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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the driver is arrested. what we're hearing about 32 teenagers on board and what they allegedly had in their possession. good morning. thank you for joining us. beautiful shot this morning towards the bay. baypoint, little florence and the machine up at bottle rock and looks like a nice start to the day. thank you for joining us here. i'm pam cook. it's wednesday, june 22nd. dave is in here this morning. >> yes, i am. good morning. steve paulson is right over there in his office. >> should be a little cooler for some today. this time of year you get far enough inland gets hot. but for many today there's more of a breeze and also fog. that was not the case yesterday. fog is forming, and you can see a lot of it is heading out to sea. but a little bit has come
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inland. west-southwest 25. yesterday it was all calm. that's a big difference here. still 50s and 40s. north bay temps, mill valley 49. one observation by napa is 47. running cooler than yesterday, that's for sure. fog continues to play into the mix as the high gets bumped out of the way by a system to the north, opening the door to the sea breeze. well inland well away from fog influence will be toasty. for most temperatures will cool down from yesterday. sal, an hour later how are things looking? >> looking good, steve. that tie/shirt combo, i like it. >> thank you. >> it's you, steve. >> thank you. >> good morning. let's take a look at the tracy super commute and that means people who drive a long way coming in from tracy. sometimes they go to their jobs
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in the silicon valley and people who get on the train from stockton to san jose, some people drive that stretch and we have stop and go traffic over the hill and mountain house area and to livermore valley. tough commute already. interstate 880 north and southbound, that looks pretty good as you drive on 880 north and southbound the traffic is not all that bad. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. no major problems here as you drive into san francisco. it's 5:02. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. topping our news today, the district attorney in santa clara county wants a change in the law regarding victims of sexual assault. today he'll be announcing new legislation inspired by the woman victimized at sanford university by brock turner. janine de la vega joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. we know the d.a. is going to be holding a news
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conference here at 10:00 this morning here at the county courthouse in pal alto. he's going to talk about new legislation he's proposing, but we don't know what type of legislation he is asking for. but it's clear the d.a. heard the outcry from the public over the brock turner case. the judge sentenced turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious intoxicated woman on the campus. prosecutors asked for a much longer sentence. since the judge's ruling, petitions to recall the judge. last week the d.a. removed the judge from another sexual assault case in light of all the controversy. right now in sacramento there's already a push for change. lawmakers listened to emotional testimony in support of a bill that would remove the statute
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of limitations on rape and sex assault cases. currently the limit is 10 years. that bill comes in the wake of allegations against bill cosby. we have yet to see what sort of change rozen wants to see. we know he was disappointed in the sentence saying that the punishment just did not fit the crime. we're going to have to wait and see later this morning what he says. back to you. >> thank you. time is now 5:04. a san francisco man was arrested, accused of driving a party bus filled with teenagers, alcohol and reportedly drugs and prescription drugs. the party bus was pulled over monday evening by marin county authorities who got a tip about the bus picking up teenage passengers in larkspur. the officers stopped the bus and say 33 boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 17
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were on board. police say they found 30 bottles of hard alcohol, marijuana and prescription pills. investigators say a 16-year-old boy booked that bus online and that his friends are saying he meant no harm. >> people snuck it in their bags and pockets and, like, that's also what can be bad, too, he got in trouble for everyone who just didn't even ask really. >> the bus driver is identified as 63-year-old james green. police say he was arrested on charges that include child endangerment, possess of controlled substances and carrying a switch blade. police in the east bay city of newark are looking for a thief or thieves who disappointed more than 100 cub scouts. someone broke into a trailer where the scouts are holding a camp. broken locks were discovered on the trailer, and at first they thought everyone was find, but leather working tools and
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archery equipment were stolen. the young scouts started to show up for camp and their parents are baffleed by this crime. >> kind of like weird, why would just someone steal, like, a bow and arrow? >> what you use that for? they can bring happiness to the kids. >> the program serves 10,000 children a year. the camp's director hopes whoever took the equipment will find out how disappointed the kids are and maybe return them. it would cost more than $3,000 and a lot of time to replace the specialized archery equipment. a civil grand jury with a list of recommendations for cracking down on the out of control break-in problems in san francisco. one idea, more police officers on foot patrols. it has the supervise erotisming up with the -- teaming up with
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the mayor. >> it will require that once we hit our mandated 1,971 officers, which will be by the middle of next year, that 3% of officers have to be in this neighborhood unit. >> san francisco police say right now there's a lieutenant, two sergeants, and 15 officers investigating car burglaries. they're hoping to increase that number to 54 if the new measure passes. the san francisco police commission is set to vote today on new use of force rules for officers. it's a response to community groups calling for reforms after a series of deadly shootings by police. the new rules focus on requiring officers to de- escalate situations and make lethal force a last resort. today's vote does not address the issue of whether to equip san francisco officers with tasers. that will come in a separate vote. two people were hurt in a shooting and stabbing in
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martinez as law enforcement task force was getting ready to serve a search warrant. it was before 6:00 last night when the sheriff's office task force was getting ready to raid a home on shell avenue. they heard a gunshot and found one person with gunshot wounds and another person suffering from stab wounds. the two victims were taken to the hospital. the suspect is still at large. investigators did not say why they were preparing to serve a search warrant at the home. now to our continuing coverage of the orlando nightclub shootings. last night new york city honored a resident killed in the attack. the yankees and rockies laid that rainbow wreath at home plate in honor of 25-year-old enrique rios who loved baseball. he was visiting friends and florida when he was killed in the shootings. new york's mayor attended his funeral yesterday. his family says he had a gentle
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soul and loved everybody. >> i miss him dearly, you know. but we're okay. we're okay. we're holding up. >> u.s. attorney general loretta lynch flew to orlando and met with families of the victims and announced a million dollars of emergency funding to help cover the cost of police responding to the shooting. the investigation at the scene is pretty much complete now, we're told. forensic experts traceed the trajectory of every round that was fired in three gun battles between the police and the killer. firefighters expect two wildfires burning northeast of los angeles to become one big fire today. the combined fires have burned 5,000 acres so far and only a small canyon separates them. they're now 10% contained, but crews are having to deal with triple digit temperatures and wind along with the flames. hundreds of people don't know when they'll be allowed to return home and more than 1500 people who live southeast of
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san diego are also under evacuation orders because of the border fire. >> it's really bad. it was on the east side, it was coming down ferociously. >> the news is better from the fire burning near santa barbara. that fire is now more than 80% contained. almost everyone evacuated from there will be allowed to return home by tonight. our time is 5:10. clearing out tent cities in the bay area. coming up in 20 minutes, new measure on the november ballot would give san francisco the power to force the homeless out of tent cities. plus-- >> reporter: it's a delicious day here in walnut creek. we're live inside the only dunkin' donuts store in the bay area. the grand opening celebration underway as we speak. hundreds of people lined up early this morning to get inside here for free doughnuts and coffee. we'll tell you what is so special about dunkin donuts coming up. >> he better get me one.
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good morning, everyone. morning commute is doing well. 280 and san jose not a bad commute getting up to highway 17. no major problems. we'll tell you more about the san jose commute when we come back. >> i don't know about you, but it was a little too hot for me yesterday. we'll see about cooler weather. we'll talk about how much cooler.
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happening today, live pictures. i want one, two, three, four, five, six -- >> what's your favorite? >> alex, keep your hands off -- i was about to say a glazed doughnut. alex knew that. you're at a new dunkin donuts aren't you? >> it's crowded. >> reporter: it's packed in here. check this out. 100 or so people lined up here well before this opened. the first person in line said she got here at 2:00 this morning. look, i'm going to put her on tv. she was proud of the fact she got here at 2:00 this morning for dunkin donuts. they're doing a big grand opening celebration. giving away free doughnuts and coffee to the first 100 or so
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folks that come in. this is matt, the owner of the place. what is so special about dunkin' donuts? >> the coffee. it's the coffee. god, it's good. have you had any this morning? >> reporter: what gave it away, the jitters? >> this is the only dunkin' donuts in the entire bay area. i know a lot of folks we've been talking to in line are from back east and they've waited a long time. >> yes, they have. the number of transplants out here from new york, new jersey, boston, chicago, there's been so much buzz over the last couple of weeks, and it's just, you can feel it. the energy is unbelievable. it's receipt cool. >> reporter: thank you, matt. let me introduce you to adi. she is a doughnut fanatic. >> not just fanatic, dunkin'
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donuts. >> reporter: we just showed your shoes. >> i'm a huge fan. i moved to california when i was 19 and no dunkin' donuts out here. i'm thrilled they're opening. >> reporter: do you think the store will do well? we're health conscious in the bay area. will dunkin' donuts do okay? >> i think me alone could keep them in business. yeah, i think they'll do great. once people try it, they'll love it. >> reporter: we'll let you place your order. i grew up in california. i confess, i don't quite, haven't wrapped my head around this concept. what do i need to know? let me just have a seat here. >> we bake everything here on- site. this was baked in the last three or four hours. our most popular is probably the boston cream. >> reporter: now i'm going to ask you a bunch of questions.
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tell me, how was your first dunkin' donuts experience? >> very good. >> i'm sorry, i can't hear you. >> reporter: excellent. dave, are you guys watching me eat? >> it's official, i hate you, alex. >> that's our boston cream. one of our most popular doughnuts. >> you keep researching doughnuts, alex. he's taken over. >> yeah. we'll get back to you guys later. dunkin' donuts officially open in walnut creek. alex will be walking around eating and all of that. >> that young man made a very good business decision. sal, that place is packed. what's your favorite doughnut? >> i would say chocolate old fashioned. any of the doughnuts on that tray we just saw i'll take. >> looked pretty good. >> that pink one had my name on it. i think our photographer grabbed it.
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good morning, everyone. let's see what we have now. i'm going to see if i can put the gilroy super commute on the television here. down to gilroy. gilroy to san jose, that long line right there looking pretty good. if you're driving through the morganhill area, not a bad commute and traffic moves well. interstate 880 in oakland, both directions looking good. stays that way to fremont. bay bridge total plaza we have a light commute getting into san francisco. it's 5:18. let's bring steve in with today's slightly foggy, but mostly sunny forecast. >> did i listen? >> yes, sir. thank you. it is going to be cooler today. saw low clouds and fog as we took the bay bridge approach. some of that low cloud moving over the bay. had no fog yesterday and some of the fog continues to work up and down the coast. there's a lot compared to
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yesterday when there was a teeny bit and disappeared fast. if you have travel plans to the great lakes, good luck. i don't think the severe weather is off the charts from chicago to fort wayne, all throughout indiana. the parameters are invisible here. flight delays would not surprise me. this is a tornadic situation, hail situation. very strong wind. low level jet stream might hit 90 miles per hour. great lakes looks to be primetime. when it's 24 gusts to 35, that is a cooler direction out to vacaville. westerly breeze, they were all
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calm yesterday, not today. 40s, 50s, 60s on the temperatures. east bay 50s. lafayette at a cool 51. 37 truckee. that's in a bowl. south lake tahoe at 41. little cool for some, not bad for others. fog and low clouds, it's getting helped along by that system to the north. that's all it takes this time of year to bump that ridge out of the way. down about 7 degrees from yesterday. some locations will be down considerably. fog with us today, tomorrow, probably early friday. looks like another warmup on the weekend. steve, thank you. time is 5:20. in the east bay, danville they're cracking down on crime. the town council agreed to spend more than $800,000 for a new security camera system.
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the council approved buying almost 90 cameras, including some that can read license plates on cars. the police chief says they'll help solve the recently rising number of home burglaries. town council says they'll be set up at 13 key locations, as well as at the all wars memorial, which was recently vandalized. 5:21. and professional athletes cheated out of more than $30 million. coming up in 25 minutes, the ponzi-like scheme and what we're learning about the lawsuit filed this morning and one of the giants affected. >> donald trump took pride in saying he self-financed his presidential campaign. but now some saying trump could use more cash.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:24. three people arrested in new york, preparing to drive into new york city in an suv filled with loaded weapons. the two men and one woman said they were on their way to rescue a teenager involved in drugs and being held against her will. the suv was painted with the name of a shooting range and gun dealership in pennsylvania. port authority police say an officer stopped the car on the new jersey side of the holland tunnel because it had a cracked windshield. the officer spotted a loaded magazine inside. >> he then checked the vehicle for weapons and discovered an
5:25 am
ar 15 assault rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun, five semi-automatic handguns and other tactical gear. a large majority were loaded. >> police found knives and body armor inside the suv. investigators say there appears to be no connection to terrorism. police sources told the "new york post" investigators found the teenager the suspects said they were looking for and she said she was not hurt and did not want any help. turning now to flint, michigan, the city will soon be getting its drinking water from a new source. tap water in flint became tainted with lead after the city switched water suppliers trying to save money. state and local officials have been blamed for covering up that major problem. the mayor, karen weaver, announced a new pipeline will be built to another source using state and federal funds. >> it will allow us to move forward, knowing that we have people at the table making
5:26 am
decisions for flint who are truly invested in the city. >> in the meantime, residents are still advised drink bottled water. the new water supply pipeline will run to lake heron. donald trump took pride in saying he self-funded his presidential campaign. now that he's the presumptive presidential nominee, his campaign money is coming under scrutiny. his latest filing with the federal election commission shows his campaign in a precarious financial position. it has about $1.3 million on hand, compared to hillary clinton with $42 million. in 2012 both mitt romney and barack obama raised and spent a billion dollars on their respective presidential campaigns. donald trump insists he doesn't have to do that. >> we want to keep it lean. i'm not looking to spend all this mountain. i hear people spend a billion dollars. how do you spend a billion
5:27 am
dollars? it's impossible. >> when everything is close at the end, it will be how much money is spent on that organization, on getting out the vote. those things start money. you start this far behind now, you can be light years by the time we get to november. >> in a move to encourage small dollar donations, donald trump yesterday offered to match dollar for dollar the first $2 million of a 48-hour online fund raising drive. some oakland community groups say they're losing confidence in both the police department and the mayor. coming up, the loud calls for mayor libby schaaf to step down and her response to this criticism. >> plus, a new measure going on the november ballot. >> reporter: it's already facing serious opposition. we'll tell you why. >> good morning. we are still looking at a commute that is doing very well. this is highway 24, westbound,
5:28 am
as you drive up to the tunnel you can see traffic is moving along nicely coming through. >> fog is back. it's making a pretty good push over the bay, and that delta breeze is kicking up its heels this morning. that all spells cooler.
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♪ good morning.
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it's 5:30. live picture looking around the bay area. a little fog. >> i like it. >> or a fog hat. want to welcome you to a brand- new wednesday morning. looking around the bay area. it's june 22nd. thank you for joining us. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. steve, i think a lot of people are happy to see that fog roll in. >> you can feel the difference out the door. whoever in the control room came up with fog hat, you get a star for the day. jessie, really? nice, impressive. we do have fog out there. might want to wear a hat. other than that, cooler today. i posted this yesterday. larry duffy sent me this. sunset, south lake tahoe monday evening. looks like a spaceship.
5:32 am
i thought for sure when the aliens landed it would be in shellville. but no. ever drive out to shellville in the middle of the night. anyway. thank you, larry for that. it's also on our facebook page. low clouds are there, stacked up and starting to make a little move. 24 gusts to 35 miles per hour that is turbo charged. yesterday it was about 7 miles per hour. huge difference. 50s on the temps. 49 santa rosa. low 50s pacifica. things running cooler than yesterday. fog continues to ramp up. doesn't take long. water temps cooler than last year for sure. system moving into the north will translate into cooler for nearly everyone. little tough sometimes well inland. i think even inland we'll shave off a couple, sal. shave off a couple. >> one of my favorite weather jokes ever, i look forward to the day when i'm sunny and 82.
5:33 am
anyway. >> well, yes. >> it will get there. >> it will. >> good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the commute now. if you are driving in solano county, vacaville, it is not a bad commute here and there are no road sensors firing up red. this is a good time for you to do it, the traffic continues to look good into hercules and for the trip to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is going to be okay on interstate 880 north and southbound. no major problems here. 580 out of the mcarthur freeway looks good. at the bay bridge toll plaza it's backed up. metering lights on. only backed up to the end of that parking lot. maybe five minutes wait before you get to the bay bridge span. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. a san francisco supervisor is pitching a new plan to voters to deal with homeless camps in the city. that plan would empower the
5:34 am
city to get rid of homeless camps. it's already facing opposition. christien kafton is in san francisco with the details. >> reporter: that initiative would allow the city to remove homeless encampments like this one, as long as they provide residents with 24 hours written notice. the city has seen a number of large encampments in the past and there's a plan to remove them. it would allow the city to seize the property and hold it 90 days. the city would dispose of it after three months if nobody claims it. we spoke with a homeless man and he says it doesn't seem fair or compassionate to him. >> have to give people a better choice. since they operate on tax money, they really owe these people a safe place to be, not on the sidewalk. but to take their property is immoral. >> reporter: the departments of
5:35 am
public health, public works and homelessness in support of housing would be tasked with enforcing the measure. four board members are backing the measure. taking the issue to the voters doesn't end with dealing with the majority on the board that would likely vote down the plan. the voters in the city of san francisco will get their say on this in november. >> thank you. 5:35 is the time. today the oakland police department will come under more scrutiny. this new case involves a sergeant who is currently on leave over allegations that his girlfriend typed up homicide reports for him but posted that confidential material online after learning he was married. defense attorneys say every case this sergeant worked on could now be reviewed. he led the investigation into
5:36 am
the 2013 killing of a well known dog walker who called herself the pet nanny. two men are waiting trial. the lawyer for one of the men will go to court today to seek more information about the sergeant in question. >> the allegations are that his girlfriend or lady friend is now writing reports for him on his behalf, if she's inserting facts into those reports or her opinions or thoughts or beliefs, that would bring into question i believe every report he's ever worked on. >> the attorney representing that sergeant told us that his client is "a very gifted investigator who had a friend transcribe interviews on three occasions to meet deadlines." he says no cases were jeopardizeed. new developments around the oakland police department and scandals. some groups in oakland are demanding oakland mayor libby schaaf resign. the police department went through three police chiefs in a week. now the police force is dealing
5:37 am
with two embarrassing scandals. one involves at least a dozen police officers and a teenage prostitute. the other one centers around racist text messages. protestors say they've lost trust in both the police and the mayor. >> we also have to be asking why there's not a single officer inside of the opd ranks the chief feels is fit enough to step into position of chief. that should be alarming concern to all of us. >> activist groups held a news conference yesterday outside of police headquarters. they want a commission with oversight of police conduct and calling for input in selecting the next chief. oakland's mayor says she wants the same things they're asking for and is working on having community leaders involved in the selection process. >> this will be a much different vetting process than the city of oakland has used in the past. that is my focus now, crafting a process the community feels
5:38 am
trust in and feels like their voices are reflected in the search and criteria. >> the mayor says she's working hard to make sure police officers are held accountable and the oakland police department does a better job in community outreach. 5:38. a bail hearing set for today for a man implicated in the killing of a high school student. the 20-year-old is charged as an accessory after the fact. he's accused of driving one of the suspects home and not reporting the crime. prosecutors say a 17-year-old and a classmate were lured to a remote area last month, where they were shot and attacked with a machete. one died, the other survived. two other high school students were arrested. they've been charged with murder and attempted murder. another suspect is still out there on the loose. also new this morning, the church where a pastor who
5:39 am
gained national attention for his anti-gay comments after the orlando massacre is being asked to move out. officer roger jimenez said he was not sad about the killings. he praised the orlando gunman's actions. the company that owns the business park where the church is located says it respects his right to free speech, but does not tolerate hatred and taking of innocent lives. the church's lease runs until next year, but one attorney says any illegal activity could violate that lease. the church has not publicly reacted to the request to move. starting next month a high school will have a new security system. it's been more than a year since a student reported being attacked inside the sonora high school's girl locker room. the school board has agreed to spend money on surveillance
5:40 am
cameras. >> i think every parent is really concerned that their number one priority is their student's safety. i think we're moving ahead and have made a good decision. >> if something happens on campus, we can look back and verify it on camera. >> all the new cameras are expected to be in place before the new school year starts. they'll record continuously and will store footage as long as two weeks. thousands turned out in san jose for a memorial honoring a fallen police officer. >> he was a shining example of what it looks like to be a man of character. >> coming up, the emotional tributes honoring officer michael michael katherman. >> training kids in tech. >> we're looking at a morning commute are traffic is doing okay on highway 4 coming up to
5:41 am
the willow pass. >> the weather is doing okay if you like a cooler pattern. that's what we have today. big fog bank. 90s inland, but coming down from yesterday.
5:42 am
5:43 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. despite the number of tech jobs available in the bay area, researchers say schools aren't producing enough trained software developers for those jobs. the number of schools offering ap computer science courses is very small. >> reporter: to look around you would think these are college students hanging out. you're partially correct. they're summer interns working for a san francisco tech startup. >> we help doctors and patients find lower health care
5:44 am
costs. >> reporter: right now a jar working for -- majority working for him are friends. >> there aren't enough of the right people for me to hire, and of course who am i competing with? facebook and google. >> reporter: a washington based think tank represents more than 5,000 technology firms. the group released a study saying public schools across the country are failing students, with only 13% offering computer science classes. in the bay area that's higher, but not by miles much. researchers say it means trouble when the students look for jobs. >> kids won't be able to take computer science as a major at university unless they've been exposed to writing software at a younger age. >> the u.s. in general i feel
5:45 am
like is not as technical before the college level. >> reporter: most use their laptops and cell phones daily. but the challenges take them from users to creators of technology. this year hundreds of high school students were exposed to computer science. >> when students learn how to code or have access to computer science they go from being the consumer of technology to creator. that mindset is super important. >> reporter: paul chambers, ktvu channel two. >> 16% of high schools in northwest san jose and 33% in east san jose offer the courses. you can do your part to get the course offered in your schools by contacting your congressional representative and school board. the department of transportation appears to be putting the brakes on a bid by san francisco for money for driverless cars. according to the chronicle, columbus, ohio will become a multiple million dollar testing
5:46 am
ground for those driverless cars. san francisco was among seven cities finalists for a $50 million smart city challenge grant to study driverless cars. the mayor even led a delegation to washington, d.c. last week, making a pitch for san francisco's offer. it's 5:46. want to go back over to sal. hopefully no big problems for the commute. what are you looking at? >> i have to confess something to you. >> all right. >> i was just -- when you asked me that question, i heard something on the scanner. >> you're trying to make it out. >> can you ask me that question again? >> what were they saying on scanner? what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> okay. a couple of things here, pam. one of them was a crash that was coming over and i'm going to confirm it before i put it on the air. i'm going to see if it's what i heard i thought. let's look at the tracy commute. tracy commute is already stop and go as you drive from 205
5:47 am
and 580. a lot of stop and go traffic. let me show you some of the speeds. 11miles per hour, that's awful. that's not good. and there is a crash westbound 580 that was cleared west of grant line, in the brake check area. give yourself extra time. looks like that crash has been moved, but the traffic is already slow. let's take a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. traffic is moving along okay. no major problems. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights came on at about 5:30, slow traffic here. less than 10 minutes going to the span and bay bridge. once you get onto the bridge it looks good into san francisco. let's bring steve in here. >> thank you, sir. good morning. we have a pretty good fog bank. yesterday there was none at all. today it's making a good push
5:48 am
and the delta breeze is alive and well here. it's roaring out there. fog continues to ramp up, make a move inland and will fill in and that equals cooler, cooler. i think temperatures will drop many degrees. if you're at one of the airports and have a flying to chicago or indianapolis, no you don't. it's looking very, very juicy here today for thunderstorm activity off the chart, hail, tornadic activity as well. very windy conditions. from anywhere from probably chicago, milwaukee, down to indianapolis, fort wayne, cincinnati, it's going to be very tough today. just lit up already. west-southwest 24, gusts to 35. west at oakland airport, south at santa rosa. west at sfo, at hayward. yesterday i think at this time almost all were 5 miles per hour or less. things have really picked up.
5:49 am
40s, 50s and 60s on some of the temps. 52 in gilroy. boulder creek and scotts valley at 50. little chill. the fog is really filling in, meeting up from the north and south, because the system is digging in from the north. 60s, 70s, much cooler for many. upper 80s, low 90s, still some areas clear lake to vacaville, oakley, antioch, tough to cool them off when you get to 99. we'll take it into thursday, level off friday. another warmup on the weekend. >> all right, steve, thank you. >> any time. 5:49 is the time. giants' pitcher jake peavy is among several professional athletes cheated out of more than $30 million in a ponzi like scheme. it's definitely affected his performance this year. a lawsuit has been filed against investment advisor ash narayan. the securities and exchange
5:50 am
commission says he put $15 million of peavy's money into an online sports and ticket business where he was on the board of directors. roy oswalt and nfl quarterback mark sanchez were also swindleed. ash narayan's lawyers says they're working with the sec. time is 5:50. a musical tribute in memory of the orlando shooting victims, it is now the most popular song on itunes. ♪ what the world needs now is love, sweet love ♪ >> some of the biggest names on broadway sang "what the world needs now is love." more than 60 performers took part. gloria estefan among those. the proceeds going to an lgbt advocacy organization. some really big sports names also supporting the
5:51 am
orlando shooting victims. there's shaquille o'neal there, visiting some of the injured at the hospital. he was there along with former oak a's outfielder johnny damen. tim tebow went to the hospital as well. the man on the right was bartender at the pulse nightclub. he played high school football with tim tebow. dozens of baby birds injured and the reason they're turning up at wildlife rescue centers and their connection to the google campus.
5:52 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a south bay wildfire life center is seeing an up tick in injured or orphaned egrets. they're coming from a large colony on the google campus in mountain view. google and the city have closed a road to protect the birds during breeding season. workers at the wild wife center of silicon valley say they've seen 39 young egrets in the last two months, they were brought in for care after falling out of their nests. >> it's common around the fledgling stage where they're searching for food and sometimes become injured or
5:55 am
pushed out by other siblings. >> there seems to be more birds in the colony overall. the chicks falling out of their nests is part of the cycle of life. huge food drive today. the goal is to collect 30,000 pounds of food all in one day. this is part of the need the need event in alameda county. the first 6,000 people will receive a safeway coupon and free fair admission. time is 5:55. happening today, senator barbara boxer and ohio senator brown will settle their bet over the nba championship finals. this afternoon senator boxer will wear a lebron james jersey and deliver 21st amendment beer
5:56 am
to brown's office. in the meantime, the cleveland cavaliers this morning holding their victory parade. one day after not giving madison bumgarner enough run support, the giants had their highest hit total of the season. they beat the pirates 15 life 4. seven of the runs game in the fourth. a grand slam on the first pitch. the giants had a season high 22 hits. johnny quaido, got his 11th win. he's tied for the league lead in victories. the oakland a's came from behind to take the first game of their series with the brewers. simeon had this two-run triple in the 7th.
5:57 am
a's won 5-3. gray finished six innings but a no decision. but the a's won. coming up, a civil grand jury says a councilwoman broke ethics rules. >> a party bus filled with teenagers and alcohol, the charges against the driver after marin county authorities pulled the party bus over. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be okay as you drive over to the caldecott. no major problems. >> fog has come screaming back in a big way. temperatures will drop today. we'll talk about that and maybe what's in store the rest of the week.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the d.a. is proposing new legislation inspired by the brock turner case. a party bus driver
6:00 am
arrested. the reason police pulled him over and what they found on board was surprising. good morning. thank you for joining us. wednesday, june 22nd. i'm pam cook. >> middle of the week already. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather. steve paulson in charge of all of that. >> much cooler. fog is back and a really robust delta breeze. coast and bay. you get to june, summer, it's tough to cool down. clear lake, vacaville, antioch, morganhill to gilroy, but they will today. cloud deck is making a good surge. wasn't much coming into work. high today 67. low 54. what's average? 67, 53. you're right there. 97, 1989 the record


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