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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 18, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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a violent bar fight caught on camera. mornings on two starts now. good morning, welcome to mornings on two, it's friday march 18th. let's get your friday started with a check on weather and traffic. the weather is in sight. >> i see it. >> it will be cooler. did you get out yesterday? >> yes, i did it was gorgeous. >> mid to upper 70s. the coastal fog season and status quo has returned. low clouds came charging back in. a mini summertime pattern. we won't be as warm but there's a big fog bank out there. is it june? no, it's march but the fog is there. 40s and 50s on your temp. they are stuck because of the
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fog. 50 in monterey. 48 in truckee. coastal fog has returned. sunny and nice and cool. not that bad. mid 70s inland. cooler by the coast. 401 -- i hate to say this but we start with bart right out of the gate. >> i should probably put my mic on. >> at 401 we're talking bart again. >> it could be another crowded day on bart. system wide delays could last through the weekend or even longer. bart is trying to figure out what caused a power surge that
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damaged more than 50 cars during bay bridge and north concord stations. yesterday the lines were long. we got a lot of complaints on social media. some bart customers say their commute has been an hour longer. >> i'm working in deep san francisco and taking it all the way back to brentwood. it's really a pain. >> it would be weeks or months until we have every one of the train cars knocked out by this problem back in service. >> a similar problem happened three weeks ago. there was a power surge affecting trains coming out of the transbay tube in oakland. bart doesn't know if the same problem is bhoind both incidents. the bus bridge will be running until the problem is fixed. we have a live report coming up at 4:30. meanwhile, bart is getting a
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lot of attention for how it responded to complaints on twitter. they used the hash tag # thisisourreality. for the next several hours bart directly responded to dozens of other tweets by acknowledging the problems and explaining the history of our problems. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the bart situation. we are posting updates on our facebook and twitter and our free ktvu mobile app. this was even in the new york times yesterday which surprised me but cool to see it. we are looking at commutes
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for the roads. the bart situation has put more people on the roads. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're looking at interstate 880 in oakland and that traffic is moving nicely with no major problems. if you're driving in san jose north bound 280 is right through there. not a bad commute getting to highway 17. san jose asking for help looking for a man who stabbed a man outside a bar. this happened back in november outside the willow den bar. he confronted the victim inside the bar after the two bumped into each other and he's seen throughout the video following the victim. the victim was stabbed several
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times on the street. >> the victim is trying to let the whole thing go. the suspect is relentless and playing on the victim. >> our head of security ran in the middle of the street and tackled these two guys and dislodged the weapon. >> police say the victim is doing okay. the suspect here described as latino with a scar on the back or top of his head. if you have any information call san jose police. three families joining forces today to call attention to what they call excessive use of force by san francisco police. they plan to hold a joint rally at city hall at 11:00 this morning. all three men were shot and
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killed by san francisco police. this comes a week after a jury found the four police officers did not use excessive force. mount pleasant high school teacher is accused of having sex with students. he was booked into the county jail on tuesday. a school district employee called monday to report inappropriate relationships with a 17-year old student. garcia is the second district employee to be arrested this year for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a student. four years after cierra lamar disappeared attorneys are finalizing details. the prosecution and the defense met yesterday about turning over dna evidence so the defense can
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analyze it. investigators discovered a strand of her hair and a rope in his car. volunteers meet near her home to look for her body. her body has never been found. could we be looking at a hillary clinton and donald trump match up in november? it's already getting ugly. >> reporter: if you're playing the odds now, this is likely the match up come november and we're getting a preview now of what that could be like. >> give donald trump this. his web ads are simple and a big hillary clinton super pac is taking a page from his play book. for all the bluster donald trump
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and hillary clinton are flawed frontrunners. donald trump is facing a republican effort to dislodge him. >> this is more likely to become an open convention than we thought before. >> hillary clinton is dealing with an enthusiasm gap and ongoing fbi investigation into her use of classified e-mail in the state department it's recob rating and i believe it will recommend to the justice department the evidence be presented to a grand jury. >> reporter: behind closed doors president obama is perhaps rallying democrats to get behind hillary clinton. even though these are the two frontrunners nothing is certain. it's fair to say hillary clinton is further along the path to winning a nomination than donald
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trump. in washington, doug lusader, fox news. voter regulations is up in california especially from immigrants who want to make their voices heard. there's an increase in people applying for citizenship because they want to vote in november. organizations that offer citizenship classes are scrambling to keep up with demand. >> we have 70 students because we had to open a second class. >> right now is the time to raise my voice. i like to be involved. >> reporter: county clerks offices throughout california say in the last three months people have been coming in record numbers. thousands of students from out of state for mistakingly accepted to uc santa cruz even though they didn't apply. the washington post reports a
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regions office err accidentally sent out the letter. they started receiving the admission decisions on tuesday. a radio attack ad against san francisco district attorney. coming up in 20 minutes the organization behind the ad and what's led to this war of words. we're learning new information about the man who went on a stabbing rampage at uc mer said last year. the tie he may have had with isis. it's a foggy commute. you can see the fog here on the golden gate bridge. visibility is going be low. we'll let you know where that is happening. the coastal fog season has kicked in. that didn't take long. whabt rain for the weekend?
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we'll have an update on timing for that.
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new information about the uc merced student. the attack was inspired by islamic terrorist websites. he shot and killed four students before he was shot and killed.
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the fbi says there's every indication he acted alone. they found isis propaganda on his laptop and say he planned the attack a week before. 14 people were killed when a radicalized couple opened fire at a holiday party for county health inspectors. the goal of today's hearing is to learn what worked and what didn't. sheriff's officials from san bernardino and an emergency room doctor are testifying. the battle on unlocking the shooter's iphone is heating up. even if apple is told to unlock the software, many employees say they will quit or stop working. it could make the fbi goal
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nearly impossible to achieve. apple has said from day one building the software is a violation of privacy and dangerous. typically on a friday we are thinking about friday night life but with the issues with bart probably not. >> yeah, yesterday highway four was a mess because of that. we're watching the commute closely. a lot of people don't want to deal with it. it so they take their car and that makes it hard for people to drive on the road. it's nice and early and maybe people will be getting up earlier so they can deal with issues and get to work without hassles. this is a look now at the commute on the san mateo bridge. it looks good. again, watching highway 4 because the bus bridge yesterday
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and the whole bart thing did add a big commute delay to highway 4 and the 680. more people using that freeway and it was obvious that one was correlated with the other. at 4:16 let's go to steve with today's weather. >> i was talking to bryan about our work out yesterday. it was brutal. >> you guys. >> it was comedy. thank you, sal. we have some fog out there. coastal variety. not june 1st but it's march gloom there. getting enhanced by a westerly direction on the air flow there and that will keep the fog in place. 40s and 50s on your temps.
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brentwood at 55. santa rosa with fog. 47 in nevada. upper 40s and low 50s and they will stay here. very cool beginning of the week. 28 up in truckee. 50 in monterey and 56 in ukiah. your plans may be gray on the coast. that sunday weather will give us rain. you think more sunday afternoon evening to the north then for everybody. today it's about the fog on the coast. still nice inland. temperatures in the upper 60s. not as warm as yesterday. rain sunday. there could be drizzle sunday morning but most of it is sunday afternoon. actually stronger system coming in monday. rainfall next five days and the greatest amounts are to the
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north. especially up to the north. coastal fog and it's not going anywhere. i think it's a stick and stay situation. sunny and nice and low clouds over the bay. not the mid to upper 70s we had yesterday. 63 pacific. morgan hill also. i know there's a lot going on sunday but sunday morning you're all right. sunday evening into tuesday there will be rain. still a nice change compared to the five day stretch of nonstop rain last week. i couldn't believe that. >> well, that can do it. but we don't see that ouch anymore. how are you feeling by the way? after the work out. >> i'm good. >> i'm totally left out. i don't know the inside jokes. >> we'll explain, yeah. taxes on furniture and house-hold items used by guests
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stay in the air bnb. they have to submit a list of furniture, appliance and equipment and fixtures used in the rentals. the items will be subject to a tax of over 1%. they call the new regulations invasion of privacy saying "middle class family shouldn't have to inventory and pay taxes on every picture frame, towel and spoon in their home". shortage of homes on the market made last one a slow one for bay area sales. last month was the second slowest february in eight years. the only area that showed an increase was east contra cos ta county. drivers may get the opportunity to get paid after each ride. they are testing out a
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partnership with go bank. uber will directly deposit money into a driver's account once a ride is complete. right now uber drivers get paid weekly. uber also announced its expanding where it can take passengers. today uber launches passport. uber drivers can take you across the mexican border but only one way. that is due to regulationses. it's only available through the black car option which typically costs more than typical uber rides -- -- regulations. the men's basketball team takes on hawaii this morning and that tournament and hear from the head coach about the loss of one of his best players.
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comic con is coming to the silicon valley thanks to apple's cofounder. it's expected to draw 30,000 people. the host for the comic con is apple co-founder steve wacianac. a one day pass starts at $25. despite a turbulent week, the bears are focused today to face hawaii in the men's
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basketball tournament. cal has to play without one of its top players. as we reported yesterday, wallace broke his right hand during practice. he stayed behind in berkley while the team flew to spokane, washington for today's program. >> he decided to come back to get his degree and the other thing to play in the ncaa tournament. it's unfortunate but we'll still have fun against the hawaii team. >> fourth seated cal will take on 13th seated rainbow warriors. we will have a live report from the uc berkley campus on the excitement of today's game. if your ncaa bracket is like mine, it's in shreds this
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morning. plenty of upsets yesterday. little rock knocks off purr due 85-83 in ot. perhaps the biggest shocker was the first day, 12th seated yale beat 5th seated baylor. i'm upset because my bracket is messed up now. they also had never won a game in the big dance before. yale plays duke next on saturday and the game is being called the battle of the brains. in the meantime, it was disappointing time for the pack 12. usc and colorado and arizona they all lost. >> that's what is great about college start sports. always unpredictable. the first home of the 49ers's. the san francisco deltas are a
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new team in the north american soccer league and they will start to play at kezar next year. some residents who live near the stadium are concerned about the possibilities of more traffic, alcohol and rowdy fans. >> san francisco is a global city that's missing the most popular sport in the world so it's exciting to bring the beautiful game to our beautiful city. >> people come out of the game for these kinds of events and they go to the bar and when they close people come out of the bars and don't have anywhere to relieve themselves. >> the soccer matches could draw up to 10,000 fans. the team shares the concerns with the residents but it does need alcohol sales in order to make money. they will host about 20 matches a season. oakland raiders quarterback is welcoming a new addition to his family. he was born wednesday night.
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he posted this photo on his instagram page yesterday. this is their second child. >> a couple quarterbacks being raised there. the time now is 4:26. a nine year old girl runs for safety after an attempted kidnapping in berkley. trouble on the track for bart riders. the push to repair 58 cars pushed out of service and the reason it could take weeks to fix the problem. we're looking at a morning commute that's affected by fog and bart troubles we spoke of. we will keep an eye on it for you. traffic looks good. after a warm day yesterday oakland and morgan hill looks good. more of the coastal variety when we come back.
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good morning, it's friday march 18th. >> i'm allie rasmus in for pam cook. let's start you out with weather and traffic. 80 in downtown oakland. it was warm. 80 in morgan hill. >> not today. yesterday was the warmest day. coastal variety fog is back. yeah, the coastal variety is back. there's still 70s inland but getting more of a westerly breeze. let us take care of business here on twitter. just out of curiousty, what time do you have to show up for make-up and practice? >> practice? >> practice? i use very


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