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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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sonoma north. northern napa. also newspaper to lake. really not much yet in marin unless that's changed. very had reports of no rain. very, very little at san -- you can see the line, bodega bay. santa rose a windsor, middle town. lake port. reports there. looks like about -- look at napa, wrapping back over to -- inverne is ss. that seems to be on the northern edge. you are not going to bet rainn. that plume as maria is its been raining since three. napa and there could be a lot of rain this is just a -- a plume of moisture just draping over us. the front comes through tomorrow. that will sweep it southward. as it does that will pick up the rain. until then it'll be a cloudy, muggy day. there will be some light rain but most of it is to the north.
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50s, 60s on your temperatures. south bay mild to muggy. 61, 53 53 santa cruz. it's beginning to crank up. very heavy rain to the north. are will have to wait for it to make it to afternoon muggy south bay. near 70 degrees on some of these . rain heavy in the north bay. 6:01. i know things have picked up. anything else? >> you know no other crashes out there. no other problem spots that's a really good thing here at this hour. as you go out the door keep that in mind a smooth ride in the bay area. let me show you the situation at the bay bridge toll plaza. you see the sun starting to creep up and you can see a lot more people are making their way toward the toll plaza. it's getting busier. the back up not all that significant. not mug you wouldn't expect. good time to make your drive in to the city. i want to slide you down here
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to the san mateo bridge and i you will show you that traffic is building on the span. looks to be a few pockets of slowing but nothing much to speak of and no crashes in that part of the bay area. to the maps we go and you have the usual slowing that we often see coming over the pass and through livermore valley on 580. nothing to bad there and no crashes in that area. you can see here a big picture of the south bay. all the freeways in the south bay look very good and boy the chp log not much in the way of any accidents . we hope it stays that way. you know the roads aren't wet right now. we he just talked about that. the rain will stay to the north. of course the experts, steve and others are expecting rain on the roads and else west virginia today is over. there is already a flood advisory in effect for the
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north bay. we have ktvu live this morning in -- i know you aren't seeing any rain just yet. do you get the sense it's coming? >> reporter: well -- i don't know if you can see -- ceas point the camera up to the sky you can see light patches. i don't know if it comes through the camera lens. we had maybe a few spring manies, drops on the wind shield. lasted over two minutes. never came back. there is a flash flood watch in effect for the north bay. far north of here in gurnville -- those areas. they are getting hit heavy by rain. the southern part of marin there is still flash flood watch in effect. no rain yet. people here are always prepared in case nearby -- the creek does flood with a heavy rain. this business has sandbags out here and just about every business out here ise equipped to install flood gates should it get bad. at the last minute if they need
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too. where they are expecting heavy rain the area -- that will be on the brunt is the far north bay. in gurnville the river is expected to reach flood stage. >> plan early. if it's something you that don't want to stay, grab whatever you think you they knead. if you think you may stay but make sure if you decide to stay you have water and food and that sort of thing to be able to stay. >> reporter: the rain in the rest of the bay area isn't here yet. it could take a while to get out here.
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we aren't sure if weather has a factor but a large tree fell on a car last night. it crashed ton a mini cooper just after eight. it dented the hood and blocked part of the street. no reports of injuries here. we have you covered all day with your weather app. you can get live radar it's free for smart phones. happening now. the president is welcoming canada's new prime minister to the white house. we are out there live, looking at the pomp many and circumstance. all of the -- the white house decorated a lot of people out there. the president and first lady will be greeting the prime
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minister. his wife, on the south lawn of the white house a beautiful day out there as well. during his three day visit he and the president are expected to announce a new agreement to reduce methane gas emissions natural gas drilling. they will be honored with a state dinner . he is the 44-year-old son of long time prime minister -- canada is the united states's largest trading partner with more than two billion dollars worth of goods and services going back and forth across the border every day.
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we will bring you more pictures as they come out. new pictures to show from you here at home of that ace train derailment we have been covering in niles canyon. the fire department posted these photographs of the damaged and derailed cars. amber lee talked to some of the first responders and sheriff's deputies who arrived on the scene monday night. we showed cell phone photographs of them looking for victims inside the car that ended up in the cold waters of the creek. even veteran first responders said they never experienced anything like this. >> reporter: i walked up and saw a wall of people walking toward me. couldn't see them until they were in front of us with no flash lights. >> shattered glass, dirt, debris. just chaos eve where. >> they say they were just doing their jobs. they say the passengers, train
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conductor and engineer were the real heroes. they helped people despite being hurt themselves. the first ace train of the day set to arrive in san jose about 25 minutes from now. service resumed yesterday after the first time since the derailment monday evening. rider ship was down about 20% during the morning. trains traveling through niles canyon had to go ten miles an hour the speed limit is 40. the train that did he railed was -- derailed was going 35. a plan for a new muni training facility is of month ahead but we don't know it's future yesterday a board of supervisors moved the plan forward without recommending it be approved or disapproved. the issue is the cost. the plan calls for paying 2.5 million dollars a year in rent for a site in south san francisco. that's a 575% increase over what they are paying now. they said that it's need for a
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new training facility is dire. you tonight know yet when the supervisors will take a vote on that contract. the presidential candidates focusing on the important state of florida. next a live report from washington on the democratic debate. and coming up at 6:30 a police dispatcher suing the city of mountain view. the discrimination and harassment she claimed she faced. >> and so far no trouble spots out there as you head out the door and go off to work the morning drive looking great. there along highway 101. we will tell you about the east bay ride as well when we come back. >> weather is a slow steady rain for some up north. especially sonoma. lake counselediful northern napa a little looks to be moving in toward the peninsula. for some it'll be dry this morning.
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we are taking you back to washington where you see the president now standing should tore should we are the new prime minister of canada. he and his wife are at the south lawn right now. tonight the prime minister will be honored with a state din artery the white house. the first for a canada head of state since 1997 during his visit. he and the president are expected to announce a new agreement to reduce methane emissions natural gas drilling. they are playing the national anthem and we will stay on top of this in the newsroom and bring you more as it happens
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here. >> he will. tonight the republican presidential candidates debate in the all important state of florida. party leaders hope this one is more g rated than the last one. this debate comes after last night's very feisty democratic debate. >> reporter: yeah. it was. you will notice sanders came into that debate with more swagger after his come from behind victory in michigan. it showed as he did not hold back in going after the front runner. >> i have introduced. >> reporter: squaring off for the eighth time last nightclub ton and sanders clashed. >> i said welcome those children into this country. she said send them back. >> he voted in the house with
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hard line republicans for indefinite detention for undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: both promised they won't deport children and illegal immigrants who do not have criminal records clinton was also asked about the fbi's investigation into her private e-mail. >> reporter: if you get indicted will you drop out that is not going to happen i won't even answer that question. >> reporter: on the republican side after a string of tough losses. i will be on that ballot on tuesday. ly campaign as long and as hard as it takes. we are going to the white house. we are going to win this nomination. >> reporter: the polls aren't in his favor right now. the latest fox news poll shows trump leading by more than 20 points in the sunshine state. >> i mean identify don't meet him in florida because florida is my place. i love them. i employ thousands of people there. >> reporter: latest polls are
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looking much better for kasich. is he beating trump in his home state. the polls not smiling on ted cruz though. he is currently stuck in third place in ohio and florida. six days left to go a lot can change. >> all right. thank you. coverage of the race for the president will continue throughout mornings on two. ross is in miami. he will have a preview of tonight's republican debate in our 8:00 hour. police in western pennsylvania are searching for two none men who shot and killed five people at a backyard party. this happened in wilkinsburg. police say that two gun men barged in and hoped fire in what they describe as an ambush style attack. a second fired from the side of the yard. four women and one map were killed. three were injured the gunman ran away and police say they
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don't have a motive for the shooting. the natural gas explosion in seattle. the one that destroyed two buildings yesterday has been ruled an accident. three businesses including a restaurant, c aps convenience store in those buildings all destroyed. the greenwood community is rally around the many other businesses damaged by flying debris a lot say they are glad nobody was killed. i looked out the window and it was just so crazy to see that entire area destroyed. >> i was -- someone is dead from this. >> nine firefighters were treated for minor injuries but nobody was killed. nobody was seriously hurt. damage is estimated three million dollars. alex holding down the for the for sal who is enjoying another day off. >> yeah. he has time off and hopefully he is enjoy that and we are enjoying the traffic. we are we are trouble free.
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i'm happy to fill in for him and to tell you that. here is a live look at the east shore freeway. can straff sick building a few pockets of slowing. nothing to significant. the highway along i-way 101. traffic flowing smoothly as folks make shore way up into downtown san francisco. now is a good time to make that trip. here we go to the maps. if you are taking highway 4 out of the antioch area you can see there's a bit of slowing there a pocket of slowing westbound on -- 680. highway 24 is accident free. no trouble spots there. we aren't showing any crashes on the chp map this morning. that is the good news. on the peninsula. highway 101 coming up through san mateo that looks like a good ride as well at 6:17.
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over to you. the rain will -- mostly going to stay to the north. >> sure it. most. >> most. >> just a little bit on the coast. i will show you that. again marin waiting, most of it. there is some -- a little bit of rain. most from bodega bay. santa rose a. winds are scary up 101. lake -- coming up fast. keep an eye on that. russian river a half inch. there is heavy rain off the bay. thank you. storm track showing around the bay. around dillon beach. you have to go far north if you are in that band. it's coming down. you can see right in the last few frames look at this. that's really heavy rain in to the river. i have seen one inch amounts to the west. that is the plume we have to
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wait for. the rest is stalling out. some is making it in toward the coast. you can see there. we will get some light rain. the bulk is just beginning to move in. on the peninsula you may get light rain. most of the show is in the north bay. good morning steve. you get an inch of rain over six hours and the flash flood watch is out. that started yesterday for the north bay. the heaviest rain will me in the north. the breeze is starting to crank up. some heavy tolls i would double some of these. the farther north you go. really heavy rain. santa rosa. drewing the line to about the north. rain to the south but not as much. russian river will keep an eye on things. we go into saturday many there's the flood stage. 32, if it keeps raining like this and it keeps -- i think
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that's probably a good opportunity to get rapid risers. any rain south of that will be light. 61bolmy degrees. the breeze showing a southerly part and beginning to pick up as well. especially higher elevations on the coast. 45 truckee. 48 south lake tahoe. this is a very warm part of the sector. this all has to drive south. you need a kicker. that would be the front. that will eventually slide south. watch the future cast. it hang up. 2:00 finally late this afternoon. this evening it starts to move and then washes out. the rain will pick up late tonight and tomorrow as that front gets closer. for the morning here it's all about the north bay. i think we get a break saturday morning until the next system. cloudy skies, rain to the north. heavy rain for some. muggy to the south bay. breezy to windy.
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highs, near 60 to the north. 70, san jose to santa clara. morgan hill. >> latered today and tonight but mainly the morning. it's coming down big time up north. >> all right. thank you. fighting grime at bart stations. in 15 minutes the project to clean up four bart stations in downtown san francisco. s >> and up next more speculation about collin kapernick. the team that's reportedly very interested in him.
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same day delivery, plus helpful advice from the sleep experts, it's no wonder more than a million people fall asleep each night on a sleep train mattress! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ time is 6:24. state of emergency has been issued for parts of louisiana as deadly widespread flooding has forced evacuees. its been raining morning in parts of the state already under water. yesterday rainfall totals reached up to nine inches in nine hours. floodwaters were up to the rooftops of some homes and cars were submerged in other areas. the national guard went door to do rescuing people.
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michael horn is leaving after 25 years with wv. we don't know who will replace him. vw has been struggling since it admitted selling almost 600,000 cars that had software designed to cheat on emissions tests. they are faces hundreds of class action lawsuits as fell as fines. also the justice department is pursuing a criminal investigation. curry only had 12 points but three came from a half court buzzer beater.
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16 points. clay thompson lead all with 23. warriors lead back to back. they host the trailblazers tomorrow night. the suns on saturday. rumors heating up about collin kapernick. there are report that's broncos are interested in him. he signed instead with the texans. the 49ers have said they expect him to stay with the 49ers this season. his agents requested a trade last month. he was benched partway through last season. his base salary becomes guarantee fire department he is still on the team. lawyers calling the most outrageous case of child abuse he has ever seen. in minutes the lawsuit a 23- year-old south bay man has filed against a couple who adopted him when he was just nine. >> if you are a seat hog on
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bart it could cost you a new proposal being discussed today by the board of directors. >> nobody like ace -- a seat hog. the traffic looking goodf. you are in your car. there is a live look at the east shore freeway. traffic starting to build there. what the drive is like in the east day. >> two forecasts. one has a beautiful sunrise under mostly cloudy skies. it's absolutely raining up in -- the russian river. up to lake county. more on that coming up.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. thursday morning march 10th. i'm dave clark. >> you didn't over sleep. in for pam cook a little early today. let's go head and get you out the door with weather and traffic. unless you live in the far north bay you probably aren't see age lot of rain.
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an inch and three quarters since midnight. that's -- a lot of rain. that's a lot of rain. i know it's up into clear lake. gurnville. forestville. santa rosa. heels burg. windsor. clear lake. maybe -- i have had reports of rain and no rain. south hardly anything. there's a little bit trying to work in. napa, sonoma, inverness that's the northern edge and that's heavy rain coming in. the russian river. probably around jennes as well. when you get it lit up like that shall this is almost scary. i would agree with that. i have seen this before. up in the russian river.
6:31 am
there's a little bit trying to work southward toward us. you can see along toward the coast. the heaviest focus toward the north. the heaviest -- scary at times. i believe that. flash flood watch out to the north. this will take its time getting here. we will talk more about that in ten minutesf. you aren't in the north bay you probably won't get much rain. if you are you may get a lot. 6:31. anything on your screen there? >> yes. yes don't mean to scare you. >> you can't. i just was -- i was checking on some things. we are looking good this morning steve. the traffic has been surprisingly light so far. we hope that it stays that way and we are prabble free. boy, that's just a beautiful shot there as we take a live look at the bay bridge toll
6:32 am
plaza the sunrising there. the traffic down below. it's getting quite busy. back up a good bit toward the maze. not as bad as it could be for this time of the morning. let me pop you over and show you what the bridge looks like. you can see traffic is getting heavier and heavier there. on the right hand side that is the folks heading toward the peninsula across the span that's a slow ride this morning. as we go to the maps here i will show you what the situation looks like here on the peninsula. highway 101 looks like a good drive. up the peninsula and into san francisco. if you your drive takes you from antioch or pittsburgh, you are going to experience slowing as you come over the hill toward concord and you are going to back up just a bit. the usual spot along 680. beyond that no major crashes or incidents on the roadways which is very good for 6:32. thank you. in pacifica the demolition of a
6:33 am
second apartment building scheduled for today, now its being delayed because of the weather. the building at 32 -- was supposed to be torn down today because of the tomorrow demolition now pushed back until tomorrow or later day when the weather is better. the building was red tagged in 2010 because of erosion. the del legislation will take about four to five-days. if you are about to jump on bart you will likely have to fight to get a seat or even enough room to stand. today bart is considering fining those who take up to much space on its trains. live in fremont with -- those seat hogs. >> reporter: they could face fines. it's a problem. people taking up to much separate when they are sitting on the train. whether it's man spreading when men spread their legs and take up to much space or putting bags on empty seats bart
6:34 am
officials have noticed it. to help free up more seats rehabilitative about consider fining those who take up more than one seat. another ordinance the first violation would be one hundred dollars. the second would be two one and it would be five hundred after. they are an attempt to deter people from placing their bags on seats or sleeping on crowded trains. here is what one passenger said about the idea. >> i think it would work but the only problem -- how are you going to go to the airport between being a seat hog and i have to bags or two large suitcases and i don't have space to put it. as long as you make that difference i think it should be fine. >> reporter: bart officials say they are also looking out for people with disabilities who have nowhere to sit and under that new rule if anyone with a dig disability needed seats to
6:35 am
help they would be allowed to do so. the meeting would still need a vote to become law. coming up at 7:15 you are going it hear from some passengers we spoke to who talked about how uncomfortable it is to have to confront people on the train to give up a seat. >> are you getting at sense of who woulden for these rules. can we make a citizen's complaint? >> reporter: yeah. that's what sounds like one thing that -- one of the passengers had mentioned to me was -- that's all fine and good if this does become a rule because it sounds good some say rarely see bart police officers on the train. they say if they do put more on the trains and it's enforced
6:36 am
it's a great idea. >> we will see you in a few. bart is taking some steps to keep its stationed cleaner. they are putting up notaries piecing gate -- trespassing gates. they are -- the paper said that staffer also brief the board on its cleaning at its meeting morning. time is 6:36. juror also keep deliberating this morning. nieto's parents are suing the city and the case went to the jury yesterday. the juror will decide if the parent is get compensation for the police shooting two years ago in vernal heights park. the family said that the four police officers used unreasonable force and they should have had a better plan of action. police say that nieto pointed his taser at them and they mistook it for a real gun. san francisco is getting closer now to adopting a new
6:37 am
use of force policy for the police department. the police commission held a hearing last night at city hall. the police chief and other command leaders gave a status update on police department reforms. the department said that it's committed to improving relation was the community, especially among avenue ran americans. back in yeah the entire melissa cad my class in may -- the melissa cad my class will go to a forum at the third baptist church in san francisco. >> to basically explain to them what they expect as far as policing goes and to give them a perspective of some of the issues that we have been dealing in the avenue condition consider -- community. >> reporter: they are following the shooting last may of ma rio woods. efforts to reduce lethel force have required police officers to document every case where they pointed a gun at someone.
6:38 am
also firearms call indications include eight hours of classroom training on deescalating a confrontation and crisis intervention . police have announce an arrest in a case involving racist grafitti spray painted on the door of a school district building a hate filled message was found on the main door of the school district office on monday. in addition to the offensive words there were symbols spray painted across the door. that office is next door to an elementary school. some say they are disturbed. >> that is really sad. especially some where at a school like -- facility and for kids to maybe see that. it's sad. >> investigators identified a suspect after he was brought in on unrelated charges. he was spotted less than half a mile away from the offices riding at i bike that was freshly painted in the same colors as that grafitti. we are getting new details
6:39 am
about about an attack inside the san jose state library. 37-year-old kenneth stewart went into a woman's bathroom in the martin luther king junior library and tried to attack a woman. when she screamed another woman ran in and helped chase the suspect away. campus police say they saw a man running they captured him outside the library. the university said that it's working now to make that area safer including moving shelving units near the bathroom entrance to make it more open, more visible. police say that neither of the suspect or the victim are associated with the school. the dean of the uc berkeley school of law is on leave this morning after his assistant filed a lawsuit against him. he was allowed to keep his job after her complaints would found to be justified. the behavior started after he
6:40 am
became dean in 2014 and took place almost every day. the university investigated her claims and said that she -- he did admit to the actions. he said it was inappropriate but said that there was no sexual intent. after the investigation his salary was reduced he was told to take sexual harassment training. a south bay police dispatch certify suing the police chief and city she works for claiming unappropriate behavior. she said she faced discrime nation and sexual harassment. what she thousand you -- she said she was subjected to sexually explicit wanter, lewd jokes and simulated sex acts. when she reported the chief did nothing and she was placed on leave.
6:41 am
>> all this consistent of sexual conduct which i said be more than she could tolerate. >> an open letter is being issued where the commissioner academy class no, ma'ams the past behavior was inconsistent with the standards expected of employees but said that an investigation found that the claims were not supported by the facts. the first court hearing set for july. this could be a major blow for isis. in 20 minutes the personal information that has been obtained now on the terror group's members. >> and we are live in san francisco this morning where the city is trying something new to prevent flooding in this upcoming storm. we will tell you more when we come back. today the roadways dry. at least in the immediate bay area and we will tell you about -- some of the pockets of slowing you will encounter as you head out the door.
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new ideas being tested to help prevent flooding in a certain part of san francisco. the city is using removable barriers. brian flores near 17th and folsom to explain how they would work. >> let me show you what they look like. these are right here. here on 17th and fulsom. these are interlocking plastic. what they are here to do is
6:45 am
make it water tight. ed goal is to make sure the businesses businesses and residences protected. this is part of a -- pilot project. it's not raining here but we are expecting a lot of rain coming in to tonight and into this weekend. the other thing we should say is that these barriers locking residences, the doorways in to residents and buildings here. how these -- barriers will be -- playing with more of the residents and businesses here and if they are welcome here or not. we will keep an eye on them and
6:46 am
see how they are working out and see how residences and businesses are feeling about it as bell. back to you. >> as you are talking in i -- the man in the yellow vest. are they being filled with something, are they just empty large plastic containers. >> reporter: right now they are empty but they are filled with recycled water. right now it looks like they are filling that with the recycled water and it tikis a lot of effort to put the barriers in. it's not just putting them in and leaving them. take ace lot of manpower to put them in. its part of 1 5,000 dollar pilot project. it may be -- used in other parts of san francisco as well. there's a lot of flooded areas, especially when it rains very hard. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. let's go to alex. are you watching our drive, toll plaza and everything else. >> overall the drive looks good.
6:47 am
for this hour. amazingly enough we are not seeing accidents of significance around the bay area. the toll plaza is tending to back up at this hour. you can see that is the back up that you will face. back toward the maze. nothing out of the order for this time of the morning. i will show you what it looks like just down the road along 880 880 dumb coming newspaper to the downtown area. the folks on the right hand side are going north bound. you will experience pockets of slowing in to the downtown area. no problems, crashing in that part of the bay area. here we go to the maps. we are just seeing just a bit of a slow down here in that area. nothing much to speak of a little bit of slowing on 680 as well. we will -- show you the big picture here of the south bay and the freeway system down in the san jose area. looking good. highway 101 northbound coming newspaper to the downtown area
6:48 am
will be a little slow. no crashes showing on that chp log this morning. we hope it stays that way. i need to get to it. i think we have a serious situation up in the russian river. starting to come down pretty fast. our observer raymond is -- coming in on two inches of rain austin creek is raging, debris flows are starting to show up. i know in lake county as well. this is an absolute slam dunk for the russian river. i have seen this before. when it sets up like this bodega bay, jenner, occidental, gurnville. this is a serious situation. when you start getting two inches of rain from midnight until not even seven and -- it's stalling out. it's not moving.
6:49 am
example singapore creek, starting to come up really fast in the last few grahams. looks like that band is starting to dip on the marin coast. it can be be a beautiful sunrise. the main plum section to the north. will take a while to get hear and get this to drop south. there's a little bit trying to sneak in from the peninsula. back over to mountain view. here is page in sonoma. the calm before the storm. beautiful morning sunrise.
6:50 am
gusts picking up as well. this is a very, very moist plume of moisture once sets up it's hard to budge. 50s and 60s. low 60s. east bay tips, low 50s to upper 50s. 50alamo. the breeze is beginning to pick up as well. it'll be -- higher elevations. that's the key. that's the best low level jet stream. weekend ago, that's what is happening over the santa cruz mountains. northern napa. muggy to the south bay. we are waiting for that to move into marin. looks like its starting to inch that way. rain will be with us friday. we will all get in on that. trust me. then a break saturday morning.
6:51 am
next system sunday. >> all right. thank you. yeah. i have a heart warming story from marin a rescue dog back with her missing puppies. this video posted on youtube. look at this. cora was given to the shelter over the weekend. they realized she had just had puppies. the shelter contacted the owner and the puppies were brought to the shelter monday. look at the reaction. when she saw them she went from being a nervous dog to being to happy to be still. they will all soon be up for adoption. >> her whole personality changed. beautiful. >> yeah. from better streets to more route fossor bikes the reason several projects are hitting a roadblock. >> first a midarea brawl on a plane. look at this. passengers complaint that sparked this fight on a flight.
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6:54 am
welcome back. a 23-year-old man said he was sexually abuse for years by his parents who adopted him from russia. dennis flynn said he endured ten years of abuse by both of
6:55 am
his adoptive parents. said it started shortly after he was adopted at nine and it went from a few "time" ace month -- time ace month to every day. this is the most outrageous case i have seen in 40 years of practice. >> for a long time they told me that what they did was right. it was out of love and that i had to relearn what love really is. >> he is now filed a civil lawsuit against them. we reached out to the lawyers representing the parents in the criminal case and they say a gag order keeps them from making comments but that they are expected to enter not guilty pleas. its going to take at least three weeks for officials in los angeles to determine if the knife found at oj simpson's former estate was connected to the killing of his ex-wife. officials said they doubt it was used in the killings. they say its one that's commonly used with gardeners
6:56 am
and is to small to make the wounds that killed the two. today the second day the public can pay their respects to nancy regan. more than 3,000 people filed past her casket yesterday. another public viewing is being held today and then tomorrow an invite only funeral. >> she was involved from who the guests would be to who the pallbearers would be. we are following her orders to make sure she has the funeral she deserves. >> about a thousand guests expected at the funeral tomorrow including the first lady, former president george w bush and his wife, former first lady laura bush, former first lady carter and former first
6:57 am
lady hillary coin clinton. the president won't be there. he will be in austin texas. some have criticized him for foot going but presidents have not always attended the funerals tommer first ladies. video you don't see every day and thank goodness for that a fight on a plane in midair. take a look at what someone recorded on their cell phone. this happened on a spirit airlines flight heading to lax from baltimore. you can see the passengers fighting. some of them in the aisle throwing punches. the time said that it started because two women wouldn't turn off their boom box after passengers complained. when the plane landed five women were taken in to custody. to see a fight. >> in the sky. >> and then other people filming. you heard major concerns about flooding right now in the
6:58 am
north bay. what people are doing to prepare. unforget about night for so many. hear from the firefighters and sheriff's deputy who jumped in to action to help save lives.
6:59 am
7:00 am
all the rain in the next few days could push the russian river to the brink of flooding. how emergency crews and residents are preparing. a moment during the democratic debate, a woman whose husband was recently deported asks the candidates about immigration. more on their answers and highlights from last night's debate. this and more ahead on "mornings on 2". this is ktvu "mornings on 2". >> 7:00 this thursday morning, march 10. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. some people not getting rain, but others are getting tons of rain. >> that is correct. it's slowly moving into marin county. >> yeah. >> very slowly. the russian river, i am very concerned. same also up in the lake county area. i think some of these creeks and rivers are coming up pretty fast here, which fe


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