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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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cook. i am dave clark. let's talk about the weather. >> the fog came flying that, and water temperatures are cold, so it does not take much. april we had a series of lows, and not doing much in the way of rain, but this next system is picking up that fog bank, and the areas that were fog free yesterday are covered. a big drop in temperatures, thunderstorm activity in the sierra and valley, pushing to the south. this fog will continue to flex its muscles, and ushering in a cooler pattern. 40s and 50s, and the north bay is socked in, 15 degrees cooler, and a westerly component for most. the sierra looking better, and the valley looks better, and that rain will drop in and stick around for most of the week. the cooling trend is on tap, starting today in the form of low clouds, treacy and cooler. the biggest drop will be in the
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coast and the bay, and we have an update on the traffic. getting more crowded. good morning. looking at a commute where the traffic will get crowded at the toll plaza, a 20 minute delay before making it into san francisco. no major problems. traffic is tight as you come into the city. also looking at interstate 880 north and southbound, traffic moving nicely, no major problems. it is getting more crowded south. showing you on the maps, starting to see some slowing passing highway 92, and westbound 92 and 84 are doing okay getting out to the peninsula. there was a deadly wrong way crash on interstate 880 south of the venetian martinez bridge, the driver was going southbound, and crashed with
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all lanes blocked at one point, and now they are back open. you can see that the damage was extensive to the vehicle. new this morning, the adventure continues for the pilot of the solar-powered plane expecting to flight around the world. and we want to show you what is happening life right now, looking at this live picture of the plane as it flies, making its way to phoenix, and you can see covered to the solar panels, and it left just about an hour ago from the moffett field, and we have our reporter to talk about the next goal for the pilots. >> reporter: as we watch this take off, it was very quiet and peaceful, unexpected without noise, very graceful as it made its ascent from the moffett field.
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here is the video of what the solar impulse 2 look-alike as it was departing, and this is in the early morning hours. it always takes off in the morning when the winds are calm. there are two pilots that fly in it, alternating because the cockpit will only fit one. there is a live feed from inside the plane, so anyone from around the world can check in and experience this historic trip. in a ride from a white, and here for about a week in mountain view. we asked the pilot if it was difficult to be that air, the trip from hawaii to mountain view took three days to get here. >> if you have the right mindset, you had the innocent feeling, and also when you are over the ocean. you think that the cockpit is small, and maybe not as floatable as something else. and outside -40 celsius, you
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get very happy inside the cockpit.>> reporter: the solar impulse 2 is heading to phoenix, the 10th leg of the journey, taking 16 hours, and they will arrive at 9 pm tonight. the pilots see themselves as pioneers, and they want to show that the world can run on clean energy, free from fossil fuel. they will eventually land in new york and then on to abu dhabi, where they started their mission in march. coming up, we will share with you what the pilots thought about the state in the silicon valley, and what they have learned. >> that will be great to hear. your time is 6:04 am. may day rallies held across the bay area, thousands of people took part, and for the most part, they were peaceful.>> the marchers chanted, "yes, we
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can." this was in mountain view, and marches in san jose, oakland and san francisco. in may 1 is known as international workers rights day, but calling attention to several issues, including immigration reform, and ending police brutality. >> we are all workers, being exploited by different entities within society. we want to bring all of the different communities together to reconnect and be together.>> in san jose, protesters calling on political leaders to lay a clear path to citizenship without deportation. in oakland, they rallied against inequality. things were not so peaceful in seattle during the mayday protests, nine people arrested, by police officers are, and some people in the crowd threw rocks, brakes and mall cop cocktails -- molotov cocktails at the police. the violence followed a peaceful march earlier in the
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day. the time now is 6:05 am. thousands of cows that university students protesting against higher tuition. and we have alex savidge at the san francisco state university with more on the demonstration happening there.>> reporter: good morning. the san francisco state students are planning a day of action, and there will be a march across campus, and then culminating with a big noontime rally happening outside of the student center where we are this morning. this is the malcolm x plaza, and you can expect a busy day here, and filling up with people in a few hours. there will be similar rallies at other cal state campuses later in the day. students are voicing their opposition to the proposed student hikes, and a four year freeze on the tuition hike is about to end, and tuition will increase annually based on
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inflation. the protesters say that to me students could not afford the education at the cal state campus. also today organizers will be protesting possible cuts to the college of ethnic study at san francisco state, an ongoing issue, students beginning the hunger strike to oppose the cuts to the college of ethnic studies. we will bring you back out here live, and we will tell you that the big rally will get underway today at noon here. we will have full coverage throughout the day on ktvu. the warriors started off the second-round playoff series at a convincing win over the trailblazers, and more good news to tell you about, steph curry says that the tests of him returning on game three is pretty good. and although he is not been ruled out for game 2, coach steve kerr said that the chances of curry being ready are slim.
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and he said the wet spot in houston during the first round, and resuming light shooting, and hoping to be in the scrimmages by the end of the weight. and klay thompson scored a career playoff high, 37 points, 118-106 victory over the trailblazers, and thompson the first to hit the seven three- pointers in three consecutive playoff games, trayvon green had a triple-double, 13 rebounds and 11 assists.>> his ability, he is probably the best overall player in the league. >> you will never hear me, self that, but if anybody calls me that, i will take it. i will not shy away from it. >> i'll take it, sure. all five warriors scored in the double figures, game 2 tomorrow night at the oracle arena at 7:30 pm. and the sharks up two games after the playoff series moves
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to national, and it looked like game 2 may going to overtime until joe pavelski broke the tie. back a straight past, and picked up, and he scores. joe pavelski.>> that took the sharks up 2-1 late in the period, and joe added the goal making the difference, and the predators scored with three seconds left, but the sharks get away with a 3-2 win. >> we know this series will get tougher, and we have to pick up our desperation a little bit and play a better game than we did today.>> the sharks will get on the road, winning most road games in the nhl this season, including the win over the kings. game three tomorrow night at 6:00. and one fan was absent, the black cat found its way onto the ice, and the sharks call
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him "joe pawvelski" in honor of their captain, and the cat will be sent to the shelter for a healthy exam and microchips can, and if he does not have owner, he will be placed up for adoption. 6:10 am is the time, all eyes on indiana as donald trump and hillary clinton lead in the polls ahead of the state primary, and coming up, but the other candidates have to say about where the delegate count stands. making a pitch to come back to the big leagues, and planning to showcase with the giants, and more than a dozen other teams. . looking at a commute that is still do pretty well around the bay, a look at highway 4, beginning to slow way down
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welcome back, the time is 6:13 am. the circus performers are packing their trucks for good, saying goodbye to the elephant, retiring the elephants after years of allegations of animal
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abuse. part of the big show for 145 years, and now living out the retirement at the conservation park in florida. the giants avoided getting swept by the mets, and hunter drives in three of the six home runs, and two in the fourth, and bumgarner pitched six innings. and adding the home run in the eighth, for a final score of 6- 1. and we do have a strained hamstring and could miss the game. and tim lynch come -- tim lincecum holding a throwing session for the major league clubs, and according to the network, the giants in san drago -- giants and san diego
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padres among those teams that will be there, and he is not pitched a game since late june, spent the off-season rehabbing an arizona. >> that will be interesting. and the astros took the early lead, and josi had the solo home run in the first inning, and days could not give any runs to support, and astros won, and starting to three games city -- three-game series with the mariners tonight at the coliseum. we are watching the south bay, starting off with a look at 280, and good morning. we take a look at 280 northbound, and not a bad commute on highway 17. pretty light, and the south bay commute has not yet been awake, people are getting ready to take off to the jobs. this would usually get around
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7:00 when it starts getting busy. taking a look at the other commute, 880 is a little bit slow in hayward, but by the time you get to union city, still light. definitely things are going to get busier we think unless it is an unusually light day. but i'm okay with that if it happens. we think it will get busier as the minutes where on. a look at the bay bridge, a 20 to 25 minute delay getting into san francisco. the weather today looks like a summer pattern.>> our observer in san francisco near the triangle says there was no fog in april, and here we have it may second, just like that, here we are. the fog came back, water temperatures cold, and in the bidet tabouli, around 50 degrees. if we get any type of system, that fog has no problem forming. and it is here, and it will make a big impact in the north
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bay, mostly cloudy already. and 53 and fog, at least in petaluma with a light drizzle. i would not be surprised if they have some mist. and this is a pattern with a really cool down. santa rosa yesterday 84, today a soft 71. 84 in san jose and concord, and today 77, and the biggest drop will be along the coast and the north bay, and tomorrow and wednesday 60 for everybody. and a thunderstorm over the sierra pushing to the south, and the fog is going from south to north in filling in and making a move over the bay, and well into the north bay. 40s and 50s, everyone close on the temperatures, 52 in mill valley, 40s for a few, upper 40s and low 50s. novato 49, and more of a westerly breeze, concord in napa in there. -- concord and napa in there.
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and cooler in the sierra than yesterday, and thunderstorm activity, but that has died off through the night, and too far north today. another system is dropping in, and this could be the pattern we see most of the month as this low drops in, very slow moving and sticking around tuesday night until friday morning. on his way to be cooler and a possibility of showers and thundershowers toward wednesday. today is more about the fog and the cooler temperatures, and the warmest temperature of the we could be today, wednesday and thursday 60s for everybody. more thunderstorm activity developing over the sierra today, and most of that south. keep in mind that most of it clouding up, and watch what happens as we head toward wednesday, this low will drop in. and this is santa rosa, napa county, mendocino county and lake county, and we will keep a look on that.
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low clouds, breezy with cooler conditions, sunny inland in the east bay in south bay. the financial a and north bay will have a low cloud deck for a while. 50s, 60s and 70s with temperatures coming down. and some very low 80s, but after today, all in the 60s, 70s and the possibility of thundershowers, but gone by friday, better conditions for the weekend, and sunday looks okay. >> we need to know since sunday is mother's day. still figuring this out. it is 6:19 am. new billboards being installed across the country, and they could beast lying on you. up next, we will tell you how they are being used to get your personal information. it's the disneyland resort diamond celebration. don't miss your chance to see it all dazzle.
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>> yes, and it only travels 30 miles an hour, which is why it is still over the bay area, taking 16 or 16 1/2 hours to get to phoenix. it took off from mountain view around 5:00 this morning, heading to phoenix, and not sure where else they will land because it depends upon the weather. it is very cool that we get to see live inside the cockpit, and throughout the morning we will show you live pictures outside of the plane as well. >> it looks like he is eating breakfast.>> he did not know he was going to be on, and cruising at the right altitude, so put the tray table down and seek back.'s back he was of 5000 to 6000 feet, but it looks like he is having breakfast, some yogurt or oatmeal.>> we will keep an eye on that. your time now is 6:23 am,
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five years since osama bin laden was killed by the u. s. navy seal team in the military raid on the compound in pakistan. the white house will not hold any special events, but president obama told cnn that if the u. s. had not gone after bin laden when they did, it would have taken years to find him. but he admits that it was risky. >> if it was not bin laden, possibly the cost would outweigh the benefits. we were going to lose face internationally because they're probably would be a lot of difficulty keeping it secret once the operation started.>> the navy seal that fired the shot that killed osama bin laden went public about his part of the mission shortly after it happened. yesterday he was on fox and friends and said he did not do this alone, and he hoped that other u. s. navy seals that are part of the mission will come forward and described how they were involved. 6:24 am.
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the obama administration may go public with the investigation into the september 11 attacks. the cia director john brennan said on meet the press that the preliminary information contains possible links between saudi arabia and the attackers, and get the information is not being confirmed, and confirmed that someone could use the report to say that saudi arabia was involved in the 9/11 attacks. but he says that would be very inaccurate. he says that the 9/11 commission followed up on the pulmonary information and found no evidence indicating that the saudi arabian government or officials gave money to al- qaeda. 15 of the 19 hijackers were from saudi arabia. new billboards being a -- installed across the country calls in privacy concerns, and senator chuck schumer says they could be spying on you on your cell phone and then using it for marketing and advertising.
6:26 am
he is calling for an investigation, and clear channel, the company that operates the board, says they only use anonymous data collected by the companies. >> we think this data is so pervasive that they have to get your permission even if they say that they do not have your name attached to it, who knows. >> clear channel operates 675,000 billboards around the world. the starbucks customers suing starbucks for using too much ice in the cold drinks, and stacy wants $5 million in says that starbucks advertises the size in fluid ounces, and she says that the number is only accurate when you include how much ice is added to the drink. she says that the cold drink is advertises having 24 fluid ounces, but only has 14 and the rest this ice. the starbucks says that customers expect the ice to be
6:27 am
the essential component of the ice the beverage. people living at the apartment complex in colorado got quite a scare over the weekend.>> a small bear ended up in the second-floor apartment looking through the refrigerator when the owner came home. the owner was surprised, locked himself in the bedroom and call for help. when firefighters arrived, they were able to get the bear out of the apartment and chased it down the hall, and nobody was hurt. is 20 7 am. new details about the brothers there were charged with killing their parent in san jose, and what happened after the fatal shots were fired. getting harder to live here in the bay area, coming up we will tell you what the new poll is suggesting why many people are suggesting leaving the area. looking at the commute that is busy if you're driving along the east shore freeway, traffic
6:28 am
getting tighter, and in richmond through the maccarthur maze. warm temperatures on sunday, and the big fog bank has come streaming back, and much cooler. .
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good morning, it is monday, may 2, and i'm dave clark. back i am pam cook.>> and the fog has come back, and a much cooler day starting today, and even inland. near 84 few, but 50s and 60s, and that good push on that low cloud and fog. and in the north bay, the greatest cooling will take place, and this low is dropping in, and it looks like may will
6:31 am
be similar to april. that low will stick around for a while, and today is foggy, sunny and breezy inland. 40s and 50s, and socked in for a while for some of these north they temperatures. a lot of low clouds making a good surgeon. east bay temperatures in the 40s and 50s, still sunny but a cooler pattern. an onshore breeze for most, west southwest with thunderstorm activity in the sierra, picking up later in the day. this system will drop in tuesday night, hanging around until friday. cooler and breezy, sunny inland and more 70s and 80s. fog on the coast, 50s and 60s. 6:31 am. the traffic is okay was so traffic. it is not unusual. i think you will notice the traffic is getting busier as we get closer to the 7:00 hour. and here it is at 6:31 am, and let's go to the bay bridge. traffic busy through the toll
6:32 am
plaza, not a big delay, but filling in for the drive. and 880 still looking good in oakland in front of the colosseum. farther down, and the hayward, you will see so traffic building as you drive through hayward getting into the southern part of hayward. not feel been at fremont, and the dumbarton and san mateo bridge look okay. more crowding on the approach to the san mateo bridge toll plaza. a new study saying that more people want to move out of the bay area and the home prices continue to go up in traffic gets worse. and we have brian flores live with more on what the study is saying that will make you think twice.>> reporter: maybe not me because i love living in the bay area, but for many people i'm sure that question has come up more than wants. live at the walnut creek bart station, and people are talking
6:33 am
about leaving the bay area, home pricing and traffic issues. and they want to see a change in the public transportation options as well. the study of 1000 people are the bay area council, 30's % said they would consider leaving the bay area due to the rising cost of housing, rent and traffic. and the study found that 60% of the people said that more housing should be built outside of the greater bay area. 84% said they support a stronger transportation network between sacramento and the bay, central valley the silicon valley or to the bay area. 73% said it is harder to get housing since last year. and traffic is getting worse, no question about that. we've talked about that super commuters several times, 83% of the commuters think that the commute will never get any better. and those that take public transportation say that 46% a the commute is harder than last
6:34 am
year, an increase in that ridership, and they would like to see that public transportation option expanded. despite the rising number of people that say they would consider leaving, more than half said they had no plans on leaving. and the poll found that it is getting harder and harder for people to say that. the time is 6:34 am. a brand-new list that came out this morning, detailing the best and worst cities if you rent. three bay area cities made the top five, not the good news. manhattan has the highest rent, oakland, san francisco and san jose are monday worst laces for you to rent and leah. and for found that the people in san francisco pay an average of $3000 a month for rent, los angeles rounded out the top five. as for the top five best cities for the renters, indianapolis, indiana came in at number one.
6:35 am
the average rent there is $786 a month. louisville, kentucky is second, followed by columbus and cincinnati ohio, and then finally, st. louis, missouri. two brothers charged with killing the parents are due back in court today, the 22 year old and the 17-year-old brother entered not guilty pleas lastly, and their parents were found shot to death in their home last month. the brothers went to the convention in oakland, and then after that they are being held without bail, and the 17-year- old is being charged as an adult. closing arguments in the trial of the open man accused of killing an eight-year-old girl and another man, alaysha carradine shot and killed in july 2013 while at a sleepover in east oakland. darnell williams is accused of firing shots through the home, the door, and retaliation for again killing, and the sister
6:36 am
of williams testified that the seven-year-old son witnessed the shooting where williams allegedly killed the 22-year- old man. the trial for the raiders linebacker eldon smith -- aldon smith occurring today, facing dui, hit-and-run and vandalism in santa clara county. the incident happened in last august, resulting in a suspension from the team until at least november, and nick moody was reportedly with smith at the time and being compelled to testify. despite the legal troubles of smith, he has a two-year $11 million contract with the raiders. in the race for the white house, the presidential candidates focus on the primary in indiana tomorrow. many say that indiana could be the determining factor in the race for the republican presidential nomination. donald trump leading the republican candidates in the polls in indiana, hillary clinton has a slight edge over bernie sanders among the
6:37 am
democrats. the front runners are increasingly campaigning, and they think they had the party's nominations wrapped up. >> we are going to be so successful as a country, and you will be proud of your president, and you will be proud of your country again, i'm telling you that you will.>> we cannot let the legacy of barack obama in in donald trump's hands.>> the other candidates say they will stay in the race all the way to the party convention, and senator bernie sanders says he believes that the democrats will have a contested convention in philadelphia in july, and his goal is to convince the superdelegates to support his campaign, and ted cruz and john kasich continue to insist they are taking their campaign to the party in cleveland which they believe will also be contested. this year's race has inspired more people to campaign to be a delegate, 4600 registered
6:38 am
democrats will be district delegates compared to the 3400 will be district delegates compared to the 30 402,008. the last time the party saw the primary election choices was back then. republicans wrapping up the state party convention in burlingame, and donald trump calling on the republicans to unite behind his campaign, saying that even if they don't, he will steal win. ted cruz and his newly announced running mate carly fiorina think that california will be critical in deciding the republican nominee in the election this year. early voting for the california june 7 primary will be available beginning one week from today. most bay area counties will have at least one early voting poll in place open as early as may 9. the registered voters that do not want to vote by mail, or avoid the possible lines at the polling places on june 7. make sure to check with the county registrar office to find out the early voting
6:39 am
locations and dates. the five people holding the hunger strike in front of the mission police station in san francisco cannot taking their message to the mayor, and marching to the mayor's office tomorrow afternoon. hunger strike to been going on for 12 days, and the five people have only been surviving on liquids. they say that the police department has fostered a culture of racism that has resulted in a string of police shootings. they want the police chief to step down or for the mayor ed lee to fire him, and if the mayor does not fire him, they want the mayor to step down. the services so boaters will be able to decided the independent investigations will be conducted in the police shootings in the city, and they will past the proposition, and if so, there will be a watchdog agency investigating the shootings, and require that the police department cooperate with the investigation. this seeks to respond to the
6:40 am
recent incidents that been plaguing the department over the past five years. 31 police shootings in san francisco, none of which led to the officers being charged for the crime. the time is 6:40 am. a warning about the playgrounds, and the equipment blame for more injuries among the children. the historic new york city church goes up in flames, and the damage done just hours after the celebration of easter there. east bay commute is not too bad, a live look at highway 24, some crowding heading west through lafayette. and the fog is crowding the coast, making his pushing, cooler today in an interesting weather week, coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:43 am. battling the flames on this historic church and manhattan at the orthodox cathedral. just yesterday morning, 700 people attended services for the orthodox easter, and the church was empty when the fire started. the building caretaker tried the russian side after noticing the flames, and he and five other people suffered minor injuries and the cause of the fire is still under
6:44 am
investigation. the church was built in the early 1850s, and made a city landmark in 1968. the brussels airport reopened an important part of the operation that has been shut down since the deadly terror attack in march. a special ceremony was held for the people that died on march 22 when the bombers blew up these two cases filled with explosives in the departure area. they had resumed some flights and using a temporary check intense, restoring the capacity to 80%. and the south and midwest bracing for more storms, saturday in texas leading killed six people, including one woman and her four great- grandchildren. in atlanta, high winds knocking down big trees, power lines and damaging homes. and oklahoma, storm chasers spotted the tornado and it briefly touched it down. 6:44 am, and we go back and check in on the traffic.
6:45 am
off to a slow start on this monday morning. >> we are easing into the slow traffic, and starting off to take a look at the east bay commute. this is highway 4, jampacked coming over the hill, mostly slow through pittsburg and bay point, better at concord, and slowing on 680 heading south through walnut creek, and 24 through lafayette. if you're going as far as the bay bridge, steady and slow since 5:30 am, a 15 to 20 minute delay. no problem on the bridge getting into san francisco, and we will watch that closely. southbound 101 looking okay into the city. i drew an arrow on the slow traffic on southbound 880 driving down to this area. the southbound 80 at the marina boulevard, an injury crash that could affect you a little bit. it does not seem to have a big effect, but you will be slowing down a little bit on san
6:46 am
leandro. 6:45 am. a big change from yesterday for sure when it was warm, breezy and windy over the weekend, and today the fog is back with breezy onshore instead of north or offshore. good morning, and welcome back. the vallejo current conditions, 51 and foggy, and looking forward to the may showers this week. and thank you. there will be some may showers, 70s and 80s yesterday, 84 in santa rosa, 84 in concord, 78, and today, there are a lot of low clouds, and up and of the coast and into the north bay. and there are always some parts of the see the get a break from the low clouds, but not very warm with 4 degrees where we should be. and mostly sunny, breezy and low clouds still around. this system clip the sierra, firing off thunderstorms in the
6:47 am
valley, and this is moving on out. the system is beginning to inch closer to us, here tomorrow, and the fog is the big story. and this came roaring up the coast, certainly helps the water temperatures, 50 degrees in the same and san ramon and livermore, current inland temps, and or the eight in novato, and of the prevention at low 50s to mid 50s, 51 at atherton, and low clouds. that is very consistent, and usually we see a difference, but today everyone is closed. and the delta breeze is not that strong, but we expect that the pick up. 46 in ukiah, 28 in truckee was storms are firing up later in the day. and i think a lot of this will be south, the keep an eye if you're up in the sky. this could trigger again in the afternoon. that system will come in right here, and this is that low dropping in and parking. it looks like it will be here
6:48 am
tuesday through friday morning. this is called a blocking pattern, a low to the east and the low to the west, and that low to the west will be a slow mover. to date is about the fog, cooler forecast, sunny but cooler with temperatures dropping. 60s for the high's, and low clouds on the move, and also high mid-level clouds or tuesday. and looking at wednesday, we could see some showers, wednesday afternoon and for shoo-in the sierra nevada it could get quite in a string with thunderstorms on wednesday and thursday. reason cooler with low clouds, sunny and 70s instead of 80s. and 50s, 60s closer to the coast, they upper 60s and low 70s, and the north bay could be socked in for a while. and may will be much cooler with possible thunderstorms on wednesday, thursday with friday looking better for the weekend. >> thunderstorms in the
6:49 am
mountains?>> right here. 6:48 am. coming up and let's check in.>> when i join you in a few minutes, a renewed call this morning for the ban on high school football in nevada. and my the man running for the seat on the board of the largest school district in the country says that the human brain is not meant to play football and how the critics are responding. all but three of the detroit 97 public schools are shut down today. the massive teacher sickout coming after the teacher learned that the district is unable to pay the salaries they have already earned past june 30. two thirds of the teachers enrolled in the program that gives them the paycheck year- round instead of just during the school year, and what needs to happen to get these teachers their money and the families of 46,000 students are scrambling to make plans for the children today. the stories and more when i
6:50 am
join you in a few on mornings on 2.>> that has to be stressful. the time now is 6:50 am, improving your never too old to take on a new hobby, the amazing athletic achievement by this woman that is gifted at 100 years old. and what give you at the airport when the dog has to go? new rules are making it easier on the travelers and the pets. .
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:53 am. the second law enforcement agency dealing with the fallout of racist messages sent by someone within the department. the la sheriff department top official has announced his resignation due to the racist emails mocking muslims, african- americans and latinos. the san francisco police department dealing with a similar scandal due to the racist and homophobic messages sent by some of the officers. the police to said that all officers will have to attend an anti-bias training, and they sheriff department is promising reforms, including random checks on the emails. the complicated task of dividing the estate of prince underweight near minneapolis. his sister is filed papers last
6:54 am
week saying that her brother had no wheel. that means under the minnesota law, the estate will be divided among the surviving brothers and sisters. and she is the only full surviving full sibling, but he has five but he has 5/2 siblings. the estate is estimated to be worth at least $300 million. and debating the issue of breaking at the alameda commission, banning the commercial method of extracting oil and gas on the county land. the coalition against fracking plans to show his support against the ban, and activist say that the practice pollutes the water and air. the meeting will begin at 6:00 tonight at the county building and hayward. and kicking off today in the bay area, the focus of this program is to reduce the smog pollution during the warmer summer months, and they spare the air and health alert will be issued when the ozone pollution is forecast to reach
6:55 am
the unhealthy level, and when that happens, we are all encouraged to reduce the air pollution by carpooling are used in some other form of transportation. ubers settling the lawsuit claiming that the rideshare discriminated against blind people with guide dogs. under the agreement, google will inform the drivers about the federal law requiring taxis another private transportation services to carry the disabled passenger and the service and hope. -- and the service animal. and uber says that they will fire the driver if they find out they knowingly denied up right to a disabled person and their guide dog. and now access to the bathroom at the busiest airports, the new federal regulation will require the airports to have a pet relief area for those that serve more than 100,000 passengers per year. the animal rights say that this
6:56 am
puts less stress on the dog honors that would otherwise have to take him outside and to go through extra security. dulles, o'hare and seattle tacoma already had these areas. and a chance to win the prestigious national science pulled competition, and the team of lynbrook high school in san jose facing the blair high school in maryland, and the competition will begin at 8:30 am. 9000 high school students took part in the earlier rounds of the competition, and sponsored by the federal department of energy. the winning team gets a nine day all expense paid field trip to alaska. the san jose gas station so the powerball ticket worth more than $1 million, but the winter has not come forward. check your tickets, the owners of the valero gas station on the plan to take the employees
6:57 am
out to dinner with the $5300 he gets for selling the weekend -- the winning ticket. worth one point $1.37 million, but no overall powerball winner, and the jackpot is's first -- is supposed be worth at least $348 million. still following that solar- powered plane that took off two hours ago, and bringing it life up next. and the goal of its historic journey around the world. the planned protest and up next the demands that the students are making on this day of action. .
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
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>> plus, hundreds of san francisco state university students are dpeering gearing up for a big rally. mornings on 2 continues now. announcer: this is ktvu7 on two. >> this is. >> good morning. let's talk about our weather and traffic. the fog has come back. this is a much cooler pattern, obviously for the coast and the north bay, which in this kind of a deal, fog comes up from the south that makes it a cool day from santa cruz and the north bay. that will be the biggest drop, there's also a weak system coming in, by tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, it's going to


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