been sent back to colorado by the team after police questioned him about a prostitution sting in san jose. ryan murphy, a rookie safety on the practice squad regularly practices with the team but never played in a game this season. as part of the crackdown on human trafficking at the super bowl, the santa clara sheriff's
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office detained him 5:00 yesterday evening in a motel 6. a source tells ktvu a suspected prostitute went to the hotel and told undercover officers she needed to get something from her car. followed her to a nearby parking lot where they found murphy and his brother waiting in a car. murphy's brother was cited for solicitation and been released. murphy was questioned but was not cited or arrested. >> a whole bunch of them all congregated over here and within 20 minutes, all of a sudden we have black fans, people in suits bowling around. >> murphy graduated from oakland tech and went to oregon state. head coach gary kubiak issued this statement. although practice squad safety ryan murphy was not cited by police, we decided it was best
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for the team as we continued our preparations for super bowl 50 without him. ryan is returning to denver but is -- his status as a practice squad player has not changed at this time. the san francisco police commission will get an update on the use of force policies. calls for reform comes in the death of mario woods back in december. the commission has held several committee -- community me -- community meetings on how to de- escalate similar situations. in the meantime, a justice department review will occur looking at officer training and how the force works to build trust. the police commission meeting is scheduled for 5:30 pm tonight. a chp officer is recovering after being stabbed in the neck yesterday in san francisco. police have identified the suspect as 44-year-old homeless man noel corpuz. an officer was injured. he was with a partner responding to calls of a man wandering on the essex street on-ramp on highway 80 eastbound. when they approached, corpuz
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pulled out a knife and stabbed the office in the neck and chest. witnesses were able to this -- to describe corpuz who was later arrested in front of a wells fargo. a bicyclist is in the hospital after she was hit by a suspected dui driver in drag at about 5:00 yesterday. 37-year-old berwick haynes was arrested after that collision. police say cyclist was dragged under his car for about 20 feet before being pinned underneath it.>> it's a little early to tell exactly where the bicycle and vehicle were but there's no protective bike lane here so share the roadway. >> police say the 42-year-old victim from berkeley was wearing a helmet at the time but she remains listed in critical condition. those are some of the stories we're following for you. still to come, an 18-year-
12:41 pm
old in the south bay who is not only battling cancer, but he has had a heart transplant. he got a surprise visit from one of his favorite nfl players who is actually playing in super bowl 50. >> for complete super bowl coverage, we have a special section on ktvu -- a set up for you where you will find videos, pictures and how to get around san francisco with all the road closures for the super bowl event.
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welcome back to super bowl city. we have set up shop for the week leading up to the super bowl. looking at the back window, we are right on the market. we fellow. wouldn't it be nice to work here everyday? there is not a sprinkle to be seen right now. >> not a sprinkle just yet but just a few clouds. they could change later today. we started off with partly cloudy skies but overcast expected this afternoon as a weak storm system moves in. let's take a live look at the storm trackers. the system moving into northern california where we have some rain showers and as the energy dies to the south, the highest chances of rainfall will be in the northern half of the bay area. they could have a few showers later on in the day in san
12:45 pm
francisco between 5 pm and 7 pm. as early as 4 pm pack if you're coming to super bowl say that dish super bowl city later today, keep your umbrella on standby. as we take a look at the future cast model, it's showing new clouds and a little green approaching parts of the bay area. it's favoring parts of the north bay but this will be a quick maneuver because we're talking about a big change over the next few days. take a look at your five day forecast. a few clouds to start your thursday morning and then more sunshine into the weekend. super bowl sunday will be completely dry and warm. could have temperatures at levi stadium approaching the 700 mark. we are always worried about every week this year with el nino strong storms but it's going to be warm and dry out there. we are live here at the zip line. we just missed it a little bit ago. we saw a pair go down. it was very excited. >> i watched some friends go
12:46 pm
down. >> which team are you rooting for? >> broncos. let's go broncos. >> reporter: you see the energy. we have some 49ers fans, cowboy fans but like i said, plan on a few rain showers later on today but dry for super bowl sunday. let's turn to a special story. an 18-year-old who is battling cancer, who has had a heart transplant got a chance to meet his favorite nfl player. rob roth has more. >> reporter: alex walters a denver bronco fan from head to toe. >> my cousins got me to the broncos. >> reporter: after enduring nine heart surgeries including a heart transplant and now undergoing cancer treatment, alex had one big wish: to meet
12:47 pm
a denver bronco in person. so, the hospital posted this on its facebook page. a foot of 18-year-old alex and a plea for a visit.>> we have a cancer patient who is the biggest denver bronco fan at our hospital. >> reporter: what you think your chances are to meet one? >> i don't know. i hope they see it. but they are probably too busy to see it. >> reporter: just as our interview wrapped up, alex had a visitor. vernon davis, once a 49er and now the -- now we titan for the. -- for the denver broncos. i wish granted and an autographed football to go with it. the two talked a little bit about peyton manning. >> he is a good football player in the good person. that's what matters most. >> reporter: and a lot about cars. >> do you have a lamborghini?
12:48 pm
>> to i have a lamborghini? what? no way. >>reporter: vernon davis made a new fan and vice versa. >> i know it means a lot to alex but it also means a lot to me. i will cherish this moment.>> it feels good, great to meet him and for him to come meet me. and take time out of part this. he is cool. >> a happy moment for alex walter to remember in sickness and in health. now, but he wants is a broncos win this sunday. >> that's great. if you are looking for gear with a pretty big price tag, i have something for you. we are going to pop-up pictures of something that is a special edition super bowl 50 hat that makes its debut. it's made of lambskin and comes
12:49 pm
with an 18 karat gold pin. the price is $2500. my first car cost about half of that. there are 30 caps available. you can only get it at the nfl experience shop here in san francisco. by the way, this is the most expensive new era cap ever made. you don't spill beer on that hot. >> i bet you would look great in its. >> you are very sweet but i will never know. we are going to take a look outside. >> look at the crowd behind us. >> that's out our back window. we also have a fox came right outside the moscone center. nfl coverage continues today. $35 for adults and $25 for children for the nfl experience. tons to do if you're a football
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the crews putting final touches on levi stadium. an official -- nfl officials say the this looks good and everything is on schedule for some is big game. they say the overnight rain slowed their work just a little. but crews save more painting, painting and construction needs
12:53 pm
done. they will work around the clock to get everything ready for sunday. officials say the field is one of the best they have grown. crews save the pattern of rain and start actually created -- rain and sun actually created great growing conditions. >> that's why we start in early january. there are so many different layers that need done.>> again, they say everything looks like it will be in great shape come sunday. i call week, we have been here and there -- super bowl city but of course the game itself is down in santa clara at levi stadium. >> and when fans and players and everyone who watches that game on television sees the stadium, they are bound to notice the logo at the 163-year- old san francisco replacement of the logo didn't come cheap. james curley is the president of branding for levi stadium talked -- levi's talk to us
12:54 pm
about it is off the field, why not connect with jeans. if you can create your very own living room where millions can see you every week, you have to start believing that's a great connection for our fans. >> and levi's is paying $220 million to have those naming rights over the next 20 years. >> when we talk super bowl, a lot of people can't wait to go. but others look forward to spending time with her family, putting great food out and having fun. we went into super bowl city to ask people what super bowl sunday means to them. >> we love football. we are a big football family. we always get together, watch the game, all the commercials, food and drink. >> she is my sister so they basically grew up in a football
12:55 pm
family. our dad introduced us to it and have just been fans ever since. >> it means a great game, family time, watching great commercials and just having a good time. >> good teams, big games. the raiders didn't make it this year that -- >> entertainment, fun. >> do you care about the game? >> not as much as the commercials and everything else. >> what does the super bowl mean to you? >> it is really mean much. i'm not impressed at all. >> will you watch the game? >> of course.>> even though it means nothing. >> here he is saying i don't care about the game. i'm disappointed by super bowl city. i thought he would do other things but when i asked we're going to watch the game he says of course i am.>> you don't miss a super bowl city. -- party. this will be my second super
12:56 pm
bowl as a fan. to me, it's just about football. i love football. encircled ones, the cheering, the loud noise, the tailgating. did you know they can somebody trophy normally goes home with the home team but there is one case in super bowl history with even somebody trophy did not go with the team. the colts. the baltimore colts won the super bowl and then in 1984, they called it the midnight express. they all moved to indianapolis. part of the deal was that the camps take the trophy pick the city of baltimore said no, lynn somebody is staying with us. you leave that here. >> sure enough, peyton manning played for the indianapolis colts. >> if you want to see the trophy for yourself, had about 1 mile away from the moscone
12:57 pm
center. it's set up and opens later this afternoon. if you want to check things out for free, this is our fox came shortness what is happening in super bowl city. it's free, come in. we had plenty of people telling us they love ktvu. and we love you guys. we're back here at 4:00. >> you have a safe trip across the bay. >> i will.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
dr. oz: how did you feel when you first heard the diagnosis. susan lucci and her daughter -- >> it was a very emotional place to go. dr. oz: share their private family health issue. susan: he was 19 months old. i knew something was wrong. dr. oz: and the accident that almost ended it out. susan: i had a hairline crack on my nose, gashes under here. he said if i didn't get every single piece of glass out, you will lose your eye. r. oz: coming up next. we'll save lives today. are you ready to get healthy! [cheers and applause]


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