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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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approaching a sonoma, toward napa, these correspond to an increase in the rainfall. and this one tweet coming from sonoma. it's pouring there. they're loving it up in parts of the north bay. and novallo around 37, approaching vallejo. we do have some more intense downpours. and a lot more action on the radar from south san francisco toward san mateo. we'll continue to track the rainfall intensity because tell be picking up for tonight. talking about some thunderstorm chances coming up. >> the rain and wind are making for slick roads and dangerous conditions. look at the live driving-time traffic monopoly. the red areas are showing where it's slow-going at this hour.
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and the square icon is showing where accidents have been reported. a live picture of the conditions along interstate 80 in berkeley. this is near the university avenue exit. the headlights coming toward us are heading toward the bay bridge. not as bad as you'd expect. in the other direction, a much didn't situation. these are the conditions along 880. drivers heading away from the distance on the right-hand side of the screen heading toward the north. the wind has been blowing inland into the sierra nevada and causing problems there. from sacramento through nevada, placer, and el dorado counties, folks are reporting downed trees. a huge pine tree in truckee came tumbling down. our
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free weather app for the latest on the storm. you'll be able to see live radar and an extended forecast. our weather team was posting updates on the conditions on facebook, twitter, and instagram. two sexual assaults of women in less than a week, and both happened near a park blocks from the berkeley campus. crist ina is in the nooisz room and she taked with police and a student. >> that's right. she says she heard screams but had no idea what exactly was happening. right now police are not saying
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if the violent crimes are connected. because these incidents happened two blocks from each other, it is enough to concern students. students walk the streets near people's park not thinking of potential dangers around them. two women in their 20s were sexually assaulted in the area in separate cases. >> we live in the units and pass by all the time. >> it's so close to where we live. >> reporter: the incident happened tuesday night around 11:30. a woman was approached from behind and sexual -- sexually assaulted. >> we heard a girl scream somebody stop him. >> reporter: a female student walking on hay street was grabbed and pushed to the ground. the attack sera man in his mid-20s, five foot nine with curly hair and a beard. police aren't sure if they're linked.
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>> investigators are following up on the cases seeing if there is a connection. >> reporter: they recommend walking in well-lit areas and groups. and to avoid being distracted by music or texting. >> at night i like to walk in groups. >> they say the assaults are not classified as rairp. they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> what about the descriptions.? >> police haven't said if they're similar. the description was not released of the attack last night. they gave the same description from last thursday. >> one happened 11:30 at night.
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did they boelthd happen around the same time? >> around 11:00 at night. thursday was 9:00 at night. police are searching for a motive in last night's triple shooting in berkeley. the three victims are 16, 18, and 19 years old. all are young men from berkeley. police say they were sitting inside a car. two were sent to the hospital with serious injuries. the third had injuries that are considered nonlife-threatening. a police spokeswoman said investigators are now speaking with the victims. but there is no word on if they were able to identify who shot them. >> the men accused of killing an off-duty police officer made his first appearance today. you can see robert vega in his jumpsuit. vega is the father of the officer's 6-year-old
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grandson. a lieutenant attended the brief hearing. >> extremely dif-sult. they're trying to process everything that's going on. gus has not been sent off yet. you have the justice system working. the family wants the justice system to go through. >> it was about 4:30 am thursday when vega shot and killed the 15-year department veteran. ny new details about ryan chamber labor's plea deal. he agreed to pled guilty illegally possessing a biological toxin and gun in 2014. prosecutors are recommending he be sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. the judge
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doesn't have to accept the deal. if the judge doesn't, chamberlain could withdraw his guilty plea. a battle is brewing between apple and the federal government it. comes after the tech giant vowed to fight a judge's order to help the fbi break into an encrypted iphone. that belonged to sayed farook. paul chambers talked to people who are happy apple won't back down. >> nearly everywhere you look people are using their smart phones which oftentimes is an apple iphone pull of personal information. consumers expect apple to protect their privacy. now the federal government wants access to a terrorist suspect's phone and expects apple to help them get it. >> in the end, these companies, whether they mean to or not are making it easier for terrorists to do their acts.
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>> reporter: he's talking about the act of this suspect who took part in a deadly attack in san bernardino. a federal judge asked air-powered toll provide reasonable technical assistance so the fbi can disable the security encryption on the phone. >> the government is asking aptoll build a master key that accesses everybody an iphone. >> reporter: the government says it wants aptoll create new software which would make a backdoor into the phone. it would kill the security option. people say the request could lead to a slippery slope. >> some guy chasing his girlfriend will be able to track her through the backdoor for the iphone. >> once you build a master key into these devices, apple is gonna be asked to use that master key by government around the world. >> reporter: a group known as
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"fight for our future" will hold rallies outside apple stores with a direct message to the government saying don't break our phones. bay area home sales were strong in january. the strongest for january in three years. core logic real estate says january is slow. prices rose dramatically compared to the year before. the median price was $635,000 for all counties. in santa clara, $830,000. controversy over a high school dress code. >> they said that i could either change my shirt or go home. >> the t-shirt at the center of the lawsuit. >> google getting your groceries. the new delivery service.
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>> look what's happened over the past few hours! rain returning! a few heavy reports coming up.
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over to the left side, for traffic. to clear because i was getting out. so i saw it was
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clear. i turned right. and i saw something gluglu! i saw something wrong with my car. >> broke his arm and some scrapes and bruises. it is unlikely the driver will face any charges. a dress code controversy settled in court. and it all centers around a high school student and the t-shirt that she's wearing there. that student says she was told to either change her shirt or go home. so she called the aclu and filed suit against the manteca unified school district. >> definitely surprised. >> reporter: taylor was discriminate the against at sierra high school in manteca she says. >> i was sent to the office, and they told me i couldn't
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display my sexuality on a t-shirt. >> reporter: "nobody knows mooim a lesbian." >> and they said i could either change my shirt or go home. >> reporter: taylor chose not to change her shirt on that october day and ned went home and called the aclu. >> the law is very clear on this point. that public schools cannot prohibit or sensor students from expressing their beliefs. >> reporter: taylor has been attending schools in the district since kindergarten. she bought the shirt in good humor. >> i thought, leverybody knows i'm a lesbian! so i didn't think it was going to offend anybody. >> reporter: the district told her the shirt was a direct violation of the dress code policy. tuesday night the school board changed its position and updated its dress code policy. >> it's important for students to know that they will continue to be supported in their right to freedom of expression. >> it made me very proud to be
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a student of the manteca high school district knowing that they are slowly becoming more open-minded. just when you thought el niño season was a bust, the reason has returned! the national weather service explained that february dryness is normal for a strong el niño. and more rain is expected especially in march. >> and then as we head into early march, it looks like the storm tracks storm of go back to a more common el niño pattern can an improved chance of storm systems to move into more of california. that's gonna help us improve the snowpack. >> officials say as wet as it's been, most of the precipitation has gone to extreme northern california and the pacific northwest. but that looks like it could be changing next month.
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homeowners may want to consider purchasing flood insurance. what do you think about that? >> typically weather in el niño years, march and april can be very active months in the bay area. i get ready for anything. but this week was on standby. yesterday we were at the beach! >> record temperatures! >> we were on spring break yesterday. [ laughter ] >> today back to winter. >> that's the reality. >> rainfall has been pick up across the bay area. and just in time for the commute! so be extra careful. the radar, more coverage out there for the 6:00 hour. coming closer, heavier rain reports in parts of sonoma and napa counties. yellows and oranges corresponding to more increased, intense downpours out there toward sonoma. closer to marin county, extending toward parts of the east bay, richmond and berk leash coverage here,
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and reports of heavier rainfall toward san leandro, hayward, moraga. even walnut creek. here, this is a development from the past hour, more coverage in the centrality poefrpgzs. the bay. more activity developing toward oakland and san leandro and more on the way. developing out to the west. and there you can pick out some of the coverage for san mateo and redwood city. still gathering near the coastal hills. wind still a key factor as well. wind advisory in place until 7:00 tonight. that could be extended. napa winds out of the south gusting to 31 miles an hour. sfo winds out of the west, gusting to 39. be extra careful driving the bridges. the golden gate showing you all the clouds out there. and the wed roadways, slick with the rainfall rates
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pick up. a quarter ifsh to an inch tonight. a chance of thunderstorms as well. looks like another one setting up for friday. in the short-term, tracking this cold front moving across northern california. once it moves through some breaks in the action for thursday. we hold onto some off and on showers, and the showers and the breaks in the overtime as well. in the siera, this will be a snow producer. winter storm warning in place until 4:00 pm thursday. watch out for tonight! 9:00, yellows and reds correspond to some heavier rainfall rates. possibility of some thunderstorms. scattered showers near thursday. still rotating through the bay area for the day. then the second system
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moves onboard. that'll be in your friday forecast. temperatures for tomorrow, we have cooled off! just yesterday especially membered, we had 80s. tomorrow the warmest locations in the lower 60s. another warmup fixture week monday and tuesday. >> roller coaster ride! google has entered the fresh grocery delivery arena. express services now up and running for $99 a year in membership. it'll then cost you about $3 to have it delivered to your door.
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the express service is available in san francisco, the east bay, the peninsula, and san jose. racing fans are gearing up for the daytona 500 this sunday in florida. and the giants have reported to scottsdale raiser to begin spring training. >> it's become the fight seen around the world thanks to social media. a cellphone camera captures the disturbing brawl between students at one bay area high school. and pop francis wrapping up his trip to mexico. why many catholics believe his last stop was the most important.
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>> lion dancers are knowledged stereo bring good luck if -- believed to bring good luck and chase away evil spirits. many seniors can't understand make it saturday. they got a sneak peek. you can watch the parade right here. our coverage starts saturday at 6:00 pm. archie now with sported -- sports. basic is back! [ laughter ]
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the giants start today. the a's on saturday. and the giants as favorited as they are in the national league behind the cub, a lot of experts think they're no. 2, just pitchers and catchers. bithey had a lot of regulars show up today. then he hurt his back, and joe taked to him about the recovery and what it was like, not playing most of the 2nd half. >> it was the first time being on the disabled list, minor leagues or major leagues. so definitely different experience. and it was tough, more mentally, i think, we're still in the race. and you want to be out there as a competitor, as a teammate. you want to be out there with them and battling. when you couldn't, it takes a
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tollow. at the same time i learn how to deal with it. and just kind of learn how to take it day-by-day. looks like buster posey's little brother. speaking of youth, i don't know what you were doing when you were 20 years old, but chase elliot, about 198 miles an hour! the poll setter for the daytona. today oil spilled during a practice run causing a mean spinup as ryan newman and michael wall tripped. neither were injure issed. nobody was. but daytona 500, we're gonna own the weekend around here. the chinese new year on saturday. and daytona 500 coverage. basically the super bowl of stock car racing. >> always their first race of the season. >> and the new year parade is the super bowl of parades!
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[ laughter ] >> good one. [ laughter ] >>
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he's selling it and moving into a bachelor pad, now that he's officially divorced. which is great! well, i don't know about "great." i mean, you can come and go as you please, i suppose, and maybe see what's up with the u.p.s. girl who's always asking if you work out, or -- it's great because we have the rare opportunity to choose our new neighbors. while still looking out for my client's best interests, of course. wink, wink. [chuckles softly] i'm in kind of in a delicate spot, stuck between my wife and the guy next door, but i'm pretty sure i can satisfy them both simultaneously. okay. that's them. that's them. everybody look like you're gardening. luke, grab that little hoe. uh, i -- i don't think that's what she meant. is it? okay, why are we doing this? this is their third visit, and we want to look good. [chuckles] what's so great about them?


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