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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: the 63-year-old is a respected moderate sitting on the d.c. court of appeals who first gained attention for prosecuting oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh. >> for me there could be no higher public service than serving as member of the united states supreme court. >> reporter: president clinton first nominated the harvard grad to the appeals court and republicans themselves helped to confirm him. >> i simply asked republicans in the senate to give him a fair hearing. >> but since justice antonin scalia's passing republicans have vowed to block any obama nominee. >> it is the president's constitutional right to nominate a supreme court justice and it is the senate's right to act as a check on a president and withhold its consent. >> reporter: today republican leadership was out within minutes affirming that they will not be confirming. >> if you don't, then it will not only be an abdication of the senate's constitutional duty. it will indicate a process for nominating and confirming judges that is beyond repair.
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>> the process does appear to be broken, republican leaders are vowing to block the nomination as the president still has 10 months to go in office. >> do you think the president is trying to offer somewhat of a compromise with his selection? >> i think that's exactly what the president is trying to do. he nominated a moderate, someone that is 63 years old. that's older than most nominees so this person will not be on the court as long as others would be. so the president is really reaching out his hand saying, i'm trying to meet you halfway, at least give him a hearing, at least a vote. >> this shy-stakes politics. the republicans are gambling here. they're taking a gamble. >> it is a big gamble, because if hillary clinton wins the white house she certainly will appoint someone that is even more liberal. keep in mind this november some 24 republican senators are up for election across the country, and it is the senate
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that has to do the business of holding this hearing and having a vote. if they don't do it, democrats will go after them and say they are not following the constitution. >> this is a process that could play out for at least 10 months. >> we could be without that 9th supreme court justice the whole time. >> do you think he has no chance? >> i think there is always a chance because i think in that the end everyone will see some reason here. this is a moderate. if they take the gamble, they could lose, they could get a more liberal justice that's on the court much longer. >> ross, thank you. >> reaction to merrick garland's nomination has been swift including from a bay area law professor who has known him for years. ktvu's john sasaki is in san francisco. you heard very little concern about his qualifications. >> reporter: many people seem to agree that his credentials are impeck afternoon. while those still on the right, they still oppose this nomination, the people who know him well say he tees perfect
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choice. uc-hastings' constitutional law professor couldn't be happier for his friend merrick garland. >> i said for awhile that without a doubt merrick garland is the most qualified guy. there's no skeletons in his closet. >> reporter: the two men worked together under then attorney general janet reno. >> he would change the core. when the republicans say this would change the court and settle lots of social issues that important, they're right. they just don't like the direction that he would go in. >> reporter: while senate republican leaders have said they won't even hold hearings, little says garland may have an ally, one of his best friends, utah senator orrin hatch. >> i think orrin hatch is not going to be able to say i'm up any fide with the republicans and i think he shouldn't even get a hearing. i think you are going to see orrin hatch say this guy probably should get a hearing. i think this is a good chance to engage the american public and say, look, who do you think the next nominee should be? and vote for the president and
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the senate that you believe will provide that nominee to you. >> i don't support garland because he clearly believes that you can change the second amendment, and it's not the role of the courts to change amendments, whether it's the first, the second, or the 27th. >> i would like the president to have chosen another african- american. >> reporter: london breed approves of the choice. she argues the senate should do its job now that at the present time has done his. >> there are still court cases that are going to come before the supreme court. there's still business to be done. the business of the people doesn't stop because there's an election. we have to continue with the business of the people, period. >> reporter: it's unclear what will happen now. professor little says if a democrat wins the presidency the republican control of the senate would immediately vote to confirm garland. frank, back to you. >> all right, john, thank you.
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>> developing news now involving bart and an equipment problem that has halted bart service between the north concord station and pittsburg bay point station. sky fox took these pictures a short time ago. bart says the problem has to do with an electrical problem that started this morning. bart told us within the last hour that the problem actually damaged 24 train cars. right now they're using a bus bridge to get passengers between north concord and pittsburg, and that could continue through tonight. we are working to learn more from bart and will have a live report later this hour. there are now developments in the case of two young children hit by a stolen car in castro valley last week. the driver took off and had been on the run ever since. rob roth tells us today the suspect was finally caught. >> reporter: after searching more than a week california highway patrol investigators say they finally have their man. >> nine days after this incident occurred, we actually
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have someone in custody. >> reporter: officers arrested 29-year-old daniel morris outside a hayward motel. they say he was at the wheel of a stolen ford fogs when he struck a six-year-old boy pinning him against a utility pole on melville drive. the boy had been walking to school on the sidewalk with his grandmother. the boy is still in the hospital with serious injuries to his leg. his brother had minor injuries. officers say morris, a resident of castro valley, ran away and had been hiding out ever since. >> there was a lot of information, a lot of evidence within the vehicle, plus eyewitness statements that led us to a definitive conclusion that the person we were looking for was that one daniel morris. >> authorities say hours before the hit-and-run he can be seen on surveillance video stealing the car from a livermore auto dealership. they say it was one of five cars stolen off the lot that same night. authorities arrested morris on hit-and-run, auto theft, and
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possession of stolen property. >> there are friends and associates that may have had information or may have contributed to him he will lawing law enforcement. we are looking into that as a separate investigation. >> reporter: the family declined the invitation to join today's arrest announcement. >> they're very appreciative of not only law enforcement but the media and the community to get to us this stage. >> reporter: the chp says daniel morris is in the alameda county jail. he faces three felony charges. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a fairfield man accused of killing an off-duty officer last month entered a "not guilty" plea today. 30-year-old robert vega is accused of fatally shooting officer gus vega at the officer's home. today he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. vega was dating the officer's daughter. the two have a six-year-old boy together. police say vega kidnapped the boy right after the shooting but the boy was safely recovered. vega is due back in court on april 13th. in berkeley police say the
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shooting of a man and woman early today does not appear to be random. both victims were in a car that was parked about a block from the ash bea bart station near prince street. gunfire was reported just after 1:00 this morning. both of the vick terms now fighting for their lives. their names haven't been released yet. police are hoping they will be able to provide some leads to the shooter. >> that evidence would come from eyewitness accounts. any information may be from the victims themselves, but at this point it doesn't appear the shooting was random. >> police say the car they were in had uber and lyft stickers in the window but at this point police don't know if that had anything to do with the shooting. uc berkeley is now reviewing the actions of the men's head basketball coach. the university wants to know if head coach martin acted within the school's policy when dealing with sexual harassment allegations against an assistant coach. ktvu's cristina rendon live in berkeley with reaction to all. this cristina.
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>> reporter: julie, the head coach did not talk to the media today. instead, he is focusing on the team as they travel to spokane for the start of the ncaa. in fact, their charter bus left about 45 minutes ago and the athletics department is telling us their head coach is not under investigation. days after cal's assistant men's basketball coach was fired for allegations of sexual half rasement, questions are surfacing about how much head coach martin knew before the allegations were investigated. a university report shows claims against him were referred to investigators six weeks after a woman first told an official she was sexually harassed. >> it's really surreal. you never know about things until people come out and say things. >> reporter: the report says the sexual harassment lasted from november 2014 to may 2015 with the woman receiving sexually harassing texts from him on a bi-weekly basis. it also includes an e-mail she
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sent on july 5th claiming he trapped her in his garage and pressured her for sex. some students on campus are disappointed. >> i honestly feel like it's unfortunate because the team itself like the players, they don't ever really know what's going on. >> reporter: in a statement released wednesday afternoon the cal athletics department said the university is reviewing whether anyone had reason to believe he was in violation of the sexual harassment policy prior to july 5th. coach martin is included among this group but is not the target of an investigation. a sigh of relief to fans as the team heads off to the ncaa tournament. >> those guys were focused. they look real good. they look great. the chemistry was great. all four or five of the big name guys were showing up, even the role players, so i feel like they'll stay focused. >> i hope they do investigate is it as much as possible and do not have any type of leeway for the person. >> reporter: and the athletics
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spokesperson says the team is dealing with this as a family. he also says the team and the coach are focused on this week's game against hawaii. >> cristina, thank you. new crime numbers in from san francisco. at 5:30, the one crime that was up 31% and how police say you can protect yourself. it spread rapidly, causing birth defects and fear. now scientists announce a major break-thrip the effort to find a zika vaccine. >> coming up next, months of bad headlines including the beating death of an inmate has led to changes at santa clara county jail. today the sheriff turned in her plans for reform. and a very spring-like day out there today. temperatures got up into the 70s. it is going to be warmer tomorrow.
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san jose residents have a chance to voice their opinions about the future of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. members of the city council say they are trying to stay ahead of the game in case california one day legalizes recreational marijuana use. some of the issues about regulating medical marijuana dispensaries will be up for discussion tonight. they include regulating how dispensaries grow and manufacture medical marijuana and whether they can grow it in san jose. >> we have directed our staff to analyze allowing for greenhouse flees as well, because it's very inefficient to grow inside a building. takes a lot of energy and water. and we didn't want to necessarily be growing out tin open but the greenhouse still allows for security but allows for it to be grown more
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efficiently. >> san jose has 16 medical marijuana dispensaries. changing the existing rules about where dispensaries can operate is not on tonight's agenda. that meeting starts at 6:30 at city hall. the santa clara county sheriff's today submitted her plan to reform the county's jails. the proposal comes after high- profile incidents including the beating death vin mate michael tyree last year. jesse gary outside the main jail with the plan. jesse, some people are already criticizing the sheriff. they say she's only talking change after the death of that inmate. >> reporter: frank, that's right. the sheriff will quickly counter that many of the plans that she's trying to change and put forth in this proposal right here have been on the drawing board going back to 2011 when the sheriff's department took control. still, she counters the tyree case served as a catalyst pushing the pace of change to full throttle. >> there are things like the civilian oversight that really is as a result of mr. tyree's
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death. >> reporter: sheriff laurie smith proposed a baker's dozen worth of changes to the committee v. the 13 suggestions to overhaul the jails, smith wants a civilian oversight commission to make tinner workings of custody operations more transparent, improving access to and the quality of healthcare. the focus here would be on inmates with mental health issues. last, increase the minimum qualifications to work as a corrections officer. currently only a high school diploma or equivalent is needed. >> we need to make sure that we hire deputies into this job that belong in law enforcement. we can't have bad people. >> reporter: three deputies charged with criminal wrongdoing after inmate michael tyree was beaten to death last year. >> the sheriff has elect to make knee-jerk unilateral decisions. >> reporter: julio alvarez is act president of the correctional peace officer's
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association. he says his union is working with a blue ribbon committee on jail reforms. >> what we want and what clearly the blue ribbon commission has been striving for is to make jail conditions safe for everyone. >> reporter: can you do that with the sheriff and the commission? >> we can but we need to be included in these discussions. >> reporter: and the report is now in the hands of the committee and will go to the full board of supervisors next tuesday. it will take some time. some of the committee would like to combine the sheriff's recommendations with whatever the blue ribbon commission comes up with. of course, the board of supervisors is going to have to figure out a way to pay for all of this. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a beautiful day around the bay area and only getting nicer. let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin with a look at the conditions outside. >> stunning today. temperatures into the 70s. check out some of these rain totals for the year and percent
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of average. san francisco is at 106% of average rainfall. for an el niño year, that's light. i would expect us to be 130%. if february had come through we would be maybe 130, maybe 150%. but we're lucky after a dry february to be at 98% of arching concord. there are rain showers in the five-day forecast. i want to show you this. mark tamayo put this together for us. lake oroville up 200 feet. 200 feet. that's one of the things i always talk about, the top of the reservoir flares out so it's harder to grab those feet as you get higher up at the top of the reservoir. still, almost 200 feet. the rain continues to move into the pacific northwest. it will revisit us as we head towards the end of the weekend, early next week. that's what we talked about yesterday. winds were slightly northeast today. they're going to go more north-
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northeast tomorrow. that allows temperatures to jump up in the afternoon. they'll start coming out of the northwest. by friday we'll see more northwesterly winds and we'll notice temperatures warmer than these. 7 pin fremont right now. it's 72 in santa rosa and in novato. overnight lows getting down there. upper 30s, low 40s. but noticeably cool because we've had some pretty warm -- with those el niño storms the lows were in the 50s. some cases we were seeing daytime highs in the 60 during the rain. so a cooler night. as we head into your thursday morning in san francisco you're at 50 degrees. 70 degrees for a daytime high in san francisco. lots of blue sky. it's going to be a beautiful day on thursday, the warmest day of the week. and then after that temperatures trend down as our weather system tries to gint here. i will show that you next time you see me. we'll go to the models and go long range. i'll show you when things start to change around.
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these are the forecast highs. 75 in vacaville, 76 in brentwood. how about down towards the south bay. gilroy 78. it's not going to be hard to maybe find an 80-degree reading down here. what are you going to notice? you're using the air conditioner in the afternoon. basically all around the basement you will also notice the tree pollen. i've got a couple of trees out front that i've been monitoring and in the neighborhood, and it is amazing. it is amazing, and i'm not a botonist, but it is amazing how quickly they go, no leaves, leaves. i have a maple, and i looked at in three days ago, and i bet you in two days it's going to be in full bloom. i saw a lot of trees that were in bloom and the rain came through and blew everything out. >> that's really something about lake oroville. how much more does it have to go? >> frank, i should know. that i want to say 75, 78% of
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average. i'll get that next hit. but the thing that's so important, oroville and shoes tax that's the game. for surface reservoirs in the state, it's how lake oroville goes, how lake shasta goes is the indication of the health of this state. so to see oroville go up that rapidly is outstanding. >> thanks bill. it's flooding -- it's spreading rapidly. the major breakthrough that was announced that could lead to a vaccine for the zika virus. >> coming up new at 6:00, changes in the housing market. why it may be getting a little easier now to find a home in silicon valley. plus, finding a new way to schedule. why one nonprofit organition is using surf lessons to reach out to underprivileged teenagers.
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♪ ♪ results of yesterday's primary in missouri are still too close to call for both democrats and republicans. donald trump has a very narrow lead over ted cruz, only 1700 votes. john kasich is a distant third. missouri still has a number of absentee and provisional ballots that need to be counted. on the democratic side hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders is only 1500 votes. under missouri law, candidates can ask for a recount if they lose by less than half of 1%, and that could be the case in both races. and the results may not be final for several weeks. >> fresh off his primary victories last night in florida, illinois, and north carolina, today donald trump warned of riots if the
5:25 pm
republican party blocks his nomination. trump made his comments during an interview on cnn. he suggested there could be violence around july's republican convention in cleveland if the party decided to select another candidate. that scenario would be rare but the party could have what's called a contested convention and put forth another candidate. >> how does a party deny the nomination to a guy who has dominated the map to this point and probably will win a very significant share of the remaining 19 states to vote? >> also today hillary clinton is moving closer to the democratic nomination with her primary wins last night, including in key states of ohio and florida. at this point she has twice the number of delegates as vermont senator bernie sanders. and fox news has canceled a debate originally scheduled for
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this coming monday after donald trump announced he would not participate. shortly after trump's announcement, john kasich said he wouldn't show up if trump wasn't there, giving the network little choice but to scrap the whole affair. trump said he had a previous commitment. namely, a speech to the american-israel public affairs committee that is preventing him from taking part. it's a break through in the fight against the virus that could lead to the speedy development for one for the zika virus. an experimental treatment has proven 100% treatment. a large-scale trial is underway in brazil. scientists say the two viruses are in the same family so they hope they can build on the denga research to create a zika vaccine. the zika virus has been spreading rapidly in many countries and is linked to severe birth defect. it's a stat that won't
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shock anyone who has been a victim. the sirnlg one type of crime in san francisco that has pushed the crime rate 15% higher. he's well-known in the bay area. he is back with the knicks to take on the warriors. why it may be a good thing the warriors got rid of their mascot years ago. plus, an afternoon problem on a busy bart line has people getting off trains and onto buses. we get the latest on the afternoon commute.
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back now to developing news about the electrical transmission problem on bart's pittsburg-bay point line. the issue has put two dozen cars out of systems. it has also closed down the end of the line that runs from san francisco airport all the way out to pittsburg and has forced many riders on to buses. rob roth is live at the north concord station which for now is the end of the line. rob. >> reporter: that's right. still another problem on bart. passengers heading to pittsburg- bay point had to get off here and travel the rest of the route by the shuttle buses. it there are now 14 shuttles so the lines haven't been too bad. barth says the problem is a piece of electrical propulsion equipment between the stations. the equipment on the tracks
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which protects the motor is being damaged by electrical surges. this is similar to the problem that occurred two weeks ago when some 80 cars were damaged. today about 24 cars were damaged. so it is the same symptom but bart is still trying to figure out if it's the same problem. all this could affect the commute for tomorrow morning. >> shorter trains because we're already very crowded. this morning 16 trains were one car short. so tomorrow it's probably going to be worse, honestly, and that's unacceptable. we realize. that we are doing everything we can to get those damaged trains back in working order and to get to the root cause of this problem. >> it's like luckily i have time on may hands. if i had to be there in a hurry, then it would suck. >> reporter: now, bart says will work through the night to try and fix the problem. as for tomorrow they don't know but it could be very crowded. >> rob what about the buses?
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it damaged 24 train cars. how long before those train cars can be up and running again? >> reporter: well, they're not really sure. some of them have been able to fix quickly, and they think they will be able to get them because on line tomorrow. that's maybe a few of them. but yeah, there are going to be some 70 to 80, 90 cars short from where they want to be, which is why all the other lines will have fewer cars, and that will be larger crowds. >> meantime will they still be offering buses for riders to get them where they want to go? >> reporter: yeah, if the same problem exists tomorrow morning, it will be the same situation, where passengers can get on buses and come here to north concord, then take bart the rest of the way and the same way going back. so, yeah, it will be the same situation tomorrow morning if they're unable to fix the problem overnight. >> it's hard. so many people rely on bart to go around. all right, rob, thank you. the highway patrol is investigating another report of
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a shooting on interstate 80. it happened just before 6:00 last night near apian way. a woman was driving eastbound on i-80 when someone drove up next to her, pointed a gun, then fired several shots into the air. no one was hurt. authorities say they're searching for the gunman. this is the 9th shooting on i- 80 between pinole and berkeley since november. new crime statistics from san francisco police. overall crime was up 15% last year. one reason a surge in car burglaries. ktvu's henry lee live with the details. >> reporter: we've been looking at the issue of car burglaries for awhile now. the stats released today are alarming. this is the all too familiar sound in the urban landscape that is san francisco. the chirping of a car alarm signaling perhaps that your stuff is already gone.
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san francisco police released crime statistics for 2015 showing while violent crime was relatively flat, property crimes soared by 17%. homicides up 15% from 45 in 2014 to 52 last year. that number includes a quadruple homicide in january. robberies went up 12%. but the biggest jump was in car break-ins from almost 20,000 in 2014 to nearly 26,000 last year. that's 31% increase. we asked police today about why the number of property crimes, including car burglaries, has soared in san francisco. >> it's a crime of opportunist. it's a type of crime that doesn't take long. it's very hard to detect the criminals that's the perpetrators behind these crimes. they will quickly break into a car. most of the time it takes under seven seconds for them to get in, get something, and get out of the car. >> reporter: it seems like most people in san francisco have been victimized in some way by car burglars. >> a family member had their
5:35 pm
prius broken into in san francisco on this street in the mission bay neighborhood. all the windows busted. the car was actually totaled. >> police say a lot of car burglars don't even care about alarms given that they're in and out of cars so quickly. so we visited a car alarm installer to see what they have to offer. the head installer showed aus bunch of alarms including those that detect heat, motion, and glass breakage. >> we've had a few customers within the last month or two actually have come in here because of that, they've had their winds broken into. some people, sometimes they want to go the real cheap route by putting an led in your car but that does nothing so you might as well put something that actually will protect your car that has a siren, once it's triggered. >> police say it's probably best to do all that you can to protect your property because you might not get any closure even if there's an arrest. >> for every one we catch, they're probably committing nine or 15 more of these
5:36 pm
incidents throughout the city that we're not seeing. >> that worries people like zachary marks. >> it's truly unfortunate here in san francisco. not just car alarms, but people stealing iphones and cell phones and whatnot. hopefully the problem cab get better before it gets worse. >> police say no part of the city is immune to property crime. two hot spots are golden gate park and twin peaks. the department says it's sending both uniformed and undercover officers to high- crime areas. >> like that man said, hopefully it can get better before it gets worse. henry, thank you. facebook's chief operating officer sheryl sandberg is booked to deliver the keynote address at uc berkeley's spring commencement ceremony. sandberg has been a strong supporter for empowering working women. she wrote about that in her book "lean in." some of the others students were interested in included
5:37 pm
kanye west and bernie sanders. many bay area basketball fans remember him for his days at stanford. now he's an nba start. he's in town to face the warriors tonight. but that's not what we're focusing object. coming up, the unusual battles that robin lopez picks when he plays out on the road. this man put himself in front of us as a human shield, absolutely. >> she's talking about a deputy who is giving a new meaning to the word "bravery." what that deputy did on the freeway that saved his life but ended up costing him his.
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a tow truck pulled a crashed car from the bottom of a steep embankment at lake merced. witnesses reported seeing a honda plunge down the hill about 2:00 this morning. the witnesses reportedly saw the people in the car climb up the embankment and leave in another car. the crash happened near lowell high school. neighbors say people often speed in that area. >> you can go to any neighborhood here in the sunset, 60, 70, 80 miles per hour, and they're going way too fast. i'm surprised nobody died here. >> one southbound lane of lake merced boulevard was closed for a few hours -- was closed for three hours while crews got the
5:41 pm
car out. authorities are looking into whether that car was stolen. the warriors have great players, great coaches, and a great front office what. they don't have any more is a mascot. and with the knicks coming to oracle arena tonight that's probably a good thing. ktvu's scott reiss explains. >> reporter: they're frisky and fan friendly. i mean, who doesn't love mascots? 8 >> bang! >> i'm very frustrated by this whole mascot phenomenon. >> reporter: robin lopez's frustration has been boiling over for years. lopez versus mascot has become a naturally undercar. >> i really think they're glory hounds. they dress up in bright colors to try to attract the attention of chirp. i feel like they're stealing from our limelight. i think they're trying to make a joke out of the game of basketball. >> reporter: "joke" being the operative word. is that what this is? hard to tell, even for those with ringside seats. >> you don't know if he's
5:42 pm
joking or if he's dead serious. i don't know if it's play fighting or not. i don't really ask him, but it's pretty funny. >> reporter: there is a bay area twist to this tale. robin played his college ball at stanford, home to one of sports' more peculiar mascots. >> the tree and i were always cool. >> reporter: i want to ask you about robin lopez. when he was here -- tree! tree! >> reporter: but the hostility goes back even farther than that, like so many anger issues, it can be traced to childhood trauma. >> there was a time where i actually encountered a warriors mascot. i wanted to get a picture with him, but he made fun of my lisp that i had at the time. >> reporter: thunder was let go and was unavailable to comment. but then again mascots aren't supposed to talk. but apparently it's such a hot- button feud that vow is silence is being tested. >> i'm sure mascots talk around
5:43 pm
the league, and they want to pick on him. i'm sure it's big talk around the mascot world. >> reporter: i thought mascots couldn't talk. >> i bet you they say something when robin is getting after them. >> i know there are some issues with me. i'm not sure if it's jealousy or they feel threatened. >> reporter: so it continues. one man against an entire nation of fuzzy, floppy foes. robin lopez, nba crusader. >> i feel like it's my burden i have to carry, but i'm doing it for everybody. i'm doing it for lovers of basketball, lovers of sport. >> and he's carrying on. coming up, a decision that will change the cars we drive. up next, the deal expected to be announced tomorrow that would make automatic braking a standard feature on new cars. plus, an act that can only be called heroic. the split-second decision that likely saved a driver but killed a sheriff's deputy. the woman who was saved says he
5:44 pm
acted as a human shield for her. and i'm tracking the warm- up. you are going to notice it on your bay area thursday. how warm is it going to be in your backyard? i'll have the specifics.
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a sheriff's deputy in florida is being hailed as a hero tonight for sacrificing his life to save a woman he never met. saturday night a woman was
5:47 pm
driving her car near tampa when she saw another car traveling in the wrong direction heading straight for her. a 30-year-old deputy was behind the woman in his sheriff's cruiser. she says as the car came closer she was flashing her lights, then realized the deputy realized what was happening. erased around her and hit the on there is coming car, acting as a shield. >> i was a random person on a random road at a random time. i didn't know him, and i love him. >> the deputy was killed in that crash. the driver of the car going the wrong way was also killed. a major change coming to the cars that we drive. tomorrow, major car makers and the federal government are set to announce a deal that would make automatic emergency braking systems standard on most cars. tom vacar tells us the push to put more technology on more cars could also lower your
5:48 pm
insurance rates. >> reporter: last june i road tested volvo's 2016xc-90 suv, the closest thing drivers can get to a so-called driverless car which includes automatic braking. >> reporter: no foot on the foot or the brake. cadillac accelerates, volvo accelerates. brakes, followed by brakes. hard braking in this case. the federal government has been pushing for this technology for years. automakers such as volvo have led the way. all of this will ultimately lead to driverless cars but a aaa study shows consumers currently distrust totally driverless technology far more than their own driver skills yet three out of four say they want such things as auto breaking, lane detecting, and more. the insurance institute for highway safety, the insurance
5:49 pm
industry's safety testing organization says auto braking alone will reduce rear enders by 40% or some 700,000 police reported crashes a year. that will save untold billions in insurance, medical, and repair costs. >> i think this is a giant step in the right direction. the technology that's available will help reduce the amount of accidents, and therefore fatalities on our roadways in the ?ierksdz and we can't wait for this technology to be deployed. >> reporter: at the former concord naval weapon station the contra costa transportation authority is beaming world leader in driverless car technology with honda cars and easy mile pilotless schultzs. >> we set up the largest test facility at the concord naval weapons station. it's 5,000 acres. we have license to test on 210 acres. >> reporter: the government will consider auto braking a
5:50 pm
key determinant in issuing its safest car recommendations to car buyers. >> that is so interesting. maybe i'm a traditionalist. i just don't want my car thinking for me. >> no matter how good the technology, just something about being able to put your hands on the wheel and drive in your own car. >> it's interesting to see where it's going. over to bill for a check of the weather center. >> jut standing day. back to lake oroville. frank asked me how full is lake oroville. it's 75% of average now. that is huge. it's 103% voice historical average. lake shasta, the one that mat ears bunch, those are the two main reservoirs, lake shasta is 108 historical average, and 85% of where it's supposed to be. that's huge. so amazing what an el niño can deliver in terms of usable water in the bay area. that's surface reservoir. the reason the drought is going
5:51 pm
to go on a long time is the aquifer below the surface, the natural holding area, especially in this state and the central valley, those are going to take years to bring back. surface reservoirs. but love seeing oroville and lake shasta reservoirs doing so w. temperature is 7 3áeub cop cord. san jose tomorrow, beautiful day. nicest day of the week is tomorrow. today was great, yesterday was great. tomorrow is going to go a few clicks better with highs tomorrow around the bay in the mid-70s, upper 70s, and i'll bet you down towards gilroy and morgan hill we find a low 80, 79, 80 degree reading. lows in the 40s, even upper 30s by guerneville. the forecast model lays out the highs. a little orange right there. that's an 80. maybe. so you get the idea. so lots of mid and upper 70s tomorrow and maybe an 80 in the
5:52 pm
south bay. chance of showers. the extended forecast, thursday, we went through the whole day. here comes friday, high breaks down a little bit. you see that little tweak come through, that little impulse. then here comes saturday. few more clouds, cooler. these drive-byes will cool us off out of the mid 70s. as we head into monday, chance for a few more showers but it's further north. forecast highs tomorrow are impressive. 75 in danville. 76 out inbrentwood, 78 in gilroy. i bet we could get an 80 down there. beautiful day tomorrow. tree pollen trending high, or will be trending high as we talked about. you know what i learned the other day? i get allergies so i pay attention to this. if you take your allergy pill before you go to bed, it's good. if your kids have problem, take it the night before, because
5:53 pm
when you wake up, that's when the pollens are released from many of the blooming trees. so you wake up with a full dose of claritin, or whatever, in your. take your allergy pill the night before. >> i haven't noticed it yet. >> you will start noticing it a little more. some sad news. frank sinatra junior has died. he was 72 years old. the sinatra family said in a statement to the associated press that he died unexpectedly today of cardiac arrest while on tour in daytona beach, florida. coming up, it's said to be the transportation hub of the bay area. the new transbay center will be so much more. coming up next, we get a walk through on the rung trails, the restaurant, and the amphitheater that will all be included. >> and new at 6:00, putting technology on the forefront. the new plan city leaders are presenting in an effort to make san jose the most innovative city on the planet. >> plus, a 2 investigates story pays off. while these buildings at allah immediate dare being torn down
5:54 pm
and how the demolition is helping the community.
5:55 pm
these are the hands that build the machines, the machines that sort, stack and seal. these are the hands that keep private information private. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that dig for opportunity, identify patterns, and uncover risk. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the crafmen of commerce. what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪
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how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ the new transbay center is on schedule to be finished by the end of next year. it is being called the grand central station of the west. >> we are excited to show you this place. >> reporter: walking out of the elevator on to the roof of the new transbay center and you are
5:57 pm
immediately struck by the light and open space. >> sur looking at what's going to be a 5.4-acre rooftop park on top of the transit center. right there is going to be one of our signature restaurants. it will be a two-story restaurant. right immediately behind it will be an amphitheater. >> reporter: are you kidding me with this view? i don't think people in san francisco realize what it is going to be like once this is done. >> i don't think they do. >> reporter: there's a children's playground. there's everything. >> a restaurant, cafe, children's playground, 13 guard freeness all over the world. there will be jogging paths, an art installation where the water will announce the arrival of the buses and the children can play in the water. >> reporter: from above we were able to look down through light column. >> that's going to bring light at all levels of the center, all the way down to the train level. the idea is to have natural daylight, take advantage of our sunright, our natural winds to
5:58 pm
provide ventilation to the new station. >> reporter: this bridge is a significant part of the center. >> it is. >> reporter: tell me what we're looking at. >> the bus ramp bridge that's going to connect to the transit center and bring the buses from the east bay, contra costa county, amtrak, greyhound, different parts of the country. >> reporter: that bus bridge leads below. >> we're going now to the bus level where you will see the bus area. this is where the buses from al immediate darks contra costa, treasure island, greyhound buses, amtrak, and other service providers will be coming into the transit center. >> reporter: at the bottom level will be the trains. >> this is where the trains are going to come in. it's designed for caltrain, for future high-speed rail. >> reporter: can you believe that the finish line is in sight? >> sometimes i almost can't believe it. but when i actually take tours
5:59 pm
like this i get real excited and i see that we're almost there. we are on schedule to open at the end of next year. >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu forks two news. the santa clara county sheriff is laying out a detailed plan to reform the county's jail system. >> this comes in the wake of a number of high-profile incidents including the beating death of a mentally ill jail inmate allegedly by three guards. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. after days of speculation santa clara county sheriff submitted her plan to reform the county's jails. >> ktvu's jesse gary has the story. >> there are things like the civilian oversight that really is as a result of mr. tyree's death. >> reporter: sheriff laurie smith proposed a baker's dozen worth of changes to the committee. of the 13 suggestions to
6:00 pm
overhaul the jails, smith wants a civilian oversight commission to make the inner workings of custody operations more transparent, improving access to and the quality of healthcare. the focus here would be on inmates with mental health issues. last, increase the minimum qualifications to work as a corrections officer. currently only a high school diploma or equivalent is needed. >> we need to make sure that we hire deputies into this job that belong in law enforcement. we can't have bad people. >> reporter: three deputies charged with criminal wrong doing after inmate michael tyree was beat tope death last year. >> the sheriff has elected to make knee jerk unilateral decisions. >> reporter: julio alvarez is act president of the 700 member strong correctional peace officer association. he says his union is working with a blue ribbon commission on jail reforms. the 23-page sheriffs report was dropped on his doorstep last night, he says. senate's what we want and what clearly the blue ribbon


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