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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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total we're talking three to 5000 thumb tacks. concerns about a dog park. people say their dogs' safety at risk. it's thursday. >> friday eve, february 11th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores. steve is here. >> a little change today. clouds coming in and overall a mild day. and each day temps are inches downward. and we'll have mostly cloudy skies to partly sunny skies. and temperatures starting warmer. upper 40s and 50s. a couple days ago we had 30s and 40s, i don't think that will happen. 39 at boulder creek. but today too much of the cloud
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cover. mostly sunny, partly sunny, mild to warm, a teeny bit cooler. near 70 for some and a lot of upper 60s and running slightly above. and lower 70s instead of the upper 70s. sal, good morning, sir. >> good morning to you. sounds like another nice day. let's start with the bay bridge toll plaza from our emeryville camera. traffic is light as you head up to the toll plaza. not a lot of people there now. a as a matter of fact, traffic has been light and we haven't had major or significance delays due to roadwork. let's move along at 880 north and southbound. and traffic is moving well if you're going to the coliseum. on the peninsula our map system, highway 101 looks good. right through san bruno or san mateo. no troubles on the san mateo
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bridge. now, let's go back to the desk. this morning, investigators are working to identify human remains found on the outskirts of gilroy. the remains were discovered yesterday afternoon near gavalin college. the discover prompted the missing person -- to come to the scene. >> we were told there was a body found and we're looking for my brother-in-law. >> he vanished a week ago and deputies have not said whether the remains were male or female. >> reporter: and it's bringing attention to the sierra lamar case. the family stated they had not been contacted by authorities.
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investigators could not say if there was any indication that the remains might belong to sierra. lamar was a 15-year-old high school student who disappeared in march 2012. her body has never been found and prosecutors say that the suspect kidnapped and killed her. he goes to trial in april. president obama arrived on air force one just after 7:00 last night and was greeted by the mayors of mountain view and san jose. >> it was a great thrill. i have great respect for president obama. >> well, the president spent the night at the sheraton in milpitas. and the president will attend fundraisers. the president heads to los
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angeles this afternoon for additional fundraisers. he is set to appear on the ellen degeneres show. he'll spend the weekend in palm springs and then he hosts a summit of southeast asian leaders. two gop candidates have dropped out as the rest of the field heads to south carolina. >> reporter: what a crowded field it was. chris christie and carly fiorina had strong moments during their campaigns, but the road ahead is about to get more difficult. >> there it is. the memorized 25 second speech. >> reporter: he may have taken down marco rubio a notch or two, but he didn't help himself. carly fiorina had powerful debate performances but
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couldn't translate it into success. >> we're threw the roof. we are high. >> reporter: donald trump already in south carolina where the polling has been constant and he appears to have a big lead. >> reporter: and even though ohio governor kasich is savoring his second place finish, but trump's biggest opponent is ted cruz. >> one of the most important conclusions is that the only candidate who is beat donald trump is me. >> reporter: for democrats, it's back to the debate stage for a one-on-one tonight in milwaukee. [ cheering ] sanders after a landslide win over clinton made a pilgrimage of sorts to harlem to meet with al sharpton. the two sat down for lunch as sanders is trying to build inroads with black voters, a powerful force in south
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carolina where hillary clinton may have a big advantage. and members of the congressional black caucus in washington will endorse hillary clinton for president. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. back here the debate is heating up over whether to arm san francisco police officers with stun guns. a small group of protesters he would signs. police chief greg suhr says tasers are a less lethal option during confrontations. >> i am not asking that the entire department get tasers, i'm asking for our s.w.a.t. team and specialist officers. >> fundamentally if you put any weapon into the hands of a racist, it's going to be used in a racist way. >> reporter: the police union
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wants tasers issued to all officers. the commission will forward all proposals to the u.s. just it want and there'll be two community meetings before the commission votes, possibly in april. some dog owners are concerned after thousands of tacks were found scattered through a dog park in hercules. police are concerned that whoever is leaving the tacks may escalate to using poison. larry-- brings his dogs to the park and so far two dogs have been taken to the park to remove tacks they've eaten. >> 500 were found in a stream where the dogs rinse off when they're done running. >> reporter: as many as 5000 thumb tacks have been found so far. police have a person of interest in this case and they suspect this may have stemmed
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from some sort of disagreement. strong waves are expected along the bay area coast starting today and for the next few days. the national weather service has issued a high surf advisory that starts at noon. waves could reach 13 feet. it's an important reminder to stay back from the surf. there can be lulling between waves and that can make people think it's safe. high surf is exactly what the elite competitors are hoping for and so are the businesses in half moon bay counting on a financial boost from surfing fans. two years ago, thousands headed into the area. and this year you can't be on the beach but local restaurants and bars are promising views on big screen tvs combined with expanded menus and great
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weather. >> with crab season closed it changed everything. and now the mavericks comes around and it just puts a boost in everybody. organizers are working with law enforcement to make the area a drone free zone. they do plan to approve a few drones to give fans a unique view of the surf competition. in the 15-year history of mavericks, no woman has been invited to compete. but that could change. the coastal commission is telling organizers they have to come up with a plan to include women in future events. and that could mean inviting female surfers to the titans of mavericks event or having a separate event. bart is considering
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charging up to $30, depending on an event. the station charges between three and $4 between 3 p.m. monday through -- the coliseum has only 10,000 parking spaces but can attract 64,000 people for large events. charging more could generate $150,000 in extra revenue. caltrans plans to ask for funds to demolish the old bay prejudice. part of the money is to destroy the remaining underwater piers. crews must cut and remove the remaining trusses from the old bridge. citywide inspections in berkeley in the wake of last year's deadly balcony collapse.
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the repairs that hundreds of building owners will have to make. [ indiscernible ] a lot more space. >> in a san francisco neighborhood, they're on edge. the new neighbors that them concerned about safety. and we're looking at a nice commute on the san mateo bridge. looks good heading up to the high-rise. and we have to bring back the high clouds in the mix. that will take a few degrees off the temps. warmer in the santa clara valley.
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welcome back, everyone. time now is 4:13. and yeah, a coyote appears to have taken up residence in a san francisco neighborhood. this sighting has so many people on edge. >> right there, do you see him? he's right in the bushes. >> reporter: it's quite the curiosity. >> look in the bush and you'll see him moving. >> reporter: this coyote has taken a liking to a vacant lot on brewster street and word has traveled up and down the block. >> we see him every day. >> reporter: so he's moved in. >> reporter: he's snapped a few pictures. the coyote is becoming
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increasingly bold, venturing onto the street and lingering. >> when dogs walk by, he becomes attentive. no dogs or cats have been attacked. >> i don't think it's a good place for him to live here. he needs more place to hunt. i don't know if there's not enough food for him. >> he looks kind of gray. >> reporter: it's not unusual for a solitary coyote to stake out a spot for a while. possibly seeking his own territory or a mate. >> reporter: the residents wish he'd move on. >> i'd rather he live somewhere else. >> reporter: because? >> i have two cats. >> and someone wanders close to
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where the coyote sat. many who walk by have no idea they are under surveillance and possibly in danger too. whether the coyote will head back to where he came from is anyone's guess. >> they said we just like to know they're around and that's it. they didn't plan to do anything about it. >> just a little bit nerve racking. >> the city policy is to coexist with coyotes, and an organization called project coyote advises how to do that. we have a link on for more information. a female tiger at the sacramento zoo was killed by her mating partner. the male tiger attacked the 15- year-old female. he was on loan as part of a
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breeding program. and they lived next to each other for months. let's check on the traffic. sal is there. how is it looking? just looking at all my monitors to make sure there are no surprises. we don't like surprises. we like it to be nice and boring on the morning commute. and when is the last time you heard that. but on the commute it does apply. it looks good on the san mateo bridge heading to the high- rise. no problems here or on the dumbarton bridge or the bay bridge. if you're trying to cross to the peninsula it does look great. and southbound 680 looking good through the sunol grade area into fremont. and we talked about the san mateo bridge. and highway 101 looks good through palo alto, san mateo, and all the way to the south
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bay. 4:17 and let's go to steve. we have high clouds and lows are up, up, up. a couple of days ago we had 30s and 40s but that won't be the case today. high clouds and mild to warm. and a teeny bit cooler. maybe towards santa cruz, monterey, and gilroy. plenty of clouds over the north bay. mostly cloudy to partly sunny. 40s and 50s. upper 40s, low 50s, much different than a couple of days ago. winds are in sebastopol in the 40s. novato, 51. and the warm air aloft is starting to cool down. to we'll go with partly sunny. near 70 for some. and each day temperatures are
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coming down a little bit. i think we peaked out on monday. king city was 77 degrees. cooler saturday and then warm again sunday and monday. and there may be changes the middle of next week. we'll get back to rain next week. maybe things are changing. >> you're cautiously optimistic. >> i hope so. it's time. >> definitely time. >> more concerns over the zika virus spreading in california. we'll have the latest on a new case detected in northern california.
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hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the u.s. olympic committee is taking athlete concerns over the zika virus very seriously. two disease specialists are being hired to talk with athletes who might qualify for the games in brazil. hope solo told sports illustrated that she plans to have a baby some day and if the games in rio de janeiro were today, she wouldn't go. they'll talk about the risks and precautions to avoid being bitten. there's a new confirmed case of the zika virus in northern california.
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a person in yolo county was diagnosed. the patient is doing well and the infection happened while the person happened outside the united states. a yolo county health official says the public is not at risk from the case. >> the virus does spread by mosquitoes biting an infected person. but the person got infected while traveling outside the united states. we don't have any concerned about that happening. health experts say people experience mild symptoms or none at all. but it can cause serious birth defects in mothers who get the virus while pregnant. secretary of state john kerry is representing the u.s. at talks. he is calling for a cease fire in syria.
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the russian bombing in syria in support of the syrian government is only making the situation worse for the syrian people. >> what we have tried to put in place is a political process that will lead to a peaceful political transition. the russians and others members have signed onto that. tomorrow's meeting in that respect is a chance for all of the members of the issg to commit themselves to that. >> the russian bombing is forcing refugees to travel to turkey. the cease fire would go into effect on march 1st. and the united nations security council is urging russia to stop the bombing sooner. south korea shut down its operations at the industrial complex in response to north korea's launch of a long range
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missile over the weekend. north korea is calling the shutdown of operations a quote dangerous declaration of war. 124 south korean companies do business in the complex. the immediate worry was whether the workers would be allowed to leave the factory park. immigration agents are no longer allowed in los angeles schools to look for undocumented students. officials will now need approval from the superintendent of schools and the school district's lawyers. they claim they do not come to schools looking for undocumented students. but there have been reports of a series of raids last month across the nation. families were concerned because of the large immigrant population. $15 may be one of the most expensive cups of coffee and it's being sold right here in
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the bay area. the reason the owners say it's worth it. a heated debate over arming san francisco police officers with tasers. supporters say it could give officers a less lethal option. but others don't want them. we're looking at the commute on the golden gate bridge. we'll tell you more coming up. a lot of high clouds and temperatures on the mild to warm side. and don't forget, high surf kicks in today and takes us into saturday.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, everybody. it's thursday, february 11th. i'm brian flores. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for starting you day with us. i hear from a lot of people who wake up early. >> i'm surprised actually.
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>> they're here with us. 4a.m. >> i hear from people -- i have my coffee with you. >> they have to get up early. >> or they're retired. >> or up with young kids. >> if you're up watching us, thank you. >> we love it. it will be a partly sunny, partly cloudy day. and temperatures above average. sun and clouds in the morning. maybe a few more in the morning. if you have cloud cover, it's not too bad. and then the sun breaks through and it feels warm. more clouds to the north and south. and the lows up. mainly upper 40s to low and mid- 50s for some. east bay temps, 52. there are 40s here. 44 alamo and also walnut creek. the weak systems spin in a lot of cloud cover. mild to warm and near 70 for some. especially farther south. and each day temperatures are
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coming down a teeny bit but above average for this time of year. all righty, sal. 4:29. >> and they're retired, have young kids, and have to get out of the house? that's not one person. >> no. [ laughter ] >> that's an interesting person. >> actually, thank you for watching. i have my coffee with you is one of the biggest lines. or you're in my bedroom every day and everyone gets a chuckle. >> i get dressed in front of you every morning. >> that's another one. i like that one. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. at the moment there's no other way to go. westbound 92 heading to the high-rise looks good. no problems on the dumbarton or the


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