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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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good evening everyone the family of a missing san jose woman plans to search for her tomorrow in hayward where she went missing. last night police said they believed she was murdered, although they have not yet found a body. stacy aguilar was last seen at a party on saturday night.
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ktvu is live where her family and friends plan to gather to watch their source. search. >>reporter:stacy aguilar's family has not lost hope and they chose this shopping center is a meeting spot where that she was last seen. they are asking for the public's help to search for the 22-year-old who was -- you has two young children. stacy aguilar's family is pleading for her safe return after the 22-year-old attended a party in hayward saturday night and then vanish. >> is painful to see something like that >>reporter:aguilar who lived in san jose has family in m exico, that is where her mother and younger sister live. they called for mexico to share their heart heartache. never expecting this could happen. around 1 a.m. aguilar was last seen leaving a party on -- with her boyfriend at a home on jackson street in selby avenue. when she did not come home on
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monday, her family reported her missing two san jose police. late friday, hayward police announced the agency was taking over the investigation as a homicide. >> all i can tell you is that we've developed information and evidence that lead us to think she is a victim of homicide. i cannot tell you any details as to what that evidence or information is at this point >>reporter:aguilar's family believes otherwise. police have not located a guilar's body, nor rest have been made. her family says aguilar is a server, and divorced mother of two with a 7-year-old son and 5- year-old daughter. when asked why they believe she was alive, they said she was a fighter. >> we have faith she is alive >>reporter:family and friends will meet here at 10 a.m. in the morning, at this 24 hour fitness, they plan to search
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the area and nearby woods for any sign of aguilar. >> we will see how this all turns out. azenith smith, thank you very much "breaking news" out of michigan tonight where police are investigating a series of random deadly shootings. six people killed and three injured in the city of k alamazoo. two of those injured are in critical condition, one in serious condition. the kalamazoo county undersheriff says a manhunt is underway right now for a suspect described as an older white male perhaps in his 50s driving a dark blue vehicle. the shootings took place in either parking lots at three different locations. we will bring you any updates as soon as they become available. explosives experts in vallejo detonated a pipe bomb. >> fire in the hole! >> a woman spotted the suspicious ox -- object this morning and then called police. officers confirmed it was
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indeed a pipe bomb and requested help to dispose of it. >> the bomb squad came to detonated. from all accounts, it appears to be a real pipe bomb. >> no one was hurt, the law offices across the street from the county courthouse. police have not said weather that location was random or deliberately packed. no arrests have been made. in 2012 a transient deliberately set fire to the mayor's office causing extensive damage the manhunt continues for a man who shot a man to death and wounded three others including a child. someone in a maroon sedan drove to the home on porter street in south vallejo and opened fire yesterday. two of the victims were also working on the car, a woman and a 9-year-old child inside the house when they were hit by gunfire one man was pronounced dead at the scene, the other victims are expected to survive. police say they do not have a motive for the shooting or a suspect description
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a fight outside a bar in san jose escalated with one man stabbed to death -- stabbed to death in another one injured. the elegant pub on south white road around 12:40 this morning. police had not -- police have not made any arrests or he. a walnut creek man is dead tonight after being struck by a vehicle in richmond. it happened last night in the 12,000 block of san pablo avenue. richmond police a 61-year-old leonard lula was attempting to cross the street when he was struck by a tow truck. the victim was taken to the hospital where he died early this morning. the driver did stop and has cooperated with the investigation. police do not believe alcohol, or drugs were factors in the crash. the driver who caused a multi car crash in petaluma ran away from the scene but not before a witness snapped a few pictures. take a look and see if you recognize the woman, and man involved in the crash.
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the chp says they were both in a black ford explorer and caused several vehicles to crash on southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard north just before noon yesterday. there is the man that is in the vehicle per the quick thinking witness took photos of the two of them running away. san francisco spectaculars chinese new year parade wound through the city in chinatown tonight. that's always the highlight. firecrackers, drums, dancing lions, dragons all among the highlights. the parade traces its roots back to the 1850s. the parade celebrates the year of the monkey, one of the 12 signs of the chinese zodiac. people born indicia are thought to be an -- ambitious, i nventive, and get -- and gifted. >> this is the largest illuminated parade in the country, and everybody is proud. you should see the parade itself is so diverse. but the crowds are amazing and they can all speak mandarin.
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>> if you missed any of the action you can watch able rebroadcast of the parade tomorrow right here on ktvu fox to right after the nascar race. the chinese community street fair also took place in san francisco today. thousands of people came out to celebrate the year of the monkey. more than 80 booths and concessions lined the streets of chinatown. contestants in the ms. chinatown usa pageant were also there. this is the 27th year the chinese community street fair has been held in the city. now to campaign 2016, another republican is out of the race for president. jeb bush suspended his campaign after a poor showing today in the south carolina primary. donald trump rolled to victory in that state, and has solidified his lead in the gop race. after the wind, the real estate mogul thanked his supporters.
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>> time magazine, last week, did an incredible cover story they said, "it's a movement", and that is what it is, it's an incredible movement with incredible people. >> trump swept nearly every county in south carolina and it brought the and for jeb bush. trumps victory speech came as bush told his supporters he was calling it quits. >> the people of iowa and new hampshire, south carolina have spoken. i really respect their decision. so tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> we are still awaiting the official results in south carolina, but it appears that marco rubio has edged out ted cruz for second place. the next stop for the gop candidates is nevada or the republican caucus takes place on tuesday. meantime the democratic
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presidential hopefuls battled it out in nevada. the first test in the west. as ted henry tells us despite a strong showing from senator bernie sanders, hillary clinton prevailed. >>reporter:the final stretch, bernie sanders closed in on hillary clinton here in nevada. that in the end, she won. this morning the two candidates were in the employee cafeteria and harris within minutes of each other. urging workers to get out of caucus. sanders then raced further down the lost mail it -- las vegas strip to rally workers at the mgm grand. the turnout was strong. long lines at the henderson caucus site. senate democratic leader harry reid lives nearby, came to caucus here. though he claimed to be uncommitted at a fairness to clinton and sanders. [inaudible] for the candidates of their final pitches closely resemble the overall strategies. sanders holding a big rally in trying to start his ground troops with lofty rhetoric in an effort to seize the moment of now. >> it could well be that 10-2 0-
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30 years from now, people will look back on what happens in nevada, and say, this was the beginning of the political revolution. >>reporter:clinton gets a smaller crowds and delivers businesslike speech is focusing on her grind it out approach of getting more delegates over the long haul >> i am so, so grateful to each and every one of you who have been part of this campaign over these last months. >>reporter:to show she is looking beyond early states, clinton is leaving nevada quickly tonight for a rally in texas which is the super tuesday state on march 1 after south carolina next saturday democrats wrote the following tuesday in a total of 12 states of territories included -- including sanders from places like massachusetts, minnesota and vermont. in the end, it was a tight single-digit victory for hillary clinton. for her, a win is a win at a
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time when she is trying to stabilize her campaign. and henderson, nevada, ed henry, foxnews. >> hillary clinton is set to return to the bay area tomorrow for three fundraisers. the first is a 2700-dollar per ticket event in piedmont it's billed as a conversation with a candidate and senator barbara boxer is expected to attend. writer in the day she will appear at events and after 10 in menlo park. oakland's own fantastic took the stage with bernie sanders in las vegas today. a little earlier tonight the musician came by the ktvu studios and i asked him why he is backing sanders. >>reporter: >> to me, bernie sanders, i think the fact that the album, the last taste of oakland, and a lot of the music we were working on, it was such similarities in what he was saying philosophically, and what i was writing, at the time.
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it was -- i just again wanted to help out in any way that i could. >> the artists as he reached out to the sanders campaign through social media and was on the campaign trail with the candidate in new hampshire as well as today in las vegas. of that was me and my family i would help some but he would come out and help us >> help they did, northern california a family jumped into action to help strangers after this helicopter crash in hawaii new gun regulation loss can be coming to california how the statewide law could closely resemble one recently passed in san francisco. hundreds of people gathered to remember, and reflect on the lives of supreme court justice antonin scalia.
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lawmakers, dignitaries, family and friends all gathered in the nation's capital today to remember antonin scalia. who died last week at the age of 79. i shannon reports the film -- the funeral was a fitting farewell for the conservative justice on devout catholic. >>reporter:thousands gather today at washington's basilica of the national shrine, the largest roman catholic church in north america. to bid farewell to antonin scalia, the 100 third justice to set sit -- 10 third justice to sit on the supreme court. >> we are gathered here because of one man, a man loved by many
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, scorned by others, a man known for great controversy, and for great compassion. that man, of course, is jesus of nazareth. >>reporter:justice scalia had made it clear he thought funerals should focus much more on god and the gospel than the deceased, and his son honor that preference today. his close friend on and off the court, thomas joined their colleagues who are were among those who gather to grieve and celebrate the life was a powerhouse whose impact will be felt for generations. >> hope does not disappoint, because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts to the holy spirit that has been given to us. >>reporter:vice president and mrs. biden longtime friends of the scalia family represented the administration. the obama's did not attend the
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funeral, instead joining the thousands who paid the respect that supreme court on friday. the younger scalia noted his father firmly believed faith belongs in the public square. and that he never felt a need to choose between his deep catholic faith and his obligations as a supreme court justice. >> he understood that there is no conflict between loving god and loving one's country. between one's faith and one's public service. >>reporter:is back to work for the remaining justices who will again hearing a new slate of cases is -- cases on monday. in washington, shannon, fox news. the literary world is mourning the death of harper lee who died yesterday at the age of 89. she wrote "to kill a mockingbird" and was laid to rest today in alabama. she was eulogized at the same church that she used as a model for the imaginary town that was
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the setting for her pulitzer prize-winning novel. it was a private ceremony attended by family, and her closest friends state lawmakers are considering a bill requiring that all gun sales he videotaped the requirement nears an ordinance adopted by san francisco in november that prompted the city's last gun store to close. democratic assemblyman kevin mccarty of sacramento says his bill would help keep firearms out of the wrong hands. the legislation also bans cells by licensed dealers that sell guns out of their homes. law-enforcement agencies in the bay area are searching for a gun belonging to a federal officer for the weapon was reported missing on friday in san francisco. by an immigration and customs enforcement special agent. authorities are offering few details about what happened. reports indicate the officer may have left the weapon on the roof of his car. local and federal law- enforcement law enforcement agencies, right now, are searching for that kind in of mississippi, narcotic suspect and an aquatics agent
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died today at the end of a standoff. 44-year-old agent lead to heart was shot and killed in that firefight after a six-hour standoff, authorities say that 45-year-old charles lambert was held up in his home with his wife and 10-year-old daughter. they escaped unharmed, three other officers were wounded, one of them critically now to serious civil war were countries embattled president is ready for a cease- fire but with conditions. the president says he supports a positive fighting but only if it does not improve the position of terrorist in the country. cease-fire negotiations led by the un were postponed indefinitely today. this comes after the us and russia failed yesterday to agree on how it should be implemented. meantime, fighting has intensified on the ground in northern syria as tensions simmer between russia and opposition backer, turkey. >> we have been facing national security threats and attacks from syria since the start of the conflict including from terrorist organizations, which
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are operating there. >> the turkish military has stepped up its attacks against kurdish rebels along the syrian border. it's retaliation for a terrorist bombing in turkey's capital on wednesday the killed 28 people. fears over the zika virus grow overnight after knowledge -- an olympic athlete was struck with the virus. she contracted it while training in brazil last december. the world health organization has deemed zika virus and international health emergency. she is currently competing at a world championship event in israel and says her symptoms were right in line with those of the dreaded illness. >> they say when the mosquito bites you, it takes two weeks to have the symptoms, i think it was a mosquito who bit me in rio de janeiro. >> she said that she had a fever for about one day and was
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sick for about five. the mosquito borne illnesses linked to a rare birth defect. brazil is said to be the epicenter of the zika virus. the claim that could scare away fans and athletes at the olympics which are taking place this year in rio de janeiro. it is the future of flight, the experiments make drones smaller and more efficient. coming up, look at new drone technology. two unique ships dock here in the bay area, and offer a unique history lesson about life at sea. clouds moving out, and the storm track is setting up tour north over the next few days. here is a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. how much warmer in your sunday forecast 170's make a comeback and let you know if we have any raindrops in the five day outlook.
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two tall ships are docked, photojournalist rick dupont shows dupont shows us what it's like to be on board. >> my name is megan, i am the purser, i am in charge of the purse, the lady washington is lady washington is a replica of the first american flagship to sell around in the pacific northwest virtue was on a mission to go get teas and spices and porcelains from china . they realize by going to the pacific northwest they could trade with the native americans on how to china to pick up the spices. it took three years for them to get all the way back to boston and that is the history of the lady washington. was built with the purpose of taking her out around the hawaiian lions -- islands. and it upbuilding a religion -- relationship with a nonprofit organization who owns the lady washington and they would go out to the battlefields. this is traditionally how you would have raised and lowered the anchor, depending on how deep the anchor is a good take a lot of time. this is our gambled compass.
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this is how we steer the boat. when you are out there in the water, turning this thing, it is not that easy. this is our ship's bell, and it would have been used to tell time here on the boat. every half hour it would have been wrong and additional time to tell the and of every watch where a bowels would have been wrong and that would signify the end of your watch. >> if you want to check them out you still have time to take in the tall ships that will be docked in oakland until february 29 for the ships will then visit ports in antioch, redwood city and sausalito. then i can fundraiser today and venetia ordered an eight euro boy who was killed along with his parents last september. gavin buchanan loves police canines, so the felicia pate -- police department k-9 unit held a special fundraiser in his
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honor. his 16-year-old brother is accused of killing his family while they were at their cabin in el dorado county. valentine the colt got a surprise visit today from the freeman animal -- freeman animal service officer who helped rescue him. valentine the colt was taken there after being spotted by a hiker at the bottom of a 150- foot ravine. officer sarah said he is making a great recovery from a broken pelvis and read. people have pledged more than $15,000 to a gofundme account set up to cover medical costs of valentine's care. >> i am glad to see that the colt is doing better heroic actions after a helicopter crashes. the steps of northern california family took to help strangers. oakland native and nfl star marshawn lynch gives back to student athletes in the bay area and he gets help from a big-time hollywood star.
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it was hollywood meets the gridiron today in a high school in oakland. we were there is a former star from the field, and the big screen inspired young athletes. >> remember to keep your technique >>reporter:saturday morning practice start off a little star powered at oakland technical high school with recently retired seattle seahawks running back, marshawn lynch, but if you think he would ease up on leading man hugh jackman, think again. >> is different than rugby, man. [ laughter] set, go! >>reporter:jackman got to work on the field alongside players even throwing a few passes. >> put it up there, boy. that's a good throw. >> we always had one completion. [ laughter] it's pretty good for an aussie
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>>reporter:the actor invited the team to a screening for his new movie, eddie the eagle. >> he did in his way, and a lot of people were against them and that's what's inspiring >>reporter:lynch and jackman came together to inspire the student athletes, notoriously media site lynch is wasting -- raising awareness about his group, the fan first music foundation. cofounder, josh johnson, says the aim is to reach out to kids. >> we pretty much provide free things for the community, opportunities, we do turkey giveaways, toy giveaways, we do career workshops >>reporter:for the teams on the field meeting a hollywood star was great, but meeting and nfl star meet -- mentally tough practice. >> he was no joke. during the hurdles that was fun. >>reporter:in oakland, christian captain, fox two news. privacy abbey -- advocates plan to arrive at apple store's
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to support the tech giant in its battle with the fbi. they want the company to unlock the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters get the internet rights group, five for the future, is organizing the protest on tuesday at apple stores -- stores are more than 20 states. apple is fighting the court order. ceo tim cook says a special software the fbi wants could also be used to break into millions of other iphones researchers at the university of southern california are developing new drone technology including how to create smaller and smaller drones. the head of the aeronautical departments as department says no one knows how to make those tiny wings and students are collecting data using wind tunnels. for what the future of the drones holds, that is a mystery. >> i think it's going to be integrated into society in ways we have not begun to appreciate yet. >> right now, researchers are trying to build a drone that is the size of a small bird and
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also look into developing drones for commercial and military use survivors of a hawaii helicopter crash of a large group of tourists and good samaritans to thank for helping them to safety. among them a rancho cordova couple that played a critical role in thursday's rescue. we learn how this couple was uniquely qualified to help. >>reporter:it's an unforgettable image, as a helicopter carrying five people plunged into the water at pearl harbor on thursday. juan and alecia valerio who watched the crash from shore rush to help the victims. >> i swam out to the helicopter and one by one, the people and passengers started popping up. >>reporter:want is a navy veteran and a scuba diver he helped a woman to shore, her son was still trapped inside the helicopter. so now there was nothing more terrifying than hear her scream at the top of her lungs, that her son -- i mean, she told me he has a much to live for, please help them
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>>reporter:alecia is a critical care nurse, once the teenager was free from the chopper she and others took turns performing cpr on the boy. >> everybody was helping, and everybody didn't care about their safety, they just helped these people out >>reporter:there rancho cordova couple was on vacation in hawaii with their two sons for they have come home with an unforgettable story. >> if that was me and my family, i would hope somebody would come out and help us. >> it may be really proud of my parents, i'm going to look up to them more because of what just happened. >>reporter:a memory no one could have planned, when they will never forget. >> that was shara reporting, the 15 euro boy who survived the crash is now hospitalized in critical condition. how does this sound? a dip in 56-degree water? i am out. we will tell you the important reason for today's swim and chilly san francisco bay. things are warming up around here, meteorologist, mark tamayo is in with your full bay for area -- the bay area forecast.
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sure they sound happy until they hit the water. hundreds of swimmers took a dip today and san francisco bay. swimmers are braved the frigid water for the annual polar plunge. many grips -- groups took part including members of the san francisco police department. some swimmers even dressed up in costumes all an effort to help raise money for special olympics. >> out of the water fill? >> very cold and refreshing. [laughter] it's for special olympics athletes for this is our 18th year doing it. always worth it.
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>> our own john mc today's events, all funds raised benefit more than 22,000 special olympic athletes in northern california and nevada. it takes your breath away just watching them. they have an event in lake tahoe next month, checking out the temperature in lake tahoe that is in the lower 40s. get ready for that to be good. you think san francisco bay is called. outside right now we have a few high clouds of pressure in northern california. we had the upper level winds traced in heading out to the north of the bay area. that will be the theme over the next few days. live storm tracker 2, right now if you high clouds up toward kate mendocino out to the west. current numbers we have santa rosa 40 for degrees, san francisco 50, san jose 53, and a string of 40s out toward concord, walnut creek and livermore. fairly quiet saturday evening
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across the bay area. here is our live camera looking out towards the bay bridge, not too much, we have a little bit of a breeze, but nothing too extreme. overnight lows, first thing sunday morning, partly cloudy skies. definitely want to bundle up out there tomorrow morning and lots of 40s for san francisco, hayward and san jose. in san francisco 7 a.m., partly cloudy skies, bringing in lots of sunshine throughout the afternoon hours but mostly sunny skies by 12 o'clock and then fair skies as we wrap up the afternoon and headed to the evening hours. we talked about that cool start but a big recovery into the afternoon hours. lots of 60s for your sunday afternoon, eventually by monday we are talking about some more 70s as high-pressure rebuilds just offshore. just like last week. right now we are in the clear, and high-pressure strengthening out in the pacific, a little bit of a bump in the numbers for tomorrow and the more
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pronounced warming for monday evening to tuesday. that means the warmest locations will be back up into the upper 70s. they might be thinking about rainfall of course they will definitely have these storms pushing back into the bay area. tuesday if you high clouds out there, into wednesday and thursday still dry. friday could we could be tracking some rain to our west and that could translate to some rain showers for the upcoming weekend for saturday, a week for now -- from napa that is a ways out, like a change between now and then. for tomorrow, not a drop of rain in the forecast, temperatures will be in the 60s for afternoon highs. hayward 66, nevada 67, santa cruz, san jose 67 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast, more sunshine into your monday. every time i type in 77 on the five day forecast i have to remind myself this is february and that will be the case with lots of 70s over the next few
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days. the overnight lows like winter in the 30s and 40s. >> we will be out there in our flip-flops again. thousands of couples exchanged i do is all at the same time in a mass ceremony in south korea. the couples for more than 60 different countries dressed in tuxedos, and wedding gowns for this a grand celebration. thousands of more couples participated via the internet. the ceremony was conducted by the controversial unification church founded by the late reverend moon. >> he has been doing that for years, but it has been a while since one came along that big. former giant slugger barry bonds talks about his hall of fame the warriors look to bounce back from last nights loss as they take on the rival clippers. sports rap is next.
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the warriors had less than 20 hours to hop on a plane, fly from portland to la and then tried to bounce from their worst loss of the season and do it all against their biggest rivals the red-hot la clippers and they won eight of their last 10. bubba watson in town for the event, floyd mayweather, b eyonci, jay-z and hedrick lamarr all courtside at staples center. the bounce pass to curry for the layup, tennis is for green, curry finish with 23 points. second quarter, warriors add to
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their lead, curry throws down the powerful don. warriors lead the league in assists, here's why, they always deliver the extra pass. green from rush to finish it off, wears up 13, 18 points, 11 rebounds to go with 10 assists for green rate nba best 11 triple-double and then clay thompson for two of his 32 points trade clippers bounce back in the second half, they make a game of it. jamaal crawford -- crawford fouled as he throws it up and then and a few minutes later it's crawford with a deep three. 25 points for crawford off the bench, the clippers cut into five pretty huge game for deandre jordan. watch this, slam from crawford, he bends the rim in the process. 16 points, 21 boards for jordan. you never really got the feeling the warriors were going to lose this one. barnes with a three-pointer of the kick out, and curry loves it, the warriors biggest lead is 16.
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times are perfectly, warrior soul of 16, 2:30 to go. the clippers went on a 13-zero run as pablo with five seconds to go with a one possession game. the warriors they turn it over off the inbounds pass, two men open on the wings but cj wilcox eased it up, it's an airball and that is how we end it, warriors hang on to win 115 -112. they have beaten the clippers seven straight games. they have been the clippers seven straight games that goes back to last year, green with his nba 11 triple-double as we said, chris paul 24 points in the loss. through 54 games, the warriors are one game better than michael jordan and the bowls were during their record-setting 72 win season, 20 years ago. if you look at it here, the warriors have to go 24-four or
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better down the stretch to break the record for most wins in a season. next up atlanta on monday. david these tenure at boston did not last long, he was cut by the celtics today. he played just 30 games for them this season. he could not find his way into the rotation, averaged 15 minutes a game. has not seen the courses january 10, he is in good shape, and several teams it might be knocking on his door down the stretch, including the dallas mavericks. we are talking about possibly trying to pick him up. ali j hughes game with s t. mary's and gonzaga ncaa tournament implications on the line. st.mary's looking for their first sweep of gonzaga since 1995. first half of 23-21. second half now gail is up five, the big guy evan prisoner hits the three, as a big game for him, 42-34 st. mary's,


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