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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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can see where its. cloverdale. with very to wait for this plum oh, start dropping south. watch the line. there's heavy rain embedded with in that. alley -- i do believe we will check in with her. i doubt much rain. there's a lot to the north. tom, good morning steve, windsor, second report. rain really coming down. have a great day. i will. every day is a great day. flash flood watch out could be a lot of rain. especially up in the north bay here. that's where the heavy rain will be for today. that goes into monday. the best energy by far. the russian river will be the key. 31.4ful
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the key though is that is the energiy right there. just to the north of us. it'll take a lot of drops south. this plume of moisture can drop a lot of rain. cloudy skies, rain in the north. moving very slowly south. it'll be a warm and muggy day. san jose, san jose valley. anything on your screens yet or is it all quiet? >> all quiet. you can hang out with us for a little while longer. it looks like your ride to work will be a smooth onew. we are watching the maps and take age look here at the bridge you can see there not a lot of traffic. folks make the ride across the beautiful span there and into
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san francisco from marin. now we will take you down and show you the situation in the south bay. you can see -- not much in the way of traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza that you are seeing more and more cloud cars. no major back ups there at this time and of course we will keep tabs on the situation at the toll plaza as we always do. for now here at 5:02. another round of storms headed our way. this one may push the russian river to the brink of flooding. the water level in gurnville around 15 feet by saturday it could reach 32 feet near flood level. local fire departments checking preparing -- boats just in case they have to rescue people.
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some say they are prepared. >> we are ready. if it goes up we have the generators. if the freezer goes out we have -- everybody barbecues and gets the canoes. a flash flood watch is in effect in the north bay and in san francisco and on the peninsula. this he are testing a new idea to protect businesses and residents in an area that's prone to flooding today instead of those sandbags, removable flood barrier also be installed by the city along two blocks near 17th and fulsom. that's an area where sewers and blacked up. the city is only testing these barriers. they want to see how well they protect against flooding how well they can be put into place. one concern is they may block driveways. the demolition of a second
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apartment building on a cliff side is being delayed because of the weather. the building at 320 was supposed to be torn down today. because of today's storm it's now pushed back. the building was red tagged in 2010 because of that cliff. the demolition once it starts will take four to dave days. new, we don't know if the weather caused this but a big tree crashed onto a car. it hit that maybey cooper just after eight. shattering the wind shield, denting the road and blocked part of the street. city workers came in and cut up the tree. they cleared the road. no injuries have been reported. today bart will consider a plan to slap fineso on people who take up more than one seat on the train. we are live.
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>> reporter: it's frustrating when people put bagso and items onto an ime seat. doesn't leave any room. today the board of directors will consider fining passengers who take up more than one seat. under a proposed ordinance the first violation would be 100- dollar fine. the second infraction would be 200 and after ha it would be five hundred. they are standing shoulder to shoulder for people who have disabilities and need to sit down. anyone with a disability that needed multiple seats would be allowed to do so. while it this will be discussed today about the bart board meeting would need a vote at a future date for it to be loss. it's slow right now. here is the fremont bart station we will catch with bart
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riders and then bring that to you. >> certainly getting crowd on the bart trains. thank you. republican candidates will hit the stage in the state of florida tonight and party leaders are hoping this debate is more g rated than the last one. this after a feisty debate on the heels of sanders. >> reporter: sanders came into last night's debate with more swagger after his huge come back win in michigan. it showed as he did not hold back in going after clinton. >> i have --. >> excuse me. >> reporter: squaring off for the eighth time last night clinton and sanders clashed over the key issue of immigration which weighs on the minds of florida voters. >> i said welcome those children into the country. secretary clinton said send them back. >> he voted in the house with
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hard line republicans for indefinite detention for undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: both said they wouldn't deport children and illegal immigrants without criminal records. clinton was asked about the investigation into her private e-mail. >> if you get indicted will you drop out? >> that is not going to happen. i won't even answer that question. >> reporter: on the republican side, after a string of tough losses senator rubio said he is not going anywhere and is still in the race for the long hall. >> i will be on that ballot on tuesday. i will campaign as long as and as hard as it takes. we are going to the white house. >> reporter: the latest polls show trump leading by more than 20 points. >> if i don't beat marco in florida. i love them. i employ thousands of people in florida. >> reporter: the latest polls
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looking better for kasich who is beating trump in his home state by five points. the polls not smiling on cruz. he is stuck in third place in both ohio and florida. in washington. fox news. ross was at the debate last night. he will have a live report later. in our coverage of the 2016 race for the white house, also continues online for the latest information. police in western pennsylvania, outside of pittsburgh are searching for two two gun men who shot and killed five people at a backyard party last night. police say that they barged in to the party and opened fire in an ambush style attack one fired as people ran toward the back door a second fired from the side of the yard. four women and a man were killed. three others were hurt. the gunman ran away and they are still on the loose.
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police say they don't know of a motive for that shooting. back here more details about the death of a bris pain brisbane woman found near the dunbarton bridge the torso was found in a black plastic bag. it was identified by through a tattoo. later hikers found more remains. the family had early irreported her missing. as police were beginning to suspect her husband he killed himself. investigators still looking for the couple's cell phones to see if anyone else was involved. san francisco is moving closer to adopting a new use of force policy with in the police department the commission held a hearing at city hall. the police chief and other
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staff gave a status update. they said it's committed to improving relations. they made the academy class will attend a forum at the third baptist church in san francisco. >> to explain to -- what they expect as far as policing goes and to give them a perspective some of the issues. >> it follows the shoots of mario woods. efforts to reduce lethel force. firearms call indications now includes eight hours of classroom training on deescalating confrontations and crisis investigation. he said his parents abused him for years. 20 minutes accusations against the south bay couple who adopted a young boy from russia. >> it was a pretty chaotic
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scene. >> it was unforgettable for first responders. up next hear from the first firefighters and deputies who jumped in to action to help save lives. >> and we are watching the roadways for you. we have a very nice looking drive. so farah round the bay area. no major problems. what the situation is in the east bayh long 880. also show you the south bay coming up. >> keeping an eye on the north bay and where the rain line sets up. more on that coming up.
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widespread flooding has forced evacuations. its been raining in parts of the state in areas. rainfall totals in some areas reached up to nine inches. floodwaters were up to the rooftops of some homes and in other areas cars were submerged. the national guard went door to door rescues people. the flooding blamed for at least three deaths in louisiana, oklahoma and texas. the deadly storm moved through houston where a flash flood watch was in effect for early this morning. heavy rainfall has flooded the streets and neighborhoods. this after recent severe storms rage across parts of central north texas. they have spawned tornadoes, unbelievable video one struck a automobile home park smash
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something homes and injuring two people. part of a busy exit on southbound highway 101 is back open now. the chp sent this picture of a small sink hole no word on what caused the pavement to collapse but crews repaired overnight. take a look at these photographs posted on twitter by the alameda fire department. of the derailed train cars. as well as inside and the frantic rescue of passengers. amber lee talked to some of them get to that crash seen. they showed her cell phone photographs of them searching for victims inside the train car that ended newspaper the
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cold waters of alameda creek. >> i walked up and saw a wall of people walking toward them. you couldn't see them until they were right in front of us. >> shattered glass everywhere. dirt, debris. just chaos everywhere. >> the first responders say that they were only doing their job. they say the passengers, the train conductor and engineers are the real heroes, helping injured people in the train cars, despite being hurt. the first ace train of the day has crossed in to the bay area. it's due to arrive in livermore in just about ten minutes right now. in san jose just after 6:30 this morning. the service resumed yesterday for the first time since that derailment. rider ship was down during the morning runs. the trains traveling through niles canyon went just ten miles an hour. the regular speed limit is 40 miles an hour the train was
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going about 35-milemiles an hour. >> time is 5:16ful our good friend alex, known as salex. is he back there in morning watching the roads. >> my alter ego. we have a good-looking commute. it'll be a nice smooth ride. we will take you here and show you first of all the situation along 880 coming newspaper to the downtown oakland area that's the traffic that's going right by the coliseum and orarle. into downtown oakland is a nice easy ride. we are starting to see more and more people make that trip. here we will go south and show you the san mateo bridge. traffic starting to build more. we are seeing more clouds making the ride across that span. no major slow downs on the maps. speaking of the maps, here you go. that's a big picture of the --
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of the san jose area and the south bay commute. 280 clear. 85 look good into downtown san jose that is your commute ly slide you up the peninsula. you can make your way up the peninsula. newspaper to san francisco. it's a very smooth drive here and -- no rainfalling here in the immediate bay area. just yet. >> north bay. >> north bay is where you will see it. >> most of the morning. >> all right. >> heavy stuff. >> very heavy form. for others the line looks to be around the park, that is the reports very had so far northward. heavy rain. especially santa rossa up to lake county. santa rosa.
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it may stay there all day and slowly work its way south by this evening. san jose i think most of the east bay. peninsula all right here. we have the first plume today. it's just a warm over running rain. the front does swing through. the key will be -- there's always a -- a something going on in weather. possibility that this system may kind of split. we will hold onto everything here. especially up in the north bay. there will be heavy rain. started yesterday and goes through four monday. we have a serious of systems. the breeze is really set up here. some of the next five-day totals will be good for some. off the chart for others. more than that -- i think that is where everything set up for right now.
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that's where the best jet level stream is. there could be light. you can see how it all lifts up in the last few frames. it's warm for some. san jose, palo alto. 60s. that's where the rain is. east bay temperatures in the 50s. breeze will be a factor. it's starting to set up here. especially to the north. not so bad yet to peninsula east bay, south bay but it is in the north bay. 45 warm degrees, 57reno. 55 sacramento. very warm sector. once this starts to drive south. we will pick up the rainfall.
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if that's not the case you can let me know . we will get more rain saturday night into sunday. >> e. if you always feel sleepy. tired at work. >> yes. >> you aren't alone. >> okay. >> look at that up next a new study about sleepy workers. advice for the boss to get people to get more work done.
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welcome back. it's 5:24. i know are you wide awake. this weekend daylight savings time kicks in. that means one less hour of sleep sunday morning. >> no. >> i'm sorry. according to a new survey a lot of workers already tired. you are running on fumes. almost three quarters of the american workers say they are just plain tired at work. that can lead to a lack of focus, being grumpy and making more mistakes at work. >> i think the big message to both employers and employees is you know make sure that you are really thinking about your employees, thinking about realistic work loads and that we are finding enough time to
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get rest. >> yeah. stay awake. according to the survey more than 50% of workers say they would take advantage of a nap room if their job offered one. >> we had talk -- should talk to our bosses. the warriors record home winning streak is one game longer this morning. despite a slow start the they beat the jazz. check out this behind the back pass from seth curry. >> sweet. >> that's just sick. >> he only had 12 points but three of them came on this half court buzzer beater. he does this almost every week. banks it in. then runs to the locker room. no business. same thing every day. most had a huge game off the bench with a season high 16. clay thompson with 24 if '2. hosting the portland trailblazers and the suns on saturday. before the game curry who is a big golfer got in putting
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practice and women's number one golfer stopped by the practice facility and had a friendly contest. looks pretty good. also exchanged autographed golfballs. >> so growed i know she is a big fan of basketball. that's the number one golf net world. >> just almost seems to good to be real. everybody knows is he a talented player. he is also -- seems like a great person. >> champion meeting champion. that's good stuff. she is promoting next month's lpga swinging skirts classic. >> curry is really good. he could play progolf if he wanted. pretty strong accusations of inappropriate behavior at a south bay police department. what a police dispatcher claims and how the city is he responding. >> there's no sign of it yet but rain is on the ray. the north bay will feel it
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thank you for joining you. thursday. march 10th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm brian flores in for pam
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cook. let's check weather and traffic. it's a fine line on where it's raining where it's not. oc cidental has had almost a -- lake county. when it's lit up that's -- see how the line lifts. bodega bay, santa rose a. looks to be the line. there's the gusty conditions in there. this is a north bay event for sure. here this morning. south of that there may not be much if anything. i mean you can just see the line. looks to be about point reyes north. no reports in marin. we -- steven up in fb. that's fort bragg. 56 degrees. an inch and a quarter plus. no golf today. i would think no golf, no tennis. no nothing. unless you want to sit home and watch the rain. that's where the heaviest rain
5:31 am
will be. that goes for a while here. we will amend this. it may take allyl whiffet past . line of rain just says to the north. napa airport. 16. maybe gusts 25 plus. it'll take a while to get that to drop south. this is when things pick up the meters lights click on.
5:32 am
>> we are get age little busyer at the bay bridge toll plaza. i appreciate that. the of take i can starting to pick up. now is -- a good time. it's a good time to get in the middle of all that and make the trip before it gets busy. we will show you the is south bay here and there is 280 going through san jose and that is still a very nice looking drive this morning. no back ups to report there. no crashes to report. major crashes of any kind. i will show you the maps here. if are you making this trip over the pass and through the livermore valley you can see you have -- the normal slowing there. westbound on 580 as you come up toward livermore. mug unusual but you will slow down and -- here is what the ride looks like coming in from the antioch area.
5:33 am
ktvu fox 2 ash you are in -- >> reporter: we are at marin county the bulk of this rainfall is happening. north, far north of here. north of that, here about 15 minutes ago we had maybe just a spattering of rain drops on the wind shield. it lasted for a couple minutes. then it completely stopped. no rain out here. just yet as we heard steve say. you may not get here until later on this afternoon. here, they are used to dealing heavy rainfall. this area at the creek has had a history of flooding in the past. that's why people -- have -- always been good at keeping an
5:34 am
eye on the rainfall. this is what happened in 2005. when the town had the wettest december in 50 years. these pictures from the historical society. they show the avenue transformed into a near raging river. more than 140 businesses and 290 homes were damaged it caused about a $30 million in damage. this weekend's storms are not expected to cause that kind of damage here. we are showing you these pictures to show why people are so prepared. where there is heavy rainfall expected, it's already falling north of us as i said and out in the town of gurnville, people are watching closely on the russian river it's expected to reach flood stage. 32 feet. by saturday morning. that is the area that's really going to feel the brunt of the
5:35 am
storm. local fire departments checking their boats, making sure they are ready in case they need to make swift water rescues the rainfall is suppose to last saturday and sunday. flash flood watch is in effect for that area until monday. as you can see rain not falling here yet. we heard from you just a few minutes ago. you said you would check in with me and i'm happy to report no rain out here just yet. we will see if that changes later this morning. >> all right. stay dry. all right. talk to you later. a 23-year-old man said he was sexually abused for years by his parent who adopted him from rushy. dennis flynn said he endured ten years of abuse by both parents. they were arrested earlier this year. dennis said that the abuse started shortly after he was adopted at the age of nine and went from a few time as i month to every day.
5:36 am
>> this is the most outrageous case of abuse i have seen in 40 years of practice. >> for a long time they told me that what they did was right. what they did was out of love and i had to relearn what love really is. >> he has now filed a civil lawsuit against them. we do reach out to the attorneys representing them in the criminal case. they say that a gag order prevents them from commenting but they are expected to enter not guilty pleas. a south bay dispatcher is suing the police chief and the city she works for claiming inappropriate behavior. the 38-year-old said that she has faced disincrimination, harassment and revenge while working with the mountain view s.w.a.t team the photograph you saw was from the department's facebook page. she said that she was subjected to sexual banter. lewd jokes and simulated sex acts. had she reported -- when she reported the mischief did
5:37 am
nothing and she was put on leave. >> all this kind of -- boys will be boys sexual conduct which -- as i said at some point became more than she could tolerate. >> reporter: the manager is responding now by issuing an open leter to the communityn. that letter he acknowledges the past behavior of some department workers was inconsistent with the standards expected of employees. he said that an independent investigator found the claims are not supported by the facts. the first court hearing in the case scheduled for july. a ten thousand dollar reward to help arrest the gunman in a deadly bart shooting. the gun mat shot and killed -- the video shows a man walking on a bart platform on january
5:38 am
9th and then leaving the west oakland station. previously investigators only released grainy still images of the suspect. they hadn't been able to identity him. they hope someone will recognize him now. if you have information contact the police. san leandro melissa nounsed an arrest in a case involving racist grafitti on the doors of a school district office building. hate filled grafitti was found monday on the main door of a san leandro school district office on juniper street. in addition to those words there was satanic simulated sex bombs spray painted on the door. that office is next door to an elementary school and parents are upset. >> that's really sad. especially somewhere -- at an educational place. like facility and for kids to maybe see that. it's sad. >> investigators identity aid
5:39 am
suspect after he was brought in on unrelated charges. he was seen a half mile away ride age bike that was freshly painted in the same colors as that grafitti. >> santa cruz has suspended a fraternity and sorority and six students arrested on suspicious of operating a drug ring. they were all arrested last week. the suspensions will last until proceedings done. they also face criminal charges too. they are currently out on bail. the six were arrested when police and federal agents took thousands of tablets of ecttasy. investigator was tipped off by homeland security and the postal inspector that suspicious packages from overseas were heading there -- for three addresses. the students are members of the fraternity and the sorority. the national leaders of those
5:40 am
organizations sent ceas experience desist orders to the chapters. jurors in the alex nieto wrongful death case will continue deliberating this morning. the case went to the jury yet afternoon. they will died decide if he parents should receive compensation. the family said that the four officers used force and should have had a better plan of action. police say that nieto point aid taser at them and they thought it was a gun. the dean of the berkeley law school is now on leave after his assistant filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. that assistant is claiming that he hugged, kissed and touched her inappropriately and said he was allowed to keep his job after a university investigation found her complaints were justified. she said it started just after he became the dean and they
5:41 am
happened almost every day. the university investigated her claims and said he did admit to hugging, kissing and touching her. he said that his behavior was very inappropriate but there was no sexual intent. after the investigation his salary was reduced. he was ordered to take sexual harassment training. he said he disagrees with the claims in that lawsuit. some new details of being released now about an attack inside the san jose state library. officials say that a 37-year- old kenneth stuart went into a woman's bathroom in the library late tuesday night and tried to assault a 56-year-old woman. when she started screaming another woman ran into the bathroom and helped chase him away. campus apply say they saw a man running and caught him outside the library. the university said its working now to make that area safer including moving shelving units
5:42 am
near the bathroom entrance to make it more open and visible. neither the victim or suspect are associated the school. the state seven sit is scheduled to vote on whether to raise the legal age to smokef. approved the state would be the second state in the country to increase the age from 18 to 21. hawaii requires smokers to be 21. the new age limit would include people who use e cigarettes. our time is 5:42. supervisors are talking about leasing a new training facility for muni drivers. at six why some are criticizing the plan. crowded bart trains and nowhere to sit because someone is being a seat hog? bart officials taking up that issue today. sue today. >> and good morning.
5:43 am
the roadways are looking fantastic. around the bay area. no major problems to report. the ride along the san mateo bridge. we will tell you what things look like in the east bay as well, coming up,. >> draw a line from about bodega bay to clear lake. that's where the rains. about a half inch to an inch hardly anything in marinw. he will see if that line of moves south.
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that's not fair, he should give you your rollerblades back. anddddd, she's back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. so you have 20 more bags. mhm. my yoga instructor calls it the death spiral. i call it living the dream. american express presents the blue cash everyday card
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with no annual fee. cash back on purchases. see you tomorrow. backed by the service and security of american express. if you have ever tried to find a place to sit on bart only to see someone hogging two or more seat was their stuff, bart said that it knows how you feel. >> they may soon start fining riders who hog seats. what do they think about doing and what about the fines in >> the fines would be pretty expensive. hundred dollars for the first
5:46 am
infraction. two hundred the second time and 500 after that. the bart board of directors is considering this proposal today to prevent lied riders hogging the seats. when someone puts their bags or person items on an empty seat it's a problem. afternoon times riders don't want to be confrontational. they hope this new rule will top. they are looking for people with disability who need to sit down. we asked one rider about what he felt. >> shows no respect is the bottom line. they aren't willing to share so, yeah, i think that's a problem during the hours. >> reporter: is it a good idea to fine them? >> very to do something. >> reporter: bart authorities reportedly say that the proposal is not intended to harass homeless people. it's just to intended to free
5:47 am
upsets. the director said that if it's enforced unevenly against the homeless he would reconsider the rule. it would still need to be voted on at a future meeting. time now is 5:47. dc. let's check in with alex in for sal this morning. hopefully it stays quiet. >> you are my guy. both my guys. i love you man. it's good to be here. to be here with all of you. i must say that. traffic looks fantastic. there you go. 880 in oakland that's where i want to go first. we will show you what the ride looks like. no slow downs or crashes into downtown oakland. i will you show the golden gate bridge. that's what is looks like. more and more people making the
5:48 am
ride in from marin to san francisco. there are no slow downs or crashes in that area. that's a nice easy ride. i want to show you on the maps here if you are making the friendship from antioch. west on highway 4. pittsburgh, bay point. that's a good-looking ride. 680 looks identification. so does 24. you are starting to see a lot more traffic as we always do. starting to build here through the livermore valley westbound on 580. the good news is that no crashes. you should be okay after you get through that pocket of slowing there. the time is 5:48. no rain on the inner bay area and we likely won't net any for the morning. >> that's correct. unless you are in the north. evenson man. up to -- lake county. maybe northern napa.
5:49 am
draw the line from bodega bay. there's been a half inch. occidental. it's about santa rose a heels burg. cloverdale. deport children and illegal immigrants port. it may sit there for a while. we can take nevado. maybe just around point reyes north. the bay yes. then south of that look at that. on the dryer side. not a lot of rain. crockett says no rain. no rain now but cloudy, calm and it's warm this morning that's true. 56 degrees. our lows way up there. flash flood watches out. this is a applying to the north bay. heaviest there today. it started yesterday. goes into monday a series of systems coming through. i would ramp these up north of santa rosa to a little more than that i think there will be
5:50 am
maybe a foot of rain. especially parts of county north. heels burg. russian river and gurnville these will be the focus for today. i don't think napa today. maybe later tonight into tomorrow. it's all about the russian river and points north. there could be a little bit of rain. nothing heavy. at least for a while. 50s and 60s. 61 palo alto. the breeze is getting windy for some. low 60s. this is really mild for the peninsula. low 60s. that's south-southeast breeze is responsible. west southwest. 2016napa. there will be gusts of 40 to 50. look how warm it is. 45, 457, it's 53 -- pretty mild. which is one warmer than monterey. that's the key. watch that there. that's the plume of moisture. you need a system to slide through. that will take a while. this is all about the north
5:51 am
bay. at least so far. cloudy skies, rain, mainly north of marin. that could drop south in the next couple of hours, very muggy for others. upper 60s. mostly cloudy. temperatures, low 60s to the north. low 70s to the south. rain will make it later tonight into friday. they are still testing a knife found at oj simpson's house. the reason it was probably not the knife used to kill nicole sick son and ronald goldman.
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more than three thousand filed past her casket. another public viewing being hold today and tomorrow. all the details were planned by the former first lady. >> she was intimately involve from who the guest was to who the pallbearers, the people reading during the program, everything down to the flowers and so, we are just following her orders right now to make sure she has the funeral that she deserves. >> about a thousand guests are expected at the funeral tomorrow. including first lady michelle
5:55 am
obama, former president george w bush and his wife former first lady laura bush, former first lady carter and hillary clinton. it'll take at least three weeks to know if the knife found at oj simpson's former estate was connected to the killings of her wife and ronald goldman. officials say it's a knife commonly used by gardeners and to small it make the wounds that killed simpson and goldman. they commissioned a study to look at possible designs. at least two of them include a series of loops going from the
5:56 am
bridge to the street below. it's expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars. very heart warming story out of marin where a rescue dog was reunited with her missing puppies. it was posted on youtube by the humane society. cola bass give tone the shelter over the weekend. when she was checked out they realized she had just had puppies. the shelter contacted her owner the puppies were brought to the shelter. when she saw them she got extremely happy. as any parent should. she and her puppy also soon be up for adoption. >> great story. >> yeah. first responders at that ace train derailment are talking about what they saw. >> we have shattered class, dirt, debris, just chaos. >> up next who they say the
5:57 am
real heros were that night. >> and canada's new prime minister in the united states. why is he about to meet the president. >> we have rain. especially up in the north bay. mainly santa rosa. bodega bay. up to lake county. more coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the rain is moving in. right now it's hitting the far north bay and other parts of the bay area are dry and muggy. mostly warm. this is a live picture from the camera on top of our jack london square studios many you can see beautiful downtown oakland all lit up as the sun is beginning to peek out. you didn't over sleep. it's 6:00 right now. not seven. i have the pleasure of being in for pam. >> you are here. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather. get you moving. steve has the latest on the forecast. >> it's six, not seven. people are freaking out at home. >> that's why i said. >> i know. >> what time is it? >> yes. we have rain but mainly in
6:00 am
sonoma north. northern napa. also newspaper to lake. really not much yet in marin unless that's changed. very had reports of no rain. very, very little at san -- you can see the line, bodega bay. santa rose a windsor, middle town. lake port. reports there. looks like about -- look at napa, wrapping back over to -- inverne is ss. that seems to be on the northern edge. you are not going to bet rainn. that plume as maria is its been raining since three. napa and there could be a lot of rain this is just a -- a plume of moisture just draping over us. the front comes through tomorrow. that will sweep it southward. as it does that will pick up the rain. until then it'll be a cloudy, muggy day. there will be some light rain but most of it is to the


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