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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  April 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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prize, california. fox news reporter kristin fisher says the winners are riding high. >> that's called a massive landslide. reporter: it was a clean sweep for donald trump. he won five primaries tuesday pushtion his count far beyond those of his rivals and well within striking districtance of the 1237 needed to secure the nomination before the convention. >> you have two people really hanging around and they did very poorly last night and we very much exceeded what everybody thought. reporter: trump says he believes the race is over, that he considers himself the nominee. ted cruz and john kasich are already pressing ahead presumably with their alliance still in tact. the first test is next tuesday's contest in indiana where kasich has stopped spending time and money to clear a path for ted cruz and allow him to be more competitive against trump. >> we are barnstorming this state, traveling across the state and seeing tremendous support from the people on the ground. reporter: as for the democrats, hillary clinton did very well in the primaries, but it wasn't quite the sweep that
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it was for trump. she beat bernie sanders in four of five states. her only loss was rhode island where sanders beat her by 12 points. he's continuing to vow he will stay in this race at least until california. >> this campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming our nation. reporter: meantime, sanders is laying off hundreds of campaign staffers. he plans to focus his time and energy on california's primary june 7th. and if he's able to pick up other victories along the way, he could, perhaps, bring back some of those laid off workers. >> joining us to talk about all of this is our political consultant. randy, lets start with ted cruz. he got wiped out yesterday by donald trump in all five states by huge margins. now today he announces that carly fiorina is his running mate. why her and what does she bring it the campaign? downing she'll help. >> first of all, it's clear ian act of desperation.
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you can call it a hail mary. ted cruz like to characterize himself as a thoughtful conservative leader. but today's announcement is more like a rush job than something conservative. as you pointed out, nominees choose running mates. but having said all that, assuming he can do well in indiana next week, the announcement today kind of gets him back at the headlines at least for a day. he chooses a female and, you know, the republicans want a female on the ticket. if he survives long enough to get to california, he is hoping that fee o-rena would help him in california. she has a history here with hp and she ran for the senate in 2010. >> just to follow up, he is really hunk erg down, randy, in indiana and he's hoping that something good will come you of of that next tuesday. is there any chance he can
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recover after indiana? >> well, there's still a chance, yes. there's still california, which is the biggest state, but indiana is key because indiana is the second biggest state left, and it's one of the few states that is winner take all. so if he were to get 57 delegates -- delegates that, would mean that donald trump has 57 fewer delegates and it would make it that much harder for him to clear the path to get to 1237 before going to the convention. so yes, he would still have a chance, but it gets much tougher if you lose -- if he loses next week. >> it was a good night for donald trump last night. how do you see this playing out at the republican convention? if donald trump doesn't win the nomination, what happens? would that confirm what he's been saying all along, the election is rigged and wouldn't that just rip the republican party apart? >> yes, i think it would rip the republican party apart, which is why i think the thinking is they probably won't
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go that way any longer. last night's periderm-doctor performance by donald trump in five states, almost 60% across the board -- 60% against one of the candidates is a landslide let alone two candidates. so i think that even if he gets close to the 1237 delegates he needs, at this point, they're likely to turn his way. i could be wrong, but it's hard for me to see why they would go to ted cruz. up until a couple weeks ago, the thinking was if they didn't give it to donald trump on a -- on a second balance at and they turn to ted cruz, but most consultants agree that ted cruz is actually a weaker national candidate than donald trump, more likely to lose to hillary clinton. why would they take it away from trump, anger the party to give it to someone more likely to lose? it doesn't make sense. >> what about his performance today? trump delivered a foreign policy speech focusing on trade and national security. downing he appeared more
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presidential and downing it helped him to bring in the establishment members any closer to joining his campaign? >> i think it's a little early to say. he didn't really say much new. he just more or less formalized what he's been saying on the campaign trail, really most of what was new was that he was reading from a teleprompter and not saying off the cuff things that can get him in trouble. so in that regard, yes, he seemed more presidential. will it draw more people in? it's too early to say. >> thanks for your perspective tonight much we appreciate it. california residents who aren't yet registered to vote are running out of time for the june primary. the deadline to register is may 23rd. it's important to designate your party on your registration. you can only vote for a democratic candidate if you are registered as a democrat or state you have no party preference. to vote for a republican candidate, you have to be registered as a republican. coming up, a former house speaker sentenced to prison.
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new developments in the case of a former politician for paying hush money. >> his legacy is gone. plus, how fox's hit show i am peer is put -- empire is putting the spotlight on this musician from the east bay.
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an illinois federal judge sentenced former house speaker dennis hastert to 15 months in prison for a hush money sex abuse scandal. the 74-year-old former
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republican politician is accused of abusing at least four former students decades ago when he was a high school wrestling coach. he pleaded guilty last year. he was sentenced today for breaking federal banking rules in a scheme to keep the sex abuse allegations a secret. >> mr. hastert's legend and legacy are gone and in its place are a broken, humiliated -- humiliated man. >> hastert has had health problems in recent months, so the judge recommended he serve out his sentence in a prison hospital. a trust company has been named to oversee -- oversee prince's estate. he died last week at his home outside of minneapolis. he did not have a will. his family asked a judge to appoint an executor to oversee his huge estate. le the value is -- the value is unknown, but it could be in the hundreds of millions of
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dollars. the trust company will major it and identify his heirs of the prince left behind a sister and five half siblings. he was not married and he had no living children. there is word tonight that former wwe star chyna died from accidental overdose. her manager said the yes letter was taking ambien and valium which were legally prescribed. he went on to say she wasn't using the drugs properly, but insisted that overdose was not intentional. chyna died last week at the age of 46. a los angeles county coroner said it would take months to determine the exact cause of death. still to come here, the golden state warriors minutes away from tip-off. they may be able to wrap up round one of the playoffs. hear what fans have to say about the chances without curry. tracking the thunderstorms out in the valley and moving forward to the bay area weekend
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which is going to be pretty warm.
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a live look right now inside oracle arena where it all happens in just a few minutes. game five, warriors against the houston rockets. if the warriors win tonight, they eliminate houston and move on to the second round of the playoffs. you can see some of them warming up, getting ready for the game. >> amber lee is there. she's talking talking with fans about the challenge of winning this series without curry. what are they saying? reporter: well, they are super
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excited to be here for game five and they are just hoping that there we love he had warriors will wrap things up tonight. many arrived here hours before tip-off to take advantage of some of the special attractions set up for the postseason. they're able to pose for pictures with a special playoff backdrop with the team's colors, a temporary store is set up to make buying merchandise that much easier, but everyone's mind is on curry and his explained knee -- sprained knee. reporter: are you worried at all? >> yes. i would rather he stay out and heal up. worst case, it's next year. >> i think we shouldn't worry at all. strength is in numbers. i think we need to work as a team, play together and we peeved it and we're going to take the win. reporter: a lot of fans as you can see are arriving right now and they tell me they're ready for the warriors to move on to
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round 2. julie, frank. >> amber reporting live outside oracle tonight. thanks. at least one person has died, many homes damaged or stride by a storm system tearing through the central states and now heading south. check out -- you saw the intensity of the rain at a gas station in oklahoma. tornadoes ripped up homes in five states. a woman in texas was killed when a tree fell on her mobile home. in kansas, nine members of a family needed to be rescued when a creek overflowed near their home. reporter: we used manpower on the shore to pull that boat back and forth across and make that shuttle. the struggle on our side is we didn't have the manpower to pull it back across. we took the motor off the boat and everything out that we didn't need. i'm glad it went smooth. nobody got hurt. >> the storms are headed towards states long the lower mississippi river. the threat of tornadoes has decreased, but the winds could
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reach 80 miles an hour. back here in the bay area, we had rain and wind, but nothing compared to parts of oklahoma and texas. lets go to our chief meteorologist now. we've been talking about that waterspout at lake berryessa. >> amazing video of that. we'll have it again tonight at 10:00. we have two shots of it, one from a boater and then another one from the land. it's incredible because -- not that we don't see them in the bay area, but you don't get that great of an angle on it. it's very impressive video imagery. we'll show you tonight at 10:00. not bad for the rain in hayward. sort of a non event but still delivers heart in lee 1/4 of an inch of rain. that's very impressive. so what we're looking at now then is the rainfall totals that will basically be with us for the next couple of days. in other words, that's the en of it for a while. i don't think we're going to see it for a little while. as you look as this system as
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it tries to clear the area, you can see some showers still out in the central valley and those showers in the central valley are going to be there for the next few hours. then they're going to back off. theirs fairfield. you see thundershowers there as well. lightning strikes winding down in the fairfield area. we'll push forward a little bit. in towards merced, you have a few showers as well. and then as you back in towards the last bit of shower activity south of sacramento, very powerful storm produced that waterspout we talked about, lightning and thunder and heavy rain and hail. with the sun setting, it's dying down and going away. the forecast for tomorrow, oranges and 70s and even low 80s showing up. it should be a nice day tomorrow. warmer than it was today. breezy but not as windy. it was windy again today. here's your tomorrow morning in san francisco. here's your tomorrow afternoon in san francisco. and i'm just looking at the
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sky. you get to 67 for a daytime high in san francisco tomorrow. the warming trend stays with us right through the bay area weekend when we see temperatures by sunday into the mid-80s. it's going to be nice. there's the 5-day forecast. tomorrow is breezy but not as. warmer, more sun, friday you'll notice it's warm. you might see low 80s and saturday and sunday, it peeks up there. with a dry weekend forecast, we did get rain. that's nice. it helps things out a bit and then the weekend is going to be like a classic spring weekend. >> i went out to water the plants and thought, i don't need to. >> you got rain on your side of the hill. >> i hunkered down inside. it was raining over in my area. >> the mountains are getting snow. they're having snow flurries. i bet if they see 3, 4 inches, that would be a lot there. just a nice bonus weather event. >> thank you.
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one of oakland's rising stars, fantastic is appearing tonight on the fox hit tv show empire. ♪ [ music ] >> this is fantastic's first time on national television. his song is called lost in a crowd. the cast member joins him on stage. if you're interested in more fantastic's album, the last days in oakland is due out on june 3rd. >> he's got some passion. i like that. coming up here, warriors look to close out the rockets without their mvp tonight. mark is at oracle. we're going to hear from him. there's occur wee that injured knee.
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the excitement is building as the warriors get ready for game five taking on the houston rockets. we are live with a look at what's requests on there. reporter: first of all, i have to show you over my shoulder here that jason terry, who is your villain, he's the guy who went on record saying he guaranteed the rockets would beat the warriors tonight and
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send this thing back to houston. so he just finished warming up for the rockets. there is a little bit of breaking news. steve kerr talked to the media a few minutes ago before the game, and he confirmed that luke walton, one ever his top assistants, has been granted permission to speak to the l.a. lakers about their vacant head coaching job. that will take place immediately after this first round against the rockets. the warriors, of course, are hoping that will be after tonight. so they could lose their great assistant, luke walton, after the season to the lakers of all teams. meanwhile, he was asked about curry and the team having to go on without him for this series and presumably the first few games of round two. it's getting loud in here.
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>> our guys actually believe in the strength in numbers slogan that we use. they believe in the depth of the team and they know being a veteran team, that this is the nba. guys get injured all the time. the next guy has to be ready. we won a lot of game the last couple years with various people out and just kind of keep doing it. there's no secret formula. it's just by being ready to play and ready to compete. reporter: somebody on my facebook page today messaged me with regard to curry and says the warriors aren't a one-man team. they're an all man team. they will take care of the houston rockets despite what jason terry says. we'll see about that. the giants might be a couple of san francisco giants that show up tonight to check out the warriors as they took care of their business this afternoon. kind of a wild one against the san diego padres as they polish
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off a 3-game sweep against san diego. his bat comes to life, 2-run single. he has knocked in five runs on the season. the giants with 16 hits, brandon had three of them including 5rbis as he drills a shot here that will fetch a couple of runs and the giants 16 hits on the day and a 3-game sweep of the san diego padres. the score 13-9. not exactly what you would expect with jeff pitching. meanwhile, really not what would you expect with sunny gray working for the oakland as. the as ace was beat up a little bit tonight by the detroit tigers back in michigan as he lasts only two innings. martinez takes him deep, a three-run shot and the as are trailing in this ball game right now 8-3 in the 7th
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inning. so right now, we've got the as on the shortened, the giants have collected their victory and tonight, the golden state warriors hoping, of course, to end the houston rockets season and move on to round two against either the clippers or the portland trail blazers. that's the sporting life for right now as we approach right about a half hour before game time. >> mark, i know curry isn't playing. does he put on a suit and sit on the bench and watch or what happens? reporter: yeah, i would think that you will see him -- you'll remember back in houston, he didn't pack a suit, so he couldn't sit on the bench. i imagine being closer to home, that will be remedied and you know, i would think it would be inspirational just for the warriors to see his presence on the bench. so obviously we'll keep you up to date on that. but fully expect curry to be out on the bench, unless maybe the team physician recommends that he not even risk being near any kind of contact.
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you know how excited players get on the bench. so maybe we won't see him. but we'll keep you posted. >> all right. >> game five tonight. warriors win, they move on to the second round. enjoy the game. we'll talk to you at 10:00. our coverage continues now over at ktvu plus with ken. what are you working on? >> frank and julie, county officialsish you you're a health warning after people overdose from drugs. the drugs are common, but these drugs are laced and they're very dangerous. that story and more in moments on the 7 on ktvu plus here. we'll see you in a few minutes.
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