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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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drinking water that was contaminated any more because it was shut off. >> reporter: problem was first discovered when a teacher began filling a container at a fop taken and noticed the water didn't look quite right. >> saw that it was a little cloudy, and notified the principal what then notified our director of maintenance. >> the school district shut down the fountains, brought in bottled water, and hired a company to run tests. one test showed 59 times the level of lead allowable by the epa. >> would i be happy that my children were drink lead? not necessarily. but i feel like the school took the right precautions. >> those tests are being called into question. the health department received the results from tests it ran earlier this week. >> our results show that there are lead levels that are significantly below epa. >> why the discrepancy? >> i can't tell why you the difference. i would saying a giant's really important to have a specific
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methodology for time of day that you're doing the testing and how you're managing the samples. >> reporter: despite the all- clear sign the school plans to keep the fountain shut off and replace the pipes over the summer. >> right now we have safe drinking water in there if we turned it back on but would knows in two, three years how much would be leeching in so we're going to take care of it now. >> reporter: the health department doesn't believe any student has gotten sick from the water. it says hasn't received any reports of any children with elevated lead levels in all of sonoma county in six years. julie. >> better to be safe than sorry. rob, thanks very much. we're following developing news out of kansas where as many as four people are dead and about 20 others are injured after a shooting at a manufacturing plant. the sheriff there says that the gunman was shot and killed and was an employee at that plant in kansas. investigators are dealing with several crime scenes. there was a shooting in the parking lot of the plant, and another inside.
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the shooting was reported late this afternoon in the city of hesston. it happened at the xcrerkz l energy plant. >> the people are so concerned whether their loved ones have been shot or hurt, we want to get everybody identified and we're working on that. we will get that information out. just as soon as we can. >> a nearby college was placed on lockdown as a precaution. hesston is 35 mails north of wichita. the fbi has been called in to assist with the investigation. we will keep you posted on more developments as they happen. a frightening scene in san francisco as a car hits a pedestrian knocking the shoes right off the man. it happened at the corner of fulton and 46th avenue in richmond. >> when it hits -- >> the car also crashed interest a home, narrowly missing this baby inside. the baby's mother said she was just a few feet away when she heard a loud noise and watched
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part of the wall give way. you can see the damage. she says it all happened so fast. >> she was shocked, i was shocked, and i grabbed her and ran. and i just feel so lucky that she was -- she is okay. i mean, you know, i feel bad for the pedestrian. i think he is going to be okay, but i thank my lucky stars, to be honest. >> that pedestrian was a man in his 20s. he suffered a broken femur but is expected to survive. witnesses say the elderly driver was going 55 miles per hour at the time of the crash. he told police his brakes were not work 0ing. police in brisbane announced they're taking the lead in the investigation involving the discovery of human body parts in fremont. this after investigators yesterday confirmed a strong link to the case of a missing woman. ktvu's cristina rendon with more. >> reporter: most in this small community are staying quiet
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about to disappearance of this woman and the suicide of her husband tuesday. >> i just hope and pray that the family of the two boys are going to be okay. the community really comes together at times like this. everybody is very concerned because they were worried. >> brisbane police strongly believe a torso discovered sunday at the pier in fremont and other body parts found in the same area on tuesday belong to shelley. >> i think we share the same feeling as fremont, and there's a strong likelihood that it is her. >> reporter: just as precaution police and deputies were out here this morning during low tide looking for more body parts but they didn't find anything. it could take several weeks for the remains to be identified. soon after the discovery of the remains, paul titchner jumped off the bridge. >> an action by somebody that extreme would indicate something. what exactly it means is still
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to be determined. >> reporter: investigators have searched the couple's home. paul titchner's business and his vehicle. records show the couple filed for divorce in 2001 but it is unclear if it was ever finalized. >> in this town, it's just a little peaceful burg. it was very frightening. >> reporter: cristina rendon, fox 2 news. a law enforcement team from eldorado county came to the bay area to search for two homicide systems. they were in fairfield and vallejo where those suspects have connections. one investigator told us both should be considered armed and dangerous. they're i department feed as a 24-year-old, on the left, and his cousin, a 26-year-old, on the right. both are wanted for a robbery that left a man dead in south lake tahoe on january 30th. >> these individuals know that they're wanted, and they are, like i said, armed and dangerous. they could be hiding anywhere. they could be in any community.
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we're starting here where they know the most. >> anyone who sees these men is asked to call 911. two other people have been arrested in connection with this same homicide. new at 6:00, the search for an intruder who sexually assaulted a woman in santa clara this is a sketch of the man. there it is. authorities say he entered an apartment and hope drive last saturday. police say he sexually assaulted the woman who lived there and ran off. investigators also think that the same man may have broken into the apartment of another woman nearby the saturday before. that time, though, the woman who lived there confronted him and he ran off. the suspect is described as between 20 and 30 years old, 5' 7" tall, 180 pounds with dark hair and a medium build. san jose police are searching for a gunman who fired at a minivan full of people. it happened outside a busy strip mall on capital expressway shortly before 10:00 this morning. a 17-year-old boy in that minivan was wounded but is
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expected to survive. others ran and panicked at a lucky store and bank. police say the gunman was in that car with several other men. they don't know what triggered the shooting. >> these people that decide they're going to shoot at random, you know, they don't really think about what's in the background. and so any bullets could get away from them and end up striking people that are not involved. >> luckily that did fought happen this morning. police say the gunman was in a silver mid-90s nissan sedan. prosecutors have decided to refile rape charges against a former san jose police officer. last week a judge declared a mistrial in the case against jeffrey graves after the jury deadlocked. graves is accused of raping a woman at a hotel in 2013. he claims the sex was consensual. the santa clara county district attorney's office said would it retry the case and a hearing has been set for march 15th. graves is current free on
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$100,000 bail. now to the battle between apple and the fbi. lawyers for apple fired paperwork today asking a federal judge to vacate the court order which requires the company to help the fbi hack interest the locked iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. >> this is the latest twist in the saga pitting privacy rights against national security. >> reporter: in the court filing today apple accuses the government of seeking dangerous powers through the courts and of promoting boundless interpretation sister law. the filing is apple's first official response since the court order last week. the move comes a day after apple's ceo tim cook said the company will fight the order to create a back door so the feds can retrieve data from the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. today fbi director james comey fired back telling congress the case won't be settling any
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legal or technological press departments. >> the code works only on this one phone, and so the idea of it getting out in the world and working on my phone or your phone, at least the experts tell me, not a real thing. >> some lawmakers say they are preparing legislation that could compel apple to help while others remain skeptical about the rife same play indications. >> if this code exists on a serve at apple it will presumably become the target of our so vern adversaries. >> apple sleets fight all the way to the supreme court if needed but comby is hoping to avoid a pro longed legal fight. he wants to put differences aside. the fbi says questions about law enforcement access should ultimately be decided by congress. this is to avoid disputes like this in the future. >> this is a case that ma a loosening way to go.
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reports of drugging on frat row at cal. would police are saying about four recent incidents involving female students. tracking that warm weather out there. it's going to change. a big temperature drop-off as we head to friday.
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students at san francisco state expressed outrage over proposed budget cuts to the college of ethnic studies. 500 students marched through the campus and took concerns to school administrators. faculty members say the ethnic studies college could lose 40% of its operating budget and half of its teachers. that's because reserve money that helped fund the college
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has run out. >> right now our department, latina studies, hit 125% enrollment. that means every one of our classes was overcapacity. and to cut 40% of our classes you can imagine the chaos that will cause. >> news about to dwindling funds came out earlier this month as department chairs began informing lecturers that less money will mean less classes. s fsu's president says each college needs to be accountable to its budget but there are no plans to axe the ethnic studies program. police are investigating reports of possible druggings at two fraternities. police say two female students may have been drugged at a fraternity last friday night. and two others at another
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fraternity. she says she was forced to sell herself for sex starting at the age of 15. now bianca mendoza is speaking out. ann rubin with her horrifying story. >> reporter: bianca mendoza says it began at age 15. she met a man through instagram and told him she liked his tattoos. what bianca thought was a budding relationship quickly turned to something else. >> he had his friends go to the hotel room and like have them basically do whatever they wanted with me. and when i told them about it he didn't care. >> it was that day at a motel in san jose mendoza says she first began working as a prostitute. soon she was working in southern california, too, the and she says she was forced to take between eight and 20 clients a day. >> he told me if i had anybody try to pick me up he would kill them before they tried to take
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off with me. >> reporter: mendoza and at girl escaped from a hotel in an that heim. he is charged with pimping a minor, pandering, forcible rape along with felony drug and weapons charges. when approached by our sister station his public defender declined to comment. but authorities in santa clara county say he had been a wanted man hear, too, during a series of stings leading up to the super bowl human trafficking task force took in two women who claimed to be his victims. >> he was associated with bringing in two of those females. when we went out and contacted him we didn't have enough evidence for a human trafficking case but there was enough to cite him for aiding in prostitution. >> reporter: he was well-known in his neighborhood where people say there were several drive-by shootings at his tattoo party. this woman asked that we protect her identity but says she was not surprised. >> is he always had young girls
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around him. >> reporter: bianca mendoza, now 18, says she's speak out tin hopes of saving other girls. >> i was crying out because, oh my god, aim so sad, but i'm relieved. i feel like, okay, he's locked up, i can go back to living my life. >> reporter: people in this neighborhood say there is a sense of relief he's gone. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. >> californians aren't cutting back on water use as much as mandated. conservation totaled 17% in january. that is far below the 25% cut the governor brown mandated last june because of the drought. this was the fourth month in a row the goal was not met. state water resources board says it is hoping for a miracle march now in terms of rainfall since february has been so warm and so dry. let's bring in bill now. after january, i was just
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starting to feel like maybe could you loosen up a little bit on how much water you use. now it feels like we're right back to the drawing board. >> i agree, frank. we had such a productive winter, october, november, all above-average months all the way until february, and then the spigot just turned off. february was a bust as far as -- el niño didn't go away. it just quit coming to our doorstep. we did have a break in february. we did see northern storms that did drop rain in the mount shasta watershed. so lake shags that and lake oroville. there was still rain falling, even a little snow. but nothing like what we expected or wanted. for the month of february. the as we roll into march hopefully we will see some big changes. we are seeing changes coming now but not a classic el niño train of storms but just a quick drive-by storm on friday, then again on sunday. these are just enough to wet the lawns perhaps a little bit, put down the tree pollens.
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maybe a little nuisance shower here and there. fog returns to the coast by tomorrow afternoon. that ushers in that onshore flow. actually the onshore flow ushers in fog. with that fog comes that change in pattern. so that high pressure which is dominant and has been dominant, shifts. that's the classic deal. sought shifts a little bit. this low gets in here friday. it brings aus chance of a sprinkle or two. here is what the model wants to do w. here's the morning. that's that fog i was telling you the about. the fog kind of pushes in. there's the onshore flow, the indication that things are flipping around. fog pushes in. that's the. that pushes through about 4:00 to 8:00 at night. i think your main impact will be north of san francisco. we could see maybe a 10th of an inch of rain. it would be okay. something. but for most of us trace amounts or less. a few lingering showers, then
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gone. weekend looks good but sunday we do bring some clouds back in. we'll talk about that sunday system which looks very similar. so partly cloudy tomorrow morning in san francisco. here comes the weather system. doesn't do much. here we go into tomorrow afternoon. just a few clouds. chance of a sprinkle but aussie it's the model that doesn't bear too much weight. the five-day forecast, enjoy your weekend just around the corner. enjoy the spring-like weather. my wife went to the store today to get allergy med indication. i get them pretty strong, my son does, too. the pollens are flying. >> kind of funny saying you, here comes the system, and we saw a couple of clouds. >> and there's been nothing. >> it was such a fun early season because we really were cheering on every storm. i have to admit, it was great, then now it stopped, like our
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team is losing. >> wasn't the strongest part supposed to be january- february? >> february typically can be 300% of rainfall average. we're about 20%. in el niño years. one of the most pre sty jus surf contests in the world is going on in hawaii. it's the quick silver in memory of eddie ical. some of the world's best surfers. for awhile organizers weren't sure if the waves would be large enough to meet requirements. those conditions have only been met nine times in 30 years. the last was back in 2009. the event is held in memory of surfer eddie ical what died at sea in inspect '84. a 27-year-old bald eagle is still missing from palo alto. sequoia was last seen monday
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when she flew off because something caught her attention. she's flown off before but her handler's are worried because they lost the signal on her tracking device. sequoia is also unable to hunt and feed herself. her handlers are hoping to lure her back to her home with a whistle and mice. >> the warriors are back to back battling the magic in orlando, and colin kaepernick agents had a surprising request for the 49ers. details coming up next in sports.
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mark is here now. unbelievable night for the warriors especially steph curry. >> brings a smile to your face because last night 43 points,
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thinking, what's the guy going to do for an encore? 51 points tonight, 93 points for stephen curry in the last two nights. just incredible. the warriors win again. game ended five minutes ago down in orlando. check this move out here from steph curry as he will go to the bucket in sensational form. throws it up. he's fouled. i think that is worth another look to see the degree of difficulty. clobbered, and the warriors in a tough one with orlando. watch how the third quarter ends. look at this thing. let loose. at the buzzer. 45 feet. stef is in a good mood. the warriors begin to pull away with this game. a very happy shimmy shimmy cocoa bop. the warriors winners as their record now 52-5. tell you last
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night about colin kaepernick, and the general manager saying, sure thing, he's going to be on the team come april 1st when his country is guaranteed. today it's a different story as reportedly his agents have asked the team for permission to work out a trade with another nfl team. this comes just hours after the coach had said that he completely expects kaepernick to be with the team. kelly said he wants to be here. he has never expressed to me that he doesn't want to be here. he expressed to me he was very excited. literally, hours later a whole different story. we'll follow the soap opera. scary for the giants. word starts leaking out of their camp that matt cain had been pulled from any activity, counting on him to be in their starting rotation. everybody was worried because he's had so many injuries.
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turns out to be what looks to be a minor situation as he had a procedure to remove a cyst from his upper right arm, and he probably will miss about ten days. so a little setback but certainly not what a lot of people feared when word was coming out of camp that moted cain had been shut down. good news for the san francisco giants. nothing is as good a news as the warriors keep bringing. >> we were talking during the break. is it now considered that steph curry is the best player in the nba over lebron james? >> i think that you probably could get a good argument from a lot of people back in cleveland but this is fodder for talk shows for quite a few months. i think most people are now saying without question steph curry is considered the top player in the world. he's number one. he ranks ahead of lebron james right now. we're seeing it right here in our backyard. >> the consistency in the shots.
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>> the half court shot. >> he set the record tonight, 128 straight games he has hit a three. shea the record for most consecutive games hitting at least one three. >> fun to watch. mark, thank you. thanks for joining tonight. we'll be back tonight at 10:00. >> see you later.
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