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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 30, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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♪ bikers are hugging the road and loving the ride when -- >> something goes really wrong. >> see why the signs were all there. oh! speed is a 10-year-old who is 423 pounds. >> a 10-year-old? >> why his worried mother wants the world to know their story. it's the latest craze to strike the internet -- >> this is awesome. >> a story of some talented lads who can stick the landing. and, baby alena is about to hear mom sing -- >> lion's king's "circle of life". >> why there is zero ha cue that ma ta-da in this song --
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>> really? you don't have to be value tee know to know you leave the racing to the track, not like these dudes in australia. who was going impressively around these curves, but they are doing it at a very, very, very quick click. >> that is so tempting. look at that twisting ribbon. the riders what to look for when you come upon a road like that, it's so to not do that. >> they are in full leather gear and helmet and all the jazz. >> that's not going to help if you get on the wrong side of the road and there's a truck coming toward you. >> right. they're going through these curves, they're owning them. they're doing a good job, but then once they come up on this turn, something goes really wrong. >> three hard core arrows for an angle left. >> that's the first sign you should be really, really, really
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careful and slow down quite a bit but -- >> oh, man! he collects his buddy behind him. yuniverse right there, empty road. they get to a hair pin going too fast. what's on the other side? >> he comes up on the turn, you can see that he's already not feeling all that great. the arrows freak him out. he puts his foot down instead of positioning it so that he can lean and turn. >> his body is up right. that's not going to turn the bike. >> no. and he slams right into that vehicle on the other side. >> the sad thing is, you have three vehicles damaged because two guys -- let's have a little fun. you can't. >> fortunately nobody was seriously injured, but there is no arguing whose fault this was. >> yeah. story about people who are morbidly obese on the internet, on tv shows. it's not unusual to see an adult
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who is that size, but it is unusual to see a 10-year-old who is 423 pounds. >> a 10-year-old? >> yes. his parents say he was born a normal weight but it wasn't until a few years ago that he kept adding weight on. he is so large they say they cannot find clothes for their little boy. they say he has trouble walking, so he cannot go to school. >> there's a medical condition here. there has to be, right? what's going on? [ speaking in foreign language ] >> they have taken him to the doctor and they have dramatically changed his diet. >> the fact that you say she says she's changing his diet, leads me to believe they were feeding him all the kinds of wrong things. >> you can't put on the weight without the calories. one requires the other. in this case -- that's the
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thing, it's so scary. while there may not be a physical reason for it, he's now in such physical real health danger. >> i feel bad that this video has gone viral for the reasons it has, but ultimately that kind of attention will get him the help he needs. there's got to be something medically at issue here. >> perhaps someone sees it and helps this boy because he really needs it. >> doctors say he's healthy, but there's got to be something, like you guys say, that is making him eat this much and get this size. the ocean. people around the world love the ocean. billions of people love it. me, i hate it. the ocean is trying to kill you. don't believe me? just watch. this first one, this guy heading out there in front of the beautiful blue water because he wants to get pretty cool pictures. oh, man, not the shoes. that's terrible.
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let's hope it doesn't get any worse. >> oh, no! >> they covered the camera lens. >> this guy gets just wiped out. looks like a drowned cat afterwards. he's lucky he is still standing on those rocks. >> absolutely. >> easily swept away. >> i see. i think he did take a face full of that rock right in front of him. you can see a little dodgey. he takes off his man bag and tries draining it. >> this next video from bermuda. >> look at this rock barrier right here. the daughter is like -- i want to learn about the ocean. oh, you're going to learn. >> you're going to learn. >> you're going to learn today. >> oh! >> i hate the ocean. i hate the ocean. oh, they were right. oh, they were right. it's just a splash. it's like the water park.
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>> she is so small relatively speaking this was like the end of the world. >> much like in this third video because this is -- he is standing on the top of the cliff. this guy could not possibly be in any danger. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> oh, wow. >> truly incredible. there you go. three perfect examples of the ocean is trying to kill you. ♪ >> when working around large machinery and heavy construction equipment, it's important to know the calculations behind all of what you're doing. here, you see this large crane is beginning to remove the top of this water tank from that large structure. it just now plucked it off the top. it's starting to swing around a little bit. >> massive version of that game we all play with the core. modernized by lake. tons and tons. >> and tons. maybe more tons than they
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initially calculate. you'll see the implications of that near calculation. >> hey, hey, hey. >> oh! >> oh! >> the truck is flipping over. >> what's going to happen? >> that crane comes crashing down, crushing several cars and destroying the roof line of that nearby building. however, no injuries reported in this case. in fact, the crane driver was able to get out just in time. you may be able to see it in this second angle here. >> oh, wow. >> just like a ninja. >> do you see the other guys, the workers who tried to hold the truck down with his hands. that's not going to work. >> that's a scary situation now. somebody miscalculated here as well. this guy delivering some lumber on a forklift. he is speeding straight toward the metal -- suddenly he slows down and oh my.
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>> get out of town. >> he knew exactly what he was doing. >> this guy is a ninja. >> yeah. >> this guy knows. >> this is exactly what he is doing and knows exactly the capabilities of his machinery. well played. ♪ charlie has been away for months, so she is skyping in with the grandparents. >> hi. >> we're happy to hear from her. >> but see why the connection is about to get a whole lot better. and rope swinging goes 360. >> every time you look at this video, it's going to be a very different experience. >> see see all the amazing acti next. breadstick obsessed? get your fix with olive garden's two new breadstick sandwiches. like our new spicy chicken sandwich. try them for lunch! starting at just $6.99. olive garden. man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points,
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stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. the internet has gone crazy for bottle flipping. they flow water bottles up and everyone goes crazy. that's so 2016. get with the now. cheers. it's been awesome. >> my stepdaughter hailey just showed me this video. look, check this out. the crazy thing about it, it's not like a worldwide trend. this is a video from a school in new zealand shot by two kids, they're teenagers. they were just messing around. went to see a movie, came back and this thing had just exploded. already $10 million views, 90,000 shares. they should start getting a bit more buzz. >> trick shots with chairs. >> oh, that was impressive. >> the reactions are from -- people enjoy what they're doing.
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but then they start getting even more advances. >> we're just getting started. >> what about when you stack them or the no-look stack over your head. >> the final, the finale, the double. >> now you're getting it. you're getting it. >> i am so impressed. >> not going to work. >> nope. >> didn't work. >> didn't work. >> definitely keep your day job. there's no love like a grandparent's love. grandma, grandpa, man, that is special. charlie here, she's been away in hong kong for three half months, so she is skyping in with grandma and grandpa. i love that they can skype in with her. >> how is the spoon? >> they do. they always want to hear your voice. they want to know what you're up
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to. when are you going to come visit us. >> yeah, but the connection we're having a hard time hearing. so charlie here is going to work on allowing them to hear her a bit better. >> yeah. let me go outside and change the rabbit ears, make sure you can get the signal. >> she is going to do one better. she is going to walk inside to grandma and grandpa's house. wow. that's really good. must have just gotten the wifi. super cute reaction from everybody involved. >> so cute. this is awesome. you know what she'll get, a fricken' fantastic -- >> a huge cake and more cake and then money will get slipped into her hand and then she leaves. >> reaction even bigger from this guy.
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>> this guy is going to spain for a year. she is going crazy. she delves into that big hug. >> don't leave me again. >> she can't let go of her grandson. very cute homecoming. ♪ i feel like the supertramp was the greatest thing to happen to rope swings. he is back this time in idaho and he is at this bridge with all of these guys about to do a really cool rope swing video, but the difference in this case is that now we can watch this in 360. >> he's got the 360 camera, has he? >> yeah. which means that every single jump, every time you look at this video it's going to be a
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very different experience. >> can you imagine when these things are 4x. i can imagine when all the teenagers that are on their foens like this are going to be going -- >> you know what, that's just the way technology works. we have our stuff. they have their stuff and it will be so fascinating. >> i love it. it's really cool because it's changing the way you experience really anything. you can decide what your experience is, where you're looking. this man's mind the scene videos, we get to see how they pulled it off in the video. you want to see the whole thing, head over to >> she puts on virtual reality goggles -- >> i have a feeling she knows where this is going.
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>> next "right this minute." still to come -- the geese are angry -- >> and they're protecting their goslings. >> see what happens when they've had enough. plus, a buggy ride takes a turn for the worse when -- >> they lose control and they start rolling and rolling and rolling. rolling. >> a lucky escape after one nasty rollover. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat
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you make together. ♪ ♪
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oh, hey, guys. >> we want you back, linda. for an itcortizone 10®ion gives you the strongest >> announcer: promotional considerations provided by -- it's good to be itch free. cortizone 10®. feel the heal. rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. tweet us. @rightthisminute and follow the show all day long. how exciting would it be to get into one of these outdoor
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buggies here, just hit the mound, do really cool off roading and you can see that in the viral video uk clip. >> it's like jurassic world, where are the dinosaurs? >> they lose control as soon as they get to the top and they start rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling back down the hill. >> there's water. jump off. sean, now. >> he wants to get two guys in the buggy. >> i don't see any seat belts. if you're beginning to ride in something that's clearly built to hand le a rollover, you shoud be strapped in tight. >> that looks like that's the kind of seat belt we use on your commute to work. you want to be like you're in a rocket ship. >> the camera pans over to the passenger in the buggy and you
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can tell that he, too, is in a ton of pain. he is holding his arm. >> you can see what happened as it is rolling. arm goes outside that roll cage rolls in with probably two broken arms. >> fortunately it looks like they were able to walk out of this. >> all those people do that, safety, safety, safety. over to wails where this mountain biking video comes from. >> so many jagged rocks. >> yep. >> i felt that and i'm not even there. >> yeah. his front wheels clip one of those rocks and it just sends him flying over the handlebars. >> that was minor. >> it turns out he had some minor bruising. after wobbling around for a few days he said he was fine. >> shake it off. get back on the horse. close your eyes and tell me what you think is making this
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noise. >> i was going to go with a saw. >> what? >> a saw that's like cutting through wood. >> yeah. >> open your eyes. that's some sort of hissing spider or something in my head. >> no, not a hissing spider, not a snake. that's goose gander and they're protecting their gosling. guess what, they attack. >> dude, yeah. get away from the babies. not a good idea. this guy, he was fooled. he is at the train station in new south wales australia. two little cue koe wall las. >> that's cute.
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so cute. >> poor baby. he is probably scared. >> i love how these people think oh, little gosling, i tack. >> just because they're cute in the pictures doesn't mean you should approach. she is listening up because -- >> she is about to hear her mother sing the lion king "circle of life". >> you sflaed. >> see why she is not impressed by
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. >> i want to see soccer players but dart players to see who wins. i don't know if you know, but i sang a song to your sister when she was your age. i'll try it out on you. >> precious little baby is about
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to hear hr mom sing lion king's "circle of life." ♪ >> i would have been freaked out. >> because this is "hamlet." >> "hamlet" said die. his uncle marries his mom and he has to take over and everybody dies. this child knows that. >> spoiler alert. ♪ >> she just breaks down crying because -- she didn't like it. >> because she is doing it wrong. your supposed to get the baby -- >> no, no, no. stop. no. >> big cry. >> save that smile. >> all right. back to my happy place. >> she ain't got no worries for the rest of her days. ♪ >> and again, the poor child is
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like in shock again. look at her like -- really? that was my exact reaction when mufasa died. cry like a baby. >> i'm just joking. i'm just joking. >> well, the damage has already been done. >> there's no happy ending any time soon. >> that's all for this episode, but we have lots more content on
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♪ a motorcyclist crowded out by a car -- >> happens to spot a cop nearby. >> she tried to run me out of my lane. i have it on video. >> see the tag team's success for a little street justice. [ laughter ]. an impatient toad is in a bind. >> i'm ready to go. >> why getting him free is one delicate mission. mommy has a surprise, but daddy doesn't notice. >> didn't i notice what? >> the moment the message finally sinks in. >> read the back of the baby's shirt. and an internet trend that will not be ignored. >> vacuuming for monica. >> you'll wonder why it took so long for somebody to think of


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