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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  June 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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there were long lines for republican donald trump's latest rally.
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he is wrapping up a two day swing through the lonestar state while his presumptive rival hillary clinton takes a break from the campaign trail. yesterday in dallas, donald trump said he expects his campaign to pick up a lot of bernie sanders supporters. because he understands that our country is being totally ripped off like you never saw before. ripped off and i ups that. the difference is that i will make the greatest trade deals you have ever seen ever and we will bring jobs back. >> house speaker hall ryan is making headlines saying the gop lawmakers should follow their conscience about whether to support donald trump. ryan has been critical his comments and the one about the mexican judge to be unbiased and the proposed band on moslems. ryan spoke this weekend on meet the press. you are watching ktvu fox 2
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news at 6:30. president obama is head to the bay area but not before a week visit to yosemite for father's day. the first family to arrive this an hour in now and we have more on how yosemite is getting ready. >> reporter: people travel from afar to see the beauty of yosemite. waterfalls, half dome, hiking trails. >> gorgeous. we just arrived this morning. we love it. >> tonight president obama and his family will take in the sites as well. >> i think that is so exciting. >> the first family is expected to arrive in yosemite for father's day week and the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the american park system. >> i hope it doesn't cause problems. these are all parks and our president and hopefully he is sensitive we are taking time for our vacation. >> crews are setting up for obama's speech. tomorrow some visitors are hoping obama's visit will not
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damper their plans. >> it is wonderful. it happens to be poor logistical timing. >> this woman hopes crowds don't spoil the week. >> i am sure it will all work out. >> a lot of people we talked with say they didn't know president obama was coming here and their goal here today is to soak up the sun and the view and that's what the white house says. president obama wants. last year the president launched every kid in the park initiative to give every 4th grader free access to the parks and waters. 4 million people visit this park each year. >> i'm excited that he is here and experience yosemite.
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after spending the weekend at yosemite the president will return to california on tuesday and take part in a entrepreneurship summit on thursday before going to ceiling on friday. the jobless rate fell to 5.2% in may. down a 10th of percent in april and above the national rate in may. statewide the government sector saw the biggest gains and manufacturing suffered the biggest job losses. >> more of the 49 victims of last weekend's massacre at the pulse nightclub were laid to rest. we are learning new details about the killer's pass and what he did in the months leading up to the attack. steve hairagan has the report tonight. >> reporter: after being shot three times by the killer. angel cologne had one week.
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he wanted to thank the police officer that pull him through broken glass and safety. >> i have been wanting to see the man that took me out of that horrible place that was filled with craziness. i was happy. >> officer omar dellgatto one of the first responders that entered the club when there was an active shooter and he pulled out four people. >> you only get one life and i'm glad he can be with his family and continue to live his life all because we all assisted him getting him out as fast as we could. >> six victims remain in critical condition across orlando backhoes are digging graves. three victims will be buried as green wood cemetery where the city has waved the $1500 plotted fee and the $850 filing fee. local merchants are donating flowers and limo sin services. new details emerge about the
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killer. he texted his wife two hours in the attack asking if she seen the news. she knew of his plans to carry out a jahadist attack has yet to be charged with a crime. we have learned that weeks before the attack the killer tried to buy body armor military grade and one thousand rounds of ammunition and the gunshot refused. >> our in tuition was incorrect and it is very sad that we had him that close. he was that close that law enforcement could have got their hand on him. >> the gunshot notified the f.b.i. but no name or purchase order and the surveillance video was too grainy to trace him. f.b.i. agents are examining surveillance video from inside the nightclub to determine if the shooter may have had an accomplice. coming up, more on that breaking news in oakland.
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want to show you a live look at the podium where mayor libby schaaf is expected to speak in minutes at city hall. sources say that oakland's acting police chief is out after just two days on the job. back with more in just a moment.
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a trial date has been set for the south bay man accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager. anthony torres seen in the yellow shirt in the middle learned that his murder trial
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will start august 1st. however, before it begins the superior court judge has several filings to deal with including a change of venu motion. gore sea torres is charged in the death of sierra lamar. last seen at the bus stop in morgan hill. dna evidence proves that torres lured the girl in his car and killed her. civil rights attorney john torra file a claim on behalf of the family of a man killed by police earlier. witnesses say that lewis gonegora had a knife in his waisted band and playing with a soccer ball when police arrived. when gonegora did not comply with the demand, officers first fired nonlethal shotgun bean bags and lunged at officers and that's when they kill him. >> as if a person has a death
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it is a death washington that has been signed. it doesn't matter what they did and what they were doing before, the fact that they had a knife is a basis to use deadly force. >> he plans to ask for a federal investigation to see a pattern of abuse of power by san francisco police. the rainbow flag of the lgtb movement to celebrate pride month. mayor lee was on hand to host it. moved to half-staff to honor those kill and wounded last week in orlando. mayor lee talked about security for the pride events. >> we want to prevent everything from happening and one of the ways is to have a lot of people watching out for each other as well as our police and we want to activate everybody. it is the 46th year for
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pride events in san francisco. the big celebration happens with the parade set for sunday, june 26th. we are still waiting for oakland mayor libby schaaf and scheduled to make an announcement. reporting for the last hour that okay lab's acting police chief, paul figueroa is is out after just two day on the job. we will have more after the
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break. weather tracking clouds. showers as well.
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unusual june weather pattern with scattered showers and holding onto the possibility of a shower. live storm tracker 2. green in parts of the north bay. not done with the rainfall approaching parts of santa rosa and cloverdale and men a sinno valley and moving the map to the south. not as much coverage the bulk of the activity in the north bay. looking at san francisco, mostly cloudy skies and with the cloud cover lingering to your saturday morning. so here we go tomorrow morning. still a chance of a sprinkle tomorrow morning and skies becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. overnight lows will be in the 50s. santa rosa 52 and santa fe 55 and livermore 54 degrees. the area of low pressure is keeping us cool and producing the rain showers across the bay area. tomorrow after the cloud cover in the morning.
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skies becoming partly sunny and a warming pattern especially inland and it could be hot next week for sunday, monday and tuesday. those temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. get ready for a warmup. temperatures for tomorrow. heading in that direct. no major heat just yet. warmest locations in the 80s towards antioch and san jose 78 and gilroy 81 and san mateo 74 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, clouds for tomorrow. just keep in mind tonight scattered showers and especially north of the golden gate bridge. key headline for sunday, father's day, warmer temperatures as well inland neighborhoods in the lower 90s and the heat will peak on monday and tuesday away from the shoreline and patchy fog for the beaches in the 60s around the bay and one thing over the weekend, changes the upper level winds, that could help transport the smoke from
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the santa barbara county. still growing. yes. >> want to let you know we are still waiting for oakland mayor libby schaaf. hopefully we will hear from her
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after this break.
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all right. scott is here with sports. take a look at what happened last night in cleveland. >> what did happen. a lot of us trying to figure it out. what a difference a week makes. last friday the doves went up 3- 1 and we were making parade plans and a couple of cav wins later and it is tied up. the wheels kind of came off like we haven't seen with this group over the last two seasons. steph curry picked up the 6th foul threw the mouthpiece and hit a cavs minority owner and curry fined $25,000 and steve kerr fined 25,000 for this. >> he had every right to be upset. he is the mvp of the league and six fouls called and three of them ridiculous. i am happy he threw this mouthpiece.
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i don't agree with the calls. >> i thought it was kind of hilarious the way the last two fouls and me blowing up kind of unfolded but i started to think about game 7 and the opportunity to win it all. >> it happens to the best of them. michael jordan february of 92 triple overtime. against the jazz. ticky tack foul call. teed off. phil jackson got into it with the officials. any athlete can lose his cool. >> the giants heading to a weekend series in tampa bay. we head to the trop. first inning brandon crawford.
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a big two out knock. mind the gap. brandon in and buster posey and 2-0 giants. 4th inning. sacks pack for gregor blanco and he delivers. that will play crawford and angel pagan. brandon belt with a home run and it is 5-0 giants as they play. last year dustin johnson came as close as you can come to winning a u.s. open without actually winning a u.s. open. halfway through the 2016 version, he is right back on track. although many golfers finished the first round because there was weather yesterday but as you can see clear skies today as sergio garcia went to work on 9. how about this par putt. a long way away and he nails it for bird. two under and here is the man. dustin johnson tied for the lead. gave him the share of the lead and makes a right turn and falls and tj is cruising after two rounds. copa america the talk of
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this side of the soccer world but across the pond it is about euro 2016. spain has not lost to turkey in 52 years. spoiler alert didn't happen. 34th minute, nil, nil game and molitto cross and al varo morerock using the noggin. seth here and that is a defensive play with a moless ditto goal and spain wins 3-0 and check out the crotia check republic. fans threw flair on the field. it was a 2-2 draw. stanford running back christian mccaffrey is the best college football player and not
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half bad with a harmonica either. >> he can play the piano and a company on the harmonica. >> what doesn't he do? >> that is so cool. >> when you think about his family. good genes. talk about an athletic family. >> going back to the warriors, the past two games rough, they didn't look good and they were down 31-11, you can complain about the revs but stef said the refs did not cost us, we didn't play well, game 7 at
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oracle arena. it will so loud. >> decibel levels unheard in this area and it makes a difference, a huge difference especially in a game 7 situation and remember the okc series. they didn't look good in certain games. game 7 down early and came back and then they blew the doors off and won the sources. >> andrew bogut and andre iguodola having back problems and steph curry may not be healthy. you got issues. >> a better story, right? >> how much adversity can one team overcome. >> it looks like lebron james is kind of coming back. a little invisible and it looks like him and kyrie irving. >> fantastic. >> a lot of people didn't realize how good a player kyrie irving is. we knew about lebron. steph curry is the best over 82 games but on any given day lebron james is the best player
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on the planet and we have seen that. >> his arms are amazing. >> will it be that big of a deal to not have andrew bogut earlier this week in one of the earlier games i remember watching him and he rejected lebron james. aren't a lot of people that reject a shot by lebron james and you know really fired up the warriors. let's get to that because i think what we got right now is mayor libby schaaf. we have been waiting for her to speak about the big shakeup. acting chief paul figueroa is out after two days. she is going to explain what happened. >> i am here to run a police department, not a frat house. today we are sharing disturbing information. first we are close to the end
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of an investigation sex messages and racism and the messages were sent by african- american officers. but they are wholly inappropriate and not acceptable for anyone that wears the badge of the oakland police department. this investigation should be completed in a week or two and i will not share any additional information because i do not want to compromise our ability to seek the maximum punishment allowable for these acts today. also acting chief figueroa
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resigned from his duties as acting chief and chief of police. has gone on leave and asked to return as is his wife in the position of captain i will not be appointing another acting chief. sabrina landreth is acting chief. the appropriate time to place oversight over the police department and to send a very clear message about how serious we are of not tolerating misconduct, unethical behavior and to root out what is clearly a toxic macho culture. what has been most disappointing about all the
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events of this week is that the good men and women of the oakland police department do not deserve to have their good work, their progress in making the city safer and implementing progressive reforms, marred by this scandal. i want to assure the citizens of oakland that we are held bent on rooting out this disgusting culture and holding those accountable. responsible for their misdeeds. i am happy to take any questions. >> what can you tell us about -- what is the nature of these
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racial comments? >> at this time i don't want to share information that would impede my ability in the investigation. it is not related to chief figueroa or the sex scandal. (inaudible question). >> i would not be answering that question. are you going to investigate the initial investigation? >> we are bringing in agencies to bulk up the resources to do investigations as well as to add another layer of


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