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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  June 28, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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investigation. emotions run high as the oakland city council votes on coal shipment. >> it might sound good. it might look good but aid' trick. >> the conclusions reached for a multi-million dollar project near the bay bridge. 7:00 this tuesday morning. june 28th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather now with steve paulson. are you ready to tell us how to dress. >> depends upon where you are. some with jackets. some will warm up quick. if you are socked in with that fog, it's cold. you can see this looks to be more today. also a teeny bit higher the bases there, compared to yesterday. again, it runs into resistance and gets chewed up and burns back but that's a sign of things to come later.
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chad says that's about three blocks visibility in daly city. cold and foggy. happy tuesday. some people like that fog. making it inland. some fog nor the a's and giants tonight. only 64, similar to last night. 49 badegga bay. in land, not enough of a breeze 50s to 60s to 70s, out of the gates fast for those in eastern contra costa county, getting closer. 60s, 70s and then 90s to 100. sal, 7:01. how would you give the traffic so far it. >> i would give you -- it's normal so far. we are getting closer to july 4th? >> yes. >> and as we get closer to the end of the week, we will see a
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little bit of a drop. i hope we are. but today is not the day. taking a look at the toll plaza, backed up. there is some sort of a crash on the bridge. i was looking at our camera. our emeryville camera is fixed in on that. it was reported right there. i don't see anything although there was some more slow traffic and now seems to be lightening up. hopefully, they just got it out of the way. the bridge now has shoulders on this section which may have helped out. does not look too bad at the bay bridge. >> let's go to the san mateo bridge. looks like someone's car has broken down, westbound 92, right past the toll plaza but the lanes are getting by. hopefully that person will start having a better day after this. let's talk about the nimitz freeway. 92, 84 are going to be slow as welt. dumbarton bridge not too bad. slow traffic approaching that 7:02, back to the desk.
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new from overnight, people who live in the san jose neighborhood say they are shocked to learn that a shooting in their neighborhood left one person dead. janine de la vega is there. some fear maybe it was one of their neighbors who was shot? >> reporter: yeah, they think it might be but they are just not sure and we won't know until the coroner releases the man's identity. this happened in a neighborhood in northeast san jose. it's not known for violent crime. so people here are very surprised. many of them heard multiple gunshots last night. neighbors are telling me that they heard between four to six shots and one woman tells us she looked out her window and saw a car with headlights on and a car slumped over. this happened before 9:30 last night on came aston court near lundy and bariessa avenues. officers arrived and found one man slumped over.
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he was pronounced dead. >> it's unknown how many suspects there are. you know, at this time, we are still trying to locate witnesses, locate physical evidence and try to get those answers. >> reporter: now, we don't know as i mentioned if the is from this neighborhood -- if the man is from this neighborhood. but residents say they recognize the car that the victim was in. that's why they think it may be one of their neighbors. that car has been towed away from the scene. police have not identified a suspect or any motive police are hoping if anybody has any information about, this this, give them a call. we just checked. cal tran says that part of highway 17 may stay partially closed through late tonight because of a fire that started
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near los gados. fire cruise are still out looking true the estate neighborhood. all of this after a car fire spread to the hillside yesterday afternoon about 3:00. there are steep slopes out there, very dry conditions. and temperatures in the mid-90s when the firefighters got there. >> the key effect for us is production for firefighters goes down when the heat goes up because we can only work as humanly possible in the heat. >> fire crews were also really worried about dry and weakened trees that might fall on them or on the highway. two firefighters had minor injuries. cal fire says that it could have all of its crews out of the area later this morning which would allow cal trans to reopen all of highway 17 near the summit. the 4th of july is this coming monday which you know
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and south bay fire are warning about fireworks. county and city leaders held a news conference reminding everybody that illegal fireworks are more powerful than ever. and the online sales made it easier for anyone to get the more dangerous fireworks than of. this year, they are trying to educate the public through ad in bus shelters, pand ra and even with us on tv. the message, what is a few minutes of fun can turn into a lifetime of injuries or even death. $25,000 were held aside to order public fireworks displays where people can safely celebrate independence day. after a contentious debate, the oakland city council voted unanimously to ban the handling and storage of coal at a proposed transport site at the port of ookd. >> we have yet to mean what
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this means for the proposed terminal. as one person reported this issue divided many in oakland some who said this would create a job and others say the terminal would have been risky for people's health. as you can see, it got very spirit before and during last night's ookd city council meeting. the council voted 7-0 to ban the handling and storage of coal at a proposed transport site run by terminal logistics solutions. they were proposing that the old oakland army base hold the coal mined from utah be held before expert to russia where demand is high. some concerns was that if coal dust blew into neighborhoods, it would cause concerns but the
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company says those issues have been mitigated. >> i would like oakland to set the standard for the entire united states -- >> making us drink cool aid laced with cyanide, brothers. might sound good, might look good but that's a trick and it's also devastating. >> the long shore workers union local 10 actually opposed the coal transport. they cited health concerns but there were many in the meeting last night who said this would have again created thousands of skilled labor jobs in oakland where many are struggling to make ends meet because of gentrification the ordinance does not stop the federal regulation that allows coal from coming through oakland. that can still happen. this order just bans the facility from banning and transporting coal. new at 7:08, the sports world has lost two coaching
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legends. pat summitt is created with raising the profile of women's basketball. she coached 38 years at the university of tennessee and won two champions and also the u.s. olympic team to a gold medal in 1924. early onset of dementia caused her to retire in 2012. she died at a facility peacefully, her family says. and coach buddy ryan passed away. he was the defensive mastermind of the 1985 super bowl-winning chicago bears. ryan has two sons currently coaching in the nfl. one son, rob ryan, is a former defensive coordinator for the raiders. buddy ryan has been confined to a wheelchair after a stroke. he was 82 years old. isis release add new video which appears to threaten san francisco -- released a new video which appears to threaten
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san francisco. ktvu decided not to show the video. and there was an armed isis worker who praised the killing in orlando. the fbi says it's not aware of any credible threats. this is not the first time that isis has made video threats against san francisco. and the fbi is warning people going to the olympics. officials say that travelers should only use electronics that do not carry valuable information including personal data or confidential files. they also suggest that travelers change their passwords before going while in brazil and then again while
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they get back home. this comes after earlier warning about the zika virus, mugging and doping during the summer games which start august 5th time is 7:11. in the right place at the right time. coming up in 15 minutes, how undercover police officers sprung into action during this armed robbery caught on video in san francisco. and call them the brexit bargain. how the falloff from last week's vote help travelers save serious money. we are looking at a commute that is still very busy. this is the macarthur maze drive. this is not good. this is a big backup for that bay bridge. sunny for most, warm to hot inland but foggy and cool for others. it's been 60 years in the making.
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time is 714:67:89 we are checking stocks. s that color we did not see yet: green. the dollar is on the plus side up almost 200 points. and s&p is up and nasdaq also. we do know that european union leaders are in an emergency meeting today in brussels in response to the british vote to leave the e u. the european union is urging the british government to formally declare its intention to leave the eu so that negotiations can begin, but prime minister david cameron says that's up to his successor. and a leader for the leave union is in brussels to make sure that the will of the british people is respected.
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>> i don't want a watered down version. >> he warns that u.k. will not be the last member state to leave the our even union. there has been an increase in racist attacks in the u.k. a victim support group in wales received more than 60 reports of hate crimes since the vote with incidents such as people yelling "go back home" to immigrants. the group says that the attacks is tied to the belief that the immigrants will have to leave the u.k.. the british pound dropped to its lowest level in years compared to the american dollar. that's bad news for the people living in britain but it's good news for americans planning a trip to the u.k. >> any tours you want to do, if you want to go out to
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westminster, you know, or you want to go to stone henge, you would be paying less today so it's really an opportunity. >> by the way, airfares to london, they have dropped hundreds of dollars, just since the brexit vote. 7:16. i don't think that a lot of people are getting away yet, according to the sal castenada report on the traffic situation. >> i think people will get away closer to the 4th which is next monday but today is tuesday, we have a lot of slow traffic. the lanes are blocked and what happens is that the metering lights are slowed down and there is more traffic at the toll plaza which affects 80. you can see how bad it is on 80 here, trying get to the toll plaza. if this is your commute, it is really terrible. the toll plaza itself, once you get to the maze is still about 30 minutes. but on 80, add another 10 to 15 minutes at least. so if you are coming in from
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berkeley trying to get into san francisco, looking at the better part of an hour on 582 trying to get on to the bridge and then you have to go through the slow traffic. the incident is gone but the damage is done. let's go out and take a look at some these other commutes. perhaps, you want to think about using the san mateo bridge. it's slow on i-82. you will be dealing with slow traffic dumbarton bridge is slow from newark to menlo park. let's go to steve. >> for a lot of folks, cool, stuck in the fog. others are getting warm, really quick. fog is there. still not making much of a push, still held in check by a dome of high pressure. in the four corner, there are signs it will back off a little bit. tonight for the a's-giants game, some fog, just not going
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to be that warm. if you are coming in, from the 100s, grab a jacket. water tells are very cold now. 51. monterey, 52. if you are by the coast, you have that fog, it is a cold pattern. officially 67. 52. average, 67, 53 for san francisco. record high not that warm, 88 back in 1942. some breeze for us here. not much of a breeze, even out of travis. 73 already in brentwood. 62 in san jose. but some low 50s for some. the city was 52. 51 this morning. look at antioch and brentwood getting very warm and dublin at 65. not going to take long for some of those temps to warm up. 95 in las vegas. fog back on southern california coast as well. phoenix, 91. las vegas, 95. but the monsoon moisture continues to work its way north ward. a little bit filters.
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southern sierra made it up to bishop. some of that monsoon starts to sneak into truckee and tahoe. 100s, 104, 105 would not surprise me in lake county and middletown as well. another toasty one in pittsburg. concord airport will probably be 102. everyone else 98. that's just me, dave. >> 99 morgan hill and gilroy. 90s for cupertino, santa clara. 70s for some, 50s, and 60s on the coast. does look like we'll see cooler weather. other parts of the country getting drenched with rain. even more rain forecast in west virginia after deadly floods damaged thousands of homes and
7:20 am
businesses. a federal disaster was declared in three of the hardest hit west virginia counties. a a state of emergency was declared for 20 additional counties. hundreds of people are in shelters. thousands have no power. at least 23 people have died because of the flooding. >> people who lost their lives, that's the first and foremost thing. we can replace everything else. we can't replace those kids and parents and grandparents who were lost as they tried to save them. >> this is one of those floods that we only have once in a lifetime. >> losses could reach hundreds of millions of dollars. airbnb taking san francisco to court. the listing requirement by san francisco that the company says is illegal. and could a parrot be a witness in a murder trial? up next, what that bird was heard saying that may be considered as evidence.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. new this morning, nfl will announce a grant to combat sexual violence. the league will donates $10 million over the next five years to nonprofit groups working to combat sexual violence. the league has come under heavy criticism following arrests of big names involved in sexual violence. several san francisco
7:24 am
police officers are being called heroes after video of their quick reaction to a street robbery went viral. three tourists from argentina were walking down fillbert street. they were jumped by three men. one of the women runs to get help. plain clothes police officerrers had had been staking out that car ran up the hill and arrested all three suspects. some of the tourists we talked to in that neighborhood were surprised. >> i'm in new york and it does not happen that much. i would not expect something like this in the city. >> scared me a little bit. my first impression of san francisco is really nice. now hearing this makes me feel like i should be more aware. >> the three suspects are facing charges of armed robbery. they are all from the bay area but not san francisco. and police say that the loaded gun used in the robbery was reported stolen in louisiana. prosecutors are debating
7:25 am
whether to use a talking parrot as evidence in a murder trial. it is an african gray parrot named bud. prosecutors believe that bud overheard a man begging for his life. they believe that the man's wife killed him after a murder- suicide attempt but she did not go through with the suicide attempt. the bird was heard saying, "don't shoot". three homeless people have been murdered in santa rosa this year. the latest victim who is died just steps away from where he sold his poetry. and tech tax here in san francisco to help ease the housing crisis. we'll tell you what people who live here in the city are saying about the new proposal from one city supervisor. we are looking at slow traffic from the bay bridge but
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other places, too. look at the east shore, taking a beating because of the bay bridge troubles. foggy and cold for some, yes. for some. others, already getting hot. it's going to be real hot. we have the numbers coming up. crystal geyser alpine spring water from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. 7:28. we welcome you back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather.
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like it or not, it's here. steve paulson with the forecast. >> either some people have already cranked on the a/c or heater. >> yeah. >> i kid you not. >> yeah, you're right. >> if you are stuck in that fog. the water temps make a tremendous difference on your low can especially -- especially in san francisco along the coast. this year, the lows are about 49 to 51 which, if you are in that fog, makes it very cold. kathleen had to turn on the heater. and mother nature is taking care of the heat in middletown. hit 104 yesterday. i heard some 106s to 107s. we are not surprised. some fog. i'm going 67 for a high in the city. usually nice at at&t but i would take a jacket.
7:30 am
49, 51 on those buoys. and monterey, that's the coldest i have seen consistently so cold in a long time. brentwood already 77. 52 in half moon bay. 50s, 60s. everyone is pretty close here. stanford at 55. not toad about a there but for some, going to be pretty warm. tropical clouds are working their ways up. sal? >> 7:30. what do you have for us, sir. >> we don't have good news for you if you drive to san francisco. you use the bay bridge, maybe you come in from richmond or oakland and you will see a bunch of slow traffic on 80. it has gone from 28 minutes now to 49 minutes. that's the time you drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze and most of it car because
7:31 am
of an earlier crash. they had to turn on the metering lights on. extra slow. once you get to the toll plaza, it does not look at that that bad. they speed up the metering lights again but it is going to take some time for this to unwind. it is not a good commute right now in the south bay. let's talk about here the south bay commute this morning as you drive into san jose. 101, 85 and 280 are going to be slow. in case you are wondering about alternates to the bay bridge, san mateo bridge may be a good one. dumbarton slow. 7:31. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. some of the companies that received a tax break from the city of san francisco may soon be helping to deal with someone of the city's biggest problems. a city supervisor has a plan to raise the tax on tech companies. ktvu's alex savidge in san francisco right now. that money raised would go towards easing the housing
7:32 am
crisis. good morning. >> good morning to you, dave. over the past few years, san francisco has given millions-of- dollars in texas breaks to tech giants like twitter here in the mid-market area. but critics say that the tech boom here in san francisco has really contributed quite a bit to the affordable housing crisis here in san francisco. a city councilman is to introduce a new tax here. it would impose a 1 1/2% is your tax on company payrolls expected to bring in $21 million each year. one woman says she supports the idea. >> i think that's about time. i think it's a great idea. i think they have been getting too many breaks in the city
7:33 am
while the middle class keeps getting squeezed. i'm 100% for it. >> reporter: the bull board still needs to vote on this tech tax proposal. they would have to do so by august 5th. if the board approvals it, then -- if the board approves it, then it would wind up on the november ballot. we have yet to hear back from the councilman about the proposal. time is now 7:33. police in santa rosa are investigating the third homicide of a homeless person this year. the latest attack, early yesterday on the sidewalk right outside of the sonoma county department of health services. a 32-year-old man who has been homeless for years was stabbed to death. one county employee described him as a gentleman. >> he was the happiest guy, super sweet, well spoken, well
7:34 am
dressed, wrote incredible poetry that occasionally we would buy. >> the first person killed here in santa rosa was shot to death at a homeless encampment. the man responsible has still not been caught. san francisco officials may start looking atgroups that are looking to hold rallies. white supremacists face off against counter protesters. there were 100 police officers trying kept two groups sainted. people who were not involved are asking why the demonstration was even allowed. >> i know that they are protecting under free speech but i would like to know where the line is drawn for getting a permit to express white
7:35 am
supremacist views against so many people. >> it's our first amendment right >> it's freedom of speech. they went through the permit process. >> there were several injuries including five stabbings at the protest. federal and local authorities are investigating a threat made against the bay area middle school after one of the school's teachers participated in that counter protest. evek being interviewed here was one of the organizers of the counter protest. she teaches at martin luther king, jr. school. that school received several calls and e-mails demanding that she be fired for participating in that protest. one anonymous e-mail says if she was not fired, someone would come to the school and doo harm to the students. extra security patrol has been added but fbi official new believe that the e-mail is a low-level threat. the school is on summer break currently. time is now 7:35.
7:36 am
fire crews in kearn county finally getting a handle on the fire that broke out last week. it started on lake isabelle ya north of bakersfield. two people have died, 150 homes have been destroyed. the fire is now 45% contained. more than 1800 firefighters are on the scene. authorities fear that the death toll may go higher as they continue to search through homes. many of those homes reduced to ashes. time is 7:36. new this morning, there is a new report released by republicans on the house benghazi committee blaming the obama administration for 20912 attacks in libya. it accuse the admin station stone walling important documents and witnesses. the democrats say that the panel is trying to undermine hillary clinton's presidential bid. hillary clinton was secretary of state during those attacks which left four americans, including u.s. ambassador and bay area native chris stevens
7:37 am
dead. democrats released their own report yesterday arguing that neither clipts or anyone else intention fullly delayed military response or ordering a standdown during the attacks scripts on the campaign trail with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who is said to be on the short list of vice-presidential candidates. some people say they don't think that american voters are ready for that. >> i think it is not a realistic possibility. >> why not. >> i don't think that the electorate is ready for it. >> i read a news report that opened with the fact that both were wearing blue.
7:38 am
>> gender has become an issue in this election with clinton talking about glass ceilings and criticizing donald trump's comments about women. donald trump himself appears to be softening his stance on muslims with several new polls showing he is trailing hillary clinton. he says programs only muslims from terrorist countries should be banned and members of his cam pain have been fine tuning the proposal. one trump representative says that trump is not focusing on muslim but focusing on people coming from countries with terrorist links. only people from those countries who can be vetted can enter. and removing the memorials for people in the pulse club in orlando. they were left by people who knew the victims and others who just wanted to express their sorrows. now the city is doing its best
7:39 am
to pre sever those memories and the people they represent. >> every picture has a story and i've worked in the last few weeks to understand as much as i can about those lives. >> that community display is also for victims' families and for survivors and for first responders, all of them telling their personal stories related to that night. it will all be part of a permanent display at the city's history museum. local historians say they don't want anyone to ever forget what happened or how many people died at the pulse nightclub. 7:39. we continue to follow an overnight homicide investigation into the south bay. in 24 minutes, what police are saying about who may have killed the man in north san jose. and a new role for former nfl player. what tim tebow did during an
7:40 am
emergency on a flight to arizona. good morning. we are looking at the south bay. and this morning, 280 in san jose is getting a workout getting into the valley. we'll tell you more about the slowdowns here and the slowdowns at the bay bridge. for some, daly city, pacifica park in san francisco cold even on the mendocino coast. for others, getting warm quick here. ♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out.
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7:42. new this morning, nor fallouts surrounding takata airbag and this time within the company. the ceo is stepping down. the announcement is coming down
7:43 am
as the company isdealing with the crisis. the ceo will stay in place until the new regime is in place. the company is struggling to cover the potential recall of deadly air passion. more than 250 crashes involving recalled vehicles with confusing gearshifters manufactured by fiat chrysler. the jeep grand cherokee that crashed and killed star trek actor anton yelchin was part of that recall. drivers have been complaining about being confused as they put the gear in park. if you have been driving a volkswagen, the company may give you a check for as much as $10,000. the company is working on a $15 billion settlement. hose who take the buy back will
7:44 am
get the clean trade in value of the car before the scandal became public in september of last year. time is now 7:44. airbnb is suing its hometown of san francisco. pam cook is in studio now to talk about the new rules that the home sharing company does not like. >> reporter: airbnb objects to the new rules for short term anteals approved by the board ofsupervisors. they want to make sure that users post a registration number with their listing and that registration is correct. it costs $50 to register and the paperwork can be filed online. instead, the host has to file with the city in person. that, airbnb contends, is enough to discourage hosts from entering the home-sharing market. airbnb also says that the ordinance violates federal law because internet platforms cannot be heldresponsible for the content that people post
7:45 am
online. in a statement, airbnb says, quote, there is a need for policies that protect san francisco's housing stock and ensure the collection of hotel taxes, but also enables residents who depends on airbnb to make ends meet. for over five years, we have worked with city government to create fair rules with show airing. unfortunate licks the rules do not work. there is broad agreement that the current registration process in the city is broken. again, that's from airbnb. the city so far has not responded to the lawsuit. under the new rules, though, home sharing companies that do not comply face $1000 fines for every unregistered host. city has been trying to enact rules to help people out. sometimes, people are priced out. the palo alto housing authorities are expected to approve a plan to buy the city's last remaining mobile
7:46 am
home park all in an effort to save the buena vista horrible -- buena vista mobile home park. city is looking to buy it now in partnership with the city of palo alto and the county. >> the council had set aside that money which can only be used for affordable housing and we pooled and partnered with the city of santa clara and the county. >> the owners of the mobile home park do not accept the deal, the city may consider the use of eminent domain. the owners would have to give each owner $20,000 to relocate. former football star and
7:47 am
fox tv host tim tebow is being credited with helping out during an emergency during a flight. tim tebow is known for his quick thinking and his religious faiths. both came into play. when tebow led the family in prayer, the sick passenger revived. the man was taken to a hospital but later died there delta airlines will only confirm there was a medical emergency on that flight. >> what a story. time is 7:47. let's get to you where you need to go. sal, watching the east shore, toll plaza and everything else. >> that's right. the east shore freeway is not doing that well because of an earlier crash on the bay bridge. the crash itself was not major. cal tran and c hp did a good
7:48 am
job of getting the lane open quickly but they slowed the metering lights down for a time at the bay bridge. they have been speeded but but that's all it takes, only a few minutes and has a chain reaction. 80 is slow and, of course, the bay bridge is going to be backed up. this looks a little bit more normal but if we were hoping for early clearing, i'm afraid that's not going to happen. that's going to be slow as you drive into san francisco. at least until the 7:00 hour. you are looking now at the south bay commute which is completely filled in. road sensors are showing all that slow traffic on 101, 280, 85. that's normal. does not seem like we are getting any of that 4th of july break. not yet. maybe at the end of the week, we'll start seeing some people not going into the office. 7:48. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. just a tremendous difference here on some of the temps, also some of the current conditions this morning. i mean, some people are turning on the heat because it's cold and foggy. others are like, oh, my gosh,
7:49 am
getting hots here already in the 70s. it's going to be another day, maybe 40-degree difference plus. seems to be a little bit more fog today than yesterday. our good friend jocelyne, good morning. thick fog here in d.c. daly city. i heard about daly city from many people. and pacifica. cold, cold. turn the eat on. a lot of fog there, water temps are cool. i would expect another cool evening even though the fog clears out by game time. but i would take a jacket if you come in from the 100-degree temperatures. you get the cold water temp, the cold lows, you get the fog and that's why you are socked in for some. san francisco, 67, 52. average, 67-53. last year, june and july could not get below 60 because the water temperature was so warm.
7:50 am
that's not the case this time. west-southwest, 12. not a big deal. sfo with a little bit more of a breeze northwest at 17. at least it's slightly stronger than we had yesterday. 50s, 60s and 70s for some. again, we' have 25 to 30 miles per hour, 104 to 105. 70 degrees already. higher elevations almost near 70 degrees. campbell, 64. cupertino, 62. fog and low clouds, already thick. hugging the coast. not all of it. 43 up in truckee. 60 ukiah. foggy pattern for some, especially up and down the coast with not much relief. an onshore breeze and high pressure still in the four corners sending in some of that monsoon cloud cover. flirting with bishop yesterday. don't think we'll make it to tahoe truckey.
7:51 am
60s and 20s take a few steps to the left or to the right. so not bad around the bay. 70s. inland, 90s to 100. 102, 103, 104. 80s to nineties around san jose, mainly 90s. 50s on the coast. 80s low to mid-upper on the peninsula. just incredible. little change wednesday. does look cooler, those gasia, as we head into the end of the holiday weekend. >> i thought of you, steve, because my kids wanted to turn on the hose because of the heat. i said, no, can't do that now because of the drought. >> that's good running into the sprinkler. >> that's what we used to do as kids. not today's kids. rescue efforts still
7:52 am
ongoing for the blew whale which was caught entangled in crab lines. that's the second timing that a a blue whale became entangled in nets off the west coast in the last two years. 7:52 7:52 now. a troubling story in the bay area. what's in a video that threatens our region and why it's not the first time this has happened. and a massive furniture recall. it involves ikea and the deaths of children, next.
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wannwith sodastream®er? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream®. love your water.
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time is 7:55. fund raiding going on for the family of the san jose police officer michael katherman. the heroes charity which is a nonprofit group for families of the police officers are partnering in today's fundraisers with famous dave's restaurants in san jose. part of today's receipts will go to the katherman family trust fund. police in modesto are searching for a purse thief who have been targeting older women. there have been four such robberies. victims are in their 70s and 80s this is surveillance video of one of the cases. in each case, the thief drives up from behind, spasms the purse right off the arm and
7:56 am
drives away. >> you are attacking a senior citizen who obviously is not going to be able to run from you and chase you down. >> i'd him him with my cane. >> try to avoid bringing a purse when you go shopping, police say. there is a campaign to make higher education free in san francisco. students and professors at city college of san francisco will hold a rally at city hall starting at 12:30, lobbying supervisors to support an initiative called free sitting. it would waive tuition for city employees and people living in san francisco. supporters say that city college used to be free before 1984. ikea is recalling millions of its dressers linked to the deaths of three children. the store will offer full refunds or store credit to
7:57 am
anyone who purchased the furniture. ikea started the repair program last year after two children were killed but after a third child died, they decided to stop selling the dressers and recalled them. the washington post reports there may be as many as six deaths involving ikea dressers dating back to 1989. a recent attack on tourists in san francisco was thwarted things to the police, all caught on camera next, you will see the video of the robbery and how police were able to catch the robber shows quickly. and dave, we are also talking about the future of coal being handled, stored and transported out of the city of oakland. that has been decided now. how the city council voted and how this will impact the city going forward. we have some delays at the toll plaza because of earlier issues. things are beginning to get better now. 70s for some,hots for
7:58 am
others. we'll have a breakdown at the temps.
7:59 am
8:00 am
a man is dead after being gunned down in a san jose neighborhood. we'll tell you what neighbors are saying about this. and how far police are getting to solving the case. good morning to you. thank you for joining us, tuesday. it is june 28th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. >> let's see if it's cool down for you if you live in the east bay or still need a jacket if you live by the coast. a tale of two different forecast. >> almost four forecasts.
8:01 am
seriously the coast, city, bay, inland and far inland. you can find anything that you want. about 57 to 105. so it was 57 yesterday in moss landing. and that fog looks to be thicker now. showing signs of kind of retreating, usually about the 8:00 hour, it puts on the air brakes, if you will. for some, it's socked in and others, not making any impact. broadway and chinatown, heating up fast. kelsey cox tweets, lord help us. already 70 degrees. move, move, kelsey, move, move west. that's all i can tell you. the fog is not going anywhere. i mean it will be back. 60s on the temps. water temps incredibly cool. coolest that he have wean.
8:02 am
48 now. bodega bay. 41 in san francisco buoy. 18 miles per hour wind. the indwreed cents are there, just the ridge of high pressure is too front. caps on, warmer air aloft. we need something that will come in and lift that fog. bodega bay, 48 degrees as well. for some, it is a cold, foggy pattern. for others, getting warm really quick. temperatures, 90s to 100s for some. 50s and 60s, closer to the beach. 48-degree water temperature, sal. that's too warm for me. >> very cool in the city, though, sal. >> i'm being redundant. i know that people love this hot weather. this is summer. this is the way it should be. good morning, everyone. taking a look at the macarthur maze. people are not loving this macarthur maze track here coming around the bend.
8:03 am
it's improving. we did have some slow traffic here on the macarthur maze approach and it seems to be getting better. there was a much earlier accident cleared and things are moving along at the toll plaza. you'll see things moving along. let's take a look at the picture, now backed up. this is beginning to look normal now. if you are thinking about getting to san francisco from the peninsula, you will see that traffic is going to be slow on northbound 101 near candlestick. southbound also slow as you head down the brisbane area. new from overnightings police are still out there -- new from overnight, police are still out there looking for the man who gunned down another man in san jose. >> people keep showing up to that scene, janine? >> reporter: in the last 15 minutes, a father drove up here into this court and he got out of his car, came up to us and said it was my son. it was my son. i asked him, you know, how do
8:04 am
you snow he says, well, my son lives on this court and he got a call from a relative last night who said that they think that his son was shot. now, that man has been on the phone trying to get some more information from police to confirm that it was his son. he just does not know right now. now, neighbors also say this they think that the victim was a young man who lives here on cape aston court. why? because they say they rec -- recognized the car that the victim was sitting in when he was shot. officers arrived last night and found the man suffering from at least one gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. homicide detectives spent the night canvassing the neighborhood and gathering evidence. they went door to door interviewing people. so far, police do not have a
8:05 am
suspect identified yesterday. police are asking anyone who might have information to give them a call. the coroner is the one who will release the identity. i gave them a call. and they told me that, right now, police have a hold on this case and they are not releasing any more information as of right now. gasia? >> very sad. >> yes. >> thank you, janine. some san francisco police officers are being called heroes after surveillance video of their rescue of argentinian tourists weremugged surfaced. neighbors we talked to were surprised. >> i'm from new york and it does not happen that much. i would not expect something like this in the city.
8:06 am
>> it scared me a little bit. my first impression of san francisco, it's really nice. but hearing this, i should be more aware. >> here are the three suspects all of them now facing charges of armed robbery. they are from the bay area but not from san francisco. and police say that the loaded gun used in the robbery was reported stolen in louisiana. parts of highway 17 remains shut down, expected to stay that way. dryers headed south have just one lane to use between idle wild drive and redwood drive. all the north bound lanes are open. this came after a car fire spread into the hillside. there are steep slopes and there are very dry conditions there. temperatures in the mid-90s when fire crews arrived. >> the effect for us is production for firefighters goes down when the heat goes up
8:07 am
because we can only work as humanly possible in that heat. >> crews are concerned about dried and weakened trees that could fall on them or across the highway. two firefighters reported minor injuries. the 4th of july is next monday. south bay fire officials are warning people about using fireworks. council and city leers remind people that illegal fireworks are more powerful than ever. and online sales make it easier for people to get the dangerous fireworks. what started as a few minutes of fun can turn into a lifetime of injury or even death. santa clara is setting aside $25,000 to offer public fireworks displays where people can safely celebrate independence day. after a contentious debate, the oakland city council voted to ban coal from being transported, stored and handled in the city of oakland. >> the debate centered over the
8:08 am
issue of job creation to environmental concerns. >> it remains unclear what is going to be the future of that site. we don't know what the company, terminal logistics solution also do now. they originally proposed a coal transport facility. we know this issue got very spirited last night. [ chanting ] >> now, again, the company terminal logistics solution was proposing to build a coal storage and transport facility that would ship coal to different parts of the world, in particular asia where the demand for fossil fuel is high. it would have been held at the old oakland armory which has not been developed for years. the coal would be coming from mines in utah. one of the concerns is that transporting coal from the rail cars could send coal dust into
8:09 am
parts of oakland but the company says that issue was mitigated from the proposed plan for the sie. still, many say that the health risks were just too high. >> we are building enclosed domes, enclosed conveyence systems that would allow the product to be scored, covered, so there is no constant pluming of dust or anything else at the site impacting the community. >> leading us into jonestown. making us drink cool aid laced with cyanide, brothers. it might sound good. it might look good. but it's a trick. >> reporter: now, supporters of the site said this would have created thousands of jobs for oakland. while the vote did not stop coal shipments from coming through oakland, only stopping the handling and storing of coal. maybe coal. mayor schaaf says it is a false
8:10 am
choice to pick between jobs and the safety and health of the community. we can and we will do both. it's been reported that the company could seek legal action. back to you, guys >> thank you, brian. it could be a bat until court between the city of san francisco and airbnb. in 20 minutes, we'll tell you what the new listing requirements by san francisco is doing that has airbnb filing a lawsuit. first, details of a threat against the bay area in the wake of the orlando nightclub shooting. we are looking at the east bay commute. still some slow traffic out there. this is a look at westbound 24 as you drive past lafayette park station. getting warm really quick for some. already in the mid-70s, others are stuck in the fog and 50s. but it will be a big difference on your tuesday temps.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. isis has released a video which appears to threaten san francisco. ktvu decide not to air the video but appears to show a cable car going up the hill and the las vegas strip and an armed jihadist who is apparently in the middle east praying the orlando nightclub shooting. it's not the first time that isis has made threats against
8:14 am
san francisco or the golden gate bridge. european leaders are in brussels in an emergencmeeting to discuss the england vote. one of the brexit leaders was booed when he urged parliament to give a good trade deal when it leaves. >> i make one prediction this morning. the united kingdom will not be the last member state to leave the european union. >> the head of the european council is planning a special session of e u leaders without british prime minister david cameron. and there has been an increase in raceist attacks in the u.k. more than 60 reports of hate crimes have been reported since the vote with people yelling "go back home" to immigrants.
8:15 am
it appears to be tied to the belief that some immigrants will have to leave the u.k. following the vote. let's go to sal. you are following the toll plaza. not very good. >> not very good. excuse me for one second. >> go ahead. >> you will see some slow track. but highway 24, let's go there. first, westbound 24 traffic is going to be slow as you drive past the lafayette b.a.r.t. station. slow against past the orinda station. and slow, backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze maze. the accident was taken care of rather quickly. chp did a good job but i'm afraid that the damage was done. let's talk about the peninsula and northbound 101 traffic is going to be slow if you drive
8:16 am
through the area. using the san mateo bridge to get over 101, you will see some slow traffic there. dumbarton has been slow all the way on and off. we are not seeing any good alternates. you will have to allow extra time. hey, bring music or something. >> or something. >> i mean, what else can you do? a back on tape -- i mean tape. a book on medium. we know what that means. >> what is a tape. >> exactly. >> thank you, sal. >> all right. >> good morning. fog for some. clearing already for others. we'll have 50s, 60s, 70s, 100 on the high side. for some, getting hot really quick. 77 in brentwood and i think clear lake is also 77. yet, that fog is keeping some locations in the 50s. turn the heater on. it's going to be pretty toasty
8:17 am
here away from the coast. i would lean on a little bit more fog. going to be sunny. take the jacket. temperatures will be cool. a's and gian. 51 san francisco buoy. 52 monterey. that's the coolest i have seen in a long time. northwest winds, certainly helps. last year, we had a south breeze, and water temps at about 60. not the case this year. due west at 18 at sfo. somebody is getting a little bit of a sea breeze. not fairfield, not live more. san rafael jumped to 62. again, take the turn and you will find some nineties. other locations in the 70s. pittsburgh, 73. 76 antioch. 70s already, danville, san ramon, dublin and pleasanton. it's going to heat up pretty quick here if it has not already for you. if you are stuck in some of that fog, you will be hard pressed to get up to 62. it's going to be that warm.
8:18 am
48 in truckey. ukiah, cold and foggy. the monsoon season has kicked in. some of that cloud cover has made it into southern california pretty good lightning show last night around phoenix from what i was told and i can believe it because some of that moisture is beginning to work its way towards bishop. not tahoe and truckee yet. it will be there. temperatures will be pretty toasty here for some. a/c will probably kick on at 9:30 in the morning. yeah, yeah. >> santa cruz looks better other lower locations, daly city, and others, i don't see that. cooler as we get into the en of the week. >> i just heard from jeanette larson hernandez who says it is
8:19 am
60 degrees in castro valley. >> what? >> yeah. >> really? >> well, they can warm up quick. >> that's what jeanette told us many castro valley, pleasanton. >> you go over pallamerras canyon, that's when you start to jump. >> you know that. >> like the back of might have hand. >> good to hear from you. >> thank you, steve. time is 8:19. half americans who have a stroke end up disabled. coming up in 25 minutes, ground breaking new treatment which may help change that. >> up next, how does free food sound? don't have to-to-ask me twice. we'll tell you about chipotle's plans to gain your trust back.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
we are learning new details about a recall that may be tied to an actor's death and a recall from ikea cover a piece of furniture that can be deadly for children >> and also we are learning about the stocks. let's go to pam cook. >> much better look at the market. european markets still trading, all up about 2% across the board. looking at the u.s. markets right now, a live look at the dow jones industrial. coming back from earlier gains but still positive. the dow jones up a little more than 3/4%, 103 point.
8:23 am
the nasdaq and s&p 500 up more, nasdaq up 1 1/2%. the volatility was created by the brexit vote. u.s.-based companies, including jp morgan chase, alphabet, the parent company of google, and microsoft took a $1.3 trillion loss since the vote. those are the stocks in many u.s. investors' portfolios and refire. accounts which is why we have been watching those so closely. one british company that has been hard hit is virgin. the company lost about 1/3 of its value. branson argues with gold man sachs that the u.k. is heading towards a recession. the banks won't be lending money any time soon which will affect the british economy for
8:24 am
a long run. branson is now calling for a second vote to leave the eu. the u.s. economy grew faster than originally thought. the gross national product expanded by 1.1%. we are learning some new details about issues with fiat chrysler gear shifts. government investigation into confusing gearshifters finds they may have caused 266 crashes that injured 68 people. they may also be to blame for a star trek actor's death. anton yelchin died last week after his 2016 jeep grand cherokee pinned him against a mailbox pillar and a fence at his los angeles home. his jeep was part of the fiat chrysler recall over the gearshifter. that recall came after complaints from drivers who say they had trouble telling if their car was actually in park. also new this morning, more fallout surrounding takata air
8:25 am
bags. this time, it's from within the company. the ceo is stepping down. the announcement comes as the auto parts supplier comes with the aftermath of that rouge recall. the company is still seeking financial help to handle the massive recall of potentially deadly air bags. ikea is recalling millions of its dressers linked to the deaths of three children. take a look. this is the popular mon dresser which can fall over if not correctly fastened to the wall. the store will offer full refund to anyone who purchased that dresser. the company issued repairs after two kids died last year but decided to recall them after a third death. the washington post reports there may be as many as six deaths dating back to 1989 and a popular video game
8:26 am
character is making its way back to the screen. sega says that a new sonic the hedgehog game is in production. this was announced during a 25th anniversary in japan. the first came in 1991 for the sega genesis system. the reveal on this new one is expected at next month's comic con in san diego. and chipotle continues to try to win business back with free food. it has launched a limited time loyalty program called chip- topia. chipotle will reward customers for making multiple visits within a given months. you can participate by picking up a rewards card at any chipotle starting friday. chipotle, of course, posted a loss for the first quarter this year. sales are down 30% from last
8:27 am
year after e-coli, norovirus and salmonella were found at their restaurant. >> free will usually do it. >> will do it for people. >> in the short term, at least. let's see if that carries over. thank you, pam. taxing tech companies. why some san francisco leaders want time pose the tax and where that money would go. and we are looking at commute. if you are driving on the south bay drive, this is 237 and you can see westbound is slow, passing 880 and heading into sunny vale. almost 8:30 in the morning. some you have the heater on and some of you already clicked on the a/c. one of those days. we'll have the temperatures coming up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
always love that song. a beautiful-- beautiful linda ronestadt. our director glen mar grew up having a powerful crush on linda ronestad. >> for her voice. >> yes. >> or many other attributes. >> i loved her voice now then and now. thank you for joining us here. we were showing you contra costa county. steve paulson was saying it was for those inland areas. >> i heard some people saying, i already clicked on the a/c. >> okay. >> at 8:30 in the morning.
8:31 am
but others, a lot of fog out there. if you are stuck in that fog, you probably are saying, man, i wish it were warmer. if you are inland, you are saying, i wish i could get some that have fog. go west if you want the cool, east if you want the heat. north or south. >> kristen says, can you talk to the weather gods about our cold weather. and send some coastal cool. >> i can talk to them all i want. they are not listening to me. pittsburgh, 73. antioch, brentwood at 78 at 8:30 in the morning. going to be very toasty for some. the fog, though, socked in a few. going to be very cool. some fog, i would think a little cooler maybe tonight than last night. but still, 64. a little westerly breeze bodega bay water temperature, a brisk 51. that tells you it's going to be on the cool side near the
8:32 am
coast. west at 18. still going to be very toasty. others will are socked in and cool. we have a 25-mile distance within the coast, 40 degrees spread. peninsula, 60s. little slower to warm up. low to mid-60s there. ending up with 70s and 80s. >> the fog is not going anywhere. it's there, but some of that high cloudness, drop call clouds working their way into the sierra. 90s to 100, sal. >> that's very hot but it is summer. >> that is correct. >> what do you expect? >> exactly. >> going down to the east shore freeway, all of it is going to be slow. i want to start with the e shore because we have had some slow traffic here. 44 minute drive. usually, by this time, down to
8:33 am
30 or less, but that's because of a lot of that slow traffic. you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see stop and go track. they have cleaned that up a little bit and you will see some slow traffic there as well on the actual bridge getting into the city. we do have some slow speeds in the south bay as well. we talked about how hard it is to get into the valley. 17 miles per hour on 101. 280 is going to be down to 32 which is not too bad, but we have some slow traffic into the valley still. speed still not quite where they should be this late hour in the commute. 8:33. back to the desk. new this morning a member of the concord city council wants governor brown to issue emergency funds to help into the investigation of a series of gang-related freeway shootings in the freeway. council member tim gray son says there have been more than 21 highway shootings since december resulting in deaths and or seriou injuries.
8:34 am
the chp says that the shootings have been gang related. time ills 8:34. there is a campaign to make higher education in san francisco free. today, students and faculty at the city college of san francisco will hold a rally at city hall lobbying supervisors to support an initiative called free city. it will give free tuition to people living in san francisco and employees of the city. supporters say that the tuition used to be free until 1964. and tech companies may end up paying millions of dollars in taxes. supervisor eric marr plans to introduce a tech tack later today. the paper reports it is called the fair share homeless and housing impact tech tax. it would impose a 1.5% surtax
8:35 am
on payrolls. that will go towards housing and homelessness. if introduced, the board would need to vote on it by august 5th. if approved, it would end up on the november ballot. santa rosa police are investigating the third homicide of a homeless person this year. latest attack happened early yesterday on a sidewalk outside of the sonoma county department of social services. a man who had been living on the streets for years was stabbed to death. county employees described him as a sweet gentleman. >> he was a very nice guy. well dressed, wrote incredible poetry that occasionally we would buy. >> the first person killed in santa rosa was shot to death at a homeless camp in january. his killer has not been caught. the second homicide slick tim was attack paid fellow homeless man in the park. investigators do not think that these cases are relawsed airbnb is suing san
8:36 am
francisco to try to block home sharing regulations. the law is forcing companies to verify that the registration is correct. companies that fail to verify it face $1000 per unregistered people. airbnb says that it violates a federal law which says that online platforms cannot be held responsible. the owner wants to close down the park and sell it. the housing authority is now looking to buy buena vista in partnership with the city of palo alto and santa clara county. the county approved the plan last week. palo alto approved it last
8:37 am
night. >> the council already set aside that money which can only be used for affordable affordable housing. if the mobile home park owners do not accept the deal, eminent domain may be used. and in a separate ruling, a court ruled that the mobile home park would have to give $20,000 to each homeowner if they shut down the park for relocation. and we are at the scene of a major train derailment in texas. it happened near the city of amarillo in the small town of panhandle near the city of amarillo. take a look at the pictures. you can see active orange flames. can you see an awful lot of thick black smoke pouring from this immense fire. here is what happened.
8:38 am
according to reports, two trains collided head on. two locomotives and 11 train cars derailed. the fire is huge at this point. we are not able to get a good read just yet on injuries. none have been reported but, again, it is early on. here is what is happening in the city of panhandle where this is unfolding right now. residents are told to cut back on their water use because fire crews need to it put out these massive flames. again, the firefight is ongoing. we do not know yet what happened that caused these two trains to collide head on according to early reports. as you can tell, the story is still unfolding near amarillo, texas. the result on the rails, we do not yet know but it is a big mess. a dangerous situation, one that will no doubt take hours to remedy and the investigation can begin. we'll stay on top that have breaking news for you, of
8:39 am
course. here at home, state officials say they may start more closely at groups that may want to hold rallies at city hall. this came as white supremacist groups faced off against counter protests. people who were not involved are now asking why the demonstration was allowed in the first place. >> i know that they are protected under free speech. but i would just like to know where the line is drawn for getting a permit to express while suppress cyst view it is against so many people. >> it's their first amendment right. that's freedom of speech. they went through the permit process. >> there were several injuries including five stabbings at the protest. federal and local authorities are investigating a threat made against a bay area middle school after one of the school's teachers participated
8:40 am
in that counter protest. yvette melark is counsel of the organizers of the counter protest. she teaches at the martin luther king, jr. middle school. many e-mails and letters were sent to the school demanding she be fired. if not, an e-mail says that someone would come and all right the children. the fbi determined that is a low-level threat. the school, by the way, is on summer break. and a fire started thursday near lake isabelle ya northeast of bakersfield. at least two people have died in the fire. 150 homes have been destroyed. the fire is now 45% contained more than 1800 firefighters are out there. the death toll will probably go higher as they continue to search through homes. least those homes reduced to
8:41 am
ashes. republicans on the house benghazi committee released a report on their investigation into the 2012 terror attacks in libya. that report is blaming the obama administration for lack security and also a slow response to the attacks. but they offer no new allegations about then secretary of state hillary clinton. four americans died in the attacks, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens who grew up here in the bay area. democrats say that committee is trying to undermine hillary clinton's presidential bid. yesterday, democrats released a record saying that the military could not have done anything differently to save the lives of the americans that night. let's turn to the presidential race. hillary clinton on the campaign trail with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. she is said to be on the short
8:42 am
liles of vice-presidential candidates. that would be the first time that two women would be on the ticket. some voters that we spoke to said that they do not think that will happen. >> i don't think that'sey lettable. >> why not? >> because i don't think that the american public is ready for that. >> i read an article, saying that the women were wearing blue. no one says anything about two male candidate wearing black. >> donald trump appears to be softening his stance on muslims with several polls showing he is trailing hillary clinton. he now says that programs only muslims from terrorist countries should be banned. one trump representative says he is not focusing on muslims but people who come from countries with terrorist
8:43 am
links. only those people from those countries that can be vetted will be allowed to enter the country. an effort to cleanup the memorial at the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. they were left by people who newt victims and other who is just wanted to express their sorrow. now, the city is doing its best to preserve those memories and also preserve the memories of the people they represent. >> every picture has a story and i worked in the last few weeks -- [ pause ] to understand as much as i can about their lives. >> and that memorial is also
8:44 am
left for family members to tell about their permanent lives. >> local historians say they don't want people to ever forget what happened or how many people died at the pulse nightclub. and egyptian officials say they are closer to finding out why an egyptair flight crashed last month. the airbus 320 was flying from paris to cairo when it crashed into the mediterranean sea may 19th. all 63 people on board were killed. the crash was suspected to be a terror attack.  this is clearly the wrong video. french authorities say they are no longer believing that the plane was downed deliberately. they are investigating the crash as an accident. time is 8:44. the u.s. government is warning americans heading to the olympics in rio de janeiro in august about a new threat. u.s. intelligence officials say that cyber criminals and spies are targeting large global events like the olympics as a
8:45 am
good place to pick up sensitive data from a wide variety of people, including in casual settings. officials say that travelers should only carry electronics without confidence files or personal data. and change the password when you leave for brazil n brazil and then again when you leave. the number 1 golfer in the world is in the newest athlete to drop out of the olympics because of concerns over the olympics. jason day said that the sole reason for his decision was his reason about the possible transmission of the zika virus and the potential risk it may present to his wife's future pregnancies. the 28-year-old australian is the fifth golfer and one of the most prominent athlete to psych zika for not going to rio. >> interesting. a serial robber has been targeting parking lots in northern california. ahead, what his victims all
8:46 am
have in common. and the sports world mourns the deaths of two coaching legends. we'll share the stories of pat summitt and buddy ryan, both of whom passed earlier today. and traffic is slow in many areas. highway 24 slowing down past the bart stations.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. 8:49. new this mopping, the sport world just lost two coaching legends. pat summitt, the tennessee women basketball legend has died. she coached 38 years at the university of tennessee and won eight national championships. summitt also coached the u.s. women's olympic team to a gold medal in 1984. early onset dementia forced her to retire in 2012. her family says she died peacefully at a senior living facility. she was southern rounded by her loved ones. pat summitt was 64 years old. also former nfl coach buddy ryan died this morning. buddy ryan was the head coach of the philadelphia eagles and the arizona cardinals but he was the defensive mastermind of
8:50 am
the super bowl winning chicago bears. he has two sons right now coaching in the nfl. his son, rob ryan on the right, he was the former defensively coordinator of the oakland raiders. that's rex on the left. buddy ryan had been confined to a wheelchair after a devastating stroke and also was battling cancer. he was 82 years old. both will be missed. time is 8:50. let's check in with sal. >> we are looking at a commute that will be tough in many areas. we have issues blamed for the lingering traffic problems. minor accidents but blocking lanes. metering light slows down now. still slow, one lane is closed between idle wild and redwood
8:51 am
estate. southbound lanes will stay closed until 10:00. 24 slow, lafayette over to orinda and steve might be interested in this. lingo mamma sent us a tweet saying that the good year blimp is over the hill. hard to see but we love tweets like. this keep them coming if you see them coming. >> it's rioting those warm air current, sal. >> i see. >> that's what's doing that way. >> thank you. >> that's from marie. we get some areas that are hot really fast. others are stuck in the fog. ever heard of -- i heard of it. but can't place it. >> lovely lady >> she is actually a wonderful person. after living in sacramento for five years, i thought i could handle theheat. it's too hot. >> well, sac is worse than we are. but it has not been that far apart, lately. fog bank on the coast and it's
8:52 am
thick, thick, thick. you know, you say i'm going to head to the game, 102. you head to the game and it's 64. i'm not saying candlestick but that's a big difference. bodega bay, the coldest water temperature that i have seen in a long, long time. s that far cry from last year. already 78 in brentwood. livermore, 70. fairfield, 70. kelseyville, 77. calistoga at 71 degrees. moving out quick here. bodega bay at 50 degrees. the fog is about as cold as the water temps. the northwest breeze helps keep the water temps cool. monterey socked in with fog and 52. monsoon season kicked in.
8:53 am
some of that moisture creeping up into the sierra. phoenix had some thunder and lightning yesterday and some of that moisture made it into central california. more towards the san joaquin valley and also into las vegas, creeping up to central sierra. giving you a head up. some of you heading to tahoe and truckey. take two steps to the left and two to the right and you can find some 90s. part of lake county will be 104 to 105. it's hot. oakland, berkeley, alameda not bad. san jose, downtown, 80. 50s, 60s on the coast. 60s in the city. 80s on the peninsula for the most. there are signs it will be cooler for everybody. we head towards the holiday
8:54 am
weekend. >> i'm thinking good thoughts. >> me, too, dave. >> all right, steve. thank you. time is 8:54. we'll be right back. i just picked us up 2 breakfast croissants for $4, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up, and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. enjoy freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon. or sausage. two tasty croissants at an even tastier $4 price. it's a deal you'll devour. i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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welcome back to mornings on 2. police in modesto are searching for a purse thieves as he targets older women. in the past week, there have been four robbery, one even caught on surveillance video. the victims all in their 70s and 80s. they were in a parking lot. in each case, the thief drove up behind, snatched the purpose -- purpose right off their arm -- purse off their arm and gets away. >> you are going after senior citizen who is can't chase you or run away from you. cowardly. >> i would hit him with my cane. >> police are warning women, if you can, avoid carrying a purse when you go out shopping. doctors in cleveland are
8:57 am
trying to stimulate the brains of people who had a heart attack. it's the first trial of deep brain stimulation in humans. and former football star and fox tv show host tim tebow is being praised for helping out during an inflight emergency. a man richard gotti posted on his facebook that a man appeared to have a heart attack and passed out. tebow is one of the pep who helped. tebow led the family in prayer and the sick passenger revived. the man was taken to a hospital delta airlines would only confirm there was a medical emergency on that flight. it is another hot day if you live in the inland east bay area. if you are on the coast, it's nice and cool. talking about fire danger and also the battle of the day. stay with us because the 9 starts in just a minute.
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what and a little billy bringing us and. hot in the city. you can see from this live picture in the city by the bay


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