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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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he ended up on the wrong street and showed up at the cortez home. he is accused of jumping on and attacking the woman who lives there. the woman is an alameda county deputy probation officer. a defense source says the officer just hugged her. police arrested faith on suspicion of assault and public intoxication but no formal charges have been filed. today we heard from the probation officer and her attorney, john burris. >> i told my kids to go back inside, and they were crying. and they were really afraid. so then i came back out, and then i saw some of the neighbors there, and they were assisting. and i heard him using vulgar language towards the neighbors that came out and was telling. at some point my was like, we've called the police, they're on the way. >> we want a full investigation
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to determine whether there was any form of a cover did you know. >> reporter: faith and three other officers who had been together that night are still on administrative leave. oakland police declined to go on camera but issued a statement that said, ensuring investigations are swift and fair is our priority. we spoke to residents where it happened. >> it was about like six police cars. it was crowded. >> cops shouldn't be under the influence of any substance, whether you're on duty or off duty, you still represent a brotherhood. >> reporter: now, the woman says she has worked with many upstanding police officers in her career but that this incident has shattered her trust tin department. her attorney john burris has filed a legal claim against the city and that's the first step towards a lawsuit. frank and julie. >> henry, are all four officers on administrative leave? and if so why, if it was just
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the one officer what went to the house? >> reporter: john burris and her client say they actually saw a second officer on the premises, and that the two other officers may have been with those officers earlier in the day, possibly drinking. so there's concern about command and control. one of them may have been a sergeant so a lot of allegations out there. >> kind of like the last thing the oakland police department needs right now. henry lee, thanks. breaking news right now involving a mystery of a woman's torso found near the pier sunday. fremont police say based on their investigation, it may be that of 57-year-old shelly car michael tishner. last night the california highway patrol reported that a man who jumped off the bay bridge and died was her husband, paul. he has not been named but investigators. we talked with a neighbor what was stunned to hear the news.
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>> it's disconcerting. it's a small town. if he. it's just unnerving to have something like this happen. >> the torso was spotted by fishermen sunday night. police could initially only confirm the victim was a woman and it was unclear how long that torso had been in the water. an investigation is underway in alameda after an employee at a customs and border protection office got sick. the. hazmat crews were called to the scene just after 12:30. two dozen employees were quarantined, then evacuated. >> the woman had been complaining of being dizzy and some nausea, and then she had just recently opened a package
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that she noticed what appeared to be some white powder in the package. >> the quarantine was lifted at 3:30 this afternoon. no one was hurt. but two people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. a statement from the u.s. customs and border protection department says at this point it's still unclear if the woman's illness. >> there is a new development n two assaults and purse. police arrested a third suspect this morning. investigators say all three are juveniles and have all confessed to the attacks. on saturday a 17-year-old girl was hit in the face had a knocked to the ground and her purse was stolen. the next day a 63-year-old woman was also robbed, pushed, and kicked. in both incidents it appeared one of the suspects was armed. milpitas police didn't have
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to go. police say a sergeant heard the burglar alarm at the gun store behind headquarters. he then fled. >> the sergeant gave him commands to drop the gun. he immediately dropped the gun. he was basically -- he couldn't surrender. he was stuck behind a locked door. they just couldn't get out and surrender. >> it tack more than three hours before he was taken into custody, and police recovered two guns. all of the suspects were juveniles. former state senator he will lapped '83 was sentenced to five years after pleading guilty to corruption charges. tara moored. >> reporter: disgraced ex state senator he will lapped '83 was silent as he made his way out
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of the courthouse. prosecutors had asked for an eight-year sentence for the man they portrayed as a 0. five years and a $20,000 fine. >> he's remorseful, and he's tired of this humiliating his family, and he's tired of this, what i would call a circus, and he wants to get on with his life. >> well, initially very shocking to top. >> reporter: nancy '. >> many years of public service. >> reporter: judge briar said was particularly disturbed by yeah '83's participation in a -- yee's participation -- yee's
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participation in the program. >> what did you think of the sentence? >> reporter: meanwhile keith jackson who also pled guilty received. >> we accept and our client accepts a what he did. we're going to try to make the best of it. >> jackson's son brandon received four and a half years and five and a half years respectively on separate racketeering charges. meanwhile yee and keith jackson will have to surrender in 30 days to begin serving their sentences. tara moriarty, ktvu fox news. supporters of the california high-speed rail pro correct. they will be funding parts of the 68 billion project. they say construction is already underway in the san
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would poo. a top official charged with cybersecurity got grilled at the state capital today. a audit shows nearly every state agency is not ready for the next cyber attack. here's how the personal information of californians is at risk. >> reporter: on the hot seat at this hearing? answer the question please. >> reporter: the woman in charge of information security for california state government. >> and what i was really hoping to hear you say today was, we acknowledge the problem, we take responsibility fort and we will fix it. >> reporter: michelle robinson is the chief information security officer at the california department of technology. >> we acknowledge the problem. >> reporter: problem first surfaced last summer in a report bia state auditor who questioned state agencies about their readiness for ciber attacks. >> out of 77 that replied to our survey, 73 said, no, we're
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not meeting the standards. there were 104 data breeches at state agencies last year, including continue. two days where state remember sites were hacked. >> we have 160 departments that are holding your private information. so social security numbers, addresses, medical information. yes, there is a risk for the typical californian. >> trying to figure out who is in charge. the phone. but most of the lawmakers seem directed at the department of technology and robinson who headed for the hallway as soon as her testimony was over oche. >> i think we've made great strides. a majestic bald eagle gone
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missing. it disappeared from its home at a bay area zoo. the search now underway for the frpd. we're tracking the chance of sprinkles as we head towards the weekend. i will let you know if that could bring out the umbrellas.
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no justice, no peace! >> outrage and frustration outside the santa clara county courthouse. members of the naacp and other community organizations rallied against a decision by an arbitrator to reinstate a veteran officer with the san jose police department.
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officer phillip white was fired by the police chief for tweets he posted aimed at supporters of black lives matters movement. but officer white was recently reinstated. and naacp attorney has now filed a motion aimed at forcing the city to challenge the arbitrator's decision. >> what we're asking to have happen is for the city to challenge the reinstatement which means a judge would did he sigh whether the reinstatement of this particular officer is contrary to public policy, is a danger to the public safety. >> while officer white is back on the job he is restricted to desk duty. the city council could decide whether to appeal his reinstatement as soon as next week. ktvu has learned that the interim police chief of san jose will likely get the job permanently. eddie garcia took over when the former chief retired. today we were told the city manager plans to bring garcia's name forward as his choice to be the next chief. that's supposed to happen next tuesday, and is expected to be ratified by the city council.
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san jose by the way never launched a candidate search for a new chief. new at 6:00 tonight a search is underway for a bald eagle gone missing from its home at a peninsula museum and zoo. >> an eagle named sequoia flew away from her home on monday and hasn't been seen since. >> ktvu's john sasaki joins us now. this isn't the first time. >> sequoia lived at the palo alto zoo for 22 years. she has disappeared in the past. this is what sequoia looks like. a beautiful bird that would go out for a flight three times a week and except for a few occasions has always come back. the longest she has been gone is five days. on monday she saw something that she started to chase and vanished. now there's an empty habitat at the zoo. sequoia wears a tracking twice. the last tame they saw her signal she was near stanford
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university yesterday. they just want to get her back as soon as possible so she can be properly cared for. >> she was originally found shot in the wild, and has a paralyzed tail. so the gunshot wound damaged her hips, and she can't use her tail, and that means that even though she can still fly, she cannot manipulate well enough to catch prey. and also in very stiff wind, she has a hard time stabilizing herself. >> sequoia is used by the zoo as a goodwill ambassador to meet people and help teach them about bald eagles. just a few minutes ago i've been told that they are picking up a faint signal north of palo alto and they might go up in a plane to see if they can track her down. i'm john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. a young california sea lion that survived a shark attack is now recovering at its new
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forever home in vallejo. the sea lion was found stranded with a bait wound near santa barbara last summer and was recently transferred to a new home at six flags discovery kingdom. staffers say he is now hanging out at the marine research center while his new enclosure is being renovated. they hope to have it finished by june. it's believed he was bitten by a great white. >> we named him shark bite. >> you don't think that's cruel? >> very fitting. >> reporter: why? >> just to tell his story. he will always have the battle wounds. he's already responding to his name so he's a smart boy. >> shark bite is about a year old and because he was found stranded twice and severely injured the second time marine mammal experts decided it was best to provide him with a safe and secure home. >> nice to see him recovering. chief meteorologist, i'm curious, how close have you ever been to either seeing shark while sunk or being bit?
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>> based on that story we used to surf where the elephant seals breed. years ago in the '70s. the seals would be laying around the beach, and about every 10th or 15th seal would have a shark bite, because they're big and blubbery. the sharks will bite on them. i've been close a couple times. 35 years. i've been chased out of the water maybe four times. >> really? >> some there is body saw a fin and goes, we gotta go. 35 years. i used to go almost every day. think of how many car wrecks you've seen. >> something about sharks. >> i know, it's scary. the weather outside is beach weather. tomorrow highs will be in the mid-70s. 68 in fairfield, 71 in concord. a nice looking day. there's the beautiful golden gate bridge. i was talking to somebody,
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bumped into somebody would doesn't go across the bridge every day, golden gate bridge, and they were like, oh my qod. just that shock and awe of stege bridge, and it's one of the things about the golden gate bridge, i used to drive it every day. every time you see it, it's that same vine. wow, look at what they did all those years ago. that's our golden gate bridge. it's a beautiful place. a beautiful night. along the coast you're watching the sunset in the richmond district, out in the marina district, watching the sunset. temperatures have dropped off quickly into the 50s and low 60s. there's your 6:00 a.m. forecast for oakland, pardon me, yeah, oakland. and a few clouds. a few more clouds tomorrow than today. tomorrow is almost a duplicate of today. your thursday just like your wednesday. friday will be the difference. friday things change around. seat in the computer model. on friday we're going to see this weather. here comes thursday morning. fog back to the coast. that's an indication that the on shore winds are coming and
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that porks the fog up against the coast. look what's happening. there's a pattern shift when you see the fog that usually indicates it. here we are friday morning. here we go, whoosh. wouldn't that be nice if it were something more. but lake shasta, lake oroville, they've been getting rain. those are the most important reservoirs in the statement here we are saturday morning, valley fog returns and your weekend will be stung. sunday we might see a few clouds. five-day forecast. maybe a chance of a sprinkle, maybe a chance of a sprinkle here. valley fog returns for the weekend. watching that story about shark bite, and i remembered that you would see them, because the elephant seals are so big and blubbery, the sharks like to bait once, then leave so you bleed out. you would be surprised. next time you're on santa cruz pier, look at the seats. you will see shark bites. >> i'm going to look for that.
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>> you will notice it. >> thanks bill. google said today it is going to try out its new high- speed fiberoptic service in san francisco. google fine ler be available to some apartment and condos and low-income housing units. instead of installing its own fiber cables the company says will use existing fiber lines. google hasn't said when the new service will be available. it didn't take long for two surprise prince concerts to sell out in the bay area. ♪ take a look around >> the rock 'n' roll hall of famer announced oakland will be the first stop on his one-man piano and microphone tour. he is scheduled for back to back shows this sunday at the paramount theater. it only took 15 minutes for the concerts to sell out. >> i've seen him once before. >> i have, too, a long time ago. 49ers general manager trent balke talks about the future of
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colin kaepernick. also the warriors are getting roughed up by the shorthanded heat. >> we check in with the newsroom for ktvu fox 2 news. >> reporter: frank, it's a first for republican front runner donald trump in the race for the white house. coming up the latest boost for the trump campaign coming off the billionaire's big victory in nevada last night. also, michael jackson's former estate is up for sale. it can all be yours nor $100 million. we'll take a look at it. these stories and your top headlines at 7:00 over on tv 36.
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if you're just going to stack fees on top of it? our sale fares have nothing up their sleeves. book them now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding a homeless man in new jersey has become a lifelong
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san francisco 49ers fan after the team stepped up to help him. a niners employee first saw 65- year-old ronald in a video posted on social media. incredibly someone had offered him $5 if he would pour hot coffee on his head. the story and the picture spread across the country. the team sent him a box of gear including a new jackets, hat, and super bowl 50 pin. a go fund me page was started for him. right now he's living out of the cold in a hotel. who would offer something like that? >> it's good that it turned out good for him. he's out of the cold. mark is here now to talk about the warriors. they started out with a rough time. >> the thing is they have got a big x on their back. every team is just flat-out bringing their a-game. they want to be the team that helps deny the warriors of that single season win record. they want to take down the world champs. i would call that cuteness personified in miami tonight.
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that little guy out to see the warriors in miami. and a war of words on twitter with draymond green. watch this at the end of the first quarter. steph curry, yeah. 42 feet. a thing of beauty. harrison barns will take care of business from outside. the warriors close the deficit to four at halftime. when i backed in they were ahead 80-78. a rough road trip. meantime, the future of colin kaepernick. will it ever be decided? well, it has to be fairly soon. today at the nfl scouting combine in indianapolis the 49ers general manager trent balke had a few words about the future of number 7, kaepernick.
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they have to make a decision by april 1st this year because that is the date that his $11.9 million contract becomes guaranteed, on april fool's day. here's trent bal cerkz talking about whether he will be with the team. >> well, i think the good thing is that we've two guys that have gone into games and proven they can play. colin has done some awful good things. won some big games for the san francisco 49ers and expect him to come back. the main focus right now is health, getting him healthy, talking to the medical staff that seams to be going very well. and just look forward to getting him back and getting him working with the coaching staff. >> reporter: you expect him to be on the roster? >> absolutely. >> you heard it there. if he says it, i don't believe it. i think there's no way colin
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kaepernick gets $11.9 million from the team this year. >> that would surprise the heck out of me. i agree. mark, thank you. thank you for joining us. wow, look at that sunset. sigh later, everyone. >> good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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