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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  June 15, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: business owners in san jose are devastated by a fire that ripped through a strip mall overnight. we will show you the damage. we are here live on the scene and we'll tell you the latest on the investigation. and the san jose police department is mourning the loss of a motorcycle officer who was killed in a crash while on duty yesterday. we'll tell you about the family he leaves behind and how his fellow officers are coping. 7:00. wednesday morning. june 15th. thanks for joining us. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather. steve paulson told us it's going to be chilly this morning. >> i had two observers from napa write me saying it's 43 and 46. cool this time of the year. going to be a cool day. clouds increasing. there are some upper 30s in the higher elevation around lake
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county, i know that, but, mostly, cloudy, north, temperatures in the 60s. it sure looks like some rain is on the way late tonight and tomorrow among, especially in the north bay. it's tough to get rain this time of the year. but still the forecast models, each run seem to be a little more bullish on them. cloud coverage confined to the north but the breeze is not anywhere near. they are widespread. winter weather advisory northeast california. above 6500 feet. maybe around two to five inches of snow. west, 24. gusts to 31 at the oakland airport. you throw in some 40s. that's at napa airport. closer to town, tiewrmd in the mid-40s there. east bay tells quite cool here. 51 the blackhawk. breezy to windy, there is the cloud cover. clouds offshore. they will' be here later on, rotate n tomorrow, we'll talk about some rain in the north
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bay. sun, cloud, more clouds to the north. windy for some, breezy for everybody. 60s are very low temperatures. sal, all right. 7:02. what do you have? >> we have a couple of things out, there -- out there. i do want to mention at the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have a stalled vehicle on the upper deck. traffic is not moving at all. at least a 30 minute delay when you get on to the bridge counting from when you get on to the maze. water main break on new bridge street on one of the small side streets there. new bridge street near melo street which is near willow road. and this water main break may slow traffic in the area. it might actually reach willow road traffic. so, please, give yourself extra time in that area. willow road appears to be pretty slow, anyway. i'm not sure if this has a
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correct correlation to that water main break. jam packed all the way to cupertino. >> new from overnight a big fire destroys almost 20 businesses in south san jose. >> the fire started before midnight at a strip mall right along santa theresa bull varmtd it spread quickly. it was so intense, more than 100 firefighters were called to the scene. ktvu's ktvu's janine de la janine de la vega is live at the scene. >> in is -- there is one engine still left here. right now, it's employees and customers that are showing up and they are just completely in disbelief, just shaking their head. there are so many restaurants, a bar, dentist, hair salon, a pet supply store, tae kwon do
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place. the majority is gone. this fire spread so fast. take a look at the flames. this was taken earlier. this started before midnight. fire officials tell us it was reported as a trash fire just behind a mexican restaurant in the far left corner of the strip mall. firefighters started attacking it but it quickly spread into the attic area. the roof collapsed and firefighters had to get out of the building and fight it from the outside. it was finally contained after two and a half hours but the fire left the majority of businesses gutted. we did speak with the owner of a bar with as that destroinchtsd i got to sinister block walls. i figured, no, i'm safe, you know, left everything inside, you know. and lost everything. i'm heart struck. it's devastating. i'm bombed. you know. i mean, all these people that own all these businesses are, you know, going to be hurting
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so bad. i mean the economy is bad enough now. and with this, i can't believe it. >> reporter: we don't note cause of the fire yet. it's unknown if it's suspicious or accidental. most of the businesses were closed at the time except for the bar located father away from where the fire started. the bar owner said it looked like it was a bunch ofcardboard boxes that caught fire ain't was small when it started. an arson investigator will be here to collect more evidence, doing more interviews to try to get to the bottom of. this if we see him in the next few hours, we'll try to get you more updated information. as you can see, people again just completely in shock. we are right next to a gas station. so everybody that's pulling up here is getting out of their car and standing there, you know, basically with their mouths open, just shaking their head. >> janine, one of the business
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owners says that he is sad for his workers. you may have insurance but think of all the employees who have no place to work. >> reporter: exactly right. you know, one of the owners says he has a lot of college kids who are employees. even though he wants to rebuild, it's going to take a long time. san jose police are mourning the death of a motorcycle police officer, michael katherman. >> overnight, officers and first responders lined up to honor the 11-year veteran as his body left the san jose medical regional center. he was on his motorcycle when he was killed. >> alex savidge, tell us how the police department is coping and how this happened. >> reporter: tough morning for the san jose police department after losing a dedicated motorcycle officer who has been with the force for more than a
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decade. you can see a procession of police officers and first responders as they took the body of 34-year-old michael katherman from san jose regional medical center where he died. officer katherman was married. he had two sons. he loved his family and he loved his job, riding a motorcycle for the san jose police department. the crash that took his life happened yesterday afternoon in north horning street. he collided with a minivan that turned left right in front of him. he was thrown off of his bike and ultimately crushed by that van. the police chief says that a good samaritan who happened to be in the area gave officer katherman first aid and then used the officer's radio to call for help. >> the san jose community is mourning. the police department is mowncht but we will try to live up to officer katherman's sacrifices. >> you can hear the police
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chief fighting his tears as he announced the accident. nt. the san jose mayor released a statement. >> the exact cause of the crash is still being investigated but police say that the driver of that minivan is cooperating and has not been arrested. alcohol and drugs have also been ruled out as factors in that deadly crash. back to you. >> alex savidge in our newsroom, thank you. >> okay. we are following a developing story out of orlando where search team, new crew, looking for a toddler. they still do consider this a
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search and rescue operation even though the search is in its 11th hour. the parents and the children were near or in the water at the seven seas lagoon. >> the child was playing in the water, just a foot or so into the water. and the alligator came up and taked. >> the sheriff says that the father tried to grab the little boy but could not get him. he also says that their signs in the area telling people not to swim in the lagoon. again, at this point, it's believed that the boy was maybe in just about a foot of water. >> wow. time is seven 09. this morning, we are learning that the wife of the gunman in that terror attack in an orlando gay nightclub may face criminal charges. federal investigators are looking into what the gunman's wythe might have known before sunday's deadly mass shooting at the pulse nightclub. there are reports she knew in advance about the attack but says she tried to talk her husband out of it. a federal grand jury has been convened now to determine if the gunman's wife should be
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charged in connection with that shooting. also, more survivors of the mass shooting are now telling their stories. the shooting victims are describing a night of sheer terror saying that the gunman kept shooting, moving from one part of the nightclub to another. one survivor says he saw the gunman go back to an area where he had already killed many people and shoot the people again to make sure that they were dead. >> i look over and he shoots the girl next to me. and i'm just laying down. i'm thinking, i'm next. i'm dead. so i don't know how by the glory of god he shoots towards my head but it hits my hand. and then he shoots me again and it hits the side of my hip. >> this morning, doctors say of the 44 shooting victims taken to orlando regional medical center, 27 still in the hospital, six still in critical condition. time is 7:10. here at home, the santa clara
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county judge who presided over the trial of brock turner has now been removed from an upcoming sexual assault case. judge aaron persky was schedule tiewld to rule over a case involving a male nurse accused of sexual assaulting a patient. the removal was called a rare occurrence and he may be removed from other cases. time is now 7:11. a teenager is dead in oakland, others were hurt after a shooting there. in 20 minutes, what was happening nearby when those shots were fired in downtown oakland. first, president obama sets the record straight on why he does not use the words "radical islam". and the morning commute still looks okay but it's getting a lot more crowded. we'll tell you more about this
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straight ahead. straight ahead. and i'm looking out the old weather window over here and, my goodness, the white caps are out. we have the forecast coming up. ♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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president obama is now firing back at republicans who accused the president of being soft on terror because of his opposition to use the term "radical islam". >> when exactly would using this label accomplish? what exactly would it change? would it make isl less committed? not once has an advisor of mine said, man, if we really use that phrase, we're going to turn this whole thing around. the president turned to comments by republican, primarily donald trump saying their rhetoric is inspiring
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extremism among muslims. >> it will make us less safe. fuelling isl's notion that the west hates muslims. making young muslims in this country and around the world feel like no matter what they do, they're going to be under suspicion. and under attack. >> donald trump fired back at a rally in north carolina yesterday saying that the oorld mass shooting backs up his plan to ban muslim from entering the united states. so the killer's parents emigrated from ad as the washington times reported, the children of muslim immigrant parents, they are responsible for a growing number, for whatever reason, a growing number of terrorist attacks. >> president obama is set to travel to orlando tomorrow where he will pay his respects
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to victims' families. the democratic national committee says that hearings working for the russian government stole the committee's research on donald trump. a cyber security company hired by the d nc to protect its network says that the hack can be traced with a high degree of confidence to the russian government. the hackers were able to read all e-mail and chat traffic. the russians also tried to get into the computers of hillary clinton and donald trump's campaigns. now, the russian embassy denies knowing anything about the hack. time is 7:16. this is the height of the commute, isn't it, sal? >> sure is. right now, let's say between 6:30 and about 8:00, gasia, in fact, it will be so broad but we get the most traffic. we're going to go there now and take a look at these commutes that are going to be pretty slow. 80 westbound between the carquinez bridge and
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themacarthur maze. the annual speed is between 26 to 30 miles per hour. you start counting at the maze here, get on to the bridge about 25 minutes later. concord to walnut creek, lafayette, southbound 680, 242 to 24. 24 through lafayette slow. then it picks up on the way to orinda. highway 4 slow. some speeds are going to be slow in pittsburg and bay point. 7:17. a little windy over the altamonte pass, z. >> very much so, sal, many locations as well. looks like tomorrow, earn p certainly, the north bay will have some morning rain. some rain up in reading. i heard from a gentleman who said, steve, usually it's about 80 degrees at this time and it's 60 and rain overnight. shasta could get some pretty low snow there.
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winter weather advisory in the northern mountains of california. partly sunny south but temperatures aloft continue to cool us off this among. it was 42 at mount tam with a 41 mile-per-hour breeze and this have been gusts about 50 at the at month pass. clouds increasing and this is the winter weather vice ricks northeast california, probably not the sierra but be advised there could be some isolated snow showers there and probably showers, thundershowers as well. snow level around 6500 feet. oakland say, you know what, fairfield and traffic you have nothing on us. 31 mile-per-hour gusts. travis only 25. upper 40s, low 50s. we are very slow to warm up here on the peninsula. we had some 40s. stanford was there earlier. a couple around los altos.
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arcadia, a cool 45. 39. nor ton, 45. tahoe. combining the breeze, makes it feel much colder. the cloud coverage is focused to the north. north bay, mostly cloudy. peninsula, east bay, there is a system rotate around which looks like it might want to en handles it self. cloud coverage to the north. but by tonight, we cloyd it up and right on the mendicino sonoma coast, and late tonight, rain moves in. early in the morning, spreads into sonoma, marin, also into napa county. by tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., and then it looks like some of that will make it to the peninsula and then of a, that it will fall apart, east bay, south bay. still, we are in line for a little bit of rain here, more so to the north bay. after thursday, the system kicks out of here slowly and temperatures will start to rebound but very slowly. in fact, this is a very cool air mass. the projections continue to be bretty decent. that's not bad for mid-june.
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my goodness. that's over ton but we'll keep an eye on that. light rain tomorrow, maybe moderate rain to the north. sun and cloud, breezy, cool, windy for some, below average temps. 68 in clear lake. what? that's it. ukiah as well. 60s for many to low, low 70s including antioch, brentwood, oakley. put that one on the calendar. we may not see this for a while. 60s, city on the coast and peninsula. so very cool conditions. cloudy tomorrow, some rain. slowly warms up as we head into the weekend. >> what a week. >> no kidding. >> crazy. >> crazy. >> you bet. >> thank you. time is 7:20. warriors waking up in cleveland getting ready for game 6 of the nba finals where they hope to win their second straight nba finals. andrew bogut traveled with the
7:21 am
warriors, but the status is uncertain. they are still looking at his mri to make sure of his status. >> thinking good thoughts for him. >> yes. time is 7:21. big day in pleasanton. the alameda county fair is opening up. we'll check in with christien kafton, way up there right now, already having fun. in 20 minutes, he'll give you a sneak peek. and it's the loyalty reward program that has more money in it than many banks. we'll tell you the amounts stored on those starbucks gift cards.
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7:24. new this among, san francisco supervise san francisco supervisors voted to open more navigation centers. supervisor david came position had proposed opening six nor and a half facial centers through the year. and wanted to have a navigation center that would allow smoking for drug addicts and a place to shoot up. and an inspection in february at the chains facility in massachusetts. inspectors found unsanitary food prep surface, dirty dishes with food, sinks without hot
7:25 am
water. a whole foods spokeswoman sails that the company was surprised by a warning letter and it had thoroughly corrected all the issues if you are allergic to peanut, i have another recall to tell you b the kellogg company is recalling several brands of browny snacks and cookies, including mothers, famous amos, especially k, keebler and merry. they may have been made with wheat flour contaminated with peanut residue. it was similar to the recall by fritolay. you can find a link to the full list of recalled items on our ktvu website. go to, look under weblinks. and here is something else. two magazines that were a major part of many of many --
7:26 am
amafrican american homes have been sold. that ends johnson's 71 years in business. ebony magazines first hit news stands in 1945. the company says it will keep its chicago headquarters and much of its staff. time is 7:26. a new report has surprising results when it comes to companies storing customers' money. the a money stored on starbucks cards is more than some banks have in total deposits. starbucks has $1.2 billion stored on the gift cards and its mobile app. that's more that are mercantile bank which has 680 million- dollars and independent financial services which has 432 million. and anher push to make the streets of san francisco safer for ped yams. why black boxes in city vehicles could help. and coverage or the orlando nightclub shooting continues
7:27 am
with what homeland security officials have to say about the shooter's wife and we are very slow this morning us a drive on 80 westbound. you will see traffic that is going to be busy from richmond all the way to oakland. cloud continuing to increase here in the east bay. more coming up. hey pal? you ready?
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 7:30. now, to our coverage of the orlando nightclub shooting. investigators are focusing on the wife of the killer. >> and that has led to new questions about u.s. terror policy a number of questions arising about did anyone know about the attack before it happened? we'll get some answers from doug luzader. >> reporter: omar mateen's wife was barely seen since the attack. one federal source indicates she could be charged as an accessory to 49 counts of murder. depending on what she knew about the attacks. department of homeland security chief jay johnson was asked about her role. what i have said publicly numerous times and which i think bears repeating is that when someone self-radicalizes,
7:31 am
there is almost always someone close to that individual who sees the signs. >> reporter: still, mateen did claim allegiance to the islamic state. yesterday, president obama pushed back, defending himself against attacks, especially donald trump who says that the president refused to use the radical islam. >> what exactly would this accomplish if i used this label? i watched president obama today. and he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter. that's the kind of anger he should have for the shooter and these killers that should not be here. >> so this is clearly becoming fodder out on the campaign trail. as far as the investigation is concerned, we do know that
7:32 am
federal investigators have their hands on mateen's cell phone and they are using it, no doubt, to find out who he may have been in contact with in the days leading up to the shooting but also using the location services part of that device to figure out where he had gone, just leading up to the attack. dave and gasia? >> doug luzader live for us this morning. thank you. 7:32 this wednesday morning. some kids are out of school staying home all day at the wild west, and others get to be outside in the fresh air. >> speaking of fresh air forecast, here is steve paulson. >> very fresh. >> yes. >> mid june, we are seeing some increasing clouds. temperatures are cool and the cloud cove will continue to kind of work it way in throughout day. i think the north day goes cloudy to mostly cloudy. look at this. i mean, normally, you head down
7:33 am
to chico and you think, man, it's going to be hot but not today. i have seen some upper 30s and 40s for many. system rotating in the secondary system rotating around. we will swing in here late tonight and tomorrow. we are getting some of the cloud cover. again, focus more on the north bay. partly sunny, partly cloudy. winter weather advisories out there. you can see why. this is above 6500 feet but for a possible snow tonight into tomorrow, maybe two to six inches of snow, not too shabby. gusts out of the west shall 40s and 50s very cool here. some these tells, especially towards santa clara valley up in the santa cruz mountains. we are in the mid-40s still. this is quite cool. it's going to stay cool and we'll see the cloud cover roll in and that looks like it's going to lead to some rain. sun and clouds, breezy, cool. mostly cloudy to the north. temperatures quite chilly here, sal, for this time of the year, no doubt. >> you know, right now, steve,
7:34 am
the wind that you mentioned might be factor on the altamonte pass. no major issues as you drive through this area. but you might see some slowing traffic. we are looking at the bay bridge as well. you can see traffic is backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze. that's a hefty delay of about 30 minutes as you get into san francisco. we are also looking at a commute where traffic is slow. highway 4 coming up and over the hill through pittsburg and bay point 680 is slow. stop and go traffic down highway 24 filling in as well. 7:34. back to 280 and san jose and this is not improved since the last time we saw it although it seems to be getting a little looser. 101 slow into the valley. back to the desk. oakland police are still trying to piece together what led to a shooting yesterday.
7:35 am
a 16-year-old girl died. a vigil for jamari wilson and josiah pratt was underway. the two 16-year-old boys drowned at a reservoir over the memorial day weekend. people were starting to leave when somebody started shooting. >> people starting running. people here, started running. you could hear the gunshots. >> not clear if the victims were attending the vigil or just caught in the cross fire or it they were actually targeted. at this point, oakland police do not have a description of the suspect, nor do they have a motive for the shooting. at 12:30 yesterday afternoon, a couple of people died in people -- a couple of
7:36 am
people were shot. a 21-year-old pittsburg man was arrested accused of killing his 17-year-old girlfriend. darian brown shot and killed alexis irwin one week ago behind the recreation sean center. after the shooting, brown went into a recreation in north berkeley and was acting strange. >> i just had a customer coming back to pay for something. the guy came behind her, annoying her. i asked if she was feeling threatened. she said she was. and we called police. >> he is held without bay. his mother say he is mentally ill. the shooting victim had just finished her junior year of high school in oakland new legislation has just been passed in san francisco and it requires all city cars and trucks to have so-called black box tracking devices. the san francisco board of
7:37 am
supervise size ors approved legislation yesterday to get city workers to drive more safely. neithery is that driver behavior will improve just knowing that the black box gps system is monitoring the vehicle. >> it allows us to see drivers who may be driving too fast or braking too hard to better train them so they can arrive more safely in san francisco. >> pedestrian advocates support the new legislation saying it keeps drivers accountable. yate work hit and killed a woman in a wheelchair earlier this year. police cars will be exempt since police agencies don't want outside agencies monitoring their undercove vehicles. california lawmakers are due to vote on a $122 billion state budget. governor brown and top democrat lawmakers agreed to that deal last week. it would add more affordable housing and add more to the
7:38 am
california rainy day fun. it calls for raising vehicle registration fees from 70 to $80 a year. the san jose city council unanimously approved mayor sam liccardo's budget. it calls for hiring dozens of new police officers and firefighters. the budget also provides spending on things like traffic improvements at dangerous intersections, repairing potholes and also license plate readers for the police. it also includes money for tackling the homeless problem, expanding hours at the adam rock youth center and also cleaning up neighborhood blight. time is 7:38. in san jose, the anticipated vote on a controversial housing project for the homeless was post boned until late they are month. the plan calls for building 162 units at 2500 center road to house the homeless. the city commission already approved it and that's what it will look like.
7:39 am
many residents oppose the project. city councilman family tam nguyen originally agreed to the project but now has changed his mind. >> i want the police department to make sure that nothing wrong happens there. >> homeless advocates say that the housing is desperately needed as san jose's homeless population continues to grow. the issue was on the agenda for the city council meeting last night but the meeting was canceled after a san jose police officer was hit and killed in a traffic accident as we have been reporting. time is 7:39. yet another inmate is accused santa clara county jail guards of beating him while he was in custody. the mercury news reports julian vazquez barnaby says he was beaten so badly there were boot prints on his back. the paper says that he had filed a federal lawsuit against santa clara county and also three deputies on the night shift.
7:40 am
he says that one of the guards threatened to send gang members after him. this is just the latest accusations of guards using excessive force against inmates at the santa clara county jail. county officials have not commented on this latest lawsuit. the alameda county board of supervisors approved an expansion plan for the santa rita jail. protesters say that the kuehn at this already has the fifth largest jail in the country and the funds could be better spent on mental health programs. >> that's important because our jail population is decreasing in alameda county but our mental health population is increasing in santa rita jail. that means that we are criminalizing people who have mental illness and we are failing to provide services for them at home. >> despite the objections, the county supervise vials ors voted unanimously to move forward with the jail expansion at a cost of $61 million. just a couple of minutes
7:41 am
ago, space x launched two commercial satellites from cape canaveral air force station in florida. we have want to show is to you. >> 2, 1, 0. liftoff of the falcon 9. >> there it is. the company's dual satellite falcon 9 launched before 7:30 this morning. as part of this mission, space x will try to land the first stage booster on a drone ship out there in the atlantic. the company says it will be a tough landing to try but if it works, it will mark the company's fourth sea landing and its fifth overall. 7:41. the giants will try to sweep the milwaukee brewers this afternoon after beating them 3- 2 last night. madison bumgarner was at the plate. brandon belt was hit in the foot by a pitch last night.
7:42 am
fortunately here, x-rays are negative. matt cain was put back on the disabled list one day after being reactivated. the pride night took on a significance in the wake of the mass shootings in orlando. last night's game took on a special meaning in the a's. there was a ceremonial passing of the ballduring the game, the texas rangers got off to an early lead and it was too much for the. 's to overcome. rangers won a final of 10-6. we do continue to mon tort aftermath of that huge overnight fire that burned through a zonings strip mall. take a look at the huge flames. all the damage that customers and business owners are finding as they show up to the scene.
7:43 am
when they say that alameda county fair is fun, they are not kidding. we'll introduce you to one of the budweiser clyde clydesle. >> no horsing rowan. there may be some rain in the forecast. what? you heard me. more on that coming up. you your rollerblades back. and, she's back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. presenting the american express blue cash everyday card with cash back on this. mouth toys. that really takes me back. cash back on this. baloney and medical gauze. and even this. who said shrimmpppppppppppp? ahhh, shrimp. the lobster's little brother. great choice. ughhhhhh, i'm so shrimp rich. all with no annual fee. cash back on purchases. backed by the service and security of american express.
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>> we have a little history about the budweiser clydesdales. first, let's talk about why they are so symbols. they were draft horses? >> they are draft horses meaning they are workhorses meant to pull wagons. at the end of prohibition, april 7th, 1933, august bush, jr. gave august bush sr. a six- horse set of clydesdales and they used that to deliver beer
7:47 am
after prohibition. >> reporter: and we were talking about the maintenance here. a lot of work goes into horses but talking to the clydesdales, it's taking to to a whole new level. >> yes. you see the white parties on their legs there. >> and when he is big, how big is he? >> he weighs about 2000 pounds. 18 hints meaning he is 6-foot tall at the end of his maine and that's just the average size. >> how close can people get? can they get up close and personal. you can come up to the fair today, you can pet the horses. you can come and view them at our stables. we are getting them ready for the parade. you can read on some history and look at the dogs >> that's the other budweiser
7:48 am
celebrity. these look like very, very small horses to me. >> they are not the horses pulling the wagons of course, here, we have chip and -- >> april. >> reporter: they are, of course, the budweiser dalmatians and, of course, dalmatians were coach dogs. they would run alongside the coach. >> absolutely. >> reporter: that makes sense, you have the clydesdales to pull and then you have the dalmatians to run alongside, guys. here get up close and personal at the fair. the fair opens today. >> how does it feel to stand next to a clydesdale? >> reporter: i'll be honest with you. i told shell by i was a little intimidated. that is a big, big horse. she says that lester is very, very generality will and he has been. anything to say, lester? i guess lester -- you know, he is not like mr. ed. he is a magnificent animal. but, you know, look. i'm 6'3", you can see he is a
7:49 am
big fellow. >> looking good. christien kafton at the county fair. thank you, man. >> sal, if you are with me, i like the smaller animals. the pig races, one of the my favorites at the fair. >> my goodness. we've already established this, but i like all the fried food. >> the things on stick, right. >> gasia and i are both into -- anything on a stick that's fried. >> yep. >> good morning, everyone. we are looking at a commute. starting off with highway 24 west bound, you'll see some slow traffic this morning. it picks up for a bid, slows again in orinda. 680 is slow from concord. looks a little better now. a couple of minor issues on the bridge taken away. going to marin county, slows from 37 to central san rafael. on the peninsula, not too much happening on 101 until you get to san mateo. if you are driving as far as
7:50 am
san jose, 101 is slow from capital expressway northbound. 280 and 85 getting a lot of work today. busy day getting into the west valley, sunny vale or cupertino. 7:50. let's go to steve now. it's confirmed. tom kiefer from cinderella will be at the county fair. when you are there, you will say shake me because that's cold that's a good transition, steve. well done thank you, sir. >> it is going to be cold out there. ♪ shake me >> thank you to the control room for you. that's cinderella. the cloud cove continues to roll in. roll in. turning mostly cloudy already in the north bay. lake county, northern napa county, sonoma county. it's cold. 43 up here, loving the cloud above. rumors of thunderstorms possible later. i would say more rain tonight and tomorrow, more so than
7:51 am
thunderstorm activity but a break in the clouds might help. d.j. says our event in santa rosa on saturday, all that talk has me nervous. by saturday, i'm long gone. you will be in the low 80s. so no event on saturday. tomorrow, yes. you can see what's developing here up in the northern sacramento valley, northeast california right off parts of the north coast. nothing too heavy yet. we already had some reports of light rain as this whole system rotates in and it's going to rotate in tonight and tomorrow to give the north bay and i think even a few points south some rain. cloudy to mostly cloudy to the north. winter weather advisories out. northeast california, above 6500 feet for snow. two to five inches, around lake tahoe. there is a wind advisory for tahoe but could be some isolated snow showers. sfo gusts over 34. only 14 now but due west at hayward, due west at livermore, 15 with gusts to about 49, 50
7:52 am
at the altamonte pass. a couple of people said they had to click the heat on in santa rosa and rightfully so. still very cool under mostly cloudy skies. cloud cover favoring the north bay but plenty out here. increasing clouds throughout the day and that system tomorrow sure looks like it's going to give us some rain tomorrow morning. sun, clouds, more sun to the south, more clouds to the north. windy for some, below average temps for everybody. that's a very cool day. not even 70 for fairfield. very low 70s. pittsburg, antioch, brentwood, oakley. 65 in alameda. upper 60s san jose. low 70s santa clara valley. 60s on the coast and 60s only, except for mountain view on the peninsula. rain in the morning. i would anticipate in the north
7:53 am
bay, it would start to clear out of. the weekend will be better. >> set that alarm clock early, maybe ten minutes to get us through that morning commute. >> you are not kidding yet another tragedy in orlando. an alligator snatched a little boy at a disney resort. you'll hear from investigators still looking for that child as we speak. and a strike looming at macy's and why you may not notice a change when it comes to customer service.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
5000 macy's workers at five new york stores plan to walk off the job to protest the stall in contract negotiations including the company's flagship store in manhattan. employees say they are angry over the increasing cost of health bare benefits, new holiday work requirement and changes in pay structures. it almost only affect macy's in new york. the world health organization says it is safe to travel to brazil for the olympics in august. an emergency panel looking into the risk of zika during the rio de janeiro game says there is a very low risk that the zika virus will spread a lot because fans from all over the world are going to the olympics. >> at the same time, this risk is even lower or is low also because in winter, the intensity of transmission of zika viruses in brazil and that includes august and september is at its lowest.
7:57 am
>> there have been calls to postpone or move the rio olympics because of zika. the olympics in brazil are scheduled to begin on august 5th. new this morning, we are getting more information about the investigation into the orlando nightclub shooting. the charges that the killer's wife may be facing. and a look into after overseas bank account. and an officer killed in a crash in san jose. we'll tell you how officers are paying tribute to this officer and father who lost his life. traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on 24. also slow on nearby 680. we'll take a look at your commute coming up. our june-ary forecast has rain in it. for tomorrow, but not today. clouds are on the move, coming up.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
fire rips through a strip mall in south san jose overnight. we'll show you how many businesses were destroyed and tell you about the investigation. also a san jose motorcycle police officer loses his life in a deadly crash. >> the san jose p d is mourning. this community is mourning. but we will strive to live up to officer katherman's sacrifice on a daily basis. >> what we are finding out about this veteran police officer and how the police department is coping, all ahead on mornings on 2. good morning, thank you for joining us. wednesday, june 15th.
8:01 am
i'm dave clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. at 8:01, we will see if we can get you out the door, referring to this june-of ary weather. part of us feel like it's part of january. >> cool for this time of the year. no doubt about it. thank you. >> the clouds continue to increase, very cool for some. a lot of 40s, even 30s in the higher elevation. partly sunny, partly cloudy southward. does look like rain is on the way tomorrow. i've seen projections for about 1/10 at sfo and a quarter plus for areas north of santa rosa and cal stowing ya. there is going to be some snow in some of the higher elevations in shasta, no doubt. system rotating around. right, there the piece of energy. it continues to deepen, carving itself out of the west and that's funneling a lot of cloud cover to the north. it's going to stay very cool. there is the advisory with the winter weather advisory for
8:02 am
snow, about two to five inches of snow late tonight into tomorrow for northeast california. there could be some isolated snow showers around the tahoe- truckey area as well. be surprised west 23, west 13, west 25. we don't have a 60 wreath. brentwood at 69. blackhawk, 54. martinez, everyone is close. looks like we'll cloud it up tonight and tomorrow. by tomorrow morning, i'll be talking about rain. sun and clouds, mostly cloudy, 60s on many of these tells. very cool. >> don't be in a rush to get to 60, steve. enjoy the 50s, okay. [ laughter ]. >> believe me, in more ways than one. okay. got you. i like it cool. >> me, too. >> pretty good. let's go out and take a look at the east shore freeway. already up to our number, 41. 41. yeah. i don't like 41. i like it to be a little lower
8:03 am
here between the carquinez bridge and the mcarthur maze. very crowded in richmond. slow in richmond if you are trying to access the richmond bridge getting over to marin. let's get to the toll plaza, about a 20 to 25 there. no major problems once you get on to the bridge. let's go to some of the east bay commutes, 680 southbound, still slow. we're also looking at slow traffic on the minimumis from about 238 all the way into fremont and in the south bay, all the major roads getting into the west valley, 101, 85 and 220, to sunny vale and cult. no there and -- and cupertino. does not seem to be major, the water main break but some of the side roots are being used instead and this may put more pressure on the roads. back to the desk. a devastating scene on the
8:04 am
south bay as fire rips through a strip mall. >> look at those pictures. once the fire spread through the roof, there was nothing that firefighters could do to stop it and more than a dozen businesses were destroyed. >> ktvu's janine de la vega has been there all morning long. the flames are out. you talked to investigators. what did they have to say? >> reporter: i asked if the arson investigator is back out here. he wanted to come back here when it was light and they told me they needed more than just one fire investigator because of how large this fire was and how large this strip malice here, about 50 businesses here. they have not arrived yet. it's been a very emotional morning out here. as you can see, this is just complete rubble. you can see remnants of twisted metal and wood that's just completely burned. a lot of people are waiting here, wanting to see if they can go inside to salvage what they can that's left of their building. let's take a look at what these flames look like earlier.
8:05 am
they were just shooting out of the shopping plaza here on santa theresa boulevard. fire officials say it was reported as a trash fire behind the building just before midnight. witnesses say it was small, near the mexican restaurant in the corner. most of the businesses were closed but a bar there was open. and patrons called 911. firefighters arrived and they started attacking it but the fire was fast moving and quickly spread into the attic and firefighters could not contain the. the roof collapsed and the flames destroyed nearly all the businesses inside. we did speak to the son of the man who owns the tae kwon do base. here what is he had to say. >> just shocked, initially. i'm standing here and i still can't believe it. i don't know. this is our -- like for us, it's -- you know, we were just thinking about what we're going to tell the families. >> families of children who train that business showed up in the last 30 minutes, also in disbelief. they are training to go to a
8:06 am
national competition next week. now, they don't have a place to practice. all these business owners are thriving to figure out what to do next out of the 20 or so businesses here, three were saved. although they do have some water damage. and really, right now, it is just a waiting game for investigators to try to find out what caused this fire. we don't know fit was intentionally set, if it was electrical or accidental. from what it sounds like, fire officials do believe that it did start on the outsigh of the building. gasia? dave? >> tough to look at those pictures, janine. quick question. you talked to a bar owner earlier who said it took firefighters about 15 minutes to get there, is that true? >> reporter: you know, he was very emotional and he did mention that to me. i did check with the battalion chief and he pulled out his dispatch record and he showed that it took them five minutes to get here from when they were first dispatched. the fire station is very close. you know, less than -- sees
8:07 am
less than a mile away. they were able to get here on scene five minutes. of course, when you are a business owner and, you know, you are waiting for the firefighters to arrive, you know, it probably seemed like an eternity to them, just because they didn't want to see any businesses destroyed. >> thank you, janine de la vega in san jose. thank you. time is 8:07. meantime, the san jose police department is mourning the death of officer katherman killed in the line of duty. >> officers lined up as the body was taken from the san jose medical center. >> ktvu's alex savidge is here in our newsroom. you have been on this story all among. how is the san jose police department dealing with in >> reporter: not an easy time. a dedicated police officer, went to work like he did so
8:08 am
many days before but never came home. the san jose police department is honoring 35-year-old michael katherman. he was married h two sons. he loved his family and he loved his job. the crash that took his life happened yesterday afternoon on north 10th street at horning. investigator say that officer katherman collided with a minivan that turned left right in front of him. the officer was thrown off his bike and ultimately crushed by the minivan. san jose's police chief last night fought back tears as he talked about this devastating loss. >> he loved doing his job. he loved his family. it's tragic. put his uniform on, throat go to work, wanted to see his family when he got off. he didn't make it. >> reporter: the police chief also said last night that a good samaritan gave officer katherman first aid and used his police radio to call for
8:09 am
help right away. the exact cause is still under investigation but the drive of the minivan is cooperating and he has not been arrested. alcohol and drugs have been ruled out as factors in that deadly accident. and the mayor of san jose called officer katherman a true hero in na city and he asked everyone to send their thoughts and their prayers to his family and friends today. back to you. >> alex savidge in our news room, thank you. >> sure. time is 8:09. new this morning and just about an hour from now, the fbi, state and local law enforcement will announce a reward offered to track down a serial killer and rapist who terrorized the people of california back in 1970s and 80s. over the years, police released several composite sketches like this one you are looking at. investigators say that the man committed at least 12 homicides. 45 rapes and dozens of burglaries all across california. several rapes and homicides occurred right here in the bay
8:10 am
area. time is 8:10. we continue to follow a developing story out of orlando where search teams are looking for a two-year-old little boy who was grabbed by an al gait for. officials have been searching for him since late last night where the boy was playing in a shallow area of the seven seas lagoon. this is close to the disney floridian resort. there are signs in the area warning people not to swim. officials are calling this a search and rescue operation. >> we have taken four alligators and we could not find evidence that they were involved. we have taken four alligators out of the lake to analyze. >> the alligator has to be euthanized before they were analyzed. officials say that there was a lifeguard in the area but he was too far away from the child and the father to help.
8:11 am
the father has minor injuries as he tangled with the alligator trying to get his boy back the wife of the gunman in that orlando gay nightclub shooting may face criminal charges. testified raul investigators are looking into what the gunman's wife might have known before sunday's deadly mass shooting at the pulse nightclub. there are reports she knew in advance about the attack but said she tried to talk him out of it. a fed called grand jury has been convened to determine if the gunman's wife should be charged in connection with the shooting meantime, german investigation say they are looking a bank account in germany held by the father of the orlando gunman. the father, sadiq mateen posted information online. the bank account has been closed and received two
8:12 am
deposits of $100. we'll have more with the latest developments nor survivors of that nightclub shooting are sharing their stories. the shooting victims described a night of terror saying that the gunman just kept shooting moving from one part of the nightclub to another. one survivor said that she and her friends hid in the bathroom but the gunman came in. one of her friends was killed. >> the gunman entered the bathroom and was shooting his machine gun. so we're all like scrambling around in the bathroom screaming at the top of our lungs. people are getting hit by bullets like blood is everywhere. >> doctors say of the 44 shooting victims taken to orlando regional medical center, 27 are still in the hospital. six of them remain in critical condition. time is now 8:12. a teenage girl was shot and killed in downtownoakland. three others were hurt in a shooting that had others
8:13 am
scrambling for safety. the memorial nearby that may have been connected. he has been in trouble since the stanford rape trial. ♪ this goes out to every backyard hero. for all the effort you put into making the perfect barbecue, there's only one grill that's engineered and designed with the same kind of passion, weber. available at the home depot.
8:14 am
8:15 am
it's 8:15. judge aaron persky, the santa
8:16 am
clara county judge who provided over the trial of brock turner has now been removed from a sexual assault case. the newest case would have involved a male surgical nurse from kaiser accused of sexually assaulting a woman who was sedated. the district attorney called the decision to remove persky a rare and carefully considered step. he also didn't rule out removing the judge from future cases. judge persky has been under fire since giving former stanford athlete brock turner a six-month jail sentence after he was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. time is 8:16. hillary clinton had an easy victory in the final primary of the presidential election season. yesterday was the democratic primary in washington, d.c. she won almost 79% of the votes, 21% for bernie sanders. both met for about 20 meant in washington, d.c., did not talk to reporters. sanders says he will not be endorsing clinton just yet. he called for a progressive platform at the democratic
8:17 am
party platform and new leadership at the national democratic committee. hackers working for the russian government stole thedemocratic party's research on donald trump. the hackers were able to read all e-mail and chat traffic. the russians also tried to get into the computers of donald trump and hillary clinton's campaigns. the russian embassy denied knowing anything about the attack. and warriors waking up in cleveland, hoping to win their seconds straight championship. andrew bogut traveled with the team but we don't know his status for tomorrow's game. the warriors are still checking all the information from that mri on his sprained left knee. looks like we'll get an official update today.
8:18 am
don't forget game 6 is tomorrow night at 6:00. time is 8:18. sal is right over there watching our commute. how does it look? >> over here? okay, here i am. >> no, you're there. >> dave, good morning to you. some commutes have improved a little bit. 24 right on the fence. some improvement on 24 as you head out to the tunnel. there have been no major issues on 24 after the lafayette b.a.r.t. station. 680 also still slow from 242. we are looking at a commute at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up for bit. there are no major problems getting through the area. looking at san francisco now, north bound 101 getting up from candlestick area. it's weird to stay candlestick whit' not there but that's what they still call that exist. all wait to cesar chavez, stop and go traffic. 8:18. let's go to steve. thank you, sal.
8:19 am
rain is on the way. forecast models continue to be rather bullish on all of this and the breeze, the cool tells, many people talking about that. amanda seratto says my cat milo is watching your weather this morning. [ cat meowing ] >> you tell milo i'm a big fan of him. okay, the cat's meow, thank you. thank you for tuning in. i get that a lot. cats, dogs, parrots. you have to know your audience. flee months ago, you were saying, i have to go up to chico, going to be 105. today is going to be about 66 we might get snow here tomorrow. not today. we have winter weather advisory in northeast california, about 6500 feet. for those of you watching up there, chester and quinn
8:20 am
circumstances susanville, sierra nevada could get some hit or miss. west 23. west-southwest 25. wind is coming and roaring as well. sfo, 29. 25, mountain view, due west, 21 miles per hour, just crazy. 50s. i mean, by this time of the year, 8:00 hour, some inland low cases are about 68, 70 degrees. we are all in the 50s. it was very cool around stanford this morning, also los altos. i saw some 58. clouds continue to increase here. there will be another system moving in and that's going to cloud us up and rain will be on the way late tonight into tomorrow morning. marin county, sonoma, napa, overnight. might slow down a bit.
8:21 am
i have seen projections around 1/10 around sfo. we may have a wet morning commute tomorrow. be advised. we have not had rain for a long time. that could cause some issues on the traffic tomorrow morning. we'll keep an eye on that. sure looks like measurable amounts, not just a couple 1/100. that's pretty descend for this time of the year. that's pretty impressive. that will be on thursday, maybe early friday. after that, we're out of here. mostly cloudy. below average temps, that means 50s, 60s and 70s. fair field, in the upper 60s. very low 70s for some. really rare. and, you know, what's going to rebound here over the next three or four days, and it will. the next two days, unseasonably cool. >> you think people should change plans outdoors for tomorrow. >> for tomorrow, yes. >> really? >> or take a jacket or umbrella but the weekend will be fine.
8:22 am
>> okay, all right. steve, thank you. time is 8:22. holding oakland police accountable for misconduct a never change in oakland after that sex scandal involving police officers. when consultant josh atkins books at
8:23 am
he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom!
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you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at la... quinta! yeah! 824:67:89 we are checking stocks. we see here the dow jones industrial is up by about 60 points. the s&p is up by 6 points.
8:25 am
nasdaq up as well. all three major indexes up by 1/3 of 1%. shares of whole foods have fallen 4% this morning after the fda hit the grocery store chain to clean up its act. the agency sent a warning letter to withhold foods crieding what it calls serious violations. this comes after an inspection at the chain's preparation market in massachusetts. whole foods spokeswoman said that the company was surprised by the warning letter and that it has thoroughly corrected all the issues time is now 8:25. a new cool in oakland for an independent commission to old the police accountable. several groups gathered outside city hall saying that the need for that commission is long overdue. the commission would have the power to hire or fire the
8:26 am
police chief tan could punish police officers for wrongdoing. the latest proposal is coming as police are investigating charges that several police officers had sexual contact with a teenager. several police officers are on administrative leave or have resigned. >> we are career yateing a committee that has a lot of responsibility not just advisory. >> when we have discussion about crime in oakland, we don't factor in police officers into that equation and what is happening is criminal so they need to be prosecuted like criminals. >> if the oakland committee and the full council approves, this that will be put on the ballot for the final measure. san francisco mayor ed lee wants to form an advisory board to help stop the rise in property crimes in the city. the mayor wants a 25-person panel to come up with solutions for combatting crimes such as car break-s in, robberies and aggressive panhandling.
8:27 am
car robberies jumped 11% compared to the same time period the year before. the 25-panel members would include a person from each district and 11 people selected by the mayor. street on the controversial housing project for the homeless is postponed. why one san jose council member has now withdrawn his support. and the new security measures that are considered for the upcoming pride weekend. san francisco does look okay approaching downtown. ng downtown. well, almost getting to the longest day of the year. summer starts on monday but sure feels like latewinter, early spring around here. much cooler. the forecast coming up.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
8:30 and welcome back to mornings on 2. >> let's check weather. i think steve paulson knows about what's going to happen. >> yea, he does. >> usually in june, the weather observers take off. >> yeah something can happen. spider web on the rain gear. dust those off. >> see. >> going to need it tomorrow in the north bay. and i think even for most of the bay. san jose might be tough to get some rain down there but we'll see what we can do. clouds continue to increase here. partly sunny south and it's a cool, cool pattern. temperatures morning, 40s for many. we will cloud it up and get some rain in here to. there is already rain. northern sacramento valley, reading with some rain. maybe lake county, mendicino county. winter weather advisory for snow coming in tonight and tomorrow, above 6500 feet. unseasonably cool and strong. system continues to deepen along the west coast.
8:31 am
now, the clouds are on the move here. west almost gusts to 30, 25, west-southwest, livermore at 21 miles per hour. 160 in the mix there -- one 60 in the mix there. that's the only one i can see. sun, clouds, clouds on the move here. windy and breezy, cool, mostly cloudy north, partly sunny south that means 60s and very low 70s. there will be rain tomorrow, there son. rain tomorrow. >> well, steve, we're going to have to go to ped early. >> yes. >> this voice is the voice that i'm going to have after i turn, let's say, 80. [ laughter ]. >> on year 79, i'll be, hey, steve, how are you doing? >> what are you doing today, sal? >> playing golf, sir. >> let's take a look at the commute. getting better. last time i showed you this, we
8:32 am
had 43 minutes. now it's 34. we are making a little bit of progress. if you like to wait around and wait for the most of the commute to be over, looks like that plan is working for you a little bit at least. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, still about a 25 minute delay. definitely not light. that 880 ramp looks horrible, really, coming on down to the bottom of of thetoll plaza. at that traffic pattern does not get better until you reach the 880. >> let's turn back now to the coverage of the orlando nightclub shooting. federal investigators are looking into the wife of the gunman and what she may have known ahead of the attack. our reporter caroline shively in orlando right now. >> federal owe fixes telling fox news investigators have seized two of the gunman's
8:33 am
phones and they have been able to access them. >> it appears this was a case of self-radicalization, not a terrorist-directed attack but more in the nature of a terrorist-inspired attack. he does not appear to have been part of any group or any cell. >> the fbi is reportedly looking into whether mateen has reached out to men at the gay club that he attacked. >> people were getting hit by booths. there was a moment when he stopped. that's when i realized that my legs were shot. >> a get raul source says that prosecutors convened a grand jury to investigator mateen's wife, noor salman, seeking to indict her for the attacks as an accomplice. and the toll could be rise.
8:34 am
>> there are six people in the hospital right now, in critical condition. we are doing everything that we possibly can >> reporter: the wife has indeed been cooperating with federal investigators. back to you, dave and gasia. >> caroline shively, thank you. time is now 8:34. the deadly attack at the pulse nightclub in orlando is raising major security concerns at bay area clubs. this afternoon, san francisco's acting police chief will meet with club owners about what can be done. the many clubs have already beefed up security even though there are no known threats against san francisco bars or clubs. the owner of the oasis in the south of market district has hired more guards but they won't be armed. jed benjamin is looking at every angle of security at his club. >> we are unique in that we have four exits and you are never that far from an exit here. i mean, i hate talking about, this but that's the reality of orlando. we have to be thinking about
8:35 am
worst-case scenarios. >> with san francisco's pride week less than two weeks away now, officials wants people to be really aware of security. more than a million people attend pride celebrations in the city every year. this year may be even bigger. the issue of gun control once again in the national spotlight following the mass shooting in orlando. the shooting and others like it prompted the american medical association to formally classify gun violence as a public health crisis. the ama says it will actatively lobby congress to end a funding ban on federal research on gun deaths. last night in downtown free. , cars honked their horn in solidarity calling stricter gun control. they were denouncing prejudice and easy access toguns. >> we will stand united. we will show the world that love is greater than hate.
8:36 am
>> somebody can be considered dangerous enough that they can't fly and, yet, they can go buy a gun. >> gun rights supporters say that more restrictive laws are not the answer to stopping violence. they say the issue that needs to be addressed is criminal behavior. law-abiding citizens need guns to pro they can't tell selves. california does have some nation's toughest gun laws. gun buyers must be cleared through two dozen criminal databases. police in france have been alerted to the possibility of more extremists in france as france is mourning the killings of two police officers on monday. a minute of silence was held remembering those police officers. the aattack on americas with killed during a police raid. but in a facebook video, he also threatened the euro 2016 soccer championship right now taking place in stadiums all over france. antiterrorism investigators are getting the word out and they are getting word that
8:37 am
extremists have left syria, reportedly on their way to france and belgium with plans to stage more attacks. france is already under high alert because of last year's attacks and also threats against the soccer tournament. oakland police are still trying to piece together what led up to a shooting yesterday. a 16-year-old girl died, three others hurt. i happened right around 12:30. a ville jill for josiah wilson and pratt. someone started shooting near 14th and franklin as people started leaving the vigil. >> half the city down here was running. everybody down here, this whole -- people, whoever was out, they started running. you can hear the gunshots. >> it's not clear if the victims were attending the vigil or just caught in the cross fire or perhaps
8:38 am
intentionally targeted. oakland police do not have a description of the suspect. happening today, california lawmakers are due to vote on a $122 billion state budget. governor brown and top democratic leaders reached a deal. it include more money for low- income children and building affordable housing. it will add en extra $2 billion to the rainy day fund and calls for raising vehicle registration fees. in san jose, the anticipated vote for housing the homeless was postponed. the plan called for building more units. the city planning commission already approved it and that's what it would look like. many residents opposed the project and say they will appeal. they say that will negatively affect property value. city councilman tam nguyen
8:39 am
initially supported the bill but now is opposing it. >> i want to make sure that nothing wrong happens there. >> housing is desperately needed as san jose's homeless population continues to grow, advocates say. the meeting was canceled after a san jose police officer was hit and killed in a traffic accident. space x launched two commercial satellites from cape canaveral air force station in florida. i want to show them to you now. there it is. the company's dual satellite falcon 9 rocket launched just before 7:30 this morning. now, as part of the mission, space x will try land the rocket's first stage booster on a drone ship out on the atlantic ocean. if that works, it would be the fourth sea landing for the company, its fifth overall. the number of people claiming they should get some
8:40 am
of the multi-million dollars estate from prince's estate tips to grow. many people came forward, in the days after his death. there are now three people who say that prince was their father. there are many others claiming to be distant cousins. all this needs to be sort the out soon. minnesota and the federal government will want half of his money forest state taxes due in january. the estate attorney says all of this could have been avoided if prince had a will. >> a lot of people are saying that. a bumbling thief stole a flag in campbell. it was all caught on video. what happened to him right after wards that will make it pretty easy to track him down. guys, the alameda county fair starts today. take a look. these little guys may not be ready yet but we'll take you to the pig races coming up next.
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welcome back to mornings on 2678:98:43. in just the last hour, the alameda county fair opened its gate for the 26th season. it draws fans with new and old
8:44 am
attraction. ktvu fox 2's christien kafton already there. you are at one of the events when the county fair was mainly a rural community celebration. where are you? >> reporter: we're going to harken back to some of those rural routes and get to -- you got it. gasia was talking about it it a minute ago. the pig races. who does not love the pig races. tell us who the pigs are and let us know who is going to win this race. >> it's all up in the air who is going to win the race. it's like people, they have different moods. sometimes, they want to race and sometimes, they want to eat all day. >> james is going to call the race for us here, guys. let's go ahead and bring it around. i think i have soapy smith. >> soapy smith is in the second lane in the orange big up in 1. this guy is named after a very famous alas can con man so watch out for that little pig.
8:45 am
first lane, pink win pig, strawberry, everybody's favorite. green bib, number 2, here is, everyone, the original chauvinist pig. and five time olympic champion, world renown racing pig and the only racing pig to get his face on the wheatis box, the most interesting pig in the world. bob. >> let's put your money on number 6, bob. >> they are raring to go. get set, and go. there you go. they are off and running. come on. look at bob. he is taking an early lead. >> go, bob. >> i think he is still going strong and holding first place. come on, bob. >> my goodness. looks like he was not the only one who ate too much. >> so who -- you have to remind me who won? >> looks like number 1 sochi smith by a long shot.
8:46 am
>> so that's me. >> that's me. >> >> that was rigged. >> it was not rigged. there was no doping. all pigs were changed beforehand. >> these guys are world class athletes. nothing but the best. >> for my prize, i get to take sochi smith home, right? >> no, we have to kiep them here. >> how often do you have the pig races? >> we are four race as day, races at 1:00 p.m., 3:30, 5:30 and 8:00. and so can people pick their pigs like we said. it's friendly. not gambling. but people can make their favorites, right? >> absolutely. >> and how long have you guys been doing this? >> we have done pig racing for almost 30 years now. >> and, so, rotating cast of characters? how does it work? these are all piglets, right? >> yes. >> at some point in time, they
8:47 am
outgrow the competition. >> these guyser are between 8 and 15 weeks old. >> how old do they age out? >> i think after about three months, they get to be too big. >> so, hey, james, thank you so much. sounds like a lot of fun. alameda county fair. the pigs got their rewards and since i don't get to take soapy home with me, i'll see if i can take one of the pink cookies. they good look enough to eat. >> christien? cookies? >> don't worry. i do that all the time. >> does not sound good to me. pig food, right? >> at least a bite. >> okay. we will have food coming up a little bit bitter on. we'll have this one coming for the pigs in about an hour or so. we'll have more some of the fair food and fair fare that you can enjoy here. >> congratulations on your win, christien. you did good. time is 8:47.
8:48 am
let's see if we have waning commute. sal? how are we doing at the toll plaza and elsewhere? >> i think we are okay, okay at the toll plaza. there is a slowdown. very slow traffic there. let's go right to the live picture. i want to show it to you. traffic backed up here for about a 25-minute delay. 880 still very slow coming down to the bottom of the toll plaza there. no major problems once you make it on to the bridge. slow from the candle stick exit to cesar chaves. east bay, some improvement. 880 southbound slow and go in pockets from hayward to fremont. 8:48. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we still have increasing clouds here, mostly cloudy to the north. partly sunny, partly cloudy elsewhere but a very cool and breezy pattern, windy for some. temperatures sliding well below average. especially away from the coast where they should be in the 80s. they'll be lucky to get about
8:49 am
70 degrees for some. our trend started on sunday, continues all the way out. sunday looks to be the best day. it's already trying in northern sacramento valley, reading had some rain this morning. maybe just north of the mendicino coast but by tonight, tomorrow, we'll cloud it up. this system will swing in front tomorrow the core of this may stay offshore. we may not get the coolest air even though for this time of the year, we are getting very cool there. 25 miles per hour in travis. 15 west at novato. gusts almost 20 miles per hour. same out to livermore. just a cool pattern there gusts almost 30 at sfo. this kind of a pattern, gusts well over 35 or 40. san jose, northwest, mountain view west. 50s with one little 60 there. that's out in brentwood. this time of the year, in the morning, we are much warmer
8:50 am
than that. higher elevations around lake county. we would not be surprised. isolated snow showers. probably north ward but i mentioned it's just the same because there is a lot of cold air. cloud cover continues to rotate in. again, timing on this could be a little, maybe one acor the other, later rather than sooner. overnight, especially to the north and dragging across early in the morning for the north bay. looks like maybe a quarter to a tenth inch. it will tail off and still holding here, part of the peninsula. the mere fact that we are getting a front mid-june is pretty impressive. we'll get some areas some rain. friday starts to kick out but it's a slow process. you can see some of the amounts, quarter inch, almost a tenth. windy for some.
8:51 am
hold on to your hats. below average tells, 60s for manning. 60s, 70s, clouds are rolling in big time. mendocino county, clouds will continue to roll in. a good 10 to 15 degrees lower. we'll tip to warm up somewhere but not the next few days for sure. slow warms as we get into the weekend, dave. >> thank you, steve. >> you bet. >> time ills 8:51. police in campbell are looking for a flag thief who may have an injured ankle, too. surveillance video called people in front of a home on harrison avenue. you can see one man stealing the american flag from the porch and hopping over a low fence but he trips and really falls hard. watch. he hit the deck. you can hear him complaining. the second man helped him up. the injured man limps away carrying that stolen flag. he is really limping. police say that the second man also stole a flag from down the street. we posted this video on our instagram page. check it out.
8:52 am
take a look at ktvu 2. the giants will try to sweep the milwaukee brewers this afternoon after beating them 3-2 last night. manison bumgarner was at the plate when will smith threw that wild pitch allowing angel pagan to score the go-ahead run. the injury story, though, look at this. brandon belt hit by a pitch in his foot. the injuries were negative. but one day after matt cain was activated from the disabled list, he was put back on the list. johnny cueto will be on the mound tonight. and the a's pride night take on special significance as you might imagine after the orlando shooting. there was a ceremonial passing of the ball instead of the
8:53 am
first pitch. jennifer aizy placed the ball on the mound. during the game, the trearption texas rangers gov out to an early lead. rangers won 10-6. time ills 8:53. another push to make the streets of san francisco safe for pedestrians. a requirement just approved for all vehicles driven by city employees.
8:54 am
8:55 am
san francisco just passed new legislation requiring all city government cars and trucks to have black box tracking devices. the board of supervisors approved it yesterday with the goal of making city employees drive safer. driver behavior will get better just knowing that blocks box gps system is monitoring the vehicle. >> it allows us to see drivers
8:56 am
who are maybe driving too fast or braking too hard to better train them so that they can drive more safely in san francisco. pedestrian advocates like the legislation since it keeps drivers accountable. earlier this year, a city employee hit and killed a woman in a wheelchair. police cars, they will be exempt since the police don't want outside agencies monitoring undercover vehicles. the world health organization this morning said it is safe to travel to brazil for the olympics in august despite the zika virus. an emergency panel looking into the risk of zika during the rio de janeiro game says that it's a very low risk that the zika virus will spread a lot because of fans all oath world going to the olympics. >> at the same time, this risk is even lower or is low also because in winter, the intensity of transmission of
8:57 am
viruses in brazil is at it lowest. >> there whath been calls to either post pope or move the rio olympics because of sick -- zika. the brazilian organizing committee revealed what this year's medals will look like. take look. the design include laurel leaves and celebrates the relationship between the strength of olympic heroes and the forces of nature. 40% of the silver and bronze medals are recycled materials and half of the plastic in olympic ribbons are coming from the plastic recycled bottles. and medals have a tiny future a tiny noise making device inside each medal up next, we do have the latest on the orlando shooting and the president's comments
8:58 am
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the investigation continues into the motive and now the family of the pulse nightclub shooter. we have a live report from orlando, plus we discuss the debate of using the name of the person responsible. a san jose police officer killed in the line of duty. details on the accident that took his life and how the department is coping with the loss. plus, children are heading outside as summer vacation kicks off. we're talking to a professional athlete turned psychologist about keeping them safe and happy. nothing wrong with this song at all, right, sal? >> i love it. >> on a day like today it's perfectly fine to play a song that just makes you feel a little better. starting off your morning with a live look in our own backyard.


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