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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 6, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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. a volunteer is lowered down a toughened climb. what happens when the safety demo doesn't go so safe. cave divers descend into a wild other wordily landscape. how a few oxygen tanks lead to some breathtaking views. they are getting in the groove on stage. >> when suddenly -- whoa, whoa. >> see why whoa is right. and heed the internet sensation known as the licking guy. when we saw his latest target -- >> i nearly choked on my own tongue. >> why this undercover lick hit a little too close to home. no matter how much effort
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you put into planning once the universe gets involved it all goes out the window. we have just planned a wedding for months. >> good luck. >> this first video is from india. what's happening here is a demonstration. they are demonstrating how they are going to deal with an earthquake. she's now being lowered down on a harness and you can see they are holding this toughened fabric slide. >> she is attached to a harness. i thought they were just going to slide her down that thing. >> what they are supposed to do lower her halfway and let go as she slides down. unfortunately -- >> oh, gosh. oh, no. oh, no. oh, no. >> don't let her go. >> she wasn't centered. she was on the side of it. >> that's exactly right. she's grabbing on with her fingers. she tries to get in position. then we see her fall. she was taken to the hospital
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and treated for a number of injuries. >> who sees she's not quite centered and let her go. >> not according to plan. this next video comes from thailand as this person is waiting to use it. the person comes from the outside. this is where they then pull a magic trick. nothing there and then ta-da. >> the young school girl fell out hit the ground with her backpack. nice community spirit as people start gathering around helping this girl get on the bike to chase after the bus. that i assume is the driver. there's the mini bus. there's nobody in the driver's seat. let's just be glad this accident happened at relatively low speeds and the young girl wasn't hurt. some of us fantasize what
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it's like to explore alien planets. you don't have to go that far or be an astronaut. you can get your dive certificate and head on down to yucatan, mexico. that's what these guys are up to. they went down a cave diving system in mexico. they jump in near the top. that looked like a fun wearing hole. once they go below the surface, this illuminates. >> squa son was the photographer and he did an excellent job capturing this wild other worldly landscape as they dive through this system. pretty neat. keep your eyes peeled. you'll see what i call a guide rope. that's how the divers know how to go and how to get out in case things go sideways. >> look at the colors they are managing to capture. >> they must be using an incredible camera. you can see the light source.
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that looks like he's almost in space. >> it's cool to see the stalagmites there. this was a dry cave to form those formation. you can see some small fish and other marine life down there. i love the part where you can see the air bubbles up on the ceiling because that creates a mirror effect. if there was ever an example of delusion and entitlement this is it. this comes from a food court at a mall in singapore. pay attention to that woman in the red shirt. she's furious. she's running her mouth. she's having a very heated exchange with the manager at the food court and you won't believe what it is that she's upset
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about. apparently she lost her mind after a janitor came up to her and cleared her tray. once he did that she went ballistic. here's the problem. that janitor, according to reports, is mute and deaf. so he didn't understand what she was trying to tell him. now it sounds like he asked if she wanted him to take the tray. she said something. he misunderstood her grunting. he took her tray. she lost her mind. it's very difficult to hear what she's saying but it's along the lines i don't care if he's deaf, i don't care if he's disabled he should be a beggar and not have a job here at the food court. >> i thought she still didn't understand the situation but now she has all the information and is flipping out. >> she's super upset her food was taken away.
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once the manager tried to explain she didn't care. she said something along the lines it's not my responsibility to care. i don't need to understand. he needs to be a beggar and the government needs to take care of him and i want my food. if you ever watched a show and the person on stage caused you to get up there. >> it's your moment. >> oh, yes. this woman had a moment. she's up there. she's getting it. you go girl. here it is, mama. get it mama. she's dancing and shaking and moving her groove thing when suddenly. >> oh! >> she just tips over, steps off the stage. ho, ho, ho, let's help her up. >> what a drag. >> you guys found that pretty funny. the smiles will be wiped off your face in three, two, one. >> oh, no.
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>> that's like a giant rubber band. >> don't even go there. we're always saying as guys whenever we're watching slack lining that's the only thought going through our mind. that could be terrible. then a dog runs up hey you cut mine off. he's been having some fun with the dog's water bowl so now the little boy is scared, he doesn't want to show daddy his hand. >> let me see them. >> see why dad knows how to just handle it. and this traffic officer is pulling out all the stops. >> he's got the moves like dagger. >> how he keeps it moving with his smooth grooves. i love my shop, but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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my skin's back. speeds are low on this atv but that doesn't make the incident you're about to see any less dangerous. the guy on the red atv looks like he's driving with one hand, he's recording with one hand. up ahead is a trailer with some guys with another atv. it starts to wobble and whip around. the guy behind recording it all has no time to stop. actually he did, he just didn't. oh! was not able to stop in time before smashing into the back of that trailer. it was a great smash. next video, this woman riding a motorcycle. it's a great day. she's out there. pulling up some pretty quick speeds. into this left-hander right up
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here. ♪ >> oh. >> that hurt. >> yeah. >> that part right before she landed. she's got her hands out as well. the camera goes tumbling, gets knocked off the helmet and for several minutes we have no idea how the ride certificate doing. but towards the end of the video we see a good samaritan runs down, picks up the camera and runs it back to our rider. there she is. in jeans and sneakers but she does have a riding jacket on and helmet. she writes in her short description she was able to walk away from this incident. these two videos demonstrate two different types of guy, the nick and ollie. let's start with ollie. this actually a video from my friend jay.
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he had to pick up his daughter from pre-school because she had a fever. she's 2. her big brother is 3. then he's doing the sympathy cry. then a teachable moment occurred. >> oh. >> rocco reaches over and grabs her hands and it's the comfort of a big brother. then when they drop hands -- wait a minute. >> help her. >> that's so sweet. >> the kids are all right. >> that little boy has been playing in the bog water bowl. >> i said you got to wash your hands. >> the little boy comes towards dad with his hands behind his back, the dog is following him. this is what nick go. >> let me see them. >> doesn't want to show daddy his hands. >> don't think for one second i
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haven't pulled that. >> we're terrible people. they say whatever you do, do it well and this traffic officer in the philippines is pulling out all the stops. >> oh, yeah. >> he's got the moves like jagger. >> they need about 100,000 more of these guys in the philippines. traffic in manila is the worst in the world. >> this was posted to facebook. when you go through the comments. one says this guy is amazing. he practices his move on the sidewalk. he dresses up as santa claus at christmas. >> this isn't about fun or dancing and everything about i'm in the road, don't hit me. >> it's a well choreographed survival video, i'll say that. this police officer in scotland has a unique stifle tactic as a whale.
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>> run! >> the patron was tossed out after throwing a drink on his girlfriend. when the police arrived they thought there might be a bit of a mix up. he took matters of his own hands. took the mike and gave the folks a show. >> look at it happening at a pub in scotland at daytime. >> this is the best way to get the crowd going. >> called diffusing tension. >> that's right. love message in the california beach. >> oh, i love this. >> help we're stranded. >> "right this minute". still to come it's a crazy scene at the barber shop after a guy getting a hair cut just lost
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>> i think that says back up. >> or a frill, called a frill neck lizard. this is very common in australia, northern australia. ricky mckenzie says he sees the frills all time. that's what they call them, frills. >> mind your business, that's all. >> that's as "jurassic park" as you get. >> some other animals may look mundane but you come across one of these, you know you're in for some trouble. >> what? what? they didn't do anything to you. >> it also can go -- >> they get pretty ticked off. this woman says she occasionally works across the street and normally a big flock of these guess and they are always pretty aggressive but this particular guy on this particular day was alone. she thought she could make an easy crossing of the street.
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uh-huh. >> you're not going to intimidate me. ♪ puppies having frisbee problems. >> yeah! a seemingly ordinary day at this barber shop in china took a rather bizarre turned once this happened. as you can see the person who
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turned up to get their hair cut just lost conscious naes and he was out long enough for a film crew to turn up. there's a police officer. not exactly being too quiet or gentle with him as they are trying to wake this person up. >> okay. don't call the police or the news crew, call the ambulance. >> you know what? they do. they called ems people who come in, strap him to this gurney and take him to the hospital and worry he may have suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. it wasn't a cerebral hemorrhage, the guy just fell asleep. >> come on. >> no. he woke up at the hospital and he does admit he hasn't slept for two days and that he has had, and i quote, some alcohol which then put him in this situation. basically he just passed out getting his hair cut. he was so passed out that he didn't wake up through any of
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this and eventually sits down to get a hair cut and wakes up in the hospital. >> that was beyond sleep. that was the state of a coma. >> some alcohol. >> yeah. >> his body shut down. that was a hard reboot for him. >> they kicked out the power plug, plugged it back in and the internet starts working. the licking guy has got a new target. >> oh! >> he's infiltrated our studios. >> see this time why his tongue is a tle while and then
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right back into it. >> then this happens. i do like the boot, though. guys i saw serious butterflies.
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you know i'm a huge fan of the licking guy. when i saw his most recent video, i nearly choked on my own tongue. watch. >> oh! >> like i followed his channel. it came up. and i was like -- >> watch how close he got. he's climbing over the back wall. i know. right. so was i. >> he's under the table. here he comes. right through the back door. >> he doesn't know where our office is. he does not know where our suite is. >> this creeps me out. >> down the stairs he goes. now we do have a very secure and locked studio. >> oh! >> he is spotted but hides and watch how he gets the drop on
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us. >> is he going to lick our front door. >> worse. >> oh, my goodness. >> he's infiltrated our studios. >> no way! [ screaming ] >> every single one. out the door he goes. when suddenly he's confronted. >> oh! >> i spotted him, but we all know who he is. do you guys remember taking this picture? >> oh! >> we welcome him into our studio. >> i find it somewhat ironic the
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three offous have our tongues out. >> there's a lot more to this story. for that you have to go to to see how you are much more involved than you think you are. >> oh, my gosh. i'm scared. >> he got you back, girl. >> is it my computer. >> show is over. we'll see you guys on the next "right this minute".
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a cop in hot pursuit pulls the pit maneuver, perfectly executed. see why the suspect's car holds one more surprise. mama hears something in the woods. >> is there a bear loose? oh, my goodness. >> the rustling sound that led to one sweet reunion. a sky diver's training to jump 25,000 feet without a parachute. >> he's not taking any kind of reserve. there's no back up here. >> the crazy plan that's counting on nothing. and one intense skbcompetit. >> what? >> you knew that. i was getting ready.


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