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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> christina rendon spent the day talking with fans about prince's passing and christina joins us. it is a sad day. >> reporter: yes. it is a lot of fans are sad because prince performed some of his last shows. you can see this, prince rests
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in peace, your music lives on. >> this sound of prince is on repeat in berkeley. >> this is great. listening to this. >> we had it sold out. >> and sold out with the last cassette tape. >> i was hoping to find a cassette. this is bringing me back to my childhood days listening to prince. >> word of his passing stunned fans and when the letters changed on the marquis sign at the paramount in oakland more hearts were broken. >> it is like he is gone. it is like michael jackson and
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whitney houston. these were people that mattered and music is icon. >> prince performed at the paramount in january with a piano and microphone. many stopped to take a picture to remind them of the music icon. person after person keeps stopping by to take a picture of the sign as they remember the icon prince. people say it is hard to find the music online and hard to get the music in person and they are sold out in berkeley and hope to have the records on saturday. >> he was so talented on many different levels. christina thank you. >> prince released a total of 39 albums and sold more than
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100 million records worldwide. among his hits. 1999. purple rain and little red corvette and controversy. in 1993 prince made headlines for changing his name to a symbol but then he took his name back. he wrote manic monday. back in 2004, he was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. >> i do think that the word genius gets thrown around too much. and he is one of the few pop artists that really deserve it. >> at his induction ceremony prince was described as a trailblazer that made dance music that rocked and rock music that had a funky backbone. >> and news of prince's passing first broke on tmz that now says prince was treated for are
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a drug overdose six days before his death. ktvu keba arnold joins us. what is the latest you are hearing. >> at this point there are still more questions and answers. here is what we know. prince's jet made an emergency landing in illinois last friday and harvey leven explains when people said he had the flu. >> never made sense when his rep said he had the flu. he had just performed and then hours later he made an emergency landing in illinois to be rushed to the hospital. we were told that he was in bad shape in that hospital and that they felt that he was released too early.
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but his people wanted to get him home. and the weirder thing is that over the weekend, he performed -- he showed up at his dance party in paisley park and he said to the crowd there. wait a few days before you waste any prayers. and that is a weird statement. wait a few days as if he had some premonition. there was something going on with him. >> according to tmz at the hospital prince was given a shot to counter the effects of an opiate. doctors advised prince to stay there in the hospital for at least 24 hours but he declined. he checked out and he went home. so today earlier cpr was
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performed but unable to revive him. prince was pronounced dead at 10:07. >> the statement he made was weird. >> like he knew he was dying. we just don't know. >> keba, thank you. well, the death of prince has shocked and saddened some of the biggest names in music and hollywood. in a long and touching tribute, justin timberlake says a once in a forever artist. i am in shock and feel this overwhelming grief but we should turn away from it and honor the musician that has changed our lives. elton john said the greatest performer i have seen. a true genius. musically way ahead of us. sang with him twice on stage. what an honor. >> and director spike lee
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posted this picture and said i miss my brother. prince was funny, great sense of humor. stay with ktvu, at 10:00 we will have more updates on our mobile app. a homicide investigation involving a woman whose body was found in a san francisco park and a toddler who is still missing. san francisco police are searching for that toddler, 2- year-old arianna fitts and his mother was buried by her killer. we have new information released by police including a person of interest in the case. over to the right are six pictures of a beautiful, smiling vibrant two-and-a-half little girl that has not been seen for a couple of weeks or longer. >> san francisco police say
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that someone knows where arianna is. friend believe the disappearance is linked to her mother, nicole whose body was found in a park april 8th. the hole was covered with a distinctiontive piece of wood. >> the plywood has distinctive markings on them we hope someone may recognize. they may be graffiti and our hope that someone will recognize them. >> her friend worked with her at best buy and said she is heart broken. >> i don't want to remember her like that. >> the police and f.b.i. have executed several search warrants at this apartment in oakland, the babysitter that refused to let her see her daughter. davis says the babysitter keeps when herself but spoke to her about the investigation. >> she did mention to me she went to jail for murder. she killed her baby's daddy when she was 17 and she got out
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when she was 24 or something. so she said they are looking at her as a suspect. >> davis says the babysitter asked her to testify in court that arianna was never at the apartment yet davis says she admitted that she did have the little girl there. >> i haven't been seeing them here like they would be here normally. you know what i mean? and that right there raises a red flag to me like now all of a sudden if you are not guilty of anything, why are you all running? >> nicole was summoned by someone on april 1st at 9:30 at night and last seen using her best buy uniform shirt. meanwhile nicole's friends are holding out hope that arianna will be found alive. >> energetic and bubbly and likes lollipops.
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>> in san francisco, tara moriarty. >> a body of a 46-year-old was found. dillon reese has been booked on homicide charges and being held on $1.3 millions bail. police are searching for a second suspect, 43-year-old andre vildrawne of richmond. there is no motive yet discovered in the case but say they were led to believe that foul play was involved after searching the woman's house in east richmond heights. in the south bay a 43-year-old man is behind bar accused of stabbing his father to death. officers arrested jason mckenna at the mill pond mobile home park in san jose at 9:00 last night. police were responding to a domestic violence call at one of the mobile homes when they found a 68-year-old man on the
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floor of a bedroom bleeding from stab wounds. he died at the scene. investigators say the man's son toll his mother what he had done and went outside to smoke. i heard my neighbors sort of yelling at each other. she was -- what have you done to your father? and then shortly there after she went out in the street and she was crying. >> jason mckenna surrendered to police and investigators say alcohol and drugs may have played a role in that stabbing. life saving lessons off of the bay area coast. the biggest surprise? >> how tough it is. how physical it is. the critical training for dozens of firefighters. plus helping young californians buy homes. the legislation just introduced at the state capital. >> tracking rain in the forecast. you'll want to know about the showers that are headed our way
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through tomorrow. an francisco is now the
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first city with six weeks of paid leave for new parents. mayor lee signed the ordnance. most businesses pay 55% of the worker's salary for paid family leave but now san francisco's law makes up the difference or 45% of pay. the mayor applauded san francisco for being the first. >> these efforts provide the kind of basic security and support that should be available quite frankly to every familily in the united states of america. >> while new parents applauded the move, many businesses say it will hurt them by costing
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them more money. the state of california is expanding its policy leave by 60% in two years. roger hernandez has denied allegations of domestic violence by his alleged wife that has led to a restraining order and refusing calls to take a leave of absence. ms. garcia and the senator jackson have ever right to their opinion. i don't believe they represent the majority of the sentiment of the women in the assembly. >> you do not plan to take a leave. >> that may be a good idea if the allegations were true but they are not. >> the women's caucus says domestic violence is an important issue and they say we take allegations seriously when they occur among one of our own. >> new at six. life saving lessons off of the bay area coast. dozens of firefighters take to
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the sea for critical training in water rescue. firefighters in morin county hit the surf to learn how to pull someone to safety. >> rob roth says it was physically demanding but important lesson. >> grab your victim, get them on your board. >> these morin county firefighters know how to rescue someone from the building but from the ocean is a different story. 32 firefighters are learning how to save someone struggling in the water. waves are pounding. for this drill firefighters have to run in the water with rescue boards to pluck their partner out of the water and bring them back to shore. >> can you do it? >> we will try. >> reporter: like most firefighters there were difficulties. >> what is the biggest surprise? >> how tough it is. how physically demanding it it. >> it is pretty hard. pretty hard. >> reporter: but in the end he
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got his man out safely. >> it is now reading the waves and knowing how to work with the ocean instead of against it. >> reporter: last year morin firefighters performed 77 rescue and 14 people drowned in the stretch along the morin coast and two teenagers were swept away last weekend. >> the number of water rescues on the rise and we need to be more proactive to safely respond to help people in distress. >> reporter: the firefighters will learn how to use jet skis to perform rescue. 60 morin firefighters taking the training. >> they get in distress or have a problem. we need to respond. >> reporter: not everfort is expected to become an expert in water rescue but with the training, they are expected to learn enough to help someone struggling in the waters. in morin county. rob roth, fox 2 now. we have seen why the training is so important.
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let's go to bill in the weather center. dark clouds. >> yes. the clouds, i saw a little bit of rain and sprinkle activity in the morning. as we head to tonight, we are talking about some more clouds and showers by the morning commute. it is not going to get your weekend unless you have friday off. friday will be a wet day and you see the system spinning and you see the greens, light shower activity and it will get going. in the morning it has some rain on it. >> it may be heavy at times. we can see an tenth or a quarter of an inch. 66 right now in walnut creek and a warm storm and snow levels at 5800 feet and nice shot at mount diablo. the moisture comes in high and
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works its way down. a little slower closer to the surface because of the friction of the clouds. but tomorrow morning, five a.m. and here we are friday at 6:00 a.m. that's right on the commute for most people. and then here we are at 7:00 a.m. that's wet and here we are at the a.m. that morning commute. you will have. friday morning and it is messy and when you add this to it, you will have yourself trouble. and then more showers for your 1:00 as we head to bay area friday and then see you. it is out of here. a few lingering showers tomorrow night but that's it. as we take a look at the forecast, rain totals, just model saying santa rosa is forecasting over a half-inch of rain. san rapheal .4 and napa .5 and all the way to friday night and saturday morning. that will be nice to get a half- inch of rain and most of us a .10 of an inch and .10 in san jose and most of the rain in
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the north bay. temperatures tomorrow with the rain and clouds and with the slow commute in the mid 60s. the five-day forecast showers and as you head to saturday and sunday, not a bad looking weekend but it doesn't warm up that much. temperatures stay on the mild side and then next week we get a chance for more sprinkles and maybe a sprinkle on wednesday. i couldn't be happier. it helps with the hay fever. it is perfect. a tax-free savings account for first-time home buyers. it would allow single people to sake up to $10,000 in a home ownership account and increase tax-free and tax-free when it
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is withdrawn as long as it is used for the down payment of a home. people may have to sacrifice the morning lattes but he hopes it supplies motivation. >> when you have a goal of home ownership and make it achievable. something you can do within a five or a six year wouldn't, you are going to be motivated to be able to strive towards that goal. >> the bill reportedly has bipartisan support. the committee on housing and community development approved it this week and now it is out for a second committee group. the a's and giants in a game today and the warriors are minutes away from playing game three with the houston rockets in houston. and they are going to be doing it without seth curry. mark up next with sports. coming up next on ktvu news. target has a stand on the bathroom controversy. the reaction for a major u.s. retailer. >> the summer sports season
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coming up and the important things that parents should know to keep your kids healthy and safe.
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the fox 2 weather report brought to you by orchard supply hard ware. >> the warriors are playing tonight and they will probably win. >> and i guess we have a little piece of news that probably shouldn't surprise everybody. steph curry will not be participating, the warriors with a two games to none lead and why risk it? not quite ready to go. life goes on for the rest of the team. mentally prepared for that and you take a look at the video from earlier. as they are working things out in houston, getting used to the arena. the first game played down at houston. that's draymond green that earlier today said he was not
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so familiar with the music of prince until he went to his show recently in oakland when prince was there and court side recently and that clay thompson by the way requested that the prince music be pumped in and here is the reaction to the passing of the great artist, prince. i was just shocked. he was here a few weeks ago and i got my first opportunity when he was visiting oakland and i'm thankful to witness greatness like that was incredible to me. >> tip off a few minutes without steph of course. what is going on with the san francisco giants?
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another loss. >> their 5th consecutive and may be frustration. david peralta with john oaktas and nothing came of it. come tonight close game but sikora off to deep right and two runs in for the diamondbacks and a triple for sikora. 6-2 final and the giants for only the second time in the history of at&t park swept in a four-game series. not looking good for them. conversely, the a's continue to tear it up at yankee stadium looking for a series sweep and in the late innings, top of the 7th, chris davis deep center field and gone to break the tie. solo homer and the next pitch from jay schreve loses it and
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the a's leading. and that's it for us. see you later tonight. >> good night. get high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month.
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