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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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white chevy impala submerged in the mroom live. authorities -- out of the petaluma river. authorities try to piece together what went wrong. she was driving her two daughters to school after dropping off a friend in petaluma. they were on petaluma boulevard. >> a witnesses told us that he was behind the car. the car had we've had and struck -- not struck, but went into the center divider here. joseph corrected and shot off the -- over corrected and shot off the embankment. it drops heavy trees and shrubbery into the river. >> reporter: the car came into the brush, smacks into the tree and justifying -- and jumping into the river. the mother escaped from the car. despite efforts from the fire department, the two girls did not survive.
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the rescuers returned to land. family members were hoping for morecals that didn't come. they were nine-year-old delilah and 7-year-old sayra. >> this is not a tricky road to navigate. our investigation is probably going to focus on distraction. >> reporter: what happened was similar to an accident in jenner where a mother drove off the road into the water trapping two little girls inside. their funerals were today. >> it's weighing heavy on our offices here. >> reporter: the investigation here continues the one thin, the chp will be looking at will be the mother's cell phone to see if she was using it at the time of the accident. >> do we know circumstances as to why that woman didn't have a lines? >> reporter: no we don't, frank. it's just information that came out along with her name that she did not have a driver's license. >> it was heartbreaking seeing some of those -- rob it was heartbreaking seeing some of the
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pictures. the first responders there had been in jenner as well? >> reporter: yes, that's right. they had reresponded to the tragedy in jenner and then a week later, you know they're back in the water with two more little girls to try to save that they were unable to recognize. >> rob roth in petaluma tonight. thank you. also, as rob mentioned. the future ral was held for two sisters would who died in a similar accident in jenner. her mom was driving in a truck, lost control and went off the road into the river and sank. the girls 'mother escaped. they tried to save the girls but no luck. the bodies of haley and kaitlyn were pulled from the cab. a visitation was held. they were buried at the calvary catholic sim tear. a gofundme page raised almost $50,000 to help the family with
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expenses. donald trump make as quick trip to mexico ahead of a major speech on immigration. that's scheduled in phoenix about an hour from now. today he offered a strikingly different tone that than the one he used early in his campaign. he sat down with mexico's president in mexico city. after the meeting, the two men stressed common ground despite disagreements on illegal immigration and the north american free-trade agreement. >> you shared my strong -- i shared my strong view that nafta has been a far greater benefit to mexico than it has been to the united states. that it must be improved upon to make sure that workers in both countries benefit from fair and reciprocal trade. we must take action to stem this tremendous outflow of jobs from our country. it's happening every day. it's getting worse and worse and
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worse. and we have to stop it. >> trump also said while he and president nieto spoke about the border wall, they did not talk about who would pay for it. but this afternoon, the mexican president contradicted that saying he told trump mexico will not pay for a border wall. trump's promise to build a wall and make mexico pay for it has been a theme of his campaign. mexico's president said immigration into the u.s. from mexico is on the decline. >> undocumented immigration from mexico to the united states reach its highest .10 years ago. and it has been reduced consistently ever since to the point where it's negative in net terms. we might disagree on self issues, but your presence here, mr. donald trump, shows that we
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do have fundamental common ground. >> mexico's president said he hopes the u.s. and mexico will work together to face the challenges of a complex world. the clinton campaign sent out this statement regarding trump's visit to mexico. it says what matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico. and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions. clinton campaigned in since natty, ohio, speaking -- cincinnati. she reached out to a crowd of 9,000 vet raps acknowledging they represented all political persuasions. >> i suppose some of you never voted for a democrat before. you get that. my dad was a rock red republican. but you learned at our dinner table that we can disagree without being disagreeable. >> clinton said if elected, she would work to be a president for
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all americans regardless of their politics. donald trump is set to speak to the same group tomorrow morning. stay tuned to ktvu. we'll stream donald trump's immigration speech online at and on our facebook payment. now to the colin kaepernick and his comments about law enforcement offices. a group of african american peoples gathered in as if is to defend him -- in san francisco to defend colin. the group called on the san francisco police association to apologize to the quarterback. >> where is your apology? >> reporter: outside the police officer association building today, leaders with the -- the black lives matter unit say colin kaepernick shouldn't have to say he's sorry. he refused to stand for the national anthem at the game and his comments about officers getting away with murder propertied the poa to demand an
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apology. >> poa is asking him to apologize was outrageous. >> reporter: cap was simplified exercising his right. >> he reached a point he couldn't take it anymore. as a young person, he, himself, if he wasn't colin capper neck, he could be the victim of a shooting. >> she see someone defiant. he's not defight. he's bringing awareness to the situation. the reality is we don't equally experience this counter the same way. >> reporter: the group consisted of the aclu and public defenders office called on other athletic african-americans to take a stand as well. they issued this statement. the bottom line is that the sfpoa is one of the most diversion police units in the counter. we're committed to fighting
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racism in all its forms. these protestors say capper neck shined a light on -- cappernick shed light on the problem. they say even if he's cut from the 49ers made a difference. >> he's done his job. if he never doze anything else in life, he's etched his name in the history books. >> reporter: in san francisco, tara, "ktvu channel 2 news." in like land, police are -- oak plan, police are investigating the death of two people at the park last night. police were called to the park about 11:00 last fight and deep inside the park they say they found the bodies of two male victims. they haven't released other details about ages or what may have led to the shooting. so far there's no word of arrests. a new crime fighting app aims to keep people safe but keeping them informed.
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it was developed by four berkeley students. it's called wildfire. the app is designed to keep track on or near campus. people sign up and send or receive push notifications based on how close they are to a reported crime. the creators say it goes with the strunts as well so it could have helped at berkeley's campus abroad during the attacks in paris. it's not for extreme emergency situations. >> what happened here in berkeley was there was a power outage and students were commenting says, this library had power and this one didn't. there's a lot of different use cases. coming together as a community to keep each other safe. >> it alerts from the daily side police and berkeley police department. crews are making progress on a fast moving wildfire. the bogart fire started yesterday afternoon. officials say so far, the fire
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has burned 1300 acres and 45% contained. investigators say it appears this fire was human caused. the fire began near the gate to a nature park and investigators believe it was started by children who were spotted nowhere that gate -- who were spotted near the gate. five men with masks and gins inside a home in east bay. coming up, the most concerning thing for homeowners is what the criminals actually planned. >> also ahead, have you ever tried to post a picture on facebook at a large event and you can't because the wifi is overloaded? coming up, how drones are being used to make the slow downs a thing of the past. >> plus, president obama talks at the 20th annual lake tahoe summit. coming up, why a heckler interrupted the president's address. >> i'm tracking a very active tropic. a couple of hurricanes, tropical storm and a lot more when i come back, we'll talk about that and how it could impact your travel plans as you head into the next couple of days.
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president obama was in south lake tahoe as the speaker of the controversy of the sum -- anniversary of the summit. he was joined by federal and state leaders and hundreds of supporters. >> reporter: president obama is the first sitting president to attend the lake tahoe summit since '97 when bill clinton was here of the today it's about celebrating the work it's a been done over the past 20 years. protesting and prevebing lake tahoe, it's the goal of the annual lake tahoe sim mitt. >> this is really nice. >> reporter: and it's the reason president obama joined governor
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jerry brown, barbara boxer and dianne feinstein wednesday at harvey's arena. it was the president's first visit to tahoe. >> this place is spectacular because it's the hue es, deepest, purest and oldest lakes in the world. >> reporter: he stressed the porpoise of conserving the environment. while talking about climate change he was heckled by someone in the crowd. he was trying to make this point. >> we tend to think of clay mat change -- climate change as if it's something that just happening out there that we don't have control over. but the fact is, that it is man made. >> reporter: governor brown said preserving lake tahoe has been a priority that united demes and republicans over -- democrats and republicans over the years. nearly $2 billion has been spent to protect and restore the lake. >> it's a priority we notice the clarity of the lake going down.
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>> reporter: it's important to residents. they've attended four years in a row this year with added excitement. >> when we heard obama was going to be here, we got tickets. >> reporter: it was obama's first and last visit to tahoe as president. >> 20 years of celebration because we've helped lake tahoe. >> reporter: a time to celebrate all the work that's been done to preserve a landmark cherished by so many. nevada senator harry reed hosted this event every year. he's leaving office in january. he says lake tahoe is in much better condition than it was when he started 20 years ago but there's still work to do. back to you. now to the latest on the potentially dangerous storm headed for north carolina and florida. tropical storm hermine is gaining strength in the gulf of mexico. the national hurricane center says it could dump several inches of rain, some low lying areas of tampa are seeing
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flooding. florida's about to have has declare add state of emergency in 51 florida counties. >> we're going to have a lot of wind. we'll have down power lines. the utilities prepositioned themselves around the state. they'll be working diligently to get us back up. but do not drive? standing water or touch a down power line. the atlantic coast in north carolina, a separate weather system is storming up high surf and set off a tropical storm warning. now we move to the pacific where the island of hawaii is bracing for hurricane madelyn. >> chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now in the weather center. is there a second one left behind it? >> lester is behind it. a stronger storm that could have more of an impact on the whiled. neither storm expected to make a hit with the yale. you see the hot water, that's what drives the hurricane. not the pacific but the atlantic
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swell. there's madelyn, lestlerend -- letter and here's madelyn's track. it skids to the south of the big island. there will be significant rainfall. they could have a lot of flooding issues. some heavy, heavy rain in big surch and you would guess. a little bit of storm surge as well. here's lester behind it. lester goes to the north on saturday. drops down to a category 1. but this side of the storm as it moves to the north, even though you're closer to the island chain, this is where the most dynamics are on a hurricane is to this side, the north side, this area. so the strongest dynamics will travel to the north of the island change, even though large surf and heavy rain in the game. here's hermine she's upgraded to a tropical storm.
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and believe it or not, there's an opportunity for this storm to become a hurricane. it's not forecasting, but with that extra hot weather, we can see a hurricane form at the last minute. folks down around jacksonville, parts of tampa really concerned about this as a threat. certainly heavy rain. you know what else they'll get, because of the dynamics there will be a lot of tornadic activity on it moves on shore thursday into friday. a lot going on in the tropics. for us we have fog and low clouds and a nice, mild pattern, which has been good for us because we've skirted the super high fire danger of these early month -- or early weeks -- late weeks in september -- late weeks in august, early weeks in september. so far, we've had cool, mild weather in what is traditionally coming up in the peak of the fire season. very dry and warm but it's been mild and cool. there's a fog along the coast.
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that fog is going to push back inland tonight and we have a day tomorrow like today. current temperature is 83 in fairfield, 77 in livermore. your bay area thursday, just like today. maybe a degree or two cooler. lots of mid-80s in the warmest spots for thursday. have you ever been at a big vent where your phone service is bad and you can't post on instagram or facebook? coming up next, that may be a thing of the past. how drones are working to bring you better service.
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tesla is working on a fix they say will satisfy the skeptical customers. they'll update the auto pilot software the next few weeks. the announcement follows a deadly accident this summer while auto pilot mode was engaged. a driver dade while he crashed into a track r -- tractor trailer. the software update will make it more difficult for drivers to ignore auto pilot warning. and if multiple alerts with irg thoroughed, the auto pilot will automatically disengage. how drones with improve your phone service in the middle of a huge crowd. tom was at ta andt park where -- at&t park where a pilot operate
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add drone miles away. >> reporter: they showed how they can inspect cellular network infra structure placed inside stadiums and buildings. the stadium they're inspecting is not att park but husky's football tsunami. even with thousands -- football stadium. with thousands of people here, they were able to use the equipment to a drone 700 miles away. less interference, and fewer slow downs for customers. >> they have the speed that they seek. the downloads, the up loads, they can stream, do anything they want. >> reporter: with drone technology, they can measure the signal strength customers are getting inside or outside in just one day instead of having teams walking -- of walking technicians do it in five days. >> the engineers who support the network are able to view it live and some cases, remote adjust
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meants can be made. other case aztec finishen may need -- a technician may need to go to the site. >> reporter: drones can inspect lines and cables mowned on poles and towers no matter how remote the location. it's quicker and far saver than sending technicians up there to do it. when you're inspecting or diagnosing multiplaced equipment, one of the most important things is to lay eyes on it. with a drone, you can put on sensors that look at t inside of it, every system inside of t as well as how they're operating. drones have a huge roll in up coming disaster and places where there's no infra structuring. >> there's a cell site on wings where we can launch a done to a temporarily cell site to add local coverage rage where we need it immediately, that's coming. >> reporter: the drone age has
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only just gun. most of it -- only just begun. most of it for the good. still to come here, it's a terrifying view inside the home in the east bay, surveillance cameras showing five armed and masked men. it's what these armed men had planned that has the neighborhood more concerned. >> also ahead, the former stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault will be a free man on friday. barely three-month after sentencing. coming up, how preparations are underway for big crowd and loud protests outside the jail. >> a medical marijuana card means you can't buy a gun. the court ruling that impacts california
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some frightening surveillance video to show you. in the past two weeks, armed men have broken into two homes in free month. what is concerning is that in one of cases, the detectives say the suspects actually planned the job hoping to find the people at home. yes, sir garth with the -- jesse with the details. >> reporter: police say this swaibd is scare i couldn't. it show -- surveillance video is scary. it shows five armed men waiting in the house hoping the homeowners would be home. the four member family was out to dinner but the security system alerted the owners of the intrusion who called police and then called his across the
5:29 pm
street neighbor. >> he says there are people in my house with guns and something like, to that effect of the and can you check outside? >> reporter: he watched from the second floor window as the criminals ransacked the home in the mission hills subdivision. the owner's wife tells us that they hook electronics and other valuables and took off before police arrived. >> five guys in your house with guns, i couldn't image anything worse. he did everything he could to get us out this and we missed the suspects by a few seconds. >> reporter: on august 16th. a similar seen around the corner on hunter lane. there is no surveillance video in this case. but three to five armed men entered the house. one held them at gunpoint, the others ran skacked the --
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ransacked the house. some speculate thieves are targeted this community where real estate is listed above $2 million. >> sad that people think that we are being targeted because i can see on record yes we do. that's ourualture and lifestyle. -- culture and lifestyle. you're not going to scare me. >> reporter: sunday's thieves broke in on a patio door. on the 16th, they walked in through an open garage door. one of the wanted men showed his face, possible providing evidence that could lead to the group's capture of these crimes and possible others. san jose police would like help in identifying a burglary suspect who broke into a home in early july. the burglary entered through the backyard of a home in north san jose. detectives say he took more than $so,000 in contractor's --
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$10,000 in contractor's tools along with a bike. anyone providing information that results in an arrest and conviction could be eligible for a cash reward. take a look at these surveillance photos of a package thief in san francisco. inspectors with the u.s. postal service say on august 15th, the man waited until he saw someone leaving a building and made his way through a cur door as another person was -- a secure door as another person was going out. he went through the mail area, took packages and walked away. 30 minutes later we help the to another building. postal inspectors say if you live in a multiunit building to make sure the doors lock behind you. a court right today that mean this is you have a medical marijuana card, you're not allowed to buy a gun. they upheld the ban today. the court said it doesn't violate second amendment rights. it applies to the nine western estates that fall under the
5:32 pm
court's jurisdiction including california, washington and oregon. it was filed by a woman from nevada after a gun tore refused to sell her a gun sighting the federal rule of guns to illegal drug users. marijuana is illegal under federal law. the former stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault on an unconscious woman is set be released from jail on friday. as ann ruben explains, it's not likely to make a quiet exit and officials are preparing for a crowd. >> reporter: when proc turner is released from -- brock turn ser released on friday, he'll be met with protestors and the media. he will have served three-month of a six-month sentence for a sexual assault of an intoxicated woman. >> bring attention to the fact that brock turner was sentenced a to a few month in prison and his division -- [ no audio ]
5:33 pm
>> reporter: members of the group has been protesting the sentence. the group plans to make a spectacle of his release complete with bikers circumstance little the jail carrying mobile billboards. the sheriff lori smith says they're taking precautions and bringing in deputies. >> we'll have law enforcement here. we're hearing of protest. there's angry protestors. we'll be here keeping the peace. >> reporter: there will be barricades up for safety. otherwise, no special treatment for turner. >> and i'll be leaving the jail exactly as everyone else does, through these doors at a normal release time. >> reporter: they hope the case will be a catalyst for change. >> this is a classic case of up justice. >> reporter: she sent this letter to the governor urging him to sign into law legislation for the monday tear prison sentences for the sexual assault of an unconscious person. >> these are cases difficult to
5:34 pm
from the because the victim is -- difficult to prosecute. so this protects our victims. >> reporter: they expect turner to be released between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. they'll have a news conference afterwards about 10:00 a.m. still to come, if you ride bart you know it can be loud. in a moment here, we measure how loud it can get and waste being done right now to make bart cars quieter.
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facebook is if hot water over its trending topic section on saturday. a faik story about megyn kelly make the trending list. it claimed kelly has been fired for supporting hillary clinton. facebook polled the story from the list and polled. they came under fire after an ex-employee claimed there was a liberal bias in the selection of stretching stories. facebook says a computer picks the topics and human editors stream the stories. a tentative court date has been set for rap star chris brown for allegedly pointing a gun at a woman inside his mansion. he was arrested yesterday after a police standoff in southern california the woman says someone at his home was selling diamond julily. when she got closer for a look.
5:38 pm
brown pulled out a begun and ordered her to leave. he was arrested yesterday and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. he was released on 250,000 bail. a court date was set for september 20th. brazil's first fell president was impeached -- from brazil was impeached and removed from office for allegedly, quote, manipulating the budget. she was suspended in may when the senate decided to move ahead with an impeachment. she moved funding from one budget to another to plug holes in her popular programs. she claims the rivals wanted her out after an investigation into corruption and resulted in charges against many high officials. the first commercial flight between the u.s. and cuba landed this morning. the requirements needed to get there. and tom will share us experience about his recent trip to that island nation.
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>> how loud is too loud? we'll tell you how loud bart trains are. >> it's just not that warm out there. temperatures on the mild side today. let you know what to expect as we push in the thursday.
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the first commercial flight between the united states and cue pa in half a century -- cuba in half a century touched down
5:42 pm
today. the flight from fort lauderdale, florida, accomplishes services. jet blue flight 387 hopes up a new era of u.s. cuba travel with 300 arthritis a year. they -- 300 flights a year. >> we believe that the best way to achieve the goal is by facilitating more interaction between the cuban and american people including through travel and commercial opportunities and more access to information, which all that culminated of course in the president's trip to cuba. >> travel is expected to escalate. going forward, the department of transportation says us air lines scheduled 110 daily flights to the island. there are certain requirements you have to meet before you fly. >> to get there, you have to state one of a dozen acceptable reasons.
5:43 pm
most are easy to meet. when you book a night, you'll be asked to select one of those categories. people to people, educational or cultural exchange. any activity that shows support for cuban people or religious activities, research or a humanitarian project. when all of the u.s. carriers are up and flying, 110 commercial flights a day will go between the u.s. and cuba. as of today, six aerials will soon be flying to cuba. that includes southwest. in all you can fly to ten cuban dest nations. 20 of the daily flights will go directly to havana eventually. >> santa lara cuba is where one of the flights landed today. flights will land in assistant eye go in cue -- santiago in cuba. >> swh someones comes up and said -- when someone comes up
5:44 pm
and says, what is it like? >> if you're going down there, this is add vanture va caution. not -- adventure vacation. they are complete unprepared for this. the infrastructure is in bad shape. the roads aren't that good. public transportation isn't that great expect in havana. in many places, it's third world to say the least. it town called cardennis. primary transportation is the horse drawn cart. or a bicycle or walking. it's a completely different experience. the other problem is, why there are hotels around cuba, there aren't nearly the number they'll need to support the people that will come from theiant. a lot of people go down there expecting a terrific caribbean vacation will find themselves dealing with interesting things. i was in one of the big hotels
5:45 pm
in havana and no hot water, nor did it have air conditioning. the other one in our group stayed at another place and had no water at all. >> it's like going back in time and you're roughing it. but there are so many highlights to take away like the food, the art. >> the food is spectacular. the art is spectacular. the people couldn't not be friendier. they are excited about americans coming and they're going to work hard. here's the problem, to do the kinds of infrastructures they need plus the hotels, you need to have a lot of money. the credit rating is speculative on the international markets meaning the money they can borrow is expensive. they used to get a lot of many from venezuela and that's dried up. they're not in good financial shape. you intend to go back and drive the length of the island but it's an adventure vacation. >> sometimes those are the best. tom, i'm course, do you feel
5:46 pm
when you're will -- do you feel when you're there you can go anywhere? and what is the prices like when you buy the crafts? >> the prices are inexpensive and you can pretty much go anywhere you want. when i went out to this place called cardennis. there was no restriction. you hired a guy to took me out there. they don't have much to hide. you can't go on military cases -- bases. but you can fly down to guantanamo, beside it. it's not all that large. but it's remarkable how really kind of backwards it is more so than most places in the caribbean. >> you said crime is low, you felt safe? >> i think crime is the least of their problems. it's not something fear. they're on the mall la con -- mala correctionon.
5:47 pm
they have lots of fun. if you get in trouble, there's a cuban national, you're in serious trouble. that's not the thing you worry about. the thing you worry about is making sure you have a room and know what you're doing. it helps to know spanish. but it's not necessary especially in places like havana where people clearly speak english. plus, the educational level of these people is high. the problem is the economy doesn't support their education. many people like a master in business administration i met, he gets to be a waiter at a tourist hotel because there's no master's jobs. >> a lot of things to think about and check the running water before you go. thank you. it sound like an interesting vacation, tom. do you see any of those old cars? >> they're everywhere. >> i heard stories you probably seen pictures to. that's exciting. for us around here, we've got weather patterns that -- it's
5:48 pm
not that exciting. it's exciting, it's just not that exciting. because this pattern persisted for three and a half to four weeks. it's beautiful, really nice. quality is good. but it's not -- the changes have been very subtle. for instance, today's high is 90. the hot spot, 85 in fatherfield. 82 in -- 85 in fairfield. along the coast, patchy fog, i think you'll see the sunset tonight. some areas by the clip house starting to see a breakthrough. fog will keep playing tag at the coast. water temperatures are starting to warm up. as we move towards the fall season. when it's warmer, it's harder for the going to form. we should see temperatures and fog clearing from the coast. 83 in fairfield. a little cooler today than yesterday as we head into your bay area forecast. the low clouds come back
5:49 pm
tonight, burn off tomorrow morning. and this low pressure is sort of the culprit. if it wasn't there, temperatures this time of year with the sun angle and length of the day in the inland spots would be 100 degrees. it's not happening. the low want to persist. that squelches the fire danger and makes the air quality nicer. here come the forecast highs. looks a lot like yesterday, the day before, which is fine. 83 in napa. so the real story now in the weather world, as you look at your perfect weather forecast, will be the tropical storm hermine and down in the gulf of mexico. and then the two big hurricanes working their way north and south of the hawaiian island change. that's big time weather. for us it's a mild weather pattern. the tropics, look at the amount of activity in the tropics this
5:50 pm
year, right now you take a snapshot, it's off the charts. there are so many trom disturbances that -- tropical disturbances that become storms to hurricane level. the gulf of mexico water is 90 degrees. so the tropical storm there now moving into the panhandle of florida, some guys are saying this thing might pop into a cat one before it makes landfall. >> and they all kind of started. >> they did. >> will any of this effect louisiana? we just had flooding there. you have hundreds of people that lost everything. >> there's a slight effect now as this one moves through. but that's what everyone is thinking. as more tropical depressions move in, the warm water area out of louisiana could be a good spawning ground. so yes, that's one of the big childrens is already standing water and already flooding. >> for the folks in hawaii, they
5:51 pm
won't get hit. and madeline has been downgraded to a tropical storm. >> yes >> they're going to get a lot of drawn? >> they'll get a lot of rain, swell as well and a lot of wind. the hawaiian islands are getting a lot of rain. they'll have problems from madeline as it goes to the south tonight and tomorrow morning. a new high-tech enterprise made its debut today. >> one, two, three. [ applause ] >> they joined san jose leaders in celebrating the official opening of next flex. it mission to create bendable, flexible and wearable electronics for a range of centuries. things that can be used in the military to healthcare. >> it's not, add as i said -- as i said, putting electronics into a box. it's sticking on things like your body. >> the high level of skills that
5:52 pm
will be necessary, folks can learn those skills through our community colleges. they don't have to have a phd. you have to earn a good living and be able to afford to stay, live at my house, apartment, and live in the valley in which they work. >> the department of defense provided $100 million to get this high-tech company from the drawing board to the ribbon cutting. still to come, most bart riders know it can get loud on the trains. what you might not realize is the loudness is actually at a level that can potentially be dangerous to your hearing. so what is being done to quiet things down? we'll look at that after the break.
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if you ride part you know how loud the -- bart you know how loud the traipse can be. relief is on the way. new technology that will make bart trains quieter. >> reporter: the noise is identifiable to regular bart riders. >> a screeching noise, yeah. high volume screeching noise. >> reporter: riders say at times that noise can be overwhelming. >> alzheimer's, it's so bad -- sometimes it's so bad i want to stick my hands in my ears. >> reporter: we checked ousts. our ride the sound maxed out at
5:56 pm
100 december billions. anything over 85 december balls with cause -- decibals can cause damage to hearing. engineers say over time, the rails develop coregation and the wheels traveling over the bumps cause the squealing, howelling noise. reshaping wheels and friend of mineds the tracks -- and grinding the tracks should reduce the sound. >> we can say it will work and be less noisy. >> it sound good to passengers who say they're happy to hear the fix is ready. >> that will be great. now you can carry on conversations as you go along. >> reporter: passengers can expect to hear quieter trains in the next six months. with the switch over taking three years to six years. >> christian measured the bart nice at 100 decibals. other noises measuring at that,
5:57 pm
a jet taking off at three football fields away. a lawnmower, tractor, jackhammer, and a garbage truck. bart is unveiling its new rewards plan aimed at getting riders to ease congestion. more than 4,000 people signed up for the new bart perks program. passengers are earn a point for every mile they travel and if they travel in so called off times, from 3:06 to 7:30 in the morn -- 6:30 to 7:30 in the morning, they can we were up to six times points. they can exchange the points for cash up to $100 for month -- per month. >> the idea is to see if we give a small financial incentive, will you shift your trip to a less busy time? >> riders need to use a clip card to par pills tate. it's a six -- participate. it's a test program to see how it works.
5:58 pm
board walk managers say a $12 million improvement project is set to begin next week. it includes an entrance to this building seen here. it's set to start next week after labor day. board walk executives say seven attractions including the fright walk and laser mays are set to be closed during portions of the reconstruction all reopening next summer. a message to mexico from donald trump. the presidential candidate visits the country that he claims will pay for a wall. >> we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment of the wall. that will be for a later date. this was a preliminary meeting. it was an excellent meeting and we are -- i think we're very well on our way. >> standing alongside mexico's president, the g.o.p. candidate called the mexican people spectacular and hardworking. he says he shares a common
5:59 pm
interest in keeping the hemisphere safe, prosperous and free good evening, everyone. >> donald trump is getting ready to address voters in arizona. live pictures now from the convention center. the mobile sheriff -- the maricopa sheriff is speaking now. any moment, trump is expected to deliver a speech redefining his immigration plan. >> we'll bring that to you live when it happens. first we want to go to ross during donald trump's trip to smokes -- mexico. >> reporter: there was controversy when he left the country. mexicans took to twitter saying he wasn't welcome and not to come. and when he left, president nieto said they hold trump they would not pay for any wall.
6:00 pm
>> mexicans are just beyond reproach. >> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton were invited to mexico last friday by president nieto. trump got their first and fast and called it a productive meeting. >> i shared my strong view that nafta has been a far greater benefit to mexico than it has been to the united states. it must be improved upon. ending illegal immigration. not just between our two countries, but including the illegal immigration and migration from central and south americans. >> reporter: trump got the treatment he hoped for. a joint appearance on the international stage, the mexican president who compared trump's rise to hitler was diplomatic. >> we may not agree on several issues, but your presence here, mr. trump, shows a fundamental coincidence. our countries are


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