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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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already in the north bay. keep the umbrella handy, and you will need it later. the rain is on the way. cloud cover continues to roll in, and late morning, early afternoon looks like the best opportunity unless you are up north and it is already moving in. nothing too heavy, but at sonoma and napa county, looks to be the source of the heaviest rain, as cloud cover continues to squeeze in. 40s and 50s on your temperatures, and this system will be sweeping in, heavier amounts to the north and lighter to the south, mostly cloudy. rain into late morning early afternoon and 50s and 60s on your temperatures. it is 5:00, so let's start with bart. back they will keep the bus bridge between the pittsburg bay section and the
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concorde station, still trying to figure out why they are having electrical surges on the track. they need to get those 50 cars that were damaged rolling again, and bart randy test trains -- randy ran the test trains yesterday, and they for now will continue to use the bus bridges. you can see how long the line was, and we have our commuter driving highway 4 westbound, and this commute is taking a beating. here is a live look at the commute right now, so if you leave soon, you will have pretty clear conditions. you can see the moon in the distance. we are talking about that area we just saw, and here is the map, and that bus ridge is putting more people on the road. going to the bay bridge toll plaza, pretty light in starting
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off well for the morning commute. another round of wet weather bringing dangerous conditions to the coast, a high surf advisory has been issued from 3 pm this afternoon until 9:00 tomorrow night, and some areas could see waves of two 220 feet or higher. during that advisory, avoid turning your back to the ocean and also avoid dishing from a rough period -- from the rough -- rock. if you're heading to the sierras, expect chain control, and more snow, and then big business following a lackluster winter last year. and regarding the el nino, some are wondering whether the mandate it still exists, and
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next month water officials will take another look at the snowpack and decide whether it's time to relax or drop the restrictions. until then, they say that people should still save water years back one year of average rain may not be enough to bury fair -- to repair from the drought. we need to keep the practice is alive.>> some of the reservoirs and northern california are full, but in central and southern california they remain low. the data shows that 74% of the state is still under a severe drought. folsom lake near sacramento has rebounded so well that they are releasing the water to reduce the risk of flooding in the future. water releases are routine but have not been needed in years due to the drought. the cause of the water release is to keep the reservoir at or
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below 60% capacity and right now at 67%. and ktvu is your complete source for weather coverage, and download our free app and search for ktvu in your app store. a busy week for apple as they head to court to face off against the fbi over making software to hack and iphone, and there is an event at the apple headquarters, and we are live where they are expected to unveil the new product today.>> reporter: the court case has been dominating the headlines for weeks, but today the focus is on new products. as you can see, apple is getting that media out here, a lot of the national and local media to cover this event that is happening later this morning. apple has been quiet about its plans, but we expect the company to introduce an upgrade
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to the iphone, and is supposed to come with a feature like the apple cake and faster processor. -- apple "k" and faster processor. the other product is the ipad that has upgraded features. some say it is expected to be smaller what they 9.7 inch display. and while these are not dramatic announcements, some say could give apple a boost, and tomorrow it will shift to the court case between the tech giant and the u. s. government. they will be meeting before the judge to determine whether apple should produce new software in order to hack into the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. and no doubt, the world will be watching. president obama is receiving a warm welcome on his historic visit to cuba.
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>> [ cheering ]. people in the streets were cheering as the president and his family toured old havana, normalizing the relations between the two countries, reopening industry between havana and washington, and president obama is the first president to visit cuba since calvin coolidge nearly 90 years ago. >> this is an opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people, to build new ties between our two peoples, and for me, to lay out the vision for this future of this brighter event. >> set to meet with the cuban president castro, and the two leaders will speak at a news conference. tonight the president of first lady will be honored at eight state dinner. and the home sharing site of air bnb says that they are the fastest-growing market, and air
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bnb has been operating their under a limited basis, and the star resorts will take over three cuban hotels, and the marriott hotels says it's been authorized in cuba as well. chelsea clinton will hold two events in the bay area, palo alto and san francisco. hillary clinton will be in the bay area on wednesday holding fundraisers. in the meantime, bernie sanders is campaigning in washington state in hopes of making a solid ground after the lead of the hillary clinton, and more than 20,000 people showed up in vancouver, and more than 10,000 in seattle for the sanders rallies. the gop front-runner donald trump will kick off a major effort today to unite his party behind that controversial
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campaign for the white house, and much of it may take place behind closed doors near capitol hill. >> reporter: this very powerful law firm in washington is where donald trump is expected to try to reunite the party, meeting with the republican insiders. the trump rallies continue to draw instigators and violent clashes, and trump supporters beating a protester, and he says they should be uniting people that should be on the same side. in the shadow of the u. s. capitol, they are expected to make an attempt with a largely undisclosed list of republican insiders. >> we will have to bring our party together. if we bring our party together we will win, we will win by numbers you have never seen before. >> reporter: donald trump talked about the importance of uniting the party even though he is facing continued opposition between ted cruz, john kasich, and other
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republicans that have talked about rallying behind a third- party candidate. even though he would throw the election for the republicans. >> sure it would, but i also think it's far too late. >> reporter: one tactic involves the u. s. supreme court, and skepticism that he would appoint conservative justices as president and is prepared to make promises. >> i am going to give a list of five or 10 judges that i will 100% pit, that i will put in for nomination. >> reporter: beyond donald trump meeting with the republican insiders today, he and other candidates must be before the american israel public affairs committee an outline his position on the middle east, something we do not know a lot about at this point. your time is 5:09 am. this winding bay area highway, notorious for crashes, and it could soon get higher.
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we are learning new information about the man arrested in connection with the deadly terror attacks. channel 2 is on the road, looking at your troubled commute, getting out to the bart station, and so far it looks pretty good. we will be on this all morning, letting you know about the drive. at heels bird, you probably have your windshield wipers on, and more coming up.
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representatives from the u. s. and south korea met today to discuss the increase in tensions with north korea, and north korea is reportedly firing missiles into the sea off of the coast, in response to the military drills between the u. s. and south korea. and they see this as a rehearsal for an invasion. and the marine killed, 27- year-old staff sergeant louis cardin killed on saturday after the isis fighters fired rockets into a base set up days ago by the marines in iraq. as they moved to retake the city
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from the isis fighters, and louis cardin is the first american to die in combat in iraq since 2011. a dubai plane crashed killing all 62 on board, and making its second attempt to land in strong winds and when it crash, and most of the passengers were russians on vacation. they are examining the flight recorders and looking at the weather conditions, pilot error or equipment problems as a possible cause of the crash. the man accused of planning the paris terror attacks in november was planning another major assault when arrested in belgium last week, and salah abdeslam has been cooperating since his arrest on friday, and admitted that he was involved in the paris attacks and said he was supposed to die that night by setting off his suicide vest at the stadium, but changed his mind.
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>> he wanted to go to the south of france in paris and do that suicide bombing, but it was tough. >> 130 people were killed in that attack, and he was stopped while crossing the border back in belgium, but authorities believe that the suicide vest was found days later on the streets of paris. getting you out the door, starting with your traffic.>> we are still watching highway 4, and a commute we will have to keep our eyes on due to the bus bridge with bart. so far we do not have a lot of slow traffic, it's still early, and you can get a decent commute not only on highway 4 but also on interstate 680 nearby, and we have a close eye on your other commute correlating with the bart bus bridge. going to the toll plaza, it's
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still light, and usually about 5:30 am we see the back up emerging. this is northbound 101 into san francisco approaching the 80 split, and southbound 101 does not look bad heading to the airport. 5:15 am. we have rain to the north, and all to the south as this system continues to work its way again. it will be late morning early afternoon before this rolls in and cloud cover is on the move. your morning commute should be okay unless you are in the north. our good friend john is in the san jose area, and the fog developing. and we have lakeport at 42 degrees, a steady shower just passed overhead. and showing here on this graphic is showing at lakeport, 7.8 feet and this line is
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steady, declining slightly. that looks pretty good and more rain of to the north. we are forecasting rain to make it even to san francisco and points south, and by far more to the north, high 50s and low 60s. carry your umbrella because this system is moving in, and yesterday the system was not much, but turning cloudy, and unless you are in the russian river area, reports of brain they are. we did have some energy to the north. turning cloudy, a color pattern with rain going from the north to the south, and is whether advisory kicking in and 5 to 10 inches of snow coming down in the sierra. rain mainly north of santa rosa and mendocino and lake county nothing to it. that will be a sign of things to come with cloud cover racing in, but favoring the areas to
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the north. 40s and 50s and watch out for fog in san jose, and pittsburg is 55, but lack [ null ] -- blackhawk at 47. and we have to wait for this cold air, heaviest rain to the north and this system will be sweeping in, with increasing clouds throughout the morning, and going until this evening. heaviest to the north bay by far. upper 50s to the north, low to mid 50s either south, and these are a little bit below average. tomorrow leveling off after an early morning round, mostly sunny on wednesday ended warmer on thursday through saturday. >> spring has sprung. and pope francis using his palm sunday service to call attention to the blight of the refugees in europe, tens of thousands of people watching
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him, and the pontiff went off script. he decried what he called it a difference to refugees, and asking the nations not to turn the back on those seeking asylum. palm sunday is the start of holy week and the return of jesus to jerusalem before being crucified. the greatest excuse for being late to school ever, what bruce springsteen did for a young fan.
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the asian markets finishing the day with games, closing it more than 2% after the chinese government loosened restrictions on investors that wanted to borrow money to purchase new stocks, and japan on the national holiday. the dow closed up 121 points on friday, nasdaq and s&p up 1 1/2% , in positive territory for the year so far. coming back from the seventh a loss as they face the tender wolves, timberwolves -- and the coach said he knew they were not at full strength, asking for trouble, and the warriors have not won since 1997.
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they were hurt due to a foot injury on the defense, but they say their team will move past this. >> it seems like every time we have lost one, we have won 10 in a row, and attested to the competitiveness of the guys, and you saw how hard they fought. >> despite the loss in san antonio, the warriors on pace to beat the regular seasonal record set by the chicago bulls, and they were one game behind where the warriors are after 69 games. justin bieber is the latest music star to stay in the $10,000 a night air bnb property, and check this out. he posted a photo showing himself standing on the edge of the infinity pool, and the $50 million home has a game room, pool table and fitness center, hitting on 12 acres, five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, and beyonce reportedly stayed there during the super bowl,
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and he was in town for a pair of concerts last week. and the boss gives him a hand written excuse for being late to school, this fourth- grader, and his dad went to a sold-out bruce springsteen concert in la recently. the boy held up a sign asking springsteen to sign his tardy note, and he did, and he invited him backstage and wrote a note saying that the boy was out late rocking and rolling and to please excuse him. there was a time when rock music was banned in cuba, but the rolling stones will be bringing their music in person. had a concert schedule but it got delayed due to the visit from the president.>> [ music playing ]. rolling stones was set to play in the ban against today but the concert was postponed for five days due to the arrival of president obama.
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140 rolling stones employees and 80 cubans setting up for hundreds of thousands of expected spectators. and cubans know the songs even though they are the first to perform in cuba since the normalized restrictions. a sea otter was spotted near laguna beach last week, the first sea otter siding in five years, and marine experts are hoping this is a sign of resurgence, and the sea otter were listed as an endangered species in 1973. there've also been some cited here in san mateo, and they may be returning to the areas, looking for food. look at this, five cheetah cubs, brought in to this world through a rare see section -- c-
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section procedure, and their immune systems are not developed very well yet, and they will stay in the nursery for another eight weeks. your temperature now -- your time now is 5:25 am, and what this chp is saying about the crashes on highway 17. it could be a difficult morning commute for the bart riders, bus bridges set up between the pittsburg bay section and the north concord section due to the electrical problem that has shut down that section of the track, coming up. we are looking at your commute on the road that is still okay, for the most part, a look at the maccarthur maze, and not bad. rain falling over the last 24 hours not much, and there was a inch of
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rain at the russian river and more toda
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welcome back to your mornings on 2, it's monday, welcome back to your mornings on 2, it's monday, march 21 and i am brian flores in for dave clark. >> and i am gasia mikaelian, and no need for the umbrella just yet.>> rain is to the north but eventually yes. the morning is not too bad,
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getting through the morning commute dry, and clouds down toward san jose, so not clear. and we had the umbrella handy because it will get rainy later in the late morning or early afternoon with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. this will probably be the last of the series of systems, and not a lot here. maybe a quarter of an inch in san francisco, and in the north bay up toward the russian river yes, not looking bad. after tuesday we will be done for the week. you can see the rain to the north, but right now in the north they up and mendocino county, lake county and rain in the mendocino county right now. we have 40s and 50s on your temperatures, and not budging much. this rain line will develop later in the afternoon, increasing clouds and on the cool side, rain late afternoon and early evening, the heaviest
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to the far north and upper south. 50s and 60s in the santa clara valley. 5:30 am on a monday morning. this is generally the time we see some back up on the morning commute, and at the bay bridge, metering lights go on, almost like clockwork. as i have done this job over the years, at one point the metering lights will go on at at one point the metering lights will go on at 6:15 am, 6:00, 5:45 am and now it is fixed 30 a.m. due to the growing volume of traffic. it would not surprise me if we one day look up at it would not surprise me if we one day look up at 5:15 am and we see a backup does more and more people are coming. taking a look at the 880 north and southbound, traffic moving along nicely, but more people on the road. not a big traffic jam on 880 or on 580 in the east bay.
5:32 am
i want to remind you that the bus bridge is still in place between the pittsburg station and concord station for bar, -- bart and more people on the road adding to your commute this morning, and bart is still doing the bus bridge. bart riders in the east bay, facing another day of delays in the overcrowded trains due to the ongoing electrical problems, at least 50 cars out of service due to a power surge. we are live with a look at this morning's commute, alex. >> reporter: good morning, and instead of hopping on the bart train, they will be instead hopping on a bus to get where they need to go, meaning they will have to leave much earlier in order to get to work on time. take a look, the buses are rolling into the north concord station, taking the buses
5:33 am
between the pittsburg bay point and concorde, and this entire section of track is still shut down. they are trying to pinpoint the electrical problem that is damaged 50 bart cars last week, and 80 were knocked out of service in february by a similar power surge. dozens of cars are being repaired right now, and bart is running sorter -- shorter trains at the peak hours, and frustration is beginning to build among the commuters. because of the bus bridge, the heart riders are having to -- bart riders are having to leave themselves a lot of extra time. >> i am having to leave home probably a half hour 45 minutes earlier than usual. >> reporter: here is a live look this morning, a shot set up at the pittsburg bay point
5:34 am
section, and riders are hopping on the buses that will take him -- them to the north concord station, and we should point out that if you are going to try to park at the pittsburgh bay point, parking is free today, and the bus bridge is also free as well. the bus bridges between the two stations will remain in place today, possibly through tomorrow, and will bring you back to a live picture of the north concord station where passengers are exiting the buses that are just brought them to this point, and they will get inside and hop on the train. it could take several months to get this problem sorted out. and they may be able to get rid of the bus bridges by tomorrow. the chp has noticed an increase in the number of accidents on the highway between
5:35 am
silicon valley in santa cruz, 64 on highway 17 last year, 81 more than the year before, 240 more crashes the year before that, and a number of reasons. more people driving the winding road due to the improved economy and gas prices. people are driving faster and more drivers using their cell phones behind the wheel, leading to distracted driving incidents. there are also fewer chp officers and tow truck's to keep traffic moving after an accident. and building manufacturing houses for the homeless. the property near the almaden expressway, and the counties in out notices of intent last week to award contracts, housing between 100 and 170 homeless people, and they look similar to the facilities at the santa cruz service center, eight bedrooms, communal kitchen and bathroom and on-site staff. a court
5:36 am
hearing set for the case against the man accused of shooting kate steinle, sanchez asking for the murder charge to be dismissed saying the shooting was an accident. she was shot and killed while on a walk with her family on the san francisco. 14, and lopez sanchez has pleaded not guilty. this it ignited a national debate over immigration, and sanchez is from mexico in the country illegally. he had been deported five times and was released from jail even though he had been asked to remain in custody by the federal authorities. and expected to sentence chinatown gang leader raymond chow, convicted in january on 106 two counts, including racketeering and murder. it was also convicted of money laundering, illegal trafficking of alcohol and cigarettes, and he has a legal mandatory life
5:37 am
sentence. his arrest resulted from a five year undercover operation which also resulted in charges against state senator leland yee. the "grim sleeper" killer, his attorney is going to focus on the dna evidence, and he was arrested 25 years after the first killing, accused of murdering nine women and a 15- year-old girl. the bodies were dumped in alleys or garbage bins, and his attorney will make the opening statement to jurors today. he says that the dna found on the victims bodies was not connected to franklin, and nicknamed the "grim sleeper" after the 14 year gap between some of the killings. and scheduling a tsunami warning test for this wednesday. that is the sound you will hear
5:38 am
during the national tsunami preparedness week, emergency workers want the people in the area to know it is only a test. the test will start between 11 am and noon. recent storms it formed a sandbar at the end of the santa cruz harbor, and all boats have been banned from entering the harbor, issuing an emergency order on friday restricting the both traffic due to the -- vote -- boat traffic due to the dangerous conditions. spring is here, and winter weather is in the forecast for parts of that east coast, the national weather service says that boston could get 3 to 6 inches, 1 to 3 inches in new york city, up to 12 inches in northern maine. and philadelphia could get 8 inches from this storm, but that did not stop the people from lining up for the free italian ice, celebrating the
5:39 am
start of spring. and the historic flooding in louisiana, the black by you lake overflowed, and more rain could be heading to the region later this week. san jose firefighters say that 14 people were displaced after a fire that started in a backyard shed. reported just before 2 am sunday morning on mount mckinley drive, and there were two back backyard sheds on fire and that spread to the walls of the nearby homes. they do believe the cause was accidental and the red cross is helping the two families. the faa is investigating the iphone fire on board the alaskan airlines flight from washington state to hawaii. a woman was watching her iphone and flames started shooting out of the device, and the fire was
5:40 am
quickly put out by the flight attendants and describing what happened during the skype interview from hawaii. >> flames coming off of my phone and uplifted off onto the ground, and the flames were getting a high your. -- higher. >> alaskan airlines says they have their crews train for this type of situation and no one was hurt. starting march. starting march 30, higher income buyers were no longer that a rebate, and the single tax filers that earned $250,000 a year will not qualify. right now people that purchase electric, hybrid or fuel-cell vehicles can get as much as $5000 in rebates, but the people with lower incomes will get bigger rebates, helping people that live in the communities with some of the worst air pollution with cleaner cars and improved air quality in the neighborhood.
5:41 am
aaa says the gas prices have gone up by $.12 in the last week, the biggest increase we have seen in more than a year, and the national averages $1.94 a gallon, $2.59 in california, and san francisco has the highest with $2.75 per gallon, san jose $2.65, and oakland $2.63 per gallon, more than $.35 per gallon that we were paying less than a year ago. in 20 minutes, a plan being considered to help to keep the teachers in the city. and president obama continuing with his historic trip to cuba and his agenda today. we have a look at your morning commute, and so far, so good on the golden gate bridge, but we are getting word of a new problem in the santa cruz mountains.
5:42 am
most of your morning commute will be okay, and rain up north and eventually making it to everyone else your monday forecast coming up.
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your time is 5:44 am, and the first time a u. s. president has made this trip in almost a century. >> and cuba and quite a schedule. >> reporter: on that packed agenda president obama will join the cuban president castro for a private meeting. that is scheduled to start at 8 am our time this morning, and the president and first lady michelle obama arrived in cuba this week in and toured old havana last night to lots of cheers and applause.
5:45 am
>> [ applause and cheering ] >> they are reopening the embassy's in havana and washington. >> this is a historic visit and a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people, to restore new agreements and commercial deals, and to rebuild the ties between our two peoples, and for me, the layout of fusion -- eight -- a vision that is brighter. president obama and president castro will speak today at their news conference, and michelle obama will be a guest of honor at a state dinner with the president. we expect to get some video from some of these activities in about 90 minutes and we will bring you an update. your time is 5:45 am. let's check in on your
5:46 am
morning commute.>> we have an issue with bart and watching the commute carefully. going to the south bay first, we have a problem in the south bay in the santa cruz mountains, northbounds 17 at linwood drive exit -- linwood drive exit -- glenwood drive exit and you will see slow traffic as you drive, an unexpected slowdown, so you may want to leave the house as early as you can and we have been talking about the other part of the bay area, and more slow traffic due to the bus bridge, and the bus bridge set up between the pittsburg bay section and north concord, and
5:47 am
let's go to some live pictures. showing you the traffic on interstate 80, looking about normal, getting slow. it is not stop and go. stop-and-go traffic on the bay bridge just before the 880 crossing, a 10 minute delay getting onto the bridge. we have some rain in the north bay, yesterday was mainly all about the north they. nothing over a tenth of an inch what you get from san francisco to concord south, but north bay has had some okay rain in the last 24 hours, and russian river, and occidental .97. mill valley .39, and that was it. and oakland had 13 100, .05
5:48 am
redwood city, santa rosa two thirds of an inch. we will keep the rain gear handy today, and even if you don't have rain now, it looks like it will make it late morning early afternoon. not a lot south of san francisco , and a little bit more in the santa cruz mountains. but santa rosa up to ukiah maybe a half inch and up toward the russian river. we are done after tuesday in it will warm up. clearlake, ukiah and healdsburg still areas of rain developing and moving through, and this system will continue to sweep in cloud cover. and san francisco south mainly and thickening up as we get these breaks in the clouds. 40s and 50s at the peninsula, upper 40s and 50s, 48 atherton,
5:49 am
37 at truckee. last report there is rain of their but it will turn to snow as this colder air comes in with that winter weathery -- winter weather advisory starts this morning until 9 pm tomorrow morning -- 9 pm tomorrow afternoon. cloudy mostly cloudy on the cool side with rain late morning early afternoon through this evening, 50s and 60s, coolest temperatures to the north. a little below average, but the last day for that. tomorrow we will bump it up, and you will really notice it on wednesday, and sunny side up on thursday through saturday. 5:49 am. microsoft is saying it was wrong, and who they hired that sparked controversy. a toll taker and guard killed in a deadly shooting, and what we are learning about
5:50 am
the suspect and his connection to law enforcement. or smack
5:51 am
5:52 am
welcome back. later this week, commercial crab season will return to the bay area, have announced the official crab season starts on saturday. reports show that crabs south of the mendocino county line no longer pose a health risk to humans.
5:53 am
a number of senate republicans plan to meet with president obama president supreme court nominee, and this comes after mitch mcconnell that there would be no meeting or confirmation hearings on the nomination of merrick garland, but now they say they will meet with garland, but mcconnell is standing firm saying that the supreme court seat should stay vacant until after the presidential election. >> the american people need to wait in and decide who should make the decision, not this lame duck resident on the way out the door, but the next president, next year. >> the white house is denying reports that president obama could nominate somebody more liberal if the democrats win the presidential election in november. >> we will stand by him until now and he is confirmed in setting on the supreme court until the end of the term.>> and scheduled to meet with
5:54 am
judge garland in about two weeks. front runner donald trump says he will release a list of judges he would nominate if elected president, and he said he will pick 5 to 10 conservative judges that "everybody respects, likes and totally admires." he did not specify when he would release those picks. and microsoft admitted it was wrong having a party with hiring scantily dressed dancers, several people complained on social media that the dancers were offensive, and some noted the irony that hours earlier microsoft sponsored a women's and gaming legend to promote diverse the in the industry. their long been complaints that the video gaming industry objective eyes women. and meeting with the chinese propaganda expert, meeting with the man that oversees the china great firewall, mark zuckerberg, and
5:55 am
the man is responsible for making sure that their residents can only access a censored version of the internet. zuckerberg is trying to attract the chinese government, and he was in beijing for an economic conference. the st marys scales showing they should be -- st marys gales showing they should be in the tournament, and the bulldogs put together a push during the second half, but the gales came back with a run of 11 straight points, st marys ending on top, 77-65 and that puts the gales in the finals. the winner of the ncaa game will face notre dame or indiana at the end of the weight. it's been a rough week for the cal basketball fans, jolly wanting to be released from his letter of commitment. jolly sign the commitment in
5:56 am
november after verbally committing an april last year, and not clear whether cal will honor his request. this comes after cal lost to 11 seated -- 11 seeded hawaii. up next, what the republican front-runner is doing today to try to unite the party. and apple looks like it might be shrinking the product again. what we are learning about the new gadgets being unveiled later today. your morning commute will be busy, especially on some of your major routes, including the bay bridge into san francisco. we have some rain to the north, but boast of your morning commute -- but most of your morning commute will be dry , coming up.
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5:58 am
more trouble for the bart
5:59 am
riders due to that ongoing repair issue. apple is making a big announcement, and we will tell you what new products are expected, and the latest in the court battle against the fai -- fbi age are mornings on 2 continues. good morning and welcome back and it is monday, good morning and welcome back and it is monday, march 21, and i am ryan floris in for dave clark. i am gasia mikaelian, and some of you may be seeing rain already . the rain is up to the north and will stay there for most of the morning commute. and no rain in petaluma yet, and we have lake county areas, but for most mostly cloudy. the rain will make it late morning and early afternoon. this looks like the last system for the rest of the week. after that high pressure will kick in, by tuesday morning we
6:00 am
will be done with this. the greatest amount will be in north they, and not allow -- a lot in the south bay. we will keep an eye on that, but this looks to be the trend. in the morning hours, cloud cover is on the increase, and this front will eventually work toward is giving everybody rain. 40s and 50s on the temperatures on the cool side, and everything will point toward warmer weather by midweek. cloudy and mostly cloudy and cool, 50s and 60s for your temperatures. you may have struggle in the east bay. that is right is heart plans -- barked -- bart buses are picking up the


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