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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning and welcome back, and here are some of the top stories we are falling for you. republican ted cruz and democrat bernie sanders are the big winners in the primary, and donald trump reacted by calling ted cruz a trojan horse for the gop establishment. hillary clinton still has a significant delegate lead over sanders. a backlash over the states that recently adopted the anti- gay laws, mississippi signed a bill that will allow groups and services to deny service to same-sex couples due to religion. and some companies want to ban the use of state funds for
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travel to these states. good morning, and it feels pretty nice out already. >> we are going to have a discussion with your career guidance counselor. " you will start work at 4 am in the morning." >> my family thought it was funny that i started this job because i cannot make it to class on time in college. temperatures are on the way up, 50s on a lot of the temperatures, and san rafael 90 would be a record, and the old record is 87 in 1989, and san jose at 89 would be short, and napa valley would tie the record. san francisco at 90 degrees would not be a record. sfo 86 would also fall short. that is a different pattern did this for them took get warmed
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up. oakland airport at 86, and the record is 80, so they should have no problem. san rafael and oakland airport are the best bets for breaking records. 59 in san francisco, oakland 61, 61 brentwood, 55 san jose, 50s for many or low 60s, antioch, brentwood and martinez in on this. these are running much warmer, and this is due east at hayward, and east southeast at mountain view and san jose. overall, it will be a sunny and warm to hot day. this will change us tomorrow, and we will cloud up and cooldowns by 20 degrees. sunny and hot today, 80s at the coast, near 90 or some and dropping big-time tomorrow.
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let's hope today is quiet. right now it is quiet, and i do not see a lot going on. good morning to you. you can see that the traffic is moving nicely at the bay bridge toll plaza, not a bad commute. also looking at interstate 880, traffic is doing well in both directions as you pass in front of the colosseum heading up to downtown or hayward. up to highway 17 onto 80, looking good into the valley. 4:33 am. this morning we are learning about more sexual harassment cases involving uc berkeley employees. >> the university has been criticized for the way that it handles sexual misconduct on campus, and we are at the campus with more details.>> reporter: the university officials have acknowledged that there is an issue and they
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are trying to improve the way that the school handles these types of accusations. we are learning more about a number of recent sexual harassment cases on the uc berkeley campus over the past few years. new documents released show that 19 employees were found to have sexually harassed students or employees, dating back to 2011. this was released in response to a public record access request by the east bay times. it says that seven of the victims were students, 10 were employees, and the cases involved accusations against the renowned astronomer, vice chancellor, dean of the law school, and the cal assistant men's basketball coach don hufnagel facing termination -- don hufnagel -- yann hufnagel
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facing termination. seven employees have subsequently resigned overpressure from the university. they are trying to make improvements, and at last month janet napolitano announced a new process for reviewing sexual-harassment claims against the administrators, and the school is acknowledging they have an issue, and they will try to make changes and improvements. >> reporter: 4:35 am is the time. that police say there are almost 300 massage parlors around the city, and the concern is that some of these businesses are fronts for prostitution and human trafficking. >> definitely suspicious hours. when the parking lot should be empty, it's full of vehicles, passing in the night. definitely when you have windows that are blacked out.
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>> the city is requiring customers only enter through the front door, and sleeping quarters are banned, and businesses must be 200 feet away from homes, 500 feet away from schools. the city is discussing whether a massage parlor will be allowed to open in the same location as one that closed down due to illegal activity. the high risk sex offenders looking for a place to live once again, jonathan was asked to leave after being at the hotel one day, and he did not register under his name. but when management learned is identity, they asked him to leave. authorities are now looking to move him to a rural area in sonoma county, and hoffner has been convicted of sexual battery seven times within the last three years. a man robbed a pleasant hill department store and led the officers on a chase with three kids in the car, and this was at the nordstrom rack just
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after 1:45 pm yesterday. they have identified the suspect as 22-year-old charles frederick justice up a word. he had -- hayward. officers located the vehicle mack missing -- matching the description and started pursuing him and called off the chase after he drove toward the oncoming traffic, but they are working to locate and arrest the suspect. investigating the latest inmate brault, this is the video showing the aftermath of what started on the santa clara county jail, which forced the jail under lockdown for about one hour. they say the fight took place at a medium security area where inmates are in contact with one another and fights are common. >> fights are not rare in the main building unfortunately, lester we had 225 altercations,
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and this your we have 78 already, so this is not rare.>> one inmate went to the hospital to get stitches, and this brault comes on the heels of several fights last month, and they even bought surveillance cameras at costco because they were tired of how long it took for a new surveillance system to go up at the jail. the police have arrested a man on suspicion of credit card fraud, and they said the customer used a fraudulent credit card to purchase $600 in gift cards, and the 24-year-old jordan knight had 111 credit cards with various names, and merchandise they believe that he bought with the stolen car's, and he is facing charges including burglary, i didn't he theft and three counts of probation violation. new legislation introduced in the state senate also the use of swab testing devices, and law enforcement could use them in the field if the driver
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agrees after failing a field sobriety test. this has brought bipartisan support and they contest for drug use, including marijuana and prescription drugs, and it will have its first committee hearing in two weeks. the city of oakland passing a temporary moratorium on rent increases in convictions, and about 200 people signed up to speak at the public hearing, and the coalition of housing and renters rights groups help to craft the session. >> we are tearing our community apart. we came up with the request for a moratorium to say stop. pause and take a breather. let's stop this madness for a while. >> the major imposes a 90 day moratorium on wrongful evictions and rent hikes over 1%. the measure also eliminates the
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loophole that would allow renters to be evicted due to remodeling or because the owner occupies part of the building. we will have a live report on the story at 5:00. get ready to pay more for your muni ride if you pay with cash, and the municipal transportation agency has adopted a new budget that includes a provision to charge riders to pay cash an extra $.25. it is expected to raise close to $4 million for the mta next year, and critics say the surcharge unfairly penalizes those that do not have the money to maintain a balance on a monthly pass. it is for 40 a.m. for 40 a.m. -- it is for 40 a.m. -- 4:40 am. a look at what to expect on american idol tonight. the
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morning commute looks pretty good so far on the bay bridge drive, looking good into san francisco with very little delay at the toll plaza. pretty mild for some and a lot of mid-50s. it may be a record-setting day and we will take a look, coming up.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology.
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the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. radiohead, lionel richie and durand durand, and major lazer
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and the august 5 through the seventh at the golden gate park, tickets going on sale tomorrow at 10 am.>> we are going back in time. american idol coming to an end after 15 seasons. [ music playing ]. fans will get the chance to vote for their favorite singer after the final performances tonight. and we have preview from hollywood. joke the remaining three contestants will battle it out on stage and we get a chance to vote on the final american idol. the viewers will have a choice between three finalists. [ music playing ]. the judges that they will be just as surprised as the viewers when the winner is revealed.
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>> some people think that lepore shut will win, but there is no way that -- laportia will win, and others say there's no way. >> bella porsche is far out front, but you never know from performance to performance, and the competition is fierce. >> the three remaining contestants have developed a strong bond with one another. >> it's really cool being part of the last one, and you are fighting a battle and it is a good thing to put on twitter. >> the winner will be announced at the finale tomorrow night.>> you can watch the finale right here with us on ktvu fox
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channel 2 at 8 pm tonight and tomorrow night. we have some problems in the san jose, central road south of totally road, -- tully roadl and you can see the pictures, and it is amazing that no one was seriously injured. a woman and children were in the car. the man that was driving was detained on suspicion of dui, and the driver of the car had not been taken away. it looks like the truck, it looks like there is damage to it. they will now take the man into custody. with a little bit more information and we will pass this along to you when we do.
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again, center road near tully >> and 101 north and southbound, not a bad commute getting through. 4:47 am and it will be a hot day. don't worry, by tomorrow we will drop 20 degrees. clear skies, and that southerly surge may begin by tonight, but right now it's calm. and mark says that he and his wife have the back door open and it feels good now, but the air-conditioning later. but my house did not warm up that much yesterday, but today maybe one of those days. and livermore going at 90, and
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can't build 94 and 19 94 and 1974. most of these records are from 1989. santa cruz at 85 is well off of the record, and there will be some, and san rafael is in the category with that old record and napa would tie their record, and the oakland airport would be a slamdunk. san francisco and sfo are a no. it's been a crazy ride in the last four days, 57, 65, yesterday 77 and we are going to go with 90 today. look at this airflow to the north-northeast, and once this turns southerly, that is the cool direction. 50s on the temperatures and low 60s for many with just a few 40s.
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64 and loss out those hills -- los altos hills. we have another system moving in to enhance this system bringing cloud cover, and rain starting on friday evening, and the cloud cover comes in tomorrow. it will cloud up friday night, and i think this will be a hit- and-miss, but temperatures back into the 60s, sunny and hot, and nice by the coast, and by tomorrow they will be dealing with some fog, and way above normal temperatures, and we should be closer to 62 or 70, and by tomorrow we will be close to that, and then we will on ride into saturday as temperatures go back to the
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60s, and then rain moving into the picture. >> we will water the spring flowers. and this san diego zoo is welcoming a new baby rhinoceros, and the whites rhinoceros was born over the weekend, and this is significant because it could be linked to a change in diet for the southern white rhinos. they were puzzled because the southern white rhinos in the zoos produce left off and then the counterparts in the wild. >> we are very excited because holli has not had a calf before and so this is very valuable to the population. >> they will likely named the baby rhino in the coming days. and in san diego that sea lion five -- pup, heading back to the wild. she was
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injured and mound nurse, and the rescue team named her marina and nursed her back to health, and she is heading back into the water.>> the odds were against marina surviving, but she has a spicy attitude, and they don't all survived. she was a great animal to rehabilitate, and she was catching on quickly and moved through the process like a superstar.>> they are seeing an unusually high number of stranded and emaciated sea lions due to el nino, and so far they have rescued 300 and usually there are 200 in one year. coming up, the san francisco adult movie company has been given the go-ahead to host concerts at the
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headquarters in the mission district, and the approval of the deal and the restrictions in place. and concord adding flights to some popular destinations, the announcement on when you can start booking flights for a quick getaway.
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at san francisco is now the
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first to require fully paid leave for new parents, giving mothers and fathers x weeks of holy paid time off, and the state gives them 65% of the paycheck, and under the new law, the businesses will have to make up the difference, and some say this will hurt them and the ability to hire more workers. the benefit applies to new mothers and fathers that work an eight hour day, and spend at least 40% of the work week in san francisco. the new policy will begin in january for businesses that have more than 50 employees, and for smaller companies that will be later in the year. the mayor is expected to sign the bill into approval. twitter announcing it will go further, extending the family leave policy up to 20 weeks, and other companies have generous packages as well, up to one year for some workers, and facebook gives mothers and
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fathers heaven team weeks, and google allows 18 weeks. the companies 100 cal pack roasted cashew halves in pieces recall by emerald due to small glass pieces possibly inside the packages, and if you have the product, you can get a refund. we have this information on under our web links session -- section. walmart now only selling cage-free eggs, recalling -- requiring that they be compliant in their guidelines. this comes as the animal rights groups have been pressing the food industry to improve the animal welfare practices. walmart plans to only sell cage- free eggs by the year 2025. and a new stylish way to get to southern california and
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it sand city, jet sweep will be offering one-way flights from the concord airport to burbank in vegas, tickets cost $100 each way. the flights to burbank will launch on april 19, and flights to vegas will start on april 22. the senate county -- santa clara county did uphold the of -- repeal of measure b. they have asked the city to repeal the measure, and the group challenging the repeal says that the voter rights need to be protected. and the mayor and police have come out against the measure b saying it's led to police staffing shortage. border patrol agents are
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looting the deportees, taking their money and ids before deporting them to mexico, and the acl view and advocacy groups have filed a complaint with the homeland security, and they say this is been going on for years, and it endangers the migrants, and homeland security says they have eight policy of safeguarding the detainee property. a possible hate crime at a high school and why the student that made the threat is still in school. the results are in for the wisconsin primary, who came out on top, and what is up next. looking at a busy commute, and we are looking at some south bay freeways and your east bay commute. temperature starting off mostly in the 50s with a few low 60s.
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a record-setting day and we will take a look, coming up.
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we are live in san jose where the police are cracking down on massage parlors.


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