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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. good afternoon everyone i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. we begin with breaking news where fire crews are working to put out a 2-alarm fire right now. it's just about 3 blocks from the uc berkeley campus. from these pictures on social media you can see flames were shooting from the side of the house which appears to be right next door to the berkley dog and cat hospital. now to live pictures from over the scene from sky fox. you can see here there are some crews on the scene. there is some smoke coming from the roof. firefighters still putting water on the structure there, but i don't see any active
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orange flames, and that is a good sign. from this view it does appear fire crews have the upper hand and they do have the fire out. people at a restaurant right around the corner called the herbivore tell us that the fire started at 11:00 this morning. one building right next door was evacuated but not the dog and cat hospital. at this point early on there are no reports of anyone being hurt in the fire. we're now getting a better look at the new express lanes on interstate 580. >> this stretch of freeway in pleasanton and livermore. our tom vacar toured the area and tells uggs what drivers can expect when they open. >> operator: before the end of the month you'll be able to drive in the hov lanes even if you're not an hov vehicle. you'll be able to do it with this, a fast track, especially one with three positions, one for regular drivers, one for car pools and one for van pools. they're called express lanes.
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one will be westbound. two will be eastbound during rush and really any other time, and when there's congestion, if you want to slip in to the hov lanes, all you have to do is be wanting to pay for whatever the current price is, and that depends on congestion. >> time is valuable for everybody. what the good thing is about these lanes is when these lane operate it makes improvements on a general purpose lane so everybody actually benefits. >> again, the express lane opens up sometime before the end of the month, again weather permitting, but the most important thing is that if you're going to be in a car pool or a van pool, you get a flex fast track. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. illegal fireworks are being blamed for a fire at a san jose shopping mall where hundreds of people were gathered for the lunar new year festivities. >> >> a number of people posted clips of the fireworks, and that fire on social media.
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that fire was first reported just about 8:30 last night at the grand century shopping mall on story road. a large crowd was in the parking lot for that lunar new year's celebration. the fire went into a second alarm because of the large amount there of smoke and flames. >> we'll show you here pictures. you can see the debris left behind, what appears to be fireworks there, also a charred tree and fire damage as well to the outside of the building. the good news here is that no one was hurt. but still firefighters are reminding everyone in san jose that fireworks are illegal in that city. so far no word if anyone is going to face charges in connection with that fire. another gorgeous day around the bay area. rosemary, i'm getting kind of used to it. >> that was fast. >> you know, temperatures already coming down, so hopefully you are not too used to it. hopefully you got your fill. we are going to see another warm day. we broke several records yesterday. if you haven't had a chance to take a look, let's give you a live look outside where we have mid and high level clouds overhead, and on to those numbers, not just a few but
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several records set yesterday. 85 degrees in santa cruz, monterey 84. low 80s in downtown oakland. upper 70s for the airport, 70 degrees in napa setting a new record there yesterday, and a few more here, san francisco mountain view, san rafael all setting records on your monday. here's a look at where we may actually see a few records for today, so, again, not as warm out there. already seeing temperatures fall off just a bit at this noon hour. areas like san rafael, oakland airport and san jose all have the possibility of maybe either tieing or breaking a new record there. the cooldown begins today, and we will continue cooling as we get into your bay area weekend. i'll have a detailed look at those afternoon highs for today and we'll take a look at the weekend as well. in addition to the nice weather conditions also shaping up for that famous maverick surf contest near pillar point in san mateo county. still ahead, how soon the contest could be held and when we will know for sure. san jose police are at the scene of a shooting that has sent a woman to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.
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it happened at about 1:00 this morning at the parkside terrace apartment complex on worcester avenue near highway 101. police first responded to a call about someone with a weapon. when they got there they found a woman had been shot a number of times. officers arrested a man at the scene. in daly city a suspect in a domestic dispute is said to be in stable condition after being shot by daly city pd. it happened around noon yesterday on st. francis boulevard near highway 1 where witnesses say a man with a knife was chasing a woman. and during the confrontation between the officer and the suspect, the suspect was shot once in the arm. that officer involved in the shooting is now on paid administrative leave. the homeless man accuse accused of stabbing a, c, hp officer in the neck is in court. 44-year-old noel caposse pleaded not guilty to felony charges. he attacked officer andre serenko with a knife and ran away. the officer is expected to
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recover from his wounds. corpoosa is set to return to court february 24th. a controversial treatment clinic for paroled sex offenders will not open due to neighbor's objections. >> don't step into our neighborhood and expect us to drink your kool-aid when it's poison. >> a meeting about the proposed clinic drew an overflow crowd last night, a private operator, sharper future wants to open the facility on church street. neighbors say there are schools and child care centers close by, some within the 250 bumper zone set by the department of corrections. >> this shouldn't be forced down our throats, and i feel like it's been forced down our throats. >> sol guy jumping out of the
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bushes somewhere. >> sharper future says the parole department measured the buffer zone and it was only a few days ago the company learned the location may be too close to two child care centers. the clinic would serve 78 sex offenders and operate three days a week. a suspected bank robber is in custody after a high speed chase through lake county. the lake county sheriff's office released this dash cam footage of the chase that happened sunday. they used spike strips to stop the man's car. deputies say you can see the man right there identified as 31-year-old wesley allen crone throwing a gun on the ground and giving up. the fbi has nicknamed him the hefty heister. he's linked to eight bank robberies across northern california. authorities are looking for a hit and run driver. the santa clara vta says a blue ford pickup truck hit a train just after 9:00 this morning
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near the karina station not far from mineta san jose international airport. none of the 60 passengers on board that train were hurt. they were taken off the train which was pulled out of service. the driver of that truck drove off. santa fe's going business sector is putting a strain on the road. >> janine de la vega reports on a proposal to raise the local sales tax for improving public transit and repairing roads. >> a lot of tech companies are moving into north san jose. samsung came last year and apple is on its way later this year. that means more people are going to be commuting on the roads and some city officials want to raise money for projects like b.a.r.t. and extending it further into san jose. now here is an aerial view from sky fox, which shows the progress being made at the new b.a.r.t. station under construction. it's going to be done ahead of schedule in 2017 and under budget, but with all the growth
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in san jose, city planners will want to help fund phase 2 of the project which would add four more stations and loop mart through east san jose and downtown and through the airport in santa clara. the council will decide whether to recommend putting a county- wide measure on the november ballot which would increase the sales tax a half percent bringing it up to 9.25%. here's how one local reacted. >> the new apple company that's coming in, can't we find money some other way other than -- i mean i would love to have it come this way. that'd be great. just i'm not sure if i want to pay more tax right now. >> the alternative to this transportation package is doing nothing, and that's not a tolerable alternative for the thousands of commuters who are dealing with gridlock every morning and every evening. we've got to move forward and that means investing in infrastructure. we need to create the mobility that big cities routinely have with transit.
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>> the sales tax measure would raise $6 billion over 30 years for transportation and a portion would go to b.a.r.t. to silicon valley, but it would also go to fixing potholes, repairing neglected roads and building and upgrading highway interchanges. this is all in an effort to relieve congestion in areas where there's job growth, particularly as i mentioned north san jose, west san jose and the eatonville area. if the city council approves the proposed recommendation, it then goes to the valley transportation authority, and that agency would put it on the ballot. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega ktvu fox 2 news. it's decision day in new hampshire. caroline shively has more. >> all eyes are on new hampshire today as the nation's first primary voters head to the polls. voters here in the granite state make their picks for the next commander in chief as presidential candidates make a last ditch effort to sway undecided voters. florida senator marco rubio
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hoping for a solid showing after claiming third place in the iowa caucuses. >> we feel real good. we're going to finish strong here and we're going to head to south carolina. >> rubio couldn't shake the marco roboto persona he gained after saturday's debate when chris christie criticized him for sticking to rehearsed talking points. the new jersey governor has been campaigning hard for votes here. >> i'm ready. i'm tested. i'm prepared. i'm ready to be president and rubio is not. >> donald trump poised to come out on top headed into today's primary. the businessman looking to make up ground after losing to ted cruz in iowa. >> i just want to win. >> vermont senator bernie sanders has held a lead in the democratic race here for weeks, but hillary clinton is not giving up saying she's going to keep working until the final vote is cast. >> i am just looking for a great election day. many people turn out expressing their opinions. >> poor showings in iowa ended
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four major campaigns. the outcome of new hampshire could further narrow the field. in manchester, caroline shively, fox news. still ahead, the conditions are nearly perfect, the now organizers of the maverick surf contest are set to decide whether the competition could be as soon as this week. >> and we'll tell you why all the world's professional big wave surfers are actually already gathered today not far from california.
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we're following a developing story out of germany where two regional trains crashed head on killing at least ten and injuring 80 others. the injured passengers were taken by helicopter and ambulance to hospitals. it happened in the southern state of bavraia. all survivors have been rescued from the wreckage. although it is not clear what caused the trains to collide, the transport minister says it appears the automatic safety braking system failed. today president obama released the final budget of his two terms in office. >> the republican-controlled congress is likely to reject many of the initiatives in the $4 trillion budget, but some of the president's goals including money for cancer research and to help treat people addicted
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to painkillers might actually make it through. among the other proposals are a $10 a barrel tax on oil to fun clean transportation projects and more grant money for college students. >> the president's budget would increase spending on cyber security by $19 billion across all government agencies. that's up more than 35% from last year. the president is also proposing a new cyber security czar. that person would coordinate cyber security across civilian agency asks work with military and intelligence counter parts. faculty members could go on strike in april. that according to the union that represents the 26,000 professors, lecturers and librarians. >> they're planning to strike for five days unless there is a deal for a new contract. the california faculty association says they've been deadlocked with the university over a pay raise since last june: they want 5%. the university is offering 2%. >> we think after so many years of disinvesting in instructions
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and disinvesting in faculty that it's time to put that money back into the classroom and back into the employees. >> the union and cal state administrators are awaiting an independent fact-finding report due out next month. there has been no comment from the cal state university system. now that super bowl 50 is over, the santa clara mayor is stepping down. the surprise announcement is effective immediately despite 53-year-old jamie matthews still having two years left on his term. matthews said he is proud of how the super bowl went, but now wants to slow down and spend more time with his family. santa clara city council has 30 days to appoint a new mayor and if that does not happen, voters will decide in november. in the meantime vice mayor will serve as interim mayor. while cleanup is underway to clear the super bowl 50 festivities, some say there's a possibility the bay could relive the experience and bring another super bowl to our region. regional lead e, the host
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committee, even nfl commissioner roger goodell praised the super bowl's success. organizers say they want to do it again six years from now. some people we talked with today say they are hesitant about that idea. >> i think hold the super bowl city closer to where the game is actually played. which is another story entirely. i don't think the team should have ever moved. that's another topic. >> i heard a little bit of the crowds friday and saturday night were pretty bad, but it wasn't enough that would make me feel like we need to not do it again. i'm thinking super bowl 56 i hear that we're talking about. it's already coming back six years, fingers are already crossed. >> as for who made money, who lost money, officials say it's going to take about eight weeks until we know the true economic impact the super bowl had on our region. today two san francisco supervisors planned to introduce a proposal to help small visitors and vendors negatively impacted. less than an hour from right now, we should know if
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the maverick surf contest will be held near half moon bay on friday. >> actually, last week conditions were great for a contest as we showed you some of the big waves here on air, but it was delayed because of the super bowl. now another big swell is headed our way and organizers say they expect to make that decision by 1:00. right now the top surfers from around the world in r in oahu for the eddie invitational. the last time the waves were right was in 2009. el nino storms are creating perfect surf conditions on the north shore. tens of thousands of spectators no doubt will be a big shot in the arm for local businesses there. >> for it to be on the north shore, all the local businesses, i mean no other police station in surfing can you fit 80,000 people or whatever it was the last time. you know, it's like a stadium. >> that competition is named for ed die ical the first official lifeguard on the north shore and a top surfer in the 60s and 70s. he was lost at sea on a canoe
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expedition from oahu to tahiti. back now to rosemary orozco, mavericks this friday, wouldn't that be something. >> it's going to be a dry day on friday as well. outside our doors, we're dry, we're mild. not as warm as yesterday but we still have that possibility of breaking a few records as we showed you at the top of the hour. san rafael, san jose, oakland airport, the three that may actually tie or set a new record today. take a look at half moon bay, 79 degrees right now. half moon bay may set a record, that offshore breeze gusting to about 15 miles per hour out at half moon bay. that is the one spot that i can tell that is actually a little warmer today than yesterday. at noontime half moon bay yesterday at 75. 4 degrees warmer there. for most of us a few degrees cooler today than where we were yesterday. 63 oakland, 68 concord. mid-60s in livermore. walnut creek holding out 70 at this lunch hour. 69 san jose and to the north bay we have 66 in napa, 63 degrees in santa rosa. here's a look at the 24-hour
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comparison. down by 4 in santa rosa, by 3 concord, by 5 in hayward. right about the same for areas right around san jose down by 4 in livermore. as we get into your afternoon today, widespread 70s once again although some of us may top out in the upper 60s. . still going to be a very mild day and seasonally warm once again. as we get into wednesday, thursday the temperatures will continue to drop off. we do have a system that may bring a little bit of rain activity to the north corridor of california, we are going to remain dry. we'll see an increase in clouds. temperatures will continue to fall into the afternoon, but again, we're not looking at much in the way of rain unfortunately. here's a look as we get into your afternoon today, a lot of 70s out there, still a lot of 60s. that sea breeze turns on just a little bit, half moon bay maybe topping out right about now. as we get into your afternoon, here are some of the highs expected around your region. 72 for vallejo, 72 for san rafael which would break a
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record. 74 in oakland, 71 san francisco, low 70s for the inner east bay areas like livermore, antioch, looking at 76 for the afternoon today, san jose, also the possibility of a record for you. 75 in los gatos, still very mild, very warm for this time of year, but not as warm as yesterday. as we get into the second part of your week and into your weekend, this is actually not updated for you. i will tell you we have a dry forecast going in, and we will remain a bit above average as we head into your weekend. back to you. thank you. a bit of chilly weather isn't stopping people in new orleans from letting the good times roll on this mardi gras. people lining the streets of new orleans to take it all in, bands and floats maybe catch a trinket or two. mardi gras or fat tuesday is traditionally a time for catholics to eat, drink or be merry before fasting for lent. this party will go on in new orleans until the wee hours of the morning with as many as a million people expected to kick
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up their heels. >> still ahead, the celebrities left the super bowl and now they're heading south for the at&t pebble beach pro am. >> in denver it is all orange and navy as the city celebrates its super bowl win. you can see john elway there in the crowd in civic center park. elway of course winning his super bowl back in january of '98. 18 years later, look at that picture, the orange and navy back at it for a mile-high celebration.
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fresh off their super bowl 50 win the denver broncos are being treated like the champions they are. >> getting a hero's welcome at home this noontime in denver. players and hundreds of thousands of fans are celebrating the broncos super bowl 50 win with a downtown victory parade and rally. people began showing up for the celebration six hours ago. the lombardi trophy is there and the fans are expecting to hear from peyton manning and super bowl mvp von miller. >> much closer to home a few days away from the at&t pebble beach pro am tournament. >> in just over an hour the chevron charity shootout gets underway. it's the giants versus the 49ers, some of the biggest names include matt cain, dwight clark, and steve young. last year the 49ers team came out on top in that competition. >> so we're waiting for word that could come any minute about the maverick's surf contest. we understand it could happen very soon. >> sky fox giving us these live
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pictures looking down on pillar point. the conditions kind of coming together, is we are talking to contest officials and of course watching the forecast. we're going to have the very latest on the contest and whether the world's greatest big wave surfers are going to be heading to mavericks on friday. stay with us at of course twitter and facebook as we continue to find out on the final word. have a great afternoon everyone.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: von miller threw an epic party after the super bowl, featuring lil wayne and we got inside. ♪ >> he's rapping along too. i mean, it looks like the party to be at. >> i want to know, was peyton manning there? >> no. peyton manning was icing his whole body. [laughter] >> the weekend and bella hadid. they went to craig's in west hollywood. they walked in and they walked back out in five minutes because they didn't like the table they were offered. >> it was a taste of the best table at craig's. having to go back to the


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